NSC – The Endless Night – Chapter 3 – Predators

Thank you for reading! This is an NSC written by Aia and InBrightestDay, written with my approval and reference. Discussion for this story will be primarily located on discord! Come on in and let us know what you thought, we don’t bite.

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Waking up meant being in pain, but the mundanity of her agony didn’t stop a whine from escaping Nareen’s lips as consciousness struck her like a closed fist. She was kicked in the gut again, winding her and tearing open closed wounds. Nareen curled up into a ball, her tears joining the pool of dried cum beneath her.

“Master! Stop, please!” she sobbed, shielding her head with her hands. “It hurts! It hurts!”

“Worthless four eared cumrag!” the scaled demon sneered. Nareen screamed as she felt the monstrous foot stomp down on her stomach. “You just woke up and you’re already this pathetic? Get up!”

Nareen curled up, sobbing like a beaten kit. Her master might have been relatively scrawny for a demon, but the creatures were all so large and strong that even he had no issues dragging her limp body across the room like a stained blanket. Nareen choked out a squeak as she was tossed to the ground, the noise capturing but a sliver of the explosion of agony that followed.

With what little healing the night of rest afforded her, Nareen’s pain had had a chance to grow less severe but more focussed. She could feel each one of the hundred shallow wounds on her body, rendering her skin taut. New tears burned down her cheeks as she forced her eyes open.

Two bowls, one red and one blue, were placed side by side on the feeding station. The smaller red bowl was piled high with smooth white cubes whilst the larger blue bowl was filled to the brim with water. Both of them were labeled with squiggly lines.

The concept of written language was very new to Nareen, and Master Thrakur had only taken the time to teach her two words. Her water bowl was labeled ‘cumdump’ and her ‘food’ bowl ‘cocksleeve’. Both words were no doubt burned over her skin several times over. A cruel claw wrapped around her wounded ears, pulling her up.

“Get up,” Master Thrakur growled. “Or do I need to remind you what happens to pathetic long-eared cumdumps that waste their master’s time?”

“No, Master Thrakur! Please!” Nareen whimpered, her eyes practically leaking tears. “I’ll get up! I’ll get up!”

With trembling hands, Nareen forced herself up onto her knees. The strands of her long, flaxen hair stung her as they draped over her glistening wounds, but Nareen forced herself to hold still. She took several long, haggard breaths to center herself.

A blast of pain tore at Nareen as her master kicked her, the pain from the wounds attacking her body like a hundred falling lashes. “Are you trying to make me late for my work, you empty headed barbarian?” Master Thrakur demanded savagely. “Do you want to go back to the art room that much? Do you want some more pictures on your tits!”

“No, master, please! No more! I can’t take any more of this!” Nareen howled. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want! I promise! Just please! Please!” The demon grabbed Nareen’s head in his paw, slamming her face down onto the hard white cubes.

“What is wrong with you, primitive!” Master Thrakur demanded. “You’re supposed to be a chieftain, aren’t you? What do you think your little minions would say if they saw you like this? Where is your shame? Is your whole race so pathetic that you are the best they can offer!”

“I – I — ” Nareen sobbed. What was she supposed to even say?

“By Shau’lun, you’re pathetic to look at.” Master Thrakur sneered, grinding Nareen’s swollen cheeks onto the sharp cubes in the foodbowl. “I thought your whore daughter got her weakness from those tiny whelps your species call males, but it turns out her mother was as useless as her!”

The demon’s words raked across her heart like brambles. His claw grabbed onto her hair a moment later and yanked her up. A nascent scream died in her throat as Master Thrakur brought her face up to his, terror momentarily overwhelming her pain.

“Cumrag,” Master Thrakur growled, splattering her face with spittle, “I have work today. Lots of really important and complicated work your tiny barbarian brain can’t possibly comprehend. I will leave soon, and if I don’t get what I want by then then I’ll lock you in the room and when I get back here, I’ll really make you regret wasting my time.”

Nareen whimpered, her mind drowning in terror. There was nothing but cruel anger in her master’s eyes. Nareen just wanted to run away and hide in the deepest corner of her warren. It would be useless, though. The demons had ways of finding her no matter where she hid. Nareen could only blubber, helpless in the grasp of her omnipotent captor.

“Let’s try again,” Master Thrakur growled. “I killed your males, you worthless barbarian. I had your daughter raped. What do you say to that?”

“S — screw you. Screw you!” Nareen whispered. The demon’s expression shifted immediately, a grin stretching over his scaled maw. “I’ll make you pay for everything you’ve done to me! To my clan! To my daughter!” The demon’s scaled face seemed to light up with undiluted glee.

“And what can you even hope to do to me, you pathetic primitive?” Master Thrakur demanded, falling back into the patterns so naturally that Nareen had to wonder how he could believe the nonsense coming out of her mouth. “Your people took less effort for us to conquer than it’ll take me to order a new whip!”

“I’ll kick – kick you to death! I’ll gore you!” Nareen whimpered. Had she ever been able to say those words and believe them?

“Did spending so long in the sun rot your brain? We are conquerors, we are the superior species!” Master Thrakur howled with odious laughter. “Do you think you have any chance of challenging the children of Shau’lun? Of course not! Your species only exists as wombs to be bred for the glory of the Empire!”

“I – I — I’ll kill you, no matter what! I’ll make you pay for what you did to my daughter! I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll never forgive you for this!” Tears flowed down Nareen’s face.

The words often hurt Nareen more than even the wounds did. With the magic and power of the demons, she could never get her revenge. Her daughter was consigned to the same fate as her, to be used as a plaything for these demons until the both of them died. That was all there was to it. Nareen collapsed to the floor as the beast let go of her hair.

“You have ten minutes to finish your meal,” Master Thrakur growled, turning away.

“Yes, Sir,” Nareen whispered. The demon let out a horrible chuckle as turned away.

Master Thrakur’s chamber was far larger than any in Nareen’s warren, with a bed suited for the demon’s frame and a table piled high with food. Master Thrakur settled onto the seat by the table, grabbing a handful of grilled meat with his paw and stuffing it into his fanged maw. Nareen’s stomach growled aggressively as her nose caught the scent. 

With painful effort, she forced her eyes away from the platter of meat and quietly crawled over to the ‘food’ bowl. She leaned forwards, awkwardly using her teeth and tongue to maneuver the hard cube into her mouth. She could feel the demon’s eyes on her back, watching her every move. Nareen trembled, knowing what would happen if her master thought that her hand was even moving close to the bowl.

She bit down on the cube, feeling the hard object crumble to powder. The cubes were ‘food’, judging by the fact that she hadn’t starved to death yet, but they tasted of almost nothing. It was like Nareen was swallowing mouthfuls of sand with every bite. She forced herself to keep eating, however, moving between the food bowl and the water bowl to keep the powdery, faintly-bitter paste moving down her swollen gullet.

Once both bowls were completely empty, Nareen crawled over to where the demon was sitting. She did her best to close her ears to the sound of chewing and the scent of perfectly cooked meat coming from above her and leaned in between her master’s legs. The scaled green cock was already waiting for her, hardening in her mouth as she closed her lips around the head.

Opening her mouth so wide that her jaw ached, the mirucain carefully took the oversized cock into her mouth, making sure that her sharp teeth didn’t so much as scrape against the sensitive skin of her master’s prong. Nareen had made that mistake exactly once, and most of the teeth in her mouth weren’t her original set anymore.

The cockhead made Nareen wince as it passed through the ring of her throat’s entrance. Ignoring the stretching and the pain of her tender throat, she began bobbing her head up and down on the wicked tool of torment. Above her, she could hear the demon groaning in pleasure.

Nareen honestly found it difficult to remember what it was like to enjoy having sex. The memories of the times before the sky demons descended were becoming murkier with each passing day. The memories of everything that came after that, on the other hand, were painfully clear. Nareen could probably close her eyes and count the scales on Master Thrakur’s face as he held her down and raped her for the first time.

With the fresh wounds covering her skin and the persistent aches of her muscles, the movement Nareen needed to perform to pleasure her master’s cock was torturous. Each bobbing motion sent pangs of pain shooting across her shallow wounds. Each stroke of the cock raked the hard scales against her sore esophagus, forcing fresh tears to her eyes. It was a torture that Nareen was used to, however. Squeezing her eye shut against the pain, she kept fucking her face onto her master’s shaft.

