NSC – Be As Gods 7 – Daughter of Lilith

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Eve knew that she should be running. She should be screaming. She should be on the radio hailing Adam, telling him to get the ship moving and go somewhere, anywhere but here… but she was too frightened to even move. The demon met her frightened gaze, six eyes black as night focusing on hers. They were glittering, a faint hexagonal pattern on them catching the light. Her mouth opened, revealing a mouth full of mostly humanoid teeth besides the two sharp fangs on the top of her mouth, almost like a vampire. She opened her mouth…

She spoke.

The words were harsh, hard, angry sounding, and almost a little bit musical. It sounded almost like a song, or a prayer, the words coming in rhythm… the sort of words that reminded her that demons were once angels. Eve flinched from the sound, certain that hearing such foulness was going to rip the skin from her body or the sanity from her mind, but instead she just cowered down, trying to make herself as small as possible on sheer timid instinct as the dangerous demon loomed over her. The words were entirely foreign, and there was no way for Eve to even guess what the demon was saying, but the voice was unquestionably feminine.

The voice stopped, pausing as she made a gesture with two of her six hands that Eve couldn’t follow. One of her cheeks was pressed out by her tongue in a very human-looking gesture for a moment. Then her tablet computer on the desk beeped twice, signaling another download request.

Eve was still alive… and that, by itself, allowed her to begin to calm down and start thinking, and that was when she noticed something… that she could somewhat see through the demon. She wasn’t entirely solid, and she cast no shadow. In fact… the lights around her had turned on when she had appeared. Eve looked closer, startled by what she found… it was a projection. Like, a video… only she didn’t think it was prerecorded. The image had looked right at her, reacted to what she’d done, spoken to her.

While her mind was racing, the voice spoke again, the voice beginning to reformat itself and distort for several seconds, making speech again… only this time it sounded different. Twisted, warped. Eventually, the modulation shifted again, and, with a start, the noise abruptly became coherent to her. “You are… human. Unknown racial markings, unknown language. Analysis and recombination of language, designated English, completed… 93% certainty. Do you understand what I am saying?”

Somehow, seeing the strange demonic thing speaking English to her was even weirder. Still, she managed to nod in agreement. “Excellent. I apologize, it took me a moment to detect your species and identify your language. You do not speak, which meant it took several more seconds to process and identify the information,” the feminine voice explained. “Is there a reason you do not speak, human?” The voice was curious, not demanding in its probing for information, clearly taking a more diplomatic approach.

Eve paused, putting one hand on the collar around her neck. She had wanted to speak, of course, but until she was asked a question she couldn’t. What was this… was this demon on the ship somewhere? She was clearly reacting to her… could it perhaps be some kind of voice-activated machine intelligence? It seemed… very natural and intelligent for an AMI – none of the ones on her ship could manage half as much as this. Eve opened her mouth to respond but the Latina wasn’t sure what to say… The alien look of the thing in front of her had put her off. She was practically raised to believe that things like this may as well have been demons from hell. Slowly, though, the logical part of her brain won out over terror as she tried to figure out what this was. It was still very strange, especially since they were talking through a machine. She wondered what the technology was that would allow for something like this. Holographic projection of her real body, perhaps? She had to be close if that was the case, on the ship or very nearby… there was no noticeable transmission delay. But… five hundred years? And she had checked the whole gravity ring… she had seen no one that could be hiding here. Could it really be just the machine itself? Some kind of virtual intelligence? There was no way it could’ve possibly been an AI, right? That kind of technology was impossible, mother and father always said… God would not allow it.

She realized she’d been standing in silence for several seconds as she’d tried to understand exactly what it was in front of her, but was able to reply now. With a somewhat meek demeanor she answered back. “…I’m unable to speak without being spoken to first.” She let out a sigh and tugged uncomfortably at her unyielding collar. She tried to keep eye contact with the projection on the screen, despite the discomfort that she felt at the conversation. She didn’t want to give off a bad impression… the demon-thing seemed friendly enough. Or, at the very least, it wasn’t trying to hurt her or threatening to vent her into space or anything like that.

The hologram’s eyes focused on the band of steel around Eve’s neck. “Does your collar restrict you so?” she questioned as she stared at it, frowning at the sight.

“It does…” Eve sighed. “I’m meant to only comply with what my partner tells me to do. To serve him in everything that he desires…” She trailed off, realizing that she was speaking far more openly with this stranger in front of her than she probably should have. Adam could – should – speak for himself. The holographic woman, however, scoffed, all six eyes moving in a way that looked suspiciously like an eyeroll. Then her hands moved, looking for a moment as if she was typing on some keyboard in the sky that Eve couldn’t see.

“And is this… enjoyable to you?” the demon said as she worked. Eve hesitated, but eventually shook her head, and the woman kept working. With a final press of some invisible button, Eve’s collar suddenly made a clicking sound, the metal unclasping and falling roughly to the ground.

It felt like a boulder had just been lifted off of Eve’s chest. She put her hands to her neck, feeling the skin underneath and feeling the imprinted mark that was left behind. It still felt like it was there, Adam’s influence would still hold her even without it, but even still… Her body was her own, if only for a moment.

“Ridiculous. It is important we speak. Anything that would get in the way cannot be allowed.” The voice spoke, this time sounding even more irritated than it did before. It almost made Eve wince in response, as if she’d somehow done something wrong. But even moreso, she was confused. How could she, a woman, manage to do something like that? She was totally free, and had managed to lift her restraints with little more than typing on a keyboard. She really was a demon… one of Lilith’s children, usurping the role of man and his authority.

“How… How did you do something like that? It seemed so effortless to you,” she questioned. With every word spoken she could feel herself unrestrained in her speech. She could say anything that she wanted to now, but restrained her total free thoughts in the company of this person. “Are you… You couldn’t possibly be…” Eve swallowed. “Are you a demon?”

The woman opened her mouth as if to speak, clearly intending to answer immediately, but the question gave her pause. There was a tiny, almost imperceptible break in the projected image, a flicker… and Eve was suddenly sure that she had no idea what a demon was and was looking through the ship’s records to find an answer. Then, far far far faster than should have been possible, the creature shook, making a very human-sounding laugh. “A demon?” she said, incredulously, continuing the laugh. “A demon? Hardly.” She shook her head in what seemed like more of a practiced gesture than an instinctive one.

“You’re an AI,” Eve said, awe in her voice. She didn’t understand how, but she was certain of it.

“Not… exactly,” the grey-skinned woman spoke up. “I’m not artificial, birthed by technology and programming. That kind of technology is something that, as far as we know, is impossible… at the very least we’ve never achieved it.”

“Then how is this possible? If you’re not a program… what are you?” Eve was intrigued now, and the curiosity was banishing fear the way it usually did for her. That had gotten her in trouble hundreds of times, but now it was helpful.

“You’re not far off the mark. I used to be flesh, just like yourself. But eventually all things die… I had to give up my physical form so that I may live on.” She gestured around her, motioning to the computer. “And so now I dwell inside one of the ship’s computers as pure data.”

Eve gasped. That kind of technology was almost unthinkable, so far from anything that humans had ever been able to achieve… it was the stuff of legends and fiction. “That’s… that’s…”

“I must admit, while it was jarring at first, there is a freeing nature to it,” the woman said. “Though I won’t lie, ever since I’ve been adrift in space it has come with its own problems. Then again, if I were still flesh and blood I would have long since starved to death.” She let out, again, a very human-sounding sigh.

This was all so strange to Eve. What kind of trouble was that? Was she really a person transplanted into a computer? The very notion seemed insane, it felt like there was no reality where what she was talking about could possibly be true, yet here she was, right in front of her. And the answer had to be between whether she was a person turned into an AI, or an AI built up from scratch, the latter of the two explanations seeming far more out of reach. She shook her head, her hair falling into her eyes, almost blinding her of the truth in front of her.

Eve kept her eyes closed for several seconds as she thought over everything. The being’s voice continued to talk in a worried voice, but was totally drowned out, ignored. Eve needed some time to think, as her entire reality was starting to be questioned. Was this the very demon that was to tempt her into eating the apple? She claimed not to be a demon, to be a person living in a computer, but would any demon truly identify themselves honestly? Was this knowledge, this very conversation, forbidden? It was too much for her to think about. She’d already been risking so much just being here, but conversing with someone like this? Surely she would find herself in trouble if she continued.

