To Fan a Fox’s Flame – Chapter 2

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Shura was, in recent months, very used to failure. It wasn’t a new experience for her, but that came with a little bit of comfort… she knew how to handle it. She didn’t have to hurt about knowing she wasn’t good enough if she told herself that first. Recently, however, the cold words of her mistress had changed the math. The failure still hurt, of course… but instead of making her sink into miserable depression, it made her angry. It was, she thought, better. No matter how much she tried not to care about the words Yuki said to her in those moments, they made her go hard on herself… and pissed her off. She learned to not give up and always give herself another try and she liked it that way… and, in the last few days, she had been making progress. Real, actual progress.

Her pussy might throb each and every single second, and her mind frequently wandered to thoughts of getting fucked, and even the tiny brushes of her panties against her clit felt almost like a vibrator, but Yuki’s plan, insane as it was, was actually working. It had taken her two days of making actual progress to really understand her Mistress’ master plan… it was, as the humans said these days, ‘crazy like a fox’. Shura’s focus was shot, but Yuki was right… focusing wasn’t her problem. What she had done was focus all of Shura’s frustration on Yuki and her simmering orgasm, rather than on her own failure. The first time she had managed to make the defensive shield work she had been so excited that she had barely even minded at first when Yuki just teased her again instead of letting her cum.

What Shura was realizing, though, was that she had a different problem. She didn’t know how to handle it when she was actually doing good.

Maybe she failed too many times or maybe she didn’t have enough faith in herself, but when, under Yuki’s supervision, she was gradually learning the right way of using her power, it didn’t feel… deserved. Even when she made a few techniques work from the first try it was hard to feel like a real victory. She was happy, yes. Yuki was more than happy too, claiming that it was all thanks to her extensive training… and even if she wasn’t letting Shura cum and instead just teasing her every night it didn’t stop the nogitsune from using the blue-furred fox’s body to celebrate the occasion. Even her triumphs, however, didn’t change anything for Shura. She still felt weird and didn’t know what to do about it.

Shura had just finished successfully infusing a new kind of enchantment into her latest ward when Yuki decided that she had had enough. “What’s with that face?” her mistress asked, clearly noticing that Shura wasn’t exactly as excited as she was. She leaned to Shura and put a finger under her chin, making her look up. Shura would never admit it, but she normally liked it when Yuki was like that with her… it showed that behind all the hard edges and jagged glass and ice there was something that could be… not exactly softer, but supportive. Something that could be leaned on, still leading her even if it wasn’t as demanding. Those were those moments she most really felt safe… but right now she could hardly stand the sight of it.

She averted her eyes.

Yuki, firmly, grabbed her chin and pulled Shura’s face back into line with hers. “Aren’t you happy that all the training is finally paying off?” she asked.

Shura looked up, into her Mistress’ deep, icy eyes, her stomach twisting inside her even as her ever-distracted pussy throbbed in her pants. For a moment she felt that she should lay herself bare and admit what was happening inside her, but she wasn’t like that. She was used to keeping it to herself.

“Oh, am I finally good enough for you? Won’t even make me redo the same thing time and time again?” she asked with a smirk. There was still that wall up that Shura set up to protect herself from disappointment and she wasn’t about to let it down so easily. She pushed air through the blue raspberry gum in her mouth, creating a bubble right in her mistress’ face. “About time. How about you let me cum now, selfish bitch?”

Yuki’s face twitched… it was a small reaction, but to Shura it might as well have been a flashing sign – she saw it right away, warning her. It didn’t stop her, though. She stood taller, rising on the balls of her feet to get as high as she could. Even like that she couldn’t match her mistress’s height, but at least it was close.

Usually, Yuki would’ve fought her back right away on this, but now, for some reason, she smiled at Shura softly. That actually made it feel like a cold stone was settling in her chest. She wasn’t sure if she imagined the vindictive, cruel tint to that smile or not, but it wasn’t like Yuki to let her get away with something like that. “Nope! Right now you need to get dressed in something proper… We’re going out to celebrate.”

That was a statement, not a question. The blue-haired woman narrowed magenta eyes. “Do I look like I’m going to fit in with ‘proper?’ Fuck that. And what if I don’t want to go out and follow you like a little lost puppy?” Shura asked, crossing her arms over the chest.

Yuki turned to her slowly, making Shura feel that there was punishment coming her way… but the woman only smiled at her again… maybe showing just a millimeter too much tooth to be friendly. “Listen, you little brat. You’ll either do it yourself… or I’ll tie you up and stuff you in whatever I see fit, and then you’re going out. Understood?”

Shura wanted to laugh, but she knew that it wasn’t an empty threat. It happened one too many times that she had to go out in public in something that looked more like underwear than actual clothes. Usually, she was able to keep up the illusions that made sure no one noticed her embarrassing state… but she’d certainly given a few men and women around Kyoto an eyeful. Her mouth opened and closed a few times as she tried to find a way to protest, and Yuki made sure that there was nothing coming from her bratty submissive before grabbing onto her chin again, holding her mouth open, and reaching in to grab the bubblegum. “And none of this,” she ordered, tossing the gum into the sink from across the room as she turned around and went to change herself.

