Licking Flame – Chapter 2

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Syllana woke up in agony, her whole body vibrating in more pain that she thought she had felt in her whole life. For a moment, the nogitsune felt like the vampires had started flaying her alive… She shouted in pain and thrashed, but she could barely move… and moving just hurt her worse. It was anguish, but as her mind caught up with her eyes she realized that there was no one around her at all – no one torturing her, no one even touching her. The pain was just residual pain from the injuries from her fight…

Injuries that had already healed.

Her blue eyes narrowed, and Syllana looked down, and gazed at the points where her bare, pale skin strained against cords of white silk. Spider silk.

Jorogumo silk.

Memories flooded back to her, and her rage billowed up. Mai, that fucking traitor. Of course she knew about Reimi… and of course the captive spider had been only too happy to spin webs for her once-mistress. There was nothing more that the nogitsune matriarch regretted more in this instance than not having killed that monster centuries ago… No matter how much Syllana struggled within her constraints, they would not snap. Many times had she abused the high tensile strength of the jorogumo’s web to restrain dissenters, prisoners and traitors. She had rejoiced at the sight of their squirming as their sensory stimuli overwhelmed them. The desperation in their voice. The fear in their eyes. Now, it was her time to be tormented, and she was woven in webs that could hold even a god in their grip, and would slice a car in half before the web yielded to the steel.

And the restraint wasn’t even the worst part. As the microscopic but razor-sharp barbs lining the silky strands dug into her skin, she felt the effect of jorogumo’s venom overtaking her perception. The burning edifices around her flared brighter in her eyes, harsher against her skin; Syllana felt as if the fire grew wilder every second. She knew this effect well, having used it on many lovers over the centuries… both willing ones, and those in need of punishment, but she had never tested Reimi’s silk on herself – she was no horny kit after all, but the Matriarch of the nogitsune.

Now, however, she wished she had… if only so she could be prepared for this. Soon, the fire flaming to life in her seemed like it would consume more than just her dreams of divinity. Soon, it would engulf her.

Around her, Mizuki burned. The war between her people and the vampires and set most of the compound on fire, and all around her she could hear them claiming their prizes from among the ruins. Each pump of her heart seemed to skew her senses even more, the venom now making the sobs and screams of her followers sound distorted and deafening. Syllana averted her fluffy ears, attempting to find a silent corner to direct them towards, but there was none. As the toxins reached critical mass within her system, the black-tailed kitsune’s touch turned even more hypersensitive. The bindings, skilfully arranged so her breasts and labia were not only exposed but on display while restraining her limbs and tails, dug into her skin with the sharpness of razors. Syllana grit her teeth as she suppressed a pained moan. The gravel beneath her body now felt searing, as if she were laying atop embers and not pebbles.

“Mai,” Syllana spat out, attempting to distract herself with the fires of vengeance now burning within her chest, almost attempting to eclipse the smoldering building next to which she laid. “Traitorous bitch, this is how you repay my years of teachings? You would be nothing if not for me, if not for your goddess.” Yet, as she reached into herself, seeking magic, she found… nothing. No witchfire at all came to her call, and her words fell on as deaf of ears as her call for magic did. No one was paying attention to her, no one was even nearby her – the vampires had evidently decided to set her aside in favor of the younger, and less feisty, nogitsune. In the end it wasn’t her capture that truly enraged Syllana, but the fact she was being treated as less than her pawns. She might be nearly helpless like this but it pissed her off to be considered as such. She was a goddess, new divinity, soon to overthrow the arrogant Inari and replace her; and yet she had been forgotten as soon as she had been captured. Furious, Syllana struggled against her restraints, immediately wincing at the searing pain. The nine-tailed matriarch felt as if the silks cut through her skin whenever strained. Yet, upon looking downwards, she found her toned body covered in sweat, not blood. Just how powerful was Reimi’s venom? Apparently strong enough to make her feel lacerated under the most minimal straining. Syllana dreaded what an actual wound would feel like.

“Bindings suit you, Witch,” said a deep, growling voice that cut through her self-imposed trance and brought her back to her painful reality… To the burning edifice that surrounded her, to the scorching pebbles, to her pawns’ wailing. To her defeat. The voice belonged to to the First Vampire, watching her with his long black hair and crimson eyes. It was all Syllana could do to glare at him hatefully as he approached. “You know, I’m rather disappointed in you. I thought you’d hold your own better than that. To be taken down by your pupil… really? I had higher expectations. I even thought you might escape and I’d need to hunt you down. In the end, though, you delivered yourself right into my hands.”

“Mordred,” Syllana spat out defiantly. “Good to know your wits are as dull as your thoughts. I’d have taken you in a heartbeat. Somehow, I thought Narghai would have had higher standards.”

Suddenly, Mordred seized the nogitsune’s long black mane, pulling her face up to his. Syllana had to bite her tongue in order to hold back a scream of pain – It felt as if the entirety of her obsidian hair had been ripped out at once. With relentless determination, the nine-tailed matriarch met the vampire’s red cold eyes. “Tsk, tsk, tsk,” he reprimanded. “Have you lost what little decorum you once had, Witch? This is not how a pet greets their new master.”

“Rich,” Syllana retorted, baring her fangs. “You couldn’t even tame your last fox pet, and you think you’ll manage with me? Be careful… give me a chance, and I’ll rip those withered balls of yours right off.”

“You won’t do such a thing, Witch,” the vampire said as he brought his face even closer to hers, his scarlet eyes clouding Syllana’s vision, his crimson irises a captivating blood moon. The astral body shimmered and shivered, stretching towards her, and Syllana flinched as she felt the pressure on her mind. Immediately she retreated her thoughts inward, walling them away behind a shield of discipline, rage, and cold determination that turned the borders of her will into a frozen wall of ice. It was just barely enough. The power of his gaze hit her like an earthquake, nearly shaking away the foundations of her sanity. She had never felt pressure like this before… Narghai’s power had clearly supercharged him. Any lesser being would’ve been instantly hypnotized and enraptured… but Syllana had tasted rivers that had run dry eons before Mordred had been born. She defiantly glared into the soulless orbs, meeting his gaze even as the pressure built, but he scoffed. “Cursed thing,” he growled. “Even without your master Narghai you resist me? No matter… you will break.”

Mordred let go of his grip on Syllana’s hair, pushing her down. The nine-tailed exile screamed in pain as the scorching pebbles stabbed her sensitive skin like a myriad of tiny daggers. Syllana grit her teeth as she attempted to writhe away from the pain. When she looked up, Mordred was gone. Once more left alone with her thoughts and the searing aching in her side and scalp. The nogitsune attempted to slither her tails under her body in order to at least have a degree of separation between her skin and the nail bed beneath her. It wasn’t without fault however as her nine fluffy appendages felt extremely ticklish against her hypersensitive skin.

 She didn’t know where Mordred had gone, but she soon found out. Only a few minutes had passed before the first vampire returned with a a woman in tow. The jorogumo was naked, still in her humanoid shape. While she wasn’t particularly well-endowed in the chest department, Reimi did have a rather alluring rear, hinting at her true form’s body mass distribution. Despite her subpar beauty when compared to Syllana herself, it seemed some of Mordred’s sycophants had already had enjoyed her body – Syllana noticed ejaculate covering the spider’s breasts, face and behind; some having made its way inside her pussy and now trickling down her leg. The jorogumo’s dark skin shone with sweat reflecting the firelight. The slave walked with a collar and chain, but not especially bound otherwise, nor did she seem to be resisting. Syllana attempted to murder the arachnid turncloak with her glaring alone… it seemed that she had done too good of a job of breaking her pets will. Now she seemed desperate to please her captors and earn more mercy than Syllana generally showed her. Unfortunately, her attempts to stare her to death didn’t seem to be working. 

“An interesting pet you kept, Witch,” Mordred declared coldly. “A jorogumo, yes? From the legends, they were all killed… but it seems that legends lie. I have no interest in hemolymph, so she’s of only passing interest to me… but Mai had already promised me her talents are considerable. I’m happy to keep you alive as the last of your kind… provided you cooperate.” The vampire Lord turned to the bound nogitsune, mocking her with his crimson eyes. “I’m going to have some fun with the witch here… and by that, I mean I’ll be the one having all the fun; your former Mistress will be in a world of pain. Does that please you, Reimi? That the delusional bitch who waged war and exterminated your kind will get her just deserts?”

     The jorogumo shuffled uncomfortably. She had never spoken out against Syllana, most likely out of fear, yet now she was no longer restrained by fear. It was Syllana who was tied in her web now. “Yes…” she said, her gait shaky from the abuse her nether had endured moments prior. “Lady Syllana deserves this. She deserves worse. I-if my Lord Mordred could be convinced, I’d like to request her execution…”

He laughed. “I could be convinced, but only after she’s broken and I have no use for her,” Mordred responded, seemingly pleased with Reimi’s response. “Your silks can’t affect me: I have no blood for you to envenom. However, I want Syllana tied differently and I’d rather not try to cut through your handiwork. Spin your web so the Witch is forced to hold her legs open.”

Eagerly, the jorogumo nodded, desperate to stay on her new captor’s good side. “Most certainly, my Lord Mordred,” Reimi said, her tone pathetically worshipful… just as it had been with Syllana. Then she knelt before Syllana and her form shifted, growing. Legs violently erupted from smooth skin as her body warped, not pretty the way a fox transformed but brutal and violent. The process was quick, though… within a moment a full jorogumo stood before her and she started producing more web, skilfully repositioning older silks.

