One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 6

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Of all the places in the world Lux could have to call her home, she was glad it was Demacia.

She hadn’t been born in the capital that shared the name with the nation. In Silvermere, there had been little to do but explore and climb the rocky peaks and cliffs and look down on the world. As a child, Lux used to do that all the time; going where she wasn’t supposed to, and doing what she wasn’t supposed to, had always been among her favorite pastimes… much to the dismay of her family. She had always suspected it was part of the reason they’d moved her and her brother to Demacia so early in life, but if they had been expecting that to stop her, they had been wrong… Lux had simply traded stone cliffs for rooftops. Demacian architecture was heavy on ledges and crenelations, archways and flat roofs, and as a young Crownguard she had driven her parents, and her aunt, insane by always going places she shouldn’t. It was, they’d said, undignified behavior for a noblewoman of Demacia’s oldest family.

Lux hadn’t cared. Demacia was too much fun to explore, and there was too much to see, to remain shackled to where her parents said she should be. Demacia was a port city, the greatest in all of Western Runeterra or so she was told. Built on the mouth of a great river delta, the city occupied both shores of the mountainous river and all of the islands in between, connected by vast bridges that would have seemed to scrape the sky if the town built into the mountain walls didn’t reach higher still. The water was crystal clear and bluer than her eyes, and there were always ships coming and going by the hundreds, sails stiff with wind and decks crammed with goods, merchants, or soldiers as the great engine of a city surged on, warmed by the sun shining down on a sea of white marble and mighty granite.

There was no place like it in the whole world. All the books said so… and Lux was grateful to call it her home over anywhere else in all Runeterra.

That was an insane idea, she knew. It wasn’t like she had ever been anywhere else, after all. There had been years and years and years of her childhood where she would have rather lived anywhere else… somewhere she wouldn’t have to hide, somewhere free of the pressures of her family and the burden of her rogue talent. There were times that she couldn’t imagine a darker prison for herself that the land she had been born in.

That had been before. Before she had known that at least her commanders and her family all knew about her powers, and if they did not necessarily accept them then at least they tolerated them. That was before she had given herself a purpose in changing how Demacia related to the idea of magic, and those born with the talents to use it. That was before she had left her homeland and gone darker and darker places… seen the cruelties that could exist elsewhere. It threw the beauty of her homeland into stark relief, and made it clear just how lucky she was to have a place like this to be her home.

And that was before she considered the nightmares.

The blonde sat upon the edge of a church that overlooked one of the military harbors, watching from isolation as units of the Dauntless Vanguard disembarked from ships, forming up in good order before marching into the city. She wasn’t supposed to be here at all, really… Garen had forbidden her, and as annoying as her big brother could be, he really did have the best of intentions for her. He didn’t know what had happened to her in Noxus – only Quinn knew the barest hint, and she believed her friend when she swore she would never say a word to anyone – but he wasn’t an idiot. He knew something had happened, and that she wasn’t ready to go after Sylas. 

In truth, she was grateful. She had protested and yelled and pleaded but she was grateful. She didn’t think she could bear to see that murderer again, that rapi-

Lux shook her head. No. Don’t think about that. It wasn’t true. It didn’t happen. He hadn’t done any of those things to her… Sylas had committed enough real crimes to condemn him for without needing to assign ones she had dreamed. 

The blonde sorceress winced, her hand involuntarily coming up to rub at her chest… not that she could actually reach anything through the breastplate she wore. She could feel the nipple piercings, throbbing with phantom pain in her breasts. It wasn’t real. She was pretty sure it wasn’t real, that they didn’t hurt. The pain was imaginary, Lux felt sure. They didn’t hurt today. If they did, she wouldn’t be thinking whether or not they hurt… she would be certain. The rings, one of the legacies of her visit to Noxus half a year ago, could burn like they were red hot when they wanted to… but Lux didn’t dare remove them. Not after what had happened to her.

She didn’t have to look down to the belt pouch that contained the leather journal, didn’t need to feel for it to reassure herself it was there… she knew it was. The handwritten journal had been made by a man named Tyrus that her own family library and the royal library both had no mention of. In the last months after stealing the thing from LeBlanc’s library, she had read it cover to cover, again and again and again… there was plenty in it she didn’t understand, plenty that she was missing context on and made no sense, and plenty more that was speculation or guesswork that made no sense to anyone, but she at least knew what the brand on her body was of, now. It was the Rune of Shadow.

Lux shuddered just thinking that name. That was why Demacia had been founded, she knew… why it feared magic so much, and why they considered it so dangerous. A little over a thousand years ago, there had been… well, a war, but one of so great a scale that Lux hesitated to call it such. The word seemed utterly insufficient. It had been a war where the great World Runes, magic so vast and so legendary that it had the ability to drain ocean and shatter continents, had been used in battle between nations. There had been no winner of this war… there had barely been survivors. Demacia had been founded by refugees fleeing the destruction, running as far from where they had come as their feet would take them before they settled. All of the World Runes had been lost.

Except… evidently not entirely lost.

The brand on her ass burned when she thought about it.

According to the book, one nation, without a World Rune of its own, had tried to make a new one. Hundreds of strong mages had stepped into what it called a Realm of Shadow and tried to harvest the black, craft it into a new type of magic… the control of light, and darkness. They had tried to craft it into a new Rune of Power and use it against their enemies. And they had succeeded… though at a horrible price. 

The new magic had come back with them… but it hadn’t been the only thing. According to the journal, when they returned it had brought a monster with them… one forged of the darkness. One that was nightmares and terror and pain made manifest, existing only to destroy those who had stolen from its realm. According to the journal, it had been eventually subdued and imprisoned back in the realm it had come from, along with the the newly crafted Rune of Shadow… but only after the nation that had created it was no more. It had wiped them out for their arrogance.

Lux looked at her own hands, slightly glowing with barely contained light. Manipulation of light. Her power came from that rune… she couldn’t argue that. A piece of the Rune of Shadow’s power still leaked into this world… and she had the attention of the monster on the other side. It was hunting her, the same way it had the ancient sorcerers who had summoned it… and it didn’t need to leave its prison to do it. When awake, she could control her thoughts, keep her power under control. When she slept, however… more of it leaked into her. When she slept, she touched the Rune of Shadow in its prison, wherever it was. It hunted her through her dreams.

That was what the rings from the Sorceress LeBlanc were for. Lux had examined them closely before she had left the mountains of Noxus… they were a combination of steel and silver, and run through with swirling veins of petricite, carved with exact replicates of the sigils in the book, formulae and arcane symbols for binding and control. When they burned was when Lux was under attack, when the monster on the other side was trying to get to her… absorbing the energy as much as possible. They were protecting her.

Lux snorted. She had learned that the hard way. The first thing she had done the first time she was alone was rip the hateful things out of her and toss them into the woods. She had tried to stay awake, but eventually sleep had claimed her… and the nightmares had, as well. 

That night, Lux had dreamed that Noxian soldiers had caught up to her. That Quinn had tried to defend them and had ended up crucified to the stones in the gully, pounded in her holes by celebrating troops while Lux was dragged off to the nearby stream, drowned while being fucked… and then, after they were done, they dragged her off back to the Bastion in Noxus. Lux had never seen it in the waking world, just drawings in books, but in her nightmares she explored it thoroughly as she was dragged out in the burning sands of their arena, put on trial for her thieving and spying, and made into a prize for gladiator after gladiator… for months…

When she had come awake screaming, Quinn had watched and helped as she frantically searched for her piercings, and it had been one of the greatest reliefs of her life when they found the glistening things. Lux hadn’t known then how piercings healed but she did now… even one night had been enough to scab the holes over and shrink them considerably, and the process of pushing the metal back through those incredibly sensitive holes had hurt even more than being pierced in the first place had. She had passed out trying to push the one back into her clit – it had simply been too painful. Thankfully, when she woke back up, it had been without another nightmare… and the piercing was in. Most days, Lux tried not to think about how her confused and frightened friend must have taken over after she blacked out, finishing pushing the metal into the unconscious sorceress. 

Thankfully, bless her, Quinn hadn’t asked too many questions. Lux wasn’t sure if she had it in her to answer them… she wasn’t sure if she had any answers for her friend.

Since then, there had been six more. Thankfully, all of them had been brief. All of them horrible… unbelievably, traumatizing horrible… but at least unlike her first one they hadn’t dragged on for what felt like years. Instead, Lux spent mere hours in hell, or in one especially bad case several days. Each and every one of them had still left her shaking and not wanting to speak to anyone for weeks afterward… but it was better than the alternative. LeBlanc, for better or worse, had appeared to honestly want to control the nightmares.

As a child, she had spent all her time on rooftops and away from other people because it was fun, and so her parents couldn’t find her. As an adolescent, she had spent all her time on rooftops and away from other people because she wanted to hide her magic from them. Now, Lux sat on top of the roof well away from the other soldiers of the Vanguard because it was the only way to stay safe. According to the journal the nightmares didn’t come from nowhere… they pulled from other people’s thoughts for her, their daydreams, their emotions. They were twisted by the darkness but they had their roots in something. Thinking of Sylas and how he had felt about her had directed her first one… the actual thoughts of her captor LeBlanc had guided the second. 

Thinking back, she could make guesses where the other six had come from – Stopping at an inn with a sleazy innkeeper had lead to a nightmare of her room being invaded in the small hours of the night; a nobleman who had come to see her father about a business arrangement had lead to a dream of that same man keeping a crownguard slave in his basement as punishment for the deal gone bad; a tense exchange with Aunt Tiana about the holes in Lux’s report on her intrusion into the library lead to a nightmare about her being locked into the deepest, darkest hole the witch hunters had ‘for her own good’; a brief meeting with Prince Jarvan and his annoyed bodyguard had lead to a nightmare about the pissed off, jealous half-dragon guardian who protected him going out of her way to explain why she wasn’t fit to marry the prince now or ever. That last one had been especially painful… as it turned out, the half-dragon Shyvanna’s body was almost molten hot, and just the touch of skin to skin burned her like she had been tossed into a fire. Just a few days ago, she had dreamed of Katarina. She had had plenty of real, non-supernatural nightmares about the red-haired assassin, but this one had been the monster… that she was certain of. The Noxian had her tied to a chair, gleefully explaining what every metal instrument on her tool tray could be used to do to cause Lux agony.

The only thing they all had in common was that they were brief. A few hours, or at most a day or two in the dream. Shyvana had left her lying in a heap on the floor, covered in steaming juices. The nobleman had let her cry herself to sleep, and when Lux had awoken it had been in her own bed. Katarina had only had time to use one of her many, many tortures on her – the tongs, as it turned out – before Lux had blacked out and woken up. It was scant mercy, but she doubted her sanity could have survived the alternative.

She hated it.

Lux didn’t want to know what her Aunt’s pussy tasted like, or how her father’s business partner liked his balls licked, or what a dragon’s scorching hot scales felt like… but what she wanted didn’t seem to matter, and knowing what had caused these dreams did very little to help her in preventing future ones. All she could do for that was to stay away from people.

It mostly worked.

The journal didn’t say where the Rune of Shadow had been imprisoned, where the rift into the other world had been. The writer didn’t know where that had happened, though he noted that the mages who had done it had been refugees from a land called Helia, even named some of them. There were leads that she could be following up on…

But all of them would involve leaving her home and heading back out and away from safety. When she entered the petricite fortress of the walls of Demacia, the dreams had largely gone away… including the first two, she had had 6 in the 3 weeks it took to get back to Demacia, and the piercings had burned almost every single day. There had only been 2 in the next 6 months after that, and the piercings were silent most days. If she left again, they would come back… and while the piercings helped to control them, they didn’t work miracles. By leaving, she would be signing herself up for torment once again.

