To Fan a Fox’s Flame – Chapter 1

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Sometimes, Shura was frustratingly sure that she had no idea at all what she was doing. Training with true foxfire was maddeningly difficult, but that wasn’t the part that made it so frustrating… it was that it felt so right. When she pushed at it, sometimes pieces just seemed to click into place, falling into magical form almost as easily as an illusion did. She already knew a few forms of true foxfire… technically, the wards she energized were a form of it and she did that without any problem after so many years, but when trying to learn anything else…

It was like one step forward and two steps back when it came to her training. That would have been bad enough by itself… but her teacher wasn’t the sort of person to let her live her failures down gracefully. She knew that there wasn’t a thing she could do about that, but if she was not going to be as successful as Yuki demanded of her then she was going to be punished… and not in a fun way. Shura wanted to just… do it, to force the magic into the patterns that her teacher showed her, but it just… wouldn’t… work! It was as if there was a wall inside her, something that wasn’t allowing Shura to reach her full potential.

The blue-furred kitsune bit down especially hard on her gum and winced. In truth, the thing had lost all flavor the better part of an hour ago, and at this point it was just stubbornness that kept her from getting rid of it. She blew a small bubble while she glared at her hands, where the bright light of the fire had just faded. Shura could still remember the pride she had felt when she had learned how to conjure flame, how to give her foxfire real substance… she had felt like she was really getting somewhere. That pride felt like a mocking lie at this point.

Fire, Yuki had told her, was the first step… the necessary medium to almost every other more complex application of true foxfire. The applications of true foxfire she had been using, the enchantments built into her wards, she had been doing by rote and by instinct… now, Yuki wanted her to learn the principles, so that she could apply them elsewhere. Large steps were made of small ones, she said… What she wanted her to do, then, was to make a basic building block. Yuki wanted her to transmute the energy and the heat into a rudimentary warding spell, a shield against power and force. This was a rudimentary version of the shield, Yuki had stressed… just a simple redirection of energy. There were far more complex things she would learn to do, and even more complicated and effective versions of this shield, to learn once she had the basic principles.

No matter how hard she tried, though, the fire never became anything else. It shimmered and then faded away in her hands, her mind being unable to keep up the effort of summoning it with her foxfire and making the transformation at the same time. The flame just always floated there the way it had for the last several hours, sitting there uselessly as she unsuccessfully tried to make a basic spell work. She could weave a complex enchantment into an illusionary ward, but only when she wasn’t thinking about what she was doing, only when she just worked on instinct. If she tried applying the principles Yuki swore were important then she couldn’t do it anymore… couldn’t even do something this simple. Shura sighed. She was just going to have to try again. After all, she was far too stubborn to give up… but if she got another sharp comment from her mentor then she was going to really snap. The nogitsune’s tongue was capable of flaying a woman alive, and the harsh commentary was starting to get deep under her skin. Still, as she gathered up her will and foxfire for another attempt, she braced herself for what was about to come and-

“Enough,” Yuki said firmly. Shura had been trying hard to keep her expression calm, but the words seemed to shatter her control. Yuki didn’t even sound mad at her. There wasn’t the usual mocking edge to her voice… she wasn’t cursing, or screaming at her, or even showing anything that would’ve looked even close to emotion, and somehow that felt even worse for Shura. She wanted to see something that would’ve reflected her own state, but Yuki was giving her nothing. “You’re done for today.”

Shura balled her hands, feeling her heart beating fast. She knew that she needed to have control over herself, that it was the only way to tap into her full potential, but it just wasn’t for her. Sometimes it seemed like her emotions were too big to be contained in her body and that was one of those times. “No, I’m not. I need to try again!” she said, looking Yuki in the eyes to show her teacher how serious she was.

The nogitsune rolled her eyes. “What you need to do is go out for a walk and calm the hell down. Your emotions have control over your magic when it should be the other way around. Got it?”

