Licking Flame – Chapter 3

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Syllana’s eyes were squeezed shut in pained anguish, her teeth clenched as her body shook as thrust after invading thrust slammed their way up her ass. She wasn’t going to cry. She wasn’t going to scream. Not even with the poison in her veins making every single touch feel like a stab wound. Not for these bastards… no matter how many hours it had been. No matter how much times they slapped her face until even a regenerating kitsune was starting to form bruises, blood gathering beneath the skin, she wouldn’t give them the pleasure.

Mordred had implied he was going to leave her to the rest of his vampiric children… he had made good on that threat. Her cunt had been left alone, apparently being reserved for the First Vampire alone for now, but the rest took their pleasure in her guts… raping her up the ass, her perfect body used to bring the men pleasure in her pain. It had been a hard, stabbing lesson that they were going to use her rectum to squeeze out every ounch of jizz they wanted and there was nothing she could do it again, but Syllana had resigned herself to that. Instead, she tried to focus on her magic… there had been barely any left when she had finished her fight against Mordred, and after he had stolen her witchfire somewhere into that void within him that Narghai now filled she didn’t even have a whisper of her old fire to be found. That didn’t, however, mean that she had nothing. As long as a kitsune lived, foxfire was in their soul… and Syllana knew that far better than most.

She had never needed to pull from it before. Syllana had never been without power, not since the first day foxfire had answered her call. She didn’t have practice at it… but she knew the theory, and she knew magic like the back of her hand. Slowly, she would gather the spent embers… and she would escape, or would reach out and get help. She still had allies, after all.

It was just hard to focus on that as one of Mordred’s vampiric bastards thrust harder and harder, eager to tear her apart as he tore into the Nogitsune’s queen’s ass like the lowest of harlots, his grunting filling the former sacred site of her dominion. At least as she felt him approaching his climax she knew it would be over soon, even if that meant-

The vampire leaned down and somehow found a clean spot on the cum-soaked nogitsune, his fangs sinking into her shoulder and her nerves screaming as her blood flowed eagerly into his lapping mouth. As the vampire pushed jet after jet of his hot seed into her colon, she bled for him, feeding his lust and his hunger both as the other nearby men cheered.

He pulled out every bit as harshly and abruptly as he had thrust himself in. smearing a trail of blood and jism over the skin of her ass before pulling up his pants. The quiet “pop” that Syllana’s asshole made as he withdrew gave evidence to how tight she remained, how hard he had thrust. Syllana’s breathing became loud and rhythmic as she tried not to cry out, tried to stifle her sobs, tried not to give her captors the satisfaction of knowing they were hurting her… tried to keep her focus on the slowly gathering the spell. She had already lost it twice tonight, and it would take her days or weeks to pull together enough if she kept it going… she couldn’t afford to lose herself to feeling her unwilling flesh parting before the merciless, unstoppable thrust of her rapist.

Every vampire in camp had fucked her… if Syllana was paying proper attention and hadn’t missed one it had been fifteen in total. They had beaten her, bitten her, raped her… none of them could fuck her as deeply or as cruelly as Mordred had, though many tried, and when all had done, the limp, exhausted nogitsune queen was left lying face-down upon the stones of her former fortress, desecrated forever after. Blood and semen pooled at her feet and sides and had soaked her tails and stained the webbing. Her hair was in kinky knots where it hadn’t tangled in that web as well, and semen dripped freely from her slowly healing asshole… and it was only then, as the sky began to turn a blue-grey, that Mordred returned.

The vampire carried a bottle of wine in each hand… one of her finest vintages. He was dressed once more, but the clothing did nothing to hide the swell of power radiating off both him and the sword at his hip, the unholy pressure of Narghai’s presence so close to this world. “Slattern,” she forced out. “Can you… even drink, you tick?”

Mordred just smiled at her, peeling his lips back over his fangs as he knelt down in front of the bound, poisoned fox. “I can, actually… but this isn’t for me. It’s for you and your followers.” The vampire grinned at her, and then vicious broke the very tip of the first wine bottle off on the stone path. “A toast,” he said, triumphantly. “To the fall of the nogitsune, and the defilers of their queen.” And with that, he jammed the broken mouth of the wine bottle viciously up her ass.

