NSC – Be As Gods 6 – Tomb

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According to the teachings of Father Elias, women existed not only as a companion for men, as created by God, and not just as a vessel to hold the man’s child. Every woman was also a trial, a challenge for a man to prove his worth and superiority. Some women, those who were touched by the spirits of demons, might think themselves important or worthy. Some were strong. Some lacked physical strength, but had tough minds and strong spirits. In the end, it didn’t matter… men were stronger, faster, tougher, smarter. God had ordained that they were to rule. Might was the first virtue, the first gift of God, the sign that you were supposed to rule over the weak… because if you weren’t supposed to, God would not have given you the ability. To do otherwise would be to defy Him.

Some arrogant cunts, back on Earth, fought this simple truth. Education wasn’t something very valuable to women… if they had the opportunity to learn things, they might be arrogant enough to think they were the equals of men. Eve, though her parents had taught her, had also learned her place… she was weak and she knew it. She knew her duty, and for all the education she had gotten in math and physics and biology, she had also learned some less obvious but equally important truths…

A woman’s throat wasn’t so different from her cunt, when you got right down to it. It was tight… it was warm… it made her hurt when a man fucked it, and brought him pleasure. If anything, it might even be more important to stuff full of cock, because it silenced the woman… fucking the hole where her worthless thoughts could spill out and clogging it up improved matters greatly, teaching her that his cock was the smartest and most important thing in her head. All of Eve’s body existed to serve her husband and master, and if he was too hurt to fuck her himself than it was her ordained duty to see to his pleasure herself.

Eve knelt on his bed as her hands kneaded Adam’s thighs, her fingers just inches from his balls. Her beloved let out a gasp when her nails brushed up, caressing his dangling nuts, brushing his cock with a single finger… and it made her feel good to bring pleasure to her master like that. At her pace… at her hands. Gradually, she moved her hand over the injured man’s length as he laid in the bed, mostly unmoving as she slowly jacked him off… teasing him with every movement.

It was an… unfamiliar, sensation. Servicing a man’s pleasure was common by now, but this felt somehow different, to the point that Eve actually wondered if there was something profane about it. She felt good, controlling the pace of his pleasure… it was a kind of power, a kind of strength, that felt alien, but that she liked. It had been weeks and Adam still felt too sick to get out of bed… and his helplessness against the teasing pleasure only added to the strange, unfamiliar sense of power, even as she served him as a perfect wife aught to worship her husband.

Experimenting with it, Eve decided to see how far she could push it. She knew how to please a man, what they liked, but some things she had noticed her owners seemed to enjoy that no one had ever noticed, or told her to do. Sometimes, that made her wonder if she was wrong, and they didn’t like them at all… but now she wanted to see for herself if perhaps they just didn’t know. Eve brushed her long, dark hair against his bare thighs as she moved her head up his body, and the tensing of his muscles was everything that she had hoped… the slightly tickling, silken smooth caress seemed to drive him wild as she dragged the soft hair over both his balls and his erection as it brushed his thighs.

Rising up to do this also put her bare tits on full display, and she could feel Adam’s eyes on them even before his hands rose, squeezing them, feeling her up. For him, it was him possessively playing with her rack… for Eve, though, it felt like she was calling the shots, getting him to do what she wanted. Her nipples felt like little diamonds as she made sure to rub her breasts against his tip while she played with him, holding his cock in the soft valley between the luscious pillows on her chest.

Eventually, one of his hands settled on her head, pushing her downward. Eve didn’t resist, but she did keep control… actually scooting slightly away from him to go to his cock even faster than he tried to push her. She spent a bare few seconds kissing his thighs, getting closer and closer to his balls as she did to satisfy him. Eve made sure he could hear the kissing noises, loudly smacking her lips to affect his sense of hearing with the erotic sound, but on some level she knew it was a distraction from her setting her own pace and not his. Then, when she decided it was time, Eve bent down just a little further, parted her lips, and let one of his balls fall into her mouth.

Adam’s little moan felt like a trophy as she swished it around in her mouth, licking it, running her tongue over it before switching to his other nut. At the same time, her hands kneaded his thighs, massaging him… every touch like a prayer promising that she would serve him. One by one, she tenderly licked at his balls, warming them up with her hot mouth while her hand wrapped around his shaft and began to stroke it to the rhythm of her licking. One pump. Two. Three. In the teachings of Father Elias, a woman’s hands were only to be used like this when her other holes were occupied, but it seemed appropriate here… and it made her feel confident to be pleasuring her husband with the hands God gave her.