Nareen was only broken out of her rhythmic misery when she felt a heavy hand clutch at the side of her head. Terror flooded through her entire body as her master’s paw wrapped around her head and held her in place. Had she done something wrong? Did the demon feel her teeth against his cock? Nareen’s panicked eyes flickered upwards in a desperate search for answers, finding only the opaque tabletop above her head. Her heart almost exploded with relief as Master Thrakur just pulled her head off his cock and then began to properly skullfuck her.

Master Thrakur used Nareen’s head like a toy, slamming her face down onto his groin with building viciousness. In his throes of brutal rutting, the demon seemed to entirely forget that there was a living thing on the other side of his lusts. Nareen gagged, her eyes rolling up in her skull, as her face was slammed down again and again and again upon the demon’s meat-pole.

The previous pace had been torture for her, but Master Thrakur made it seem languid as he tore into her with his cock. His clawed paw squeezed down on Nareen’s skull as he ravaged her throat with his length and girth. Nareen couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think, she couldn’t move. All she could manage to do was keep her body roughly upright as the demon raped her face, her faltering conciousness only maintained by the paltry gasps of air that were crammed down her throat by the demon’s savage fucking.

It felt like the rape went on for years. For all of his talk of timeliness and duty, Thrakur spent so much of his time violating her that Nareen couldn’t help but wonder if the demons had some special period in their schedule just to torture those like her. Her lungs burned for air, but she didn’t have energy to struggle. All her energy was focussed on keeping her jaw as painfully wide as possible to lower the risk of Master Thrakur accidentally grazing his cock with her teeth.

Her vision had almost gone dark when, at long last, she felt the demon’s cock throbbing inside her brutalized throat. With a hideous roar, Master Thrakur slammed her face down onto his scaled groin. Fully hilted inside of Nareen, the demon began to ejaculate.

A whine of pain escaped Nareen’s throat as scalding hot seed sprayed her insides. The hot cum oozed down her raw throat, burning her all the way down. Nareen’s eyes were blurry with tears, her slowly fading consciousness unable to process anything but the pain

Master Thrakur yanked his cock from her throat like a stone knife from slain prey. He dragged his cockhead across Nareen’s forehead, smearing leftover seed over the mirucain’s face, before pulling up her hair and using the locks like a handful of rags to wipe his cock clean. Not even looking down at her, the demon walked to the side of the room and dressed himself, grabbed his tools of eldritch magic and went through the door, leaving the hurt, pathetic, feeble, and used mirucain weeping quietly on the floor.

Tehou felt the thin blankets on her as she snapped awake. The corvid girl twisted, throwing the sheets off of her and scrambling to her feet. The metal leash pulled taut from the sudden movement, yanking on her collar and sending her tumbling to the cushioned bottom of her cage

Tehou’s hands clawed for the collar. The corvid snarled and screamed as she tore at the unyielding ring, fully intent on rending the metal with her bare hands. Tehou kept at it until her fingers were raw from the desperate effort. It felt like an hour had passed before she allowed herself to fall to the floor again, gasping for air as she burned with anger.

Golden metal bars surrounded Tehou on all sides, confining her in a cage that was taller than it was wide. The cage was the size of a small room, but the length of the leash meant that Tehou wouldn’t be able to do much but stand up straight right above the ring where her short leash was secured. If anything, the cage was a taunt.

“Tehou,” Lyok said softly, with clear concern in her voice. Tehou growled, staring pointedly past the traitor and into the room beyond.

Tehou’s cyan eyes swept the chamber for signs of the bastard. Fortunately for her, Master Thron seemed to have fucked off. Good riddance. She could only hope he’d get his smug face caught in a trash compactor.

Master Thron’s chamber looked like an exaggerated parody of gaudy ostentatiousness, with so much floor space that it could be used to house a whole platoon. The room wasn’t employed for anything so useful, however. Master Thron’s bed, wide enough to double as a sparring ring, sat at the far corner of the room. Golden chains snaked from the headboard, secured to bejeweled collars that could go around the necks of whichever slaves the Kaarvaak wanted to enjoy at the time.

A stone fountain stood at the center of the bedroom, carved to resemble a faliran slave behind held down as a kthid raped her ass from behind. Water flowed from her mouth, as if so much cum was being pumped into the woman’s guts that she was vomiting it out. They stood on a whole pile of female faliran bodies, the holes of the prone slaves leaking with cum. The sculpture was so realistic that it literally looked like a scene that had been reconstructed, atom by atom, from an actual event.

While the fountain statue dominated the chamber, it was far from the only one of its kind. Sculptures of nude corvids, harriers, and a host of alien women of other species filled the chamber, all frozen in postures of willing and grateful supplication. Tehou grew positively nauseous at the sight. The scultures stood as a constant mockery of the anguish of the slaves. She wanted to find the kthid responsible for this and gnaw off every last one of their fingers, one by one.

There were three other cages in the room, all of them larger and more comfortable than Tehou’s own. Some were filled with soft cushions, others were instead lined with perches and plants. Whatever the case, each cage had a loose partitioning around it. Behind the partitions, the walls were covered in masterfully rendered pieces of art, each depicting a comically horrid scene of conquest.

Near the umbral priestess’s empty cage was a series of stained glass panes. One was of an umbral woman on her knees, her expression rapturous as a kthid soiled her face with piss. Another depicted the same woman prying open her quim, a joyous smile on her face as a massive kthid cock raped her.

Across the room, Seeker was still curled up in a ball with her long tail wrapped around her like a blanket. The llorian woman’s cage was surrounded by a single massive mosaic made to resemble the image of her bouncing happily up and down on the kthid’s cock, even though her arms were both covered in blood and bristling with sharp needles.

Lyok’s and Tehou’s areas had a similar setup. The art on the walls had the oversaturated style of the movie posters they used to put up on advertisement boards near Tehou’s old house. The ones she remembered from her homeworld usually had costumed or uniformed corvids with their superpowers or weapons ready to take down some shadowy forces of evil.

The parodies of those works had been constructed with revolting fidelity. One poster had Tehou basking happily in a pool of foul cum. Another was done in holographic foil, displaying Tehou eagerly lowering her body onto one cock while she tugged at two others with both hands. It was both a mockery and a promise. It was what Master Thron had sworn that she would be turned into. He’d broken Lyok, and he would break her too.

“Hey, Hou. Master Thron said I should come to talk to you,” Lyok said softly, her voice slow and her tone soft. Tehou growed, turning to glare at her. The six-armed arane standing beside Lyok, the woman’s assigned handmaiden, faltered beneath Tehou’s seething glare.

“Master Thron made sure that you received medical attention while you were unconscious.” Lyok turned towards the arane, motioning towards the tray of food in the unnamed slave’s hands with her open wing. “He has instructed you to feed yourself. Once you’re done, master expects you to go find him and beg him to impregnate you.”

“You can fuck right off with that, Lyok!” Tehou roared, whipping her swings against the cage bars. “If you’re happy being a cocksleeve to a murderer, you can fucking do it by yourself!”

“Hou,” Lyok sighed. “You know resisting this isn’t going to make him hurt you any less. Please, just get this over with.”

“I told you to fuck off, Lyok!” Tehou snarled. “You’re a good slave, so how come you’re so shit at following orders?”

“Tehou, just — please,” Lyok said, stepping forwards. “ You’ve seen how Master Thron treats me, haven’t you?”

“Of course I have! He treats you like a worthless toy!” Tehou snarled, pressing her face against the bars and glaring out. “Tell me, do you actually still hate that? Or has he facefucked you so hard that all the concussions made you forget you’re being raped?”

“It’s better than you get treated, Hou!” Lyok screamed, causing Tehou to flinch back momentarily. The harrier girl took a long time to compose herself, breathing in and out until she calmed down a little, and then continued. “We’ll both get raped either way, Tehou, but at least I don’t end up in the infirmary every three days!”

“So what’s the alternative then? To just get on your knees, crawl to these assholes and pretend that you like doing this? To let these bastards think they’ve won?”

“It’s better than what you’re doing now!” Lyok cried out, desperation bleeding into her voice. “I know how to make it hurt less! I can show you how to relax your muscles so it doesn’t chafe as much, and I know how to move your hips so it’s better for him and so he can finish a little earlier. I can teach you how to make it easier!”

“Easier? You think that this will make things easier?” Tehou demanded.

“I know it will! You’ve seen the difference in how he treats the two of us! You know that Master Thron wouldn’t let Lord Drakar lay a claw on you if you’d just promised to be an obedient slave. It’s easier this way!”

