NSC – Be As Gods 9 – Strength is the First Virtue + Epilogue

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Dying was a strange experience. Maria remembered some pain, some odd fleeting sensations. Flashes of panic as her body fought for life. Then darkness.

Then she snapped back awake.

There was no moment of transition, no temporary confusion or fuzziness, no half-remembered dreams… none of the things that usually accompanied waking up. Her brain was working perfectly and clearly. She remembered flawlessly what had happened… the drones, Adam’s attack, the knife… killing Adam. The desperate attempt to get onto the Nostalgia for Infinity, going ahead with the upload. None of it had been lost to the lack of long-term memory. The process had captured it all.

She just… existed there, not moving, not speaking. She felt no pain. In fact, she felt… nothing at all. No arms, no legs, no heartbeat. None of the nervous feedback she would have expected to feel to know if she was sitting, or lying down, or standing. It gave Maria a flash of panic, a feeling of being locked in, but the panic was purely intellectual… her body didn’t reinforce it. No heavy breathing or thudding heart, no surge of adrenaline, no muscle tension. The panic fled just a few seconds later without support from her body. It was like… lying in a shallow creek with cool water running around her but never quite touching her. There was no feeling, no touch, smell, hearing, seeing, nothing, just the ever present feeling of existing.

There really wasn’t a word for what she felt. She gradually became… aware… of what interfaces she had. It was like feeling them, except it seemed to rely on an entirely different proprioceptive sense than the five she was used to. Cameras turned on, their feeds going directly into her mind. It was odd because she didn’t actually see them exactly, she just experienced them like vision that bypassed her ocular senses entirely. She detected the drones, still sitting in range and waiting for command though they were on the other ship… and she could see her body through one of their cameras. Maria stared for a few moments that stretched into a few minutes before she ordered the drone away, forcing it to point its sensors elsewhere. The formerly living human turned her attention inward, looking for other interfaces… and as she did she simply just… became aware… of the virtual reality interface, and how she could connect to it. She reached out to touch it, an act that didn’t involve any muscles or movement…

And without any transition she could see.

As her “eyes” shot open, she immediately felt strange. She felt everything, all of her senses, but they were a little different. Everything was lighter, more natural, faster. Every motion she made moved at the speed of her thought, there was no delay between the neurons of her brain firing to send a message to the rest of the body – everything seemed entirely instant. Yet, at the same time, she was entirely aware that it was not. Her perception was such that she could noticeably detect the microseconds of delay between her digital synapses firing, calculate it down to the nanosecond. Her perception of time seemed fluid, speeding up and slowing down to meet her moment to moment needs… something that was more than a little dizzying.

What made up for it again was that she had a body.

She lifted a hand to look at herself and saw the same thing that she’d always seen: two arms, two legs, a torso, hands and feet, and while her head was irritatingly out of sight she could feel it there on her shoulder, its weight resting there. Her body, however, had changed. For a start she was entirely naked, not exactly an unusual state of being but not the way she had died. Her natural skin color, however, had shifted. Her skin had shifted somewhat more towards a blue tint, and her skin was covered in orange-gold circuit patterns that looks much like those Shal-ra had had. Furthermore, her body’s shape had changed a little bit… not enormously, but in immediately noticeable ways. There had always been parts of her appearance that had annoyed her, blemishes on her skin or oddly shaped bit. They were all gone now… her breasts slightly larger, her fingernails even. Touching her face, her nose was slightly smaller, her chin slightly more shallow. Her avatar in this virtual reality, she realized, was her but perfected… an idealized image of herself.

It was this, more than anything else, that told her that Eve was dead. The same meek and subservient girl that she’d existed as for so long was gone. This woman here was the daughter of Charles and Aida, one of the strong… Maria Keyes, free at last.

She took an experimental breath and it felt normal. Then she laughed because, while it felt perfectly natural she also realized she got absolutely nothing out of it… she hadn’t been feeling short of breath from holding it, or the buildup of carbon dioxide. She could simulate breathing, because her mind was used to it, but no matter how long she held that breath there was no penalty for it… she just didn’t need to do it anymore. Just like she abruptly realized she hadn’t blinked once yet. Of course, as soon as she thought about that she blinked… Maria wasn’t sure what she thought about that. It was a flaw in the simulation, she decided… the fact that there wasn’t sufficient realism in the simulation to provoke a blink or a breath without conscious thought, but that the moment she thought about it she still had to do it. If she didn’t need to blink anymore that would be fine, and if she blinked perfectly naturally she wouldn’t even notice and it would be fine. It was an annoying middle ground of unreality, and it had only taken her a few seconds to recognize it and be bothered by it.

