NSC – The Endless Night – Chapter 1 – Hell

Thank you for reading! This is an NSC written by Aia and InBrightestDay, written with my approval and reference. Discussion for this story will be primarily located on discord! Come on in and let us know what you thought, we don’t bite.

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Hell was called the Empty Night. The sleek spaceship prowled the void like a shark, abreast a thousand other warships just like it. The Empty Night’s missile bays and hangars were currently silent, but that didn’t mean it was idle.

In the belly of the ship, tens of thousands of enslaved women, harvested from dozens of worlds, crowded the halls. The kthid, the demons of this hell, administered the tortures and rapes and breeding upon myriad alien flesh for no grander reason than that they could.  The women suffered simply because their civilizations hadn’t been able to fight off the spaceborne empire of rapists. The kthid stood six to seven feet tall, with shoulders nearly twice as broad as those of humans. Their bodies were covered in green scales and large plates of bony armor. They seemed like the creatures of nightmares made flesh.

With a lithe upper body and three pairs of pelvic tentacles that were little more than deadweights outside of water, Anisa was practically a doll in Master Grakrash’s grip. Agony shot up her arms as he yanked on her  wrist piercings, effortlessly pulling her closer to him. Anisa’s skin shimmered with blues and whites, flashing alongside her pangs of pain.

The cephalian’s muscles clenched as her master twisted her arm up, slipping the massive wrist piercings onto the hook that hung from the ceiling. Her six long pelvic tentacles made her slender form bottom-heavy, and that made her wrists burn like they were being stabbed as she was hung up before the watching audience.

Master Grakrash grabbed hold of her and turned Anisa, bringing her face to face with the roomful of kthid. Most of the masters were already completely naked, with their scaled cocks standing erect. Despite herself, Anisa couldn’t stop her deep-blue skin from flashing towards white in terror, the little freckles of color shrinking like droplets of water beneath an unforgiving sun.

Anisa’s slender body trembled and shook from terror, but she kept her face up and splayed open her pelvic tentacles like the petals of a flower to reveal her holes to the audience of the masters. Anisa’s features were delicate, retaining her breathtaking beauty despite the punishments that she had earned. Her nipples, her navel, her clit, and her arms, shoulders, and tentacles all gleamed with the gold of body piercings. They still hurt when they were pulled on, or if Anisa accidentally put too much weight on them, but she was still eternally grateful that he had decided to put time into making her more beautiful.

After all, beauty was the only worth that a worthless fuckdoll like Anisa had.

Master Grakrash’s eyes were focussed solely on Anisa’s body. His massive claws, big enough to crush her head, worked with practiced dexterity as he passed metal wires through the countless piercings lining Anisa’s limbs. Each touch sent sharp jabs of pain through her body, but Anisa bit down the screams. She mustn’t embarrass her master. She mustn’t embarrass her master.

“Wow,” one of the kthid whistled. “Do they all look like this?”

“Oh, yeah! We caught millions and millions of the squids when we raided their homeworld.”  Master Grakrash laughed. His eyes grew dark as he turned back to Anisa. “Still, I could’ve picked one that holds her color a little better. This one’s defective.”

Anisa forced down yet another scream as her master shoved a finger between her nether lips. His fingers were far narrower than his cock, but with the ‘party cocktail’ he may as well be trying to drive his entire fist into her. The injection forced Anisa’s stomach muscles to cramp tight, ensuring that she felt each and every scale on her master’s finger. Anisa screamed as he twisted his finger, driving his claw into her soft insides.

Anisa bleached from the pain, her skin turning from deep blues to chalk white. “I – I’m sorry, Master!” she blubbered. “I didn’t mean – ”

Her words were cut short by a backhand against her cheek. Her master, though he was slender for a kthid, still stood six and a half feet tall. The strike hurt, but it couldn’t compare to the agony of the whiplash as the wires yanked against Anisa’s piercings. Another scream tore from Anisa’s throat.

“Stop whining, you useless slut!” Master Grakrash barked. “Do you think I bought all my friends here to listen to you scream?”

“I don’t know about you, Grakrash, but I think your heitera screams real nicely,” one of the masters said, leering at Anisa. “I wouldn’t mind making her scream myself.” Master Grakrash’s expression immediately brightened as he turned away, a smile on his face.

“Well, that’s why I called you all here today!” he laughed, all of the anger in his voice vanishing. He threw out his arms. “She turns white when she’s in pain or when she’s scared. Fun, isn’t she?”

The masters around the room turned to each other. Some of them stared at Anisa or her master silently, but others turned to each other and chuckled. Master Grakrash raised a finger, smirking towards the party guests.

“So, I thought of a fun game for you all to play. We’ll probably have barely enough time for you to have a go with my heitera during this party,” Master Grakrash said, turning towards the other masters before turning his head towards Anisa. “The rules are simple, just how I like them! If you manage to make this little slut right here turn white for a full ten seconds, I’ll loan her to you and you can do whatever you want with her all day!”

Murmurs of excitement passed through the chamber, mixed in with a distinct note of uncertainty. Grakrash laughed.

“Do not worry about the breeding laws, by the way. She won’t be getting pregnant,” Master Grakrash said, giving Anisa’s side a hearty slap. The motion made the piercings pull torturously against Anisa’s flesh, but the slave bit down her scream. “You can use her as hard and as much as you like! Just give her back to me alive and we’re all good!”

Eyes lit up around the room as they realized the sadistic host of the event was being serious. Mutterings turned into chatters of excitement. Her master, Grakrash, reveled in the ruckus. He bathed in the excitement, interposing himself between the crowd and the restrained cephalian as if that would cause the attention to fall on him instead.

“Alright then,” Master Grakrash asked, lowering his hand as the room quieted down in regard for their gracious host. “Who wants to have a go at her fist?”

The science bay was big, housing floor after floor of personal quarters, workshops, laboratories, and more. A bronze-skinned woman was restrained to a metal table in one of the countless rooms, tilted such that she was bound nearly vertically to the floor. The room was cluttered with various pieces of engineering equipment. None of them would be seeing their intended use today.

Nareen screamed as the machine whirred on and her skin began to burn. Her blood-curdling screams filled the small room. Her skin, bronze and toned even after all this time separated from true sunlight and the hunt, began to redden and sizzle as it burned away. Nareen’s screams intensified as the burning began to move like some eldritch rash.

Thrakur couldn’t help but snicker as he looked at the screaming woman. The kthid scientist had to take his hands off the control for a moment to wipe the drool from the side of his mouth, his cock hard as he watched his heitera suffer in his unbreakable restraints. Nareen screamed and cried and thrashed, only injuring herself more. Thrakur’s mouth fell into a sneer of annoyance as he ordered the laser to stop before the stupid slave had a chance to ruin his masterpiece.

Fully restored and back from the medical bay, Nareen was a marvel to behold. Mature yet in the prime of her life, she was a muscular and statuesque beauty with four long, furry ears arcing from her head like the antlers of some creature of myth. Horns had once framed her visage, but they had been cut short, and were routinely amputated so they would never be anything but humiliating little bumps. Muscular thighs supported her grand form, the grain of the muscles subtle yet beautiful underneath unmarred caramel skin.

That wasn’t how Thrakur liked his heitera. He looked over to his switchboards. There were far more modern interfaces available for his use, of course, but Thrakur couldn’t stand them. The science caste kthid relished the feeling of a physical switch clicking into place. To the scrawny kthid, it felt almost like physically punching his heitera and feeling her bone crack and flesh fold beneath his fist. His cock stiffened even further. Later. There would be time for that later.

Thrakur hovered his finger over the button, relishing the rush of power. He turned his attention back to the woman behind the widow. She was breathing heavily, making her pendulous breasts heave, as she struggled against the metal restraints. The horned slut was from a lowly and primitive race, one that hadn’t even discovered basic things like computers or space flight yet. Thrakur loved thinking about how the stupid cow probably didn’t even have the brainpower understand the tortures she was being put through. He drew his finger back, reveling in the suspense.