The punky fox sighed. “Fucking stodgy old bint,” she grumbled, drudging across the floor to the guest room where her stuff was for the trip. Shura’s bags were neatly folded on the table in the corner, her clothing arranged inside a dresser… she wasn’t going to live out of a bag, visiting or not. Compared to the rest of the house, her room was perfectly neat and clear, while the rest of the house was beginning to fall into a state of slow entropic chaos without Merielle around. It wasn’t that Yuki didn’t try to clean… it was just that the psycho nogitsune sucked at it, and had funny ideas about when ‘enough’ was. The fact that her room was so pristine, however, actually made it more annoying when her knees started getting weak the moment she stepped inside. The room reeked of sex… Yuki had taken her here on this bed just this morning, pounding her right here on the sheets with a strap-on for a while before sitting on her face, and no amount of cleaning and a neatly made bed with hospital corners was going to take that smell out of the air so quickly. When Shura entered the room the scent memory made her lust flare, her pussy ache with need, and she wanted more than anything to cum… Of course, when Yuki had been taking her pleasure all morning she hadn’t let Shura reach her own. The only reason she hadn’t thrown herself on the bed and buried her fingers in her cunt before now was that it felt like that would be admitting that Yuki had won something. Even so, though, the memory of the lust they shared earlier instantly inspired an unholy and insanely powerful flood of more of the same – The power Yuki had over her was something she wasn’t ready to admit even to herself, but it was still present.

She opened her closet to look for something to wear. It looked like her wardrobe was one of two halves – one filled in part with skimpy clothes and slutwear but also with the ones that Yuki liked and had got her, and the other filled with generally much more modest clothing she had brought with her. She debated for a moment, picking between the options. Her hands kept reaching for one of her comfortable, usual sets of clothing, but her hand kept hesitating. Shura kept thinking of that moment when Yuki looked at her with adoration and almost pride, lifting her chin. She did want to feel that again… she did want Yuki to be happy with her, despite everything.

She picked a black dress from the right side of the closet, one of the latest ones that Yuki got her, and put it on. It had to be worn without the underwear because there were just too many stripes of the blue fabric going around her torso to not let the bra be visible. It was long enough and proper enough for propriety, technically, but it was clearly fashion meant to display the woman wearing it…  the exposed back might serve the practical function of letting her tails out but it still meant she was showing off a lot of skin before she even considered that her long legs were largely highlighted to anyone looking, pale skin peeking out from beneath the dark fabric.

The first time she put it on she felt awkward and stupid, like a doll being put on display. Now, though… now it felt different. Shura already knew how Yuki would look at her… and that was exciting. Her hands ran over the fabric, flattening it out and wishing that her face wasn’t so flushed with… excitement? Arousal? Embarrassment? All of the above.

“I see you got in the mood for celebrating after all,” Yuki said the moment she walked out of her room. The nogitsune had gotten into a pair of black pants and a sleeveless corset top that she’d tossed a jacket over before putting on some platform boots that made her tower even further over her submissive. She gave Shura a long look and smiled, her expression making no effort at all to hide that she liked what she saw.

The younger kitsune felt her body heat up from the silent promise in that look. “Dirty old pervert,” Shura growled, looking away.

Yuki’s chuckle was dark. “You just had to open your mouth, didn’t you? I was going to be gentle… but now, I don’t think so.” She strode confidently towards the blue-haired fox who was feeling very awkward dressed up like this, not in her preferred, practical clothing and she leaned casually towards the wall, pressing Shura against it. “What…” Yuki purred, her breath hot on the kitsune’s skin. “Going to fight?”

It wasn’t like she didn’t think about it. But… she didn’t want to rip the dress. If she did, she was reasonably sure Yuki was going to take her out in it anyway, no matter what was on display, so Shura stayed still, even as Yuki reached into her pocket, pulled out a little vibrator egg, and showed it to Shura before running her hand slowly up her plaything’s leg. “You’re so cute when you’re flustered…” Yuki whispered, voice husky.

“No I’m no-Ah!” Her protest cut off in a moan as Yuki’s strong fingers pushed the egg beneath her panties, digits tracing lines through her soft mat of pubic fur before pushing the toy into her absolutely soaked pussy. “You…” she groaned as she realized it was already vibrating, although just barely. “You… bitch…”

“You bitch, mistress,” Yuki said, self evidently pleased as she hooked the small battery pack and chord over the line of her panties and stuck it there. Pulling back her fingers, she took a moment to lick one of them clean before pushing the second into Shura’s mouth, letting the musky, hot taste of her lust soak into the kitsune’s tongue. “Good…” she purred. “Time for us to go, then.”

Shura didn’t know where they were going, Yuki never told her about their next step. She just knew that it was going to be somewhere fancy and she needed to be prepared for Yuki to pull something off. She knew that it couldn’t be just their usual dinner, that it was going to be something more, but as Yuki took her down to the garage she realized that she was right… that it was too far to walk. Yuki slung one leg over the motorcycle, pressing the clutch and starting the engine with a low purr before Shura climbed on behind her, reinforcing the masking illusion over her tails as she did. It was a good thing, too… even the moment she sat down she learned how distracting the bike could be. It was practically a big vibrator between her legs, and it buzzed away, making her clench and squeeze on the woman in front of her as every single purr of the bike’s engine and every bump on the road.

Shura was so distracted by the fire between her legs that the ride passed without her noticing a single sight. She hadn’t even realized where they were going until they stopped in front of one of the tallest buildings in the city and Yuki guided them in through the doors and up the elevators. The restaurant was all the way at the top of the skyscraper and the windows allowed them to see everything below them, the city lighting up as the sun set. Shura, distracted by the buzzing between her legs, felt like she was walking on a cloud… she vaguely remembered the host fawning over Yuki as if she was visiting royalty or something, agreeing with her and saying that food will be at their table soon and will be up to their liking. Shura wondered if they actually knew her, or just were trying to please the gorgeous woman. It made her smile distantly anyway… either way Yuki would like that.