“Yes!” Tehou screamed. “All I need to do is ignore all the people those bastards killed! I just need to forget all the times that they raped us all, murdered our families, burned our world, and destroyed us! I just need to forget that they’ll just keep raping us until our bodies break and we can’t give birth anymore! I just need to forget that one day the last corvid and harrier will die and even the memory of our home will vanish from this universe, the last of us probably killed by choking on kthid cock!” Tehou met Lyok’s eyes, her bright cyan irises practically burning.

“I just need to forget that they turned you into a simpering cocksleeve, ready to crawl up to the bastards that murdered your father and your brothers just so you can get beaten and raped a little more gently,” Tehou hissed through the gap in her beak. “That just sounds so much easier.”

Tears welled at the edge of Lyok’s eyes. “Do you think I forgot about any of that, Hou?” Lyok demanded, her voice cracking. “Do you think I forgot about what happened? Do you think any of this makes me happy? Do you think I don’t get hurt when I see what they do to you?”

“THEN WHY DON’T YOU FIGHT!?” Tehou screamed.

“Fight, Tehou? Do you think what you’re doing is actually fighting? Lyok demanded. “Master Thron is toying with you, and you’re doing exactly what he wants! He loves watching you get beaten and raped until you have to be sent to the infirmary; he thinks it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen! When he rapes me, he barely pays attention to me! He just uses me as a cocksleeve while he watches a video of what’s happening to YOU! If you think you’re actually hurting him with this, then — ”

Lyok’s yelling died out at the hiss of the pneumatic doors opening. She and the handmaiden both turned to see the massive, unmistakable silhouette standing in the room’s hexagonal entrance. Thron strode forward, a satisfied smile on his face, and both Lyok and the arane handmaiden quickly dropped to their knees before him. The kthid, absolutely massive even among his kind, moved with the pace of a curator looking through a gallery, his head turning back and forth as he admired the various pieces of lurid art. Tehou growled angrily as he approached.

“Tehou, it appears that yesterday’s hunt hasn’t dulled your ardor!” Master Thron noted, an amused note to his voice. “Why, I’m overjoyed! I would be rather disappointed if it had, to be frank. It wasn’t even a particularly harsh day.”

“Go fuck yourself, you scaly-faced freak!” Tehou yelled, beating her wings aggressively. Master Thron released a deep, rumbling laugh. He pulled his paw away from the cage and turned towards the two groveling women.

“Lyok’aheh, attend to me. I always find thinking so much easier with your tongue on my cock.”

“Of course, Master Thron,” Lyok whispered softly, her voice demure. She rose from her kneeling position and raised her right foot. Clasping the prehensile toes around her beak, the harrier girl pulled her beak out, revealing the metal and bone sockets and mountings that had been installed in her face to make her beak conveniently removable. Lyok knelt over and carefully fed the cock into the hole in her face before she began bouncing her head up and down on the kthid’s crotch. Tehou couldn’t help but sneer in disgust at the sight.

“Now, to deal with you, Tehou.” Master Thron chuckled. “Still as defiant as ever. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.” He closed his paw over Lyok’s skull, handling the harrier girl crudely, using her with no more care than he would have taken wiping his ass. “I figured I’d come and offer you a chance to get out of today’s plans. It would require a very simple trick, one even your tiny bird brain would no doubt be able to perform without difficulty.”

“Get down on my knees and beg you to put your brats into me?” Tehou snarled.

“Clever bird. I thought evolution might have shrunk your brains in favor of lightening you for flight. I am glad that you at least can be taught this much.” The kthid said, his voice drawled even through the translation. “So what of it, Tehou? Shall you keep resisting me, or will you disappoint me?”

“You can take your disappointment and shove it up your ass, you lizard-faced cunt!” Tehou roared. Master Thron laughed.

“How absolutely wonderful,” he said, tilting his head forwards. “Then let us play a little game, you and I.”

Nareen moved carefully through the corridors of the demon hive, keeping her gasps of pain as quiet as she could. The hive was like a warren in some ways, but far larger than she had ever thought possible. The ceilings stood taller and the corridors and rooms were wider than the chambers of any warren she could ever hope to build, and every single level of the hive somehow had light. It shone down from above, trapped inside glowing spheres by arcane power. Master Thrakur had told her that the magic that created lights out of thin air commanded lightning somehow, and the invisible lashes he used to gouge at her skin somehow used the same power. Nareen’s eyes flickered between the orbs warrily, fearful of the demonic magic.

It would have been safer to just stay in Master Thrakur’s room forever. There, she would only need to suffer the cruelty of one demon. Wandering the nest, on the other hand, meant exposing herself to the attention of the ones that prowled the ship, tending to their eldritch duties. Nareen knew that what she was doing was foolish, and yet the mirucain couldn’t bring herself to stay put. Not in that room. Not when there was so much pain to recall.

So she forced herself to keep moving, making herself as small as possible as she moved through the hallways, risking an encounter with the demons just so she could have the smallest peace of mind.

Nareen’s mind drifted as she slogged along. She was currently walking down a slight incline, and she wondered, for a moment, what it would be like for her to tear down the slope at full speed. What it would be like to feel the wind against her face and her hair whipping behind her. She couldn’t, however. She told herself it was because it would hurt. She told herself that it was because it would tear open her wounds and leave her in agony. It wasn’t because she didn’t have it in her anymore. It was the pain. One foot forwards, and then the other. Just keep moving. Try not to think about what she would have to go back to after the day was done.

The hallways she walked through consisted mostly of nondescript walls formed from interlinked hexagons. Slaves passed by Nareen every few minutes, but her eyes never met theirs. Some of the slaves were clearly hurrying somewhere whilst others just wandered aimlessly. They were much like Nareen, wandering with empty eyes and haggard faces. Well, most of them were.

“What are you doing here?”

Nareen’s blood ran cold and her mouth went dry. Trembling, the mirucain raised her eyes upwards.

The slave in front of her wasn’t shuffling along, nor was she in a hurry somewhere. Instead, she just strode forwards with a calm and measured gait. The gait of a predator. The woman wasn’t quite as tall as Nareen was and she was a lot thinner, with a lithe orange body covered in splotches of dark-brown coloration. Nareen still felt her heart rate rapidly quickening as the slender woman moved closer to her.

The woman’s long tail swayed dangerously behind her back, the limb bristling with needle-sharp spikes. She wore a narrow golden collar around her neck and a pair of bracelets around her wrists, a pair of thin chains linking the bracelets to her nipple piercings and those piercings to a series of golden rings that ran down the length of her tail. The slave moved with fluid grace despite her ornaments, each step flowing into the next. She looked less flesh and blood, and more like a spirit.

The orange-skinned slave raised her sword, the silvery metal gleaming in the dull red light of the hallway, and used the pommel to raise Nareen’s chin. Nareen was hyperventilating, her heart pounding violently against her chest from the inside.

“I asked you a question, girl,” the woman growled, her mouth not matching the words Nareen was hearing. “What. Are. You. Doing. Here?” Nareen was paralyzed. She could feel the coldness of the blade hovering off her skin. It felt like, at any moment, her heart would just pop.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Slayer!” A voice came from behind Nareen. She could see someone out of the corner of her eye, but even her eyes seemed paralyzed by the orange slave’s prescence. “Whatever she did, I’m sure it’s just a mistake that — Nareen?”

Nareen’s eyes widened as a shock passed through her head. Her name. How long had it been since she’d heard her own name? The spell of terror seemingly momentarily broken, Nareen turned her head around and felt the weight of countless days slamming down on her all at once.

Althea. The mirucain’s bronzed body was as naked as Nareen’s, adorned only by an elaborate golden collar that encircled her throat. Nareen shrank back as Althea stepped forwards, tears quickly coming to her eyes. It wasn’t the first time she had actually seen Althea naked, of course, but the context made the nudity sting. It was one thing for a huntress to mount a male after a successful hunt, entirely another for her to be forced to be without clothes for the amusement and pleasure of her master.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Slayer!” Althea whispered quickly, bowing her head profusely. “Whatever Nareen did to offend you, I’m sure it’s not deliberate!”

The spotted slave narrowed her purple eyes. “This area is off-limits,” The woman growled. “Kaarvaak Thron has ordered a hunt. Heitera are not permitted in this area.”

“Of course, Miss Slayer. We’re so, so very sorry and we’ll leave this area right away!” Althea whispered quickly, bowing her head again.