No. It was better to stay here, where it was safe… even if it did mean avoiding her friends. If she tilted her head up and shaded her eyes against the sun, Lux had little doubt she’d be able to spot the eagle riding the thermals above her… Valor, watching over her for Quinn. Her friend had tried to talk several times about what had happened, and Lux had cut every time short. That wasn’t fair of her, she knew… it wasn’t like Quinn had actually been mad enough at her that she had staked her to a tree with crossbow bolts and beat her senseless before using her extremities for target practice. That had just been a nightmare… but looking at her friend couldn’t help but bring it to mind, and that was saying nothing of the times that the ranger had been a victim alongside her. She had seen the scout naked far more times than a friend should ever have to, and didn’t want there to be another time… if the monster on the other side could forget she existed, so much the better. She just needed t-

Lux’s thoughts derailed in a rush as she saw him. 

Sylas was a huge man… he had withered away not at all during his long exile in the Freljord, still corded with muscle and tall enough that he was a head above the average member of the Vanguard holding his chains. He was bound hand and foot, practically swaddled in petricite as the soldiers pulled their captive forward along with several of the frenzied berserkers of the North nearly as well-bound as he was. The exiled murderer, kingslayer, and traitor was covered in bruises… he hadn’t gone down without a fight, but he looked no less defiant as he held his head high.

He shouldn’t be able to see her from all the way down there, staring up into the daylight skyline of Demacia… but Lux could have sworn he looked right at her anyway.

Probably just her imagination.

It wasn’t a surprise that he was here. She had known they were going after him… it had been her intelligence, gathered at a personal cost that her commanders couldn’t possibly know, that had told them where to look for the rebel. Lux had known from couriers sent ahead that they had captured the Kingslayer, and were bringing him back… she knew he would be here. Seeing him wasn’t even a little bit of a surprise…

But she was nowhere near as ready to see him as she thought she would be. 

The blonde shuddered and wrapped her arms around herself and wished that she was imagining the sudden pain in her nipples and clit.


For about the five hundredth time in the last turn of the glass, Lux questioned if she had any idea what she was doing.

The blonde sorceress strode through the dark stone wall of the Witchunter’s fortress, feeling eyes on her as she went. No one here ranked highly enough at this hour to second guess her admittance or deny a member of the Crownguard family, but everyone knew who she was, and how it had gone the last time she had interacted with Sylas. Every look she got might as well have had words engraved into the look… “What are you doing here?” those gazes asked.

Lux wished she knew how to answer them. She increasingly doubted she had any idea what she was doing here… but her feet kept her moving, further and further down.

Sylas was being held as far down as he had been before, on the same floor, in the same vault. It had been rebuilt since the events that had led to him escaping before, however, and it was little like it had been. The walls were far thicker, the bars in multiple layers, and as the guards slid the vault door open it moved with the slow surety of incredible weight and solidity. It would take an army months to batter down this door, Lux felt sure… and as she stepped into the room on the other side she felt grateful for that.

Sylas stood in the prison, racked in golden chains. From his previous escape, the witch hunters understood how petricite could interact with his power, and the danger it represented… but that was only as a matter of volume. This time, they had him practically swaddled in the magic-absorbant metal, to the point she could barely see any of him below the neck. They were taking no chances with the Kingslayer this time.

He looked up at her as she entered, squinting his eyes against the sudden light from outside his cell and trying to determine who had come to see him. Lux, for her part, tried not to stare… and tried not to think. Instead she walked to the torches on the wall, lighting them one at a time, and as she lit the first she got her first real look at his face. He wasn’t surprised to see her, she noted. “I spent a while down here wondering when you would come,” Sylas said, voice rich and so, so painfully familiar. “You shine so brightly these days I couldn’t miss you up above even with the sun in my eyes. I waited here for you… wondering when you’d arrive, and then I saw you. You glow so strongly I can see it through the walls even down here, Little Light. And now you’ve come to see m-”

“Do not call me that!” Lux snapped, shaking. What… what was she doing here? Just hearing him made her ache in places well beyond physical, made it perfectly clear to her that she was a long way from sane. She had not been ready to hear his voice, and especially not that name from his lips. “Do not… do not ever call me that.” She swallowed. “Never again.”

Sylas seemed surprised by her outburst. Of course he was… he hadn’t been there for it. He didn’t know what had happened to her, what he had done to her in her dreams.  How could he possibly understand? “Alright,” he said simply. “Then I take it this isn’t a social call.”

“No,” Lux said, holding herself for another few moments. Then, forcibly, she made herself begin to move again, lighting the next torch before hanging up the light she carried. “No, it’s not.”

“Alright then… Lux,” he said. His face was covered in bruises, one eye blackened by battle. He clearly hadn’t gone down easily, fighting until the end. “Why are you here, then?”

Lux wanted to yell at him that she had no idea. She wanted to curse at him, to throw things at him, to blame him. She wanted to ask how he could have done a thousand things, both real and imaginary. Instead, her mouth moved without consulting her brain. “I need to know how you feel about me.”

Whatever Sylas had been expecting her to say, it wasn’t that. Lux couldn’t blame him… it had been one of the last things she had expected to say, as well. “What?” he asked, almost flinching back from the bars a little. “What do you-”

Now that she was committed, Lux swallowed. She knew why she was here, now. She had to know. “Did you want to… hurt me?” she forced out.

“Why would I have wa-” Sylas started.

Lux wasn’t having it. “Answer me!” she shouted, hands clenched into fists. “How did you feel about me, murderer! What did you want to do with me!”

Sylas pushed out a breath. “Lux… I had you at my mercy. Not once, but twice. If I wanted you hurt… I’d have hurt you.”

The simple truth of that statement took most of the wind out of Lux. She sagged, deflating like a hot air balloon that had burst a seam as she leaned against the bar to keep herself up. “Then why… why did… why…”

“I wanted to show you what was possible,” Sylas said, his voice gentle… tired, really. He sounded like a man giving his last confession. It was entirely possible, given his crimes, that he was. “What you could become if you lived up to your potential, Little Li- Lux. What Demacia could become under someone like you as queen, someone who appreciated the power she had been given and what what she could build with it. You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. You’re…” he sighed. “Precious to me, I guess. It doesn’t really matter now.”

Lux gripped onto the bars until her knuckles were white. Precious. Queen. That was it, then. He did want her, he always had. It hadn’t been something dark and cruel… he hadn’t wanted to enslave and rape and torture and control her. Not like that. He had wanted her for his own, though. He had wanted her as his queen, to rule beside him… to abandon her family and friends, to build his kingdom alongside him. The nightmares had twisted it into a horror story… but it hadn’t started as one.

That was somewhat comforting, she supposed… but it was also terrifying. Sylas hadn’t meant to hurt her. He had never had those thoughts about her. That meant none of the people who had inspired her nightmares necessarily did… that Shyvanna and Tiana and Quinn and all the others didn’t hate her. However, it also meant that they didn’t need to. That any strong emotional response to her could trigger a nightmare, could feed the demon on the other side and be corrupted into serving him. There was nowhere to go that would be safe from him. 

Lux trembled slightly, tears dripping down on her face. It should be a comfort to her that the man who had taught her magic, the man she had trusted, hadn’t betrayed her like that… that he couldn’t have done something like that to her. It was just… too much. 

“Are you… alright?” Sylas asked hesitantly.

Lux wanted to laugh. Was she alright? Alright? She was practically going mad, haunted by living hallucinations that supposedly were caused by some kind of demon trapped in another realm, powered by a mythical World Rune that no one knew where it was. How could she explain that she kept having panic attacks when she realized that her fucking pussy wasn’t wet because he had threatened to whip her friends and family if she wasn’t? That she was evaluating everything she put on in the back of her mind for how sexy Sylas would find it? That just speaking to him without calling him King almost made her flinch? Lux wasn’t sure she was ever going to be alright. “No,” she choked out, and the words felt like ash in her mouth. She had just said “no” to him. Another moment of panic at having broken another rule that wasn’t real… but felt so real… “I mean… I’m fine…”

“You don’t look alright,” Sylas said simply. “You look like you haven’t been sleeping. You’re…” He cocked his head. “You look like you’re been bathing in curses or something. What happened to you?”

Lux looked up sharply. “What are you talking about?”

“I used to be a Witchfinder, remember?” Sylas said, still peering at her through the bars. “I could sense magic. And there is a lot… a lot… hovering around you. Building around you. It’s like… a shadow, stretching out behind you, and the brighter your light burns the darker the shadow grows.” He met her eyes. “What happened to you?”

She couldn’t tell anyone else. There was no one else who could tell the truth to. Lux swallowed. “Something… something is hunting me,” she whispered. “…something bad.” She felt like she had to be mad… was she really doing this? Once upon a time, when she had been unable to control her powers, she had gone to him for help… and it had ended in utter disaster. Back when, he had been merely a condemned mage, his crimes those of self defense. Now he was a rebel, a kingslayer… the most hated man in Demacia. What made her think this could go any better? She had already gotten what she wanted from him. She should leave… just turn her feet in the other direction and walk.

Instead, she pulled the book from her pouch, holding it up. “I… found this, from a woman who seemed like she knew what was happening to me,” Lux said with the shudder that usually accompanied thoughts of the cruel Noxian sorceress. “This says it’s a monster, something lurking in the shadows and preying on anyone it can find.“ The young Crownguard woman swallowed. “…can you see if they’re right? Can you see it? Do you know what’s going on?” she asked quietly.  

Sylas looked at her, his eyes unfocused… like he was looking through her rather than at her. That made sense… His ability to sense things beyond the merely physical was what had earned him his place with the witch hunters, after all. “I… think so,” he said slowly, as if forcing the words out through water, or speaking from a great distance… voice distracted. “I can see it. It’s… it’s like a writhing mass of darkness, Lux. It waxes and wanes, pulsing, squirming inside you, tendrils of it stretching out… grabbing at people you pass. It’s almost like it’s trying to escape, to pull itself out from you. Force its way through.” 

Lux blinked. “…Out?” she asked, stunned. “It’s trying to… get out… through me?” Ever since she had started having the nightmares she had been terrified of what was happening to her. Learning that there was a monster hunting her had only given context to the fear that already existed. She’d thought that the worst thing that could happen was that it was consuming her, like with the wolves that had started this magical nightmare a decade ago. Somehow, Lux hadn’t even considered that it might not want her at all. That she might not be prey to the demon trapped in the void.

That she might be a doorway

“It’s like… a squirming, oozy black cloud of tentacles, lashing in every direction,” Sylas said quietly. “It’s stretching out towards anyone it can sense, looking to grab onto them. You shine so bright it can always find you, but… but it’s like you’re too bright for it to grab on to. I think it’s reaching out to others that it can touch… stretching out to touch them, to hurt them.”

Abruptly, Lux recognized all of the bags under the eyes of guards on the Crownguard estate. The maids who had been crying, or looking exhausted. The exhaustion in Quinn’s eyes that went beyond being just worry for her friend. How many others was the demon reaching out to? How many others’ nightmares was it touching? How many were getting hurt by being around her?

“…how can I stop it?” Lux whispered.