The wine was strong. Even healing rapidly, Syllana asshole was a collection of thousands of tears and cuts layered across one another, the tunnel having been savaged from her extended and repeated rapes. The alcohol in the wine burned across every one of a thousand wounds, reawakening every nerve, and the poison still ravaging her nervous system turned every individual hurt into a world of anguish. Syllana couldn’t help herself… she screamed. She wailed until her lungs emptied, gasped to refill them, and screamed once more. The gathering spell shattered like a cobweb in the flame and she lost every single thought from her mind as Mordred lifted her up, turning her upside down and letting every bit of the wine drain into her broken body until her asshole was full, and she kept wailing. He ripped the bottle from her guts and stabbed the second one in, making her scream again as the jagged glass sliced new tears in her hole for the wine to burn.

Syllana was so out of it, she almost didn’t feel it as Mordred dragged the nogitsune to her unsteady feet, turning her to face outward… where her eyes slowly focused in the dim light of the dying flames and the slowly growing dawn. Her followers – the nogitsune – were there. Some of them knelt, trembling, while some of them stood. Some of them were bound and glaring, while others looked exhausted and too beaten down to fight, lying placid and defeated. Some of them cried, and some of them glared at her with hatred… but all of them watched the raped nogitsune, their goddess, held in Mordred’s hands and lifted by her neck off the ground. “Ladies… your goddess,” Mordred said with a sneer. “This toast is for all of you,” he declared as Mai came forward, holding a silver bowl that had been in the garden of Syllana’s “temple” and pushing it beneath her. “The queen wants to provide refreshment for all her loyal followers… a sign of gratitude for all of you who looked up to her.”

Mordred look at Mai and smiled. “Empty her.”

The other nogitsune, now the only free fox in this compound, grinned. “With pleasure,” she purred. Then Mai slowly curled her hand into a fist, and drove it into Syllana’s stomach.

And again.

And again.

Syllana didn’t remember a lot of what happened then. She knew that she had to be held upright as her former apprentice slammed her fist into her midsection again and again, each hit forcing more of the alcohol from her. Wine, blood, and cum dripped out and swirled within the bowl, and Syllana’s face grew paler and paler as the exultant Mai beat the dark queen of witchfire senseless. If she had not been so tough, Syllana felt certain that this final beating would have killed her, and even being as strong as she was no force on the planet could have stopped her from passing out part of the way through the process.

Syllana woke as the last dribbles of vile, polluted wine were forced out of her body, groggily returning to her pained existence just in time to see each of the woman who had been her followers was dragged before the bowl and forced to drink a sip of the foul, bloody wine their leader had provided. Each one of them knew exactly where it had come from, and what had been done to their former goddess to make the mix. Each one felt the defilement of their leader and their hope deep in their souls. Syllana wasn’t quite sure, but she felt she could see it as the light faded from many of their eyes with each gagging sip.

“Burn the rest of it,” Mordred said with finality. “Take them to the containers. We’re done here.”


Syllana swayed like a pendulum within the darkness of the cargo container, moving to the rhythm of the truck’s moves as it raced along the roads outside, carrying her towards her fate. Her body was strained and stiff… she hadn’t been able to move in… hours, at least. Possibly days at this point. The pain was constant – she would have thought it would have dimmed to an agonizing buzz after the first few hours, but jorogumo venom was truly astounding in its cruelty… it hadn’t grown duller in the slightest in all this time. Nausea and sensory deprivation hit her in crippling waves as the cargo container around her swayed, gravity forcing her to follow in her suspension. Syllana had been thoroughly disgraced and tormented but she had been able to gather her scattered mind in the meantime. She would find a way to break free and take her revenge. So she hoped at the very least, the truth was she had been robbed of her divine power and had little chance of being able to match Mordred, much less a god… but she could escape. Once she was free, she would find another plan… Syllana always did.

Click, click, skitter, tap. The oddest pattern of footsteps caught her attention even through the metal, and then a few moments later the heavy metallic door of the cargo container opened to reveal a massive shadow in the bright light. The dim, indirect lighting felt like daggers in her eyes, but she forced her gaze to focus until she could make out the monster coming for her… Reimi, now with her true form revealed. Her chitinous spider body erupted out into her human torso, dark skin and darker hair contrasting against eight armored legs in a sharp violet. Syllana growled at the sight of her… an ancient enemy she had sworn to fight freed anew. Reimi sneered as she walked in, then slammed the door shut behind her. While Syllana could see little in this sharp of darkness, she doubted the jorogumo suffered any such hindrance on her senses.