Wouldn’t she?

Would not God want her to judge a person’s worth by their actions, not by how she initially saw her? Wouldn’t God want her to help teach her a woman’s place in the world? Of course, in order to learn how to talk to her, she needed to listen to her, right? She could talk? Eve knew, of course, that she was making excuses, that she was justifying what she really wanted to do in talking to the answer, but she wanted what she wanted, even if Father Elias’s teachings struck her to her core. After all… the woman had freed her from the collar.

Finally she opened her eyes. The appearance of the “demon” had not changed in the few seconds she had been thinking, the same since she last laid eyes on her. One thing was at least quite clear: she wasn’t trying to mask her appearance like so many demons had in the Bible. Maybe the look wasn’t really what was important then? The only way to find out was to actually hear her out. She let out a deep sigh and then stepped up to the computer, who now had a confused look on her face, clearly having noticed Eve’s concern even if she didn’t understand them. “I apologize if I said anything to offend you,” the AI spoke, her tone sounding quite sincere to Eve. The Latina felt a ping of guilt inside as she apologized. She really hadn’t done anything wrong. This was all Eve’s own trauma, her own hang ups keeping her from trusting someone who hadn’t given her a single reason to believe otherwise.

It was strange just how familiar all her gestures, expressions, intonations were… they were very human, despite her inhuman body, and the others that were not she felt she could intuit the meanings of very easily. “You have nothing to apologize for,” Eve assured the projected woman. “I’m sorry I questioned you. It’s been a very difficult and long journey. It’s left me feeling wary of… well everything to be quite honest.” Eve tried to offer a weak smile to the being. “Why don’t we start over on the right foot?” She almost instinctively went to take one of the hands of the hologram in hers and kneel before her the way she was taught before she realized that that would be an entirely fruitless effort, making her retract it before it was seen. “I’m… Eve.”

“It’s been sometime since I’ve spoken to anyone myself… I was afraid that I might have forgotten how!” She chuckled, a novel but soothing laugh despite the filter over her voice. “You may call me Shal-ra. But you seemed to hesitate when you spoke your name. I gather it may be a sore subject?” she asked, the hologram named Shal-ra now tilting her head.

“It’s complicated. The name Eve was given to me as a symbol of what I’m supposed to be. But it’s not the name that I was born with. I’m supposed to be someone important, I’m supposed to reinvigorate the people of God and start a new generation with Adam, my husband.” She explained as professionally and plainly as she could. Would this being know what she was talking about, though? Was God universal?

“I see. Is this a religious journey that you’re on, then?” she asked, with no malice in her voice. It seemed like Shal-ra’s curiosity was piqued. “Your God is… unfamiliar to me.”

It seemed Eve’s question was answered, then. Perhaps that was why she didn’t know her proper place… she was ignorant of God and the rules for living. This woman knew of the concept of religion, but maybe it was just the word that was different – regardless, she wasn’t scoffing, which was a good sign that she might yet learn. “You could say that. Though it would seem that with each coming day the journey is seemingly more and more impossible, and it looks like God is all out of miracles to give me…” She pondered to herself and then glanced around her at the ship that she was standing in. “Well maybe except one last one.” She did have to admit that all of this did seem like it could’ve been some kind of gift given to her by God. It was full of fuel, full of wondrous technology, and even held a potential ally inside. It was all fortuitous to say the least.

With every thought that entered her mind, Eve couldn’t help but think this was all too convenient. Adam was in trouble and needed help. They needed fuel, and they were all alone. There was so much going wrong, that something this good had to be some kind of a sign. In a strange way, it stirred her faith again. She’d put herself at risk, and it seemed to pay off.

“Miracles come from many sources. Though I’m not one to deny another’s beliefs.” The holograph smiled. “You are my miracle, in way. Our computer systems were locked down, leaving me with no way to physically interact with the world and bring the ship back online… it’s meant that I’ve been stuck here, along with the others.”

Others? “There are more of you?” Eve asked.

“Many!” Shal-ra said, nodding excitedly. “We’re running on absolute minimum power, so everyone else is suspended, their systems shut down as they sleep, waiting for their shift awake. It just so happened to be me for the last thirteen Terran years. I’m glad that I was able to assist a couple of unfortunate strangers… and I’m hoping you can assist me in bringing our ship back online as well.”

“Yes, I think we can help each other,” Eve nodded her head, though even in her brightest moment, she couldn’t help but hold some doubts. Adam wasn’t going to take to this so easily. Even if she tried to push the narrative that this was a miracle from God, the likelihood of him actually believing that was so laughably low, especially coming from her. “I’ll need to speak to my husband and arrange something. If Adam comes across as crass he’s… well, he’s important. And we’ve been through a lot, so I apologize for anything harsh that he may say.” Eve didn’t want Shal-ra to be blindsided if he were to have another of his angry episodes, though she desperately didn’t want it to come to that.

“Of course. The perils of space can often get to even the best of us.” Shal-ra kept her calm, even in the face of such a bold request. “I promise that there’s nothing he can really do to hurt me.” She waved her arm through her other one, just to drive in the point that she was only a hologram and couldn’t really be physically harmed by a person. “Not a lot of danger there.”

Eve had to genuinely laugh, and the urge surprised her. It’d been a long time since she had felt like laughing, really laughing and meaning it. Adam wasn’t exactly the most humorous person she’d ever met, and it’s not like she was allowed to make any jokes in his presence anyways, it wasn’t really her place. Eve could feel her cheeks flushing from embarrassment, almost like the very act of laughing was something foul.

“I like your laugh. It’s very cute,” Shal-ra said matter-of-factly, only provoking the blush on Eve’s cheeks even more. She tried to shake her head to put the thoughts out of her mind before it became too obvious… unfortunately for her, it was far too late. She really wasn’t… used to speaking to people as an equal. It felt wrong… but she was dedicated to this.

“And then there’s you.” Eve said plainly as her eyes had settled back on Shal-ra. Making a decision, she focused her attention on Shal-ra entirely. “So, I know your name. But tell me more about yourself. I’ve never met an alien before.” Eve smiled, taking a seat on the captain’s chair that was totally unoccupied the entire time. “This is such an exciting experience…”  The conversation had almost become too normal, as if the fact that she was talking to a digital being wasn’t completely mindblowing. She blinked once, then twice, and finally a third time only to re-confirm for the hundredth time that this was in fact real. “How exactly is it that someth-” she stopped herself, not wanting to reduce her existence to a thing. She was clearly a person. “Pardon me, how does someone like you come to be? You said that you were organic before, but now…”

“Completely data.” Shal-ra nodded her head to confirm. “Well, that is an interesting thing. Certainly something that’s not for everyone. It’s… really not as big of a change as you would think. The way we interact with the world is all the mind, anyway. It’s very different from being physical in obvious ways, but when it becomes your normal those differences become less and less obvious. There are synthesizers to replicate the senses, even down to balance. It’s all fake of course, but without those senses, many people have lost it during the transition.” She explained with the calmness that one would describe breathing. It wasn’t complicated for her anymore. It just was.

“So your touch, your hearing, your smell… even your taste?” Synthesizing hearing was easy. Humans had been doing that for ages, and touch wasn’t too hard to imagine either, some alterations to the mind’s perception was all it really took. Taste and smell were always the kickers, likely because they were so intertwined with each other. It was hard to simulate one without the other, and even when succeeding, it was often imperfect.

“Everything. It’s as if I have a superpower, even. The power to simply drift and fly wherever I desire in simulated reality. It’s not perfect – work is still ongoing on that, or was when we had to run from civilization, but the ease of absorbing data into myself so that I may process information at a level that I was never able to in my physical body.” She spoke about it as if it was so pleasant, which was just hard to process. The idea of losing one’s own physical body and becoming a program on a computer. There had to be some kind of downside to it.

“Aren’t you ever afraid that you might get deleted? Surely that’s a real threat, right?” Eve leaned forward in the chair, starting to get uncomfortable crossing her legs like she was taught so that she would always maintain a feminine appearance. Given the company that she was in though, she put her legs on the ground, adopting a more relaxed posture.