Thrakur slammed his finger down and the stupid cow’s eyes widened in horror as white hot pain exploded from the metal band around her throat. Tiny arcs of electricity formed glowing lines connecting the collar to her throat, the current eating at her flesh like predatory worms. Nareen screamed and screamed, struggling in blind terror. Her strained muscles threatened to tear her tendons from her bones as black strings of smoke continued to rise from the slave’s tortured body.

Nareen slumped the moment Thrakur’s finger came off the button, her entire body shaking. A red ring of raw flesh sat just beneath the metal of the collar. Ever so briefly, she sobbed before her eyes went wide with terror. A moment later, the mask of anger and indignation was back on, and the dumb cow looked just like she had the day Thrakur had gotten his hands on her. The kthid scientist smirked.  The primitive could be obedient when she tried. Thrakur popped a piece of tail meat into his mouth before turning on the speaker.

Nareen heard the high pitched screech from the sorcerer’s boxes as they activated: the sound like metal pins being jabbed into her ears. She cringed as she heard her master’s voice boom through the speaker.

“Four-eared cumrag,” Thrakur said idly, his fingers strumming over the dozens of torture options, “if you keep moving, you’re going to be ruining all my nice little drawings.” Thrakur leaned in. The glass was one way, but the dumb cow knew where he was and that he was watching her. “So let me make this simple. You move again, I’ll start a drawing by burning a cut down your clit. Got it, cumrag?”

“Fuck you!” Nareen screamed, her voice faltering. She only hoped that that sounded angry enough to please the wicked sorcerer.

Thrakur squealed a high-pitched laugh. It was all rehearsed, of course. This dumb slut, this inferior species, was truly a wonderful toy. He was like a god in here, in control of how this played out. Thrakur reached forwards with his hand, looking for the next toy he’d use on the dumb cow.

In this hell, even the light burned Selara’s eyes. It felt like someone had poured sand beneath her eyelids and she couldn’t get it out. Her head pounded like a metal stake was being driven into her skull. The umbral woman was in a state of permanent migraine these days, not that she would be able to do much even if she wasn’t. The migraine was just another layer of suffering

The tiny knife shook in her trembling hand, trailing a chain that attached it to the table before Selara. It probably had color of some sort, but right now she could only see blinding white and splotches of gray. Pain and shadows. That was all she could see in this blinding hell.

Selara was tall. She would stand six and a half feet tall, not that she had a chance to these days. Even if her master let her walk upright, Selara wasn’t sure she could still trust her sense of balance. She couldn’t walk, much less fly, anywhere in this state even without her master’s ‘modifications’.

Compared to many slaves aboard the Empty Night, Selara was in good condition. Her pale skin was pristine and her imposing body and graceful tail were unbruised. Her wings, however, were in a far worse state. They bore rows of ring piercings: anchor points for the wires restraining her wings.

More metal rings pierced Selara’s nipples, her belly button, and the membrane on her tail. Tiny metal bells also hung from every ring. Once, the pale soldier found the bell noises to be innocuous, but having to listen to the insistent ringing, year after year, every single time she so much as took a breath, had soured the sound. Selara could hear the ringing in the deepest abysses of her nightmares.

The knife slipped as Selara tried to cut through the thick skin of the fruit, slicing into her fingers. A cry of pain escaped from her mouth, and her body shuddered. The new pain didn’t detract from the throbbing in her head; the two compounded to worsen each other. Droplets of blood, bright red to her eyes even in the torturous light, spilled from her cut. Selara’s heart sank.

“I certainly hope you’re not idling, Cave Worm.” Avraks said, somehow managing to make his tongue roll even through the translation. “Where is my fruit platter?”

“My apologies, Master Avraks. Just please give this worthless worm a moment longer,” Selara hissed through gritted teeth, her hand shaking from more than just pain. She furiously wiped the blood away from the piece of fruit.

Avraks lounged on the couch across the chamber, a set of protective eyewear over his face.  His paw worked idly up and down, maintaining an erection as he watched Selara struggle with her task. Selara knelt in a submissive pose as she worked, her body occasionally twitching from the fatigue and the pain. The umbral heitera’s posture gave a perfect display of her slit and sphincter, both still swollen, gaping, and dripping with cum.

Avraks swirled his liquor in the crystal goblet. There was something truly delicious about reducing that woman, once so fierce and powerful, into a whimpering slave incapable of a task a child would be able to perform.

The kthid’s cock, still stiff and slick from both his own cum and the slave’s juices, stood a full ten inches at full height and a good one and a half inches across. Avraks leered at his heitera’s thigh, still drenched with his seed. He’d spent too long keeping his own dick hard.

“Enough of that, Cave Worm,” Avraks growled, earning a resentful glare from the kneeling woman.  “I tire of your indolence. Bring me what you have. I shall see how badly you’ve failed me, and will decide your punishment accordingly.”

“Y – yes master,” Selara muttered, her hands trembling. She set the tiny fruit knife down on the table, the chain it was connected to clattering, and began to slowly turn around, clutching the plate of cut fruit in her hand.

Selara moved carefully, fighting against her dizziness. Every movement she made set the countless bells jangling in a torturous chorus. Every note was a tiny hammer, helping drive that metal stake deeper into her head. The raw, red skin around her eyes stung as fresh tears fell, pouring salt into the countless tiny wounds there. Selara could only hope that her master would find enough mercy in whatever passed for his heart to let her sleep at least a few hours tonight.

Tehouanai managed a groan, blood dripping from her cracked beak. The pretty bird girl breathed slowly, careful not to stress her bruised and cracked ribs. The corvid’s wrists were manacled and suspended above her head, forced to hold up the entire weight of her abused body and the metal weights hanging from her feet.

Without the feathered crest on her head, she would have stood two or three inches below six feet. Ugly purple bruises were visible through the thin layer of white feathers on her heaving belly. The black feathers over most of the rest of her body were considerably thicker and did far more to hide her injuries at a glance, but a closer look at the broken and torn plumage showed that no part of her escaped the abuse. Her grand wings were folded behind her and restrained with rope, like a chicken bound for the meat market or slaughterhouse.

Tehouanai’s ample breasts moved up and down slowly as she turned her hateful glare towards the kthid around her. A pair of pliers lay on the ground, a small pool of blood and her pulled talons beside them. Drakar, Tehou’s main tormenter, admired the injuries he’d inflicted as he slowly considered his next move.

Drakar lunged, throwing his whole weight behind the jab. Tehouanai screamed and gagged as the punch hit her, her sapphire eyes snapping open as the crack of her ribs breaking rang out loud. Her hips may have flared out wide, but her waist was slender and had no way to blunt the fist of the kthid as it was thrown against her body.

Drakar followed up with a flurry of boxer jabs, each one feeling like a lead bludgeon against Tehouanai’s taut stomach. One struck her straight in the diaphragm, clenching up her entire body and making her eyes bulge. The last punch struck deep as Drakar dug his scaled fist into the corvid, twisting his knuckles into her gut to accentuate both the pain and the damage. A wide snarl ran over his face. Tehouanai could practically feel the sadistic bastard harden up at that.

“Drakar, do stand back,” Thron said. Drakar snorted but complied.

“Of course, My Lord,” the kthid said, placing his hands behind his back and assuming a military inspection pose.

Thron, Tehounai’s master, did his best to lounge on the gym bench. The colossal lizard had a lazy demeanor about him, watching Tehou’s beating like he was enjoying a mildly entertaining movie. The large kthid was used to luxurious couches and other assorted finery; he looked comically out of place on the tiny bench.