The spotted woman grunted, looking at Nareen for just a moment, before turning around and striding the other way. Nareen felt a shiver run up her spine as she felt the woman’s tail, covered in those terrifying spines, brushing past her leg. The spotted woman, the one Althea called Slayer, strode down the incline of the tunnel and soon disappeared around the corner, leaving only a heavy presence where she had been just a moment ago.

Narren’s gaze fell to her feet, the mirucain finding herself unable to meet her clanmate’s eyes. The footsteps kept getting closer anyway, until the other mirucain’s feet pushed into her line of sight.

“Nareen I — ” Althea whispered, voice cutting off as she turned to look at Nareen. Althea’s red eyes moved over Nareen’s body, probably catching sight of her wounds for the first time in the dim red light. “Nareen, who did this to you?”

“Althea, I – I — I’m sorry!” Nareen whispered. She hadn’t seen Althea since the sky demons came, Nareen realized. She wanted to run away, to just flee and find a hole to crawl into for the rest of eternity. “I’m so sorry.”

The other woman stepped forward, a hand hovering over Nareen’s shoulder. Either unable to find a place where Nareen could be touched without injuring her further, or deciding that she probably didn’t want to feel anything on her body right now, Althea let her hand fall to her side.

“Nareen, we can’t be here right now. I think the huntmaster is probably trying to arrange an event again,” Althea said quickly. “Did your master order you to be anywhere right now?”

“N – no. Why?” Nareen asked softly.

Althea nodded, biting her lips. “I know an alcove near here. It’s not very big, but it’s warm. None of the kthid go there. It’s safe, I promise.”

Nareen looked up slowly, quickly wiping the tears away to clear her vision, and took a proper look at her former rival for the first time in well over a year. Althea was always one of her bigger clan mates, though much of her muscle appeared to have faded. Nareen felt her stomach sink as she realized the exact same thing had probably happened to her without her noticing. Neither of them were huntresses now, after all. They were both just toys to these demons. Just like the rest of her clan. Just like her daughter.

Nareen had failed to protect them all.

Though Althea looked uninjured, it appeared her master had taken other liberties with her body. Althea’s horns, once proud and curved, now instead jutted and branched from her head like a low-lying savannah bush. Much of her body was covered in a mass of swirling white and blue lines. Nareen could almost recognize that as the body paint huntresses put on themselves before a hunt, except there was no ferocity or vigor to the paint here. The swirling lines were placed on her body to accentuate her curves, highlighting her breasts and thighs. In the past, Nareen wouldn’t have thought that those were bad things. In the context of enslavement, however, her perspective had been drastically adjusted. That beauty existed only to make Althea a more enticing victim to the demons’ cruelty. In the face of that, what could Nareen do but weep?

“Nareen?” Althea asked, stepping forwards. “Are you okay?”

“Go,” Nareen whispered. Althea stopped.


“I said go!” Nareen screamed, her voice echoing. Althea stumbled backwards.

“Nareen? What’s wrong?” she asked, her eyes swimming with concern. Nareen gritted her teeth, tears streaking down her face.

“Get away from me, Althea! Don’t you see? I can’t protect you! I can’t protect any of you!” Nareen screamed. Her throat was still raw from the skullfucking Master Thrakur had subjected her to, her voice hoarse. “Get away from me right now!”

Althea staggered back, looking at Nareen like she had lost her mind. She almost tripped over her own feet, before turning to flee. Nareen watched her former rival run as she sank down onto her knees, crying as she felt despair grasp at her heart like her master’s claws. Nareen wailed and wailed, her voice echoing through the metal hallways to join the cacophony of miserable cries ringing through the demons’ nest.

Being transported was never easy for Tehou. The kthid that did it almost invariably made the journey as unpleasant as they possibly could, kicking and banging on the container to add to the already rough movement of the box. The crate was tiny, not even allowing Tehou to open her wings. Her muscles ached from it.

In any other circumstances, Tehou would be screaming and cussing at the kthid transporting her, pausing only briefly to refill her lungs so she could start screaming again. She couldn’t do that right now.

Tehou was hyperventilating, her heart beating so fast that she was afraid it would rupture. The metal walls around her were hard and unmoving, yet she swore she could feel them closing in on her. It was as if she were trapped in a trash compactor, and with every passing moment the hydraulic systems pushed in further and further, slowly crushing her bones, snapping the shafts of her feathers and driving the quills into her flesh. It was the mind numbing terror of being buried alive, with the last few gasps of air slowly running out until nothing else remained.

Tehou wanted to scream so desperately, to cry and scream and curse until the darkness went away. Forced into the tiny box and held there by the hard metal walls, even the very air felt stale and solid to her. The clatter of a metal pipe being whacked against her confinements and the sound of laughter and jeering didn’t seem real to her, more like the sounds of her own madness. Separated from her tormentors by the metal box, Tehou could barely even feel pain. She just felt the weight and the pressure of thousands of tons of rock and dirt crushing down on this grave where she’d been entombed. It was the terror of being truly in the void, of feeling like there was nothing but that endless emptiness around her, of feeling a —

The metal door opened and Tehou was dumped out. The corvid girl struck the ground a moment later, hitting head-first. Tehou’s training kicked in immediately, forcing her to twist her body and beat her wings to keep herself upright as she scuttled away. The light burned her eyes, and the sudden overload of sensations made her head spin. The sound of laughter echoed in her head alongside that of desperate wailing and crying. Tehou realized a moment later that the desperate noises were coming from her.

An entire pack of kthid had gathered before her. Swiveling her head around, Tehou realized that she was no longer inside of the officer’s wing of the Empty Night. The hallways here ran long and narrow, formed out of mostly featureless tiles. With her mind still reeling from the confinement, it took Tehou far too long to realize they were laughing at her.

Like lightning striking a drought-parched forest, the cackling mockery made her anger flare up again. The fury rose up inside her with such force and intensity that it was almost inconceivable that just a moment ago, Tehou had actually felt cold. Energy and pain flooded into her limbs and burned away all of the fatigue and lassitude, flushing her blood with adrenaline.

“She’s crying? And Lord Thron told us that this one was made out of harder stuff!” One of the kthid laughed, hiding behind his suit of impervious metal armor, “Are we sure this one still needs to be broken?”

“Who cares, Arkresh? How often do we actually get to have a turn with a Kaarvaak’s heitera?” Another asked, “Does it matter how a prey starts if they always end up bleeding and screaming by the end?”

“Will you shut up!” Another kthid yelled. Tehou froze. That voice! Her rage almost knocked her off her feet. The kthid’s ‘warriors’, as they referred to themselves, almost always wore those gray nondescript suits of powered armor, veiling their features in anonymity. That voice, however, was something Tehou could never forget.

The kthid turned his armorclad snout to point at her. The corvid girl could almost imagine that igly twisted scowl of hate curling behind the metal helmet. “This is my day off! Don’t fuck this up for me!” Drakar barked, barrelling forwards at a furious pace with a metal bat in hand.

Tehou beat her wings, feeling the bat grazing her features. Darkar tried to twist around and claw at her, but Tehou dove and weaved out of the way before he could regain his balance. The corvid girl used both her wings and her talons to maneuver herself, leaping for Drakar.

“Back for more are you, bird brain?” Drakar sneered, throwing a punch. Tehou beat her wings hard, lunging out of the way.  “Come on then, cocksleeve!”

“I am going to kill you!” Tehou screamed, lunging straight forwards in anger.

Even unarmed, Drakar would have a muscle mass over five times Tehou’s own. Inside of the suit of motorized armor, the difference in strength between them was like that between a toddler and a fully trained soldier. Drakar came at her with a flurry of jabs. Tehou beat her wings, driving her body to the ground and forcing the kthid to follow.

Drakar wove the digits of his paws together and swung downwards like a bludgeon, missing Tehou only as she barely twisted out of the way. The corvid girl dove between his legs, her wings whipping past his armored ankles. Her head was throbbing from the force of the blood racing through her veins and her breaths were coming sharp and short. She was staying ahead of Drakar, but only barely. If only she could smash that damn helmet off of his head.

“Drakar, step off!” Another kthid, “If you can’t catch the bird, then give up and let us handle it.” The kthid continued, tone vaguely mocking.

“Fuck you! The birdbrained bitch is mine!” Drakar screamed furiously, shooting forwards. The helmet took his already intimidating voice and turned it into something that Tehou would have found terrifying just a few years ago. The corvid girl now just hissed in fury.