“About as afraid as I was of getting killed in my physical form. It’s of course a real threat, but it’s something that would only be perpetrated by the same type who doesn’t mind killing an innocent.” She nodded her head grimly at the darker topic. “It’s no easier to destroy me now than it was when I was flesh and blood… in fact it’s considerably harder. With the Kthid determined to destroy us, I confess it’s something that I’ve thought about often, but there are safeguards, just like medicines, or armors to keep different causes away. Programs to reinforce my data, machines to back myself up into, all sorts of ways to help make sure that I stay alive.”

The Kthid? Eve filed that away for later reference… at the moment her mind was consumed with “Does that mean that there could be multiple of you?” It was an interesting prospect to say the least. If it was data, data can be copied and distributed. Theoretically you would be able to clone someone in this situation.

“It’s possible, though very difficult. As I’m sure you know, the brain is the most complex supercomputer that exists, and the effort, and energy that it takes to host a whole person’s consciousness is quite draining if you don’t have the right precautions in place. For example, the ship’s battery needs to be in an auto-pilot and I need to rest to assure that the ship’s power doesn’t die due to overconsumption of energy.”

Eve nodded in agreement. “And that is an excellent basis on which to begin discussing how we can help each other. Let’s talk about…”

“So… wait. You’re saying I’m not the first human you’ve seen?” Eve asked, startled.

“You’re not even the only human on board,” Shal-ra said, her voice amused. “Of course, that isn’t their word for themselves, and there are some notable differences… but altogether the two of you are far too similar for me to identify you as anything but the same.”

“It must be the will of God,” Eve said softly, voice whispered in amazement. “Spreading His children across the cosmos.”

“Sure. Or you were a migratory species at some point,” the woman shrugged. “Who can say?”

They had been talking for hours at this point, the AI woman happy to humor every bit of curiosity that Eve had. Any chance that she, or this ship, had been from Earth had long been ruled out… they were a race of beings called the Arane. This ship’s name translated to Nostalgia for Infinity, and it was originally a mining ship belonging to a small company, out in the asteroid belt of her system. No longer, however. Shal-ra and her ship were refugees fleeing a great war between themselves and a race of invaders they called the Kthid, barbaric conquerors that would never stop until they had killed or enslaved all opposition they came across in their bloodthirsty voyage across the state. Her voice had become much more serious as she recounted the details of her enemies. The weirdest part, though, and the part that lead to her interjection, was that the Arane hadn’t fought alone… they had fought alongside humans… and apparently lost.

“They’re ruthless,” Shal-ra said grimly. “They’ve slaughtered countless numbers of my people, as well as multiple species before us. I was desperate to get away from that war, hoping to distance myself so that we couldn’t be destroyed by their frightening technology.”

“And so you left behind your life, because of them? That’s awful… I’d hoped that we would be able to avoid war by searching out in the stars.” Eve let out a sigh, disappointed that aggression seemed to breed everywhere, not just within humanity.

“Alas… unfortunately war exists everywhere in the universe. Where there is a desire to take, there is often a desire to conquer afterwards.” Shal-ra seemed genuinely sad to have to break the news to such a young and naive species to the stars. “With the diversity that exists throughout the universe, there will always be room for those with bad intentions. Our people scattered in all directions, hoping that at least a few ships would make it… most of us were crippled by Kthid digital attacks and computer viruses. Ours was no exception… it’s why most of our ship is offline and the drones that let us interact physically to make repairs are all offline.” She seemed to sink into herself slightly. “But now that you’re here we can fix that… and I can assure you that for every dark thing among the stars there is twice as much beauty as well,” Shal-ra said, swiftly trying to turn the conversation into a more positive note.

“So many planets full of beauty, so many people worth getting to know, and so many things that give meaning to thought.” She smiled, using the opportunity to show a variety of flora and fauna in the hologram from her homeworld. All sorts of creatures that were totally foreign to what Eve was used to. Animals that seemed totally impossible on Earth, but there they were, existing right before her eyes… animals, plants, flowers, even a transparent fungus that looked like a lava lamp on the inside… it was all fascinating for her to look at. It was something she felt like she could gaze upon for hours.

“Wow… I feared inside that every other world would be like that deathtrap down there.” Eve pointed towards the dot beyond the cockpit. It’s hard to believe such awful places can exist in a universe where that planet also does. But being newer to space, that seemed exactly the kind of narrow-mindedness you would expect from people who haven’t even begun to comprehend everything it has to offer. But if there were aliens, sentient aliens, not just some kind of microbiology, clearly there had to be so much more.

“Yes, unfortunately for every beautiful planet that sustains life, there are far more that are deadly to almost all life. Uninhabitable atmospheres, extreme temperatures, deadly gaseous volcanoes, psychotically aggressive animal and plant life…” Shal-ra didn’t show any images of them, and Eve suspected she was refraining from showing off some of the more horrid examples that she’d come across in the past, not wanting to spoil the wonder that she had just inspired in her new friend. “Resources are limited everywhere, it seems, and life always competes. Even here on this ship, I’m afraid… it’s why, with so many of the computers shut down, only one of us can be awake at once.”

“I’m not putting you at risk talking to you like this, am I?” Eve immediately felt guilt at keeping her online if it meant that she would be in danger of wasting the ship’s energy. “Maybe I should go…”

“No, of course not,” Shal-ra assured her. “The amount of power that this ship has is quite substantial. We’re not short of energy, only processing power… and whether or not I am interacting with you makes no difference. It only really becomes a risk over extremely long journeys, or if I were to crash and be marooned on some planet with scarce resources for a long time. It’s very avoidable as long as you know the technology.” She nodded her head to reassure Eve, her demonic eyes seeming softer and kinder than they had when she first saw them.

Even if she said that it wasn’t a risk, there was something that felt nice about someone taking away some of their limited resources, just to keep her company, and even more than that, to allow her to ask all of her questions without any repercussions. Eve was quickly starting to warm up to this Shal-ra, though it was difficult to fully let her guard down… especially when she knew that back on her ship, Adam was still recovering. Adam… It probably wasn’t a good idea for her to leave him for too much longer. It had been hours since she’d left to explore the ship, and she’d found what she was looking for and then some… they would be able to transfer some fuel to their ship, enough to reach another star… or even, hopefully, to return to Earth. That was for the future, however. For now, it was time to get back to him. She needed to make sure that he was safe… and to make sure that he wouldn’t be too upset that she had left the ship without his permission. She let out a sigh and shook her head, dreading having to leave the haven that was her new friend.

“I would really love to continue the conversation but… I really need to go check on my m… umm, my master.” The word came hard to her, even after just a few hours of feeling like a free and independent woman. It was so easy to put such ideas in a woman’s head… already she didn’t want to call him master anymore. At least not if she didn’t have to. She swiftly picked up the collar from the floor to make sure that she would be able to put it back on when she got back. It would just be for show, but at least he wouldn’t know that it was completely disabled. Once again checking the gauge on her own gear, she made sure that the oxygen levels and the fuel were enough to carry her back to her ship… the hours here had her running quite low, and she still didn’t want to risk the air on this ship.

“I understand,” Shal-ra said with a fanged smile. “Please be safe, and we will communicate again shortly. I’ll keep the computers of our two ships linked, so that we may communicate whenever you wish. I should be able to enter your ship’s computer with the requisite permissions if you ever need my assistance with anything.” She smiled a sad smile. It was clear that she was a little reluctant to see her company go, but she knew that it would’ve happened eventually.

“I will. I’ll be contacting you soon! I still have all sorts of questions to ask you.” Eve smiled widely. While it may have been a brief encounter, it felt like she had learned more here than she ever had in the church or from Father Elias directly, not that she would ever admit something like that. She appreciated some of the moral teachings, but… when there were oftentimes things that contradicted much of what they said, it was a daily struggle to uphold her faith.

With a final wave goodbye to the hologram, she could see the lights of the ship starting to dim once again so that it could enter rest mode, though this time, the lights in the cockpit stayed shining, so that the link between the computers was easier to access from her own ship. She checked that her suit was still intact one more time, and once she confirmed that everything was good, she stepped into the airlock and let the ship vent.

By the time the door closed behind her and the loud hissing noises of the decompression had washed over the room, Eve’s mind had already wandered back to Shal-ra. She hadn’t been away from her for more than five minutes, but there was this feeling that she missed her that she couldn’t quite shake. Yes, they had just met. And yes, she looked like a demon, but her kind demeanor, her patience, and the act of unlocking the collar without even a second thought had all made her think fondly of her.