Despite the matriarch’s most desperate attempts, she was unable to find any momentary weaknesses in her bindings as they were being shifted and strengthened. “Reimi, free me! Do this and I will set you free when I’m done with him!” Syllana whispered, only to be met by the jorogumo’s cold gaze, a speck of delight sparking in them upon seeing her plead.

“My Lady Syllana,” she responded. “Nothing brings me as much joy as knowing you will be besmirched, raped, wounded and tortured before you die. That my web only heightens the pain you will endure makes the centuries I’ve wasted serving you seem sweet in hindsight.”

The nine-tailed woman growled in rage. That she had swallowed her pride to appeal to her ward’s sense of loyalty only to be betrayed again. She was, of course, planning to murder her after the dust had settled, but she deserved it for her first betrayal. Unfortunately, the spider was nothing if not efficient, and her own poison didn’t trouble the jorogumo – Soon, Syllana had been rendered helpless, laying on her back with her legs spread wide. It was humiliating, to have her divine pussy displayed to all like a lowly slut. Furthermore, Reimi had seemingly tightened her bindings. Now, they felt like heavy cleavers threatening to cut through her flesh at any moment. “It is done, my Lord Mordred,” Reimi said with a respectful bow.

Mordred looked appraisingly. “And adequately at that. Good job, Reimi. Back to a form that doesn’t disgust my eyes.” Mordred waved his hand, and then he met her eyes, and Syllana saw the spider shudder beneath the gaze. “You will return to my children, and fufil your duties to them. When you’re done rewarding any who want you, you should return to Mai; you’re her property now.”

Reimi bowed one last time to the First Vampire, then shot a delighted smirk at Syllana. As she left, a pep in her trembling step, the matriarch realized the precariousness of her situation. She glared at Mordred as he slowly started tending to his garbs. Syllana defiantly held his gaze. “Now,” the vampire growl. “Where should we start?”

Reimi, her mind still swimming from even briefly meeting Mordred’s eyes, walked almost in a daze back across the gardens, towards where she had been dragged after she had first been apprehended. At first, she had been furious as vampires descended into her caverns… but quickly she found that her most powerful weapon in her venom was useless against them. Maybe she could have taken one or two, but there were four, and she was quickly taken down. She thought they would drain her blood and dismember her, string her in her own web and force her to transform only to torment her further. Much to her surprise, she had been treated almost… respectfully… all things considered. The bloodsuckers seemed to be uninterested on feasting on her clear hemolymph. Reimi didn’t know whether she should feel fortunate on insulted. A glance at her nogitsune captors, raped and painfully bled for feasting simultaneously, reassured the ancient jorogumo slave of her good fortune.

She would keep those good graces. Cooperation was preferable to oblivion. She would serve as the best slave they could imagine… if it meant her comfort and freedom. “M-masters,” Reimi shyly called out as she approached the Zen garden. Pale sand had been carefully raked with beautiful flowing patterns, interrupted where the spider had been fucked mere minutes ago. “I’m back…”

“Lady Reimi,” a handsome vampire called out. He had the tell-tale scarlet eyes and long fangs his kind was known for, long blonde hair cascading behind him. His clothes laid abandoned next to him, a throbbing erection revealed in their absence. “You returned after all. I knew you were the refined sort. Any of those fox skanks would’ve tried to run away, and yet here you are.”

“Yet here I am, my Lord Rake,” Reimi responded with a submissive smile that she hoped was suggestive, glancing down at his large manhood. The itsy bitsy spider had scarcely if ever been with a man before… it wasn’t how jorogumo tended to work, and even as a slave she had belonged to a mistress. Rake had actually been her very first… the transparent sheen that covered his cock were the remnants of their last dance, but not their first. There was a younger bloodsucker here too… clearer younger, from how he reacted to Rake. An apprentice, maybe, or a childe… she saw him as old, but young compared to her, and considerable younger than Rake. His member was also exposed, even if he surreptitiously covered it with both his arms. While it was perhaps not as impressive as his blood-brother’s, Reimi found it hard to look away from anyway.

She wanted to kill them. She wanted to force them town, take her true form, and make them take her eggs… but they could kill her. They would kill her. Cooperation was preferable to oblivion… even when that meant submission. Reimi was no stranger to submission… she had been submissive to her mother Nyami, lest the ancient jorogumo kill her. She had been submissive to Syllana, lest the ancient nogitsune kill her. What was it to be submissive to one more ancient vampire or ten? “My Lord Orpheus, I apologize for having to stop just when you got your turn,” Reimi declared embarrassedly, walking up to the two of them and falling to her knees. Then, she gripped Rake’ cock tightly; Orpheus’s more softly as to not startle him. The jorogumo got closer to him, considering kissing him but reconsidering, instead laying her head on his shoulder. “If my Lord Rake allows it, I would like for you to take me first, as an apology for leaving you both with these painful things.”

“Go ahead, boy,” the handsome vampire said. “All women are the same… once you strip away the bullshit, they all want to serve. You can do her as hard as you want, jorogumo are very resilient.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Orpheus said as he stepped behind her, pale skin over her dark flesh as he guided his thick glans to Reimi’s tight and inexperienced snatch. The spider gasped as she felt him part her labia and thrust inside with no sense of hesitation of gentleness. Reimi could sense as his foreskin slid back as he pushed, now the wide tip spreading her pussy open. It was only when he bottomed out inside her, knocking on her cervix as his hips impacted her shapely behind sonorously. “So, you’ve never been taken like this before now?” he asked. “What a waste. It was that bitch, wasn’t it? Syllana?”

“Y-yes… she only really… used me herself… and while she had… toys… this is my first… real one…” Reimi said in between pants. Despite being in the vampires’ good graces, she was little more than a prisoner: their plaything. Reimi was desperately eager to satisfy them. She had definitely already pleased Mordred with her obedience and skills as a weaver of silk. At the very least, her absence of blood made these undead monsters treat her much more kindly, as they didn’t seem to see her as interesting prey. Reimi did her best to clench her vaginal muscles around the intruding phallus. It didn’t quite fill her like Rake’ had but she found it more than large enough anyway, and while it was painful to help her new master take out his frustrations on her tight pussy it was still better than active torment. “M-my Lord Rake… hah… would you like me to use my-”

Reimi’s words were shoved back into her mouth as the vampire before her forcefully grabbed her by the hair and slammed her down on his huge cock. The spider choked on the gargantuan member as the tip was pushed down her throat. It was salty beneath the taste of her own juices, and she gagged on his length, but despite the painful misery Reimi managed to feel joyous to find her body used relentlessly by the vampires who had freed her from the yoke of Syllana’s tyranny. This would be better. This would be a step up. It didn’t matter that she was forced to service the thick vampire dick between her lips while another vampiric member pumped in and out of her waiting cunt… it was better. As Orpheus pushed his cock deep inside her and delivered a mighty spank upon her large rear, she was forced forward, more of Rake’ massive phallus sliding down her throat. Rake noticed as her lips turned more pale, her head spinning from the lack of air. Still seizing her by her black hair, Rake pulled her off from his cock which popped out of her mouth loudly and the dazed Reimi gasped, drunk on sex and desperate for air.

Looking up at Rake, she laid her face on his lap, kissing his heavy ballsack. “T-thanks, my Lord Rake… it was wonderfully delicious. Please, allow me to finish you off with-“ suddenly, Reimi was flung off the ground as Rake grasped her narrow waist. The jorogumo was then made aware of how empty her pussy felt as her mating with Orpheus had been interrupted. Now forced to straddle Rake, she felt his throbbing cock against her pubis. Immediately, she felt her stomach drop as she sensed how the thick spider-like hair strands which made up her pubic hair poked at the vampire’s cock and belly. However, Rake didn’t react and Reimi realized his heart didn’t beat and thus he was unaffected by what venom lurked in that pussy fuzz.

“I’m taking her pussy again,” the elder vampire said. He didn’t wait for either of the present’s acknowledgement, grabbing Reimi’s huge ass and lifting her slightly, poking at her labia for but a moment before slamming her down.

Reimi felt her vision blur, a myriad of blue and yellow sparks clouding her surroundings as she was once more acquainted with the huge cock. It was night and day… Rake’s cock was huge and it filled her up so completely, poking at her womb while several inches still lingered outside her. Reimi’s whole body was shaking from both pleasure and pain. Still, she was able to look behind her, noticing Orpheus’s envious eyes as she was claimed by the dominant vampire. Reimi felt a primal feeling arise within her arachnid heart, the exhilaration of being owned and possessed by a strong male. It felt so very wrong, especially given her kind’s propensity towards domination. Still, she felt bad for him. The jorogumo brandished a compassionate smile, almost enjoying the degree of need in his gaze. With a hint of mocking dominance she would never dare show a more powerful vampire like Rake, she pointed at her asshole.

“Take my rear, Orpheus,” Reimi gasped, her dark skin flushed from arousal and stimulation, humiliation and pain, and just the overwhelming amount of feeling. A part of her was shocked at her sudden bout of confidence after centuries. She regretted her words as soon as they left her lips but she knew it was only a matter of time. She might as well do it now, when it was the smaller of the two… when she could offer it as a gesture of submission, rather than have it taken from her. Thankfully, it worked… Orpheus cooperated. He knelt behind her and poked at her anus before pushing in. Reimi’s asshole welcomed him with squeezing tightness, having little trouble taking the entirety of the lesser vampire’s member.