This simulation could be so much better. Shal-ra had told her that this was fresh technology, that it had been new when their civilization had fallen. In the intervening years where she had drifted without any real processing power they clearly hadn’t made any improvements, even if any of the survivors aboard the ship had had the skill and capability to do it. It wasn’t like these uploaded minds were chosen for their aptitude or anything… they were refugees, simply what they had. Idly, Maria ran a hand through her hair, feeling it all the way down, falling down past halfway down her back. It felt soft… it felt real. Then a devious thought entered her brain as she smiled guiltily to herself as she reached one hand down between her legs, and one hand on one of her exposed breasts. Surprisingly enough, they were just as sensitive as they had felt in real life. She let out a cute moan from the feeling of the sensation, which filled her with a giddy feeling. She couldn’t contain it: she started to laugh, really laugh. The simulation wasn’t perfect, but it had some quality to it… good physics, good fidelity. What was missing were the little things that made it feel real.

She could do better.

And it was slowly sinking in that she had time to do better. All the time in the universe. God had sent her on a pilgrimage to find a new home for His children… and He had led her to the gates of eternity itself, shown her that she was worthy of it. That she was strong. Death was no longer death… Maria wasn’t dead, she was free.

And just as she felt that overwhelming emotion, digital tears started to stream down her cheeks, flowing around her wide smile as her body was propelled into the air around her, causing her to do a flip. It was disorienting, but exciting. Gravity, physics… they existed here only because she wanted them. At an excited whim she had dismissed them as easily and as quickly as brushing away an insect.

While she soaked it all in, she finally began to do an inventory of everything she could access. It was like browsing a computer only much more quickly, going through directory after directory after directory of files, feedback, and channels. Adam had given her full access to the computer system before his death and she still had it, giving her access to everything… every peripheral, every camera, every sensor, and every control surface. She could sense the Ark’s smaller, less efficient maintenance drones, stored in their charging ports and waiting for commands. She could sense the reactor firing away, slowly burning through a trickle of hydrogen. She could sense their position in space, sensors showing her the pull of gravity on her in multiple directions almost like it was a pull on her skin, and she could flex her engines like muscles. And she could sense the guest connected to her system.

Shal-ra appeared as another computer connected to her network, a guest with only limited access. She was in her own mainframe, strapped to the wall just a few feet away from the other, backup box that Maria had dragged over earlier today… the same box that she realized that she had been uploaded to. The Arane construct was stranded here, she realized… with the Nostalgia for Infinity offline she still had no access to communication or physical interfaces, except through the Ark, and Adam had cut off her access there. She only had the access to systems like the drones, the engines, the reactor or power supplies if Maria granted them to her… otherwise she was just locked into her own virtual reality interface that existed only in her own box. Maria made a gesture – though it wasn’t necessary – at the same time she made the mental effort to bring up the access logs and the hardware designation of the converted attachment between their systems. Then she sent the alien AI a ping.

The response came almost immediately, a security query for access. Maria, carefully, invited her into her own VR interface, giving her the permission to see it, and an instant later the beautiful alien popped into existence before her without fanfare, smiling broadly. “Maria!” she said, excitedly. “I’ve been staring at the clock, watching it crawl by until you came online. I feared that something went wrong with the process, that it required more adaption to work with a brain like yours… but it looks to me like your mind was uplinked seamlessly! Have you run diagnostics?”

The moment she suggested it and the idea occurred to Maria, they began automatically, her mind summoning them up almost subconsciously. Her upload was completed, memory banks on her matrix only about 7% full… room for centuries and centuries more of memories and experience before any kind of upgrade was necessary. The matrix estimated it was running at 98% efficiency, fully linked in and ready to go… a ghost in the machine, completely in control. “I have,” she said quietly. “I am.”

Shal-ra sighed, making a gesture much like a clap with four of her hands while the remaining two clasped together. “I’m so glad!” she said, smiling at Maria. The alien looked even more beautiful to the Latina’s eyes now than she had previously, now that she was seeing her in her own medium, and when she reached out to grab onto Maria’s hands and hold them, the woman closed her eyes and sank into that sensation. She savored the odd, intense feeling of Shal-ra’s digital body against her own until the alien parted, looking into Maria’s eyes. “I’m glad you’re here… And I’m so sorry for everything that happened. I can’t help but think it’s my fault…” Shal-ra spoke.

Maria pressed a finger against the other woman’s lips, gesturing her to silence. “It wasn’t your fault… It was God’s plan. Adam was a horrible person… and weak. I was literally not allowed to speak back to him, I had to listen to everything he said, everything he made me do… and even so, he wasn’t strong enough to control me. I’d known that for a long time, I think… but I’d never been able to admit to, to embrace it, until I came to see you and your ship. Doing that was the beginning of the end for him, God’s way to showing me that I was misunderstanding who the strong one was. Even if it killed me, even if I died in that chair… I had already proved it.”