A fast friend, as they always said. She only hoped that Adam would be just as receptive to the idea of a new companion as she had been, however unlikely that was. She sighed as the air had finally drained from the room, and the door in front of her had opened, revealing the endless void of space in front of her again, something that had initially seemed so vast and intimidating but felt more warm and comforting now that she knew that humanity wasn’t alone.

Eve hopped out of the ship with a conflicted vigor that flipped constantly back and forth between nerves of what Adam would say, and a rosy nostalgia for remembering the conversation that she had with Shal-ra. It was a strange feeling that Eve had never really felt before in her life… one of comfort among equals. It was nice. Strangely, she noticed something while she drifted between ships once again… the taste of Adam’s seed on her tongue from earlier was gone. The hours were probably what was actually responsible, but to her the conversation was what had wiped out the lingering sensation in her taste buds.

The trip back felt much shorter than the one to Shal-ra’s ship had been. The time passed before the boredom could truly set in, the constant thoughts of her new friend occupying her mind until she had returned. She floated in front of her ship for a few minutes before propelling herself to the airlock. The place that she’d considered home for so long felt different now after her brief visit. It felt like something so far away, a strange place, like visiting a friend after having been away from them for decades, only to realize that they’re no longer the same person. It felt quite opposite to the almost immediate feeling of homeliness that she’d felt on the other ship.

Shaking the feeling away with a shrug, she stepped onto her own airlock. After finally being back “home” she felt comfortable enough to take off her own helmet. It was nice to breathe air directly again, without it being filtered through the suit. About the only thing that she didn’t feel uneasy about. Once she moved inside, she decided the most important thing to do was to check on Adam before she got changed.

Stepping towards the med-bay, she heard the sounds of footsteps shuffling around in the room, much more energetic than they had been before she left. His recovery had thankfully been swift, but that must’ve meant that he knew she was gone… The odds of him not calling on her the second that he woke up were so small that it wasn’t even worth considering them. The best thing that she could do was to own up to everything that just happened, and hope that he understood.

Each step was like a mouse trying to hide from a cat, keeping her footfalls as light as possible as she stepped into the lion’s den, until finally the door was forced to open, and Adam’s head turned like a man possessed towards her. It was in his eyes. She knew exactly what he was thinking before he had even opened his mouth. Eve felt a shiver run down her spine, a paralyzing fear of what was going to happen next. There was no use trying to hide it; she was still dressed in the suit to exit, and was holding her helmet at her side.

His breathing was heavy, and with every single one, his face seemed to get even more red. She stepped into the room against all of her better judgment. She immediately put her head down in an attempt to show that she already knew that she’d done wrong, hoping that through submission she might lessen her own punishment.

“Your submission does not erase your disobedience,” Adam said with a voice as icy cold as the very void of space itself. “Where were you?” He glared at her in silence for a moment as Eve tried to decide what to say. “You went to Eden yourself, didn’t you? You left me alone, without my permission to leave, to try and take the planet for yourself… and you have the gall to even come back?” He was practically growling. “Well of course you came back… even a stupid whore like you knows that you are worthless without me. No matter what, you’ll always come back.”

Eve wanted to raise her head to speak back against him, but she knew she had to keep up the guise that she was still under the control of the collar. She could feel each of his words cutting into her, like walking through a cloud of knives. “Who am I to deny someone so desperate?” he continued, his face twisted into a grin that never touched his eyes. “What have you to say for yourself? Do you even have a half-decent excuse? Or was your little adventure on your own completely worthless like I’m starting to believe that you are?” He crossed his arm, moving right up to her. She may have been totally geared up in spacewalking equipment, but even as disarmed and weakened as he was, he was still like Goliath to her tiny, weak form.

“We…” Eve swallowed. “We… aren’t at Eden anymore. I found another ship, master. A ship… w-with fuel!” She was hesitant to bring up Shal-ra, but if she were to withhold that information, she wasn’t sure how he would react when it came up. While she didn’t want to put the woman at risk, right now her fear for her own safety was taking over her mind. “There was also someone aboard… She wanted to help us.”

Adam scoffed. It was clear that he had a hard time believing that she’d actually found something, but an even harder time believing that there was someone else out there. The very idea that they’d just so happened to run into another human this far out into space was absurd. No one from their church would have crossed paths with them, even if their trajectories were vastly off the mark.

“Another ship? All the way out here? Ha! Like there would be any humans who would be near us.” He seemed completely ignorant of just how far from Eden she had gone, but he would soon realize. “You’re delusional, or seeing demons. It’s just me and you, Eve. Even though your disobedience is a test from God to me every single day, you are all that’s here with me, and I’m all that’s here with you.” Adam spoke definitively, without any doubts in his mind… obviously convinced that she had to be making something up to make herself look better… there was no other explanation in his mind.

“It’s true, master!” Eve swore to him. “I promise! It was full of supplies, oxygen, fuel, and… Well, the person running it isn’t exactly human.” She squeaked the final line out much more meekly than the rest. How would he react to aliens existing? Let alone her appearance looking as demonic as it did. She let out a sigh and frowned as the words escaped her lips, pursing immediately after. She wanted to take it back after she said it, but the words were out there, and it left a deafening silence in the air for several seconds as Adam tried to process what she’d just said.

“Monsters. You expect me to believe even you could feel foolish enough to consort with monsters? That you found demons here? You can’t seriously expect me to believe that.” He shook his head. “There are no others among the stars, Eve. The Lord’s teachings make it quite clear that we, humanity, are the ones that are meant to bring civilization to the other Gardens, not some lesser beings outside of His all-seeing gaze.” Adam shook his head and raised his hand to her… she winced, receding as much from him as she could without taking a step back. “If you found anything, they are Lilith’s children, here to deceive you.” Slowly, his expression softened. “Your delusions, your foolishness, aren’t your fault. You were born this way.” 

Adam let out a sigh. Then, just as she began to calm, his hand shot forward, delivering a swift, painful slap across her face. It left a red handprint on her cheek and sent her to the ground, stunned. “But your flagrant disobedience towards me cannot be forgiven. Regardless of the reasons for your inadequacy, it must be corrected… spare the rod, and spoil the child…” He pointed. “Against the wall, on your knees… now!”

Eve looked up at him, eyes dazed as her brain was scrambled from the slap. Then she scurried across the floor on hands and knees, startled by how quickly her feeling of independence and freedom had evaporated in the face of him hitting her. A single blow was all it took to put her back in her place. Eve moved as quickly as she could, pressing herself to the wall before she climbed onto her knees and sat there, legs together, arms at her side, ready for him to do whatever he pleased with her. She trembled as he approached, and opened her mouth, hoping to just entice him. Instead, he grabbed her shoulders and shoved her down. Eve collapsed, her large tits quivering as her chest heaved, her wide hips squirming.

She looked up at him as he loomed over her, eyes wide as he lifted a box in his hand. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use these…” he said, voice filled with regret. “I should not have doubted Father Elias when he told me I would need them.” She watched as Adam opened up his medical shift and pulled it off him, producing his engorged cock. The thick shaft pulsed, the large veins pumping blood through the turgid length. “He knew better than anyone what you needed, how far you needed to be pushed to be all that God wishes you to be.”

He opened the box and Eve’s breath caught as she saw what it contained. She bit her lower lip as Adam’s face twisted into a cruel, cold smile. “Yes, you know what these are, don’t you?” he said as he pulled the first of many needles from the box. “Father Elias told me you would remember. That you were young… but you would remember.” He lifted the needle up, put his other hand on the top of her skintight outfit, and ripped downward, the pale fabric parting to reveal dark skin. The crusted remnants of his cum on her breasts was still visible, but Eve wasn’t looking… her eyes were focused on the needle. “You remember how your mother died.”

Then he leaned forward and shoved the needle into her right breast.

There was no subtlety to it. He didn’t aim for the nipple, or try to put it into a particular spot… he just pressed the point against the meat of her tit somewhere near the middle and pushed, not stopping until his thumb was pressing into her hard enough to leave a bruise and the slender needle was buried deep. Eve cried out, the sharp agony of the sliver of metal cutting through her awareness like a knife. It was pain completely disproportionate to the injury, unfairly painful, but the dread and fear she felt was disproportionate even to the pain… The mere thought of one of those things in her, buried so deep that she couldn’t get it out, was horrifying. Even worse was the fact that she knew, with utter certainty, that that box contained plenty more.