Shura wanted to scream. She hated it, she hated that condescending tone and the way Yuki acted, but there was nothing she could change there. The nogitsune was right… at the immediate, instinctive denial and attempt to try again, her stomach twisted in anger, revulsion, self-loathing… and worst of all, with doubt. Magic like this, true fox fire, was all about belief, and confidence. For it to work, she had to believe it would work. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t get anything. Right now, she didn’t believe she could do this… And each time she tried it and failed, it would only make it more difficult to focus her will and believe she could in the future. She was building a wall while trying to learn this, one brick at a time, and each failure made it that much more sturdy a fortification. Shura knew that there was no way for her to change her Mistress’ decision and that she was probably right… but it didn’t help in calming her down.

Yuki, however, wasn’t having it. The dark-furred fox slowly stood, her form towering over Shura as she did. Shura wasn’t exactly short but Yuki was more than a full head taller and at least as built as she was, and every move from her seemed to contain at least an implicit threat of violence… Shura knew perfectly well that the woman could, and had, tossed her around the penthouse like a ragdoll before. “You. Go. Get out of the building, take an hour, and calm down. Now!”

Shura almost groaned in frustration that she didn’t know how to calm down. She gave Yuki one more furious look and went to the door, slamming it behind her as she hid her tails and ears behind a cloak of illusion long before she reached the elevator. She slammed on the button, leaving the penthouse behind as she rode the elevator down, fuming… this was pointless. She already knew that no matter how long she was out there there wasn’t going to be any calm for her, not anytime soon. Right now she felt like she could walk all the way to the other side of the world and still wouldn’t feel tired, her anger and annoyance giving her more than enough energy.

She didn’t look around as she walked as she had when she first arrived in Kyoto. The city was so different from the village where she spent almost all of her life… the kitsune woman needed to keep her tail tight against herself to make sure they didn’t brush against anyone. When she had first gotten here, stepping into a big city at first, she had been stunned at just how busy it was, how loud. Now, she let it pass in a blur of activity and color. This wasn’t the first time Yuki sent her on one of those rage walks to calm her down. Sometimes they actually helped. More often, they did not… and Shura felt certain that this time would be one of the latter.

Once she was out of the crowd of people and onto the narrower streets, Shura started running. She knew it wouldn’t help, but she just needed to work out that energy that was bubbling inside her. She’d failed, once again. It was an enormous disappointment, just one more to add on to the stack. She hated it, she hated every moment of it, and she hated that Yuki was there to see it. She groaned in frustration, increasing her speed until she felt her muscles burning. How could she control that? How could she do better when it felt impossible?

She ran and ran and ran until her lungs heaved, only stopping when she felt like she couldn’t take another step… looking around and wishing that there was something to hit. Kyoto was not Hanei, however, and this wasn’t Shirakami Sanchi… here, near the heart of the city, there were no trackless forests or wild places. Instead, even on less busy roads, it was a mess of glowing signs, flashing lights, and people people people.

The kitsune kept her hands on her knees, breathing heavily as she worked to catch her breath, and tried to decide if she hated it here or not.

She was no less on edge when she made her way back to the apartment, fidgeting while the elevator was taking her to the last floor. She wasn’t calm in the slightest and she was already dreading resuming her exercises… she could scarcely imagine how conflicted and miserable her feelings would be when she saw Yuki again. Once she walked into the apartment she stomped straight to the living room where Yuki was sitting on the couch and idly sketching on a pad, her pencil flying across the paper as she worked.

Shura stood right in front of her, with her arms crossed on her chest. She waited for several seconds, but Yuki never addressed her… not giving the sullen kitsune any of the attention she craved… she wished she understood why that was so annoying. “I’m ready to try again,” she said, sounding as pissed off as she felt.

“No, you’re not,” Yuki said, not even looking up at her. The pencil scratched some more across the page. “You’re not getting a new try until you calm down.”