Finally, they sat down. Instead of getting on the seat across from Yuki, her Mistress pulled Shura into the booth beside her, sitting close as if they were some sickly-sweet couple. She didn’t know what exactly her lover wanted from her, but Yuki’s hand on her thigh was already giving Shura a lot of ideas about that. Her hands shook as she reached for the glass of water, sipping deeply.

“So… I don’t understand,” Yuki said, leaning even closer to Shura, her breath hitting her neck. One of her hands ran over the muscles of her thigh under the table, fingers tracing over the dress and beneath the line where it stopped. “What’s bothering you, pet? You’re reacting strangely. All that time we had to fight for any progress and you were frustrated… now it’s the opposite and you’re still acting so tense.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Shura said sullenly. Her breath might have been coming a little bit quicker, her mind racing. “I’m fine.”

Yuki made a non-committal noise, clearly unconvinced… and clearly not finished pushing at this. Drinks and food were placed in front of them promptly, barely cooked cuts of meat that smelled delicious. Shura hadn’t seen the food approaching, distracted by the hand on her thigh. Yuki’s nails were pressing into her skin a little, making it more exciting. The waiter stood awkwardly next to them, seemingly waiting for something or perhaps sensing what might be going on just out of view, but one glare from the nogitsune sent him quickly walking away.

“Eat,” Yuki commanded softly. “You need a good meal after wasting so much energy.” With a smile she turned to her own meal and left Shura wanting more, longing for the touch of fingers that had left her behind. That power play was getting on her nerves, but it also was making her excited and even more wet than the continuous low buzzing in her cunt. It had been a week since the last time she had cum now and it was adding up… Yuki knew how to play her and it was maddening. Shura stared at the food for a moment before she started eating it… fish, and a smaller portion than her Mistress got it looked like. She winced a little bit. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it but she would greatly prefer what was on Yuki’s plate. Rare, bloody steak marinated in something savory, just like she had cooked for Yuki that first time. Was it really only three months ago? It felt like an eternity. Her eyes focused on Yuki’s plate for a moment and licked her lips, before beginning on her own plate.

That lasted until a few moments later when Yuki picked up the second piece of steak, pinched it in between her chopsticks, and lifted it towards Shura. “Here. Have a bite.”

Shura almost choked. That wasn’t something she expected, not what she was used to. Yuki wanted to act as if she was a child, feeding her by hand? She glared at the nogitsune. “Fuck off!” she snapped, looking suspiciously down at the steak before looking up into Yuki’s ice blue eyes. “Why are you acting like this? Are you feeling okay?”

Yuki exhaled slowly, her eyes closing for a moment and Shura could sense the annoyance in her Mistress. It was like a warning sign… a cat hissing, a rattlesnake signaling, an invitation to stop acting out and avoid punishment. Still, she didn’t intend to change her behavior to make it easier for Yuki. “Well,” she said, her tone sounding threatening. “You’re being even more of a brat than usual.” That attitude, that danger… it was much more to Shura’s liking and she even felt a little thrilled.  She slowly ate the piece of meat, a bit of juice running down from the corner of her still lip before she rested both hands on the table, and Shura noticed a small black remote in one hand. “Think you can handle the consequences of that?”

Shura smiled. Sweet, caring, concerned Yuki wasn’t something she was used to… and, as much as it made her feel warm inside, it wasn’t something she was prepared to handle right now. Seeing her lover returning to her usual self and threatening her… that was normal. That was safe. She moved closer to Yuki, their shoulders pressed together. “I know I can,” she smiled. “I think I showed it to you before tha-”

As soon as Shura opened her mouth, Yuki moved her thumb on the remote. She wasn’t more than a few words in when the vibrator suddenly exploded to life inside her, triggered by her Mistress’ will and hand. “Iiiiiii,” she choked out, shuddering, whimpering. She pressed herself harder against Yuki, bringing up her tails to hide her from the rest of the room before she remembered they were hidden away and couldn’t be seen. “You… ah… you’ve got… got to be… kidding me…” she growled out. A moment later she felt her Mistress’ hand on her thigh and slowly rising up. Half insane, she managed to just slightly look around, making sure that there was no one around who could see them. To her luck, they were seated in the corner, away from the others and the only real threat to their fun could be a waiter coming closer.

“I wanted to make this night good for you,” Yuki said slowly, leaning so close Shura felt her breath on her lips. “I wanted to take care of you, to show you how I can repay you for being a good student so that you will do good in the future. Today, I was thinking about letting you know how proud I’ve been of you… Today, I planned on making you cum…”

Yuki spread Shura’s thighs open. When she looked down she saw her skirt hiking up and the nogitsune’s hand laying closer and closer to her lower lips. She wanted so badly to finally feel her fingers touching her clit, to feel that promised peak, but then, just millimeters away, Yuki stopped.

Shura groaned, her tails feeling so tense that she thought the muscle might rip its way out of the fur. “Are you just going to tease me? How is that a reward?” she said in frustration, still looking down as Yuki’s hand didn’t move an inch. “I’m so fucking done with you!”

“Enough to get up and leave?” Yuki asked with a laugh, clicking the knob on the remote again. A second later another pulse of mind-obliterating pleasure welled up from her pussy, making her sway in the booth. She really ought to leave… but they both knew that that wasn’t going to happen. Her power play failed, her bluff called, Shura let out a nearly silent whimper of need as she tried to push herself away from Yuki… the precious few inches she could get while on the same booth. She doubted she could stand and move to the other side of the table on her wobbling legs, it was a miracle her illusion hadn’t fallen apart. “That’s what I thought,” Yuki said a second later. “You’re all talk, Bubblegum… a girl that needs to be put in place and taught how to act.”