Adam smiled at her as he pulled out the second needle.

“Please…” she whispered, forgetting about the collar, about how she shouldn’t be able to speak without being spoken to… her terror overwhelming her rational mind completely.

Thankfully for her, Adam didn’t seem to realize as he reveled in her reaction. “Yes… I think you’ll be much better behaved soon,” he said, his cruel expression growing sharper still as he traced the point of the second needle over her other breast, looking for a place to drive it in. He drew the sharp tip over her vulnerable skin, drawing little patterns for a minute before pushing it into her seemingly at random, making her scream as he once against wedged the small needle as far in as it could go.

Eve was in agony and hyperventilating with panic that only grew as the next six needles were pushed in. They were small… they could vanish into her biceps, her thighs, her stomach, and even the side of her neck with no issue. Each time he drove them in deep enough that the end embedded itself in her like a sliver, disappearing into flesh and skin and muscle. Eve was weeping now, sobbing in pain and terror until finally the twelfth and final needle disappeared into her body. Adam stood over her, holding the empty box and pressing down on the button in the center of it. “Let’s put them to the test, shall we?”

Eve sobbed, her head half turned away, only for Adam to grab a fistful of her hair and drag her face back towards his swollen dick. Her plump lips opened as she began to say something, but Adam merely rammed his prick into her mouth. His toned buttocks tensed as he shoved his hips forward, listening to her gag and retch up a sudden torrent of gunk as his cock battered its way past the back of her mouth and entered her gullet in an abrupt rush.

Eve’s brows pinched, her features creasing as she choked against the column of pulsing fuckmeat. The front of her neck swelled, the muscles in her esophagus coiling and squeezing around the throbbing shaft as it tried to swallow it. Her nostrils flared and her eyelids flickered as tears began to squeeze out of the scrunched-up corners. Grunting as her oral muscles worked him over, Adam began to fuck her throat, churning the saliva around her mouth. He withdrew large amounts of the soupy drool on the backstroke, slobber sloshing down over her chin and dangling in long, sticky tendrils.

As Adam plunged himself back into the squelching depths of her throat, he forced back down the gooey slime which had surged up. Soon, a chorus of wet choking noises mixed with the wet slapping of his heavy balls on her drool-coated chin filled the room, accompanied by the ragged attempts to breathe through her spit-soaked mouth. Eve’s eyes bulged as he drove himself back down her gullet, the bulbous head of his cock spreading out the constricting recesses. She puked up more clear gunk as her moist tract was scraped out by his swollen cockhead. Her eyes focused on his, the glaze of lust and disgust in his eyes saying more clearly than words ever could have that he didn’t see her as a person but just as a set of tight, moist holes he could dump his cum in. Everything her parents had tried to do in raising her to be more than just a fucktoy didn’t matter… their legacy was some bitch gasping on her knees, leaking snot and tears with long strands of spit hanging from her chin and falling onto her tits as she was turned into a living receptacle for cum.

And then the needles started working.

Embedded in her skin, the needles received the first surge of power from the control unit that Adam had turned on before casually tossing it onto the ground. Instantly Eve’s entire nervous system lit up, and her world vanished in a surge of pain so severe she lost all muscle control. She couldn’t scream… she couldn’t bite or jerk or breathe. She couldn’t even twitch as the needles went to work. It was like tunnels were being bored right through her body from one needle to the next, tunneling beneath her skin and muscle to turn her into a constellation of pain in the vague shape of a human. The whole time, Adam didn’t even pause… he continued to fuck her face just as eagerly as before, groaning at the sudden tension in her throat as he plowed her and she suffered in silence. Then, as abruptly as it had begun, the pain ended, and her body simply sagged into ragged sobs around his cock.

Wireless transmission of power as low-frequency EM beams had been an area of experimentation in the late 21st century. The experiments had largely been considered a failure because of the biological interference… it turned out of that the lower frequency beams necessary to avoid causing damage to walls and flesh caused significant interference with the human nervous system. It was enough to abandon the technology for common use, since the whole point of this kind of low-frequency transmission was to be used around people, but that didn’t mean it had no uses… Father Elias in particular had found it useful in teaching some of the more uppity women come to his covenant their place. He had commissioned several of these devices that didn’t mitigate the effects at all, and in fact amplified them by broadcasting more power than necessary in a circuit. The needles were simply relay points that the device in the box used to target the transmissions between each other, inflicting an unbelievable amount of agony on demand.

The needles were small enough that the idea was that they wouldn’t need to come out… and that it would be exceptionally difficult for the woman to remove them without help. The transmission of power was insanely painful but it wasn’t damaging… at least not directly. That wasn’t the same as saying it was safe, however… when Father Elias had found that her mother was still teaching Eve in secret, he had taken the woman from his son and embedded twelve needles in her, swearing that by the time they came out she would be nothing but a broken fuckdoll.

Instead, she’d died of a heart attack in her late thirties, naked and terrified and alone. The fate that any whore deserved, according to Father Elias. No matter how Eve felt about her mother, those nightmare devices had terrified her even since… and now Adam had pushed a dozen needles into her as well.

Adam spread his legs, looming over the dark-skinned astronaut as he threw all his weight and strength into his thrusts, slamming down against the limp, sagging slut. Eve’s tits jiggled, drops of spit and sweat being flung off. Her eyes were straining, nose quivering as she tried to suck down air in the scant moments he drew back, only for it to be savagely cut off as he slammed back into her. He pulled her face into his stiff pumps, bouncing her nose and lips off his groin. Eve’s eyelids were flickering, her shoulders starting to slacken as her brain became deprived of oxygen, a pulsing lightness filling her head and making her terrifyingly dizzy.

Suddenly, Adam yanked himself out of her, Eve gasping and quickly grabbing his hard hips for support, her head reeling from the sudden rush of air. She coughed, a thick torrent of mucus erupting from her mouth and clinging to her chin. Taking the root of his slobber-drenched cock in his hand, Adam began to slap the wet organ over her sloppy face, smearing the excess of spit over her features. Eve’s head tilted back on her limp neck, her mouth not quite working right in the wake of the pain… her tongue hung limply from her mouth as her husband continued to use her as a cumrag.

It look long seconds of getting cockslapped by her husband before Eve had recovered enough control of her body to move her mouth. “Please, master… husband… father of my child. I worship you. I’m sorry… please don’t do-”

Adam cut her off with a whimper as he clubbed her in the nose with his cock, drawing a yelp from her throat as he continued to wipe the spit off his length and onto her face. He must have evidently felt it was clean enough because he directed her head back towards his member and forced her mouth back on it. Tightening his grip on her head, Adam began to pull her head back and forth on his dick at a feverish pace, her lips elongating as they were dragged around his length. Desperate, she did what she could to help please him, throwing herself forward, mashing her face into his sweaty, drooled soaked crotch as her spit dripped down to form a glistening slimy puddle on the floor. In that moment, Eve felt like the nastiest, cheapest slut imaginable.

Adam repeatedly impaled her throat, letting his thick cock stretch her gullet until her lungs burned as they strained for air. Her attempts to earn mercy, however, were all for nothing. She let out a brief shriek as the needles flared to life again, cutting off her breathing as her lungs and throat locked up and Adam, taking advantage of her helplessness, grabbed the back of her head, his fingers twisting into the mass of her dark brunette hair. He began to viciously saw his hips forward and back, driving his pelvis into her tear-streaked face, bashing her nose and lips. Eve lost herself in the mind-obliterating pain and hypoxia as she endured the brutal skullfucking, the churning spittle spewing from between her lips and drenching her chin. She felt his pumps slow as he became interested in depth and penetration, rubbing her oral tract and making sure she felt every pulsating inch of his blood-engorged cock as it slid in and out of her.

“You are a life support system for your holes,” Adam growled, fucking her viciously. The pain stopped, letting her sag down limply, and Eve gasped as his member was pulled out of her mouth, her chest trembling as she gulped down air. That relief was short-lived, however, as only half a heartbeat later, while still breathing, her oxygen was suddenly cut off as Adam shoved himself back in. Her nostrils widened, bubbles blowing out as she tried to breathe. Adam pulled her tear-smeared face into his groin, forcing the Latina to ingest every inch of his length as it was plunged into her constricting gullet. “You only have legs so your holes can deliver themselves to me,” he told her, continuing to fuck her.