“I’m yours? Come and try me, fuckface!” Tehou snarled, turning her back on the kthid and flying forwards at full speed. “The only reason you aren’t worm food is because you’re too much of a coward to fight me alone!”

“You little bitch! Let’s see how much you run your mouth when I snap your wings off!” The armored kthid roared. Drakar dropped down on all fours and began to sprint forwards, bounding across the ground with the kind of speed he can’t even hope to achieve on two legs. The kthid actually managed to gain on Tehou, even as she flew down the corridor at maximum speed.

With a quick adjustment to her wing angles, Tehou gave up speed for altitude. Without the ground so close to her, she spun midair to gather herself. Most of the kthid were quickly pursuing her with guns in hand. A few of them raised their weapons and Tehou’s bright blue eyes widened. She dropped, skimming so close to the ground that it was a small miracle that she didn’t flay herself against the tiled floor. Some of the stun rounds zipped through the air frighteningly close to her body, exploding against the walls in showers of blue sparks. Other shells hit Drakar, detonating against his armor with no effect. Tehou locked her beak and kept feeding more and more wingbeats to her flight, trying her best to get her speed as high as possible.

Tehou managed to get even more distance from the frontmost kthid, her wings whizzing as they sheared through the air. Drakar was still coming straight for her, trying his best to match her speed, but Tehou had plenty of energy. It might have been days since she had eaten or drunk anything but cum, piss, and her own blood, but the nutrition she was given intravenously was more than enough.

The jogging kthid still tried to get shots around Drakar’s body, but the bulk of the powered armor made it difficult to shoot around him. As long as Tehou kept her wings as close to her body and kept moving, they couldn’t hit her. She continued to pull away from her pursuers as she rushed through the air, the large ceiling lights passing over her almost fast enough to create a strobe effect.

Inside of Tehou’s head, the few remnants of her mind that weren’t entirely desensitized to anything other than the heat of her antagonism were busy at work trying to concoct a strategy. There wasn’t a lot that needed to be worked out. Most of it was the same calculations she’d already run through hundreds of times before. She lacked the weaponry to inflict any meaningful harm on her pursuers, and their numbers meant that they could keep this going all day if they wanted to. Tehou, meanwhile, was at her absolute best right now; the longer she kept this up, the more she would wear down, working with less and less energy as the day went on. And the day would go on. Drakar and his pack of drooling thugs had been given free rein to do whatever they wanted to her as long as they didn’t actually kill her. If she was caught, then…

Tehou twisted her head around, whipping her wings behind her and turning to look for her path of escape. Like always, she found herself in a nauseatingly long corridor, with no end in sight. The corridor had lots of doors leading off of it, but they were shut, and Tehou knew from experience that they would offer her no succor from the hunt. More than that, however, was the fact that the corridor was completely empty of any enslaved aliens. Tehou felt a knot in the pit of her stomach at that fact. The yawning corridor stretched out in front of her like a bottomless chasm, and the corvid girl had to use all her willpower to stop herself from hyperventilating. Tehou forced herself to think other thoughts, to remember the empty forest, the explosion, the smears of blood and debris and the shattered feathers that had littered the ground like stray leaves. The anger rose and consumed her once more.

“Drakar, shove it! You’re getting in the way!” One of the invaders shouted, his voice far off and yet as loud as thunder to the corvid.

“Fuck you! I told you the bitch is mine!” Drakar roared, his armorclad hands and feet striking the ground in a galloping rhythm. Tehou looked back and found the foremost kthid quickly, further behind her than before. She swore that he’d sounded closer just now.

Drakar was making a beeline straight for her. That made matters easy. The location had been chosen specifically for Tehou. She knew that. The corridors of the lower levels were empty and long, with no hallways, kthid, or slaves to block any of the shots. Tehou might have been able to fly freely, but she was basically trapped in a shooting gallery. That was, if not for Drakar. She didn’t even need to weave and dive and spin to avoid the shots, just to stay somewhat obscured by her nemesis. The corvid girl only needed to focus all her energy on flying as fast as she possibly could. Slowly but surely, the gap between tehou and her pursuers widened. Drakar probably knew he was making her harder to catch, of course, but she doubted he cared. If he wasn’t the one to catch and then break her, the entire hunt was worthless as far as he was concerned. She hated to admit it to herself, but Tehou could understand those sentiments.

After all, she’d never forgive herself if she wasn’t the one who murdered that bastard with her very own hands and talons. She’d kill Thron as well. Every last one of these bastards. She’ll kill them all. It didn’t matter how impossible that was, she would do it. That wouldn’t be something she ever compromised on.

A sound of a roaring jet blasted through the air behind Tehou. The corvid girl glanced back and saw Drakar blasting through the corridor far faster than her wings could carry her, his rocket wings leaving streaks of blazing lights in the air behind him. The fact that he’d had to abandon his gallop and instead use the rockets to catch up to Tehou meant that she had beaten him again in a test of their physical abilities. Most of the invaders wouldn’t have cared much, but Drakar would take that as a slight against him. He would no doubt make sure the rapes and beatings he’d inflict on her would be extra harsh as revenge. Then again, Drakar was utterly bereft of creativity, so the treatment she’d receive would be functionally the same whether she was beaten for outrunning him or just beaten because he hated her.

Drakar angled forwards and lunged down at Tehou with both of his claws, like he intended to tackle her to the ground. There was no way Tehou could fly quickly enough to outrun the kthid, so she dropped straight to the ground and opened her wings like a parachute, causing the rocket propelled kthid to fly over her head. The roar of frustration came just a moment later and the edges of Tehou couldn’t help but smirk in triumph.

Her moment of celebration didn’t last long, however. A significant number of the pursuing invaders were now in the air with their weapons raised. Blood drained from Tehou’s face, and she cursed as her wings and folded knees all sprung into action, launching her forwards as stun blasts showered the floor around her. Tehou felt the soft sensation of her wingtip feathers being knocked back, before the blast that grazed her wing splattered the limb like a droplet of hot wax. The raw agony hit a moment later, forcing a high pitched scream from Tehou’s throat. She wove and spun madly, training and muscle memory the only things keeping her flying and mobile. Her bones creaked under the force that she was putting on them, but she kept up her pace anyways, throwing herself into the escape as the hunting party closed in. Her left wing was throbbing in agony, and Tehou found herself nearly dropping unconscious as she willed her wings to keep beating. Thankfully, her will prevailed. The border of darkness around her vision was pressed back, at least for now.

Ahead of her, Drakar landed in a skid, talons grinding against the floor and thrusters firing to slow him down. He’d come almost to a stop when Tehou rolled over his head and planted her taloned feet straight into his visor. Tehou’s knees snapped open like springs, launching her forwards and putting Drakar between her and the other kthid again. Drakar roared in livid frustration, claws snatching at her but catching nothing but her tailwind. He bounded forwards and lunged again, but the corvid had already managed to regain far too much of her speed. The pain in her left wing had gone as quickly as it had appeared, but the tingling sensation lingered.

The hunt has been going on for minutes at most, and Tehou could already feel the strain on her body. She couldn’t afford to rest. Tehou beat her wings, fighting for more distance. Far in front of her, she could finally see a pathway leading off the main corridor. Once Tehou took that corner, she would have just over a minute where she wouldn’t need to fly so close to the ground to avoid the hunting party’s fire. The corvid knew she would need to make as much headway as she could in these vital moments. It was very unlikely that Master Thron would call off the hunt until the day ended and he returned to his quarters. That meant that Tehou had hours of evasion ahead.

Hundreds of tactics bubbled up in Tehou’s mind, and she dismissed them almost as quickly as they appeared. Trying to escape and look for a place to hide wasn’t possible. Tehou’s collar had a tracker on it, courtesy of Master Thron. Her body would only grow more fatigued and starved for energy, but she couldn’t stop to do anything about that; she’d just get caught. As bad as pushing herself like this was, it was still the best plan she had. Being cornered meant being subjected to the inavders’ attempts to break her and earn Master Thron’s favor. The closest thing to victory for Tehou, therefore, would be to survive the next six to eight hours without once getting cornered or caught.

Tehou had never succeeded at that.

Drakar roared as he flew forwards, throwing the weight of his body into the punch alongside the momentum of the rocket. Tehou twisted around just in time, feeling the fist graze her belly. Tehou twisted around as Drakar swung, clasping her talons around his fist and folding her legs. She pushed off of the arm moments later, using the momentum, shooting through the air and sending Drakar tumbling off balance. Tehou fed the energy to her flight and kept moving. Drakar howled with undiluted anger.