Reimi turned back to face Rake with a false smile on her face that she hoped looked convincing, feeling both members inside her. She suspected that the two vampires were able to feel each other through her moist walls. Instead of moving himself, the dominant vampire beneath her tightened his grasp on her waist and started moving her with little trouble. Reimi was lifted with such strength that she was able to lift her legs and merely let her body be used like a puppet. Neither vampire moved though Orpheus’s lack of participation was likely due to both Reimi and Rake showing dominance over him. Regardless, having her entire body impaled on both cocks with superhuman strength made up for their lack of participation. Reimi felt herself being used like a toy, swallowing her feeling of self loathing with satisfaction that her new masters were pleased with her… she could feel the two vampires hardening inside her. Reimi knew they were seconds from blowing their loads inside her, the knowledge filled her with trepidation. As she was being used, the jorogumo couldn’t do much to aid them. Thus, she decided to clench her vaginal and anal muscles as hard as she could, clamping down on both of them as Rake finally slammed her down. Reimi then felt a coldness spreading within her, filling her womb. She couldn’t help but wonder if his cold seed could get her pregnant… or if a jorogumo could at all. She had only ever heard rumors, after all…

Moments later, Orpheus ejaculated too. He forced his hips forward, noisily slapping against the jorogumo’s firm ass, then let go. Reimi felt his cold seed shooting inside her, much less than the one currently housed within her womb, though it was no surprise to her. The spider slowly stood up, her legs shaky, her gait unsteady. “T-thanks… my Lord’s… that you would grace someone like me with your seed…” Reimi was unable to say much as her words were constantly interrupted by her heavy breathing and panting. Trickles of blood slithered down her legs, the sensation feeling almost orgasmic to the youma girl.

Rake laughed. “Our pleasure, little spider… I suspect we will have lots of fun with you…”

Oh, she was sure that they would, regretfully… but she kept the flash of anger off her face. Anger wouldn’t help her now… only submission would. “I-if it’s alright, I’d like to leave now… Lord Mordred told me Mai was looking for me. I-if you’re dissatisfied, you can come look for me later… I wouldn’t mind having you inside- I mean, pleasuring you once more.” Reimi tried to smile at them, feeling overwhelming shame as her feelings on the hard sex they had just had were made clear. Unable to bear with it, she hid her face and rushed out of the garden, in search for Syllana’s former apprentice.

Syllana glared daggers at Reimi’s back as she walked away, hoping one of them would end up slitting her throat through sheer force of will. To be betrayed a second time, it somehow stung worse than the first. Now forced to spread her legs due to the spider’s handiwork, her muscles burned like they were on fire. Her inner thighs felt as if the very skin was tearing, stretched thin over a set of scorching muscles, all hamstringed with razor-sharp wire that added a whole new layer of pain to her torment. Worst of all, with her legs bound spread the divine nexus between them had been exposed, ready to be claimed and tarnished by any passing brute. The delicate lips were buffeted by alternating blights, the still chillness of midnight occasionally interrupted by blazing gusts from the flaming remains of her crumbling empire as it burned around her. Regardless, Syllana’s hypersensitivity betrayed her irate scowl by moistening her vulva. She most definitely didn’t find the situation arousing but her body begged to differ. Her legs spread invitingly to any mate that would take the fox in heat conveyed to her brain the need to prepare for imminent breeding.

“Such a useful young lady. So very polite and deferent. You could learn a thing or two from her, Witch,” Mordred said as he watched Reimi go, his crimson eyes lingering on her ass for a second too long as she walked away. “I can see why your apprentice likes her. Resentment and hatred for you really are bonding emotions, I must say.”

“Go eat a priest’s dick, Mordred,” Syllana spat out. “It might actually kill you. At the very least it would probably cure your bad breath. Win-win for everyone as I see it.”

The first vampire, however, wasn’t paying attention to the matriarch’s barrage of insults. Quite unfortunate, as Syllana found them to be rather creative, and an excellent way to keep her mind busy with linguistics as to avoid thinking about the myriad of pains she was currently enduring or the fact she was shortly going to be raped and she could think of no way to stop it. Instead of paying attention, however, Mordred was instead occupying himself with dropping most of his garments to the ground, preparing himself to fully delight in her suffering. Once his tattered leather coat lay in the heap on the ground, he approached. The immortal beauty his dead body still retained was  actually a little distracting… or perhaps that was the pressure of his gaze, or the poison churning through her veins that made her cunt tingle involuntarily. Certainly the heightened state of her senses didn’t help her any.

As he knelt in front of her, she leaned backwards to keep herself as far away from the vampire as much as possible, and he laughed. “Why so cold? Approach,” Mordred said authoritatively, his eyes as wide as the full moon. The nogitsune made the mistake of looking into his crimson eyes and felt herself sinking into them. While she was the definition of iron will, she felt her body lean forward very much against her will. Reimi’s bindings muddled her mind and seemed to render her more susceptible to hypnosis, and she locked her mind as tight as she could, just barely resisting the effort of lurching towards her. Again, the vampire laughed. “I’ve always enjoyed prey like you, Witch,” Mordred said slowly, amused. “Brave and stubborn to the point of foolishness. You have no idea how much adrenaline sours a meal. Fear is such a mediocre flavor on the tongue.” Mordred smiled as he ran his sharp claws along Syllana’s foot and up her leg, not causing any harm yet even if the sensation the matriarch got was that of being sliced open. “It only enhances my pleasure that you’re so stubborn to give in and plead. How ironic.”

Syllana tried to hold in her gasp. “I think… you just overestimate how scary bloodsuckers are nowadays. A few hundred years ago perhaps you were feared. Today? Kids dress up as you for Halloween and watch you sparkle on the movie screen,” Syllana retorted. “To this day, we kitsune are worshiped as deities and spirits even beyond Inari’s realm.”

Mordred snorted. “The kitsune are, perhaps, but you… You’re no better than a hag wearing mock-up tails and an old kimono without Inari’s blessing,” the vampire said. “The only people in the world that revere you are going to spend the rest of their eternities in one of my brothels, and we’ll see how many thanks they offer when they are serving alongside their whore-goddess.”

“You probably mean that to be painful,” Syllana spat defiantly, “but no place you could cut would produce as much pain as looking at your smug, ugly face is inflicting on me at this very moment.”

“Why do I bother even talking to you, venomous insect?” Mordred inquired rhetorically, shrugging. “Your words aren’t nearly as interesting as your screams. I have millennia of experience inflicting pain, my dear Witch… You should’ve not resisted, and taken any opportunity for clemency.” The vampire turned his attention to Syllana’s exposed feet, kept upright by the sharp silk. The nogitsune felt the instinctual need to shift them away as to protect them yet was unable to do more than twitch with the binding webs cutting into her body.

Mordred placed the tip of his sharp fingernail against her left sole, just a light touch… and immediately, Syllana clenched her toes in agony. It felt like a searing pike had been driven through her foot, tearing through skin, muscle and bone. The nogitsune bit her tongue, looking upwards in overwhelming anguish as the vampire slid his finger downwards, tearing through Syllana’s skin as a tailor’s scissors would through silk.

The matriarch grit her teeth as her sole was sliced from toe to talon. The sheer sensitivity of her nerves didn’t just make it hurt more, it turned the pain into something unique and awful. Relentless cold spread around the wound once even a little bit of her skin was parted by the cut and her insides were exposed to the world, a freezing presence worming into her moments before blood oozed from of the cut. Sagely, Mordred had decided to cut only along her veins as to ensure she didn’t get himself dirty, her comfort mattering for nothing to him. Syllana’s oversensitive skin felt every single drop of blood slither down her foot, leaving a trail of scorching fire behind; the pain was so overwhelming she almost wished he would just rip the limb off instead to make it stop hurting.

“You see, my dear Witch,” he mentioned conversationally. “I face this conundrum rather often. Do I sample the sludge that courses through your veins or delight upon the pristine blood hidden within your arteries, knowing I’ll have far shorter to drink before you fade away? I must say, the closer one is to divinity, the more delectable their ichor is,” the vampire said, capturing a drop of Syllana’s blood with the tip of his claw, then putting it in his mouth. “And the more to love as well.”

“Quite the tragedy your blood is as dead as you are inside, Mordred,” replied Syllana. “If it weren’t, maybe you’d have found a way to love yourself.”

“And maybe going for the arteries is the answer if you’re going to be so daft and insufferable, Witch,” scolded Mordred. “Have you not been taught to the joys of polite conversation, or are you so arrogant you’re unable to find gratification with anyone other than yourself?”

With a sigh, Mordred turned his attention away from Syllana’s agonizing feet and upwards to her strong thighs. The cut on her feet was already healing, but she couldn’t really even think about that with his claws so much closer to even more sensitive spots. The matriarch wanted nothing more than to shut them close yet she was once again prevented from doing so by Reimi’s bindings. Muttering a curse aimed at the jorogumo, Syllana averted her eyes. She could not escape Mordred however, as she felt his claws poking at the thin skin veiling her joints with sharpness rivaling that of Excalibur itself.

“Curious, is it not?” Mordred mused. “So much to damage that could be done in one little spot. If I cut this tendon, you would be crippled, yet if I cut this nerve, you would feel excruciating pain and then nothing at all. That is not all either… I could bleed you dry from this artery right here. So many options…”

Despite her best efforts, Syllana squirmed… how could she not? The sharp points of his nails felt like razors. The vampire smirked as he beheld Syllana’s discomfort, at the sensation and at her words. He did not stop however, increasing the pressure against the nogitsune’s thigh little by little. Syllana felt as if a red-hot stake was driven through her skin until something suddenly popped. The overwhelming agony it provoked almost rendered Syllana senseless for an everlasting second. Then, despite her best efforts, she screamed.