“I…” Sylas sounded concerned. It was a look, a sound, that she didn’t associate with either her one-time mentor and friend, or the ruthless rebel visionary determined to remake Demacia. “I don’t know…” he said quietly. “It’s… huge. It’s… it’s…”

Abruptly, his eyes widened and his back arched. “Lux!” he forced out, his voice suddenly choked and breathless. “You… run! You ha-” His mouth opened like in a scream but nothing came out but rapid breathing, the man falling to his knees. He squinted his eyes shut, face locked in an expression of agony. 

”Sylas!” Lux shouted, all fear of him forgotten for a moment as the obviously distressed man shook in pain. “I’ll… I’ll get a guard! I’ll-”

His eyes snapped back open, turning his face to her… and as Lux watched the black, soulful pits in the center of his eyes seemed to spill outward, like water rising out of a flooded well. “Found… you…” he growled as his eyes turned solid black by degrees. His voice was rough, like he had been screaming… but there was something in his tone that went right to her animal brain, something that reminded her of the depths of her nightmares. Familiarity. “Found… you… Little Light…”

If Lux lived to be a hundred, she would never be able to forget what happened next. The petricite chains and shackles seemed to swell and pulse like they were hollow and water was being pumped through them, flexing as if they weren’t made of solid, forged metal. Black veins crept up the surface of the shackling gloves he wore, swallowing them up… slow enough to watch but far, far too quickly for Lux to do more than stare in mute, shocked horror. Petricite absorbed magic. There way no magic Lux could imagine that was strong enough to warp petricite this way… but whatever was happening to it evidently disagreed. 

Then Sylas screamed, the shackles shattering off his hand like an icicle falling from the roof of a building, and a rush of air nearly knocked Lux over, washing over her and blowing out all three torches.

Darkness swallowed her.

Run. The thought finally came to her, unbidden and irresistible. Lux called up her magic, letting herself glow, but the light barely seemed bright enough to let her see her own limbs… the darkness was like a living thing that it was warring with, and trying to push it back felt like jumping in a river and trying to hold back the water with her hands… wherever she concentrated she could move it, but the darkness always flooded back in around her light in its wake. Lux turned and ran for the door… just a few steps and she could open it, get out of here… summon guards and witch hunters, get help. Just a few steps and-

Lux’s hands hit the walls of the cell that Sylas was in. A few frantic, panicked moments of confusion followed before her brain caught up with what she was seeing. This was the cell. She had gotten turned around in the dark and ran the wrong way. The door out was behind her, then. She started to turn, to run the other way…

And before she could she felt his body against hers.

Dark familiarity, bone deep and overwhelming, flooded through her. Lux knew how their bodies fit together… knew it like she knew her own hands, like she knew the faces of her family. She would never be able to forget the days, years, she had spent with her body pressed against his, sleeping tamely at his side… would never be able to forget the scent of him, the feel of his muscular arms on her, the power in his body.

“Did you think,” Sylas said playfully, all of the roughness gone from his voice, “that you could escape me so easily, Little Light?”

No no no no no no no no no no…

“Queen of my kingdom,” he purred in her ear, his voice a rumbling basso. “Mother of my child. You, always and forever, are mine…”

Lux, hyperventilating, just trembled… feeling too weak, too terrified, to do more than shake. The darkness in the room began to slowly fade. It didn’t go away entirely, but it became somewhat less oppressive… the light glowing from where their bodies met no longer so suppressed by the supernatural gloom that had been weighing down on them. It let her see a little, squint her way past the darkness to… to feel like she was going mad. What she saw made no sense. She was on the wrong side of the bars, looking through them at the exit from this vault. The straw and the shattered chain links moved beneath her feet as she wobbled in Sylas’s grip, held in his arms. 

“And I’m never going to let you forget that again,” he whispered to her, and she could feel the sadistic growl in it.

She was dreaming. She had fallen into a dream again, obviously. Lux couldn’t be back here, not again, not now… but she was. She had to get out, while she was still sane. She had to…

His hands gripped at the top of the chestplate of her armor, and no matter how strong and muscular he was he shouldn’t have been able to rip the metal like paper… but he did. It gave a tortured screech at it tore, and his fingers made very quick work of the black bodysuit beneath it as well… digging into the fabric, stretching it, and then making a ragged hole that her breasts popped out of. “I’m disappointed in you, my Queen,” Sylas said, and though his words were angry she could sense the smile in them even without looking. “This is hardly the sort of dress you’re supposed to wear to please me. Did you forget the consequences for failing to look your best?”

Lux did. How could she forget? The threat of replacing her with one of her friends… of her suffering in Lux’s place… She swallowed, and her voice came with the ease of long familiarity, and deep pain. “I’m… I’m sorry, your majesty. Please forgive your… your… your whore…”

“Better,” he growled against her ear as his hand squeezed at her exposed tits, her armor no longer doing anything to hide her body from her king. “We have so much lost time to make up for,” he promised her, his hands gripping and squeezing as they roamed over her. “And so much to-”

He yelped suddenly, a sound of shock and pain, and Lux’s nipple and clit suddenly blazed like fire against her skin. Lux cried out at least as loudly as Sylas did as her piercings abruptly burned her. The kingslayer, however, flinched away so harshly that he almost let go of her entirely, pulling his hands away from her.

And her piercings went silent.

Lux didn’t have much time to process that before Sylas was holding her again, pressing her against the bars. “Well well well,” he whispered against her hair. “Someone has been naughty.” He reached down for her breasts again, and grabbed on to one of her nipple rings. Once again, all three of her sensitive spots exploded in anguish, but so did Sylas – his scream was more determined and enraged that her agonized one, but no less genuine or pained. Holding fast onto the ring he started to pull at it, looking for where it was fused, and the pain doubled… apparently for them both.

Then Sylas dropped his hand with a hiss of pain and frustration, his fingers smoking where he’d touched the ring. “Fine…” he growled. “Nice toys… I guess you can keep them, Little Light.”

Lux, for her part, shuddered in his grip… but she was shaking with more than just fear and tension and pain. There was a dawning sense of horror, as well… her piercings hadn’t ever reacted like this before. Plenty of her rapists had tugged on them, or pulled on them, or in one case even ripped them out, and while all those things had hurt none of them had made them burn like this. Only the pressure of an oncoming dream had…

Which meant she wasn’t dreaming now.

Sylas’s hand slid down her body as she felt his other hand retreat back to his pants, unfastening them, slipping his hand in, and pulling his stiff cock free. She could feel it pressed against her rear as he rubbed against her pants. He stepped up close to Lux’s body as he forced her against the bars of the cell, and she could smell him… he didn’t smell of sweat and metal and the prison cell. He just smelled like sexual musk and spice and hunger, and desperately, horribly familiar. His hands pushed her thighs open as she felt his cock slid across her snatch. “Not very wet,” he said, voice playfully amused. “You haven’t been living up to your obligation. I’m counting…”

Lux hesitated, but not for long. It was startling… over the last weeks she had felt like she was starting to come back to herself, to be herself again… short of sleep and worried she might be mad, sure, but bold and brave again. That bravery and independence only took about a second and a half to crack again, and every memory she had of her subjugation beneath Sylas came flooding back in, every horrible memory, every trained response. For every second she waited, one of her friends or family would be whipped… and Lux had no doubt that he could do it. She almost couldn’t conceive of resisting him.

Obediently, her fingers dropped down to her pussy and began to push into her barely-wet folds, desperate to correct that. 

Stupid girl… she should always be wet. She knew that. She’d been thinking about it for weeks… how could she have forgotten it was important? Now people were going to suffer because she had forgotten. She slowly slid her middle finger up to the knuckle into her tight slit, her thumb finding her clit and brushing over it. The noblewoman’s cunt was incredibly tight, and it was horrifically easy to for her to realize why… the thought made her eyes well up with tears. Despite her horror, however, she felt the inner walls of her cunt twitch around her finger as she wiggled it back and forth. More than a year of training had left quite the well-trained whore, her pussy responding readily to the stimulation as she pumped her fingers in and out a few times, and the way his cock pressed against her and his fingers kept squeezing at her tits were, for better or worse, only helping.

Lux wasn’t sure how long she fingered herself for before she heard the first slurping sound when she pumped her fingers in, betraying how long it had been. Lux pulled her sticky, soaked digit free of her snatch and the neediness of her cunt was starting to get distracting. “It’s good to see you do still remember your place, my Queen,” Sylas mocked her as he reached down and grabbed at her hand, bringing it up to his face. He sucked the juices of her arousal off of it, savoring the taste, before gathering up one of the chains that had broken off his shackles. While Lux trembled, horribly helpless and weak, Sylas wrapped her in that chain… pinning her arms against her body. Then he pushed her against the bars more firmly, leaned forward, and whispered against her ear. “You know what I want you to say… my royal whore…”

Lux did. She started sobbing… but as she did she choked out the words. “Puh-please… fu-uck my pu… my pussy, your Hi- highness. I want you to p-plow me like a f-f-field… and… and… and m-make me carry your roy…” she swallowed. “Your royal heir for y-you. It… it’s exactly what I dese-Agh!” 

With Lux’s words half completed, Sylas pushed her trembling thighs open and guided himself into her wet snatch. Pushing into the folds of the sorceress’s pussy for both the first and the thousandth time, Lux’s pleas was cut off halfway as the blonde noblewoman lost her true virginity, her hymen breaking on his cock as she felt her warm, clenching walls encompass her king, her husband, like they had so many times in her dream. His cock was exactly like she remembered… experience after experience after experience had left her intimately familiar with every bump, ridge, and vein on that mighty prick, and it matched it exactly… he filled her tight snatch every bit as perfectly as she had learned to expect over the course of her captivity. Lux didn’t have the mental fortitude at the moment to think about how that could be possible, how her dream could have gotten something so right that she couldn’t have known… all she knew was that this felt like returning home. Right now, the dream felt far more real to her than anything in the real world… her days and weeks since her first nightmare the true transitory fantasy conjured by sleep. She was back where she belonged… with her king raping her like his perfect, precious little whore.

Sylas’s hands moved down to grip Lux’s buttocks, holding her steady as he thrust into her a bit faster. His movements pressed her hard against the iron bars and the confused and overwhelmed sorceress let out an unwilling moan as she felt her cunt instinctively contract around him. She couldn’t help it… hundreds of fucks just like this, years of following those rules… her body existed to please him, and it knew it. She responded to his touch, her body pressing back against him. Her hips rolled slowly, reacting naturally to him fucking her.

Just as the bliss of an orgasm she neither sought nor wanted began to build in her, Sylas tossed her to the ground. She cried out as her eyes went wide, the straw on the floor only slightly cushioning the fall and leaving her shoulders and side sore. Sylas, however, followed her down, ramming himself back into her again. “You’re mine, Little Light. You’ve always been mine…” As he laid down alongside her, his arm hooked beneath one of her legs, pinning it up in the air as his hand reached for Lux’s throat, squeezing it. “And you always will be.” 