Sounds filled the room as the jorogumo skittered towards her with an elegance and skill unparalleled, all her limbs working together with alien smoothness. “Syllana,” Reimi said coldly. Tap, tap, tap, Reimi’s legs impatiently stroke the ground. “How have you enjoyed your new place in life? How do you enjoy being a slave?” She spat. “Do not force yourself to answer, fox… I care not.” The spider walked up to her, then seized her face. Reimi carried almost a floral scent to her… she was very well groomed and bathed, a stark contrast to Syllana. Somehow, the jorogumo was bursting with confidence and pride despite Syllana’s decades of humiliation and oppression of her. “Can you feel that? The turning of the world, fox?” Reimi said, almost as if she were asking herself instead of telling Syllana. “I came to say goodbye, usurper.”

“You… bitch, Reimi,” Syllana snapped at her. “You get in bed with the vampires and think you are better than me? The useless remnant of the jorogumo, alive only by my grace.”

Syllana was suddenly dropped to the ground as the web unraveled. However, she was unable to move due to the huge concentration of venom in her bloodstream. One of Reimi’s chitin appendages stabbed her in the back, feeling like a spear piercing through her body in her heightened state. “Yes… and we both know they will not keep me over-long. Soon, I will rejoin Father, the last of my kind returning to his domain… and we will make this world our. I thank you, Mistress, for keeping my Father’s work intact.” She ground down painfully on her skin. “You’re disgusting, fox. I can hardly stand to look at you. I want to kill you… but Lord Mordred would not allow me to, and I will not risk his displeasure for my satisfaction. Thankfully… I am free to have my fun with you. The way most of the men in this convoy have, if your stench is to be believed.”

“Have your fun with me…? You cannot mean…” Syllana suddenly felt panic seize her stomach as she realized what Reimi intended to do. As a nogitsune, she was infertile, and so were the vampires, so Syllana had managed to evade pregnancy… but this was so, so much worse. “No! I will not carry your hideous offspring!”

She ground her leg down harder. “Oh foolish dark fox… It is not up to you. You are mine… and you will suffer for me.” Syllana heard the joy in her voice as she spoke. “Too many times have you had me stuff your captives with eggs only to then feast on my children, exterminating them. Now, you won’t  have the chance. This day, I will make sure to cram as many as possible inside you.” Two more legs stabbed at Syllana’s body as the hind pair got to work spinning web. Syllana was cocooned meticulously by the spider, Reimi making sure to hurt her as much as she could in the process by making her six free appendages repeatedly stab her. Syllana was unable to do anything but grit her teeth as she was restrained entirely. The jorogumo was truly a master of her craft as she had managed to envelop her entirely while leaving her huge tits free and keeping her legs separated so her abused holes were completely exposed. At the very least she was no longer dangling from the ceiling. As Reimi mounted her body with her huge arachnid half, she spoke. “Do you know what withdrawl from my venom is like? Paralysis, cramps, overwhelming pain and necrosis. If Mordred keeps you drugged a few more days, you’ll need to stay dosed for the rest of your life. Does that not sound lovely?”

The nogitsune strained against the webs, even though she knew it was pointless. “Do you expect me to beg you?” Syllana hissed in the darkness.

“No… but it wouldn’t have helped if you did, either,” Reimi said coldly as she deftly manipulated the cocoon to bring Syllana closer to her human half, not deeming her worthy to even lean down for her. She smelled wonderful, her dark skin as soft as it was beautifully scented. Syllana even felt her breasts upon her own as her face was brought closer to hers. Then Reimi bit down, and a fresh and overwhelming surge of fresh venom coursed through her. Every one of her senses burst into light. Blue, yellow and green sparks filled her vision as overwhelming pain surged on her neck. It was the most painful thing Syllana had ever experienced, her very veins felt on fire and she could not move in the slightest as her body went stiff as a board, every muscle tensing at once. Syllana would have definitely screamed had she been able to. However, the venom had paralyzed her entirely, only an anguished whimper escaping her lips.