“You slippery bitch! Just give up!” Drakar roared. “You’ll end up a fucked up cumdump, one way or the other!”

“And you’ll end up as fertilizer!” Tehou retorted. The pursuit continued, the two of them closer than ever, and then Drakar lunged again. The kthid caught up to the corvid again in a fraction of a second, but Tehou was ready for him. She dove into the armor and clung to it with her talons before grappling around his helmet with her arms. Her wing flared out a moment later, opening like a parachute. Tehou bit down on her own beak, a scream exploding from her throat as the ligaments on her wings strained to try to take on the extra force of the rushing air. Drakar’s body was thrown off balance and the rockets went awry. The effect was immediate as Drakar was sent into a tumbling spin. Tehou jumped away from the kthid a moment later, turning back and giving a victorious sneer. The corvid girl couldn’t see his facial expression behind that visor, but the roar of rage was more than enough to tell her how he was feeling. Tehou flew forwards and Drakar jumped to his feet and ordered his jets to full force, sending him barreling through the air, the full force of the propellant jets driving him forwards, just as Tehou banked sharply to the right.

Sending Drakar flying, face first, into the solid metal wall

Tehou whooped as she heard the crash, Drakar hitting the wall so hard he probably cracked the tiles. In her moment of triumph, it was actually possible for her to forget about everything else. The flight made her feel alive. It was like she was actually free again.

The corvid girl’s eyes swiveled around, and she swooped into a servant’s corridor. For these hunts, the kthid tried to drop her into unfamiliar terrain every time, but there were only so many ways to set up ship corridors. Tehou’s wings opened wide as she soared, taking the moment to recover her energy. In her mind, she was already plotting out the pathway she would take to keep evading the hunters. The smaller corridors were sloped and winding, meaning it would be hard to get clear lines of fire. It would also mean that their superior speed would be nullified by her superior maneuverability. Tehou banked left around a corner.

Finding herself facing a firing squad of three warriors.

What happened next felt like being splashed with buckets of boiling water. Tehou found herself lying on her back seconds later, looking up to the curved ceiling of the servant’s corridor. It felt like the top layer of her skin had been flayed until it was loose. Even the weight of her feathers somehow felt like needles shoved hard and deep into her. Far off, Tehou could hear the sound of screaming. It genuinely took time for her to realize that the screams were coming from her.

Her adrenaline had spiked so high that time seemed to flow slower for her. Tehou lay on the ground, her body still quivering like jelly, as the armored warrior loomed. She could see only blotches of color out of the corners of her vision, but it was enough to make sense of the metal plates near the legs as they slid open and revealed a sight she knew too well. A piece of anatomy, elongated and green.

“So this is the Valley’s Shadow?” A voice she didn’t recognize asked. “How peculiar. I thought such a famous creature would have been more…notable than this.”

“Notable? Like how?” Another voice asked, its owner grabbing Tehou. The corvid girl tried to resist, but the armored figure was too strong. She was picked up by what felt like the grasping hand of a construction crane and turned over, her tender belly pressed against the cold metal ground. Tehou snapped out of her stupor as she felt the cold metal tip of the mechanized gauntlet press against her sphincter. Behind the kthid, a group of arane slaves saw Tehou and the kthid, froze, and then turned and scuttled back down the tunnels. The kthid in front of her looked Tehou over before reaching over and roughly squeezing her breasts. “This is what all the birds look like.”

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” Tehou screamed, her voice coming out as a gasp. She could only get her lungs maybe a quarter full after that last shock. “Get your hands off me!”

“Well, I do suppose it’s rather hard to say. I suppose when I heard that one of the slaves caused so much mayhem, I expected something a little more — exceptional. Different wings, perhaps. Or maybe a unique coloration at least. Perhaps an albino in comparison to the usual coloration of their species.” The kthid behind her said, shoving his talon carelessly into her ass. Tehou screamed, both from the pain of the sharp talon pressing against her ass and the girth of the finger. She could practically feel herself growing raw as the finger was wriggled around, widening the unlubricated hole.

“Or perhaps not albino. Maybe at least dark purple or blue, to distinguish them from the worthless rabble.”

The kthid in front of her chuckled as he forced Tehou’s beak open. “They’re heitera, not collectable items. The rarer ones aren’t going to look any different.”

“I guess not,” The kthid behind Tehou laughed. The corvid girl froze, her blood running cold, as she felt the hardened cockhead press up against her anal ring. “I don’t think it matters either way. A heitera isn’t going to feel any better just because she’s more valuable.”

“I said get your filthy paws off of me!” Tehou fumed. The metal talons in between her jaws pried her beak open.

Tehou screamed as she felt the claw close around her wing. Her scream peaked as Drakar twisted his paw around, twisting and dislocating her bones with a single motion. The sensation of tearing muscles and ligaments was quickly eclipsed by the sensation of sodomization. Mad pain burned through Tehou’s mind as the scaled cock sawed in and out of her, feeling to her like she was being sawed in half.

Beyond just repairing all of the damage that the violent violations and assaults had inflicted, the vet that Master Thron sent her to appeared to have gone out of his way to surgically tighten her hole. The sodomization was so rough and violent that Tehou felt every single muscle in her body lock painfully in place as the cock split her asshole open, like the penetration had been intended to kill her. Tehou screamed and screamed as the kthid reamed her, the tightness all but ignored beneath the mechanically-enhanced strength of her rapist.

The pain of having her unlubricated rear entrance intruded upon was torturous to Tehou. Her colon was stretched so thin she felt frightened that her guts would tear at any moment. The ridged scales of the cock were pointed upwards like knives and, in Tehou’s mind, were every bit as long, painful, and damaging as sharpened daggers. 

The kthid raping her might not have had Master Thron’s girth or length, but at a certain point it was like the difference between trying to shove a bus and a passenger ferry through a front door. The exact size didn’t matter anymore.

The kthid cared nothing for Tehou’s pain, however. He grabbed the dislocated wing and used the limb as leverage as he pistoned in and out of her, overcoming the mismatch in size and readiness by pure, brutal strength.

Tehou’s screams resonated alongside her furious threats and curses. The kthid barely seemed to hear her. The scaled invader in front of Tehou hooked his armored talon around the inside of her beak, chipping the bone. A meaty cock was rammed into her throat a moment later, the engorged pole deforming and reshaping her throat with every thrust.

Tehou’s body was twisted and yanked on as the cock was shoved into her body, becoming as much a part of her anatomy as a second spine. Tehou tried to bite down on it, clenching her jaws around the spongy green cock that snaked its way down her throat. The metal talon stopped her bite, chipping her beak even further and sending needles of pain shooting deep into Tehou’s skull.

The kthid in Tehou’s ass twisted her wing again as he picked up his pace. Each thrust rattled every bone in her body, all the way from her hips to her skull. Inside of those suits, Tehou knew how easy it would be for the invaders to snap every single bone she had. The scaly cock flensed her gut raw as the brute inflicted upon her the force of sexual terror personified. The pleasured moans of the kthid mixed with the horrified screams that tore from Tehou’s voice box, the sounds playing to the beat of scaled hips against feathered ass.

The kthid in front twisted Tehou’s head at an unnatural angle to force the cock in deeper. He viciously fed the cock past her beak and into her soft throat, slamming into the corvid girl without a care of how many bones he might break. Her eyes teared up as her voice box was squashed flat, stopping everything but the sound of squelching and gagging from escaping. 

The cock moved with little impedance, tenderizing the corvid’s throat so thoroughly that Tehou swore that her meat was being literally liquefied by the rupturing force of the sexual onslaught. Trapped between the two unyielding walls of metal and green scales, Tehou felt like she was being crushed inside of a trash compactor, that at any moment, her bones would fold like an empty can beneath a hydraulic press. The heavy ball sacks thumped against her ass and her chin both.

“Fuck, this is good!” The kthid skullfucking Tehou laughed. “I didn’t realize fucking a bird’s throat could be this fun!”

“Lord Thron appears to have found himself yet another wonderful piece of flesh,” the kthid raping Tehou’s ass laughed, twisting her wing and forcing a scream to the corvid’s mouth. “The three highlords truly are special, to think that they would be able to acquire so many quality pieces of property so consistently.”

“Fuck, I need to trade me a birdy!” the kthid to Tehou’s front declared, slamming hard against her beak. Her throat was a mess, having been so twisted by the kthid’s shaft that its original shape was all but forgotten.  “Hey, I want to try something! Give that wing a twist!”

