Good Times and Bad (Audio)

This is a story originally written by Darinost, adapted for audio by me, and performed by me and MercedeneMorghon.

If you enjoy these audio stories, I am considering doing recordings of other, longer stories and offering them. They would have to be for sale – even this audio recording took dozens of hours between reworking it, recording it, and editing it, and longer stories would take even more time. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.

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MALE – Hey there, Mercy! Mind if I buy you a drink?

MERCY – It’s Mercedene, not… *Shocked* Y-you! It can’t be…

MALE – Aww, there’s that surprised look I was waiting for! I had to take quite the road trip to get here – you moved halfway across the country, you little minx – but I knew it was going to be worth it just to see your face when I showed up, and boy was I right.

MERCY – You’re… you’re not supposed to be here. You can’t be here.

MALE – *Laughs* Where? In this bar? Seems like a pretty public location to me. I’ve even got a shirt and shoes on; no reason I can’t get some service.

MERCY – *Angry* You’re supposed to be in jail!

MALE – Prison, babe. Jail is where they put you before the trial. And one of the funny things about prison is, eventually you get out! They just open up that door and let you stroll right through it so you can go start your life again, go look up old friends…

MERCY – *Accusing* Not after just six years! Not for what you did!

MALE – Well… I worked out a little deal with the authorities to cut things short. Gave them some info to bust up this dog fighting ring that was operating in the area. I was happy to help, really; I can’t stand people who abuse animals. And now I’m out! Sure, I’ve got a probation officer and all, but that’s no big deal. Jimmy’s a good guy, knows who his friends are. He gave me a permission slip and everything!

MERCY – *Swallows. A pause* …People will look over here if I scream. I won’t let you touch me again.

MALE – Oh Mercy… it breaks my heart to hear you talk to me that way. You used to be head over heels for me, remember? You’d go on and on about how much you loved and adored me, how happy you were to be my pet.

MERCY – Because if I didn’t, you’d beat me!

MALE – Can’t train an animal with just the carrot, babe. You’ve gotta bring out the stick sometime, or they’ll never learn proper. And you… you learned so good, didn’t you? Remember how you used to wake me up every morning with those pretty lips around my cock, so eager to start our day with a little protein shake? You’d even follow it up with a piss chaser most mornings, and afterward you’d smile and thank me for giving you such warm, sweet golden juice to drink.

MERCY – I don’t have to listen to this. I’m-

MALE – Going home? To that nice house out in the suburbs? I get it, you have things to do there. You should really talk to your neighbor about that hawthorn tree encroaching your yard. I know it seems like a small thing, but if you signal that they don’t need to respect your boundaries, they’ll walk all over you when it comes to the bigger things too.

*Mercy pauses, maybe drawing an audible breath*

MALE – Just want to talk, babe. If you don’t want to talk to me now, that’s ok… I’ll stop by some other time soon. Maybe at home. See if I can surprise you. Or would that parking garage by your office after work be better for you? I like the new car, by the way. Always been a fan of that silver color. Shame it’s already got that little ding on the side, but it’s nothing a good mechanic can’t fix.

MALE – Or… we can just do this right here, right now, in a public place where, like you so smartly pointed out, people would notice if you screamed. Like I said… all I want is to talk. Don’t you ever like to get together with friends and reminisce about the good old days? For me, those days were you, and it’s no fun to remember them by myself.

MERCY – So I’m supposed to just sit here while you gloat about all the ways you violated and abused me?

MALE – Of course not! Conversation ain’t a one way street, Mercy. I reckon you’ve got all kinds of things you’ve always wanted to say to me, and this right here is your one and only chance. You can get them all off your chest, and I can’t shut you up or punish you for talking back anymore.

MERCY – …Fine. Let’s just get this over with. But if you try anything, there are people who know where I am.

MALE – Like your sister? She’s a real cutie. Love her hair like that. She’s what, nine years younger than you? Ten? Headed off to college? Right around the same age as when we met, wasn’t it?

MERCY – *Angry, protective* If you lay a finger on her, I swear I’ll kill you.

MALE – *laughs* So hostile! I love seeing this fire back in you. Haven’t seen that since the beginning. You remember that first day?

MERCY – You mean the day you kidnapped me?

MALE – I think the courts called it human trafficking, on account of crossing state lines. But yeah, there you were, the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen, standing by the side of the road with your car busted… what else was I supposed to do?