Lux jerked, but the chains held her arms helplessly to her sides while Sylas squeezed her neck. Before she had a chance to question, to beg, to protest, or to cry out for help her oxygen was cut off completely, obliterating both her ability to breathe and speak in the same instant. Lux’s eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open, but no matter how she tried she couldn’t draw breath. “Your holes…” he growled in her ear as he squeezed a little tighter around her throat. “Your pleasure… the very air in your lungs… it’s all mine, Little Light. I tell you when I’ve had enough. I tell you when you can breathe. I tell you when you can cum…” 

Lux’s tongue felt swollen as it pushed past her lax lips, drool oozing from her gaping mouth as she gasped. Her body struggled almost unconsciously to break her arms free but she might as well have been trying to lift up a house… all she managed to do was shake her bare tits back and forth, setting them bouncing and jiggling for Sylas’s amusement while he fucked her, and even that only lasted until he grabbed hold of one of them with his other hand, squeezing it while his cock slammed in and out of her. Confusion and terror ate away at her, and as her vision grew hazy Lux felt the pleasure begin to treacherously build again. 

Sylas’s hands gripped her tighter, his fingers digging into the flesh of her neck and tits, holding her steady so he could keep fucking her as hard as he wanted. “Mine… finally mine forever. Are you loving this, my royal pet? I’d ask if you were comfortable, but I know that it doesn’t matter to you, right? You’re all about serving your king, about being the biggest whore-queen of Demacia there ever was… the only comfort you need… is to cum for me!”

And Lux did.

The sorceress tried to scream through the hand around her neck but she barely made a sound. Her body thrashed and struggled as it erupted into forced orgasm but the lack of air muffled her cries, smothering them before they left her lungs. Even without it, the thick walls of the vault prison would have kept her vocal protestations from being heard by anyone outside the cell deep underground. Sylas’s cock pumped away inside of her, never stopping even as her orgasm peaked and faded and began to build again, bringing deep and abiding shame in its wake as her vision grew dark…

And then she could breathe.

Sylas loosened his grip, letting her suck down a breath, and then a second one. Her vision returned to normal, but before her head could even begin to grow less fuzzy he was choking her again, using her neck like it was a handle to fuck her harder. He was, in fact, slamming into her so viciously, tugging on her legs and spreading her so wide, that Lux felt several rips begin to tear their way through her clothing, but Sylas didn’t pay any attention… his focus was clearly entirely on the sensations that her virgin cunt was bringing him. She could only silently moan at her king as Sylas raped her, cursing him silently through her suffering as she squirmed. 

It was only gradually that he slowed down, still impaled inside of her… his mouth exploring her neck, biting her, kissing her, and slowly releasing his chokehold as he needed to make room. Lux gasped as she was finally allowed to breathe once more, but Sylas never withdrew… the head of his cock kissed against her cervix as he was impaled deep in her tight twat, playing with her body like a toy as he rested inside of her.

Despite his throbbing erection swelling inside him as he was still, the kingslayer took his time before he began to rape the chained sorceress once more. Instead, he dragged his hands over Lux’s body, playing with her breasts, pushing them together and then letting them fall apart. Lux winced as he pinched down on her nipples and twisted them back and forth… careful only to touch her skin and avoid the piercings themselves. Sylas seemed to treasure the helpless discomfort in Lux’s tear-stained eyes, laughing as he continued to molest his queen – He kept her nipples clamped between his fingers but stared into her eyes as she craned her head back, pinching down harder and harder. Lux tried to ignore the sharp pain shooting through her chest, but it eventually became too bad for her to contain. She cried out and tried to pull away from Sylas’s fingers, which only made him clamp down harder on her nipples and tug on her more fiercely, pulling her back towards him.

Lux didn’t want to cry, she didn’t want to be so pathetic and weak, but try as she might she couldn’t keep the tears from breaking free – the pain and humiliation and the simple, hopeless degradation was so constant that she couldn’t hold out forever. She whimpered as hot tears trickled down her cheeks while Sylas played with her body, her sorrowful eyes silently trying to urge him to stop in what she already knew would be a hopeless effort. Right now she’d gladly fuck him again to stop the pain from his pinching fingers, and they both knew it… but they both knew that Sylas would stop doing what he wanted to her at precisely the moment that he wanted to, and never a second before.

The sorceress’s cheeks were soaked with tears before the man from her nightmares relented. Lux gasped out her relief but it wasn’t that much of a mercy – while the pressure on her nipples was gone, the fleshy nubs continued to throb painfully. Lux let out a muffled scream, her eyes bulging wildly, as Sylas reached down and squeezed her tits hard, enflaming the sensations in her nipple suddenly and harshly. The blonde dropped her head and squeezed her eyes shut tight, trying to deal with the agony of her throbbing, swollen nipples.

When Sylas’s hands slid around to cup the cheeks of Lux’s ass and he lifted her up so he could start driving his stiff cock once again into her yielding cunt, she desperately accepted the small streak of pleasure the penetration gave her… anything to distract from the casual, possessive abuse he’d inflicted upon her breasts. That was why he had done it, she knew… they had done this before. Part of him training her body to respond to him like this had been making her crave the pleasure she got from being used in less painful ways, and while she might hate herself a little bit more for giving in even that small amount, the self-loathing had to be pushed aside to let her find refuge in what little relief she could gain.

As Sylas drove into her with growing force, his hand closed around her neck once more. Lux’s eyes slipped closed again as she trembled, trying to lose herself in the pleasure rather than the pain. She tried to focus on the idea that she was in the real world… that she had friends here, she had allies. She could be rescued… she didn’t have to be stuck here. Before long, the pain she currently felt would fade, at least physically… and then she might never be alone with anyone else, ever again. She never wanted to feel so helpless again in her life and she didn’t plan on letting it happen if there was anything she could do to prevent it.

Lux cried out as Sylas’s teeth bit down on her shoulder, and then his other hand’s fingers found her sensitive nipples again. The pain – which had begun to fade into a dull ache – spiked back up as his rough, calloused fingers pinched down. She yelped, the sound cut off and muffled as he squeezed on her neck… turning her plea for mercy into an unintelligible, garbled whisper. Lux was certain he would crush her nipple if he squeezed it any harder, but he did… and all the while his thrusts into her grew harder, fingers clutching her ass tightly as he pounded into her slick cunt. Sweat poured down Lux’s overwhelmed body, soaking through the ruins of her clothing as he nailed the sorceress, working closer to a second climax. The sound of her pain and how helpless she was to do anything about it clearly drove him to fuck her faster, his balls tightening in anticipation, moments away from release.

With a final hard pinch, Sylas released Lux’s abused nipple and grabbed onto her shoulder along with her neck, using them like leverage as he slammed up between the sorceress’s long, restrained legs. It was less like he was fucking her, Lux realized, and more like he was using her body to masturbate… driving her back and forth on his slippery cock, using her like an object for his pleasure and not a person whose will mattered.

Sylas went tense and grunted, and Lux’s wealth of experience with being raped in her nightmares, and fucked by Sylas in particular, promised her exactly what was coming. Then, a second later, his cock swelled a final time, and then began to pulse as it filled the sorceress’s cunt with a thick, plentiful load of his warm jizz… for the thousandth time. For the first time. “Knock you up,” Sylas promised her with a growl as he shot stringy lines of pearly cream so deep inside of of Lux’s slender belly that she thought she might be able to taste it. “We need to make up for lost time, my Queen… Fill you with my heir as quickly as possible.” A fresh flood of tears filled the desolate blonde’s eyes, and she began to sob uncontrollably. A few moments later he released her neck at least a little, sliding back just a touch and letting his softening prick slide free of her bleeding snatch as it leaked a pink blend of cum and virgin blood. The warm cum drizzled out of her, staining her thighs, making her feel disgusting and worthless. She let her head slump and silently called to the guards… to her friends… Quinn… Fiora… Brother… please, help…

Her crotch throbbed from the rough fucking and stretching she’d endured, and her nipples felt like Sylas had set them on fire just to watch them burn. Looking down at them through half-lidded, tear-soaked eyes, Lux could see both of them were incredibly swollen. She sobbed harder, and Sylas’s only response was to give her tits a few hard smacks, chuckling to himself as the flesh rippled from the impacts. “Oh, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it, my Queen,” he growled at her. “You came like the cheapest dockside whore… like always.”

Lux shuddered, trembling in his arms… because while she might not be dreaming right now, this was the Sylas from her nightmares. Not the mentor who had helped her in the past, and just minutes ago, but something else, something dark… something that would crush her light just to possess it. The tone of his voice was exactly the same as it had been then… As if she was nothing more than an object to be used for his pleasure, a fuck toy to play with and discard. Lust and dismissal flowed in that tone as he played with her body while she sobbed, and she felt his cock slowly hardening again against her leg.

Lux knew that she was nowhere near done.

After rising, Sylas stepped over her, kneeling down in front of Lux enough to grab onto her by the chains. He lifted her up, wrapping the loose end around her neck as he pulled her up, and then brought her over to the bars of the cell… and he wrapped the ends of the petricite chains around the bars. A few small changes in arrangement as he fashioned loops out of the chains around her legs, and then he lifted her up, pulling the length of chain up with him. Lux groaned through clenched teeth as her long, muscular legs were pulled up from the straw floor and she was forced to take the full weight of her body on her restrained arms for several long moments. Her groaning took on a tone of increasing discomfort as Sylas forced her legs up further until her ankles were spread wide, essentially splitting her body as wide open as it could go. Then he secured the remaining end of the chain to the bars before taking a step back to admire the fully suspended Demacian princess.

Lux couldn’t help but look as well, staring down with horror. With her legs pulled up and parted, Sylas had both an unobstructed view as well as free access to the sorceress’s cunt. She was suspended at the perfect height, just high enough that Sylas could step up to her and easily drive himself into the folds of her pussy if he wanted to… he wouldn’t even have to crouch, or to stand on the tips of his toes. He reached down to rub his hand over the sorceress’s silky cunt lips… His thumb wiggled between her lips to stroke against the tiny nub of Lux’s clitoris. She squealed and tried to struggle away from his intimate touch, but her new bindings made her struggles even more pointless than they’d already been. Chains rattled as she shifted gradually at the end of her trusses, but that was all.

It took Sylas only a few moments of pussy-fingering and clit tweaking before the well-trained sorceress’s body responded, her small slit starting to drool more aggressively as she felt the spark of pleasure begin to flame back to life. The kingslayer wiggled a pair of fingers into her hot hole and scissored them back and forth a few times, admiring how tight she was. “Won’t stay like this,” he told her, knowingly. “Not after you have a few children for me, so I guess we should enjoy it while we can.” Smirking with approval, he pulled his fingers free of the sorceress and wiped the juices from it off on the remaining fabric of her bodysuit before he stepped closer to her, taking hold of the base of his cock with one hand and sliding the other around to grip her barely covered ass.

As he touched the tip of his prick to the entrance of her cunt, Lux squeezed her eyes shut, looking down. Sylas’s hand, however, slid up from Lux’s ass to her long blonde hair. He gripped her locks tightly and yanked back, forcing her head up. “Look at me, you disobedient little whore,” he growled at her. “You have already gotten your friends punished enough for one day, haven’t you? Open those pretty eyes of yours. I want you to watch me as I fuck your tight little pussy again and make sure you’re knocked up.” The sorceress’s eyes snapped open for him and he let out a deep chuckle of amusement at the pleading look in her wide eyes. “That’s better, Little Light.” He dropped his hand from her hair back down to her ass and with one sudden jerk of her suspended body pulled her fully onto his throbbing member.