Lyok’aeh, the traitorous slut, was on her knees before their mutual owner. Tehouanai couldn’t see the bird girl’s face, but she could tell from the sound of gagging that their master’s cock was deep in her former friend’s throat. Thron didn’t even need to snap off Lyok’s beak like he used to anymore. Now, she’d open her beak so wide that she’d dislocate it if it let her master fit his cock down her worthless turncoat throat just a little more pleasurably.

Tehounai glared at Thron with undisguised contempt. She was going to kill every last one of them. She wouldn’t be satisfied until they were all choking to death on their severed cocks. If Thron was bothered by the murderous rage behind Tehou’s sapphire eyes, he gave no indication of it.

“So then, Tehouanai,” Thron said, his face twitching slightly as his climax approached. “Once again, I’d like to extend my very gracious offer.  You’ve been very brave and you’ve fought very hard, but surely you can agree that this pointless game has gone on for quite long enough.”

Tehounai spat, a globule of saliva and blood splattering the ground between the two of them. Thron rolled his eyes and grabbed Lyok by the back of her head, slamming her down on his cock. Lyok gagged and her master finished into her tenderized throat. Tehou seethed quietly. She knew that Lyok’s jaw would be open almost a hundred and eighty degrees to take the bastard lizard’s cock all the way down to the base. The lizards had cut into their jaws to surgically turn both of them into walking cocksleeves. Tehouanai had received the same modifications, of course, though no kthid trusted their cocks anywhere near her beak without gags being involved. Not anymore, at least.

Thron held Lyok in place for a good twenty seconds before yanking her face off his crotch and shoving her aside. Lyok stumbled back and scampered out of her master’s way, cum pouring down her beak and dripping onto her pregnant belly. Their eyes met for a moment, Lyok’s red eyes and Tehou’s bright blue.

Tehouanai felt seething anger rise in her chest as her friend averted her eyes, as if ashamed. Good. She should be ashamed. Seeing the face of her once-friend leaking the semen of her rapist, especially with her eyes still brimming with painful tears, infuriated Tehou more than just about anything. After everything that these disgusting creatures had taken from them, after everyone they’d killed and raped, how could Lyok even consider getting down on her knees willingly like some cheap whore? Had she forgotten what these bastards had done to them?

Thron strode forwards, a fanged smile on his face. Tehouanai growled as she felt her owner shove a finger into her dry cunt, sighing as he felt around. Thron yanked his finger from her dry hole and reached up to fondle her breasts, drawing a disgusted growl from Tehou’s beak.

“Let’s put a stop to all of this foolishness already. You have proven to be quite the challenge to conquer, but now you are simply being unbecomingly obstinate. I’m not asking for much, Tehounai. Just get down on your knees, swear to be my loyal heitera, and ask me to impregnate you,” Thron said, his voice like buttery slime. “You’ll get to sleep in a bed, get solid food, and I might even let you cum sometimes, as long as you’re a really good girl.” He grabbed Tehou’s beak, forcing her to face him.

“Why be stubborn? You won’t be going anywhere. You will be a slave until the day you die. Why not try to be a bit better off, live a bit of a better life?” Thron languidly glanced over at Drakar and then back at her. “Just promise to dedicate yourself to me, and you won’t ever have to deal with Drakar again. You would just be my loyal property, just like Lyok’aeh.” Thron’s hands wandered Tehou’s stomach, making her body flare up with sharp pain. “Doesn’t that sound so much better than these daily beatings and hunts?”

There was a pit in Tehou’s core, a moment of that detestable weakness curling in her stomach like some insect. Her beak opened for a moment and she began to answer. Then faces filled her mind’s eye. So many faces, and the fire and the blood and the screams and the hate. The flames of anger swelled inside of Tehouanai’s chest into an all consuming inferno that burned away everything else. It burned away her concern for her friend. It burned away her exhaustion. It burned away that faint hope. It burned so bright that Tehou became the flame. She turned, spitting at her master. She missed his eye by a hair.

Thron sighed, and then chuckled. He wiped the spit away and stepped back, needing to issue no other orders. Drakar’s fist was buried straight into Tehou’s gut a second later.

“You really are dumb, you birdbrained whore,” Drakar laughed derisively.  “How long before he gets sick of your game and gets rid of you, do you think?” He leaned in, his breath hot against her face, “How long before I can get my hands on you, and show you what hell really feels like?”

“Go get fucked, you limp dicked fuckface!” Tehouanai snarled, her voice dripping with bile. Drakar took another swing at her, catching her square on the cheek this time. The feral kthid threw himself into her, barraging her with strikes, as Thron watched quietly from the side. The kthid noble reached up, wiping the spit and blood from his cheek with his finger, before licking the fluids off of his claw whilst continuing to enjoy the sight of Tehou’s beating.

Far off in another part of the ship, a mass of casteless, lowest amongst the kthid, were crowded around a diversion. Sky could feel the hot kthid cum fill her abused hole as the one behind her ejaculated, the scalding hot semen stinging her raw pussy. Her face was pushed hard against the ground as the casteless rutted hard into her.

Sky was taller than a fair number of the breeding slaves and heiteras on the ship, standing at the height of six foot four. She was lankier than most of the kthid’s slaves by a good margin as well. Her skin was red all over, with darker splotches of brown. A pair of red horns and three pairs of pink fuzzy protuberances jutted from her head, and a long tail stretched behind her back.  The flat limb was being used by the casteless kthid behind her like a leash.

Inside of the hovels, Sky rarely got news of what was going on outside. She could always tell when it came time for the kthid to begin raping and burning their way through a new civilization, however. The Empty Night would go through a process of emptying. Warriors, engineers, and scientists who tired of their slaves would sell them off so they could go collect a fresh new heitera as spoils of their genocidal wars.

The Empty Night had maybe a half to a third of the slaves it usually carried. That meant far fewer slaves at any one time would be getting punished by being given to the casteless. For a renounced slave like Sky, it meant dealing with a hundred cocks a day, each one looking to impregnate her womb

Sky’s knees were already feeling sore by the time her rapist finished. The scaled cock pulled out of her, scraping her insides painfully on its way out. The casteless kthid laughed.

“That was a good fuck,” he laughed. “Fuck, I could go for another round though.”

Another kthid in the long line laughed.  “Get back in line then!”  Sky’s most recent rapist gave the idea a moment’s thought.

“What the hell. It’s not like I’ve got anywhere to be,” the casteless shrugged, moving to the back of the seemingly endless line of scaled lizards. By the time he made it back, his balls would be full again.

Sky didn’t complain. What would be the point? It wouldn’t change anything. Llorians were usually not nearly as timid as she was, of course. Arguably, it was her timidity that had caused her to end up here as a sex toy for the hundreads of thousands of casteless than roamed the ship’s halls. But her personality wasn’t something the llorian woman had ever had any control over.

The next kthid in line wasted no time walking up and grabbing her by the hips, sheathing over eight inches of scaled cock in the slender woman’s quim. Sky felt a stab of pain as the scaled creature’s hips slammed against her derriere, the impact of the ravaging creature making her bones creak. There was no ceremony to the rape. Sky was mounted by a bestial creature and the rape simply commenced.

It hurt, of course. The llorian woman’s body always felt heavy under the gravity of the ship. She weighed so much more in this hell than on the quiet world she’d grown up on, making every single step she took feel like she was carrying boxes of munitions in her arms. That was when she was just walking around, of course. Rape by a kthid was nowhere near as gentle as simply walking, and it was all happening in gravity approaching double what her body had evolved to take.

The monstrous cock hammered in and out of Sky’s pussy, desperately trying to plant progeny in her womb. There was nothing subtle or conniving about the way that casteless bred slaves like Sky. Raw bestial urges drove the green scaled creatures forwards, without any concern about the damage they may be doing to their victims. The claws dug deep into her hips, leaving her body no give as Sky was forced to endure the full force of the kthid’s strength.