MERCY – *Disbelieving* What you were supposed to do? How about not hitting me over the head and stuffing me in your damn trunk? I was stuck in that thing for eight entire hours. I honestly thought I was going to die in there.

MALE – Oh, yeah, that’s right. I was only about an hour away from home, but I was worried they’d somehow track me if I went straight back, or you’d figure out where I’d taken you and be able to lead the authorities back there later, or something, y’know, so I just drove around every which way for hours. God, I was so young and stupid back then! *laughs*

MERCY – It’s not funny! It was the worst eight hours of my life, even after… after all the other things you did to me. I still have claustrophobia because of that trunk. I… I can’t even go in the walk-in closet at home without nearly having a panic attack.

MALE – See, now, I never knew that about you. That really wasn’t my intention back then. I’m sorry I hurt you like that.

MERCY – No, you’re not.

MALE – *laughs* You’re right, I’m not. But I figured it was the polite thing to say, you know?

MERCY – You stole four years of my life. The least you can do is be honest with me.

MALE – You know what? You are absolutely right. The truth, babe, is that hearing that gave me a hard-on, and right now I’m imagining how nice it would feel if you got off that stool and crawled between my legs and sucked me soft, just like you used to.

MERCY – I’d rather die.

MALE – Yep, you said that that first day, too. You were just the sweetest little firecracker, actually. I ever tell you I hadn’t been planning on keeping you? I’d never done anything like that. Closest I’d ever come was this one time I brought a drunk girl back home with me and kept her around for three days. Nothing violent, just hid her clothing, let her choose whether she wanted to go outside bare naked in the middle of winter, or stick around and help me keep warm. I put her through her paces, had us some fun times for a little while, and then said goodbye. *laughs* She pounded on my front door demanding her clothes back for a solid hour before she gave up and left. I think she got some bad frostbite, poor thing, but was otherwise none the worse for wear. So when I first brought you in, I was really thinking it’d be pretty much the same thing. Figured I’d have myself a nice few days with you, a week tops, then drop you off somewhere a couple hundred miles away and let you find your way back home. But then I saw all that fire in you, and I just knew I had to make you beg.

MERCY – Is that supposed to be a compliment?

MALE – What else would it be? I didn’t keep you as my pet all those years because I thought you were just ‘okay’, Mercy. I did it because I recognized you as something special, all the way back to that first day. Now, funny story, this has been driving me crazy for a while now: I remember that I started out by beating your ass with my belt and putting my cigarette out on your tits. We didn’t have our lovely collection of BDSM equipment yet, so my options were limited. But I cannot for the life of me remember which one of the two was the very first thing I did to you.

MERCY – I don’t remember either.

MALE – Aww, now who’s the fibber? I bet you remember every moment of it like it was yesterday. Come onnnnnn, just let it out. It’s good to talk about these things. I’m sure you’ve already told a therapist or two all about it, but they don’t really get it, do they? It’s not like talking to someone who was there.

MERCY – …It was neither.

MALE – No, I’m pretty darn sure I-

MERCY – You were already smoking the cigarette when you took me out of the trunk and hauled me into your house by the hair, but you didn’t use it yet. First you took that extension cord and wrapped it around my ankles and my wrists. Then you sat on me and took your hunting knife and cut off my clothes while telling me that if I behaved, all I would get was…

MALE – ‘A gallon of jizz and some happy memories!’ That’s right, I had completely forgotten all about that! That’s when you spat on me and told me to go fuck myself and I didn’t like that one bit. I really thought you’d like it too, once you stopped being so shy. I mean, I was going to fuck you plenty, but I’d never had any complaints about it, and I like to think I’m a fairly good looking individual. Even that drunk sleepover girl learned to enjoy herself a little by the time I was done with her. I was figuring that once you’d loosened up some, maybe had an orgasm or two, you’d realize that this was just like a, a surprise vacation or something.

MERCY – And that’s when you cut me.

MALE – Yeah, you know, you are one hundred percent correct there, and I apologize for ever doubting you. That was the very first thing. I gave you that little nick on… where was it again…

MERCY – My stomach. You cut me there and told me that if I was too much trouble, you’d chop me up and feed me to your dogs. And when the threat of you murdering me didn’t get me wet and smiling, that’s when you burned me with the cigarette.