Reimi let go of her and Syllana crashed against the metallic floor bluntly, pain echoing throughout her body. It was enough to make her eyes tear up, but once again she was unable to scream even if she wanted to. The delicate balance of foxfire in her soul felt disturbed by the very agony. She felt it ebbing and flowing, threatening to overflow. Just the pressure of her body weight caused an overwhelming amount of pain to surge through her body as she felt like she was feeling flattened, and the cold metal felt like ice in contrast. “How does it feel, Syllana? It hurts, does it not? You have no clue how much joy that brings me…”

Syllana felt her body being turned around so her hindquarters were propped up for Reimi. She no longer felt overwhelming pain from such actions… her whole world had become pain, her whole body burning from the inside like her foxfire was roasting her from the soul outward. Such tiny pain as the movement, which once had been unbearable to her, no longer even registered. Reimi’s cold chitin pressed against her ass, a momentary relief from the caustic pain in the region. Then, Syllana felt Reimi’s ovipositor slide out of her chitinous body as the plates shifted to reveal it. It was huge, much bigger than any cock she had taken before, bulbous and swollen. It snaked around her ass, already slimy, with the dexterity of a lover’s hand, and even that slime traced lines of flame across her skin as new poison came through the touch. The slick, hard tip found her entrance and poked it once before forcing its way inside. Syllana managed to open her mouth yet nothing came out, her mind overwhelmed by the feeling of her cunt splitting in half as the huge appendage slid further and further inside.

When the jorogumo hit her cervix, Syllana assumed she would stop and begin fucking her. That was stupid… she should have known better, even after days of exactly that kind of pounding, and it left her completely not ready for what came next. The spider’s epigynum slammed against her cervix and agony shook her body as a mix of force and poison forced it open so Reimi had a direct line to her womb. It was only then that Reimi started to fuck her… hamming away into the fox’s uterus like it was a pocket made exclusively to cradle the spider’s unnatural cock. Syllana screamed now, almost mindless and unconscious, and Reimi’s laughter was almost as loud. “Burn us,” she hissed. “You dared burn us… this is vengeance for thousands and thousands of my sisters, fox-whore!” Eight legs propelled her forward with shattering force, letting her hammer away at the nogitsune’s cunt viciously until her cock felt more like a drill to Syllana.

When she paused to breathe in, Syllana was left whimpering… enough that she barely heard the spider’s words. “The fox-apprentice told me that Mordred doesn’t let his whores cum,” she growled while impaled on the fox’s gripping socket. “I find that ironic. That a woman like you, who loves thinking with her cunt, will be pleasure-less for the rest of your pathetic life.” Reimi’s sharp nails caressed her cheek almost tenderly. “Exactly what you deserve, eggsack. But I don’t want to send you off to that fate without a final farewell from me.”

Syllana felt something hard and thick and unyielding forcing her ravaged asshole open and it hurt… but that was barely worth noticing. Compared to the feeling like she was burning from the inside out, the pain of yet another cock up her ass, real or otherwise, was hardly worth noticing.  What she did notice, however, was the insane, overwhelming spoke of pleasure that accompanied it. Syllana screamed out again, but this time it wasn’t entirely pain and Reimi laughed at her again. “Truly? Truly, foolish fox… to have created such an instrument of your own demise…” She began raping Syllana again, but not every time she slammed forward Syllana felt unbelievable surges of pleasure accompanying the agony. The two sensations didn’t diminish one another, or layer on top of one another the way they should have if they were natural… instead, the blended together almost perfectly, making it impossible to tell which was which until her body was a confusing, agonizing, squirming mess of flinches, writhes, clenches, and shudders.

It was her strapon, Syllana realized. The strapon she had used her magic to link to her own nervous system, letting her feel it like it was a real, natural cock. The fact that she wasn’t wearing it didn’t stop it from working, and horrifically the venom in her veins that was amplifying every single painful touch was almost cranking up the orgasmic pleasure to beyond sanity. To Syllana’s horror, the sensations she was getting from viciously raping her own right asshole were making her lose herself in the pleasure, and the sheer humiliation and outrage of that almost cleared her mind for a second. Then, as she felt the first of the Reimi’s eggs traveling along the appendage and forcing their way into her cunt, it overwhelmed her and she came. Syllana thrashed as every muscle in her body clenched and spasmed with her orgasm, and each twitch brought with it new flashes of agony as it made her squeeze on Reimi’s ovipositor or tightened a webbed bond or just shifted her weight on the venomous strands, and all the way the nogitsune felt as Reimi deposited egg after egg inside her body.