The cock ridges scraped at her insides. The scales of the kthid’s torso didn’t help either, not as they scratched at her buttocks and opened tiny wounds that slowly worked their way into becoming ugly tears. Her body creaked as the casteless pistoned in and out of her, savagely making use of the slave girl.

For her part, Sky didn’t so much scream as emit a sustained sound of agony, cut off during the brief interludes where her burning lungs forced the llorian woman to draw a sharp breath.

The kthid was soon slamming her against the ground, lacerating her knees and injuring her ass as she felt every last one of her bones creak. As much as she hoped she could avoid it, Sky knew perfectly well that she was not going to finish here with all of her bones intact.

Anisa’s somber blue skin paled towards white as she watched the kthid’s cock grow to a monstrous fifteen inches long. She looked up to meet the owner of the torture device about to be plunged into her slit.

The kthid was huge even by the standard of his kind, standing a full head above even the already looming figures of the other masters. His body was covered in dull brown scales, unlike the dark green color of most of the Masters aboard the Empty Night, with an ugly burn scar over his left eye. His jaw was set tight.

Anisa trembled from the suffocating fear. This kthid looked furious. She tried her absolute best to show the master an expression that would communicate nothing but docile devotion towards the act of pleasing him, but she still couldn’t stop the tears of terror from beading up at the edge of her eyes. It was wrong for her to feel fear, of course. She was a worthless fucksleeve. Her fear didn’t matter. Her feelings didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered were the kthid and the pleasure they could have from her holes.

The giant kthid lined up his massive cock with her slit. Anisa looked up at him, her body trembling as her eyes searched for the smallest hint of gentleness and mercy in the hard, scaled face of the looming giant. The kthid wasn’t looking at her eyes, however. Instead, he traced his massive claws over the curves of her tentacles.

“Pretty, isn’t she?” Master Grakrash laughed. The giant kthid turned his head slowly before offering an affirmative grunt. He looked back towards Anisa, tracing a claw up her belly and towards her neck. Anisa’s hearts were all beating so quickly that they felt like they would tear themselves straight from her skin.

“She used to be prettier, brother. So many colors.” Master Grakrash boasted. “She’s defective now though, like I said. Only shows two colors. You should have seen her when she still looked like a rainbow.”

Master Grakrash glanced between the looming kthid and Anisa, his eyes occasionally flickering towards the crowd. Master Grakrash leaned in close, whispering.

“Go on, brother,” he said. “Fuck her nice and good. I’m sure everyone’s been looking forward to seeing how you handle a fucksleeve ever since you walked in with that.” Master Grakrash nodded towards the giant’s erect cock. He laughed as the giant growled at him in response. “Go on then, Krathan! I know you want to.”

The cock might as well have been incandescent hot and covered in razor blades for how it felt when it pried Anisa’s quim apart. The sensation of scratching and tearing and rending assaulted her all at once, intent on ripping her sanity to pieces. Anisa knew she must not scream, she knew that if she screamed then it would only make things worse. She bit down on her lips and tears flowed like streams down her face. It felt like someone was jabbing serrated skewers deep into her muscles and then slowly pulling them out, hooking and tearing her muscles on the way back out.

Anisa could acutely feel every single scrape and bump as the truly monstrous cock forced its way past her nether lips. Pain surged through her like wildfire, every single nerve in her body curling and shriveling from the agony. It felt like someone was simultaneously trying to flay the insides of her pussy into a bloody pulp and slowly tear her groin in half.

The scarred kthid pushed his cock further in. The penis felt like it was made of hardened metal in her tortured hole. Through her haze of torment, the cephalian could vaguely feel her tentacles being held onto for leverage as the cock was pushed deeper and deeper. Millimeter by millimeter, the ravaging intruder pressed into her body.

Shrill squeaks of pain, like the sound of a small animal being slowly crushed beneath an uncaring boot, leaked from Anisa’s throat. Inside the cephalian’s head, the tortuous violation of the penetration took hours instead of seconds. Her limber body, so naturally flexible, was party to her torture, thanks to the party drug that kept her entire pelvic region as tense as it could possibly be.

Anisa didn’t realize she was screaming until she was halfway through pushing the shrill sound out of her throat. She felt the scaly groin of the giant rapist slam into her a moment later. The scar faced kthid moaned as he experienced the sensation of fully sheathing himself within her body.

Anisa could feel every single inch of skin on her body bleach white, as the pain had subsided just enough for her to fully appreciate the grievous mistake she’d just made. Her eyes darted over to Grakash’s face, seeing the seething fury in those narrowing red eyes. She had been ordered not to scream, never to scream, and she had failed. He spared his tortured slave only a momentary glare, clearly communicating his wrath at her failure, before the smile was back on his face as he addressed the gathered crowd.

“Sorry about all the noise, folks. You know how these slaves can be. You can train them all you want, and they still keep fucking up,” Master Grakrash laughed, earning a round of cackles and chuckles from the gathered kthid.  “Ah well, don’t worry. I’ll make sure to remind it  what happens when it disobeys me.”

“No! Master, I’m sorry!” Anisa begged, her voice coming out in squeaks too quiet for anyone but her master and her current rapist to hear. “I didn’t mean to! I didn’t! Please, I didn’t mean to!”

The rest of the crowd responded with a bit of teasing but mostly with assurances that it was really nothing to worry about, with more than a few volunteering to help discipline the unruly slave. Master Grakrash didn’t even turn to acknowledge her pleas for mercy, but the restrained girl could see his body tense up in annoyance. Anisa felt like he had reached into her chest and wrenched out one of her hearts.

The scarred kthid had a dark expression on his face, his reptilian eyes narrowing to red slits and his jaw setting like a predator ready to pounce. Anisa could feel a stir of emotions swirling behind those terrifying predatory eyes. Unable to deal with being trapped between her agony and her terror, Anisa just began to blubber incoherently, futilely hoping that an adequate display of her fear and pain would mollify the kthid somewhat.

“Grakrash – – ” The scarred kthid began.

“What is it?” Master Grakrash asked, turning to face him.

“Are you sure your heitera is healthy? She seems unusually distressed,” the scarred kthid said, running his claw over Anisa’s cramped belly. “I could take her back to the medical bay to examine her body, if you like. I don’t think a reaction this strong is normal.”

“Don’t worry about it; it’s far tougher than it looks!”  Master Grakash laughed, slapping the larger kthid’s shoulder as a fanged grin stretched over his face.  “It won’t break from a little rape, even from your cock. Go for it, have fun. Everyone else is waiting to have their turn as well.” The scar faced kthid sighed.

“In my professional opinion, I — ”

“Come on now,” Master Grakash cut in.  “How often are you going to get a chance to fuck something you don’t have to worry about killing? Go for it, brother, have some fun!”  Master Grakrash elbowed the giant kthid playfully.

The larger kthid turned around, looking at the figures who stared eagerly and hungrily at the restrained cephalian girl. The scar faced monster turned his head back and growled, setting his jaw even more tightly as he withdrew his cock out of Anisa’s tortured hole. The scales scraped the sides of her passage even on the way out, though the pain paled compared to what the first insertion had felt like.

The scar faced monster rammed his weight into her again, sheathing himself deep into the cephalian’s body. He began pummeling her with his entire body, over half a ton of muscle, bone, and scales thrown against the squid girl with a force that seemed intent on pulverizing her. Her body’s position allowed nowhere for that force to go. Anisa could only drown in her misery as the saurian creature hammered into her.

The kthid drove into her with pitiless force, slamming into her with the intensity of a natural calamity. His face curled with pleasure as he plundered her body, the poison circulating through Anisa ensuring that she would feel every single thrust like a sword being driven into her flesh. Fresh tears flowed from her face and snot clogged her nose as she cried uncontrollably, her entire body shaking from the agony. The kthid using her glared at her again, his face twisting in displeasure.