Shura felt even more infuriated now. Why did she even agree to go, knowing that this would be exactly how it ended? She needed to get up, to go and not give Yuki the pleasure of seeing her bend to her will, but her body knew better… it didn’t want to obey her in the slightest. It knew exactly what it wanted, to give anything to this woman to be fucked and used, and it didn’t matter what Shura actually wanted, not one bit.

“And you… you think you… can just… do… do this to… me?” Shura tried to let out a laugh, but it came out more like a moan. “Look at… me. I can… can… stop you… in a singl-” Her words got stuck in her throat as she felt Yuki’s fingers on her clit. It felt good for an instant, her body pressing against her Mistress, but then the fingers pinched down, grabbing and twisting the sensitive nub. She tried to keep quiet, but all that got out of her throat were whimpers she couldn’t contain. She was lucky she kept from screaming. It hurt so bad… but her cunt was also gushing, and the damned vibrator just wouldn’t stop!

Yuki leaned closer to her, her cold eyes seeming to reflect the blue flame of her magic as she look right into Shura’s gaze. “You think you’re so smart and strong?” she asked, pulling on Shura’s clit just a little harder, yanking it a little further out from her body to make her let out a new whining noise. “Because I’m smarter and stronger, and I’m oooone step ahead of you Bubblegum. You have nothing on me and I’m ready to prove it to you… any day of the week.”

Yuki moved her hand away, leaving Shura’s pussy throbbing and aching and… and… desperate for more. She swallowed down, trying to save her composure, but it wasn’t easy. She knew that breaking so easily wasn’t her thing, but it was so easy to give up when Yuki was demanding it. “Think you can make me act the way you want me to?” Shura panted out.

“I know that I can,” Yuki said, raising a steamy cup of hot tea to her lips and taking a drink. “That’s the point, little slavegirl. I know who you are, Shura… and deep inside you do too. You’re just my little whore… and you need to learn where your place is.” Shura opened her mouth to protest but Yuki’s fingers twisted on the remote all the way up to max for a few seconds and words and sense and almost all conscious thought fled from the needy kitsune for a few moments. “I know what you need, Bubblegum, and that’s why I’m the only one who can give it to you. So, if you ever intend me to let that slutty cunt of yours cum ever again you better get on your knees and make me feel how much you appreciate all that I do for you.”

“You can’t make me…” Shura started, but Yuki quickly put her hand over the younger fox’s mouth.

“I can’t?” she whispered. “Shura, you really shouldn’t tell me what I can’t do. You think that’s your illusion keeping you hidden when your brain is melting into a puddle almost as wet as your slot?” Shura’s eyes widened but Yuki continued. “One more word, Shura. One more word, and I’ll let it drop. Or maybe I’ll just keep the tails hidden and stop hiding your legs… let everyone see the needy whore with the drooling twat? One more word and you better get used to frustration because you are going to spend the rest of your little vacation being denied.”

Shura opened her mouth, breathed in sharply… and closed it. That wasn’t an empty threat. Yuki could definitely be kind and supportive but something in the nogitsune’s gaze reminded her that stone pillars and rebar were supportive too. She could be kind, but kind wasn’t the same as soft, and it certainly didn’t mean yielding. She frowned, looking at Yuki and her small smile, the annoyance in her gaze… but also the open lust twinkling in her eyes, the amusement, the joy at the game she was playing. She thrilled in having the young kitsune under her thumb so completely.

And goddess help her, so did she.

Right now, the desperate Shura really had no choice other than to do what she was told. With a sigh, Shura looked around once more, as if seeking an escape… then she slipped beneath the table. Now that she knew what she was looking for she could sense the way the illusion swallowed her as she vanished beneath it, not so much becoming invisible as she did become forgettable. Shura was in awe at just how easily she wove that subtle enchantment into the illusion around her, mixing true foxfire in with the illusion like a smith carving filigree in steel. She looked up at the dark fox as she looked down at her, smiling wide. “Don’t think that this means that I’ll always do you what you want,” she said, trying to save at least one bit of her dignity.

Yuki spread her legs in front of Shura, letting the younger woman see her wet slit. “Oh I know,” she said with a wicked grin. “You only break when you’re worried I might leave that tight cunt of yours untouched.” Yuki laughed, grabbing Shura by the hair on the back of her head and pulling her closer. “Now shut up and put your mouth to a better use!”

Shura let out a small whimper as her face got pushed against Yuki’s slit. She put her hands on her lover’s thighs, gripping them lightly as Yuki forced her face firmly onto her sex. The taste of her pussy filled her mouth as it dripped out onto her tongue, even before she began to properly lick… and no one in the restaurant said a thing. She was right there, in plain view… nothing but her Mistress’s illusion skills between them and an enormous scandal and deep humiliation. She had absolutely no choice. Any fuss that she made would just lead to her discovery. She had been forced into a corner… And she loved it. She had to be sick… After what had happened to her? She never would have guessed that she could enjoy being dominated and degraded so badly, but Yuki, with her hand on the remote for her vibrator, was providing yet another demonstration that the needy, horny kitsune only needed the right person to do it to her. She longed to fight, to resist, but she had no way to do it… and because she didn’t all of that frustration and fear and shame just… melted away, going right between her legs. She didn’t need anything else, just Yuki’s guiding hand on her head and her pussy against her mouth. That was all that mattered, and she didn’t think to think any further.