MALE – *Laughs* Yep, yep, that’s just the way it happened. See, this is what I’m talking about! I’d never have remembered that without your help. And then the belt was a little while after that, I remember now. I had you on your knees with your head by my junk while I sat on the couch. One hand was smacking that lovely firm ass of yours with the belt until you decided to be a good girl and start sucking, and I had that thumb in your mouth to keep you from biting once you got started. Never needed it though. I beat that butt black-and-blue until my own arm was killing me, and those lips never parted. I was furious about that.

MERCY – And that’s why you raped me right afterward.

MALE – Well yeah! I wasn’t gonna let some naked, tied up, little know it all college girl blue ball me in my own home. Had to teach you some manners, and let off some steam at the same time.

M – Stop lying. Even if I’d behaved from the beginning, you wouldn’t have let me go.

MALE – Yeah, I reckon you’re right. The only reason I wasn’t dead set on keeping you from the beginning was that I didn’t realize just how much I’d enjoy having you around. Even if you’d been the kindest and most easygoing cocksucking angel, I still would’ve realized within a day that letting you slip away would be the biggest mistake of my life. Hell, I think I knew from the moment I slid into that soft, silky cunt of yours that you were the best thing that had ever happened to me.

MERCY – And yet you treated me like garbage. You raped me bloody on that couch, and when you were done you came all over my face and told me that was the only dinner a stuck up bitch was ever going to get in your home.

MALE – Yep. But you weren’t a stuck up bitch forever, and I eventually started feeding you proper. You and me shared dinner every night for years.

MERCY – Except that your portion was always at least twice as large. And not covered in semen.

MALE – Of course mine was bigger! I was burning through calories left and right on all those loads of cum every day. And yours needed to be smaller to help you stay in shape. Besides, I liked keeping you a bit hungry all the time. Kept you motivated.

MERCY – And the semen?

MALE – Seemed like a shame to let my beautiful blonde pet let ever eat anything that didn’t taste at least a little like me.

M – *growls.* Bastard. Is that the same reason you made me eat from a food bowl on the floor, without using my hands?

MALE – *alughs* If you knew just how sexy it was to watch your ass bobbing in the air while you lapped the sides of your bowl, trying to get those last few cum soaked crumbs, you wouldn’t have to ask to understand why I had you do that. But hey, you can’t complain about the quality of the actual food, not when you cooked it all yourself.

MERCY – Because I wasn’t just your slave for sex. You made me cook and clean and wash your clothing and every other task you were too lazy to do yourself.

MALE – And you were so good at them! You kept our home-

MERCY – Your home. That was never mine. Never.

MALE – Fair enough. You kept my home spotless, is all I wanted to say.

MERCY – Because you’d-

MALE – Beat you if you didn’t, yeah. And I had to do a whole lot of that back in the beginning. I think I punished you more times in that first month than I did the entire four years after. Especially the very first week, when you were still so feisty. I could spread your legs and fuck you, sure, but you wouldn’t give me an inch. Nearly bit my cock off more than three times. I tried everything to get you to break down, but nothing seemed to work. What was it that finally did the trick?

MERCY – I thought you were going to stop lying. There’s no way in hell you’ve forgotten that day.

MALE – No, no, no, babe, you misunderstand. Sorry, I could have phrased that better. I remember all the things I did to you that day, absolutely. There are still days where I close my eyes and think back on it while stroking my cock, and it never takes me long to finish. I’m asking which it was that did it. I’m sure you remember, I started off by putting the gag on you that morning, some dirty socks and duct tape, and then I said… what were my exact words again…

MERCY – ‘I am gonna teach you a lesson, you stubborn bitch, and I’m gonna spend the whole day trying to get it through that thick skull of yours. And at the end of the day, if you aren’t ready to crawl over and put that dick sucking mouth to work, we’ll start all over tomorrow, and the day after, and the next, until you learn to behave.’

MALE – *Chuckles* Damn you have a sexy memory… You are so good at this. Yeah… we played with the belt and the cigarettes for a little while, but that was already old hat by then. Let’s see… there were the couple hours I spent drowning you in the toilet over and over. That one was fun because I could still fuck you while I did it. And then there was putting your tits on the stovetop, that got you squealing almost as much as when I worked that needle through your clit a few hours later. Plenty of good old fashioned bare hands stuff too; gave you a couple black eyes, damn near broke your nose and cracked some ribs, even did a few cunt punts just for fun. Mmm, when I remember the way you whimpered the first time I fucked your pussy after those, that’s usually when I spurt.

MERCY – Bastard.