Lux’s yelp of dismay blended with Sylas’s groan of pleasure as the warm, soft walls of the blonde’s cunt wrapped tightly around his cock. If anything he felt even larger inside her now that she was sore, and he took a few moments of hesitation… not out of any mercy, she knew, but simply to appreciate the way Lux’s body unwillingly clenched around him. “Maybe I was too lenient with you last time,” Sylas told her as he began to slowly pump into her. “If it only took you a few months to start thinking of yourself as a person with hopes and dreams beyond pleasing me again, then you still hadn’t learned your place. I don’t want to hurt you, Little Light… but you’re not leaving me much choice.” Lux cried, and he chuckled at the fresh tears in the sorceress’s eyes as he threatened her. “Maybe I need to go further for you… teach you to crave the pain almost as much as you do my cock. Once you cum for the first time while being whipped there won’t be any doubt in your mind that you’re anything more than my whore.” He moaned with pleasure as he pumped steadily in and out. “Yeah… I’ll whip your pussy and you’ll moan and beg for more… once I’m through breaking you all the way in, you’ll know just what you are…”

Lux listened to the horrible promises of her future but could do nothing but weep… Suspended as she was, she could hardly move, and the tiny writhing she was capable of only helped to move her body against Sylas’s. Deep down, Lux knew that there was only one thing she could do… the only thing she had ever been able to do to protect herself from him. Try to make it over as soon as she could. The noblewoman flexed her cunt muscles the way she had learned in years of nightmares, squeezing him, milking his cock. Lux might have been a virgin in truth until a few minutes ago, but her experience was nothing of the sort… in a normal woman it might seem like she was trying to force him out of her, or at least keep him from continuing to drive into her. Lux, however, knew better… it shamed her, but she knew that the only resistance she could offer was to give her enslaver more pleasure.

Just as shameful was the growing spark of pleasure building between Lux’s legs. Her mind revolted in horror at the feeling, but her body – so accustomed and addicted to sexual release, well trained from long mental captivity – clung to it after the repeated agonies of her violations and misery. Sylas’s thrusts grew quicker and easier as the sorceress’s cunt grew slick with her juices, and he gave her a mocking laugh. “See, my Queen? You enjoy this… and as you should! Whores are at their happiest when they’ve got a nice, firm cock buried inside them. By the time I’m through with you, it won’t matter which of your holes I choose to use, whether it’s pain or pleasure… You’ll be dripping wet regardless.” He gave her still-covered ass cheeks a hard smack with his hand, causing Lux to buck at the end of her chains and contract the inner walls of her pussy around him even harder. He gave the uncovered half of her ass a second smack before kneading the warm, plump flesh, and then his index finger slid into the crack of her – so far virgin – asshole so that he could tease her sphincter while he enjoyed the sight of her pale, rippling tit flesh each time he pounded his cock into her hanging form.

As much as she wanted to, Lux couldn’t deny Sylas’s words. With each pump he made into her, she could feel her body respond. She was primed for climax and she doubted she could do anything to keep it from happening yet again. The thought of the malicious monarch’s seed shooting into her sent a wave of disgust through the sorceress, but at the same time, she silently urged him to finish soon. If he came before she did, she might be able to get herself under control. She tried to focus on the fact that she did not want this, that she hated it, that the man currently thrusting his way into her was not a chosen lover, but a sick, rapist bastard who was holding her against her will and planned to break her utterly. She hoped that if she thought those things hard enough, that her body would get the message and shut down. She hoped it would mean that she wasn’t the broken woman from her dreams but her own person, and as much as Sylas could hurt her she would gladly take that pain over the rising shame and humiliation that accompanied the pleasure building in her loins.

In the end, like with everything else, what she wanted didn’t matter… only what Sylas wanted did, and the kingslayer’s stamina proved greater than Lux’s. The thoughts she kept repeating to herself only made the eventual betrayal of her body hurt that much worse as Lux came on his thrusts, eyes rolling back in her head as the little death obliterated what mental resistance she had been able to muster. He laughed as he felt the sorceress’s cunt spasm around him and heard the stifled moan of release that escaped her hand-gagged mouth. “That’s a good whore,” he praised. “Cum all over my nice, hard cock.”

Lux moaned. She doubted that Sylas truly cared about her pleasure at all, but that wasn’t the point… making her do something pleased him. It showed Lux that she was weak… helped him break her. The more she came, the less she’d resist him, and then it would only be a matter of time before he had her once again crawling around on her hands and knees, licking his seed from the cobblestones… and Sylas knew it as well as she did. That was why her captor didn’t wait for the contractions of the sorceress’s cunt muscles to fade before he slid his hand down between them and started stroking the stiff bud of her clit.

Lux’s eyes shot wide as Sylas rubbed her clitoris, just barely avoiding the painful ring. Her initial orgasm had been just as shameful as she’d dreaded, and even though her shame hadn’t been fading along with the pleasure of her release, she’d taken some small comfort in the fact that it was now over and she could focus on getting over it and remaining strong. Sylas’s attentive fingers working at the sensitive nub of flesh brought the pleasure crashing back over her. Her moan was a mix of pleasure and hopeless dismay. Her body jerked at the end of her chains and her pussy clenched and released around him as he set her off on a series of climaxes that sapped her energy as well as her resolve. Her cunt juices flowed freely from her stretched pussy lips, running in thin lines down the curve of her ass and over the remnants of her clothing before dripping to the ground. Lux screamed wordlessly in despair and defeat… The more often he forced her to climax, the harder it would become for her to keep it from happening. Before long, she’d be just another drooling cum-slave, ready to serve and not good for much else.

“Yes, you look fantastic like that,” he told her, smiling. The look of ecstasy and disgust on the sorceress’s face was like a delicious meal to Sylas, and she thought she could feel how he saw it, how much it pleased him deep inside her. It certainly pleased his cock. From the way he was twitching inside her, it wouldn’t take much more of her squeezing, spasming cunt before it coaxed him to climax. Removing his fingers from her clit, he reached around her with both hands and gripped her buttocks, pulling her fully onto his throbbing erection and hammering away as hard as he could… once, twice, thrice, and then he let out a groan as he finally achieved his own release. He held her there, her tits bouncing slowly to a stop as his thick jizz blasted the inner walls of the sensitive sorceress’s pussy. When his orgasm came to an end, he stepped back from her. In the wake of his departing cock came a backwash of his and the Demacian woman’s cum. It dripped in wet splats and long strings to the dirt below the suspended sorceress, creating a small puddle beneath her.

Sylas didn’t say a word to her as she shuddered through the remainder of her orgasm and was basted in his cum. Lux could guess why… there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that he could have said to her that would be worse than the thoughts running through her head. She was such a weak, worthless little bitch, and she had brought this on herself… he didn’t need to do anything to make her into a whore. He simply left Lux to finish draining out for a few moments as he moved around the cell and, with an effortless snap of his fingers, conquered her stolen light magic. Then he just pushed the cell doors that should be locked and they swung open easily, the lock not even engaged. There shouldn’t have been kingly clothing laying neatly folded on one of the benches for him but there was, and he slipped easily into it before turning his attention back to Lux.

Moving quickly and efficiently, he unwrapped the chains from where he had fastened them on the bars, letting her fall heavily to her knees, half limp as he looked down at her. Then, wordlessly, he unfastened his new pants and pulled out his cock, still wet with her juices, and just slapped her across the face with his still-hard member. “You know what to do,” he instructed her, pressing the tip of his cock to her trembling lips. “Hurry up and get it done before I decide I’m not finished with you after all.”

There was nothing in all Runeterra Lux could imagine worse than being fucked again at this moment… even slavishly worshiping his cock would make her feel like less of a whore than cumming again for him. Lux forced herself to open her mouth, and Sylas wasted no time in slipping the slick head of his member past her lips. She fluttered her tongue against his hot flesh and sucked with all the experience she had never earned in real life, doing her best to ignore the damning taste of their mixed juices.

A large part of her felt like willingly sucking him off was just another failure of her strength. Another sign of how pathetic she was. She felt like a whore… but anything was better than cumming for him again and removing any doubt. She could endure giving him oral pleasure if it kept her from suffering that fate again, being bred again, cumming again. The sorceress bobbed her head forward and back, easily taking Sylas’s length down to his root… even as he grew larger and she started having to take him into her throat. She gagged, but she fought down the reaction with extensive experience earned in nightmares…  squeezing her throat muscles around the head of his prick as it sank into her, massaging the sensitive tip.

Lux faded into the damningly familiar task of sucking Sylas’s cock. She’d certainly done it enough times to know how to do it properly… even without the aid of her hands to help massage the man’s balls and the base of his shaft she could make it excellent for her king. Her flushed cheeks hollowed out as she sucked hard on the head of his cock, her tongue flicking back and forth across the tiny slit at the end, his precum starting to coat her tongue with each lick… another horrifically familiar experience.

Sylas chuckled as he looked down at the blonde sorceress whore sucking him so eagerly. He reached out to stroke his fingers through Lux’s soft, golden hair. “That’s it, Little Light,” he growled at the young noblewoman. “Suck my cock.” He gave her a wicked grin as his hands tightened on her head, moaning as he mocked her. “You’re just a cock-hungry little bitch willing to suck anything that’s presented to you, aren’t you? You’re lucky someone worthy took you in before you found yourself working the docks like the rest of the whores.”

In her current state, Lux couldn’t help but feel this was true… that this was all her fault, that she was a stupid whore… she felt sickening guilt as the words came to her, but it didn’t make them go away – it didn’t even distract her from the gagging around Sylas’s cock as he slammed down her throat. She winced each time he pulled roughly on her hair but he didn’t stop… His rough thrusts battered into her, causing thick strings of saliva to spill from her stretched lips and run down her chin. Even with the added force, however, Lux didn’t even try to pull away. What good would it do? She continued to work with him, sucking and licking as best she could as he rammed into her. His heavy balls slapped wetly against her damp chin with each forward thrust and she wrapped her lips around his girth. Her hands wiggled in their bindings, eager to get free so she could play with herself.

Sylas pulled out of her mouth completely without warning, leaving Lux gasping. He dragged his saliva-coated prick across her cheeks and forehead, leaving sticky smears over her skin. “I’m proud of you,” he told her as he thwapped his cock against the bridge of her nose. “You’re an excellent little cocksucker, my Queen.” He pushed back into her mouth and yanked her head forward down his length. “Keep it up and maybe I’ll let you show your friends just how it’s done instead of punishing them.”

Lux didn’t want to suck him off. She wanted to die. She wanted to bite off the bastard’s cock and spit it back out at him. Neither of those things, though, would do her any good… she knew she was too far gone to consider that kind of resistance. Lux’s scalp ached from where Sylas was gripping her hair, yanking her forward and pushing her back. She glanced up at him and could see the strain on his face each time he plowed into her tight throat. She’d seen the look on enough rapist’s faces to know he wouldn’t last much longer.

Sylas pushed himself fully into the sorceress’s mouth Lux squeezed him with her lips, knowing what was coming. He groaned and his balls swelled against her chin, his cock twitching fervently. Then thick, hot cum shot into her mouth and over her tongue. Lux released a groan of her own as she tasted his seed on her tongue, but hers was of misery rather than pleasure. She drank him down as quick as she could, eager to get the taste out of her mouth and knowing he wouldn’t let her spit, but she certainly didn’t regret when some of his cum managed to squeeze past her lips and run down her chin.