“AAAGH!” she shouted at the top of her lungs, the venom-inflicted agony too much for even her discipline. The pain was then followed by a torrent of blood which flowed down the matriarch’s thigh and rear. Unlike the thick dark blood Mordred had shed from her foot, this liquid was pristine and bright red. It felt like liquid fire oozing from her body and dripping to the ground. Mordred smiled contently and ran his tongue along Syllana’s inner thigh, and she flinched away from the feeling… It was cold and slimy, like a slug being ground against her skin. The matriarch shivered from both pain and disgust yet her labia only moistened further as she beheld someone so close to her sex.

Eventually, the vampire pulled away with a satisfied smirk, her lips and teeth crimson from Syllana’s blood. She defiantly glared at him as he held her gaze. At this point it was all Syllana could do but to keep herself from shivering and whimpering in pain… she had already shamed herself once. She was allowed a moment of solace as Mordred stood, his muscular body, toned by magic and millennia of exercise. Seeing him fully erect in all his gargantuan glory, Syllana could not help but taunt him. “My, and I thought a disgusting pimp like you would have had your dick rot away from necrosis already, left forgotten inside one of your whores,” Syllana said defiantly. “Did Narghai give you another after you misplaced the previous?”

“Very amusing. How long have you been waiting to say that?” Mordred snapped back, clearly not fond of the insult. Regardless, he took his position between Syllana’s legs, his throbbing member resting atop her pubis as he glared at her with his scarlet eyes. “Maybe I was too benevolent, using my claws instead of my fangs. I can remedy that.”

As Mordred leaned in to bite her neck, Syllana attempted to move out of the way without much success, still restrained by sharp silks. Not only would she been tormented and besmirched by the wretched vampire but she would also be raped, most likely simultaneously. The matriarch closed her eyes, trying to ignore the overwhelming pain, anguish, trepidation and, to her horror, arousal…

Ari knew that something was wrong, and that it was strange that she couldn’t think of what it was. Her brain kept trying to think about it… she knew that it was something, like a nagging suspicion that she had left a fridge open or forgotten an appointment. Every time she tried to focus on it, though, she couldn’t… She was just too happy, too excited! Her queen had chosen her… Immense happiness seized her heart with an icy grasp like frozen fingers. Her emotions were as contradictory as they were overwhelming: cold joy, unsettling arousal and undying loyalty to her beautiful, perfect queen.

The nogitsune stared lovingly at the woman before her… Pale skin and scarlet eyes. Whenever Ari stared into her queen’s eyes, she felt reassured. Safe. Comforted. Knowing her place… that not only was she her Queen’s most trusted retainer but also her cherished lover. They were… they were in… in the library, right? A library her lady had never been to before. She had needed a guide…

Hadn’t she?

Ari felt her head spin as she attempted to question her inconsistent memories. “Queen Anastasia,” Ari said as her master took a seat on the lone wing chair in the room. That chair did not belong to her, Ari knew this; and yet she could not think of a single person more fit to sit it than her. “I am confused. What are we… doing here?”

“Now, Ari dearest,” responded Anastasia, her lover, her queen, her iridescent eyes luring her closer, “We are in a library. What do people do in libraries?”

“They… read…?” asked the nogitsune, confused by such a query.

“They fuck, Ari dearest,” Queen Anastasia gracefully explained, one lip curled up in a chiding smile. A look into her eyes was all it took for Ari to recognize her own stupidity. Of course, libraries were meant for her to be fucked up. What did a dumb slut like her need with a book, anyway? “Now, we cannot fuck with our clothes on, can we?” The vampire smiled pleasantly. “Be a dear and undress, entirely. Also, fetch me the finest wine from the cellar. Once you have undressed, of course; it is not civilized to wander around concealing a body like yours, don’t you think?”

“N-naked?” Ari felt dizzy. something was wrong here. Staring into Anastasia’s crimson eyes, however, her concerned faded, and she was instantly reassured. “Of course, my queen.”

The black furred fox shed her clothes under her master’s approving gaze. Her toned body was revealed piece by piece, her skin flawless despite the great amount of wounds she had endured during her long life. Broad shoulder and moderate breasts led down to a narrow waist and hips, her legs strong and smooth from regular exercise. Atop her hidden lips, a patch of black hair sat in a landing strip. Most nogitsune shaved pubic hair but Ari did not have time for such frivolous things. She already was busy enough serving… Serving… Queen Anastasia, of course. Whom else would she be serving but the perfect vampire?

The aforementioned vampire swept her body with her gaze, a hungry smile on her which soured as it met her crotch. “You will take away that hideous hair as well. I will not suffer an unkempt servant… but not now. Off with you, Ari dearest,” she said authoritatively.

Ari flushed at the rebuke but then immediately departed. She headed towards the cellar first, fetching the most expensive bottle of wine that she could find one of Syl- Ow, her head hurt. Then, she walked outside through the compound. For some reason, half the buildings were aflame. Not only that but Ari saw several of her nogitsune brethren being… raped, she was pretty sure. Ari tilted her head. Wasn’t there something off with that? Queen Anastasia had reminded her nudity was only right, were the screams of her friends and rival that scandalous? If it was, wouldn’t her mistress have said something?

Ari decided she was just overthinking things. Her queen was not known for being patient.. She needed to hurry back. As Ari returned to the library, she would encounter a most curious sight: a very beautiful nogitsune mating with Lord Mordred. Ari’s face was warm. Taking a hand to it, she found her cheeks soaked with tears. That was odd. What did she have to cry about? Still, she could not linger, Queen Anastasia awaited her return. With a final glance towards the raped nogitsune beneath the elder vampire, she departed to reunite with her master.

Ari entered the library, finding Queen Anastasia reading an old tome. The vampire scanned her body and scrowled, and Ari flinched as if slapped. “Get rid of it,” she commanded. “Now.”

Her Queen’s disgust hit Ari like a hammer. Immediate, her gaze drifted down to her pussy fur, looking for anything she could use to get rid of it. Finding nothing, but determined to make that hurtful feeling of contempt go away, she reached down, gripped a few of her black snatch hairs between her fingers, and pulled.

Her pale skin stretched out as she pulled the hairs further and further away from her body… it hurt enough that she needed to build up some willpower before she had the strength to continue. Then she yanked them out with a viscous pull. It burned, and Ari felt sure she could hear it as each of the hairs was plucked from its root. She yelped as her pubic hair was ripped out, but she didn’t delay… Anastasia was smiling at her. The nogitsune reached back down and grabbed another fingerful of fur and started pulling again.

It didn’t matter that her fingers were bad at this. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t grab enough at once

to make the horrible procedure shorter. Her mistress was happy… that was all that mattered. She cried as she yanked out another knot of pussy hair, then anothe, and then another. After nearly ten minutes of brutally denuding her slit, she was done. Very few hairs, only very short ones she couldn’t grab, remained. The rest of her pubic area was bright red, and she couldn’t get a grip on anything else.

Ari kept trying, but she couldn’t get anymore, and she was starting to panic when her Queen stood. A shadow of concern passed over Ari’s face, but it only lasted a second as Anastasia approached the beautiful nogitsune, cupping both her cheeks and using her thumbs to dry her skin.

“Ari dearest, why are you crying? Whatever happened to you?” the queen reassured her with a smile as sharp as broken glass. “It is no matter, come here. Pour yourself a glass of wine.”

“B-but Queen Anastasia, what about yourself?” asked Ari sheepishly.

“I do not drink wine, I am afraid,” Anastasia said as she ran her hand along the nogitsune’s flawless skin. “I’ll take care of myself. Just relax, and let your master reward you for your dutiful efforts.”

Ari, half mindless, poured herself a glass of wine, drinking it as Anastasia slithered her hands along her toned body. After half the bottle, Ari found herself much more relaxed. The Queen seemed to notice too as she gave her a tender kiss on the lips, one with too much teeth . Alas, Ari was gently pushed down, kept there by the mysterious and contradictory force of her own free will and desire, for what else could it be? Anastasia shed her garments elegantly, revealing a beautifully pale immortal body. The nogitsune swept across it with her eyes, finding it flawless… and yet somehow distressing at the same time.

“You will now serve me as a Queen is due, Ari. Be a good girl and cooperate. Am I understood?” Anastasia said as she placed a cold foot on Ari’s sternum, surreptitiously marking her own superiority on her servant’s chest.

“Yes, Queen Anastasia,” Ari said obediently, staring upwards as her master stood over her, feet at each side of her head. Then, she descended, placing her delicate labia against Ari’s face, a chilling moistness present within. The nogitsune obviously started lapping at the regal pussy. She tongue scraped through the insanely soft skin, searching for sensitive spots, relying on experience she had gained… somewhere. She hadn’t slept with her Queen before, had she? She must have, because who else could have so trained her?

Regardless, the vampire found this adequate for the time being, simply staying seated as she grabbed a hold of one of Ari’s strong arms. Lifting it up to her face, she gently traced along the veins. “You nogitsune have wonderful skin, so fragile and pale, so flawless. And yet, what is contained inside is closer to ichor than it is blood,” Anastasia mused as she placed a smooch on Ari’s wrist. “What a divine burn it carries, nogitsune. That is why I insisted upon one of you would be my personal prize.” Ari was confused, suddenly questioning how she ended up serving a vampire. It made no sense. As she looked upwards in pursuit of answers, however, she was met by Anastasia’s crimson irises and it felt like the whole moon was suddenly pressing down on her chest. “Focus on your duties, Ari dearest. All be well in the end.”

