Commissions Open!

At this point, I am opening four commission slots. Slots will be given away on the basis of my interest… I have too many people asking to take commissions regardless of my personal interest in the project right now. Please feel free to use the contact form to message me, but in order to maximize your chances…

  1. Have a 1-3 paragraph description of your idea. Not a one sentence prompt, and not a novel for me to look through.
  2. Have the commission be short – between 1 and 5 chapters, between 5 and 50k words. I am looking for shorter projects to slot between larger existing ones, and while I won’t reject anything larger out of hand, you should be aware progress WILL be slow if something larger is accepted.
  3. Have it be something in my area of interest. I think if you are interested enough to commission me you have a decent idea of the fandoms and genres and characters I prefer to write.

Commission rate is $40/1000 words, with payment made after completion but before delivery, by paypal.

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