When his climax ended, Sylas pulled free of her mouth. “Not bad, little whore,” he said, releasing her hair to pat her on the top of her head. “You and I are going to-”

The vault door to the prison abruptly began grinding open, and it had barely slid aside a foot before Fiora squeezed her way into the room, rapier already drawn. Her eyes flickered between Sylas, the open door, and Lux’s mostly nude and ravaged form… her eyes narrowing to dangerous little arrow-slits with every new sight. “You bastard,” she snarled, her lip curling into a sneer as a series of guards walked in after her. 

Lux felt her heart soar. Her friends had come for her… they really had. This was over! 

“The gallows are too good for you,” Fiora continued, raising her sword and beginning to stalk forward. “I don’t think you’re going to make it there.”

Sylas turned his black eyes at the dangerous, athletic woman, gazing at her steadily… and smiled. “I’m not afraid of cripples,” he said, amusement plain in his tone… and this time Lux felt it. A stirring somewhere deep inside her… a brief, sickening surge of nausea that made her want to vomit. Sylas looked at the Vanguard duelist, grinning eagerly, and power surged – not from him, but from inside Lux.

Then Fiora’s eyes went black.

With a cry she collapsed to the ground like a puppet with her strings cut… as if her limbs simply couldn’t support her weight anymore. Lux watched in horror as one of the bravest, most capable women she had ever known was turned into – back into – a cripple with a mere glance. Fiora tried to push herself back up but her legs just wouldn’t work right… just like they hadn’t been able to after Sylas’s guards had finished with her. The guards only had a second to flinch, to stare at what had happened to Fiora before their own eyes went dark, their own perspective shifting. One of the three collapsed to the ground, a cut opening up on his neck like an invisible knife had been drawn across it… and the other two had their faces go placid for a second before they smiled, and gave Sylas a salute.

“What… what is-” Fiora choked out in protest, still trying to rise, trying to lift her sword.

“Shut up, bitch!” one of the dark-eyed guards snapped down at her before kicking her in the face. She flopped back down to the floor, and he effortlessly kicked her sword away next. “I thought you’d learned your place by now.” 

Lux felt like her blood froze in her veins, her eyes as wide as plates as she stared in horror at what had just happened. The nightmare. Sylas, just by will and proximity, was bringing pieces of the nightmare back into this world, replacing elements of truth with the reality Lux had lived in her dreams for gods knew how long. No… not Sylas. She had felt the power surge from inside her… and Sylas’s eyes were as darkened as everyone else. The monster… he was doing it. 

And there was nothing Lux could do to stop it.

“Well, nice of them to open the door for us,” Sylas said easily. He grabbed one of the petricite chains holding Lux and lifted it, watching as the two soldiers similarly began to pick up and carry the crippled duelist between them… punching her to teach her the futility of her struggles every time she moved. “Now… I believe we had a wedding to perform. Help get things back on track,” Sylas purred happily. With a short whistle, he began dragging her forward, out of the cell and across the floor… and the nightmare followed in their wake, radiating outward from Lux.

“There!” Syllas said, rubbing his hands in satisfaction as he looked down at his work. “Now we’re going to set things back the way they should be, my Queen…”

Lux, unfortunately, couldn’t disagree. She was chained to a royal bed – one that she had never seen in real life but nevertheless recognized from her nightmares. She couldn’t even guess how the dream had gotten it right, correctly understanding what prince Jarvan’s – now King Sylas’s – bedroom looked like, but it had, and now she was bound on the bed that she had spent so many nights crying herself to sleep on. Her arms and legs were chained to the four corners, making her helpless… but the woman wasn’t naked. No, it was much more humiliating than that.

She wore her wedding dress.

Lux struggled to imagine where the thing had come from. She had only worn it once in the dream, on the day she and the usurper king had wed, but somehow it had been in the wardrobe, waiting for her… the gown of white silk clung to her body almost as tightly as the stockings did, making her breasts feel larger and heavy. The way the silk brushed against her sensitive skin was distracting as well… its caress was intensely soft as it slid over her clean body. Lux looked every bit the princess in her silk gown, silk gloves with the translucent silk veil, silk stockings that clung tightly to her calves and thighs. Her hair was done up in an elaborate braid with flowers in it, and for the life of her she couldn’t remember how it had gotten that way… she was pretty sure Sylas had just looked at her and it had happened. She looked absolutely radiant, the purest of the pure… and that was nowhere near distracting enough to divert her mind from the horror of her situation, and how the walk across the city had gone.

It was something out of her darkest fears. Wherever Sylas went, the nightmare followed… other people being dragged into the dark-eyed dream of Lux’s suffering. People went from running in horror away from Sylas to bowing to him, dropping to their knees in worshipful adoration. Guards fell over dead or changed their colors. Buildings changed and reshaped, signs adjusting to new owners and goods changing to new styles before her eyes. It was like Sylas was a void in the world, and through him the nightmare leaked, contaminating everything it touched. Every time they passed new groups, Lux hoped that someone would save her… but as she was taken closer and closer to the palace she was forced to acknowledge the truth.

There was no one to help her. Her nightmare had become real.

Sylas stood in front of the bound sorceress, slowly looking up and down her body restrained on the bed. “You really are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Little Light,” he said appreciatively. “I’m so grateful you’ve decided to be mine.”

Lux swallowed, feeling the icy ball of dread sitting in the pit of her belly like a lead freezing weight. She hadn’t agreed to anything… he was going to hurt her family if she didn’t, just like before. She didn’t like the way his eyes were wandering over her naked flesh, so much like the way he had looked at her in her memories… as if she was nothing more than an object and he was trying to decide how best to use her. She didn’t like her helplessness as he smirked at her, returning his gaze to her fearful eyes. She definitely didn’t like the fact that she could still hear Fiora down the hall, even through the closed door as Sylas’s guards reacquainted themselves with the freshly crippled duelist and her holes, and their delight as she was just as tight as they “remembered”.

But what she liked didn’t matter. It never had.

“Truly the finest woman in all of Demacia,” Sylas muttered. “You are one hell of a catch.” He paused, considering the bound bride on his stolen bed, white against scarlet sheets. “Aren’t you grateful too?” her husband said, a hint of an edge to his voice as he traced one hand down her bound leg, gliding over the stocking as it hugged her thigh. “Grateful you belong to me?”

Lux trembled… but she answered. “Yes, your highness,” she said softly, and her voice only broke a little bit.

Sylas smiled, sinking to his knees on the bed beside her as he pressed close, reaching out a hand, sliding it up her side and around to her chest to squeeze one of the blonde’s full breasts. Lux winced as his thumb stroked across the tip of her still sore nipple, avoiding the dangling cold of her piercings. Sylas’s other hand came up to grope her other breast, feeling her up as if he was performing some perverted kind of examination. His rough hands felt her up like a butcher determining the quality of the meat he was about to carve up. “Magnificent tits my bride has,” he muttered before giving each of her nipples a hard tweak that caused the Crownguard girl to whimper loudly. “And such biteable nipples. I can’t wait to see them swell again when my child grows in you. It feels like it’s been so long, Little Light… It will be good to begin our eternity together once again.”

He dropped his hands back to his sides and slowly moved down her body. Lux jumped when his hand rose and then slapped against one of the cheeks of her ass, causing the flesh to ripple. After the initial smack, both of Sylas’s hands cupped her buttocks, squeezing them similar to how he’d treated her breasts. “And this…” he commented before giving her ass a couple more hard smacks. “This tight rear is damn near hypnotizing, I must say. I think I could stare at it for hours, my bride… but I’d rather do a few other things to it.”

The thought of further abuse only helped to build Lux’s dread. Her hope of rescue and freedom was long gone, replaced by something so much worse. Of course no one was going to save her… this nightmare was the truth, the real world where she was safe a dream viciously replaced at the first opportunity. Now she was chained up on her marital bed, nearly nude save for where the dress made her feel even more lewd than she would have looked completely bare, and Sylas was free to feel up every inch of her perfect body like she was some common cow he was buying at market, livestock and not a woman.

Lux tried to pull away when two of Sylas’s thick fingers pushed into the folds of her cunt. He grabbed hold of her hip with his free hand, keeping her steady as he forced his fingers deeper inside of her. She winced and whimpered, feeling the discomfort of him stretching her snatch. She wasn’t dry, of course… Lux felt dismally sure that she would never be dry ever again. It felt like the walls of her pussy had only barely begun to recover from the extensive, violent stretching the virgin hole had received in the prison cell. With a bit more wiggling and a hard shove, he buried his fingers inside her up to the knuckles. Lux felt his fingers scissor back and forth a few times inside her, causing small, fresh sparks of pleasure to shoot up from her nightmare-trained loins.

Lux tried to ignore it but she felt her body reacting. She was used to being aroused all the time, and everything in her longed for the touch even as her mind rebelled. Lux knew, not suspected but knew from horrible experience, that she was clay in the Usurper King’s hands and if he wanted he could finger fuck her to helpless orgasm. Thankfully she was spared that solitary humiliation for now if no other one… at last, Sylas pulled his fingers free. “Cunt just as tight as I remember,” he purred. “Won’t be after you give me my heirs, but you’re young and fit and perfect… I trust it will stay up to my standards, Little Light.”

His hands drifted lower, and Lux’s eyes widened as she felt Sylas’s hands pry the cheeks of her ass apart. She shook her head back and forth, whimpering, knowing what he planned to do and wishing desperately for him to stop… but “no” was just one more thing denied to her now. It wouldn’t have mattered. Lux could have screamed no from the top of the palace and it would have made no difference – he still would have ignored her protests and spat a thick wad of saliva into his finger before using the tip of it, combined with her juices, to smear it over the blonde’s puckered sphincter. That bit of lubrication was paltry, but it was enough to help him force his thick, calloused middle finger into her clenched asshole.

Lux realized immediately that there was an enormous difference between having been assraped hundreds of times in her dream and experiencing it for the first time in real life. In reality, Lux had never attempted any kind of anal experimentation before. Not alone in the bath and not in the midst of masturbation had she ever seriously entertained the notion of trying to squirm even a single one of her slender fingers into her clenching ass. With the exception of LeBlanc’s narrow stiletto heel, Lux’s real body had never had anything inside of it like that… and as Sylas’s thick finger forced its way into her she learned the difference. The insertion was as humiliating as it was painful – Lux cried and whimpered, trying to squirm away as best she could with the manacles holding her in place. The fingers on the hand Sylas was holding onto her hip with dug in harder and pulled her back, forcing her to move her ass back as he drove his finger forward. With a final hard shove, Sylas popped his finger fully into Lux’s tight, clenching asshole and the Crownguard princess gave a high-pitched yelp.

Sylas chuckled as he slowly worked his finger back out of Lux’s ass after another little back and forth movement. “Good of you to save yourself for me while I was away,” Sylas praised her, clearly pleased. “I don’t share my holes with anyone.” When his finger came free of her ass, he gave the blonde’s perky ass another hard smack. “I appreciate how hard it must have been for a slut like you to restrain yourself. Rest assured I won’t make you wait much longer before I open that up for you once more.” He moved slightly, shifting just a bit away from Lux’s bound up body to give him room to move. “But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet,” he said, smiling. “I do believe I owe you some lashes before we can celebrate our marriage, my Queen… and I do so like to have my meat tenderized before I drive my cock into it.”