“That’s the spirit, brother!” Grakrash laughed, “Go for it, teach the little slut a lesson about not knowing how to keep her cockholster shut!”

The rutting made her dilated slit squelch and Anisa’s body shake with fits of agony she couldn’t suppress. Her skin had returned to its miserable deep blue color, but flashes of white flared up every single time the shaft scraped against her paralyzed walls. Through it all, those predatory red eyes never left Anisa’s face.

That was far from the totality of her torture, however. Anisa’s body may have rested on a bench, but her tentacles all hung from the metal rings that were driven straight through muscle and skin like meathooks. She swung on the wires like a fleshy pendulum, forced to move at the behest of the giant.

The monstrous cock continued to batter her quim, the sharp pain of the scraping scales blending with the tearing pain that made her feel like her body was being torn into two. It felt like she was a piece of wood, and the cock was a long saw trying to bifurcate her from pussy to chest. Sounds somewhere between choking and screaming burst from Anisa’s throat, joining the chorus of wet squelching and idle conversation of the other masters.

Anisa could feel the giant’s cock begin throbbing inside of her as he began edging. The fucking only sped up. Anisa couldn’t even really feel her loins anymore, her mind could only contextualize the area between her tentacled lower limbs as a mass of raw pain. The pumping went faster and faster and faster until the kthid groaned, sheathing himself the full fifteen inches into her body. Anisa could only gag pathetically on a barely suppressed scream, hot cum flooding her womb once more.

The kthid’s cum was thick and gunky, sticking to her womb like glue. The semen washed her insides with the kthid’s seed, causing her belly to bloat from just the volume alone. How long has it been since he ejaculated? A sound between relief and utter exhaustion left Anisa’s mouth as the kthid withdrew from her, the master receiving compliments, playful punches, and slaps on the back from the other assembled kthid.

“Good show, little brother!” Master Grakrash laughed, throwing his arm around the shoulder of the taller kthid. He turned the larger kthid away from the crowd, whispering “I really do need to get you to these parties more often. Get you out of your room more.”

The scarred kthid only grunted in reply, turning away. Master Grakrash’s expression immediately changed, turning to concern.

“Hey, is something wrong?” he asked.

“I’m leaving,” the larger kthid declared. “I have things I need to deal with. I also have stomach pains.”

“Stomach pains? Is it something you ate?” Master Grakrash asked.  “Hey, if one the the slaves fucked something up in the kitchen just tell me, alright?  I’ll make sure they get what they deserve.”

The larger kthid’s eyes narrowed, but the rest of the conversation was lost to Anisa as the two of them disappeared in the crowd of eager and waiting kthid.

Anisa’s vagina twitched softly, her nether lips already back together. The party drug her master had given her didn’t actually dull her natural resilience, it just made every single intrusion feel like it tore her apart. Anisa blinked the tears out of her eyes, fighting against her own terrified tremors as the next kthid stepped up towards her with his erect cock.

“I — I hope my worthless holes will prove to be to your satisfaction, my lord!” Anisa whispered quickly, forcing a trembling smile to her face, “Please use — please use me to your heart’s content!”

Nareen’s eyes were blurry with tears, but she would never mistake her master’s silhouette for anyone else. The scrawny kthid stepped through the door and into the chamber Nareen had come to know as her personal hell. Trapped in this place, all of her strength meant absolutely nothing, as though she were the victim of some malevolent ghost, risen up from the grave to torture her.

Nareen’s formerly pristine body was utterly defiled. Fresh burns, still seething with smoky wisps, marred her skin. Her entire body reeked of cooked meat. Once upon a time, she would have found the smell to be indescribably delectable. After untold months of eating nothing but her master’s cum and the tasteless sludge she was forced to stomach, she had come to associate the scent of cooking meat only with her abject misery.

Her master circled her like a pack bearing down on crippled prey. Every single moment she spent strapped to the table added an extra bit of terror to the mirucain woman’s heart. Nareen’s skin felt tight and restrictive, as if each wound was a horrid restraint that no amount of strength could possibly remove.

Thrakur smirked at his heitera’s torment, leering at her body. Her muscles were prominent and beautifully toned, and he just loved to see her body tremble in agony every time she tried to make even the smallest movement. The kthid scientist walked over to the woman, his cock at full mast.

Nareen’s toned body was reduced by the injuries, turned from a masterpiece of predatory evolutionary development into a bloody canvas for the kthid scientist’s sickening designs. Everywhere from the cheeks on her face to her forelegs had horrid designs burned into them.

The mutilation was cruel and horrific by nature, the images rendered deranged by their obscene subject matter. Balls and a shaft on her right breast. Tally marks, denoting nothing in particular, covered the mirucain woman’s muscled belly. An image of a literal pile of feces was burned right into her left shoulder. The utter defilement of the warrior was enough, on its own, to make Thrakur ooze with pre.

Nareen’s eyes could barely open, but she made them open anyway. She did her best to meet her master’s merciless eyes with her own, her chest aching almost as much as her tortured skin was. “P – please, Master. No more. I – I can’t take it anymore!”

Thrakur balled his hand into a fist and took a swing at Nareen’s face, striking her directly in a crude mockery of her head and ears that was burned into her cheek. The blow tore the wound open further, drawing a tortured scream from Nareen’s mouth.

“Please, Master!” Nareen sobbed,  “I can’t do this anymore!”

Thrakur’s eyes grew narrow with rage and he grabbed Nareen’s face, his claws sinking into her cheeks. Nareen released a sustained wail of despair as the claws drew blood.

“Resist, you dumb cow!” Thrakur snarled furiously, clawing at Nareen’s exposed breasts. “Fight! Have you no shame?”

Nareen howled as the claws raked her breasts. The slashes tore open the burn wounds, spilling blood. Nareen’s sustained cry burned out into choked sobs as she slumped, at rock bottom and somehow finding a way to sink even further. Begging for mercy was pointless. Doing what her master wanted was the only way to even reduce the pain.

Nareen raised her head, her entire body shaking from the effort, and tried to force her mouth to snarl; tried to force anger to her face. It was nearly impossible for her. She wasn’t looking at some enemy or a creature to be vanquished, she was looking into the eyes of an implacable and malevolent god who was torturing her for its amusement.

“I won’t forgive you for this!” she managed, her faux anger cracking to terror nearly immediately, agony compelling her to play the kthid’s sick game anyway. “I’ll make you pay for this one day!”

You are going to make me pay, you primitive?” Thrakur jeered. “We are the superior species! You are mere scum, cattle to be bred! Nothing more! Know your place!”

Thrakur’s eyes were flooded with almost childish glee as he lined his scaled cock to Nareen’s dry slit and, without any ceremony or pause, drove his cock straight into her pussy. Nareen screamed, her thin veneer shattering instantly as the rape began in earnest.

Nareen was used to taking large penetrations, but the cocks of mirucain males were not covered in scales and certainly were not wielded by a monster that seemed to have the might and aggression of the great tuskars themselves. The overwhelming brute force of the creature combined with its obscene size ensured that the penetration was torturous even for Nareen.

Thrakur wasted no time. There was nothing more satisfying to him than taking an arrogant primitive and taming the wench with his cock alone. The woman was tight and soft and he didn’t particularly care if she wasn’t wet. The scientist knew well, after all, that to dominate primitive creatures like the simple cow before him all he ever needed was brutal force. He had that in spades, of course, as the scion of the greatest empire the galaxy had ever known. With that, what choice did this pathetic, sniveling primitive before him have apart from submission?

Nareen threw out every single insult and obscenity she could dredge up from her pain-clouded mind. The intense shock of the monstrous lizard slamming against her quim hurt more than any kick that Nareen had ever taken, made worse by the fact that the pounding was only growing and growing in vigor with every passing moment.

Thrakur rutted, relishing the sensation of utter domination as he took a finely honed predator and reduced her to nothing more than a piece of meat through rapine and torment. He wrapped one clawed hand around the cow’s teat and another around her arm, yanking on the flesh and pawing at the wounds.