Eve’s eyes screwed shut as her nose was pressed back into the sticky mound of pubic hair, gagging and puking up more saliva from her stuffed throat, her lower lip and chin flush against his pulsing scrotum. “You only have arms because I find it convenient to let you better use your body as a masturbatory aid,” Adam growled as he slowly ground her face into his musky, sweaty crotch, pushing down painfully on the back of her skull. Eve began to swallow, able to only steal slithers of air through her squashed nose. “You only have eyes so you can see how worthless you look.” Her eyes widened, straining as she began to choke, her chest tightening as he squeezed. Her vision began to darken as Adam held her in place, her fingers digging into his hips as he suffocated her on his dick. The bitter stench of his masculine sweat and musk filled her oxygen-starved head, her body shuddering.

“Your mouth, your ass, your tits… all of that is what you are for, and even it pales in comparison to the truth of your purpose. And do you know what that is?” Adam growled at her, jiggling her head up and down on his cock. Eve could only manage a pitiful gurgle. All she could feel as she sank further into the warm blackness, was Adam’s hard fuck stick jammed down her raw throat, his balls pressed into her face.

Suddenly, Adam yanked her off his cock, a copious amount of foamy mucus pouring out from her mouth and coating her jaw in thick sheets. She panted, gulping down mouthfuls of air, her body swaying as her brain reeled from the sudden flow of blood. Her eyes were teary, her cheeks red and glossy, her lips swollen and shining with saliva and his pre-cum. The red lipstick she’d put on was smeared, her face shimmering from a mixture of tears, sweat, precum and drool. “It’s your womb,” he spat at he stood over her, looking down at her slightly swollen belly. “That cunt that belongs to me, and even it is worthless when it isn’t filled by what I give it. You are more of an incubator than a person,” he smirked as he loomed over her, Eve looking up at her husband through teary blue eyes. Then the needles started up again, and without his support she collapsed to the ground spasming. He followed her down, kneeling over her, slapping his cock against her soft lips. “And don’t you ever forget it.”

The fact that she had fallen didn’t distress Adam in the least as he slammed his cock into her mouth, cutting through her mind-erasing agony as his drenched member pressed through her puckered soft lips and forced them open. Eve just mindlessly jerked on the ground as he fucked her throat like a cheap whore-cunt against the ground, her eyes bulging as her lips wrapped around his girthy cock. Adam began working his throat-stretcher of a dick in and out of her with increased viciousness. “Look at you, cunt,” he growled. “You’re so fucking pathetic… on the floor, slobbering over your Master’s junk like the cheapest whore in the whole galaxy. Every bit of your body is just a sleeve for my cock!”

He increased his pace, riding her gaping mouth hard, plunging into her throat again and bringing out the wet, gulping, squelching sound of her struggling not to suffocate. Adam forced her back down to the root of his cock, her lips touching his balls and his pubic hair again. He looked down at the skewered slut as she jerked in technological agony, determined to wedge every bit of his length down her whorish throat. Heaving all his weight down onto her face he managed to shove his cock deeper inside her. The brunette’s delicate nose was turned upward, brows and forehead creased, her lips and nose both disappearing into his dark, smelly bush.

“That’s it,” Adam groaned as he ground his pubis into her face, his swollen dick stretching her gullet out and causing it to swell. “This is all you’re good for!” As if his words were a signal the pain disappeared again, sudden as a gunshot, and Eve was left shaking in phantom agony, dizzy, suffocating and with her jaw aching. The back of her head throbbed from where he’d banged it against the floor, her nose felt like it might be broken, and screwed shut eyes leaked tears. Long ropes of slobber hung from her lips and clung onto her chin, her quivering breasts, and her splayed out legs. She swallowed repeatedly, reflexively as she tried to clear her airway and her throat massaged his cock, nose flat against his musky crotch. Eve felt her heart pumping in her chest, her lungs compressing as she struggled to breathe. She began to twist her head, her face rubbing into his groin as she tried to find an angle to breathe. Her brows furrowed, her features darkening, her cheeks beginning to turn a rosy, purple.

Adam held her still on his cock by her hair as he sat on her, watching her struggle to escape his weight without a prayer. “Open your fucking eyes, cunt. Look at me! Look at your master!”

Eve looked up with straining, wide eyes, and saw Adam purse his lips as he rolled his tongue in his mouth. She shuddered as he dropped a wad of fat spit right into her right eye. She closed it instinctively as it connected and slid down her cheek. Adam grinned at her and watched the thick clear saliva dribbling off the bridge of her sleek nose.

Then the pain started up again, and Adam laughed in the thrill of it, slamming himself back into her slobbering mouth. His balls slapped against her chin as he bashed her sloppy wet face with his pelvis. With a sudden, rumbling groan, he plunged himself balls deep into her throat, the front of her neck swelling as it was molded to fit perfectly around the shaft. As she choked and jerked and suffered, his ass clenched as he began to ejaculate directly into her stomach. Eve could barely think about anything but the electric agony as his cock throbbed inside her, vomiting out thick ropes of cum down her neck. The sticky loads fired down her gullet and filled her stomach. Adam ground her nose into his spit drenched crotch as she drank down each spewing shot of greasy, slimy ball sludge.

Adam lazily thrust his hips, his cock still discharging his pulsing hot seed. The angle meant that a good bit of the cum bubbled up her spasming throat, discharging from her widened nostrils and between her lips, going into her hair and pooling in the hollow of her throat.

Finally, long after the needles stopped hurting, his balls twitched their last and Adam pulled his cock out of the half conscious girl, lifting his weight off of her mostly prone form. Senseless with pain and breathless, Eve rolled over and began to throw up, puking up the cum that had poured into her even as she coughed what had sunk into her lungs. It all poured out in a thick, lumpy torrent which splashed on the floor, flecks of it landing on her face. She heard Adam chuckling as she heaved and retched, cum stirring around her knees and hands. Finally, Eve was still, heaving and breathing, her body curled up and her head down, looking at nothing. She lay in the pool of cum, moaning and writhing in the puddle.

Bending down, Adam grabbed her hair, pulled her up to her knees and then dragged her over to the medical bed that he had been on, lifting her up and throwing her down onto the mattress. “I’m going to love it when I can use that cunt again,” he growled as he forced her down, crossing her arms behind her back and holding them with a single hand. “But in the meantime, you have other holes to serve me with. Adam seemed to relish her strained breathing as he began to push his way into her asshole, fighting the tight muscle at the entrance. His other hand pulled at her hair, yanking her backward by it as he rammed into her. “Of course, you still need a lot of training with this hole.” As he released her hair, the exhausted Eve slumped back forward, but her back stayed arched, her mind waiting in the dread for the moment the pain would start again. Adam just settled his hands on her hips as her teeth clenched.

He shoved again, and lubricated only by her spit the first inch of his cock sank into her, his shaft starting to burn inside of her. Then, as she had dreaded, those needles began their agonizing work once again. Her ass trembled on his shaft as she gave a choked-off cry and he shoved another few inches of his fat cock into her bowels. Eve grunted in utter agony as her tight body struggled to accommodate the monster snake disappearing between her tiny asscheeks. The muscle at her entrance was incapable of stopping or even slowing him, stretched taut around his girth, and Eve whined like a maddened animal as he stabbed her in the ass with his cock over and over again… panting as he filled her rectum with the last inches of his cock, hips colliding with her and producing a new stabbing pain as this moved one of the needles still embedded in her, balls coming to rest against her dry pussy.

Adam stood there a second, his hips attached to his fuck-puppet, thrilling in the sensation until the pain stopped. When the needles ceased their work, even the agony of the cock in her ass was barely noticeable. “You are nothing, Eve,” he told her, mocking her ass she squirmed around with a thick rod buried deep in her abdomen. “Nothing but a living piece of meat for my voyage to the stars to help me cum. You are closer to a piece of furniture than a person.” Eve’s attempts to catch her breath failed, converting into a scream as he began to drag his cock back out of her ass. Her burning tightness refused to give him up, clenched so tight it was like it was holding onto him, and it felt like his cock was pulling her whole intestines out with it… and from his reaction, it clearly felt amazing in proportion to how miserable it felt for her.