Lux didn’t like his suggestive comments, the promise to take her ass, or the threat of violence, and just the idea had her squirming at the end of her bindings. She could feel the hot sting of tears in her eyes, eager to break free and run down her cheeks. She tried to keep the tears inside but she didn’t know how long she’d be able to do that. As it turned out, not very long. Lux had been so consumed with her dread and the myriad of possible things Sylas might be planning to do to her that she missed where Sylas had gotten it from, but suddenly he held a nine-tailed cat in his hand, the tails kissing gently against her thigh. “Don’t want to damage that pretty dress,” Sylas said as he reached down, grabbed the edges of her skirt, and flipped them up… leaving her ass and bare cunt exposed for him. “So just stay nice and still for me, won’t you, my Queen? I don’t want to miss…”

He raised his hand, and Lux barely had time to wince before the knotted leather cracked swiftly against the smooth flesh of her bare rear. Her scream was a blend of surprise and pain and her first tears of the session squeezed free of her crystalline blue eyes. She was only hit for the first time and already her ass felt like it was burning, as if every wound from her time with Katarina was reawakened by the single kiss of leather as he repeated the abuse.

“Oh, Lux,” Sylas said through his wide grin as he pulled the lash back for a second strike. “Look at that ass ripple. It really is kind of you to offer a little bit of defiance and give me an opportunity to see this… I could happy watch this ass shake all day before I fucked you and then climb into bed satisfied that it was time well spent.” He drove the whip down again, and then again. “Six! These were for the six seconds you delayed in showing me your tits, Luxanna,” he said, pausing for a second. “How does it feel?” he asked the sorceress, smirking. “Does it feel like a lesson?”

He had to lash her ass again before Lux stopped her crying long enough to answer. Another choked off scream of pain was ripped from Lux’s throat and she frantically nodded her head up and down, sobbing and trying to plead for mercy. Her words came out a jumbled mess thanks to the pain and her panic but she got them out anyway. “Yes!” she cried. “Yes! Thank you my king!”

Sylas laughed and whipped her again. “I appreciate your honesty, but you owe me more than just those, don’t you? Fiora can’t pay for all of your crimes, can she?” Another lash. “We have a while left to go before we can get back to a good relationship Lux, one where you’ve paid your debts and I’m convinced you remember how to behave again.” Another lash. “But don’t worry… I’ll get you back there.”

Lux tugged at the manacles binding her wrists. She knew it was pointless, and that even if she could get away from the sting of the lash it would only lead to him binding her more thoroughly and continuing anyway but her body reacted anyway. She was desperate to get away from the near constant pain that her bare ass was receiving. There was no stopping her tears now and they flowed down her cheeks to the rhythm of the sharp snap of multiple leather snaps against her ass and thighs.  Her hatred for Sylas and the bastard child he had forced on her before grew with each hard spank she received. She sputtered out curses at him, drooling heavily down her chin. She heard Sylas laughing at her, clearly enjoying… if not her agony, then how sexy she looked as she thrashed and her ass reddened.

“And this one is for the delay in getting into the dress,” Sylas taunted as he kept cracking the cat back and forth against the swelling cheeks of the sorceress’s barely-exposed ass cheeks. “And this is for not looking your best when you came to see me. And this…”

Sylas kept going until his arm grew sore. Then he switched hands, giving Lux only a moment of reprieve before the punishment began again. “You’re all mine, Little Light, and I don’t plan on letting you forget it,” Sylas grunted possessively. “I don’t want to keep hurting your alluring body. I want you to behave… to be my perfect queen. And until you do, I’m going to teach you, Crownguard. I am going to beat you until you’re covered in bruises and welts, rape you until each and every one of your holes are stretched open and leaking cum, and own you until the oppressive noble you started as when I found you is nothing more than a distant memory, and all that remains is a willing cock slave eager to please her husband each time he comes within a few feet of her… just how my Queen should act!”

Lux had long ago broken down into heavy sobs highlighted by sharp shrieks each time Sylas used the whip on her sore ass. The pain was terrible, but his plan for her was worse. With her eyes squeezed shut tightly, she silently begged for anyone… for Quinn, for her brother, for Aunt Tiana, to come rescue her. Even Prince Jarvan… he had to be out there somewhere. Other people around town must have realized something was horribly wrong, and not everyone could have been captured in the haze. There was no way that her brother had been captured by the nightmare – even in the dreams, he was battered and broken but never corrupted. Sylas couldn’t hold onto her forever, could he?

She just had to hope that by the time she finally escaped him the rebel king hadn’t completely broken her. This time, though, she feared she might sink too far into serving him to ever escape… that even if her body was free her mind never would be.

Lux’s ass was consumed by the intensity of her whipping. She didn’t know how long Sylas had been paddling and flogging her bare buttocks, but it felt like it had been hours since he’d started. Her throat was raw from her screams to the point it hurt to do anything more than whimper. Her tears had run dry, leaving her eyes puffy and bloodshot and tear streaked. She was still holding onto the hope of her friends and family maybe being able to rescue her, but it had been whipped and flogged down into a small, glowing ember surrounded by the darkness of bleak, hopeless insanity. Worse, it had almost stopped hurting as Sylas began to finger her cunt in between strokes of the cat –  Sylas cracked the flogger against her buttocks, sending a fresh streak of pain through Lux’s body… but it also made her moan. Her head felt woozy and she very nearly passed out, but her brain was beginning to lose track of which thought was which.

Sylas took note of the sorceress’s state and stopped flogging her. He dropped the cat of nine tails to the floor, climbing onto the bed with her. He clearly didn’t want his new bride to pass out, at least not just yet. He’d worked up a good sweat from the beating and the muscles of his arms glistened in the light, but by far the most important effect that Lux noted was the raging erection he had tenting his pants. “Sorry about that, Little Light” he said with a laugh, wiping a hand across his forehead to clear away most of the sweat beaded up there before getting back onto the bed, his body pressing against hers. “I warned you I could get lost in the sight of your ass. But look… your dress wasn’t even damaged.” With gentle motions he lowered the silk back onto her, and the caress of the incredibly soft fabric was so tenderly gentle it was almost an agony. Once he put it down, it almost looked like he hadn’t spent the last… eternity… punishing her for the sin of every thinking she would be anything more than Sylas’s fuckdoll. “Anyway,” he agreed, growling into Lux’s ear and reaching around to give her tits a firm grope, “I think you’ve been sufficiently tenderized. I think It’s time to plow that sexy ass of yours, my Queen.”

Sylas’s words brought Lux out of her daze in a flash. Her eyes shot wide and she went back to shaking in the chains. The chain above her head where her hands stretched out rattled as she pulled at her wrists, and she tried to kick and thrash… it made no difference. He slowly slid beneath her on the bed, her smaller body resting against his muscular form almost like a toy. His hips and cock ground against her whipped ass, his legs grazing against her whipped thighs, and she winced and groaned at the touch as Sylas pried her sore butt cheeks apart and pushed another spit-slicked finger and a wad of saliva into the crack of her ass. “You are mine…”

Her throat throbbed but she still managed to scream louder as she felt the hard, firm head of Sylas’s prick push between her ass cheeks and touch against the tiny, puckered entrance of her asshole. She tried to prepare herself for the pain of the violation, but even before it happened she knew it wouldn’t do any good.

Taking hold of the captive Crownguard woman’s hips, Sylas braced himself before yanking Lux back and down onto him as the same moment he began thrusting his hips forward. He grunted as his cock pressed hard against the resistance of her virginal orifice. Lux’s eyes went wide. The spit hardly helped either of them, and Sylas’s arm muscles ached more as he overexerted them as he forced Lux down onto his manhood, her back arching as the spread eagle woman was slowly impaled on the king’s cock. The blonde sorceress’s head fell back and she released an impressive scream that fluttered the silk curtains on the bed as her asshole began to part for Sylas’s thick member. The fleeting pleasure wasn’t bothering her now… the soreness of her ass and thighs only made it worse as the pressure built, and her screams reached a fever pitch as the head of his cock popped into her ass, forcing the tiny ring of muscle to expand in a way it never had before in the real world.

Luxanna briefly tried to convince herself that her nightmares had been wrong, that the initial penetration would be the worst of the pain. That her dreams had just been horrible, ignorant ideas of what getting assraped was like. She was quickly proven wrong as Sylas firmed his grip on her hips and drove himself deeper into her. Another high-pitched shriek roared up Lux’s overused throat as her rapist drove several thick inches of himself into her. It took a few more similar quick thrusts before Sylas’s cock was fully embedded in the Crownguard queen’s incredibly tight asshole.

The usurper rested there for a moment, holding onto her breasts, squeezing them with one hand and her thigh with the other… not for Lux’s benefit, she knew, but because he wanted to enjoy the feeling of his prized possession, the way her unwilling, virgin ass flesh stretched tight around the girth of his pulsing cock. “How does it feel, Little Light? My cock up your shit hole,” he growled into the blonde’s ear from below. Then, moving with slow, exact movement and grace, he brought his hand back up to her neck and began to squeeze as he slowly began to pump his way back and forth into her ass. “Yes… the only man to ever fuck you. The only one who will ever get to fuck you. My pure, virgin queen… tight and pristine and warm.” His mouth was on her shoulder, his teeth on her for a second as she gasped, flinching reflexively away from the cock skewering her. “How does it feel to have me take what you would never have given willingly to any lover? Does it hurt?” He squeezed tighter, getting an extra whimper from her. “Or has it started to feel good yet?”

To Lux’s shame, it was both. It still hurt. Of course it did… it was agonizing. Her body, however, was well trained by a thousand hours of exactly this, spent through her nightmares, and she found that she was quickly and easily being forced back into them. Sylas’s simple presence, his cock, his hands, were making her once again into his whore. “Yeah, you’re loving it,” he growled. “By the time we’re done, you’ll be a whimpering mess, Little Light. When you’re nothing more than a cock whore, ready to take my prick up your ass and bear my children on demand, you’ll cum like a slut every time and be thankful I decide to pay you the damned attention…”

Lux tried to block out his words. She tried to block out the stabbing pain in her ass, and the even more damning pleasure. She found doing any of those things, however, to be extremely difficult. Humiliation flowed through her, overwhelming and complete. She’d thought this had been behind her. She thought she could get through the nightmares and ignore them, push them to the side. She’d considered herself brave, strong, and intelligent… but none of those attributes, if they’d been accurate, should have led her to being bound to a bed with a lecherous rebel anally raping her. She felt disgusted with herself and the way her cunt was still wet at least as much as she was disgusted with Sylas.

“Take it, my Queen,” Sylas snarled into the ear of his nearly breathless queen, biting down on her lobe. His hands gripped her hard, fingers digging into her vulnerable flesh until her face was reddening, her body thrashing on top of him as he bucked against her. As Lux’s ass became accustomed to the penetration, she loosened up, allowing him to plow into her with growing force and speed… and increasing the treacherous pleasure this was bringing her, building up as his cock slammed her asshole over and over again, even as she tried to stop it… “Take it and know you are nothing more than a hole to please me. You may have deluded yourself into thinking you could live among the magic-hating swine, but now you know the truth… you can only ever be my woman, my fucktoy, my Queen!”

And Lux came. 

She screamed as she exploded on her rapist’s cock, her body shaking and quivering on him as her lungs burned and her limbs strained against the chains. She tried with everything she had not to cum and she came anyway, her treacherous cunt spraying her pleasure like a whore as she soaked her white wedding gown.