Nareen’s screams were soon reduced to broken sobs. Each movement was torture, and so her struggling only grew weaker beneath the force of Thrakur’s thrusts. He would normally grow annoyed at the cow’s laziness, but her twitching hole and her writhing body felt so good beneath him that he could barely care. Thrakur grinned delightedly, his fangs gleaming in the unnaturally white light of the torture chamber as the squelching sound of violation blended with the agonized screams in the air. This was heavenly. He simply could not have asked for a more perfect fucktoy.

Nareen’s mind was still reeling, trying to formulate words of futile resistance or empty vows of revenge and justice to please her master’s sick desires. It was all meaningless in the end, but if it would lessen the pain even a little bit, alleviate the sensation of her skin being shredded to ribbons and her nerves being exposed to air they were never meant to see… In her agony, she didn’t even notice that she had lost the ability to produce comprehensible words. The only sounds she could produce were screams, and the sounds of squelching as the scaled phallus was forced again and again into Nareen’s dry hole.

The sorcerer’s scaled belly continued to scrape at Nareen from above, his jagged body raking across her belly. The vicious thrusting of the creature tore at the shallow wounds of her toned somach as he continued to rape her pussy, his jagged body scraping at her insides just as painfully as they did her outer skin.

Nareen’s voice had long reached its limits. The ragged notes could go no higher, and yet the pain kept piling up. It felt like those scales were rubbing straight against her muscles now, like she was having her flesh grated against a jagged boulder. The onslaught didn’t stop. She was a tiny leaf thrown into a storm of unrelenting pain. The wounds, burned into her skin by tools that seemed to her like black magic, were torn wider and wider until Nareen’s body was marred all over in patchworks of raw flesh.

Thrakur paid no attention to his ‘art’ now that he was so deep in crushing the creature into a weeping ball of pain and lamentation before him. The primitive’s surrender was now secondary to the lust building inside him. He could practically feel his seed swirl inside of his balls as he got ready to release. The primitive’s face was red with blood as he hammered into her.

The scalding hot cum filled Nareen like a flood, searing her abused walls like a pyroclastic flow. Far from screaming, the mirucain woman could only emit squawks of gagging pain as her insides were burned by the cascading wave of kthid cum.

Thrakur finally pulled back, his mind clearing somewhat. As the kthid yanked his cock free from the now-soiled hole and admired his handiwork, the grin born from his orgasm slowly turned into a scowl. The primitive creature’s body was a busy patchwork of bleeding wounds and degrading graffiti. Her belly was a mess of scraped wounds and her face was covered in tears and snot. Yet still the musculature seemed to show through even all of the blood and injuries. Even now, her body resisted its reduction into the miserable state fit for a lesser creature like this.

Nareen only saw her master turn around. She stared in confusion for a while before sharp pangs of pain assaulted her body. Nareen was turned midair by the incomparably solid restraints. Her entire body seemed to sting from the injuries and the hot cum was still painful inside of her quim, but for the moment it was confusion that dominated her mind. Nareen’s confusion was replaced by horror a moment later as she heard the infernal machine whir on again. Thrakur glared at the mirucain woman through the one way mirror as he began to burn marks into her as-yet unmarred back.

Even breathing was painful for Selara. That set the bells ringing, and every single noise was the sharp crack of a whip against her fragile mind. She still forced herself to shuffle towards her master. Obeying was painful, but resisting was always worse. The umbral woman offered the platter of fruit to the monster with unparalleled obsequiousness, gritting her teeth to silence her more dangerous thoughts.

Selara could feel Avraks reach down and pluck a piece of fruit from the platter. The sound of contemplative chewing followed. Then a lump of half-chewed fruit struck the ground next to her. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel the warm splatter of saliva against her knee. The umbral woman trembled, her entire body shaking with quickly mounting fear.

“You really are useless, worm.” Avraks sighed, knocking the carefully-prepared platter from Selara’s hand. His foot stomped down a moment later, squashing the fruit in a splatter of mush, “You can’t even manage a task this simple.”

“I – I’m sorry, Master Avraks.” Selara whispered, her soft voice managing to grow even more feeble as fear curled around her.

“Sorry isn’t enough,” Avraks said coldly. Selera couldn’t look up and face the blinding lights directly, but she had little doubt that her master was scowling down at her right now.  “I expected you to be able to at least cut fruit, but apparently I was asking too much.”  Selara bowed her head deeper.

“I apologize for my worthlessness, Master Avraks,” she whispered.  Avraks snorted.

“Kthid begin learning shortly after we’re born,” Avraks said, speaking loudly. Selara couldn’t be sure if he was being loud on purpose to torment her or not, but she was sure that it was yet another  contributor to the hammering migraine.  “Not long after that, while the lesser races are struggling to walk, we are already mastering the tasks we need to survive and thrive.  That’s why I mean it when I say a child could do what you are currently failing so abjectly at.”  Selara could feel him lean in closer, down nearer to her head.  “What do you have to say for yourself, Cave Worm?”

“Nothing, master Avraks,” Selara muttered through gritted teeth.  “This worthless worm apologizes and pleads for your mercy.”

Avraks put his foot on Selara’s head and pressed down, shoving her face into the mushy fruit splattered all over the ground. He then began to press hard, transferring more and more of his weight onto her skull. Selara was already bowed over with her head as low as she could bring it. The foot pushing her head down stretched her spine and contorted her torso painfully.

Selara could only stay there and take it as Avraks used her face like a rag, wiping her visage against the floor using his taloned foot. Her beautiful locks of white hair, kept perfectly clean and combed on pain of beatings, fell around her head like the plume of a mop as they soaked up the juices, spit, and the stray pools of cum that covered the floor.

“Well, Cave Worm, aren’t you going to clean up this mess you’ve made?” Avraks asked expectantly.  “Or perhaps you’re feeling more — recalcitrant today, and we need to visit the screening room again?”

Selara’s heart clenched, her eyes stinging. “No, Master Avraks.”

“Then lick it up!” The kthid barked. “Don’t keep me waiting, worm.”

The floor was foul to taste, but Selara licked anyway. She licked up the residual floor cleaner, stray hair, splattered fruit, and bitter semen with laps of her long tongue.  Avraks chuckled as he watched her pathetic display.

“Did I touch a nerve, worm?” Avraks hissed. “You look pathetic.  It must have been sheer, cruel luck that my brother fell to the likes of you.”

Avraks pulled his foot off Selara’s head and left the couch to squat next to her, grabbing her by her hair and yanking her head up. Selera’s hair messily parted, showing a face smeared with fruit, cum and tears. Avraks looked down at the floor, frowning slightly when he noticed that the woman had done a rather decent job at cleaning up the mess.

“What do you know? You can be useful after all.” Maintaining his grip on her hair, Avraks wrenched Selara up from the floor and threw her onto the couch, planting her face directly into the cushions as he rounded the kneeling heitera. The kthid warrior pried the pale woman’s asscheeks apart, looking at the slave’s puffy and abused holes with a lustful smirk.

Selara stiffened as she felt the familiar bell-head press against her puckered hole. The cock was probably about two times the diameter of anything that Selara could take in that hole comfortably, but the comfort of a slave never mattered to the kthid. Selara could only tense up as she felt clawed paws grab her by the swell of her hips.

She screamed in pain as her colon was roughly conquered, the searing pain of her rectum being pried open shooting straight up her spine like the lash of a barbed whip. Avraks fucked ferociously, approaching the rape of the woman who bore his sons with the fury and brutality of a fight against an enemy he intended to slay. The scaled pole roughly tore its way through her rectum with only residual cum to smooth its advance.