That was it. One too many things pissed her off at this point, so Shura wasn’t even trying to play nice. She walked closer and swatted the pencil out of Yuki’s hands, sending it skittering across the floor loudly as it hit first a table leg and then the wall of the kitchen island. Shura didn’t watch… she stared at the nogitsune as she slowly raised her eyes, meeting her icy blue glare with her own gaze. “Fuck you, I’m ready,” she said once again, her face close to Yuki’s.

She saw the change that appeared in her eyes. It was a small one, but she saw it clearly… the moment her annoyance and anger shifted into something dangerous. She was in trouble, Shura knew it for sure now, but she certainly didn’t want to stop blowing off her steam so she kept pushing. “Come on, I came here to study, didn’t I?”

Yuki laughed, her teeth showing, as she stood up, forcing Shura to step back. It made the younger woman shiver, feeling the power of her Mistress. She didn’t know if it was Yuki’s magic or just an effect she had on her and it didn’t matter much at the end of the day. She knew that what was coming was going to make that rage go away and she wanted it…

But she didn’t plan to stop fighting, oh no. Her face twisted into a small smile.

“I think you forget who’s in charge here,” Yuki said, the power in her voice even more apparent despite the fact that the volume didn’t raise. In fact, it sounded like there was literal ice in her voice, and if Shura’s eyelashes froze it wouldn’t have surprised the kitsune much. “Apologize. Now.”

Shura laughed, knowing that this battle would be lost, but not accepting it beforehand. She looked at Yuki with even more challenge, feeling a little calmer. There was something special walking on this edge, in knowing what was about to happen and still waiting for it. “I’m not going to apologize for shit. I meant what I said,” Shura said again, the consequences of her disobedience exciting her. “If you’re not going to teach me, I will do it myself.”

She knew that that was precisely the wrong thing to say, that this would be the moment Yuki made it hurt and she didn’t care. She wouldn’t admit it out loud, or maybe even to herself, but there was something special in the way Yuki broke her. That storm inside her could always be calmed down every time it happened and she needed that now more than ever, but she didn’t know how to ask… so instead she just pushed Yuki until she made it happen.

The next thing Shura felt was one of Yuki’s tails wrapping around her neck, tight to the point when she knew there would be a bruise left. So fast… She backed off, raising her own hands and tails to her defense, trying to fight back as Yuki rose, following her step for step as she staggered backward. Shura tried to breathe in, but it was useless, and as her hands came up to fight Yuki simply grabbed at them, forcing them away. In short order, the breathless woman was pressed down to her knees, gasping weakly as she looked up at the angry, dark-furred fox standing over her.

“I think you forget yourself,” Yuki said harshly, glaring doom at the kneeling woman she learned over. “It appears that you need more than one kind of lesson, Shura… that I know for sure.”

Shura looked up again, her mouth open in an attempt to get some air, as Yuki leaned closer and spat in her mouth, showing her once again who was in charge here. That movement asserted that she was just a slave for her Mistress and nothing more. That she didn’t need to fight, didn’t need to get power, she just needed to do what Yuki told her and be good. “F-f-fuck… th-that…” she growled.

Yuki let go of her neck, letting Shura fall down as she grabbed for air, looking up. The place where the tail held her still hurt and strung, but she didn’t care… she was already trying to push herself to her feet, to struggle back and avoid whatever punishment Yuki had in mind for her, for her own sake.

“Yes… you do need some of your mistress’s attention, I see. You need to be fucked, don’t you?” Yuki said with a light smile. Her muscular leg came up as Shura struggled and she half-pushed and half-kicked Shura in the shoulder, sending her sprawling down and forcing her to lay on the glistening hardwood of the penthouse apartment. Shura looked up at her gorgeous Mistress who was so much stronger than her, desire swirling inside her. “Maybe then you will calm down and actually focus…”

Yuki stood her feet in the middle of Shura’s chest, right between her breasts, smiling down at the helpless woman. Her toes were almost on Shura’s face, but not close enough for her to suck like she loved to make her do sometimes. “That’s really the most struggle you can put up?” she purred. “Why don’t you just ask for it at that point? Ask to be used like a whore you are and I will give it to you,” Yuki’s voice was soft like silk and Shura knew that the words she said were true. She really could just be good and submit and Yuki would doubtless give her everything she wanted…

But that wouldn’t be what she needed.