MALE – Mmm hmmm, that’s me! I was almost exhausted as you by the end, but it was one of the best days of my life, really. Especially the way it ended. I finally took off that gag, what, a good twelve hours after I’d put it on? Fifteen? And you just slid right down to your knees and opened wide. Wasn’t your first taste, and I still kept my thumb there just in case, but that was the first time you did more than just take it. That little pink tongue of yours was eager and busy that night. You didn’t even complain when I gave you my balls to suck on. But I always wondered exactly which part broke you. I’m sure all of it helped, but which one was the last straw that convinced you to become my little blonde cum guzzler?

MERCY – Does not knowing really bother you?

MALE – Wouldn’t be asking if it didn’t.

MERCY – *Angry* Then why the hell should I give you the satisfaction?

MALE – *laughs* You know, that is a very good point. I guess I’m too used to just being able to tell you what to do. Ok. Why don’t we trade questions then? You answer mine, I answer yours. I bet you got some mysteries percolating in that pretty head of yours I could help with.

MERCY – …Fine. Which is it you want to know: which one broke me, or which one I hated the most?

MALE – *Equivocating sound* Both, I suppose.

MERCY – I hated the toilet more than any of them. It wasn’t just making me pass out that was miserable… do you know how cold the water was in the middle of winter? I was already naked and freezing, and it hurt. Every time I was down there, I’d pray that it was the last time, that you’d get bored and do something else, but you just kept dunking me again, and again, and again. At some point, I was almost happy that you were raping me while you did it, because at least it gave me a goal to focus on. I could lie to myself that the next time you came, I’d get to stop.

MALE – But that wasn’t what broke you?

MERCY – No. It wasn’t any of them, not really. It was…… you were hard, even when you weren’t inside me. I could feel it pressing against me sometimes while you were hurting me. You had me sitting in your lap when you pierced my clitoris, and I could feel it throbbing the whole time.

MALE – I don’t think I’m following you on that one, babe. I spent a good chunk of those four years stiff as a plank. Only thing you could do better than sucking it soft was getting it to stand back up again.

MERCY – …I thought I was making things difficult for you. That I couldn’t fight back or escape, but I could deny you the satisfaction of seeing me submit. But you were hard. You were enjoying the way I kept fighting back, and the excuse to make me suffer for it. So whether I resisted or gave in wasn’t ultimately all that important to you. I couldn’t stop you from enjoying me; I could only decide how much I had to hurt in the process.

MALE – You know, I never thought about it that way, but you’re right. Training you into my pet afterward was… it was damn incredible, and so was getting to enjoy the results, but breaking you was something special. If you’d never given in, then yeah, I could’ve happily kept doing that day in and day out. So! What’s your first question for your former owner?

MERCY – Did you ever feel guilty about what you were doing?

MALE – Of course! *pause* What, don’t look so surprised. I’m not some completely heartless monster. I’ll admit, once we got settled in and you were my good girl all the time, it didn’t bother me much. But in the beginning? Yeah, plenty of times, especially the first few months. Not that first week – I didn’t feel any regret about crushing that spirit of yours – but that period after, where you were trying to be obedient but just couldn’t manage? I felt positively awful.

MERCY – You mean when you would punish me almost every day for some tiny mistake?

MALE – Exactly! I was rooting for you to succeed every time, but it seemed like there was always something catching you up. Dinner would come out burnt, or you’d miss a spot while cleaning the bathroom, or forget to smile and say ‘I love you’ whenever I came in that warm wet pussy… I knew they weren’t intentional mistakes, just honest gaffes, but that didn’t matter. And you’d always look so sad too when you realized what you’d done. Most of the time what I really wanted to do, God’s honest truth, was to give you a hug and tell you that it was okay and I knew you were trying.

MERCY – Nobody forced you to torture me. No one put a gun to your head and told you that you had to starve me for three days because dinner didn’t come out perfect. No one put the riding crop in your hand when you came home and the house wasn’t completely spotless. And no one and nothing in the world made you strangle me until my neck was covered in bruises just for not pretending to love you well enough.

MALE – Now that’s a, a… a whatchamacallit, a reductive way of looking at it. You’ve gotta be consistent when training an animal, and you’ve gotta be strict, no matter how much it hurts. If I’d sent you the message even once that you could make a mistake and get out of it just by apologizing, or begging, or flashing those puppy dog eyes of yours at me, then you’d keep doing it, and I’d keep falling for it. And once there was no consequences to making mistakes, you’d keep making more and more of them. You can either apply the rules consistently or not at all. There’s no in between, not in the long run.