Scales scraped against Selara’s overstretched anal ring, sending the sensations up through her body like little knives. The umbral woman could only scream horribly as her master began to hammer her hole with a force that seemed determined to turn her pelvic bones to powder. Avraks roughly wrapped his paw around Selara’s tail and pulled, using the tail like a leash.

“You are at least still good as a piece of meat. I suppose that’s something,” Avraks sniffed, slamming into Selara again and again, rubbing her more and more raw with each violating thrust.  “What do you think, Cave Worm? Aren’t you glad I found a use for you?”

“Yes – thank – you – Mas – ter!” Selera barely managed as she took the giant cock, trying and failing not to bite her tongue. Had she been raped like this maybe a decade ago, it would have been the worst thing to ever have happened to her. To think that the monsters had inflicted so much upon her that this was merely the norm, the baseline of suffering that she was granted for good behavior.

The ravaging of Selara’s hole came hard and fast, the steadily building tempo adding to the intensity and sharpness of her pain. The thick cock, ramming down into a hole too small for it, should have meant that Selara’s orifices would grow accustomed to her master’s length and girth over years of enslavement. That never happened, however. Her holes never grew loose. Every rape felt like her first.

The impact of scaled flesh against reddening thighs echoed through the room like the baseline to the torturous orchestration, accompanied by the melody of the clanging bells. The migraine pounded in Selara’s brain like a second cock was being driven straight into her head, slowly cracking her skull with every single thrust.

After what felt like days of endless rape, Avraks neared his orgasm. His grunts grew louder and louder, adding to the lurid melody of Selara’s degradation. The telltale throbbing sensation could be felt clearly through the umbral woman’s abused and overfilled hole. The cock somehow hardened even beyond its hateful dimensions as Avraks finished, ejaculating his load into Selara’s body.

The pale woman could only let off a strained groan as the scalding hot cum sprayed down her abused hole. Her guts were haphazardly sprayed down with a hosing of ejaculate so intense that the umbral woman could practically hear it splashing against her insides. Her eyes squeezed shut even further as her head slumped against the cushion, her latest violation finally at an end.

Avraks returned to his seat, reaching over over and yanking Selara’s head towards his crotch by her hair, slapping her face with the half-rigid cock, still stained with semen and the taste of her rectum. Selara needed no further instruction, though she still retched as she was forced to clean up the results of her violation. Her sphincter, still reddened by the assault, continued to discharge cum like a sewage outlet.

“Don’t take too long, Cave Worm,” Avraks said, and Selara could hear him smile.  “I haven’t had my fruit platter yet.”

One of Drakar’s thugs grabbed Tehouanai and slammed her against the floor, rattling her skull. Her body, built for swift and agile flight, was so light that the monstrous lizards could handle her effortlessly. Her head was slammed against the ground again and again, making her vision swim. She could taste the blood in her mouth.

Tehou’s eyelids felt heavier with each impact, yet the seething flame of anger inside her hadn’t subsided. If anything, it burned even brighter now. She could see her once-friend through bleary eyes, the pregnant girl bouncing desperately up and down Master Thron’s shaft.

 Tehou’s once-friend rode her master in reverse cowgirl, despite having no hands to steady herself or to hold up her heavily pregnant belly.  Lyok was made to use her legs, supporting the weight of her body and that of her owner’s gestating fetus and raping herself on the cock far too big and thick for any sane harrier woman to take. Her gasps and moans were peppered with winces of agonizing pain. Her eyes were shut tight and her face was locked into an expression of intense concentration as she voluntarily danced her pussy up and down the pole of the murderous monster. Tehounai clenched her jaw so hard that she was genuinely surprised her beak didn’t crack.

The kthid inside of Tehou—who fucking cared what his name was—was fucking her so hard that she could feel her bones creaking from the impact. Tehou could see Lyok’s quim grow redder and more swollen with each thrust, knowing well that her pussy was going through the same. Master Thron’s cock was slick with juices as Lyok lifted herself from the shaft, moaning miserably as she took the cock deeper into herself again. Lyok winced every time her swollen pussy lips were made to kiss the kthid’s groin.

Tehou’s attention was torn away as Drakar planted a stomp straight into the small of Tehou’s back, drawing an excruciating scream from her throat. She couldn’t actually see Drakar, of course, but who the fuck else would it be? The kthid that was busy raping her snapped his head around.

“Oi, Drakar! Be careful where you go kicking the birdbrained slut!” her rapist barked.  “You nearly hit my cock there!”

Tehou’s head stung, partly from the concussion and mostly from her burning rage.  “Oh fuck off, Vrogrik, like your cock’s that fucking long,” Drakar snorted, kicking Tehou in the back at the same spot. Tehou released a muffled scream through her bound beak.

Tehou’s arms were bound behind her, coiled so tightly that her fingers were numbed, and tied to the ring of a metal anal hook.  The restraints forcefully arched Tehou’s back. Metal wire went through the holes drilled in her beak, binding her jaws together.

“Hey, this bird’s pretty good!” the kthid raping her laughed.  “I think I could do this for hours! What do you say, bird bitch? How about we take you down to the barracks and have the boys all give you a good fucking?”

“Go fuck yourself!” Tehou shouted.  Her voice was muffled by her sealed beak, but each syllable was still perfectly pronounced. Both corvids like Tehou and harriers like the traitorous whore enunciated entirely from their syrinx, meaning that Tehou was more than capable of swearing even while her beak was bound tight.  “Fuck you all to hell!”

“Shut the hell up, you feathered cunt!” Drakar barked, stomping down on Tehou’s head. “It’s like the cunt doesn’t know how to keep her fucking beak shut!”

The kthid were taking turns fucking her, focusing their efforts on nothing but her pussy. The random gang rapes where each of those bastards took whatever hole they wanted had ended months ago, replaced with rapes targetted towards causing as much pain to one specific part of her body as possible. It also had the benefit, in the view of the monsters, of effectively tripling the amount of time Tehouanai would spend getting violated and beaten before the creatures’ cocks were satisfied. The rape lizards certainly were good at using their brains when it came to devising ways to degrade, humiliate, and break a woman.

Tehou’s breathing grew heavier by the moment, and only a part of that was coming from her exhaustion and pain. Seeing Lyok off on the side didn’t make things easier either.

The brutal fucking continued for what felt like years until the kthid abruptly pulled out of her, not defiling her womb with his disgusting seed. He just stepped back and joined the rest of them, jerking off as they watched her prone and tormented body. Tehou had no idea what the bastards were planning, but judging from their grins and her experience with countless hours serving as rapemeat for these monsters, she knew it was nothing good. She didn’t have time to contemplate that much longer, however, as her body was twisted to the side and Drakar was looming above her.

“Hey, birdbrained bitch,” Drakar smirked, slamming his cock into her without ceremony. Air was knocked straight out of Tehou’s lungs by the pain and the force of the scaled invader as the scrawny kthid flipped her over and slammed her on her back. Drakar balled up his fist as he brought it down on Tehou’s stomach like a warhammer. Tehou gagged as the pain exploded through her gut, the force squeezing a tortured squak from her bound beak.

Drakar began fucking her in earnest. The violation didn’t even have the scant mercy of lubrication. Normally, Tehou’s holes would be utterly soaked with the horrid kthid cum. It was torturous of course: kthid cum was far too hot for a corvid’s body, and the ejaculation always scalded her insides from pink to red. But being forced to take giant reptilian cock after giant reptilian cock without even cum to lube up her insides felt like having her hole skinned by the scaled poles.

Drakar wasn’t happy to just rape the corvid girl, however. Even as he pounded her quim with the force of a machine, his hands were busy. His paws dug and clawed at Tehou’s body and wings, finding and tearing open wounds. Tehou screamed through her sealed beak as the claws dug into the pink skin and muscle around her wing. Drakar hardened as he hammered the hated girl with his cock, careless of the feathers he snapped and bones he bruised as he poured his hate into every single thrust.