Tehou’s eyes snapped open and she tried to spew a long chain of expletives, her squashed voice box could do nothing but tickle the kthid’s cock with the way it vibrated. The invader raping Tehou’s face groaned as the one behind her chuckled. “I suppose there’s no harm in experimenting,” he said. 

The raw pain struck Tehou a moment later, blanking out her mind completely as the excruciating assault struck her. The sensation was like molten metal being poured into her socket joint. The raw agony carried itself out of her body with a surge of air from her lungs. What was left behind in her throat was something like a semi vacuum that seemed moments from sending the kthid facefucking her over his limit.

“Oi you! Fuck off!” Tehou’s blood froze as she heard a familiar voice. “This one’s mine!” Drakar continued, voice aggressive.

“Now, Drakar,” the kthid raping Tehou from behind said, “we subdued Lord Thron’s heitera, as we were instructed to do according to the rules of the game. We have every right to make use of her before you. You will get your turn, don’t you worry.”

“Don’t worry my ass! You cheated!” Drakar snarled. “She is my catch and my prey!”

“Intriguing. I understand this corvid to be property of Lord Thron. It appears I was rather thoroughly misinformed,” the kthid said jovially, continuing to hammer her ass. Each thrust was like the impact of a quarterstaff, bruising and rupturing Tehou’s inner organs with every blow. If not for the invader’s aberrant biology, Tehou would probably have begun bleeding internally. she screamed impotently as the hand twisted her wing again, pressing it agonizingly close to dislocation. “That said, I am enjoying myself greatly. Surely you could find graciousness in your heart, and allow me to finish with my prize. They’ll be plenty more of her left to enjoy, I assure you.”

Raw pain exploded over Tehou’s side as she was kicked. The foot came down on her a moment later, stomping down on her hip. Tehou screamed madly, her beak cracking even further as it reflexively attempted to close around the metal talon. A claw raked over Tehou’s back, digging deep and drawing fresh blood.

“Don’t think I’m done with you, bird bitch! Don’t think you got off easy!” Drakar snarled into Tehou’s ear. The claw dug in even deeper, drawing an even more agonized scream from her throat, “I’ll make you sorry for humiliating me like this!”

Nareen staggered unevenly through the ship, her eyes still puffy and her nose still blocked. What was left of her four brown ears drooped against her head and her messy flaxen hair, coated by smears of cum, draped on her bare shoulders. She moved slowly, taking care not to open any of her wounds, as she replayed the conversation with Althea again and again in her head.

Shouldn’t she have said something to Althea? Tried to console her? Nareen dragged her feet, every single step tiring for her. She kept her eyes down and her hair over her face, wishing and praying to the ancestors that she would not be recognized by yet another mirucain she’d failed to protect.

“What are you still doing here!” A voice demanded.

Nareen jumped, her head snapping up just to see a pair of angry purple eyes glaring straight at her. The spotted woman, Slayer, marched right up to Nareen. Nareen stumbled backwards as the woman advanced on her, striding up so close that Nareen could make out each individual fang in the woman’s mouth as she snarled.

“Lord Thron is having a hunt! Heitera are not permitted in this area!” the woman growled. “Now get out of here or I am going to — ”

“What’s this, Slayer? You found something?” A much deeper, rumbling voice asked. The woman froze, straightening up, before looking over her shoulder. Nareen looked away from the spotted woman for the first time and felt like she would fall to her knees right then and there. A group of demons, clad in their gray armor, strode up next to the orange-skinned slave and flanked her on both sides. “Oh! What is this then?”

“A slave, my lord.” Slayer said, her voice terse.

“Yes, we can see that.” The other demon said, “I think what Saarn wants to know is what she’s doing over here.”

“Yes, Slayer. Weren’t you meant to clear all the slaves from this area?”

“I was, Sir,” Slayer responded.

One of the demons reached for the woman, raising his metalclad claw to her breast and twirling a thick digit around the chain. The demon yanked on the chain, pulling on it until the spotted woman’s breast was deformed by the strain on the ring piercing. Slayer’s face remained stoic. If what was happening was hurting her, she wasn’t showing it.

“So what is this slave doing here then?” One of the demons asked.

“I had chased her away before, my lord,” Slayer responded emotionlessly. “It seems like she came back.”

“You didn’t decide to disobey us deliberately, did you?” The other demon asked, reaching between Slayer’s legs. He hooked his finger around, forcing the point of the clawed digit deep into Slayer’s quim. A pang of pain momentarily flickered over the spotted woman’s face, yet she didn’t make a sound even as the sharp digit was forced deeper into her soft hole. “You didn’t disobey us just because we aren’t Huntmaster Voerash, did you?”

“Of course not, my lord. You are kthid and I am only heitera,” the spotted woman responded.

“That’s right,” one of the demons said. “Even the Huntmaster’s heitera is still below casteless. Don’t you forget that.” The demon yanked his digit out from Slayer’s slit, shoving her forwards. The spotted woman stumbled, wincing, but gathered her feet beneath her quickly. “Now go deal with the slave.”

Slayer closed her eyes, bowing her head. “Of course, my lord. As you command.”

Pain exploded across Nareen’s side before she realized that anything was happening at all. The mirucain staggered backwards, her body screaming at her, as she tried to put up her arms to defend herself. The orange woman lunged for Nareen in a terrifying blur, and pain exploded across Nareen’s stomach, leg, and head in practically the same instant as the rapid fire blows struck her body. A hand struck for Nareen’s collar, grabbing her and yanking her off her feet.

Nareen crashed to the floor, feeling a flash of pain shoot through her body. The sword came down a moment later, however, jabbing the ground just next to Nareen’s neck and choking off her scream of pain. Nareen’s heart thundered wildly inside of her as her entire body locked up. The cold of the blade was resting against her neck.

Clawed digits pushed against Nareen’s scalp as Slayer grabbed her by her hair. Nareen didn’t even dare to breathe as the spotted woman pulled her up from the floor, the flat of the sword still resting against her neck. The spotted woman twisted Nareen’s face around, forcing the mirucain to stare into her cold purple eyes.

“I see you here again, and the sword is going into you,” Slayer growled softly. “Do you understand?”

Nareen whimpered. The woman continued to stare at Nareen with those cold, alien eyes for a moment before she let go, allowing her to drop back onto the ground. The spotted woman pulled her sword off the ground, laid it to rest on her shoulder, and turned back towards the metalclad demons. The monsters had their faces hidden behind their obscuring masks, but their gleeful laughter made their feelings very clear.

“Well done, Slayer,” one of the demons laughed. “That was hilarious!”

“I am pleased that you were satisfied with me, my lord,” Slayer said softly.

“Oh, we are very satisfied. That was very entertaining to watch,” the demon said, reaching up and grabbing the spotted woman by her face. He moved her face closer to his as he reached down over his metalclad body, pressing down on a small button. There was a clicking sound as a metal door swung open on the demon’s groin, exposing a scaled cock. “That was very titillating. But now I have a different kind of entertainment in mind.” Slayer lowered her head.

 “Of course, my lord. As you wish.”

One of the demons reached forwards, grabbing the spotted woman by her nipple chains and pulling her towards him. The other one carelessly grabbed at her tail with his armorclad hand, pulling the limb up and drawing her hips towards his. The demons positioned themselves on either side of the spotted woman, pressing their shafts deep into her body. Within seconds, both of the demons were rutting at the terrifying slave.

Nareen sobbed, pulling herself to her knees. Her body groaned at her, but the still-fresh fear clouding her mind did go some way to numbing the pain.

Now that the spotted woman wasn’t right up in her face, Nareen could see that there were far more than just two of those demons in the corridor in front of her. There were dozens of them, and most of them were not paying attention to her or even to Slayer. Instead, they surrounded a single feathered girl that was pinned to the ground and covered in blood.

The girl was not mirucain, but even Nareen was able to recognize how young she was. The winged girl was pinned between two of the demons as they engaged in horrible rape. All the while, a third one lurked right next to the young girl with his claws raking over her body. Droplets of blood speckled the ground. Nareen was breathing fast and hard, her heart beating out of control.

Scenes of misery and torment were hardly rare aboard the ship, but the youth of the girl stabbed at the mirucain’s heart. Tireeni, if she was still alive, would be about that young winged girl’s age. Nareen put her hand in front of her, like she was making a move to crawl forwards, before she froze.

What was she supposed to do?