“Get off me!” she said, pushing Yuki’s foot away… or at least trying to. Panting, winded from her run, exhausted from repeated efforts at spellcasting, Shura supposed she might have put up a good fight to an especially ferocious rabbit, perhaps. Still, her effort at least made Yuki smile… not that that meant anything merciful. No matter how her lips moved, her eyes were hard and merciless, and promised that she was going to pay for it.

“Disobedient little brat,” Yuki said, leaning closer and grabbing Shura by the hair. She pulled her closer, so they were face to face as Shura writhed from pain. “You’re not tough enough to defy me, little punk-ass bitch. And I’m going to show it to you…”

Shura didn’t know where the dildo came from. She certainly hadn’t seen Yuki pick it up. They did have a few toys lying around from where Yuki left them lying around, that slob, but she certainly hadn’t seen this one… it would have stuck out, both for its size and its bright purple color. It was big and bumpy, and Shura had about half a second to realize that Yuki must have gotten it and put it on her person while she was running, doubtless already planning it, before she moved to press the tip of it against Shura’s lips.

Shura looked at Yuki, doing her best to look unbothered… but that was belied by the way her body was shaking. She knew that whatever Yuki was about to do to her was going to hurt. She also knew that the nogitsune was going to make her enjoy every second of it.

“I’m going to do you a kindness, little bitch,” Yuki said, twisting her face in a wide smile as she leered down at her slave. “Even if you don’t deserve it. This is getting stuffed up your hole the second I get bored. It’s your choice how long that is, and how wet it is when I do. “Come on, show me how talented your mouth is. I’ve seen you eating pussy, but never sucking a cock yet.”

Shura flinched a little at the words, but she tried to keep it off her face. It didn’t stop her from trying to move away, of course… trying not to let Yuki use her mouth for the nogitsune’s amusement, but it was useless. In the end, she knew that it would be better for her to do what was asked and so she slightly opened her lips, showing Yuki that she was ready to play by the rules.

Yuki momentarily hesitated as if surprised at how quickly her submission came, but she didn’t wait long before taking advantage of it. She didn’t start slow or gentle, either: she pushed the dildo in as far as she could, earning a surprised, gagging whimper from Shura. The nogitsune shoved it forward and deeper into her mouth, seeing how deep she could get the more flexible, bendy toy to go. “Oh, don’t look surprised. You know I like it rough… you should have thought about that before you made me mad,” Yuki laughed, looking into Shura’s bright eyes as they went wide, her lips closing around the dildo until she could feel every bump and edge rubbing against her lips and over her tongue. The dark fox was pushing it deeper, too, almost into her throat, and Shura finally flinched again, grabbing Yuki by the hand and trying – weakly – to push her away. Mostly it just resulted in her holding onto the woman, looking incongruously tender for the brutal, cruel use that she was being put to. “Now,” Yuki commanded her. “Be a good little whore and show me how you do it.”

Shura would have growled if her mouth wasn’t so clogged… but inwardly she was grateful for the silicone cock in her mouth. This was… was… relaxing. She would never, ever admit it, and never give up, but it felt… comforting to be beneath the woman’s cruel hand. It felt so good to be forced to take it, to have no choice but to feel the pleasure… no guilt, no shame, just her body and being put to use for the dark fox’s pleasure. Part of her protested the idea viciously, every step of the way, but the other part of her wanted to be this, to be the cruel woman’s toy that could be used and fucked any way Yuki wanted, even as she fought back and protested. Shura could feel the throbbing between her legs, the wetness that was making it harder and harder for her to lie, her more and more obedient, and she couldn’t wait to be fucked with the same toy that was now in her mouth.