Apparently, the jorogumo found it as pleasurable to lay them as Syllana, unfortunately, also found the sensations because Reimi was panting and moaning by the time the nogitsune’s belly began to swell with the eggs that were being pushed into her. The dark-furred fox wanted to scream, to curse, to hiss, to insult. She could do none of those things as her very body betrayed her and remained thrashing, being forced to a second orgasm as slimy egg after egg was forced into her womb, her belly stretching and swelling until she looked deeply pregnant and each new jerk of Reimi’s tool only implanted more, forcing her to stretch further still. Reimi’s skilled hand slowly loosened the cocoon as to allow this, clearly for her offspring’s comfort more so than the matriarch’s, but it at least kept her from feeling crushed by the nearly-unbreakable silk. Reimi’s body shook as she moaned loudly, her eight legs threatening to give out and squash Syllana like a bug as she came herself. Syllana would have writhed and moaned if she could move at all in the webbing, her enchanted cock impaled deep in her ass as Reimi shoved down on it as she pushed more and more of her weight down onto the nogitsune, only further enhancing Syllana’s pleasure and pain. As Reimi reached her apex, her legs almost gave out and Syllana could not help but to orgasm violently yet again much to her humiliation.

“Oh, Chichiue-sama,” Reimi exclaimed as she shuddered. “That felt so fucking good. To lay eggs where they belong again…” Her epigynum slid out of Syllana with no concern for her well-being and Reimi forced her on her back. She giggled. “Just as you should be, Syllana – Full of spiders. Have you ever thought about what it would feel like when they hatch, ‘Mistress?’ I promise, it’s worse than you think… and I take great joy in it.” Reimi skittered backward, leaving Syllana motionless in the webbing, unable to move in the darkness. Her belly shifted along with the eggs beneath the surface. “These are ripe… ready to go. A few days… I do so hope you can bear the pain of waiting for that long,” Reimi said with contempt, skittering towards the exit. Light bathed the insides of the cargo container for a fleeting moment as the jorogumo opened the door. “Goodbye, Syllana. It has not been a pleasure.” And Reimi left Syllana’s chamber, once again casting her into darkness.

The cramps started soon afterward. Syllana languished back in the darkness, unable to tell the passage of time as her body repeatedly tried to expel the eggs that had been forced into her. Her guts, likewise, kept trying to push the thick dildo out of her asshole.  Both attempts failed… the webs held them completely in place, resulting in agony as her womb and cunt trembled and sickening pleasure as she felt her tight, healing asshole squeezing harder on the sensitive cock she had crafted for herself. She had no idea how long she had been here for. The truck started, and stopped, and started again, and again, and again. Her stomach growled, desperate for food as it had been for… days?… and her throat felt dry as a desert, but still she languished. In her mind, she felt the stirring of the eggs, imagined the horrifying prickling sensation of hundreds of hatching eggs inside her and thousands of sharp armored feet on parts of her that had never been meant to know the touch of another. So vivid, and vicious, was her imagination that it took her several horrifying minutes to realize when it had actually started.

The hatching was something she would rather die than endure again. One by one the shift, hard eggs broke, shifting the hard edges of the eggs against her skin. That was followed mere seconds later by the skittering feet, an expanding, squirming feeling as hundreds of spiders tried to find room away from each other inside her too-cramped confines. Some were pushed out of her womb and down into her cunt on a wave of egg-shell filled slime. Most of those were smashed against the webbing holding her pussy sealed. Others, smarter ones, held on, and were able to chew the webbing loose, letting her bleeding slit gush the vile remnants of a thousand filthy births out of her,  riding the way to freedom.

The rest started chewing their way out.