Still, she knew what he would expect… before he could get a grip on the slow pace and the teasing, Eve had removed his balls from her mouth and begun licking his shaft with the tip of her tongue. The Hispanic space-pilgrim drenched his lap with saliva as, starting at the root, she worked her way up to the sensitive underside of his cock, right under the head. Slowly, gently, she lavished that area with soft licks, and then teased him a bit with some long slow ones up and down the shaft. When she really felt like she couldn’t get away with that for another second, and she felt his hand reaching to get a grip on her hair, she finally wrapped her lips around the whole head of his cock and started to gently suck him off.

Fondling his balls with her hand, Eve slowly lowered her mouth over his entire organ, getting it deep inside her mouth as she wrapped her gentle, soft lips around the base of his cock. Her husband was like one of God’s perfect angels and his cock was massive, stretching her pouty lips wide to make room for him. Eve slowly bobbed her head up and down on his lap, dragging her lips across his sensitive shaft. “Yes…” he groaned. “You do know your place in my life.”

Eve certainly did… she knew Father Elias’s teachings well. She might be foolish sometimes, and not understand how to be properly demure and subservient, but she knew how to pleasure a man. She stroked the very root of his cock with her ringed fingers as she pushed her head down, swallowing the entirely of his shaft and finding it a home in her throat. Eve’s tongue swirled wildly around the underside of the head of his cock each time it popped out of her throat as she drove him mad with desire. Adam was sweating… she could feel that on his thighs as they brushed against her face, hear it in his voice as he groaned and moaned with pleasure as her sucking grew more firm. Like a proper whore Eve drooled and slobbered all over his lap, trying to make the blowjob as wet and messy as possible… just the way he liked it.

Adam moaned in pleasure as Eve’s hot and wet mouth surrounded his cock. She bobbed her head up-and-down, working his cock deeper into her mouth. Every time the cock thrust against her throat she choked a little. Every gag from the tip of the cock felt like a tiny, gasping fight of what was left of her dignity as he finally grabbed onto her hair firmly and pulled, yanking her down on him, taking control the way a man was supposed to. Adam was fucking her face now, thrusting up to meet her head’s downward bob. “Father Elias was right about you,” Adam growled in pleasure. “You make an ideal wife… you’ll never be anything more than a knocked up cocksucking slut, but that’s all I need from you.”

He thrust his cock into her mouth as she kept drooling around him, further soaking his shaft and nuts, but even as he fucked her he didn’t stop insulting her… rather he cranked it up as he grew more aroused and more violent. Cumrag. Cockslut. Fuckdoll. Every growled insult was accompanied by a thrust into her throat. If his whole body wasn’t capable of degrading violence against her, he seemed dedicated to making up for it with what he could reach… and deep down Eve accepted he was right. That this was her future, this was everything. All the time she had spent learning under her whore of a mother, the time with her father, her knowledge of math and science… none of it mattered. It was all pointless, because of the cock plowing her mouth.

This was the actual point of her life. She was nothing but a little whore for dick.

“This is why I need to train you not to talk,” Adam growled as he dragged her head up and down on him. His cock was massive, stretching her pouty lips, every word of his degrading tirade punctuated by a thrust deeper into her throat. “This is what your mouth is for. You’re such a fuckslut, Eve. You were made for this. You were made for cock!”

With each word, Eve felt herself sinking deeper and deep into her place… her momentary sense of power falling away. She was made for cock, and she knew it. Power was all that mattered, and God had given it to Adam and his conquering cock… not to her. She wasn’t a smart, strong, independent woman like the Daughters of Lilith on Earth thought they were… she was just a worthless slut. This was a truth that was being burned into her soul as her mouth was fucked. Adam tightened his hands in her dark hair, and it was exactly at that moment that he came inside her. He exploded in her mouth, his strong hands never letting her up to spare herself from the climax. His cock erupted again and again inside of her, the messy cum splattering her tongue, her teeth, the roof of her mouth, and of course the back of her throat. Even swallowed and swallowed her husband’s jizz, sure down to the deep parts of her heart that this is where cum belonged, where every man deserved to empty their load: inside of her. “Yes! Fucking Yes! You stupid cocksucking, cum-hungry bitch!”