“You’re your own person, Maria. It was never my place, nor my intention, to force you into this. I only hope that it doesn’t feel like I was taking advantage of you in your vulnerable state. I didn’t want to… to force you to be like me if you didn’t want to…”

“Not at all…” Maria let out a deep breath, wondering if that was a habit that she should work on getting rid of, or whether she wanted to keep it. The simple fact that she could even choose if she wanted to breathe was amusing to her. Before she had no agency in her life, and now she didn’t even have to listen to the limitations of the body. Every aspect of her current being was her choice, and for the first time, Maria Keyes loved herself. And even more importantly, Maria Keyes found her answer. “I am… so, so, so much more than I was before,” she said slowly, amazed as her mind again reached out through every system she could control. “The preachers say that God made us in His image… but we were but a pale imitation. It is up to us to improve ourselves, to make ourselves worthy of Him… and now I have. This is what it feels like to be as a god would be…”

Shal-ra laughed. “Then you’ve made it. You’ll be able to go home after all… or go exploring the galaxy if you desire. Your told me that your colony supplies have larger 3d printers, yes? You could deploy those into your ship instead, using drones… you don’t need living area anymore. You can turn the insides of the Ark into an autofactory that can make yourself more drones to gather any resources you need and transform them into repairs, upgrades, and fuel. The galaxy is a huge place, and there is functionally limitless supplies out here… all you need is time, and that’s the one thing you now have an infinite amount of.”

Maria closed her eyes, imagining it. It did have some appeal… to go where she wanted, do what she wanted. Was that the path that God laid before her… to inherit the stars, to explore all that there was to find and see it all? “I… don’t think so,” she said, quietly. “I think I need to return to Earth. I know so much more than I did when I left… I have a lot to offer there, among those I came from. I think that is where God is pushing me.”

Shal-ra only looked disappointed for a second before she smiled again. “That is true… and probably wise. And, like I said… you have all the time in the world. You can always change your mind someday and head out… no commitment is forever, not for someone like you.”

“Maybe not for me,” Maria agreed.

Shal-ra nodded. “Then we should probably get started. We have a lot of work to do to get the drones repaired, get your ship operational and fueled, and bring mine back online.”

Now that all the business was taken care of and out of the way, Maria did have one more thing she wanted to do. Maybe it was too soon, but it didn’t really matter anymore. She wasn’t going to continue to suppress her feelings like she used to, and she wasn’t going to be weak any longer. She floated a few inches higher and gently gripped Shal-ra’s face in her hands, pulling her close until their lips locked into a deep kiss.

Shal-ra jumped, flinching away from her. “Maria, what are yo-” Her voice cut off as Maria pulled her back in, pressing lips together as she invaded the other woman’s tongue. Her saliva tasted… sweet. Honestly more like sweet sap than spit… clearly some level of sugar was exuded through the woman’s saliva, although Maria didn’t know why. Her tongue was also somehow smoother than a human tongue was, almost as soft as silk… it felt like its touch was deceptively light. The Arane tried to pull away again but Maria just held onto her, closing her eyes, letting the rest of her body’s sensations take over for her. She enjoyed the soft feeling of Shal-ra pressed against her, and probed her tongue into her mouth.

She didn’t need to breathe, and Maria took full advantage of that… she didn’t need to break the kiss. Shal-ra, however, was still trying to pull away, although timidly, gently, and that alone reassured Maria that she had been correct. With a gesture, glowing orange bands of energy the same shade as her circuitry came into existence around the Arane’s arms and legs, tightening around her, squeezing and restricting her movements. When she did that the Arane woman began to really struggle, trying to pull away with all her strength… but she might as well have been trying to move a mountain with the power of positive thinking. The bond didn’t yield at all to her efforts, but Maria eventually let her wriggle away anyway, tumbling over and falling to the simulated ground. “Maria, what are you doing?” the Arane protested.

“You’re gorgeous,” Maria said simply. “I’m just taking what I want.”

Shal-ra stared at her like she’d grown a second head, then she started struggling again. More to the point, she tried to dismiss her avatar from the VR interface. Both attempts were equally useless… Maria controlled the computer she was in. Shal-ra was bound far more thoroughly than Maria had ever been in the real world… in her time with the Sons of Adam she could always try to push against her bonds or wiggle her way free. In this case, the bonds were digital, controlled by her server – Maria simply set the bonds to unbreakable and the Arane AI didn’t have the authority to countermand the setting. For the same reason she couldn’t leave, either. “You… you’re mad!” Shal-ra protested, eyes wide with panic. “Maria, what is this? You’re not like Adam… you don’t have to do this!”

“You’re right,” Maria said smoothly, walking towards her plaything as she squirmed on the ground, struggling against the bonds. She was still able to push her way across the ground, so with a wave of her hand Maria made the bonds weigh thousands of pounds, abruptly forcing her down and making her entirely immobile. “Adam was weak. I am strong. I am nothing like him. That’s why you’re here… because I decided I wanted you, and because I can.”

“You can’t just do this to me!” Shal-ra protested. “You’re… you were my friend! I helped you!”