“Now, let’s see how good you really are,” Yuki growled. Then she shoved forward, slamming down on the base of the dildo, forcing her apprentice’s throat to take the toy. It was flexible enough that it could easily make the bend into her throat and Shura retched… but she was taking it, and Yuki certainly didn’t stop. The blue-furred fox was sucking on the toy like her life depended on it, drooling all around as she gagged over and over again.

While Yuki made her suck on that fat purple cock like it was a lollipop the nogitsune pulled her up from the floor and sat on the couch, seating Shura on her lap and pulling her head up, holding onto her hair with one hand while she wedged the dildo further into her throat like a sheath and left it there, her tongue pushing weakly against the thing as it slid deeper. Shura’s breasts were now close to Yuki’s face, and she instantly took one of the nipples in her mouth, sucking right before pressing her teeth there. Shura moaned, writhing in the woman’s muscular grip with her urge to be fucked.

“You want this, don’t you slut?” Yuki teased, moving a second hand down Shura’s shorts, finding the slickness between her legs. The woman moved in her lap but even the kitsune couldn’t tell if she was trying to get away or get more friction on her pussy… the squirming fox was certainly more successful at the latter than she was at the former. “You’re going to get it. I’ll make you scream and moan, but first I’m going to need you to show me just how much you want it…”

Releasing her hair, Yuki pulled the dildo out of Shura’s mouth, slick and covered in her spit. The woman’s lips felt bruised and swollen from the sucking, and it tingled so bad that it nearly hurt as Yuki leaned in and kissed her, pushing her aggressive tongue inside Shura’s waiting mouth almost as forcefully as she had been ramming the dildo inside her. The nogitsune held her close, her hands playing with the woman’s breasts and thighs and hips and ass with her tails as she writhed and moaned in the black fox’s grasp.

“Fuck,” Shura gasped as soon as her mouth was free. “You know I can’t stop you. Just go ahead and do it, you bitch…” Then, with Yuki’s fingers inside her, she couldn’t quite keep up the tough exterior. “Just… just do it. Please just do it.”

Yuki, however, only frowned, looking at her whimpering apprentice with annoyance. “And here I thought I was clear. I told you to show me, not to tell me. You might be a mouthy little slut, Shura, but the time for your mouth was moments ago, and will be later… right now you have other charms I want.”

Shura wasn’t sure what she needed to do to earn a chance to be fucked, a chance to cum and the mental oblivion that would come with it. It seemed like there was always something new Yuki wanted from her, but this time something told her that she needed to show something more than just obedience…  she needed to act like a slut Yuki wanted her to be. She swallowed, thinking about all the different ideas she had, stopping on the ones that seemed right. Then Yuki shoved her off her lap, sending her down to the floor. “Show me,” the nogitsune commanded, her dark tail and muscular form tailing looming over Shura like a tempting demon as she loomed over the fallen fox. “Unless you’d rather fight more and let the dildo get dry.”

Shura considered it. Her hands clenched into fists and she thought about every kata and form she had learned from Ichika, from the twins, and from Yuki… ways she might be able to surprise her, ways she might be able to take her in a struggle. Then she rose and, head down, she began submissively removing her clothing.

“That’s a girl,” the dominant fox purred as she leaned back and smiled, not at all shy about showing how much she enjoyed the show. Shura pulled her clothes off one piece at a time, going slowly… out of reluctance and not because she was putting on a show, damnit! Her efforts let Yuki see all the parts of her body she liked so much, starting from her toned legs and tight, muscled belly, all the way up to her perky tits and hardened nipples. She looked away, trying to ignore the way Yuki was paying close attention to her… and trying to ignore that when the fox looked down between her legs she was going to see that it was absolutely shining with slickness.

“Please,” Shura muttered as quietly as she could.