When Adam finally finished cumming, the tension seemed to leave his prone body entirely. He relaxed the hand on Eve’s hair, letting her head go. Eve didn’t move, though… didn’t retract her mouth from his cock. She kept it there, because her mouth was made for a cock to be inside of it. She kept her mouth there on his cock, unmoving, softly licking until he pulled her face up by her hair and locked eyes with her. His gaze seemed loving, and there was a fraction of a second where Eve felt, once again, like she could find genuine happiness here with her husband. She could find mercy from him. Instead of that mercy, Adam spat in her face before letting her sag down to the bed on top of him. “You will never, ever, look as good as you do sucking cock.”

She whispered, “I know, master.” Then, acutely feeling the collar around her neck, Eve rose from the bed. She covered her breasts, feeling his spit against them beneath the fabric, clinging to her as she rose… and once again she doubted herself for not having told him what she was doing. At this point, she had just to hope that what she found was worth the punishment that her moments of independence would doubtless bring her…

The bitter taste of Adam inside of her mouth was still there by the time she had started suiting up, like it wasn’t allowed to leave. She felt like it might linger there for the rest of her life. His words drilled into her head, hovering there, repeating over and over… “You’re nothing more than a whore for cock.” The moment of possible affection, lasting only a single second before it was ripped away when Adam spat at her, telling her that she would never be as beautiful without his cock in her mouth. Was he right? Was she little more than a plaything to be used? She knew that she shouldn’t have doubts, that doubts were dangerous, that doubts were what made her mother what she was… but she had them anyway. That felt like it would be a horrible existence if that’s truly what she was meant for… but she didn’t want to be like that other demon-tainted whore. This was the righteous thing… she absolutely believed that. Trust in him, Father Elias always knows best. Those words made the taste on her tongue turn sour, every second she felt it inside of her made her sick, and she couldn’t decide whether it was the taste or how low she had felt.

Eve felt conflicted, constantly questioning her decisions on what she should’ve done. Was she doing the right thing? Or was she making an awful mistake, one that Adam would punish her for even worse than she had been before. She didn’t even wipe herself clean, leaving his seed on her tits. She felt like she deserved the feeling of having a reminder of her “role” in her life soak into her breasts until it had finished drying off. She shook her head, lost in thought. This entire journey had taken such a toll on her, and it felt like every day was going to continue getting harder and harder, and she was going to keep making some kind of mistake to give Adam another reason to punish her. She could only hope that this decision, this one act of disobedience would be rewarded, even though in hindsight it was an insane decision well above her right to make, and she had no reason to think that would be the case. Adam should have been the one to make the decision.

But she was sure that she was right. “Eden” was no such garden for them, and they needed fuel, and food, to survive. They had to act, and now… and given Adam’s current state, she had to be the one to get it.

Eve looked again at the ship’s computer, making sure that she had the scans of the ship they had settled into a parallel course with… where it seemed like airlocks could be found. Confirming they were where she thought they would be, she paused to look out of the window on the spinning ring… and saw the ship barely a few dozen meters away, its odd lines clearly visible to the naked eye. Then she placed her helmet back on her head, suiting up so that she could make the journey over towards the ship. When she was all ready, she finally felt the feeling of the slick spot between her breasts dry off. It felt much better now that it was dry, like she was “forgiven” for doing the right thing, or something along those lines… even if that was completely made up in her mind.

Finally ready to make the spacewalk, she checked on Adam one more time, making sure that he was fast asleep. His chest rose and fell with even, steady rhythms indicating that he was certainly out cold. She exhaled a sigh of relief, then took the staircase up to the central column of the ship and out through one of the ship’s airlocks. The chamber decompressed gracefully, the air being pumped out gradually without any of the howling hiss she would have expected, and then Eve was alone in the blackness of space with only a tether to keep her from drifting off into infinity. There was a feeling of fear even stepping off the ship though. After seeing what happened to Adam, she couldn’t help but feel like something like that may have happened to her as well if she wasn’t smart. She double and then triple-checked her oxygen, reassured by its full gauge, and then finally took the first step outside of the ship.