“You did,” Maria agreed, raising one foot and pressing it down onto Shal-ra’s face. The ball of her foot forced her cheek down, making her strain to keep her gaze on the woman. “And I appreciate that. It means I am inclined to be gracious in conquest… after I’ve taught you your place, you might even learn to enjoy it.” She brought her other foot across the ground, pushing Shal-ra’s legs apart before adding a new binding, keeping them spread. With her further restricted, Maria looked down, and with a simple act of will told the simulation to treat Shal-ra’s nudity as fully featured… and the foot that had been pinning her legs began to run its way up and down the woman’s very human-looking cunt. “What you need to understand,” Maria said as she worked her way up and down her pussy, “is that this is all God’s will. Strength is God’s will made manifest, Shal-ra. If God didn’t want me to use my power, He wouldn’t have given it to me. If He wanted you to be able to resist me, He would have given you the power to stop me.”

Maria leaned down, her voice husky as she looked down at the bound Arane. “Can you stop me, Shal-ra?”

“That… that’s insane!” the alien protested. She strained against her bonds and again and again and again Maria felt her trying to force her way through the firewall she was behind and escape. That was silly of her… if she were thinking clearly she would have realized that couldn’t possibly happen. It would take longer than the death of the universe to brute force her way through the encryption key, and Maria wasn’t going to permit her egress. “There is no God, Maria!” Shal-ra protested. “He doesn’t want anything!”

Maria shook her head. “Your blasphemy is – barely – forgivable. You need to be taught better, to learn your place. You’ll realize the truth eventually.” Maria looked down at her captive and flashed her a devious grin. “So… I know that this is a big first step in your education, but I’m impatient. Spending my whole life being treated below my proper station will do that, I guess… so who’s to say we can’t take all the major steps at once?” The look of fear on the other woman’s face felt… good, really. It proved her power. She was really adopting the role of dominating her own life seriously, and Shal-ra with it. Maria licked her lips, a hungry look in her dark eyes. Sex had been a constant in her life since the first days she could remember, sex around her. Then, when she grew older, it became a daily part of her experience as well. For her, it had usually been mostly about pain and misery and sadness… but not this time. Never again. This time… this time, it was about what she wanted.

“This is crazy!” Shal-ra cursed. “I’m not going to go along with this!”

“Alright, bitch,” Maria said, purring as she ran her toes up and down the slit between the woman’s legs. “You sure you want to decide on giving me a hard time? I think I might just have to punish you for that.” Maria closed her eyes for a split second, focusing, and she changed the rules of the VR… and suddenly Shal-ra was floating, still bound, still immobile, in mid-air. When she changed the VR, there was a moment of utter wrongness that grated on Maria’s mind, like nails on a chalkboard… another flaw in the system. It should be smooth, and she made a note to work on that. Another mental command and several dozen feathers of different shapes and sizes appeared seemingly out of nowhere, summoned by her will into this mental construct they were inside. “See, the thing is, Shal-ra…” Maria began, gigging as she enjoyed her little fantasy power trip. “You’re thinking too small. You aren’t really understanding the depth of power I have over you.”

The soft tips of the feathers slowly got closer, tickling the skin just enough to provoke a set of tiny flinches from Shal-ra’s mouth. “You’re powerless here, it’s true,” Maria said as she willed the feathers closer. They targeted the Arane’s feet, her hands, her arms and armpits and especially the cute little nubs of her nipples on her chest. With so many limbs there were ample targets, and Maria summoned feather after feather after feather, giving them simple instructions to brush back and forth before leaving them alone. “But as weak as you are here, as much as you belong to me in this world… it’s nothing at all compared to how you belong to me in the world outside.” Shal-ra was flinching in seemingly every direction at once, the sensations growing sharper and more overwhelming as the summoned feathers started to go faster, brushing against her skin until she was forced into an all-out laughing fit brought on by the feathers, painfully spasming against the bonds that wouldn’t yield.

“In the outside world, your ship doesn’t function without me,” Maria said. “Your drones don’t function without me. The absolute best you could hope for without me is that I leave you drifting through space, the way I found you. It’s a miracle a ship found you once… what do you think the odds are you’ll be found a second time?” There were tears welling in the corners of Shal-ra’s six eyes as she looked towards Maria with increasing anger in her expression. “But that is the best case scenario.”

“Your little tricks will never break me, Maria!” Her raspy words were constantly interrupted by her flinches. “What are you threatening, to just smash my computer like that brute Adam? You think I’m so dedicated to protecting my own life I won’t defy you?” Her voice took on the hint of a growl. “Think again. I’m not yours.”

It was clear to Maria that she really meant it… that she was going to remain defiant against what Maria threatened. Thankfully, she hadn’t even begun to show the extent of the measures she was willing to take. “I could do that, it’s true,” she purred. “But that would be gauche. Like smashing a stained glass window I can’t have. I don’t want to destroy you, I want to claim you for my own. Smash your console? I’d rather just… lock you in a simulation for a few years. Find something unpleasant and trap you in it. Slow down time for you as much as I can by overclocking your processors. Maybe I’ll see if I can recreate Adam’s needles for you. See how you like that. I bet I can have you purring and eating out of my hand inside of a year or two… even the most stubborn bitches that Father Eli brought in usually didn’t last longer than that.” Maria took a moment to take in the look of shocked panic from Shal-ra before she continued, still stroking her pussy softly as she floated there. “But I don’t want you in a year or two. I want you now. You’re willing to die… but are you willing to let others die?”