Her legs shifted to try to ease the pain of the exiting cock from her bowels, but he brought it just far enough out to let her sphincter begin to close on the very end of his cockhead before he shoved it back in quickly. Eve bawled, her feet scrabbled beneath her in an attempt to get away. She lurched forward on the bed in a tiny, pathetic effort to slow down the penetration in her rear, but Adam simply grabbed her hair with one hand, and wrapped his other arm around her waist. Eve screamed as his spear pushed and seated itself deep inside her again.

Adam thrust again and again, beginning to develop a slow rhythm in and out of her asshole. Holding her still, he pistoned forward and back into her tight orifice. As the movements became more rhythmic, her body rocked back and forth with his, its tightness dragged along by his force. The needles flared to life again with his dick wedged between her asscheeks, her mind vanishing into a white oblivion of anguish as he continued sawing his way in and out of her to the rhythm of her labored breathing and tiny, desperate whimpers. Adam withdrew his cock, paused, and then slammed the full length into her, doing rapid motions almost like a pushup that each ended with his balls deep in her ass. The pain from the needles faded once again, only to transition to more normal screams and cries of pain as Adam pumped deep and rapidly into her. “Things are going to get worse for you before they get better,” Adam rasped in her ear through her sobbing. “If they are ever going to get better. That will depend on what you deserve…”

Eve’s only response were the cries of pain his dick ripped from her squirming body as he sodomized her roughly again and again. She whimpered helplessly as her asshole was seated again and again on his thick pole, her breathing growing shallower and more desperate. Her mind was locked on only one thought that made it through the haze… his cock was growing inside her, pulsing happily at her suffering… he was about to cum, and that was the only thing that really mattered now. She even welcomed it when his hand reached up across her chest, locking his fingers around her throat. “Fucking whore. Daughter of Lilith… Immortal heathen… Blasphemous cunt…” he berated her, punctuating each insult with a hard thrust that caused a small gasp or scream to escape from her squeezed windpipe. “You’re a fucktoy, Eve… it’s all you are. My little cockpleasing tramp!”

Again the needles came to life, and again they faded into a dismal silence. Helpless, she sputtered and choked, screamed and sobbed, as his cock kept her asshole on fire. He gave her body no chance to recover from the internal agony of the infernal torture, continuing his thrusts as he stabbed into her ass… his shaft splitting her tiny asscheeks as he pinned her to the bed beneath him. She crossed and uncrossed her ankles in mindless, senseless pain and hopeless attempts to escape them. Grunting and gasping, Eve still felt it when his thrusts reached a fever pitch. “Ready to take my cum deep in that stretched asshole?” he again taunted her. Eve groaned and her hips gyrated to meet his thrusts in response, trying to encourage him… anything to end this. Adam laughed at her. “That’s a good little whore!” he yelled excitedly as his cock became a thrusting blur, pistoning in and out of her depths.

Just as he could grow no harder, Adam grabbed a fistful of Eve’s hair again and jerked it back to meet his final, hard thrust. His cock buried itself as deep in the writhing girl as he could go, and then cum began gushing into her bowels. “Oh yes, you pretty little whore,” Adam moaned into her ear as he spasmed inside her asshole again and again, each twitch of his swollen member tearing tiny cries from her. When he finally rolled off of her, his cock glistening but still engorged, she stared at it with with exhausted, almost senseless eyes. “We’re not done here yet, wife mine! You’ve made a mess.” He leaned down and, thank God, flicked the switch off on his little box. There would, for the moment, be no more surges of agony from the needles. “Get to work cleaning this cock off that’s been in that little asshole of yours,” Adam chided her.

Eve stared with dismay. How could she have ever deluded herself into thinking she was independent? That she could make her own decisions? The strong did as they pleased, and the weak suffered what they must. If God gave you the strength to do something, it followed logically that He wanted you to do it. Doing otherwise was rebellion against God himself… and she was nowhere near strong enough to stop Adam from doing whatever he pleased to her. This was her place… and she needed to remember that. Her eyes looked up at him with sorrowful submission… then her mouth opened.

Feeling pathetic and weak Eve licked at her master’s cock and his large, swollen balls. It wasn’t like she was uncaring that he had just been in her ass, or that it wasn’t disgusting… it was just that, with his shaft hanging just above her mouth, she understood she had no choice. Eve extended her tongue and began to slowly lap at the dangling sac, her lips pursing into a kiss as Adam lowered his testicles onto her face while his cock dragged over her forehead. For a long while, Eve knelt there… sucking, kissing, licking and fondling Adam’s cum-tanks, swearing she could feel them producing more of their thick, potent seed for her to take inside her, letting him relax to the whorish worship of his cock and balls.

“So… you took us away from the planet… and you found another ship. And the person on that ship convinced you they were a demon,” he scoffed as he adjusted his position, pushing his member back into her open mouth. He groaned as it slid over her tongue, forcing her to taste the depths of her guts as the tip hit the back of her throat, making Eve retch and cough. “Fine. I’ll set you straight. Show me the proof of this “demon” of yours. If she exists, perhaps there will be some kind of merit to what you have done. We can do God’s will and handle her.” His words were calm and disbelieving even as Eve wriggled her tongue out from between her lips and his member, fresh drool beginning to leak from between her lips to soak and clean his shaft. Then, finally he pulled out. “And if you ever, ever disobey me again, your punishment will be far harsher than this gentle approach. Do you understand me, whore?”

“I understand…” Eve spoke in a quiet whimper. It was hard for her to come up with any more words to try to defend herself, the smack had somehow resonated so deeply inside of her. For some reason, she kept holding out hope that he would trust her at her word, and then be happy that she’d been able to bring help to them.

“You understand. Good, now show me this proof, surely you brought something back, yes?” He pushed her out of the room.

“Master…” she whispered. “Please… can you… please take the needles out?” Her words were filled with utter submission and sheer terror. Even without the power flowing through them the sharp pieces of metal were still embedded deep in fatty tissue and every movement caused a chorus of agony as they stretched and prodded at their small lacerations. “I promise I’ll be good… I swear it!”

Adam laughed. “I haven’t decided if they are ever coming out, you stupid, disobedient slut,” he mocked her. “Did you so soon forget what your true role in this journey was for me?” He sneered as he gripped Eve’s hair, forcing her to look into his eyes. They were pure ice. There was no compassion there, just the demeanor of someone who projected his self-aggrandizing “superiority” over someone that he felt was little more than a dog, a pet to accompany him on his trip to his inevitable greatness. “Maybe, if you are actually good, after our first child is born I might reconsider.” To Eve that seemed impossibly far away, and she was certain she would be dead before that… but she was afraid to protest and lose even that distant, tiny hope. She nodded, tugging at her own hair, and Adam shoved her out the door and towards the rest of the ship.

Their progress was not especially quick. Truth be told, he still was clearly not at full strength, but compared to an unathletic, untrained woman like Eve he might as well have been the strongest man alive, and with the needles in her her own movements were slow and tentative. She slowly lead towards the main control rooms where she communications arrays were. With the ship’s computers and communications linked, showing him proof wouldn’t be too difficult… but even though her punishment was over for now she wasn’t sure how he would react to seeing Shal-ra… or what he might do to her.

It took a lot of will for her to take her seat and start to hail the other ship so that she could contact her new friend. Her hands were quaking, shaking with each command that she brought up. With a final click on the command system, she hailed the Nostalgia for Infinity. Adam looked at her curiously. There was confidence to her actions, despite the nerves. It was something measured, it wasn’t her scrambling to find some kind of excuse. He raised an eyebrow as he saw the numerical ID signature of the communication link to the other ship appearing on their own console.

The machine hummed as it started to work its communication systems, the beeps of the machine confirming that it was indeed receiving a signal from somewhere. It only took a few more moments until the video screen turned on and revealed the form of the six armed AI from the Nostalgia for Infinity. Adam visually flinched, eyes wide.

Shal-ra, for her part, peered at them curiously… taking in the background of the ship through the video screen, inspecting the ways in which the human ship’s interior was different from her own. “Hello again, Eve. This is the Nostalgia for Infinity, receiving you. I assume that this is your husband that you’d told me about back on the ship, Adam?” She gave a warm smile… clearly trying to be diplomatic. Eve abruptly realized that her breasts were out, and and felt a flash of shame… but it was too late to do anything about it.