It was so strange, leaving the ship without any trace of land anywhere. The view was staggering and made her brain swim, and she desperately fixated on the nearest reference point… Eden. The deadly planet was now hardly visible to her through the visor of the helmet, but it still could be seen… so far away, further away than they could return to if she couldn’t get some fuel. The fact that they’d arrived at such an awful planet had to be the worst luck in the universe, or perhaps it was some kind of twisted message from God. Were they really supposed to be here? There couldn’t have possibly been another planet that they could have landed on? She shook her head at the thought. It wasn’t a good idea to think negatively when she was already threatened by the crippling feeling of loneliness that kept creeping up on her. As she traversed the nothingness of space, without a single sign of life in her view, she felt lonely. There was so much space with nothing occupying any of it. There were no animals, no wildlife, nothing. Even planets felt like they were an infinity away. Resolutely, she forced herself to turn away from the planet and look at the other ship instead… Focusing on that instead of the emptiness of the vacuum of space all around her. When she made herself stop feeling sick at the very idea of moving around out here amidst nothing, there was almost some kind of thrill for doing this without Adam’s presence or permission. She’d made a choice to do this, to take actions that could save them. It felt like the first choice that she’d made for herself, maybe in her whole life.

Eve kept her eyes moving between the ship and the sensor screen on the tablet on her wrists, making sure that she was always moving in the right direction of where the signal registered, wanting to be absolutely certain that she doesn’t waste any time out here in the void of space. It was already dangerous enough leaving the ship without any gravity, or anything to walk on. Even so, even with the danger and the importance of what she was doing and the dismal situation, it was nice to actually do something… she had lived her whole life on this ship, and before that in a hollowed-out asteroid space station that might as well have been a ship. Now she was… outside, and there was something euphoric about being away from the restricting confines of the metallic interiors. She’d even hummed a small tune from when she was a young girl, accompanying her lonely thoughts with the melodic sounds of a whistle, and when she remembered that it was something her mother used to hum she tried not to feel bad about it.

Traversing the void of space had become something of an adventure, even while she kept a straight line towards where she judged the airlock to be. It felt longer than it was… while the walk felt like it was hours of tension and careful movement, it really had only been a few minutes before she clung to the surface of the other ship, examining the portal with her own eyes. Despite herself, a wide smile spread across her face. This was an airlock. This really was a ship! A real spaceship! One that wasn’t their own. She could scarcely believe her luck. She’d thought that she had been wrong, that she had misjudged, that maybe it was some kind of strange anomaly and she had fucked up and done the wrong thing with her worthless female brain, the pessimism of the situation being hard to dismiss. She had been right!

Immediately after, though, doubts began to emerge. Was this really a totally good thing? Who could possibly be aboard? It could be anyone! It could be other humans, though it certainly didn’t look like a human design, which meant that it was likely aliens? Could that even be possible?

No. God hadn’t made aliens. He had only made life on Earth, until he created other Edens for humanity among the stars… that was what Genesis, and Father Elias, said. Could the demons have really beaten them here? She thought back to the failing life support systems on the ship and shook her head violently to rid herself of the possible bad things that could be inside. She knew that it was either take a chance with whatever was aboard here, or die a slow death as the life support slowly began to die off on their own ship. She could only hope for the best, and hope that whatever was in there, if anything, wouldn’t be a problem for her.

With a final resolved breath, she looked forward and stepped closer to the airlock… and got her first surprise. As she approached, it began to open for her. There was a tiny puff of escaping gas, and then the metal door swung open, revealing a dark inside. Eve peered in. There didn’t seem to be anyone in there… she went to her tools, scant as they were, and pulled out her light, shining it into the unlit interior. It was empty, just a small airlock… as if welcoming her into the dark space. It was eerie to be sure. Did someone expect her? Or was this an automatic sensor? That had to be some kind of faulty security measure, right? How could it possibly just automatically allow strangers into the ship?

All these questions wouldn’t really be answered unless she finally took the next step to walk onto the ship. Using a final bit of propellant from her space suit to land against the loading zone by the side of the ship and she walked into the airlock. The dark and eerie metallic interior seemed cold. No colder than she felt outside, but she couldn’t help but shake the feeling.