Nareen stared wearily, feeling like she was three decades older. She couldn’t help Tireeni. She couldn’t help Althea. In fact, Althea actually tried to help her. They were both stuck in this hellish place, and Althea tried to help her.

Nareen stared out wearily at the young girl as her frame was crushed between the two pounding bodies of the scaled demons. Master Thrakur alone was agonizing for Nareen. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how torturous the experience must be for the young, frail-looking girl. She couldn’t even imagine how horrific it would soon be, considering that more of the demons clustered around the young girl as if waiting for their turn.

Nareen bit her lip. There was nothing to do. If anything, the girl was better off without her interfering.

Tehou screamed as, after what felt like years of enervating rapine, the kthid fucking reached his climax. The throbbing came to the cock in her ass first, the phallus twitching as it got ready to discharge. Tehou’s rectum had been reamed red and swollen, with tiny invisible tears covering the sensitive insides. 

The kthid tightened his hand around Tehou’s wing and she screamed again, her entire body tensing up as she felt like someone had rammed an incandescent fireplace poker into her shoulder. The tightening of her muscles clenched down on the cock in her ass and her screams sent a vibrating shudder into the dick in her throat, setting off both of the kthid. The cocks twitched and squirmed like predatory worms as the eruption of cum surged forwards, the harrowing heat scorching and staining Tehou’s insides as the flood of gelatinous genetic material. The volume of the corvid’s passages inflated as the pendulous testes emptied into her insides. The heat against the cuts burned. It felt like she was being cooked from the insides.

Even with her holes still gaping and leaking cum, it wasn’t long until the spots were filled. Seemingly uncaring about the flood of semen still inside her, the next pair of rapists descended on Tehou. She screamed again as the scaled cocks tore into her raw holes, already almost as tight as they’d been earlier in the morning.

The corvid twisted and writhed, trying to escape these invaders and plunderers, but to no avail. Within that metallic grasp, Tehou was reduced to a mere object of entertainment and sexual pleasure. She screamed as she felt a pair of claws rake over her back as she was sodomized again.

“Believe me, bird bitch. I’ll make you sorry that you thought, for a fucking second, that you were better than me!” Drakar barked, yanking on her broken wing like a leash and ripping straight into the corvid’s gut. Tehou’s screams soon followed.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Nareen whispered, stumbling away as more of the demons descended on the young girl. She’d thought herself a huntress once, feasting on the meat of her prey. She didn’t have those delusions anymore. These demons were the predators; she was just prey that had forgotten her place. She could only weep for the girl before turning away and returning to her own life of misery.

3 thoughts on “NSC – The Endless Night – Chapter 3 – Predators

  1. Okay! I’m catching up on FF now after taking a break for a few days.

    I’ve shared my opinions on characters such as Thrakur before. I like characters whom aren’t in power due to any strength or skill on their part, but instead due to luck or rank. I think it really harnesses the unfairness of the situation, and makes it feel just that much more horrifying and brutal. Thrakur isn’t in control of Nareen due to any physical strength or expertise. If she was given the chance, I’m sure Nareen would just body him.

    I’m sure I could find some parallels to fascistic cronyism where somebody undeserving of power is given a position of authority, and then the horrible things that person does with their power. But focusing purely on the porn? The scenes with Thrakur and Nareen hit. I like it.

    I’m a massive fan of the scene with Tehou, Lyok and Thron – even if the removable beak made me shiver. I was worried that Thron would be less of a genocidal slaver, and instead more akin to the rapist you’ll find in non-con stories whom is actually “enjoyable” (in terms of such things as mind-break) for their victims. I was clearly wrong, and that’s something I’m glad to be wrong of. I found the art-work positively horrifying, and the differences between Tehou and Lyok in “fight no matter what, never give in,” and “obedience to avoid pain.”

    Of course I support Tehou, although I definitely understand Lyok’s point of view. It’s more emotional than an argument to me. Lyok just wants to help her sister, but Tehou is so inundated with rage and hatred against the Kthid that she extends it to anyone she sees as working with the Kthid. I’m sure I could spot another parallel with real-world politics here if I thought about it.

    I don’t really feel much emotion for Nareen in this situation, personally. I don’t like her as a person, as a starter, but I also don’t **know** her character nor any of her relationships; so her break-down doesn’t really have as much an emotional impact on me as it might have. It’s still sad. Anyways! Slayer. I’ve got two-words. Woman. Sword. She’s hot, basically. I’m not sure if there’s any image of her, but she very much intrigues me (mostly because I’m not sure what species she is).

    I’ll put this simply. I **love** this scene with Darth Tehou.

    > Tehou screamed as she felt the claw close around her wing. Her scream peaked as Drakar twisted his paw around, twisting and dislocating her bones with a single motion. The sensation of tearing muscles and ligaments was quickly eclipsed by the sensation of sodomization. Mad pain burned through Tehou’s mind as the scaled cock sawed in and out of her, feeling to her like she was being sawed in half.

    I’ll presume, first of all, that this isn’t meant to be Drakar. But either way, getting back onto the course of things? The claustrophobia near the start of the scene was really well described. It pulled me into the scene. Her immediate anger following that has easily made Tehou up there as one of my favourite character – I have **so** much sympathy with her continuing to fight and struggle as she is held down and it hits so well. It just grips me. The hunt is thrilling, as is watching her channel her rage as a way to stay moving and dodging and weaving.

    Whilst her capture puts an end to that thrilling chase, the rape scene that follows gives good world-building (I’m presuming she blew up, or killed some Kthid either prior to capture or as a slave) and is just hot. They take no notice or care of her struggles, highlighting the difference in strength between them, and then.. well.. sodomise her. I very much enjoyed basically everything about the scene.

    Slayer once more proves her hotness, and then we get back to watching Tehou get raped. I like this chapter a lot. I was less interested in Nareen’s side of things, personally, but it was a good chapter. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Slayer and Tehou in the future.

    Anyways! Peace! I’ll read the other two chapters tomorrow.


    1. Hey Thistle, glad to hear from you again! So, onto the responses.

      A large part of the situation most of the characters are in, as was noted and highlighted by Selara, is how unjust the universe is. Those who have power in the kthid imperium abuse it to whatever extent they can and wish. This is seen in the dimension of strength with Nareen, of course, though we shall also see this covered from other perspectives as well. In many ways, the very worst people who could be in power in the DSU are the ones that are currently in power. That said, I’m not sure if Nareen would completely body Thrakur per se. Thrakur does have combat training and he is also a kthid with their massive bodies and absurd reserves of strength. Not that that means particularly much. A society that elevates the person who can physically beat up others and can take whatever they want is still a horrific one. Even if Thrakur defeats Nareen ‘legitimately’, that doesn’t mean he should be allowed to just do what he’s doing right now in a just world.

      Honestly I can’t think of you being more off-base with Thron 😛 Kthid don’t get into his position if they don’t embody the ethos and the mentality of their society, and Thron does both in spades. What he did to Lyok is just a more illustrative demonstration of the point, but to Thron his slaves are toys. Curiosities that are allowed independent wills only whilst it amuses him. Thrakur might be more overtly vicious, but I don’t think any of the characters are quite as evil in the same way that Thron is. I suppose I also shouldn’t be surprised that you’re fond of Tehou ;). As for Slayer, I’ll send you a pic.

      Tehou’s claustrophobia is also something that will probably see more development and focus later in the story as well. Her anger is also very central to her character as well as the way it interacts with the world. In any case, thank you for your continued interest and I’ll look forwards to your reactions going forwards into the future!


      1. Oh, definitely.

        I tried to take great care to avoid referring to it as Thrakur not “deserving” it because he wasn’t strong enough, because in no way shape or form can anyone **deserve** to commit such acts.

        I like when people with strength, skill, or intelligence are thrust into positions like this by those weaker than them on account of nothing more than luck, and the position of power they currently feel. It’s why I liked Shale. It feels that smidgen more humiliating, and unfair to me. Although in this case it is kind of dulled with Nareen not being able to beat up Thrakur, so I’ll just imagine it.

        And yes! I’m well aware I was off-base with Thron. I was referring to my first viewing of him, which was coloured it in the complete wrong direction; and so I’m very glad that I was wrong because I like how it is now a lot. A golden cage, but a cage nevertheless.

        Tehou is only not being completely and utterly broken in because Thron is being amused by her struggles. Drakar is right, in a way, that he’ll grow tired of her “antics” eventually. Although I doubt he’ll give her to Drakar.

        Anyways. I look forward to the picture of Slayer! She is very hot.


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