“I can’t hear you,” Yuki whispered, her voice husky, hungry. “Louder. And not with that set of lips.”

Shura got on all fours on the floor, tail swishing as she turned around, flipping them up as she turned her back to Yuki. Slowly, as if gravely reluctant, she lifted her ass and spread her legs, showing the nogitsune the extent of the wetness on her pink slit. She looked over her shoulder, putting a hand between her legs and pushing open her lips, letting Yuki see her hole in full view in what she hoped was exactly the sort of slutty display her mistress demanded. “Please… Fuck me. I need it”

Yuki’s smile widened, showing altogether too many teeth. “Please fuck me… what?”

Shura swallowed hard, her body trembling as she was caught between need and anger, frustration and trauma, the needs of her pussy and the sullen, confused resentment of herself for her failures in learning foxfire… and she let herself go. “Please, fuck me Mistress.”

Finally, Yuki rose from the couch, tails moving back and forth in one aggressive mass that reminded Shura of nothing so much as someone slapping a baton against her empty hand as she moved closer. Then she knelt and Shura moaned as she felt the tip of the dildo abruptly push against her clit, the wet tip touching against it. She moved her hips, shuddering at the touch, but that simple level of submission obviously didn’t suit Yuki. A moment later, two of her tails pressed down on Shura’s head, forcing her down by the back of her head. The blue-furred fox was once again shocked by the sheer strength of Yuki’s tail as she forced her inexorably face down to the floor and slowly, ever so slowly pushed the tip inside her aching cunt.

Shura moaned, her quivering lips pressing the slutty, submissive sounds down against the wood, and she hoped that it muffled her shame. This was what the sentry wanted, what she needed to be herself again – to be used and fucked like a mindless toy for her Mistress’s amusement. She didn’t have to feel any shame at this, she reminded herself… She couldn’t resist her Mistress. She was beaten and she couldn’t stop this so she didn’t have to feel guilty about enjoying it. Like this, she could belong here.

“Now, we’re going to see how much this pussy can take,” Yuki laughed, pushing more of the thick thing inside of her and making Shura moan out as her pussy stretched obscenely around its girth. “So get ready for the long run, Blue.”

She whimpered, feeling the dildo, slick and thick, going inside her, all of the bumps on it intensifying the pleasure she felt. She was more than happy now that she had gotten the chance to suck it beforehand… the lumpy thing was definitely too big to get inside her without any lube as assistance. Then again, her pussy was so wet that it might not have mattered. Shura could feel her whole body shaking as she took all of it in, one sliding movement by her Mistress at a time. Her body had waited for it for so long and now she had it, she was enjoying it as much as she could. Her clit felt like it was on fire and she tried to move her hips to take more of the dildo in.

Yuki, however, stopped her, putting an elbow on her waist. “Stop it!” she said, and one of her tails abruptly cracked against Shura’s ass like a whip. It hurt but it also sent confusing vibrations all through her, making her squeeze on the toy pillaging her cunt and that felt amaaaaazing. What it did not do, however, was let her get closer to cumming. “None of that,” Yuki commanded, voice firm. “You’re only doing what I tell you to do. It’s the only way you’re going to learn, little slut.”

The movements of the nogitsune’s hand started to grow stronger, faster, firmer. It made Shura moan louder and louder, while she felt all of her sensations concentrated between her legs, where the dildo was making her walls cling onto it, bringing Shura closer to her climax. She grabbed the carpet, trying to will herself towards that last push that sent her over the edge and made her whimper louder than before. Her pussy was pulsing, all her muscles tense but right then, right as she was just on the very precipice, Yuki pulled the toy from the blue fox’s wet, gaping cunt.

Shura screamed in frustration, clenching her legs, trying to hold onto the edge. Instinctively she pushed herself back against Yuki’s hands and body, trying to press her clit against something, trying to rub her thighs together. Her Mistress wasn’t having it, though. Her tails tightened in all of the places that she held the blue fox, keeping the other kitsune’s tails pinned away, holding her in place as she made sure none of her own limbs came even close to the throbbing, sopping sex. “No no no,” she purred. “I didn’t give you permission, Bubblegum.”