“Go slow,” Yuki commanded, her voice a little breathless. “I’m going to need you to really show me how much you appreciate me…” Shura listened to her, only the tip of her tongue moving now over the clit of her Mistress and going down to her entrance. “Good,” the nogitsune praised her as she adjusted the vibrator again, almost making Shura’s eyes roll back in her head. How hadn’t she cum yet, even if only by accident? Her hands left Yuki’s thighs, intended to creep down to her pussy, and instantly two of Yuki’s tails grabbed onto them, holding them tight and yanking them away. “No no no,” Yuki teased, a hint of music in her husky voice. A second later, another of her tails started to tickle lightly at her pussy through her panties, insanely gentle pressure no heavier than a feather could do… and even that made her want to become a puddle on the floor. “I want you to remember this moment. This helplessness, the embarrassment… remember it, so next time you know what will happen if you act like a brat when I try to show you a little bit of kindness…”

Shura seethed with jealously as she worked to make her Mistress cum even while she was kept dancing on the edge herself… but a small voice in her head wanted to laugh. If this was the punishment, that voice said, then she isn’t going to get the results she wants. Her body, however, only showed a tiny hitch before it returned to working on Yuki’s cunt, serving like a submissive little toy owned by the nogitsune.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “And just you think… this is just the start. Your night is going to be a long one…”

Shura heard a promise in those words. It made her thrilled and she knew now that there was something she should be looking forward to. She heard an orgasm in there, the promise of relief from the overwhelming, never-ending need in her head. It made the fight in her take another step backward and made her throw herself more thoroughly into the most important task she had – pleasing her Mistress. She already knew exactly how Yuki liked it, the way she wanted it to happen. The nogitsune was nothing if not demanding, and long before Yuki left Hanei she already had been taught very firmly just how she wanted her cunt worshipped. At this point, even without words of guidance or her reactions Shura would’ve been able to do it exactly as she liked it. It was only the tip of her tongue at first on Yuki’s clit, moving it slowly in circles, only giving her enough pressure to ignite the demanding woman’s desires. Then, when her grip on Shura’s hair became firmer, she went to use the whole flat of her tongue, lapping on her cunt with long, supplicative licks, like the words of a prayer. Yuki was moaning lightly as if there were no people around them before long and Shura reveled in that small amount of power, the moment where she could take pride in the fact that she had made her feel like that.

“Put your tongue inside me, little slut,” Yuki growled, low and quiet and hungry, her demanding tone making Shura shiver. Shura moved the tip of her tongue over Yuki’s entrance, again and again, knowing that her Mistress was getting frustrated, not pushing in until Yuki tightened her grip painfully hard on her hair. “Fucking do it!” she demanded again, wrapping her legs around her and squeezing, locking her into place. Only then did Shura stick her tongue inside Yuki’s wet cunt. Another whimper and Shura lost herself in the sensation of Yuki’s hand tugging on her hair and pushing her closer between her legs even more.

Shura felt her own pussy screaming at her for attention, the throbbing making her desperately want to be touched. It made the world feel soft and fuzzy, insane. She pulled at her wrists, even knowing that Yuki wouldn’t like it if she touched herself. Right now, her Mistresses’s pleasure was the only thing in the whole world that mattered to both of them. Yuki moved her hips, grinding her cunt over Shura’s face, leaving it wet and slick with juices. Shura wondered how could people around them not see what was happening, don’t sense that they were in the middle of a passionate love-making… it seemed impossible that she could hide all of this. Those thoughts, however, were impossible to hold with the need in her sex and that way she felt Yuki’s pussy quivering around her tongue, approaching climax. Yuki’s thighs tightened and Shura felt the rush of sweet wetness on her tongue as the demanding nogitsune moaned loud and quivered before she stopped moving, her legs shaking slightly.

Shura didn’t stop licking just because her Mistress finished. She hadn’t been told to stop, after all. She licked softer, more tenderly across the nogitsune’s soaked pussy, but she kept licking, even as the vibrator slowly tapered down to a teasing buzz once again. “Yes…” Yuki growled at last, low and with a bit of tremble in her voice that had nothing at all to do with a lack of confidence. She smiled broadly down at the blue-furred woman. “That’s how I like you, Bubblegum… Quiet and on your knees.” Slowly, she released her thighs… but didn’t let go of her wrists, keeping them restrained with her tails. She didn’t let go of her hair either, using it like a handle to start pulling her up. “Now get here and let’s finish the meal.”

“…what?” Shura whispered, stunned. “I can’t… you can’t…” She couldn’t really be letting her sit like this again, could she? Yuki couldn’t be denying her again, not when she was this close to the edge…

“Didn’t I say you shouldn’t tell me what I can and can’t do?” Yuki purred, her tails locking the woman in her slightly disheveled black dress into the booth with her tails. Once again, she grabbed a bit of meat in her chopsticks and brought it to Shura’s face. “Now… open up!”

Yuki spent the rest of the night teasing her, the bitch. Now that Shura’s hands were restrained she couldn’t feed herself. Morsel by morsel, her Mistress fed by hand, kissing away the messes she made. The meal was good, especially with the after-taste of Yuki on her tongue, but she couldn’t really focus on it, not with the simmering frustration and raw need welling up inside. Her Mistress was clearly enjoying the fact that she was able to point and force her to kneel… let her enjoy her little victory while it lasted.