Ari didn’t need to be told twice. She attacked the cunt on her lips with newfound vigor and fervor, seeking to impress her Queen. Anastasia’s kiss then suddenly turned sharp as she dug her fangs into the fox’s wrist, and blood as scarlet as any red wine poured out into Anastasia’s mouth, crimson blood with specks of foxfire lingering in the taste. The queen’s body shivered at the sensation, so very close to the finest blood in existence, to the true ichor of a god.

Spurred by her throes of ecstasy, Anastasia pressed downwards passionately, starting to rock her hips in need as Ari’s essence only further contributed to her own orgasm. The nogitsune laid forgotten, feeling the Queen’s cool lips on both her wrist and face. She was no longer a servant but a plaything, Anastasia using her for her own enjoyment without an ounce of concern for her well-being or pleasure. Now harshly grinding her cunt against her mouth, Ari could do little more than lap at whatever she could reach with her desperate tongue in hopes it would aid her mistress.

With her nose bumping against Anastasia’s clitoris constantly and the Queen’s reckless abandon, the nogitsune figured she was very much close to climaxing. Thus, she guided her nine fluffy black tails to her master’s legs and waist, wrapping them around her in an attempt to make her feel as if she were surrounded by clouds. It was then Queen Anastasia hit the apex of her pleasure, her whole body shuddering in response as she violently sucked on Ari’s wrists. As her orgasm faded, she let go of Ari’s arm, the wound already reconstituting and mending rapidly.

Anastasia seemed very amused by this. She pondered for a moment, a smile on her face which revealed her crimson-coated teeth, shining in the flickering fire through the windows. “You have performed most adequately, Ari dearest,” the royal said as she stood up, sitting back on her wing chair and crossing her legs elegantly. “I am most impressed. Not only by your performance but also your flavor. Come here, slave-girl.”

Ari did as she was bid, kneeling before her Queen which gently placed the nogitsune’s head on her lap. “You will stay loyal to me, will you not? I would hate to have to replace you. Stay by my side and I will take excellent care of you pet.” She reached down, tilting her chin up, and letting the nogitsune meet her eyes again… the pressure behind those eyes consumed all her thoughts. “Anastasia will take care of you, pet fox… now and forever. Does that not sound lovely?”

The queen’s reassuring tone was coated in icy frost and sharpened as glass. It felt oddly like damnation, and yet Ari could not bring herself to refuse. She relaxed on her mistresses’s lap, placing a loving kiss on her thigh. “Absolutely, my Queen,” she answered obediently, oblivious to her deep hypnosis, lost in the vampire’s gaze. “I am yours to use and to dispose of.”

“I would never get rid of such an obedient black fox,” the bloody-toothed vampire said with a satisfied smile. “At least, not yet… not so long as you serve me properly…”

Syllana flinched away from Mordred… her over-sensitive body made it feel as if his cock were an ice cube pressed against her nether regions. Looking down, she beheld the bulbous head of Mordred’s cold, hard length on top of her oversensitive labia, looking far too large to properly fit inside of her. The matriarch growled and grit her teeth, glaring at the vampire, cursing him with her eyes even as she dared the bastard to do his worst. Even so, he did not seem willing to tarnish her just yet. His hand were on her chin, seizing her head and making her face him. Those hypnotic crimson moons lured her like a siren’s song once more and, even though the weight seemed to grow still greater, she resisted once more. Syllana was no naive kit – the ancient nogitsune had shared the Earth with monsters beyond mortal memory. She had stared down Gods, and the greatest terror this world had ever known… not even the might of Narghai behind that gaze would break into her mind.

          Mordred stared for another few moments. “You are so very boring, my dear Witch,” Mordred said in a monotone, distracted voice. “If only you stopped resisting this might be pleasurably ecstatic instead of gruelingly agonizing.”

          “And let you poke around in my mind? Never,” Syllana retorted. “I cannot picture how regretful Narghai is, living in there. Does blood even reach your brain, by the way? That would certainly explain quite a bit regarding every vampire I have had the displeasure of meeting.”

          If only Syllana felt as confident as she appeared. In truth, the nogitsune was barely keeping herself together. Even with him barely touching her, her senses were on fire. Not only were Reimi’s silks painfully digging into her skin but she could not escape the presence of the vampire lord’s icy phallus, resting against her. Her labia was so overly sensitive that she could feel every bump, crevice and vein on Mordred’s cock as he kept rubbing glans and shaft against her, grinding against her, cold screeching sensation reverberating through Syllana’s body as he did.

          “You have a foul mouth, and a fouler attitude,” Mordred growled. He was seemingly done waiting as he leaned over Syllana, his strength like that of granite blocks as he draped himself over her body and forced her down. The matriarch’s nipples inevitably hardened as they brushed the cold of his chest, amped to hypothermic cold due to her overactive nervous system. Then, Mordred got his face close to her, forcing her to keep eye contact with his scarlet eyes as his cock ground against her, besmirching her…

          Syllana had been dreading this moment. While this wasn’t by any means her first time being penetrated, her healing made her hymen reconstitute after each session – healing just like a wound inflicted in battle. The matriarch know not only that she was as tight as a maiden but that her ‘first’ time would hurt tremendously. It always strung… but Reimi’s silks promised to make it so, so much worse. As the glans pressed directly against her opening, she felt in excruciating detail the stretching sensation as she dilated, her warmth sapped by the chilling intruder. It only got worse from there, the tip getting thicker and thicker until her lips closed around the crevice at its end, the entire head of his fat prick inside her now, knocking on her hymen almost as if cherishing the moment.

And the worst part was that through the pain, it felt good. Syllana loved sex, and while the element of power her was so far out of her control, every sensation being turned up to eleven did have its benefits… beneath the pain and humiliation her body tried to grab onto what pleasure it could find, and what it found was an overwhelming tidal wave crashing against her mind, almost overwhelming her. She shifted in her restraints, holding back a creeping moan, her discomfort momentarily forgotten.

Then, mounting pressure followed by a painful thrust all the way to her womb, and the distraction wasn’t nearly enough anymore. Mordred’s balls clapped against Syllana’s ass as he hilted himself in full. The matriarch’s vision obscured for a moment, iridescent blue and white sparks flickering in the clouding darkness. The pain was excruciating, her insides twitching and throbbing around the intruding length as she let out another scream… it felt like she had been stabbed with Excaliber, impaling her up from the cunt!

Mordred did not linger to ease her suffering, instead pulling out almost entirely before thrusting back in. The slow but extended movements did not allow Syllana to rest, her vision once more obscuring whenever the vampire pushed in. A dark starlit sky with two bright red moons glaring down at her was all she knew whenever Mordred slammed into her.           “What is the matter, Witch?” Mordred taunted. “Where did that bravado and defiance go? Just a taste of dick is enough to defeat you?”

“Screw you… cold cock,” Syllana spat out, unable to think a proper retort amidst her agony. “Put that… in my mouth… and I’ll be getting more than just a taste…”

He laughed as he continued to rape her. “So crass, so base… Where did that vulpine cunning of yours, Witch?” Mordred said with a smirk. “Is that all you can muster?”

          The sad fact was that right now, it was. Ordinarily, Syllana’s pain would eventually subside, the pain of her shattered hymen brief compared to the glory of sex but tonight that was not the case. Reimi’s silks kept the throbbing pain lingering within her, amplifying the pain of his skewering assault. Mordred then placed his index against Syllana’s cheek, a splitting pain tearing her skin open. Red and gold blood oozed from Syllana’s wounds, like a cascade of molten lava which seared her face. The vampire leaned forward and licked her cheek. “Mmm, you taste just as I’d imagined,” he purred. “If not as lovely as one of the gods you claim to be, I’m sure.”

Syllana grimaced as she felt the cold slug which had been charmed into becoming Mordred’s tongue scrape against her. It was disgusting yet not quite as bad as the cold member nestled inside her. The nogitsune attempted to distract herself, looking away from the overwhelming influx of sensory stimulation. It was then she noticed a lone woman watching them. Her toned body betrayed a life of fighting, her black hair and fluffy tails denoted her as one of her own. Ari… one of her apprentices, one of her inner circle. An unrestrained, unguarded retainer. Syllana stared at her pleadingly, trying to request help without words yet all she received was a confused gawk. The younger nogitsune was cradling a wine bottle to her bare chest, her skin moist and covered in sweat that caught the firelight… and she wasn’t resisting. Syllana was furious… hypnotized? How could Ari allow herself to be hypnotized like that?

The matriarch grit her teeth as the dazed nogitsune walked back into the only remaining building. Abandoned a second time and by her closest follower no less. “Anastasia really has a way with people,” Mordred remarked as he followed Syllana’s gaze. “She is now truly hers… that bitch rarely lets go of her hold on someone.”

          “Shut up… or are you tired already? Need a break? Is your age catching up to you, old man?” Syllana growled back. “Just fuck me and get it over with you bastard.”

          He laughed. “So you show your true colors then,” Mordred mocked. “Realizing your place so soon?”

          “No, you are just so much quieter when you fuck me. I would rather experience the overwhelming disgust of you thrusting that cold pathetic phallus inside me than hear your voice a second longer,” Syllana explained, turning Mordred’s moment of victory into ash… just as he had done to hers.

          The vampire was seemingly done trying to hypnotize her. Instead, he turned her around so her rear was high in the air and her face was against the dirt, her legs separated and propped up in a way she could not move even if she wanted to. The muscles on her thighs strained and burned, amplified tenfold by Reimi’s venom. It was a very shameful position and Syllana could tell Mordred was going to punish her severely for her words, most likely by showing no mercy. The vampire lord first delivered a sonorous strike at Syllana’s round ass… but the vampire’s strength turned what could have been a simple spank into a thunderclap. The nogitsune sprawled forward as the echo resonated through the courtyard like a thunderclap, and only the fact that it was spread over the entirely of her ass kept bones from breaking.