Every nerve in her body felt like it was on fire, every bit of her body strained against the grip… her whole body squeezed in an embrace of raw, desperate need. She felt like Yuki had lit her ablaze with foxfire, burning her to a crisp… that might have actually been less painful and frustrating than the aborted edge of an orgasm she was trapped on. “You… bitch…” she whispered.

“You bitch… Mistress!” Yuki corrected with a hard slap to her ass. It sent another series of shakes through Shura, teasing her clit, but it wasn’t enough… Inari damn her, it wasn’t enough. Apparently satisfied that Shura wasn’t going to be so easily pushed over the edge, Yuki took a moment to sensually lick one, two, three of her fingers… then she pushed them inside of her.

Shura whimpered, straining once again against her Mistress’s grip. It wouldn’t take much… just a brush on her clit probably would do it. Again, however, Yuki effortlessly denied her. “Fuck,” Shura let out, feeling completely overwhelmed. “What… the fuck? I… I need…”

“You need what I say you need,” Yuki taunted, one of her hands gripping firmly onto the top of Shura’s head and shoving the blue-haired woman’s face back down to the floor. “And you’ll get what I say you get, little toy.”

Now that it was her fingers that were tormenting Shura’s body Yuki had pinpoint control. Her skilled hands played Shura’s body like an instrument, or painted her pleasure like one of her pictures. The punky kitsune shuddered violently, moaning utterly with the pleasure and unable to help herself as she was kept on the edge of cumming. She could stare right over it, gazing down into the infinite abyss of sensation and the long, deep dive into the depths at the end and teetered on it on her tiptoes, yet Yuki continuously denied her the last nudge to send her toppling down that long, long fall. “If you’re really so desperate,” Yuki teased. “Then maybe you should beg me. Just take it, beg for more, and say ‘thank you, Mistress’.”

Shura arched her back again, feeling that pleasure that was almost painful now. She spread her legs wider, feeling overwhelmed as Yuki slipped yet another finger into her and she became abruptly certain that the nogitsune planned on forcing her whole hand into Shura’s cunt. It was overwhelming, but still no good… she was going slow, very carefully avoiding her clit as she worked her thumb in alongside the others. With each bit of forward progress, Shura was certain that it was too much, that she wouldn’t be able to go any further, and a second later Yuki proved her completely wrong.

“Look at you,” Yuki said as she slowly pushed her fist deeper, beginning the slow, gradual process of clenching her hand into a fist inside her. “So angry, so strong, and look at you…” Her voice was a purr as the fingertips brushed against every bit of her pussy as they curled. “Do you remember when you first confronted me, Bubblegum? So convinced that I was there to hurt you, or to destroy your skin, or to make you my little puppet. Well, I guess in hindsight you weren’t wrong about that last one, were you…”

Shura sobbed, feeling Yuki’s strong, unyielding fingers rubbing over her walls, teasing her along the edge of the orgasm as she made her fist. “Because you’re very much a puppet on my hand now, aren’t you?” she whispered as she pulled her fist slowly back, making Shura whine and moan as a different part of her insides expanded and shifted. “You’re mine, Shura. My plaything and my student… and I’m going to break you as many times as needed to make you listen, to make you do what I tell you needs to be done. Do you hear me?”

“Yes!” Shura could feel the tears streaming down her face. It was good, too good for her to take this long.

Yuki punched forward and Shura screamed. She felt her pussy about to explode… confused about whether it was in pleasure or in pain. Maybe it was simply too much of both for her to make sense of it anymore as Yuki’s fist rapidly forced her cunt to expand. “Will you play by my rules you damned brat?”

Shura didn’t feel like a brat right now… her wise-ass tongue had abandoned her completely. “Yes!” she choked out, desperate. “Mistress! Yes Mistress!”