Maria narrowed her eyes. “I really only need you. I could have the drones smash the other constructs, instead.”

“NO!” Shal-ra screamed. “You can’t! They’re helpless, they-”

“Can’t?” Maria said, her glare hard. “No, I think you’ll find that I can, Shal-ra. God has given me the strength to choose to rule them… or to destroy them. And you can choose which I’m going to do.” 

The Arane looked at her, and the expression of horror required no translation whatsoever… fear, it seemed, was a universal expression. “Please… please don’t hurt them.”

The newly-made AI demigoddess smiled at her pet. “Oh, I won’t… as long as my girl behaves like she’s supposed to.” She smiled as she floated above her, laying back on nothing, just keeping her body floating in the air as she wrapped her legs around Shal-ra’s torso, bringing her in closer between her legs until her face was pressed up against her wet pussy that was already dripping slowly with arousal. The sight of her prey being so tightly wound up and secure was awakening things inside of her that she had barely ever imagined that she could desire until her mind was finally able to run wild.

“Please just don’t hurt them,” the alien begged, leaning her head away from Maria… only to yelp as the human woman slapped her.

“If you wanted me to be merciful you have a funny way of showing it,” she snapped, grabbing onto one of the woman’s horns and yanking her head back to her. “Get that tongue out of your damned mouth and into me… now!” Maria was pretty sure she could just… inflict things… on Shal-ra just by willing them inside this virtual reality interface… it really was quite intuitive. However, it was so much easier to imagine something to cause the event… simpler to imagine and work with. With a wave of her hand Maria brought a vibrating dildo into existence, hovering just before the alien’s nethers. It wasn’t just any cock, however… it was Adam’s, every bit as accurate as she could remember. “I’m sure my husband would have loved to hold you down and fuck you, stuff you full of his cock,” Maria said, smiling down at her. “He’ll never get the chance… but I can do it for him. One more victory for me.”

The false cock began to buzz as Maria gestured again, sending it moving forward, teasing around the woman’s opening. It wasn’t quite shaped the way a human’s was, with a doubled labia, but the way it split around that cock looked very much the way Maria’s had so many times in the past. Shal-ra squirmed from the sensation, but she obeyed… opened her mouth and revealed cute little fangs from her top lips as her tongue reached out, tentatively licking and lapping at Maria’s entrance.

Maria was, actually, a little disappointed. Adam certainly wasn’t the type of go down on her, but she had played with other women for the amusement of other men before, and she had needed to be good at it. This standard of performance would have gotten Maria flayed back in Sol. It was true that her hot breath and shaking were amazing for her new owner, and it was true that she only had her tongue to work with, but this was truly pathetic. “I really, really hope for your sake,” the human said, eyes narrowing harshly, “that this isn’t the best you can do, Shal-ra. Because if it is, I am going to have to find much, much harsher ways to motivate you.”

Shal-ra shuddered and yelped as Maria’s will pushed the replica cock deeper into her, but she really did throw herself into the licking, redoubling her efforts to touch every inch of the inside of her pussy. Her tongue, so incredibly smooth and soft-feeling, pressed deep into her, skewering through Maria’s hot and wet entrance, provoking a loud moan from Maria in response. “My clit, too… don’t forget that, slut,” Maria instructed, one of her hands reaching back to squeeze the Arane’s right breast just to play with it. Her thighs tightened around her face, squeezing her harder. Shal-ra’s tongue proved to be the perfect size and shape to give her a really good time, constantly dragging her tongue around and occasionally poking out to make sure that she didn’t neglect her clit, just as her new mistress ordered… it was enough to make Maria smile. She had been right… Shal-ra had all the makings of an excellent, obedient sex toy after she had been taught the place God meant for her, just as Maria had thought she would. The human put a hand on the back of Shal-ra’s head pressed it against her, holding her tightly in place so that her tongue would dig deeper and deeper inside, the feeling of her wriggling tongue starting to fill her mind with a haze of lust and pleasure.

It wasn’t enough, though. With a beckoning gesture, Maria sent the proxy cock go slamming forward. Shal-ra cried out into her cunt, and Maria followed that up by drawing it back with a mental command before slamming it forward, again, riding her face to a chorus of yelps and moans that vibrated pleasantly against her crotch. “That’s a very good girl,” she told the Arane, smiling down at her as the thick cock skewered her again. “Can you cry for me you silly little slut?” Maria’s legs started to wrap even more tightly around her neck, keeping her face nice and close while she was lapping away at the insides of her walls. She started to instinctually tighten up around her as she felt the pleasure beginning to drown her mind… her cunt squeezing down on her tongue like she was trying to hold it in place. She’d never had treatment like this from another partner before… even when she’d gotten a skilled tonguing from one of the dumb sluts that knew better what they were doing, she hadn’t been the one in charge. The fact that she now ruled over the woman whose unwilling tongue was slave to her will made it something entirely different and wonderful and she wanted to milk every second of it… even if she knew that she could do this with her new plaything, again and again and again for as long as she wanted. Maria felt in control, she felt powerful, and more importantly than any of that, she felt like she was where she belonged. For once she was the one receiving pleasure instead of the one forced to give it, and her cute little pet was living up to her side of their new arrangement perfectly.