The door didn’t close behind her, so after a few seconds Eve made a decision and pulled it closed herself. She felt more than heard the thump as the airlock sealed shot, and then with a high-pitched whine gas started to fill the chamber. Eve checked her scanners to see what it was filling with… nitrogen and oxygen, far as she could tell. All of her scans seemed to indicate that it was safe to breathe what was being pumped in here… but their scanners had said that about Eden, too. After what had happened there, Eve really didn’t want to take any risks. The helmet was staying on.

It took several moments until the room had fully pressurized enough and the hissing noises had died down. As soon as that was done, the interior door slid open smoothly, opening on a darkened metallic zero-g corridor that wouldn’t have felt especially out of place on her own ship. There wasn’t a single noise after the door opened for her. There were no sounds of any people moving about the ship, or talking, or even the beeps of any machines. In fact, it seemed like most of the ship was completely shut down… she couldn’t see any sign that the ship was receiving power at all. If she didn’t know better, she would think it was completely dead… but she had gotten a hint of its reactor burning in the distance. Something on this ship was still operational… and she needed to find that.

She shivered, the feeling of loneliness replaced by a feeling that there had to be someone watching. There was no way that this ship was completely abandoned. How long could a derelict ship be floating around space without any systems online? Eve didn’t know, but… it surely couldn’t be that long, right? Someone had to be here…

Pushing the feelings aside she finally started to look around the hallways of the ship. Each time she grabbed a handrail and used it to propel herself forward felt like she was traversing a great expanse, and it was hard not to turn around and walk back and just tell Adam everything, have him do this instead. The idea that there might be someone, or something, waiting just out of sight kept her cautious. She had to have courage and keep going, even when her only company was the sounds of her own body touching metal to push herself forward, the slim corridor of the ship only being wide enough for two people to comfortably move side by side. The sleek silver coloration matched the exterior of the ship, making it seem very high-end and polished.

She’d almost forgotten for a moment what she was looking for on the ship, her mind instead being occupied by the constant sense of suspense that had filled the air. She was only jostled from her thoughts as she neared one of the passages that should take her to one of the ship’s gravity rings. The rings weren’t moving now… whatever engine should have powered them was as cold and dead as the rest of the ship. There was text, or what was probably text, on the walls, but Eve couldn’t read it… she couldn’t read any language but English even from her own world, much less whatever was used here. They were probably labels for the rooms, but without being able to read them she would just have to experiment. Floating down it and into the room, however, she entered the large room at the end of the corridor and…

Eve was pretty sure this was some kind of storage room of some sort, but nothing was stowed. Mechanical, vaguely humanoid figures with too many arms laid dormant, strewn throughout the room. Some of them could have passed for human, but the bodies were huddled into a curling position. Whatever they were, it seemed like they were completely inactive, floating freely in zero gravity. Not wanting to accidentally activate the machines, she decided that it was probably for the best that she closed the door and let them be.

Eve moved from room to room, not once being greeted with a single living being, but despite that she saw plenty of signs of occupation on this ship. She saw bedrooms, she saw a medbay, and several rooms where a crew would normally take their meals, or where they would work. There were unused repair tools surrounded by a small group of drones, ranging in size from a housecat all the way to a large dog breed, but looking far more like silvery spiders with the multitude of attached limbs. She guessed that they were likely used to do maintenance on the ship, fix it if there was any kind of damage, much like the Ark’s own drones. They were an inactive as everything else, however. The ship was fully and truly devoid of any life.

She moved herself steadily down the ring, looking for what could be a command center, and eventually – after even the tension that something was going to jump out and attack her, or catch her by surprise, had begun to flag – she found it. And there were some lights. The computer systems here were… different from what she was used to, but they seemed recognizable to her, meant to be interacted with by fingers and hands like hers, but what was important was it seemed like the computers were active, although set to some kind of auto-pilot hibernation, using barely a trickle of power. She approached the computers and looked at them, the words on the machines completely incomprehensible to her eyes. The language was nothing she’d ever seen before. It wasn’t similar to anything that she’d known from Earth, further contributing to the idea that this may have been some sort of alien vessel.