“How do you like this, you birdbrain whore? How does my cock feel?” Drakar snarled, “What’s wrong? Did you go mute? Speak up!” Drakar snapped, slapping Tehou savagely.

Tehou’s voice was caught in her throat as the pain made it nearly impossible for her to make anything but gagging sounds, but that didn’t mean she didn’t glare at Drakar. If only she could tear off these restraints! If only she could claw out his eyes, rip off his cock, and make him scream as she tore out his throat! Drakar drank in the anger and used it to fuel his own emotions, hammering into the slave as if he intended to disembowel her with his cock.

Drakar kept his hatefuck going and going, his unremitting odium and wrath fueling a stamina beyond what even a kthid should have been able to manage. Drakar might be scrawny for a warrior, but his unyielding anger made him pound the slender bird girl with the kind of force that would awe even other kthid. He kept slapping and punching Tehou’s face as he forced the bird girl’s cunt to stretch so impossibly wide that even her coat of feathers couldn’t hide the feathers beneath.

Tehou’s body screamed the pain at her; she was in constant agony. The horrible psychological pain of violation and the dozens upon dozens of physical pains, from the scaled cock tearing her quim apart to the blows that rained down upon her body. Every hit struck with a resounding thwack that made her bones groan and her muscles clench. The purple welts all over Tehou’s stomach began to darken towards black as the burst capillaries began to properly color her abused belly.

The beating felt like it dragged for eons. Tehou gathered up all of the pain, all of the sorrow, all of the terror, and all of the anguish she felt and desperately fed it to her own anger and hate. She stoked the flames until they burned so hot that they hurt more than even the blows did. Even so, the blows continued to rain down on her and so Tehou answered with more rage, more vitriol, and more fury. Within her tortured quim, she could feel the cock begin to twitch, signalling the nearing of the end to at least this round of torture. Tehou furiously rammed her relief into the furnace of anger as well.

Drakar didn’t just ejaculate, however, but instead tore his scaled cock out of her. The hard floor against the blued and blackened belly sent a jolt of lucidity into Tehou’s disoriented brain, shocking her consciousness awake again. The much larger lizard leaned over and yanked her head back painfully, his sharp claws digging into her cheeks and eyelids, and pried her eyes open. Before her, she saw the kthid. Their hands were all on their scaled cocks and they all bore the distinctive sadistic grin that Tehou had come to associate with the monsters.

It took a moment for Tehou’s pain-addled mind to fully understand what was happening. And then somehow, despite her ruined body, she still found the strength to scream. “Let go of me, fuckface! Let go!” Tehou screamed as she thrashed, genuine terror leaking into her voice. Drakar cackled, his breath hot and moist near her ear.

“Not feeling so clever now are you, you birdbrained slut!”

“No! Let go of me!” Tehou screamed, even as Drakar fully plunged into her and ejaculated.

The disgusting cum exploded into her like a flood of volcanic ash, scorching and burning as it filled her. The feeling of defilement and violation was no different from the thousands of times this has already happened. That was far from all, however. Like a salvo from ancient battleship guns, the standing kthid sprayed Tehou’s face with a barrage of seed. Strings of hot, salty gunk bombarded the bird’s eyeballs like napalm, blinding her with heat and pain.

Every breath was difficult for Sky, especially now that she has been made completely airtight by the three kthid cocks plugging every one of her holes. There was a kthid below her, ramming her from below and making her vagina bend to unnatural angles to take his dick. The cock in her ass spread her much farther than the orifice should have ever been able to open, the ridge of the shaft scraping against her tail-bones, whilst the cock in her throat was choking the air from her lungs. It was like a one way seal, squeezing air from her throat when it plunged down but never moving out of the way far enough to draw air back in. The edge of her vision was slowly darkening.

Hours had passed since the kthid decided to go from just trying to breed her to raping her in all of her holes. Hours upon hours had passed aboard the Empty Night, where the same horrors and more were inflicted upon innumerable women torn from dozens of worlds. Sky felt like she was inside of a garbage compactor, taking abuse from every direction. She took it all, of course, because that’s just what she did. She was a failure anyways, so why fight? She’d never done anything right, nothing except obeying the orders of these demons who’d slaughtered her people and burned her homeworld for a second time. Her eyes drifted over to the nearly endless line of kthid, ready to ravage and plunder her body once more. Sky didn’t even have it in her to shed a tear.

Anisa lay still, unable to make a sound. Master Grakrash was mingling with friends, giving out back slaps and receiving dozens in return. The cephalian girl’s stomach was bloated up, her womb filled up with hot semen and the party drug kept her nether lips frozen and her pain overwhelming. What cum wasn’t inside her lay in a puddle below her loins, the gunky semen clogging her suction cups.

The cephalian didn’t feel pain from her birth canal right now, but any moment a kthid would walk over and use her like a meat toilet. Now that master Grakrash has rendered her barren, that was all she could hope to be. Blue blood continued to seep out around the piercings in her skin as yet another kthid approached her and laid his paws on her outstretched tentacles. Anisa forced herself to smile towards the master and prayed, fervently, that her worthless holes might at least be able to make the kthid momentarily happy.

Nareen’s back was covered in burns, the ones on her buttcheeks in particular bleeding profusely from being torn open by the merciless rape. Her eyes were empty as they stared forwards, her mouth making noises of pain that her ears didn’t even perceive. Not that her ears were intact either. Two of the woman’s four ears had been burned off, the wounds cauterized and the fur bristled.

Thrakur stepped back, smirking to himself. Once again he had played out the conquest of a lesser species, and once again he had won. The scrawny kthid may have his own insecurities about his position, but he only needed to look at the ease with which he had crushed a paragon of these lesser races to once again revalidate his superiority over them all. Among kthid he may be pathetic, but even the casteless were above these simple and inferior creatures they kept as slaves. He reached for the switchboard to let the primitive down, but stopped. It would be good for the creature to languish in her misery and recall how thoroughly she had been dominated. He could always let her down after his dinner. Or tomorrow, once he woke up from his sleep. Or later tomorrow, once he was done emptying another few loads into the four-eared cow.

Selara tried her best to press her face into the hard floor even while the light, so intense that it felt like it was burning her bound wings, continued to beat down on her body. Her master was no longer in the room. Her performance had earned her a night beneath the rays of odious effulgence. Her wings were chained to anchor points in the ground and bound by heavy padlocks. The only way she was going to get out of the room was either by managing the superhuman task of ripping the solid metal chains, built to lift atmospheric interceptor components, or if she pulled so hard that she tore her wings to ribbons. If she did the latter, she would be destroying yet another piece of herself she’d somehow managed to cling to after all these years of torture. Selara just pressed her face into the ground the best she could, unable to use her wings to shield her eyes, as she tried to fall asleep in the horrible brightness. The light clawed at her eyelids, demanding entry. Here, there was no way to be rid of it.

Tehou’s body was far too injured to move. Her eyes still burned from the scalding kthid semen, and her entire body felt more like a pile of ground meat. Her nostrils and the hole in her beak were clogged with semen, making her feel like she was drowning every single time she took a breath. That bastard Drakar, all his goons, her shithead owner, and the traitorous whore had long left her behind. Good. She was glad they were gone. Especially the traitorous whore. She didn’t need that bitch anyway. She didn’t need anyone else. Every single good thing in Tehouanai’s life existed only to be torn away from her by the uncaring hand of the universe.

It was alright though, because she still had her anger. Her anger would keep her warm. Her anger would keep her going. Her anger would never die, not until she slaughtered every last one of these bastards. Not until she heard them all screaming in agony as their lives expired. Not until everything they’d ever valued was burned until nothing was left but ashes and her. They’d never take her anger away from her. Tehouanai kept stoking the flames of her anger, building up the tongues into a torturous inferno inside of herself once more. She writhed in the flames, but that was fine.

Her anger was all she’d ever need.

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