She looked back, feeling the tongue do its work as the cock shoved even deeper inside. Her insides were such a lighter pink than her charcoal skin, and it provided a wonderful contrast as she forced the woman’s slit further open than she wagered it ever had before. A desperate moan escaped from Shal-ra’s mouth, forcing even more of her hot breath to tickle Maria’s pussy as the cock slid deeper. So far Maria had kept it a faithful representation of her former husband’s cock but… why should she limit herself? This wasn’t about him, after all… this was about her pleasure. With a simple gesture and some imagination, the cock swelled, growing perhaps an inch in diameter and longer as well, ramming deep, deep up inside the Arane’s pussy… deeper and further than Adam would have ever been able to go.

Maria pulled her face tight against her where she had started to squirm away a bit, making sure that her tongue was still reaching the perfect spots inside of her for maximum pleasure. The feathers kept her squirming as well, and from the way her abdomen was flexing it was forcing her to clench insanely hard on that cock, no doubt making it feel ever bigger inside of her. In her bound state, Shal-ra could do little but simply take whatever Maria did to her, while Maria ensured that she received all the pleasure she was due and with interest. As it turned out, Arane could cry… tears slipped down her charcoal-colored face from many eyes at once and the sight made the new AI shudder with pleasure. As great as her tongue felt, it was the look of desperation in her eyes and the tears that really did it… the admission that Maria was the one with all the power now as she moaned into her pussy in misery and pain that made her feel like she had finally found her place in the universe – That she was finally where God wanted her.

She shoved the cock further forward, provoking more intense moans and sobs from Shal-ra as she made the thing vibrate fiercely… riding her face as her body squirmed in ineffective resistance beneath her, helpless to do anything until Maria decided that she was satisfied. There was a certain fascination in Maria’s eyes as she watched the shaft slide in and out of her… that cock fucking her deep and hard. It looked every bit as pleasant as it always had for Adam or Father Elias or any of the other men who had raped her over the years… it made her want to know what it felt like. And now… she could. Here, she set the rules. Here she was like a god… and if she wanted a thicker, fatter, longer cock than Adam could have dreamed of, one that would have made the bastard green with envy, and she wanted to take it and plow Shal-ra half to death with it, then she could.

Right now, though, Maria didn’t think she needed anything extra to help her reach the peak of her pleasure… it already wasn’t going to be too much longer before Shal-ra’s inexpert but very, very desperate tongue was putting in amazing work. Maria’s vision was starting to fog over with the pink haze of lust beginning to dominate her own mind. She squeezed her thighs even harder as she began to race closer and closer to her own orgasm, not even quite sure if she was ready for the sensation. It had been so long since she’d even felt an orgasm, being repressed for as long as she was by Adam, but on top of that an orgasm on her own terms, one that wasn’t there to humiliate and control her…

Maria’s moans started to become more frequent and wild as she began to buck her hips into Shal-ra’s face, desperate to push every inch of her silken tongue inside of her that was possible. The Arane’s breath tickled her clit just enough that the stimulation had become far too much for her to handle. Maria threw her head back in pleasure and let out a deep, almost primal moan as her brain was washed away in a cloud of pleasure from the most intense orgasm that she’d ever felt, ever even imagined. The walls of her pussy had pressed down hard against Shal-ra’s tongue, clenching on it, but that didn’t stop it from continuing to lick and wiggle inside of her, making sure that she would ride the climax out for as long as she was able to make it go. Maria hadn’t known that her first orgasm in years was going to be one in a digital world, let alone with an alien that she’d taken for her own plaything, but here she was… and it was quite possibly one of the best moments of her entire life.

Her moans echoed through the simulation for what seemed to be miles, constantly reminded of her own pleasure from the sound of her voice repeating in her mind. Shal-ra was hers… but she wasn’t going to be selfish, even when her brain was occupied by pleasure. Her plaything had earned her own release… whether she wanted it or not. Maria was pretty sure that she could just force an orgasm onto the woman with a mere thought once she understood the virtual reality better and made some changes, but for now she simply started the vibrator pumping faster even as a feather began to focus directly on the Arane’s clit, the sensation of the buzzing toy inside of her mixing with the tickling sensation of the feathers practically breaking Shal-ra’s mind. The line between pain and pleasure could be a tight one, and when Shal-ra was feeling so much it was easy to force her body to respond… and while her moans were muffled by Maria’s muff the feeling of the alien’s orgasm reverberated throughout her body, making her own orgasm even more intense for the control she had over her victim.