The waiter looked at her with not quite an open leer as they left, and Shura was left wondering exactly how much Yuki had allowed him to see of her state, and what had been happening to her. The thoughts didn’t last, however… not with the mix of excitement and anger and desire swirling around her mind as she climbed back onto the bike and added the engine’s vibrations to the ones already playing over her clit. Soon after they left the restaurant and Shura felt the mix of excitement and desire swirling through her.

“You’re going to be good now, right?” Yuki asked as they were going up to their apartment on the elevator. “No more of that stupidity, now. We’re going to start some of the hard stuff tomorrow, and I don’t want you getting so down on yourself.”

Shura was torn between swearing at her and smirking, but instead she just nodded. “Yes, Mistress,” she said. She just wished her voice was stronger… it came out in something like a moan instead; a whispered, lustful voice that was an entirely different part of her speaking.

“We will see,” Yuki smiled as she put a hand on her throat, squeezing hard and pushing her against the wall. There wasn’t nearly as much force in that gesture as the muscular fox was capable of, Shura knew, but the desire to own and to claim in it was strong enough that it made the blue-furred foxed mind swim. “Join me in my bed tonight?”

And let the fox tease her more? No thank you! “I’m… really tired,” Shura made an excuse.

Yuki made a clicking sound with her tongue. “Alright. Tomorrow, then. Bright and early… no sleeping in for you.” The nogisune stretched, her muscles straining against her clothing as she forced her body taut for a second. Then she strode back across the room to her bedroom, leaving the door open. Doubtless it was intended as an open invitation. It was not one, however, that Shura had any intention of taking.

She all but stormed into her room, pulling the dress off her body before she almost slammed the door shut with two tails. “Fucking uppity bitch…” Shura grumbled, all but throwing herself onto the bed and moaning with frustration as she ripped her sodden panties off and threw them across the room. The dead vibrator came next, dropping to the floor with an audible rolling noise. Normally it would have annoyed her, to leave a mess lying around, but in her desperate need she didn’t even notice.

Then she pulled the cover over her head, put her head down on the pillow, and waited.

Her heart hammered in her chest, filled with tension and activity even without moving. It felt so loud that she wondered if her Mistress could hear it from the other room… Shura could have sworn it had to be hammering at the walls. She forced herself to stay still and unmoving however, silent as she could be… to slow her breathing, even if the desire in her groin and the heart in her chest grew no less adamant for attention. How long would it take for Yuki to go to sleep, she wondered desperately as she stared at her closed door, half terrified that Yuki would come in at any second and demand to know what that drumming in her chest was.

The clock said that an hour had passed before Shura simply couldn’t wait anymore. A week without an orgasm and constant teasing was one thing, but tonight… the eyes of others on her… the vibrator, and the bike… Yuki making her into her good little pet… it was simply too much. She felt like she was about to explode if she didn’t do something about it right now… so she pressed her fingers down between her legs and began, softly, to stroke.

It was strange. She was simultaneously unbelievably sensitive, and yet so stimulated that she was almost numb. The first few strokes of her fingers over her blood-gorged lips and clit felt oddly insensate, but then, like an engine revving to life, her desperate body began to react. Shura gasped as her fingers brushed her swollen nub for the third time and got a far, far stronger reaction than they had the first two and she clenched her legs tightly around her hand as if in self-defense, her whole body squeezing down hard enough that it was like she wanted to crush her whole shape into a diamond. Yes… she needed this… screw Yuki and her rules, screw this teasing and denial. She wasn’t going to let that damn old hag get the best of her. Two of her fingers pushed inside her and Shura moaned, forcing her head into her pillow to cut off the sound, squirming beneath the blankets as she pumped them in and out of her and-

And someone ripped the blankets right off of her.

Shura screamed as furry tails and muscular hands grabbed at her in the darkness, wrapping her up almost in an instant. She fought, straining against her attacker, but before she could get her hand out from between her legs the fight was already all but over. Wrists and ankles, neck and hip, her body was restrained by black, furry tentacles, forcing her down and immobilizing her utterly, and while she strained against them, squirming in yet-again denied need and anger and sheer frustration.

Like tiny candles flickering to light in the air, spots of blue flame popped into existence one after the other, dimly illuminating the room and revealing the figure holding her down. “Well,” Yuki purred, mouth twisted into a predatory grin. “Well well well… someone has been a very bad girl.”

It had been an illusion, Shura realized all too late. Yuki hadn’t gone to her room at all. She had probably been in here all along, walking in through the door right after she had. If she had been thinking clearly she probably could have figured that out, but if Yuki was a master of nothing else she was gifted at showing people what they expected and wanted to see, an illusion they wouldn’t question, and Shura was so deep in her need that it was almost rotting her brain… she desperately wanted to believe that she was alone and had an opportunity. And Yuki, instead, had been watching her.

“What am I going to do with you, Bubblegum?” Yuki pondered, one finger pursed on her lips in the blue light of the flames. Shura could see ropes dangling from her other hand along with a dildo, swaying back and forth as Yuki looked down at her like something just as appetizing as the meal she had devoured. “I do believe I was very, very clear with you that you weren’t allowed to cum until I decided you were good. Is this being good?”

Shura was going to protest. She really was… but she opened her mouth and closed it, searching for words that wouldn’t come. Instead, she just squirmed on the bed as Yuki began to tie her up, transforming her from a rebellious student into a motionless fuckdoll. She used her hands to tie and move her around while her tails kept the fox restrained, turning her around and pulling Shura’s hands together to tie them behind her back. The younger fox was struggling in her grip, trying to get some freedom, but the rope still got pulled around her wrists.