MERCY – I’m. Not. An animal.

MALE – *Cheerful* Agree to disagree, sweetheart. You may have been human shaped, but deep down you were just an adorable little doggy waiting to be domesticated. I know you don’t like to hear it, but the truth ain’t always easy to hear. For better or for worse, while you were in my home I saw you as a feral stray to care for and to tame, and I treated you as such. And now it’s my turn to ask a question. How-

M- No, it’s not. It’s still my turn.

MALE – …We made a deal, Lizzie, and I don’t like people trying to cheat me.

M – Then you should stop cheating. The deal was we trade questions. You started out by asking two: what I hated the most, and what broke me. I’ve only asked one so far. I still have one left.

MALE *A moment of an angry growl, then laughter as he gets back under control. Cheerfully, he proceeds* You’re right, you got me. That was two questions. Sorry, you know how my temper gets away from me sometimes. Alright, lay your next one on me.

MERCY – Why did you always have to be so cruel? And don’t give me that ‘animal’ bullshit again. Do you want to hear that you broke me? You did. You broke me and you trained me and I was your perfect submissive servant, maid, and sex toy for years. But it was never enough for you. You didn’t have to make me drink your piss, or fuck myself with your empty beer bottles whenever you wanted a laugh. You didn’t have to tattoo me with obscenities, or make me crawl everywhere I went. I was already doing everything you wanted, just the way you wanted. Why couldn’t that ever be enough?

MALE – Oh, you were perfect, darling. Absolutely. I couldn’t have asked for a better pet. I didn’t do any of that stuff to punish you, or because I hated you. I just did it because I enjoyed it. Like, whenever you played toilet for me, or squatted over one of my empties and started pushing, you had this wonderful look in your eyes, this self-hating ‘I can’t believe I’m really doing this, I am the lowest scum in the world’ expression that I just could not get enough of. The way your legs quivered like a dying leaves, the way you whimpered like you were hammering the bottles into your soul and not just up your ass… You were never sexier to me than when you were hurting and humiliated, the more the better.

MERCY – So you did all of those things to me just to make your cock hard.

MALE – Yep, that’s the long and short of it. My turn?

MERCY – *disgusted* Whatever.

MALE – How often did you try to cum when I wasn’t around? And I’ll remind you, because I see that look on your face, that we agreed to honesty.

MERCY – …It varied. Some days I was busy enough that I could just focus on work from the time you left the house until the time you came back. But on the slower days… for hours at a time, usually. If I braced the chastity belt against the wall at a certain angle, I could jimmy a piece of silverware into the front. I never managed to do anything, but I’d spend hours trying to stroke myself just right with a spoon to push me over the edge. I hated that belt so much.

MALE – Of course you did. That’s what it was there for. That chain around your left ankle that bolted you to the floor, that kept you grounded enough that I could leave you alone in the house to take care of your choring, but I couldn’t just leave you standing there with nothing to do. A pet might get all kinds of ideas in her head if she’s left alone long enough. The belt was there so that instead of spending those hours trying to plan an escape route or thinking about attacking me the second I got home, you’d spend it… *laughs* rubbing your cunt with a spoon, apparently. Ooh, I wish I’d known that at the time. I knew that those vibrators in the belt were teasing you good, but I never imagined they were working quite so well.

MERCY – Fucking asshole. Why? Why did you try so hard to stop me from having an orgasm? Four whole years servicing you day in and day out, and I only ever get a handful of them in return. And half of them were…

MALE – When you were fucking yourself with one of them dirty used beer bottles, right? Don’t give me that look; of course I knew. Did you really think I couldn’t hear those little pleased grunts you’d make sometimes once you had the base pumping in and out of you properly? Or that I never noticed the way you’d try and play with your clit when you thought I wasn’t looking? See there, that was one of my moments of kindness. I could’ve stopped you at any time, or punished you after for cumming without permission, but I liked letting it stay your dirty little secret. Knowing that the highlight of your life was when I tossed you a bottle and told you to give me a show? All that guilt and shame and self loathing every time you “got away with it”, and that bitter disappointment every time you failed to finish yourself?  It was beautiful.

M – Just answer the question.