Lux had thought she’d shed all the tears she could, but as her body erupted in humiliating release she somehow found more. Sobbing even as she screamed breathlessly around his hand, she wanted so badly for Sylas to shut up. She wanted it so bad, she would have gladly flexed her ass around his cock to aid his pleasure if only he’d just stop talking, if only he would just rape her and not make her body like it… She wished it was only misery and nothing more. But he wouldn’t, and it wasn’t. He just kept growling into her ear, breaking her down psychologically, calling her worthless filth, good for nothing noble bitch who would be dirt if he didn’t happen to prize her as the perfect receptacle for his cum, and she just kept… cumming. Fatigued beyond belief, in more pain than she’d ever felt in the real world, emotionally wounded from the way her life had rapidly fallen apart, and forced to cum over and over again, Lux tried to deny his words… if only to herself.

But the longer he talked and the harder he fucked her, the less effective those attempts became

When Sylas finally went tense against her and grunted out his climax, filling her bowels with his hot seed, Lux thought she might finally get a break from his abuse. When he pulled free of her violated asshole, she could feel the orifice continue to gape open as it drooled his seed back out. As badly as it hurt, she was sure the bastard king had caused something to tear. She wondered if her asshole would ever close back up properly, or if she’d have to endure the rest of her life feeling the breeze inside her ass as an uncomfortable reminder of her violation. Then, after a few seconds, she realized his cock was growing no softer.

As he pushed himself back inside her asshole, drawing a fresh scream from the blonde girl, Lux no longer thought about her future. She only thought about the hell that was her present… precisely where she belonged.

Sylas, laughing, thrilling, squeezing, fucked her again and again. He clearly enjoyed the Crownguard captive’s wails of pain and her stolen cries of horrible pleasure, and he kept at it, working to fuck her again and again until Lux was blinking drops of sweat from her eyes, until the exhausted royal whore felt like she was going to pass out of the pain. Lux felt sure he would have done it for the rest of her life… except as he was fucking her ass for the fourth time, something changed.

The room, and the bed inside it, actually shook as a deafening roar made the air vibrate. A moment later the inside of the room tinted scarlet as fire filled the air outside, making all the light into a warm, crimson tone. “Always with the interruptions,” Sylas growled, darkness seeming to actually flow out of his eyes as he pulled out of her. The dazed, exhausted sorceress felt cum drip down her ass as he pulled away, standing and walking to the window to stare out. “What is it now…”

Lux lay there, bound and just watching as she panted in pain and the humiliating afterglow of what had to be a hundredth orgasm and feeling disgusted and hurting. She barely was paying much attention, but she was still closely attuned to her husband’s annoyance… especially when it could result in pain for her. He sounded disgusted as he glared down into the courtyard. “It’s that fucking halfbreed again. I thought I handled her already. What a pain in the-”

He flung his hands up, shielding his face and summoning up a font of Lux’s light as the light turned crimson again. A second later, fire splashed against that barrier of glowing energy, barely being held away as Sylas staggered backward, He reeled away from the window, cursing, and then a dragon’s claw rested on the window sill. 

Lux, exhausted, forced herself up, watching in horror as the dragon’s talon shrank, shivering as it twisted and warped, and then Shyvana climbed in through the window. The woman was naked, her faded skin the color of burned ash and wearing only the scraps of ripped armor torn apart by her transformation into a dragon, The woman’s face was twisted in utter fury and eyes hard with determination. “You bastard,” the half-dragon royal guardswoman, one of King Jarvan IV personal bodyguards, hissed out of her mouth as she dropped into the room. Her gaze flicked towards the half naked Lux, further outrage kindling in her expression as she turned back to Sylas. “Prison is far, far too good for you,” she hissed, steam rising off her grey skin as the armored scales of a dragon continued to fade beneath it once again. “For a start, I’m going to bake you alive. Then, after that, I’m going… to…”

The half dragon slowly slurred her words, her sentence drifting off as if she lost track of what she was saying. Her steps, likewise, hesitated. Then, so slowly – like her head was being pulled around by a puppet’s string – she turned back to look at Lux.

And her eyes had gone mostly black.

“You~…” she purred, a hint of music in her voice, even if her eyes showed nothing but fury. “This is your fault. This is all your fault you filthy, stupid whore!” Shyvana roared, her voice abruptly rising. The scream pushed an impossible amount of hot air towards Lux and the blonde sorceress felt it singe her skin and the ends of her hair, making her flinch back even as the back of the half dragon’s mouth started to glow. To Lux’s horror, she realized that she could see naked woman’s ribcage… her chest was glowing from the inside and her ribs were casting shadows as the fire built. She reached out and grabbed one of Lux’s arms, and the silk smoldered and blackened under her hand. Lux screamed as she burned.

“I told you to stay away from him, you slut!” Shyvana snapped. “I told you to stay away from Jarvan, and now look what you’ve done!” The half-dragon was shuddering with rage, trying to hold it back… trying to resist the urge to burn Lux alive. With casual strength she ripped first one, then another of the chains holding Lux to bed apart as if they were made of spiderwebs, the steel glowing from the heat and screaming as it tore. The one around her right ankle went next. “You little treacherous, sorcererous whore, in bed with that monster… You sold out my Jarvan! I swear, the things I’m going to do to you wil-”

Sylas smashed into her from behind, the strong, naked rebel smashing his fist into the dragon like one of Piltover’s locomotives. If Lux was less dazed and terrified, it might have looked funny – Shyvana’s body barely moved, her neck remaining stiff and her muscular body rigid, yet Sylas outweighed her enough that he sent her sprawling anyway. “Get back in your place you halfblood mongrel,” Sylas growled, his body glowing with Lux’s stolen power as it swelled up inside of him. “You could be great, but instead you worship at the feet of those who hate you like a kicked dog. You’re pathetic.”

Shyvana’s head snapped back around to him, and the fires raging beneath her skin made her black eyes flicker with flame. “And you,” she hissed, “are flammable.”

Sylas lifted his arms and unleashed a torrent of Lux’s destructive light at the dragon even as her body warped again, beginning to transform back into a full dragon. The armored scales erupted out of her skin in a burst of hot flame even as the room exploded outward, the floor collapsing and sending Sylas and the burning dragon falling down into the courtyard.

Lux, left stunned and cum-covered in her silken wedding dress, only stared in shock.

It… it wasn’t Sylas.

In one of her dreams, Shyvana had reacted badly to the idea of Lux’s still-established engagement to the king. In that nightmare, the half dragon had been supposedly protecting her, escorting her home, but she had pulled her into an alley and given her molten-hot lessons in why she was nowhere near worthy to marry Jarvan IV. Lux had woken in her own bed… it hadn’t been real. Shyvana, though, had never even met Sylas before now, in reality or in one of the nightmares. 

This whole time she thought that the dream was pouring out through Sylas’s fantasy… but it hadn’t been him that Shyvanna had been distracted by when she was pulled into it… and it wasn’t Sylas’s nightmare her hatred and rage and possessiveness of Jarvan had come from. Even so, Shyvanna had been taken by the nightmare as well. 

The city had broken because it had been pulled out of her dream. It was where the outfit had come from, where the hair had come from. It wasn’t coming out of him. It was coming out of her. 

Now that Lux thought about it, she could feel it… the burning of the brand as it itched on her ass. Her piercings weren’t burning, but they almost felt like they itched, and Lux could somehow feel the pressure building behind them, trying to escape. She was like… like a finger, pressed into a very small hole, with a very large weight behind it, and it wasn’t Sylas spreading it. It was being next to Lux.

Lux was still chained to the bed. Her legs ached and wobbled, and her holes felt ripped to pieces, but she couldn’t stay here… it was obvious now, the dream could anchor itself to any of her abusers, anyone who had inspired one of her dreams. The longer she stayed near them, the more danger she – and they – were in. The exhausted blonde looked down at the one chain still on her ankle… and she started to kick at the bed post.

One. Two. Three. Each kick shook her bones. Four. Five. Six. The heels of both feet hurt almost as badly as her asshole did. Seven. Eight. Ni- She heard the splintering, and her heart raced with excitement, fuelling the next several kicks. Ten-eleven-twelve-thirteen-fourteen, and the wooden post cracked, falling to the side, its mounting bracket ripping free of the wood. Frantically, she ran the chain over the break, lifting it from the post, and forcing herself to her feet. She wobbled on pained balance and nearly fell, and just standing on her bruised and abused feet ached horribly. Cum dripped from her ravaged cunt and asshole but still she got up. Determination, and desperation gave her strength she never thought she would have been able to muster otherwise, and as she stared down into the courtyard where Sylas and several armor-clad soldiers battled a dragon, her entire world was consumed with a single thought.

This was all happening because of her. People were dead because of her. Fiora was suffering because of her. 

Lux didn’t know if leaving would make it better. Maybe, without her, the nightmare would lose its grip on the people nearby. Maybe it wouldn’t. She had no idea. What she did know, however, was that if she was gone it wouldn’t get any worse. She was too dangerous to be around while this monster had her. There was only one thing she could even think to do that might stop it.

Her eyes flickered over to the wreck of her clothing. Her broken staff, useless and splintered. Her torn clothing. Frantically she dug at it, hoping against hope that…

She pulled an old, leather-bound journal out of the rags that had once been her clothing.

The man who had written this journal hadn’t known where the demon was imprisoned, but he had said Helia might have a record. That would have to be good enough. Outside of home, outside of the protection of pretricite… it didn’t matter. Being here was going to hurt the people she loved.

She glanced down at Sylas again, doing battle in the courtyard. He wasn’t here now. There were no guards… everyone was running towards the battle, Shyvana rampaging through the city. No one was thinking about her. Barely dressed in a perverse wedding gown that only seemed to expose than conceal, Lux grabbed the bed sheet off the royal bed and wrapped it around her like a cape. With a single, longing look back at her broken staff, Lux clutched the journal as hard as she could, and prayed to any god that would listen that if she got far enough away the nightmare would go with her, leaving all of this behind.

Then she turned to the door, started running, and didn’t look back.

11 thoughts on “One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 6

  1. I think you should include Senna, Sona, Vayne in your stories more than Fiora and Quinn, especially Senna and Vayne because their theme is fighting darkness and demons. Perhaps Kai’Sa too since she fights void demons.


    1. Senna would be nowhere near Demacia right now, and Kai’sa, as you said, is fighting the void. Lux is hunted by something quite different.

      Sona and Vayne could easily show up, but commissioner’s choice.


      1. Oh so is this story a commission? I thought you were writing it yourself. How many chapters are left? Are we going to see new champions now that Lux is leaving for Helia?


        1. This story is a commission by Kahncomm, who has also paid to have the art for it created. He selected the general course of the story, I made the exact decisions, then we discussed back and forth until we had something we both liked.

          Yes, we will definitely see quite a few new faces now that Lux is fleeing Demacia. Doesn’t mean every old face is going away, though.


          1. Looking forward to seeing new faces. I like the overall plot but it’s too extreme imo, hopefully you tone down the rape stuff a little bit at least.


  2. I think you should include Poppy, Senna, Sona and Vayne in your story. Focus on Fiora and Quinn less. This goes especially for Senna and Vayne since their whole theme is fighting darkness and demons.


    1. Depending on what you mean, the answer could be yes or no.

      In all cases, the actions of people in Lux’s dreams have been influenced by a corruption of that person’s wants and desires. The real Sylas might have loved Lux and been a bit possessive of her, but the dream Sylas took that to an extreme, wanting to make her his at any cost.

      When the dreams erupted outward, their personalities and reality was mostly overwritten by the dream… but that’s not really LUX’s unconscious changing them, it’s the power of Nocturne’s nightmare.


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