A second later, the shock wore off and the pain began. Syllana whimpered as she writhed in agony, but even as the blood gathered and the skin bruised, Mordred used his sharp claw to rend the skin open, shedding Syllana’s blood which oozed and coated her flank. Then, not giving Syllana a moment to recover, he once more slammed into her. Her hymen hadn’t had enough time to heal so he didn’t tear it apart once again, but still it was all Syllana could do was stifle a scream of agony at the painful rush of sensation… and emotion.

          Hate. She hated Mordred with every fiber of her being. Not only had he taken away her freedom, her chance at divinity, and the god she had been using as her patron, but he had also gone after her image… seized and burned her villa then raped and spoiled her pawns. Now, Mordred’s icy presence was within her, her followers were watching, and she could do nothing. The silk was too tight, the drugs too strong, her magic too empty. In her agitated state, she was unable to escape him for long, feeling his hips crash against her ass as his balls clapped against her thighs.

He had no concern for her or the blood he was shedding. Syllana’s wounds were already healing, the one on her cheek she could feel closing as she got raped into the dirt. Her face was no stained with blood and spit and sweat and dust and soil, and she found it absolutely humiliating that she was used like this. Her growling turning into stifled moans as she got fucked harder and harder. Hate him. Hate him…

Finally, it all culminated with the vampire balls deep inside her, shooting his dead seed into her womb, filling her with overwhelming cold and primal satisfaction at the same time. So much… dead or not, cold or not, Syllana couldn’t stop herself from reacting. Hers body shuddered as she came from the feeling of someone climaxing inside of her. She bit her tongue so hard it bled, all to keep herself from making the slightest noise. Thankfully, the damnable pleasure hadn’t stolen her sanity away.

As Mordred pulled out of her, she glared at him. “Was that it?” she growled at him. “Done already? I’ve seen fox kits last longer than that.”

He scoffed. “You think we’re done, Witch? There are still hours before sunrise. We are not done.” As he stood, she realized that his cock was still more than half hard, and it only took a few strokes of his hand to begin growing once more. “It’s just that an old friend of yours wanted to have a chance to speak to you before you are taken away,” Mordred explained with a smile.

Along among the field of brutalized foxes, screams, and tears, a beautiful nogitsune gallivanted through the smoldering remains of her home, pausing to look at the desecration raging all around her. She didn’t creep or hide, however, and her heart held no regret or sadness for what became of her former companions. Why should it? This was her masterpiece, after all. Nine black tails swirled behind Mai absentmindedly, almost like a cloak of shadows stuck to the back of her kimono. Fluffy shadows, Mai mused with a smile, wondering if such a spell existed. Her old mistress had been a master of shadowcraft… Perhaps she should have inquired about embroidery in its craft before betraying Syllana. Mai paused for a second, then shrugged, considering it irrelevant. She had millennia ahead of her for the arcane experimentation. Perhaps she would discover how to weave her own fluffy shadows. For the moment, her tails more than sufficed – She wrapped herself in their warm embrace in what an outsider might think was an attempt to shelter her heart from the cold consequences of her actions. Mai, however, felt little regret and no guilt – that bitch Syllana got what she deserved.

As the nogitsune walked amidst burning edifices, she was greeted by the vampires and their human soldiers and scorned by her former kin. The former reverently bowed their heads to her while the deceitful foxes attempted to spit insults at her. She found it ironic, how the heartless wretches had shown her more deference that many of her own kind had in centuries. Mai’s tails swirled down behind her as she walked past raped kitsune, brushing the ground she tread on like a regal cloak of darkness. Syllana would scorn such behavior from her, accusing her of being disrespectful and arrogant and now the thought only elicited a smile on Mai’s lips. She continued down the ruins, smirking at herself. Narghai was free of his prison. She was still receiving witchfire. In time, she had little doubt that she would find a way to harness his power more fully, taking a fragment of the ancient Fomorian’s soul in return for her treason. Then she would truly be free… free to invent, free to create, free to unravel the mysteries of magic that time had forgotten and the gods were too greedy to share. There were forbidden magicks unknown even to Syllana, kept secret by the gods… and Mai would be the one to find them. Mai could not help but idly wonder if Narghai had any such knowledge that the exiled god would share… perhaps her work could start even sooner than anticipated.

Finding her way obstructed, the nogitsune’s eyes focused on the figure before her with overwhelming ire which quickly faded away as she realized just who it was. She was slender, with small breasts and a curvy large rear. The black hair which covered her head stretched down over her tits messily as if she had just woken up. Her body was covered in white strands of seed which assaulted Mai’s sensitive nose, especially around her groin where it gathered around a patch of her pubic hair. “L-lady Mai?” Reimi said shakily. “I-is everything alright?”

A moment of panic at seeing the jorogumo flared, but that was instinctive… Reimi was hers, now. Her servant. Her weapon against Syllana and the gods both. Her former mistress had wasted her potential so… but Mai was certain she could control it. As quickly as the fear erupted, it was subdued by Mai’s exceptional self control. She walked forward, grabbing Reimi by the cheek and holding her gaze. The spider, seemingly ready to kiss her, closed her eyes only to be suddenly forced to look to one side, then to the other. Mai examined the spider with the efficiency of a horse trader and the brusqueness of a brothel madame. “Did they hurt you?” Mai asked bluntly, ignoring the jorogumo’s question. “Or are you prepared to serve?”

“I… I am prepared, Lady Mai,” Reimi responded hesitently. “I heard it was your person that b-bargained for my freedom… thank you.”

Mai’s grip tightened on Reimi’s cheek as she spoke. “Freedom is a pretty word,” Mai said firmly. “Too pretty for you. Let us instead say that I have a use for you that doesn’t involve you being raped and tortured to death by vampires or spending the rest of your days being whored out to anyone with two coins to rub together, and that as long as you remain useful you will be safe.” Mai held her by the chin as she looked into her eyes. “Do we understand one another.”

There was a small, hard glint in Reimi’s eyes, but her voice never wavered from its meek subservience. “Perfectly, mistress,” she whispered.

“Good,” Mai said simply. “I don’t have time to waste with being coy with you. For now, I want you to head to the trucks and begin spinning your webs in the cargo containers… we will need them to transport our new prisoners. When you have finished, you will come find me again.” Mai quickly muttered an incantation and waved her hand before the spider’s body, shadows rising up around the jorogumo and coating her completely only to be pulled along with Mai’s hand’s motion, leaving Reimi’s body bone dry, clean of sweat and semen. Mai flung the shadow sphere of darkness and filth away with such brutishness it flew off into the distance. “Oh, and take a bath. I did not reach your insides.”

Leaving a stupefied Reimi behind, Mai walked on. Syllana awaited her, after all… but she really needed to hurt someone. Something to take the edge off. Wandering through the outmost courtyard, she found exactly what she sought. Amidst a steady rain of ashes floating down from the burning compound Mai found six individuals. Mai, however, was unconcerned with four of them, instead setting her eyes on the only two females surrounded by a quartet of vampires. The women were two of their newer recruits… a pair of sisters named Ayako and Tsukiko. Both had been unkind to her… or at least, they hadn’t shown her the superiority she knew that she was due. As she approached, her nine shadows swept the floor behind her as if she was not willing to allow anyone to tread where she had. Keeping her distance, Mai watched a minute, relaxing in the darkness while she took in the spectacle.

Ayako, the younger of the two, was apologizing profusely to her sister… seeking her gaze while her sibling kept her eyes closed in silent, pained defiance. The two had been forced on all fours facing each other with all eighteen tails seized at the base by the respective vampire behind them, using the grip to gain purchase on their pussies. Ayako’s appeared to be tighter, Mai able to appreciate the fine details due to the fact she kept it pristinely shaven. Her sister, however, had an unkempt patch of black hair crowning her cunt. Mai correctly assumed the stuck-up elder sibling, so concerned with her rocks and forests, seldom got herself fucked. In addition to the two vampires pounding into them from behind, another two had laid beneath them and had pushed into their freshly virginal pussies as well, each filled with two thick, hungry cocks. Tsukiko’s larger breasts had been seized by the man fucking her from her rear-guard while her sister’s had been claimed by the vampire beneath her who greedily sucked on the small nipples as he dug his fangs around them to draw her blood. Ayako’s tightness was more a bane than a boon when two members were involved. Mai took joy in that fact… it pleased her to watch the younger sibling suffer for her free-speaking, disrespectful mouth. At the very least, her stupid sister had had the sense not to voice her thoughts.

Mai studied the scene amidst the warm embrace of her tails, wondering how best to cause pain to the bratty nogitsune. Tsukiko was cold, her sister hounding her for attention between brutal thrusts into her nether. Ah, Mai understood. Ayako blamed herself for their predicament. She could use that. Mai called up fire and began to weave the type of spell she had been practicing since she had begun first learning true foxfire… her gift. Her hands swayed, fingers switching in mnemonic motions as the complex enchantment spell took shape, reaching out, finding Tsukiko and wrapping itself around her silly little mind. The fox was so busy struggling against the pain and despair of being victimized again that Mai found her easy prey. It was simple to take hold of her emotions and just give them a little… twist. And suddenly, just like that, she had her – Tsukiko was under her influence. Nogitsune were more resistant to magic than many but a subject that didn’t realize she was being enchanted was an easy subject, and Mai could press through the resistance with just a bit more power…

Tsukiko relaxed immediately as Mai pressed inside her head, finding reproach and humiliation concealing an underlying overwhelming pain and startled, resentful surges of pleasure. Mai hummed, moving her fingers and fiddling with her kin’s thoughts as one would pieces on a shogi board. That would do… she couldn’t simply overwrite who a person was, but she could strengthen or dampen feelings that were already there. That hint of pleasure was there to be fanned like flames.