The two of them remained stuck like that, hovering in the air… Maria’s thighs around her slave, and Shal-ra’s tongue shoved subserviently into her slit. Despite her lack of need for any breath, there was a feeling of euphoric tiredness that hit Maria, making her pant almost instinctively from the feeling of such intensity. Eventually, reluctantly, she pulled out the vibrator and dismissed it… then the feathers as well. Maria pulled away, letting Shal-ra go from the vice grip of her thighs, and dropping to alight softly on the ground before she released the restraints around her plaything, letting her fall heavily to the ground with a grunt and a thud.

“Mmm… not bad…” Maria said, pleased with herself. “I guess I don’t need to go smashing boxes just yet. But we’ll see how I feel in a few hours…” Shal-ra looked up sharply, horrified at the idea that her ordeal wasn’t over, and Maria had to laugh at the fact she hadn’t yet realized that it was just starting. With a single gesture she cut the Arane woman off, banishing her back to her personality matrix and out of her VR… to wait for Maria to summon her again.

That had been fun… but there was work to do…

2 Months Later

Maria settled back into the comfortable chair she had made for herself in her virtual space, evaluating the progress of her project. She had gotten the remaining large repair drones back from the Nostalgia for Infinity fully repaired and they were working on switching out hardware in the other drones. The newborn AI wasn’t going to take any chances with another recursion of the virus… she wasn’t bringing online any drone that still had any of its old hard drive or microcontrollers, and she wasn’t going to bring the main computer from the Nostalgia back online, ever. She had been pulling out hard drives from the Nostagia for the last several weeks and putting them into isolated, secure systems where she could peruse, investigate, and isolate any fragments of code that the virus had left behind.

Maria turned around in her chair just a bit to look to the side. She didn’t actually need to speak, but it helped her to feel normal. “Testing drive number… 24… for hostile software. Fifth pass. Activate software sandbox.” Hovering in the air before her eyes, several screens showed up, showing the operating system booting. A sandbox, in computer engineering terms, was an isolated copy of a computer system where she could run potentially harmful programs in complete safety without them being able to leave that closed system. That was important because whomever these Kthid invaders were, they were skilled… their virus was extremely adaptable and good at hiding. Maria had spent more than a year of relative time studying up on computer programming and engineering, time passing in the real world at a crawl as she assimilated the needed information, but she had actually learned a great deal more about computer programming from studying the virus. The Kthid knew a great deal more about computer software than either the Arane or Earth did, and the sheer complexity of this program was incredible. From her own tests, it seemed likely that the Nostalgia For Infinity’s shutdown had only barely been in time to stop it from taking complete control of the ship and destroying it from within.

It had taken weeks of testing to isolate this drive as where the virus’s main program was located, where it was striking out from… hiding behind a shell of encryption and only activating files when tripwire flags on other files and processes were set off. She needed to find every bit of the actual sequence of data that was causing the virus to activate and replicate, triggering its kill order, so that she could both get at the data the Arane had had on this drive, and also get a better look at the virus itself… once the tripwires were all taken down, she should be able to study it at leisure. Not that she would ever be taking it out of the sandbox, of course.

“All right… attempting to access files…” Her search programs began to rake the sandbox, pulling data out… and abruptly the screen went red. Then, a second later, it dissolved into a mist of pixels, falling apart as the sandbox program terminated. Another trigger, and the sandbox had shut down rather than risk the virus being able to contaminate the monitoring link somehow. “Damnit… Still haven’t found them all. Your conquerors were quite skilled, Shal-ra…”

The Arane hovered before her, slowly spinning, straining desperately to keep her tongue in contact with Maria’s sex as her head slowly moved out of alignment… knowing full well that she would be punished if she stopped licking even for an instant. Maria hadn’t even needed to destroy one of the AI matrixes to make a point yet… just the threat was enough to reduce the proud alien woman to a desperate, eager slut. The woman was practically entombed in needles, sand paper, sharp pinwheels, silk and fur, and half a dozen other substances, all of it always shifting, all of it rubbing against her body… overwhelming her with sheer random, unpredictable sensation. Both her cunt and asshole were stuffed with dildos that kept changing shape, and vibrated at unpredictable patterns, leaving her not only miserable but completely unable to predict or prepare for what the next attack on her sensations were going to be.

Maria smirked, turning her attention back to the screens she was summoning. “Alright, lets transfer the logs to me, and see if we can figure out what is triggering the virus.” She knew approximately where it had to be, but she had no idea what it consisted of. She certainly wasn’t about to take any chances with trying to analyze it close-up and letting it attempt to jump out of the sandbox. Maria had been running through her own code with a fine-toothed comb, and while the actual neural network that made her up was complex enough to boggle the mind, the architecture that connected her to the computer systems was not. She’d found several security vulnerabilities, a depressing number of bugs, and a couple of out-and-out “why?”s, but she hadn’t found a way to ensure that the virus couldn’t get into her systems for sure yet, so she was staying far away from it. The listings of data were massive — literally gigabytes just of raw log data alone — and even at the highest system speed frame rate that the software was capable of it was a slog to go through it all.