Syllana screamed until her throat was raw. Then she screamed until it sounded more like a rattle in her throat. Then she screamed until there was almost nothing left but a low, sad whine, and she was actually praying to Inari that she had earned the mercy of death. Last of all, she screamed silently, for her dry throat and sore lungs were too badly damaged to make any meaningful sound at all. The spiders didn’t care. They ate their way out of her, concentrated bits of venom dissolving her flesh like acid and letting the thousand skittering young eat the hanging nogitsune, one bite at a time. The only reason they ever stopped was that they got full, and they had had their fill. Spiders swarmed out of chewed holes in her body, walking over her formerly smooth skin and the silk webbing that bound her in horrible black waves, and it was only a kitsune’s ability to heal that kept her from dying of blood loss alone. As it was, Syllana didn’t remember much of it after a while… she had fallen into shock halfway through the process, just drifting in a haze of agony too sharp and all-consuming to be real. When at last the spiders were no longer inside her and went seeking ways to escape from the confines of the truck, or to butcher their sisters in a competitive frenzy, it took Syllana hours or days to realize that it was over.

When the door to the crate next opened and blinded her with the light, and several of Mordred’s human soldier thugs came to get her, she didn’t need much convincing to suck their cocks  so they would let her out of there. It seemed a tiny price to pay.

Life as one of Mordred’s bloodbags and whores was every bit as miserable as she would have guessed. The worst thing about being a slave, however, was that those duties weren’t even the ones she hated the most. She had Mai to thank for those.

In the basement beneath the club and its pounding music Syllana writhed in her restraints. At the very least her new surroundings were more glamorous than a metallic cargo container, she supposed, but that wasn’t saying much… and her bondage wasn’t much more comfortable either. The chamber was, of course, hidden from the public to the point it had but one entrance and no windows… Syllana wasn’t one of his trained whores, and he didn’t want to risk anyone rescuing her. She was hanging by her wrists from the ceiling. Her skin and muscles still burned with the sensation… Syllana’s dependence on the jorogumo venom at this point would certainly kill her if she was to just stop being exposed to it. She needed access to her magic again in order to heal herself and cleanse the toxic dependency… as it was, they usually just kept a rope of jorogumo silk wrapped and tied around her neck.

 Syllana had been stewing here for a long time and her shoulders ached. She could not tell if it had been hours or days by this point… it hurt so badly that days had turned to weeks or even months by this point, cut off from any sort of natural lighting. She hung there, swaying slightly with her eyes closed, mouth clenched in a grimace of pain as she dwelled on the nightmare that had begun nearly a month ago. All those thoughts were forgotten, however, when the door opened to reveal Mai. Syllana felt hatred bubbling within her as the beautiful nogitsune walked in, sharing a contempt-filled gaze with her traitorous pupil. She longed to reach deep inside of her and viciously release every bit of flame she had at the other woman, but witchfire was gone.

From her, anyway.

“Greetings, mistress,” the younger nogitsune said with contempt, casually letting blue flame flicker to life between her raised fingers. “How is the whoring life treating you? I always thought you had potential as a fuck-toy.”

“Those are some big words for an actual whore,” Syllana retorted with a growl. She was still getting witchfire from Narghai, channeling it from the void inside the nearby Mordred, where the Fomorian god lurked inside the vampire. It was hard not to be jealous of the easy access to power that she had once had and now had stolen. “Surely you don’t think I’ve forgotten where I found you, did you? Just a wandering, homeless fox… you might as well have been sucking cock for a living.” Syllana put every ounce of condescension and hate into her voice she could. “I tried to teach you… but apparently you can’t lift a whore out of the gutter she belongs in. What a disappointment you have proved to be.”

Mai’s cheery expression waned as quickly as Syllana spoke. Her student seemed about ready to punch her in the face and yet, she contained herself. Syllana smiled grimly… as far as she knew, no one else knew the woman’s past, how she had ended up in Hanei… but she couldn’t hide what she was from her. “A disappointment, you say?” Mai said with practiced disinterest. “After I conceived of the Vulpan? After I created you your own High Spirits with the Aion? You’re That means so much coming from a bitch like you whose empire I collapsed. Your student has little to learn from you, Syllana… but that doesn’t mean you can’t still teach me something.

The nogitsune matriarch sneered. “Did you suck Mordred’s cock too in order to get him to intercede in your favor with Narghai? Or is it mere kinship among traitors and snakes that convinced him to make a pact with you?” Syllana hissed back.