Most manipulation was more subtle. Usually it was more effective that way… On some level, even now, Tsukiko would know she was being manipulated, and in hindsight it would be obvious. Right now, though, she didn’t care to make a meaningful change… she just wanted to have a doll to play with, so with a smirk she poured energy into that pleasure, and into the concern she had for her sister, and tied the two together. Then she let the emotions go, letting them race off in their own directions, and as she tilted her head away from the arcane weave of Tsukiko’s thoughts, Mai beheld the results of her tampering. Elder sister had embraced younger sibling lovingly, both their bodies rocked by thrusts from four different angles. Still, Tsukiko did not seem to care as she gasped with pleasure, holding onto her poor sister in comfort… and lust. “S-sis?!” Ayako exclaimed. “Do y-you forgive me? I am so sorry, Tsuki!”

“Quiet now,” the elder responded, giving her a long kiss on the lips which surprised Ayako immensely. “This isn’t your fault. I could never stay mad at you. I love you so very much, Ayako…”

“B-but sis… mnph!” the younger sibling’s complaints were silenced with a deep kiss, their pussies squelching as they were thoroughly abused. Yet, neither seemed to pay attention to their reddened sexes as they were enraptured by each other and the filial love they shared, a warm shield around their heart.

“So sweet, the raptures of young love,” Mai giggled to herself. “That is it, feel overwhelming joy… so I may snuff it out.” She had absolutely no interest in the brutish men abusing their pretty snatches. If anything, the men ruined the beauty of the scene somewhat. Alas, they were clansmen of Mordred’s and also instrumental in the torment she was concocting so she would put up with the sight of their unseemly throbbing manhoods. Mai turned her attention back to the weave, now a beautiful red. “Aw, overwhelming love…” Mai said, smiling sarcastically as she swiped her fingers along it, wondering how best to crush the siblings. Then Mai relaxed the hold her magic had on her, letting it backlash and sink back far, far the opposite direction, temporarily repressing the entirety of Tsukiko’s love for her sister.  “Oops!” Mai feigned “That was not important, was it?”

Mai smirked as she looked at the scene before her, seeing the emptiness inside making itself present on Tsukiko’s face. “Anxiety and confusion, aw… poor thing. We cannot leave you empty, now can we? Let us see what we have to replace all that love with…” of course, Mai was just toying around with herself, figuratively and literally, her hand having found its way underneath her kimono as she had ripped out love from within Tsukiko’s soul. As Mai rubbed her clitoris, keeping her eyes on the sisters and not the ugliness around them, she left addled Tsukiko’s mind with overwhelming arousal even as, at the same moment she strengthened the pain and the feelings of resentment. Now, she only had to watch it unfold. Leaning back, Mai spread her legs widely and eagerly touched herself, a big smile on her face.

“Fuuuuck! There! Do me harder! Harder!” Tsukiko demanded, her head turning back to scowl at the vampire fucking her twat. Her hips ground with overwhelming hunger as she attempted to get both cocks within her to hit her sweetest spots. Even the vampires were taken aback by the sudden shift in attitude.

“S-sis…? What is wrong?” Ayako said, suddenly forgotten by her bigger sister. She received no answer, anguish written all over her face. “Tsuki? Please, I cannot do this alone…” Ayako went to cup Tsukiko’s face only to get slapped away by a scowling nogitsune she almost did not recognize.

“Me, me, me! You have always been the same, Ayako! You, you, you! Always so self-centered while I worked my ass off to keep us fed and safe! It’s your fault we’re even here! Your sister is feeling joy for once, let her have it and shut up for five seconds!” Tsukiko snapped back.

Mai’s smile widened as she beheld the sister’s relationship crumble, her fingers fucking her cunt in tandem with the rising tensions amidst the siblings. She was overjoyed, what luck to find these two skanks just when she was in need of blowing some steam. “B-but…” Ayako started, unsure how to even address her sister as Tsukiko raised her rear hungrily, her face a poem of ecstasy. Ayako stared in horror as her older sibling got fucked harder and harder, moaning openly despite the reserved and quiet personality she oftentimes displayed. Tears streamed down Ayako’s cheeks. “P-please…! Sis…! I cannot do this alone!”

“Shut… up…!” Tsukiko growled, her moaning increasing as she slapped her younger sister. “Be quiet! I am… so close to cumming…! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

Mai leaned back with a giggle, taking in the spectacle as her own orgasm was building up. Her back arched as a shockwave of pleasure and release jolted through her body, exiting in the form of a sweet moan. Panting, but happy, Mai stared as both vampires inside Tsukiko slammed in deep and stuffed her full of seed. The elder sister’s pleasured whimpering was nothing short of humiliating for such an elegant kitsune which only further sweetened Mai’s afterglow. Ayako, crying against the ground, was soon ejaculated into by her respective rapists, her own orgasm failing to hit in the slightest due to her overwhelming distress. Mai sighed happily and stood aside, dusting herself off and made sure her kimono was properly worn. What a wonderful orgasm… but Syllana was waiting. Humming to herself, Mai walked away. She turned as she heard the wailing of the younger sister, now left alone with a giggling Tsukiko. She could undo her spell, return her to how she was. Mai smirked. Or she could just leave Tsukiko to live out the rest of a the next few nights it would take for the spell to fade completely as a cock-hungry foxslut and Ayako as a loveless screw up. She liked that better.

With her tails trailing behind her, Mai walked away, spikes of pleasure still hitting her womb as she relished the afterglow. Now it was off to enjoy her victory over her mentor. She had always wanted to show Syllana that there were penalties for the way she treated her… and the day had finally come to realize her fantasies and to put her former teacher in her place.

The momentary relief Syllana had felt once all intrusions within her body had ceased was peppered with an unrelenting throbbing in her nether. Her sensitivity had peaked, no doubt due to the fact Reimi’s venom had reached critical mass in her bloodstream. While her womb was cold and stuffed, her vagina remained gaping due to the thorough pounding it had endured, the warm throbbing beating like a drum between Syllana’s legs. The matriarch’s labored breathing filled her lungs with the scorching winds of her crumbling dreams. Still, she held the vampire’s gaze defiantly… but even she had to admit that the glare felt like it lacked impact when contrasted with her seed-leaking cunt. As Syllana caught her breath and Mordred mused on how to torture her further, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Mai, that treacherous slut, walked on the paved trail towards them. Her nine tails dragged casually behind her, sweeping fallen leaves and debris aside as she walked confidently. Mai was smirking, her face red and her kimono disheveled due to reasons unknown to but easily imagined by Syllana.

The matriarch stared daggers at her former student, bearing her teeth. Much to her shame, Mai did not even deign to glance her way, instead walking directly towards Mordred. “Lord Mordred,” Mai said with barely-existent reverence. Her black tails slithered to the front of her body, surreptitiously obstructing the vampire’s lower body from her view. “I see you have been enjoying yourself. I hope Reimi’s silks have proved as useful as I suggested.”

“A wonderful exultation through pain,” he agreed. “Quite unfortunate I’d never had a jorogumo of my own before now… but thankfully we have remedied that.

“Make no mistake, vampire. As we agreed, she is to be mine,” Mai reminded him. She seemed quite confident for one in such a dismal place to Syllana’s eyes. “She will serve you, as will I, but I will not waste her.”

Mordred waved his hand as if already bored with this conversation. “Just so. She is yours, for your plans.”

“In the future, I am sure. Reimi will no doubt bring her race back from extinction,” Mai said emotionlessly cold. “You will have others to do your bidding soon enough.”

“Are you out of what little mind you have, Mai!?” Syllana yelled, unable to keep silent any longer.. “The jorogumo are not to be trusted! They are a plague, vermin! You would betray your people even further by enabling them to resurge?! Reimi will betray you like you did me.”

“You are the vermin,” the pupil said calmly before placing her foot Syllana’s chest, kicking her back mercilessly. Syllana’s body painfully collapsed on the ground, pain resonating through her body as if she were a metal pipe striking solid stone. “Keep her name out of your deceiving mouth, skank.” Mai stepped on Syllana’s chest, between her large breasts, and pressed down. “You are a worm, mistress. My only regret is not betraying your manipulating ass earlier.”

“You ungrateful little…” Syllana grunted, only now realizing as the pain grew just how much the pressure hurt with the increased poison. Mordred seemed positively benevolent in comparison. Mai was extremely brutal and ruthless.

“What do I have to be grateful for, huh?” Mai asked, baring her fangs. “Your constant demeaning and manipulation? The ridicule and hatred your brood of skanks displayed towards me!? You are as arrogant as you are atrocious, ‘mistress’.”

“Mai,” Mordred said with an amused smirk on his face. “It is not proper to touch others’ food.”

A moment of hestitation clouded her apprentices face. “My apologies,” Mai responded with grit teeth, glaring at the agonizing nogitsune one final time before standing aside. “You are right of course, master.”

“It is quite alright. Some composure would do you well, however,” Mordred lectured as he walked over to Syllana. The vampire regarded her with a toothy smile, a cross between amused and condescending. “I do not enjoy sharing, but I am happy to allow you to vent some of that anger. You can join us if you please.”

Mai turned her gaze to the side. “No offense, my Lord,” the nogitsune said with a dignified laughter. “I do not swing that way. Yours, that is.”