“You can be such an annoying little bitch sometimes…” Yuki teased, turning Shura again so she would face her as she wrapped ropes around and around her, turning it into a harness of crimson rope around the kitsune’s athletic body… Shura whimpered, looking up at her, squirming. “Let’s hope I can fuck some of that attitude out of you…”

“This… isn’t fair…” Shura’s struggling felt hopeless. She held onto the edges of the bed with her tail, trying to pull herself away. Yuki, however, was so much stronger… she barely even budged as Yuki put knots between her breasts and tightened them, constricting her tits tighter and tighter. The nogitsune climbed on top of her, her legs tangling with Shura’s as she struggled and kicked, and one tightened rope at a time she restricted the kitsune student more and more.

“Fair…” Yuki scoffed. “‘Fair’ would be you not trying to cheat. Look at how pretty you are now!” She ran some of her hands over the ropes, grabbing onto the centerline of the rope harness and lifting her up by it. That movement tightened the ropes even further on her breasts which were already growing red, and she cried out softly. “Yeah… I’m going to have so much fun with you, little rebel slut…”

Shura looked up as Yuki leaned closer to her and put her mouth on one of Shura’s breasts. Her mouth closed around the woman’s nipple, licking and sucking it, and Shura found that she was unbelievably sensitive… the soft, loving touch of that mouth making Shura even wetter than she was. She moaned, arching her back despite herself, her body reacting to the touch. “You’re so wonderfully sensitive, I love it,” Yuki laughed, looking at the woman under her. “Always acting like a brat, but you want this as least as much as I do.”

“If you’re going to fuck me then just fuck me already,” Shura growled. “Unless you’re too tired to do it. I hear that’s a problem of women your ag-” the words out of Shura’s mouth got silenced as Yuki pressed her mouth to Shura’s, her tongue shoving deep and muscling the other kitsune’s tongue down to the floor of her mouth just as thoroughly as the rest of her body pinned the rest of Shura down.

“You just don’t know when to quit,” Yuki hissed against her lips as the kiss ended. “Fine. If you want to be like that…” The nogitsune turned away for a second before coming back with a candle of red wax the same color as the ropes. “Did you know,” Yuki said playfully as she pushed the end of the candle into one of the hovering wisps of witchfire that was lighting the room, “that you can tell how hot a candle’s wax is going to be by the type of candle?” She lifted it up. “It’s the color, you know? Wax all melts at the same temperature…” She tilted the candle, and three drops of hot wax fell onto Shura’s breasts. She yelped and tried to jump away but Yuki’s strength was still holding her down.

“But you see, it cools on the way down,” she continued, tipping the candle again. This time, one of the red dots landed on her near the center of her right breast, almost at the nipple, and Shura cried out much, much louder. With how tightly Yuki had tied up her tits, those reddening mounds of sensitive flesh throbbed in time with her heart, and her heart was beating very, very, very quickly… they were far more sensitive than they usually were. “Different colors retain heat much better than others, and red is one of the best for holding onto it. Scientists have measured that… physics, they call it.” Yuki smiled down at her. “Aren’t the humans clever, Bubblegum? Unlike a foolish little rebel slut who thought she could get away with sneaking an orgasm from her greedy pussy…”

Yuki tipped the candle again, and Shura squeezed her eyes shut just in time for the wax to land a narrow, crimson strip of waxy pain onto her arm and shoulder. The wax burned sullenly as it cooled, spreading all of the heat into her arm. Yuki, smiling, just moved and poured some additional wax elsewhere, painting her belly, her arms, her thighs, and her breasts…

And then the first drop landed right on her nipple.

For an instant, time stopped in Shura’s mind. Then the throbbing heat from her over-sensitized nub rose up to her throat and escaped in a wail of agony, fed in fits and gasps by her nipple as it burned more with every beat of her heart. She thrashed, and that inevitably caused new aches as she agitated other waxed areas and tightened the ropes further, renewing those other tiny torments. The searing pain of wax on sensitive, vulnerable skin bit at her again and again as Yuki moved the candle, placing hardening pools of wax at different places across her body with little pause. The uninterrupted flow of red wax was overwhelming to Shura, and the scent of the candle filled her nose so thoroughly that she couldn’t even smell her cunt’s urgent need anymore. Her treacherous pussy ached to be touched… right now, Shura’s body could barely tell the difference between pain and pleasure, it just needed to be touched, floating on top of a sea of sensation. There was no mercy in her tormentor’s ministrations, only the joy on her face as she painted the blue-furred fox’s body in red. The mounting pain reached new heights as she proceeded with swift efficiency, barely allowed her any time to recover after each tiny burn. Her whimpers and whining rose accordingly, in spite of her sore throat and weak attempts at being brave.

She had been in battle. She had fought for her life and been stabbed. She had suffered at the hands of Paragon and other cruel men, but nothing she had been through had ever prepared her for something like this. The sensation was unstoppable, relentless, and overwhelming… each individual pain was almost negligible, especially with her kitsune healing working on the burns as fast as they were made – but they never stopped and kept building, making it impossible for anything to ever grow numb. And her breasts… Shura’s red eyes stared in mounting horror at her breasts, so covered with wax now that she couldn’t see any skin. The wax hardened as it cooled, and that seemed to add yet another layer of compression onto her tormented tits, leaving her voice hoarse and her mind delirious with the sensation. Nothing except the tightest restraint could have kept her still as the painful red substance was poured onto her as quick as it melted but Yuki’s athletic grip got it done, holding her exactly where her Mistress wanted her, keeping her still for the whole duration of the merciless procedure.