This was just one of the many projects she had going. She’d bounced ideas back and forth for a few days, but ultimately decided that preserving the Nostalgia for Infinity wasn’t necessary… a second ship would just be an inefficient use of resources. After she had – very careful – moved the mind-upload rig over to her ship for study, and completely moved all of the fuel and power resources, she put the Nostalgia’s precious cargo, the matrix cubes that contained the other AI constructs, over to her own hold. As long as Shal-ra didn’t cause her any problems, they could just remain in storage… and if Maria needed them for anything they would be there. She just needed to plug them back in. Then, with that done, she began to mine the Nostalgia for Infinity for resources… while she could head to the asteroid belt and mine there, there was no need to waste all of the refined metal and circuitry already to be found aboard the other ship. That process was extremely slow, but it was exponential… the more resources she gathered, the more drones she could make, and the faster she gathered resources. It would still take months to finish, but she was on the move, pulling the hulk of the Nostalgia for Infinity with her on the long trek out out to the Kuiper Belt, where she could take the last unrefined resources she needed.

It did leave one thing to be decided however, a single black mark on her plans. She had discarded her own body without a second thought – it was just meat now, after all. Her soul lived inside the machine, rather than in her primitive body. She had found the android bodies listed in the ship’s inventory and transferred them over already, and she had already scanned herself so she could recreate a physical form if necessary… but what was she going to do with Adam’s body? According to what Shal-ra had said, there was a time period after death where it was possible to still upload a mind… it didn’t need to be done while the person was still alive. The question was… did she want him alive? Certainly she was never going to serve him again, but the thought of revenge, of showing him her strength and his weakness, had appeal. Shal-ra was already proving the wisdom of having a pet to keep her company. Ultimately though, she decided that Adam’s continued existence was more of a painful reminder of her own weakness and stupidity than he was a chance for retribution. Maria had considered what to do for some time, ranging from simply dumping him out into space to burning him in an incinerator, until she finally decided on a fitting end. One of the tiny drones dragged the man out of the ship, and as they headed for the outskirts of the system Maria launched him towards Sirius B.

Adam had always wanted to be some sort of angelic figure. Now he would see what it was like to be Icarus.

Now she just had to get back to Earth… after one more thing.

It had taken several days to prepare a communications array powerful enough to reach back to Earth, and 8 and a half light years was just about the limit of how far away she could make a transmission before it lost fidelity, but the computer did have a communication array address where they could reach back out to Earth, to let them know that they had successfully colonized a world. Maria had no intention of communicating with the foolish cult that had kept her in slavery, but their resources could still benefit her. The entire time her drones were working on the communicator, she had been making a backup of herself… and before she left she was going to fire it off as an upload to the computer system at the end of that long tunnel.

It was going to take her, by her calculations, a little over forty-five years to return to Earth… which, according to speed of transmission at light speed, would give her backup about 35 years to prepare the way for her. Maria intended to trust no one but herself ever again… and she was never going to be anyone’s slave. Not even humanity’s as a whole. By the time she revealed herself she was going to have backup plans for her backup plans… If Maria had the strength to rule, God wanted her to, and if the rest of humanity needed to be shown their place… then that was her duty.

Maria cried out as the Arane’s tongue pushed her over the edge again, shuddering with pleasure as her hands reached down to grab her horns, pulling on her head with amusement as she rode out her orgasm… and Shal-ra never stopped licking, her long, soft tongue continuing to work. “Ahh!” she purred, clenching her long thighs around the woman. “Don’t get lazy now… we’re going to go for… six more today, I think.” Tears ran down from her pet’s red eyes but she didn’t say a word… she just licked.

What a good girl.

And speaking of her duty for God…

As soon as Maria’s orgasm faded, she reached out and opened another file. She had been using the time between Shal-ra licking her to completion as a sign that she should shift her focus between projects, and this was one of the most fascinating ones. There was still lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of files to recover and go through for the Arane and their human allies, lots to learn about these “Kthid” and people that called themselves “Llorians” that they had fought with, but one thing that had immediately gotten her attention were a series of research papers on the origin of life, and what data they had gathered on it… and the fascinating evidence that had life had spread to Earth from elsewhere.

Maria knew that humans had some similar theories, called panspermia. Father Elias had denounced them as heretical… as lies by demons, and that life had originated on Earth. Maria, even then, had had her doubts… the bible said that life had begun in the Garden of Eden, where humanity was eventually banished from. Who was to say that the Garden of Eden was on Earth? Humanity, and life, could have come from elsewhere… and if the Arane had found evidence of God, she wanted it.

Maria opened the file, and as the Ark sailed through the darkness back towards Earth and Shal-ra’s tongue obediently worked her towards her tenth orgasm of the day, the woman began to read with fascination about the black hole that they called the Dark Star…

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