Eve leaned forward, looking over the console as she chewed on her lip. In theory, there was no reason their computer systems should be compatible. Even if this was an alien ship rather than one from Earth – something she wasn’t prepared to accept yet – there were only so many ways to build a computer architecture, and their system would have to have interfacing software of some kind, just like she did. If she could get them talking over the radio they should be able to figure out a way to communicate, even if it took her a while to do the work back on her ship. Hesitantly, the Latina leaned forward to touch the console…

And immediately, the system started to light up from whatever resting state it had been in. Various lights brightened and screens flickered softly to light, their glow filling the room. Text, still quite indecipherable to her, flashed across the screen in dozens and dozens of angry red lines, and the room was filled with the sounds of machines being brought back to life, fans beginning to blow, and the electronic hum of power. Eve took a few steps back in surprise and fear, worried that she may have just activated the very thing that could kill her.

As her eyes flashed rapidly between parts of the control room, trying to look at anything and everything all at once, she managed to catch sight of a status panel that made her heart leap. She couldn’t read the text, and the words – no, the numbers – were equally mysterious, but the filled display graphic and the pulsing lines going through a diagram of the ship were unmistakable… and the status bar was fill. The reactor was indeed still running… and if the graphic she was looking at was any indication it had plenty of fuel.

Realizing to her relief that no security measures seemed to be going off, Eve sighed a deep breath of relief and smiled as she realized just what a big score she’d managed to find. Surely Adam would be happy about it, despite her disobedience. Maybe she could make up some kind of embellishment to make it sound like she’d needed to do this, that would hopefully deter him from making any harsh judgments about her. Excited, she pulled out her data slate. None of the ports on this ship were going to fit it, of course, but there was an unrecognized wireless signal broadcasting strong and clear throughout the ship. She just needed to find a way to connect to it, and then…

It connected to the wireless signal without further input from her.

Eve raised an eyebrow. That was unexpected. Still, she wasn’t going to question a gift from God… was it really so surprising He would look after the faithful? With her computer connected to the ships, she had a direct link into this machine from back on the Ark… she could use it to figure out how this ship worked, and how they could get the deuterium they needed. She would need Adam to unlock the computer, probably… she was going to need higher functions in order to try and figure out how to make this work… using her own computer, she started to link it back to the broadcast signal from the Ark.

While waiting for the link to negotiate, Eve wondered just where this ship had come from, and what had been the destination the ship was leading towards. Was it towards the planet that she had landed on? That did seem to be the only vaguely habitable planet here… but insertion into a Legrange orbit wasn’t going to happen by accident. And how could a ship from Earth have arrived here before her? She wished she knew… but she didn’t really have time to waste on such trivial things. The ship had fuel, but she wasn’t sure if it had food stores that would be sufficient, and they needed to get moving to elsewhere if their mission wasn’t going to be a failure. It was best if she finished her business here sooner rather than later.

When she got a ping on her datapad saying that the link was complete, she did a small fist pump in the air, happy to see that something was going so well for a change. During her celebrations, however, she looked down at the pad and it made note of some kind of interruption in the process… data being downloaded at the same time. The ships were linked, but it seemed like some program on the ship’s computer had been activated, and before she had a chance to think about what the ship was downloading from her she was no longer alone in the command room.

One second, she standing in the dim ship, leaning over one of the consoles as she stared down. The next moment, a creature stood barely three feet in front of her.

God made man in His image, but somewhere along the way His vision has been corrupted, twisted and made foul by the unclean… this thing looked like it might have been human once, but no longer. It had all the parts… legs, arms, torso, head, hands, hair, breasts… It had features like a human, eyes, nose, mouth, ears… but they were all wrong, and there were too many of them. Six arms, all of them ending in surprisingly human-looking 5-fingered hands, all connected at the creature’s shoulders. Its skin was the color of wet ashes, and six almost demonic black-and-red-looking eyes stared back at her. A crown of horns of reddish bone jutted from her head, decorating her long silver hair. Her skin had a strange pattern on it in gold, almost looking like gold leaf was plastered to her skin… it looked somewhat reminiscent of a circuit board with highlights in red and blue, the color contrasting starkly with her dark skin. She was very obviously female, and very, very obviously naked… and at a glance, Eve couldn’t see too many other differences in anatomy between her and a human woman either.


Whomever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason that God gave the world a son, and not a daughter, was to destroy the works of the devil.

And Lilith sent her daughters among humanity, to lead them to destruction.

She was face to face with a demon.

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