Over time, whining and cries subsided to gaps and sobs and sheer panting. She had been coated thoroughly enough at this point that it was hard to find too much open skin on the top part of her body to cover, and that meant that fresh wax only spread its heat, not sharing as much of the immediate burning pain. Shura thought – hoped… maybe… – that this was an indication that she was nearly finished with her punishment and that further torture would be pointless.

Yuki, however, disagreed. “It’s a shame to destroy such a work of art,” she purred as she put the candle down on the nightstand before blowing it out. With a few efficient movements, she pushed the dildo into her own body. It was a strapless one, Shura noted… it used Yuki’s own cunt to anchor it in place like a strap-on. She couldn’t be able to use that to fuck Shura all that hard, but Yuki would feel every movement of their bodies together. Then she reached down and picked up a leather flogger with a dozen braided tails, a sadistic grin on her face. “But we have to do what we have to do to clean you up…”

Yuki put her on the side and spread her legs, touching Shura’s wet opening with the tip of the toy. She moaned, trying to get it inside, but Yuki was torturing her, not letting it go deeper. Then she brought down the whip on Shura’s breasts.

The wax cracked with a snapping sound. Bits of it came free, but most of it still stuck to her skin… but no longer as one piece. A deep ravine had formed like from an earthquake, showing vulnerable skin beneath. Yuki didn’t wait to see what the effect would be, however… she immediately drew it back and lashed down again, finding new wax to break off from her body and leaving her jerking around. “Take it, my little slut,” Yuki said, slapping her breasts with the whip again… and then putting the tip of her faux cock against Shura’s opening and slamming in her cunt in the swiftest motion she could manage.

Shura screamed. The sensation on her long-teased cunt was now all the more intense from the brief moment of promised release her own fingers had offered it before being denied, and Yuki shoved this whole toy inside her at once, making her stretch. She had overstimulated right from the start, but Yuki didn’t go slow, not even for a moment… even while she whipped the wax from her body she still didn’t stop using her pussy with steady thrusts. She wanted her to be like this, tired and exhausted from being fucked so deep and Shura just let it happen, let Yuki see what she was doing to her with every move of her hips.

“Please,” the plea tore out of Shura’s mouth against her will. “Please, I need to…” More whimpers. Goddess, she was pathetic, wasn’t she? “Please, Mistress… please… I need…”

“What do you need?” Yuki asked with a laugh. The type of dildo kept her from ramming it into Shura’s pussy too hard or too fast but it was plenty for the blue-furred kitsune to handle, making her twitch and shake shaking with every noise from her pussy. Wax fell from her body in flakes, leaving her body completely exposed as the hardened coating fell off until it was all fresh, pale skin. “Tell me, plaything…”

“Please, Mistress!” Shura said, fear in her voice. She looked up at her Mistress, covered in sweat, her eyes shining. “Please let me cummmm…”

Yuki smiled at that, continuing to whip Shura even after the wax was gone… the lash counteracting the pleasure from the dildo expertly. “And is that what you think you deserve?” Yuki asked her quietly, her tone ever so slightly different even as she kept fucking Shura. “Do you think you’ve earned it?”

The gentleness in that tone seemed to break something inside Shura. She started crying, turning her head away even as she heard Yuki’s orgasm hit, the dildo resting in Shura’s body while Yuki shook and trembled. If she said yes, somehow Shura knew that she would get it. All it would take was a single whispered word and her tight tension would all go away, her denial would be over and the horrible, unending need would vanish… but did she deserve it? She had lied to her teacher, defied her instruction, doubted her methods, and then sneaked in here to steal an orgasm she hadn’t been given. “…No…” she whispered.

She lay there, trembling and shaking while her Mistress had the orgasm she could not… whimpering with embarrassment and denied pleasure as tears ran down her face. She barely even felt it when the dildo pulled out of her over the casual throbbing in her cunt, barely felt Yuki’s tails release her while she shook, but she felt it when Yuki leaned down to kiss her. She desperately pressed herself against her Mistress, wanting nothing more than to be touched and held, and she breathed hard as Yuki held her… then picked up the bound kitsune and casually, calmly, walked her out of the room and into her bed, the witchfire lights flickering off behind them as they went.

“It’s alright,” Yuki smiled softly as she carried Shura like a child, kissing the kitsune’s shoulder before meeting her eyes. “You really did do well today…”

Shura, timidly, nodded. She felt too tired to cry, but too horny to sleep. “I… I know…” she whispered softly. It was stupid… but what she was actually afraid of was clear to her, now. If she behaved, if she stopped making Yuki punish her… would the domineering nogitsune still want her?

She dreaded having to explain what she didn’t understand herself, but thankfully Yuki never asked. Instead, she merely set Shura down and loosened the bindings on the kitsune’s breasts before leaving the rest of her bondage intact, then settled into bed with her, her arms around the other woman. “Tomorrow we’re going to start some more complicated stuff,” she whispered against her apprentice’s ear. “Hard stuff. And you are going to learn every bit of it.” She briefly closed her teeth on Shura’s ear and one hand fell on her little spoon’s breast, horrifically teasing as the well-edged, exhausted kitsune melted against her body. Shura was certain she wouldn’t be able to sleep, but her body evidently had other plans… so worn down and so exhausted her eyes started growing heavy even before Yuki fully settled her body against her pretty blue-furred slave. “Don’t worry, Bubblegum…” were the last words she heard before the darkness claimed her. “Good things come to those who wait…”

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