MALE – I’m getting to it, I’m getting to it! There were a couple reasons I usually only let you cum while you were being a good little dumpster trash slut. First was because every time you gave me one of those wonderful orgasms of yours, it felt twice as good because I knew how desperate you were for one of your own. You’d have this jealous look on your face sometimes while I was spurting, like if a genie popped up right that second to grant you a wish, it wouldn’t be escape, or revenge, or even eating something that wasn’t seasoned with my dick snot. No, you’d just wish you could have what I was having.

MERCY – And you got off on that.

MALE – *laughs* I sure did at that! That was reason number one. Reason number two, you know the old saying ‘restriction breeds creativity’? It wasn’t long before I could do anything I wanted to you, or make you do anything I wanted to me. That’s kind of intimidating when you get down to it. Knowing I couldn’t let you cum provided structure. Meant if you were going to be sucking my cock, I needed to give your hands something to do so they wouldn’t stray between your legs. If you were riding me in my lap, I needed to keep something around I could hurt you with to stop you from getting going. If I was going to leave you tied up somewhere for a bit, I had to make sure it wasn’t a position where you could hump something to finish. That sort of thing.

MERCY – Then why did you let me cum every few months?

MALE – That an official question?

MERCY – Yes.

MALE – To give you hope. If you knew I was going to stop you from cumming every time, there’d be no suspense to it. But that teeny tiny chance that maybe ‘this time’ would be the one, that made you more miserable than any of our toys ever could, because it gave you hope that I could crush again and again. And you were so cute whenever I did let you finish, shuddering and gasping like I’d just zapped you with the taser. Like you were about to damn near explode from how great it was. That answer your question?

MERCY – Yeah. You did it to hurt me, like everything else.

MALE – I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. Now, maybe you can help me out with my next question. I’d like to ask you what your favorite and least favorite holes to get fucked in were, but I’d rather not spend two questions on it. You’re a hell of a lot smarter than me, so maybe you know a good way to phrase it.

MERCY – If I just answer the damn question, will this be over sooner? And no, that’s not one of my official questions.

MALE – Sure will. As soon as you satisfy my curiosity, I’ve got no other business here. I’ll say goodbye and you’ll never have to see me again.

MERCY – I can’t call any of them ‘favorite’, but the one I hated the least was… vaginal sex, I guess. It didn’t hurt as much as anal, wasn’t as humiliating as oral, and I was on birth control the entire time, so there was little risk of pregnancy. Best of all, sometimes I could pretend that things were normal. I could close my eyes and try to pretend that I was back home, making love to someone who respected and cared about me.

MALE – See now, that’s kinda sweet. And your least favorite?

MERCY – Oral sex. I hated having your cock in me anywhere, but when it was vagina or anal sex, I could lie to myself that it was okay not to fight back, that the best thing I could do in that moment was stoically endure it all. But when you used my mouth, I had no excuse. I could have bit at any time, and I didn’t. I had to admit that I’d given up.

MALE – Yeah, I can see why that would be particularly awful.

MERCY – Don’t pretend you’re not getting off on it. Was all of it worth going to prison?

MALE – Well… if I hadn’t agreed to honesty, I’d tell you that prison was worse than anything, and that it turned me into a God-fearing individual who wouldn’t dream of causing anymore trouble. But the real answer, Mercy… It was more than worth it. If you’ve got the right mindset, prison’s just another place to hang your hat. Not very comfy and the company ain’t too pleasant, but you keep your head down and you sail right through it. And I had all my memories of you to keep me warm on those cold lonely nights. You helped me cum almost as many times in those six years as you did in the previous four.

M – You son of a bitch, you make it sound so easy. I had to spend all those years putting myself back together. Trying to convince myself that I was a person again, and not a, a dumb animal. I still have half the disgusting tattoos you gave me, because they’re too humiliating to show anyone who could remove them. I still can’t eat food at a table like a normal person without feeling like I’m doing something wrong. I can’t even look at a guy without a voice telling me that I’d better smile at him or he might knock my teeth out. It took me such a long time just to allow myself to have hopes and dreams again, to dare to think that I had a future beyond waiting for the day you got bored and killed me. I-

MALE – Whoa whoa whoa, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I can’t let that one go unanswered. You and me were gonna be forever, babe. I told you before, I knew you were something special the moment I saw you. I wasn’t ever going to give you up. If I hadn’t been arrested, you and I would’ve grown old together in that house.

MERCY – Is that supposed to make me feel better?

MALE – A little, yeah.

M – It fucking doesn’t! It makes me want to puke. The thought of living out my entire life never being anything more than your… your pet, makes me literally want to vomit. Now hurry up and ask your next damn question.