“It’s never bothered me before,” he said, smirking at the cruel joke and its implicit threat. “Just the same, I don’t intend to waste a drop of my seed anywhere but on or in this whore for weeks. I don’t need you but you are free to do with her as you please.”

Mai’s tails stopped swirling behind her as she looked at her furious tutor. Her large breasts had an oh-so-perfect roundness to them, descending to a narrow waist and such wide hips thereafter. Mai had hated Syllana far too greatly to ever consider trying to charm her. “She does have a wonderful body. I will gladly join you in tormenting her,” Mai said. She then quickly loosened her kimono, letting it fall to her ankles and revealing her youthful figure. The student was not quite as curvaceous as her master but she had the alluring litheness of a young kitsune. Mai could feel Mordred leering at her body but she had grown accustomed to receiving such attention from men; lust-filled hunger contrasted to the silent adoration of women. She kicked the kimono away and placed a hand on her waist haughtily. “How are we doing this? I am not placing my pussy anywhere near you. In my experience, men adore ignoring the word no from a beautiful girl”

Mordred laughed. “You can sit on the Witch’s face,” he suggested. “Maybe that will finally quiet her.”

“You… bitch,” Syllana snapped back, still reeling from the pain. “Try and put your stinky cunt against my lips if you want it bitten!”

“Oh, mistress,” Mai said as she placed her bare foot against Syllana’s neck, crashing down with a feeling resembling a blunt guillotine. “You will do no such thing.” Putting her weight behind it, Mai’s foot denied Syllana the freedom of breathing. Then, as Syllana asphyxiated, Mai glared down at her, still locking any air out of her lungs as to keep her docile. The exhausted matriarch was unable to do anything to resist. “I haven’t forgotten this,” the younger nogitsune said, gesturing to her forehead. “You marked me. You marked me, forever…” Her hand blazed to life with witchfire, and Syllana could actually see it seemed to bend in the breeze… not with the wind, she knew, but back towards Narghai inside Mordred. “If I do much as feel a single tooth,” Mai promised grimly. “Then we are going to see exactly how much I can take away from you. Spend the rest of your existence as an ugly, toothless hag covered in burn scars, perhaps?” She let go of Syllana’s throat, letting the fallen nogitsune matriarch gasping for breath in a most undignified fashion. “You’re going to apologize to me, bitch. You’re going to tell me how very sorry you are for how you treated me and for threatening me. Not with your words… but the way you always preferred your apologies.” Mai lowered herself onto her master’s face. Mai’s pristine virginal cunt was cold against Syllana’s body, drenching her face with arousal. “Just like this. Now, are you fucking her or what?”

Mordred was watching amused and eying up Mai’s slit which was revealed as her legs opened. Mai turned her face away as she noticed Mordred staring at her slit and beheld his huge manhood hardening at the sight of it. The cruel apprentice ground her crotch against Syllana’s lips to distract herself as Mordred stroked himself to her body, hardening his cock to fuck her master. “You are rather beautiful, Mai. It is such a pity you are too valuable to enslave and too stubborn to let yourself get fucked,” Mordred said, his cock only growing further.

“I am not changing my mind if that is what you hoped for, Lord Mordred. I want nothing to do with cocks,” Mai said with her eyes closed in annoyance. “However, you have been rather polite and respectful. Gawk until your heart is content.” The student spread her legs and puffed her chest to give the vampire lord a better view of herself. She could not help but stare at his member with curiosity, wondering what Syllana would be taking.

Mordred, by then was finally ready to penetrate Syllana once again. He placed his swollen glans against her reddened pussy before hitting himself in deep, making Syllana scream in pain, muffled by Mai’s cunt. By all the gods he felt even larger now… how much more would the poison grow and build up?  “That felt wonderful,” Mai announced as she started rubbing her clitoris with one finger. “I do not know if it is the ecstasy of revenge or if it spurs her to work harder.” Mai seized Syllana’s right breast with her free hand, roughly digging her claws in as she manhandled her master. “Get that tongue in me, slut.”

Syllana screamed again. The tug should have been almost quaint that Mai felt it would be persuasive. Instead, it felt as if her breast was about to be ripped out and apart by Mai. The pain overwhelming and it forcing her to scream into her student’s pussy. Mai rejoiced and pressed down hungrily, almost suffocating Syllana and making her feel as if her head was about to be crushed. The whole experience was both traumatic and overwhelming for the matriarch as she had her pussy and mouth raped by the two people she hated most in the world. Pain shook her body and mind as the two rapists chatted amicably and enjoyed her body.

“Meh… I have had better partners. It is definitely vengeance then,” Mai mused, riding Syllana’s face as she stared at Mordred’s cock sliding in and out of her master. “Mistress, mistress, mistress… I think you spent too long indulging yourself, it feels you’ve forgotten how to lick correctly.” She tugged on both nipples until Syllana felt like she had to have coated her hands with witchfire and was literally burning them off. “I know you can do better than this. I hope her pussy at least feels good, Lord Mordred… her oral skills are severely lacking.”

“She is tight as a virgin, I was sure to allow her time to regenerate,” Mordred said as he fucked Syllana violently.

“Perfect…” Mai groaned. “That’s just what the bitch deserves…” She was getting closer to orgasming despite her complaints, and Syllana felt it when her apprentices orgasm crashed against her with an intensity never felt before, her entire body quaking in happiness at her revenge. Her juices drenched Syllana’s face, adding to her misery and pain, and as the climax subsided and Mai basked in the afterglow she pressed her cunt downward, suffocating her. “Ah, fuck,” Mai exclaimed. “I really needed that.” She stared at Mordred, fucking her former mistress harder and harder. “Have you painted her face yet, my Lord? If you would pull out, I would gladly love to see that.”

There was a momentary hestitation in the thrusts as the vampire considered. Then he pulled out of Syllana, his cock moist from her juices and stained with once-again virgin blood. He knelt over her and Mai beheld his body and member for a moment. As Mai rose up and moved behind him, wrapping her arms around him and grabbing his huge cock with her hands, Syllana had little choice but to stare up at them as she immediately started to jerk him off with skill unexpected from a lesbian. Mordred could feel her round breasts and flat stomach against his back, even her soft tails were curling around his legs and body.

“Make no mistake… this will be a one time thing,” Mai explained with a deadpanned voice. She stared at Syllana, painfully writhing on the ground and smirked. She let go of Mordred’s cock with her left hand and extended it towards her, using her hold over her mind to force her to painfully sit up before him. “I just want to do this myself,” she growled. “Let us sully her pretty face, Lord Mordred. I will make sure of it, you can just enjoy yourself.”

As Mordred allowed himself to be pleasured and smirked at Syllana, Mai stroked him with renewed vigor, knowing she would drench her master’s face in the vilest liquid the traitor could imagine. It did not take long after Mai started putting her heart into it, a rope of cum shooting out and over Syllana’s face. Mai had not expected so much seed to erupt with such power from it and quickly corrected her aim, the next four jets of cum coating her master’s face. Mai made sure to aim for eyes as much as possible. The fifth burst of cum oozed out, coating her hand with cold seed. Mai was obviously repulsed but she knew better than to cut short the orgasm of a vampire lord and thus kept stroking him as two more bursts further dirtied her hand.

          When he was done cumming, Mai immediately separated herself from the vampire and walked over to Syllana. She looked disgusting. Mai was not about to dirty her clothes with cold cum. Thus, she wiped her hand on her master’s long black hair. “Ugh…” Mai groaned, overcome by disgust. “I hope that was enjoyable, Lord Mordred.”

“It was,” he agreed. “You give such a wonderful service despite your preferences. Dawn creeps ever closer, however… I think it’s time we allow a few others to enjoy the slut.”

“I will gather them, my lord,” Mai promised.

“We will do it together,” Mordred said with a smirk. “After all… this is your triumph as much as mine.” Syllana didn’t see to see how Mai responded to that as the two walked away, seemingly forgetting Syllana.

The matriarch felt hot throbbing pain throughout her body, wetness on her face and crotch and cold sweats from head to toe. Her visage was tainted with seed she was unable to wipe away as even her tails were restrained, it was truly humiliated to be left in this state, forgotten. Syllana heard voices, growing in intensity. Then, footsteps. Mordred no longer claimed her for himself, Syllana was terrified of what would happen if she was found by other vampires. How many would rape her until she was finally taken from this place? Syllana, made helpless by the student she had underestimated, swallowed her rage and forced herself to think, even as the first of no doubt many vampires approached her…

One thought on “Licking Flame – Chapter 2

  1. I know that this is an alternate universe to the main timeline;
    But it’s still hilarious just how much of a boost Mordred needed.

    1: To be told of an ancient god that may or may not consume him outright just by existing near him.

    2: For Syllana’s powers to be completely stripped away.
    Rendering her basically just a youthful woman with lots of experience with a magic she no longer has.
    ((Involving LITERALLY taking her god’s power from her.))

    3: A Jorogumo’s webbing, but amplified by more than anyone’s ever seen them do.

    All that;
    Just to make it a somewhat equal fight.
    Mordred just can’t win anything in this universe without it being handed to him,
    can he?

    I’ve been hoping for a good Syllana scene, and this definitely delivered;
    But I’ve got to say:

    Congrats, Mordred.
    You managed to beat a human-strength woman with a few extra tails.
    If it wasn’t for the fashion clashing with the cape, you’d be wearing a wife-beater.

    Great story, it really seemed to get back to the roots that drew me into this series in the first place:

    Strong women being dominated thoroughly, reminded that they’re just there for the pleasure of whatever stronger male happens to pass by.

    Hopefully there’ll be alot more like this in the future.


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