“I am.” Adam stepped in front of Eve, not allowing her to answer for herself. He held his hands behind his back, trying to look as imposing as he could, even feeling as he did. Eve could see the look on his face, the suspicion, the hate. He believed her now, she saw… he didn’t believe that Shal-ra was an alien or a help. She was a demon in his eyes… a horrible creature that would surely doom the two of them if he were to allow her to sink her claws into their minds, just as the serpent had to the original Eve. “Tell me your business with us, demon.” His words held a very clear venom inside of them, not even attempting to cover up the distaste that he had towards interacting with her.

Shal-ra did not react to his hostility at all. “I merely wished to offer you fuel and purified oxygen, and repairs to your life support systems. I was under the impression that the two of you may have needed some help, and since I’m the only one aboard my vessel, I don’t mind helping a fellow citizen of the stars.”

“And how are we to trust you? Your very appearance betrays your nature. You’re a venomous snake, you’re little more than a trickster, a deceiver trying to steer us away from our true purpose!” Adam’s face was contorted into a permanent frown.

“I can’t give anything other than my word, but I would like to prove my trustworthiness in any way that I can. I’m unsure what exactly this “demon” that you speak of is, but I assure you that I’m not a threat. In fact I’m drifting as far away from threats as I possibly can.” She kept a calm demeanor under the accusations. Her voice didn’t show any signs of being offended by the man. Adam, however, seemed to be growing more angry. Her lack of a reaction to him was starting to touch a nerve… it was like he expected her to admit to being evil and there to hurt them.

“Your ‘word’. what a total laugh.” He looked at his console with hard eyes, clearly ready to simply cut communications with the stranger. But as his eyes drifted around the cockpit, they did find the reactor readouts… and the fuel gauge. While it wasn’t an immediate danger, they really did need what she offered… and even he couldn’t dispute that. He ground his teeth, contemplating how to handle the situation, leaving Eve to silence as she waited for him to make the ultimate decision.

“Fine, demon. I suppose I can give you one chance to prove that you’re not some kind of charlatan. My partner here assured me that you were going to provide us help as well. And while I do think that the poor girl is quite naive, perhaps her insubordination will bring about something beneficial for us both after all.” He cleared his throat and put on a prideful smile. “My name is Adam, and this is my wife, Eve. We were sent here on a holy mission to bring about life to the desolate parts of this horrible universe. If you help us, perhaps you will find forgiveness in God’s grace.”

Eve could practically see the digital entity’s face contorting while trying not to laugh at the suggestion that she needed forgiveness for not doing anything to the people that she was offering a helping hand to, but seeing how serious that Adam was about the entire thing deterred her. Instead she simply nodded her head. “In that case, I’m happy to help. My name is Shal-ra, and I am at your assistance… and that of your wife.” It seemed like she believed that it was better to play along than to risk his wrath if not for any reason other than to make sure that Eve was going to receive the help that she knew they needed. “So our computers are linked, if there’s anything that you’d like to check on my ship, the records, our stock, or anything like that, you’re more than welcome to. We have an assortment of fuels, repair drones, and plenty of tools for manual repair.”

“I’ll be sure to take a look. Not that I needed your permission, but your obedience is commendable, even for one such as yourself,” Adam said to himself, not even keeping eye contact with Shal-ra as he immediately started to look through the Nostalgia’s logs for anything that seemed out of place. But there was just… so much, and Eve knew that anything she sent must be translated so she could curate anything she wanted away from him. Would he realize that? “Maybe you do just want to help…”

“Please, Adam,” Shal-ra said quietly, trying to encourage him. Was it because she wanted to help Eve? That didn’t seem possible, even for a friend… but what other reason could she have to put up with Adam’s disrespect like this? She did need their help as well to recover their computer systems, true, but she had all the time in the world to figure out a solution.

Thankfully, it seemed like her words were starting to have a small effect on him. The words please had invoked a feeling of begging that Adam loved to take advantage of. If someone was asking to let them help him, then it was only fair that he would allow them the luxury of uplifting his own status. As long as it was self-serving of his ego. “Fine. Since you seem so bent on being a part of this effort, I suppose I can let you assist us with our current predicament. How far is the connection of your drones from your ship?” he asked, the red from his face slowly starting to drain. He coughed into his hand, the effects of getting riled up when he was still in a weakened state not so easy for him to suppress.

“Currently not very strong. I can’t even activate them properly myself. Though if I were to have a small presence aboard your ship and was able to take up some of the processing power of your console, I should be able to command them without problem using both the signals from our ships to boost the power to be able to communicate with them. What do you need them for?” She started to type away on her digital keyboard for show, likely communicating with and activating the drones in her storage unit.

“Well it’s come to my attention that our oxygen purifiers may need to be looked at. And I cannot perform the necessary diagnostic in my current state, and I certainly do not trust Eve after her little stunt today. So I would like you to share some of your drones to assist with analysis and potential repair. Since you claim to be “advanced” this is your chance to prove that your technology is worthy of assisting our holy journey.” He looked to Shal-ra expectantly, waiting for any opportunity to cut her off. He’d set it up as a win-win situation in his mind. If she refused to let go of drones, he would’ve been proven right, but if she relinquished them, he would have access to powerful technologies for free.

“Of course. If you would be okay with it, I can provide a tower that will let me properly get the drones to work on your ship.” She responded without missing a beat, throwing Adam off. He expected that to be more of a valuable commodity that she wouldn’t be so easily willing to part with, but true to her word, he saw the blips on the console indicating that there were several readings moving towards his ship just after she spoke. “Eve can come over and bring my unit on board, and we’ll be able to put some of the drones to work. You will merely have to dock our ships together to allow the transfer.”

“That is acceptable then. But be aware that at even the slightest sign of treachery, I will not be afraid to destroy any heretical machinery that you bring aboard.” He let out a sigh, almost questioning why he was accepting this, but even Adam knew what a desperate situation could lead to. He shook his head and decided to play nice, “I’m glad that at the very least your appearance doesn’t align with your morals… for the time being at least. See to it that it stays this way, yes?” He nodded and pushed himself up out of his chair, moving towards the med-bay. “I’m going to allow myself some rest. Eve, you are allowed to speak with her, but do not test my trust again, do you understand?” He glared at Eve, making her immediately bow her head submissively.

“Of course, sir. I’ll make sure that everything goes well with the drones.” She stated in compliance, giving him a small bow to accent her point. Adam seemed satisfied with the response and continued into the medbay, allowing Eve to let out a strained sigh that she seemed to have been holding in for quite some time. It was getting more and more difficult with each passing minute to keep up the act of her being unable to respond unless spoken to now that her collar was broken.

“Well he’s certainly a cheery one.” Shal-ra said with a small grin as she watched the door close behind Adam. Her expression softened again when she diverted her attention back to Eve, realizing that the entire conversation seemed to have taken a lot out of her. “I apologize if I’d put you into a bad spot. It seems that mentioning you leaving the ship was a sore spot. I didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to be here.”

“It’s okay. I didn’t tell you… I left because we were not in a good spot. I needed to do something. He was so hurt from when we went onto the surface, and if anything happened to our life support systems, we’re screwed out here…” She shook her head, looking over her shoulder where Adam had gone. “I’m glad that you were there. I was starting to get really worried.”

“Well I’m glad that I met you too, Eve.” The hologram smiled at Eve, a tender look on her face. It was clear to Eve that Shal-ra took a liking to her. It made Eve’s heart flutter a little. Her niceness was something she just plainly wasn’t accustomed to and it filled her with confusing feelings. Before letting the feeling linger and letting the moment get awkward, Shal-ra pulled up a proximity monitor to show the locations of their two ships. “I can walk you through the docking procedure, and transferring me over to your systems. Then we can get to work.”

Eve nodded, and then settled into the command chair, adjusting the retro rockets the Ark used to maneuver. They had a lot of work to do…

4 thoughts on “NSC – Be As Gods 7 – Daughter of Lilith

      1. What! My God, you’re one of the few people in the world who could draw and write so well! Well done!

        Maybe it was but if you did the opening pic for Be As Gods: that was a particularly erotic piece of work. Love it.


        1. Ah, apologies. If you mean the art I use as a title card, that is by LeraPI, not by me. If you mean the art of Shal-ra or the Exalted Maria, then those are by me.


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