MALE – …Fair enough. Then you’ll be happy to know that this is my last question for you. It’s getting late, and I’ve got a long drive back home. Old one got repossessed, but I got a new one that’s real nice. I’ll do you a favor and not ask if you’d like to visit. Mercy… did you ever enjoy our life together?

MERCY – …Are you serious?

MALE – I don’t mean that you started thinking that I was the love of your life or anything. That you stopped wanting to go home, or wishing you didn’t have to follow all the rules. But things weren’t always awful. I let you sleep right there with me in my bed every night, snuggled up together like any other pair of lovers. I took you off your ankle chain at least once a week so I could take you out on long walks and get you some fresh air. On nights when I was watching television, you’d get to relax on the couch and watch with me just so long as you kept my cock in your mouth, and I let you use the internet every once in a while, under strict supervision, so that you could keep track of how your family was doing. I brought you home a cake every year for your birthday, and presents for Christmas. You can’t have hated all of that. I was a good owner. Wasn’t there ever a time, even for a moment, where you didn’t hate your life? Where you found yourself thinking ‘this isn’t so bad’?

MERCY – No. Never. *Pause* Are we done?

MALE – *Sigh* …Yeah, I guess we are. I’ll get out of your hair, then. Oh, gosh darn it, I forgot, I do have one more question-


MALE – This one’s not about our past together, I promise. It’s not even about you.

MERCY – …What is it?

MALE – I was just wondering if you remember exactly what kind of medical allergy it is that your sister has. She knows she had one, but the name of it keeps escaping her, no matter how hard I try to jog her memory. Last thing I want to do is poison the poor thing by accident.

MERCY – *Voice raising as she stands up, pushing her chair away* I told you before if you lay one single goddamn finger on her

MALE – *laughs* Oh, we’re way past fingers! Here, I got some picture on my phone. *pause as he swipes* Ain’t she just cute as hell with that new tattoo of hers on her stomach? She’s still a little shy about it, but I told her that there’s nothing sweeter than sisters with paired tattoos, yeah? ‘fuckpet’ and ‘fuckpet #2’. You’ll both look adorable if you ever end up side by side again.

MERCY – I’m going to fucking kill you-

MALE – Easy girl, easy! *Chuckles* We’re in public, remember? No need to cause a scene. I’m on the way out the door, anyways.

M – No you’re not! You’re not leaving. You don’t get to show me that and walk out of here. You’re not going anywhere but back to prison, and I’m going to make sure they throw away the fucking key this time!

MALE – Ooooh, I hope not, for your sister’s sake. Did I show you the last picture of her yet?

MERCY – I don’t want to see any more of your… disgusting… what is that…?

MALE – That is your sister’s hideyhole while I’m out on long trips like this one. It’s not quite as cramped as the picture makes it look; it’s not exactly comfy, but big enough to hold about a full two days worth of oxygen. She’s only been in there for about ten hours so far, so she’s still doing fine. Of course, if I end up having a run-in with law enforcement and can’t get back there… awful unpleasant way to die, I imagine.

MERCY – *Long pause* …It would better to let her die in there than to hand her over to you.

MALE – *Chuckles* You sure about that? I mean, you were rescued after just four years. Who’s to say that won’t happen again? Heck, I could get caught tomorrow and she goes home before I barely even get to break her holes in properly. You really willing to condemn your own sister to death to spare her from what might very well be a temporary arrangement?

MERCY – …What do you want?

MALE – Hmm? I just wanted to talk, reme-

MERCY – *Yelling. Ambient noise of bar stops* What the fuck do you want?!

MALE – *Pauses. The good cheer is gone from his voice when he talks. *Some better manners would be good, for a start. I know you’ve had to go six years now without an owner, but you know better than that.

MERCY – …I’m sorry.

MERCY – *Swallows* Sir. I’m sorry, sir.

MALE – That’s better. *cheerful again.* Now, if I can speak without being interrupted, all I came here to do is talk. I am more than happy to get in my car and drive back home, and you’ll never see me or my new pet again, I promise. But is that what you want?

MERCY – I-I can give you money. If you let her go, I won’t call the police, I’ll even… I’ll suck your cock. Sir.

MALE – I don’t need your money, babe, and I’m sure your sister is going to be as good a cocksucker as you were in no time. No, there’s only one way you can help her now: you know firsthand that being my pet involves an awful amount of work for just one girl to do. Poor thing would have a much easier time if there was someone there to split the load with. ‘Many hands make for light work’ and all.