Yuki drew back and slammed her hand forward again, making Shura let out more and more ungodly sounds, making her body shake and writhe. She didn’t know how long she would be able to survive like this. She moaned louder, feeling that climax teasing against the edge of her brain. “Louder!” she hissed.

Yes Mistress!” she screamed, not knowing if the entire building could hear her and not caring. “Please! I’ll be good!”

Yuki chuckled… and then, without warning, she relaxed her hand. Shura almost collapsed outright to the floor as Yuki hand slipped right out of her suddenly available pussy, leaving her aching and gaping, her pussy twitching and spasming in aborted sensation, clenching on the thick fist that was no longer there and utterly desperate to cum. Yuki laughed over her as Shura lay there, feeling weak and boneless… her Mistress leaned over, her lips touching Shura’s ear as she held her close.

“I guess you’re done being a brat for today…” Her voice was like a caress for the overstimulated Shura, every bit as much of an intimate touch as anything her hands or tails had done. “And now it’s time for you to get up, and do that fucking spell.”

Shura’s eyes widened. “Wha?” she stammered out. “La dis?!” She felt like an idiot… she couldn’t get her tongue to form words right. Shura shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs of desperate need and lust and near madness from her thoughts. She had expected Yuki to hurt her, or to keep teasing her… to make her cum over and over again, or just once, after she had finished using her like a whore for her own pleasure, putting her maddened tongue to work. She hadn’t been expecting… this. “You have to be kidding, Yu…” she swallowed. “…Mistress. I already couldn’t focus and you want me to try it like this?”

Yuki chuckled against her ear, then nipped it with her teeth briefly before rising up. “Your problem isn’t focusing,” Yuki said confidently. “It’s perspective. So I’m going to make this perfectly clear, student-mine…” Her grin was wide but her words were a lustful growl as she stood over the fox slowly putting herself back together. “I’ll have my fun any time I choose… but you don’t get to cum until I decide you’ve earned it, and I promise you, I promise you, that won’t be until you can do this spell in your sleep.

It felt like her pussy was a thousand degrees and like it was taking all the oxygen from her brain… the words were hard to understand, but when she did they hit hard. A flush of embarrassment at being so denied colored Shura’s cheeks, and a second of disbelieving lust just afterward. Then, just a second later, a tide of righteous, indignant anger washed them away. She was just as angry as she had been before while running… but it couldn’t be more different, either. Oh, that bitch… Shura was going to show her. She wanted to see a spell? Shura was going to show her that she didn’t know shit about making a proper shield. She was going to make that bitch embarrassed that she even thought she should be the teacher. The naked fox pushed herself back to her feet, glaring at Yuki the whole way as the fully dressed nogitsune simply sauntered back over to her chair and sat down in it.

Shura didn’t even seem to notice she was naked as she rose, eyes staring daggers at her bitch of Mistress. She just immediately called up fire again, focused on it. “I’ll show you…” she muttered under her breath. Then she focused inward, tried to ignore the throbbing need in her cunt, and started trying again.

One thought on “To Fan a Fox’s Flame – Chapter 1

  1. I was actually kind of amused as I started getting into this one, because it’s almost an inversion of something I wrote (specifically After Party). Both involve a submissive initiating a scene, though what for is reversed. In AP, it’s to adjust the dominant’s mood, but here it’s because the sub knows that the domme will adjust her mood.

    This does also provide some insight into Shura, who is a character I didn’t entirely understand in Chosen. As opposed to Merielle, who was more obviously submissive, I could never quite tell why Shura was as combative as she is. This actually explains that she’s a brat, but the “brat” behavior is far more aggressive than it is with Merielle. It also seems like it…might have something to do with the trauma she suffered back in LF3?

    The sex scene is, as you might have guessed, on the rough side for me, but it is still kind of hot…until Yuki tortured us all at the end! Guess that’s one way to motivate a student, especially this one.


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