MERCY – You… n-no, no… I can’t… not again…

MALE – I know, Mercy, I know. Nobody would blame you for that. Well, your sister might once I tell her, but… *laughs* who cares what a fuckpet thinks, right? So don’t worry about her. You should go home, get some rest. Treat yourself to something nice tomorrow.

MERCY – I… I… *sobs* Please…

MALE – I’m not gonna stick around here forever waiting for you to decide. One way or another, I’m going to get in my car, and I’m going to leave, and I’m never coming back. It’s up to you if I’ve got a passenger or not.

MERCY – *Sobbing* …will it be like before…?

MALE – You mean, am I going to fuck you and beat you and treat you like the animal you are? I sure am! But it’ll be a little easier with her there. Someone to share the work, someone to talk to… and there will be all sorts of new games to play once I’ve got a pair of pets. Ever wonder what your sister’s pussy tastes like, Mercy?

MERCY – …*sob*… I hate you…I hate you, I hate you, I hate you….

MALE – Is that really how you feel about me?

MERCY – …*sniff*… No, I… I love you, sir…

MALE – There’s my good girl! I missed you, pet. You ready to come back home and forget about the nightmare these last six years have been?

MERCY – …Yes, sir, that… that sounds wonderful…

MALE – Mmm hmm. I brought a little welcome home present with me, in case things turned out this way. Put fresh batteries in and everything.

MERCY – …Goddammit, you… you… th-thank you, sir… I’m so happy to have my favorite belt back.

MALE – Oh, I know exactly how happy you are. Go ahead, put it on. The butt plug is going to be a bit of squeeze after neglecting your anal training for so long, but I’m sure it’s nothing elbow grease can’t solve.

MERCY – But… but, we’re…

MALE – In public? So what? You won’t ever be back here again, right? So you might as well give people a show. Put it on. Now.

MERCY – *sob* …Yes, sir… *Pained sounds of effort as she gets the chastity belt vibrators back in. *

MALE – There you go! It’s a little bit of a tight fit around the hips, but that’s only because you’ve been letting yourself pig out all these years. We’ll put you back on your regular diet once we’re home, and those pounds will just fly right off. And for now, at least the extra weight will keep any stray spoons from getting in there, right? *laughs*

MERCY – Yes, sir…

MALE – Don’t forgot to lock it. We don’t want any naughty pets getting tempted to touch themselves, do we?

MERCY – …I’m doing this for her… I’m doing this for her… I’m doing this for her… oh god… oh god please why is this happening… *metallic click* D-done, sir…

MALE – Perfect. I’ll just take that key back, and then we’ll switch it on… how does that feel?

MERCY – …*sob*…

MALE – Someone’s already earned herself an hour of discipline for her bad manners. Do I have to make it two?

MERCY – …It feels good, sir… I love the way it buzzes in my cunt and my butthole, sir… Thank you again for the thoughtful gift, sir…

MALE – You’re welcome, pet. It’s going to be a long drive back, so I wanted to make sure you had something to keep you occupied along the way. We really do gotta get moving, though. Say goodbye to everyone, pet.

MERCY – *Wooden thudding noise* …goodbye…

MALE – Aww, just look at that. I didn’t even have to tell you to crawl. Let’s go.

MERCY – Yes, sir.

MALE – Once we’re back, I’m thinking some celebratory suckjobs are in order. Now that I know how much you adore oral sex, I’ll have to make sure we schedule at least a couple hours every day.

M – Openly sobbing* Thank you, sir.

MALE – And then we’ll get out the tattoo machine, and see about fixing the ones you lost.

MERCY – Yes, sir.

MALE – You know, you are so much more pleasant to talk to like this, pet. No more moaning and bitching and pretending to be something you’re not. What are you?

MERCY – …An animal, sir.

MALE – Yes you are, pet, yes you are.


MALE – I’ve decided we should take a bit of a roundabout route back, catch in some sights. I’m thinking we’ll be on the road for, I don’t know, about twenty hours? You don’t mind, do you?

MERCY – No, sir.

MALE – I didn’t think so. Oh, and don’t worry: the car has a lovely trunk. Let’s get you home, Mercy.

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  1. Love it !!!! Great !!! Simply genious.
    just have to read it because of my miserable english.
    Long have searched for a possibility to learn understanding spoken english
    thank you so much John…äh…sir…
    your fan, spunkjunk


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