     Mai this time was unable to contain herself. She sonorously slapped Syllana across the face which only made her smirk wider as she had confirmation she had hurt Mai. Unlike Mordred, her student was much more easily taunted. “Lord Mordred has an eye for talent,” Mai growled through her teeth. “Unlike you, he rewards his outstanding followers. And Narghai was easy to convince.” Mai forced her face back to neutrality, then she smirked. “The Aions were good enough for you… but not for me. There are so many improvements to make… and I’m going to make all of them, mistress. You never were more than a weak pretender at a goddess… but I’ll finish what you started. And after Narghai has his way, I’ll be the only one.”

Syllana very barely stopped herself from shuddering. That was not a small threat. Syllana knew better than anyone the sort of things that Mai did in her experiments on kitsune to figure out how to make the kinds of transformation she wanted work… she had provided the experimental subjects. In the last century or two they tended to survive, at least… but their screams had still caused Syllana to soundproof her workshop beneath the old complex. Being the new subject of those kinds of tests was very much not something that the fallen nogitsune queen was ready to accept.

Mai did not dismiss the flame floating above her palms as she shed her clothing. The silks fell softly to the ground, revealing her beautifully lithe body. “Now, though… if there’s one thing I learned from you, ‘Mistress,’ it’s that there’s little harm in mingling business and pleasure… and since you’d gone out of your way to try to piss me off already, I find I have some frustration to take out on you…” Syllana then stared on as Mai allowed the flames to advance toward her. The blue tongues embraced her harmlessly. This spell Syllana had used before… the flame carried almost no heat, but would still consume anything it touched. This was the fire she used to brand her followers… and occasionally to restrain them. “I think we have no need for these anymore,” Mai arrogantly declared as the flames blazed. Syllana felt the ropes binding her body disintegrate around her, her body free for the first time in… gods knew how long. “My magic is more than enough for the likes of you.” The flames suddenly licked against Syllana chest and suddenly now she could feel the heat as it singed the tiny hairs off her body, so close to her it did it flow. “Now… down.”

Syllana was free, finally… but just as restrained as she had been. The flames forced her back and downward, lest she be immolated by something she couldn’t heal from. “Pathetic,” she growled. “Trying to show off your magic… my magic… because you’re so proud you have it now? I see through you, Mai… You are the same frightened fool as ever, and desperate to prove otherwise. You are nothing but a child playing with her parent’s weapons.”

The dark-haired woman, wreathed in blue flame, simply raised one foot up and put it on Syllana’s abdomen, the flames parting around it to let her through as she just pushed Syllana to the ground. “The witch-queen you were, I would be a fool not to be frightened of,” she admitted shamelessly. “But that woman is gone. Now you’re as harmless as a kit and as pathetic as any other fucktoy,” Mai growled as she straddled Syllana’s face.

“I swear that I will ma-” Syllana began.

“Quiet already,” Mai interrupted as she forced her hindquarters down, plugging Syllana’s mouth and silencing her taunts. The nogitsune stared down at her master between her thighs. “Lick at me, or the flames are going to lick you, Syllana. Then we’ll see if Mordred has use for an ugly whore burned to cinders. Maybe he’ll put you in a coat room and have you spend the rest of your eternity cleaning the soles of shoes with your tongue if you don’t use it on my cunt instead.”

Sulking, her eyes almost glowing with fury, Syllana glared up at her… but she wasn’t being hurt at the moment. That was a step upward, so while she hated it she reluctantly started licking her student’s cunt as she awaited the perfect opportunity.

“See? Your whoring instincts are promising… if you behave I might just have a few uses for a fuckdoll like you,” Mai thrilled as Syllana’s rough tongue slid from the bottom of Mai’s labia all the way up to the top, caressing her small clitoris before repeating the process. Syllana knew fully well how to do this properly, of course, and the fact that it was usually her own cunt getting the tongue didn’t change that. It galled her that every movement of her tongue only further enhanced Mai’s pleasure. As her former apprentice grew wetter, Syllana started sliding her tongue into her vagina slightly before forcing it out to lap at the love nub, only to repeat the process. Mai was quickly approaching her orgasm, Syllana knew… the lustful fox was only too happy to cum quickly before settling in for a longer session.

And that was the opportunity she was waiting for.

Syllana acted the part of a good little whore, diligently working towards helping her achieve it as quickly as possible. As Mai’s body started quaking, she shut her thighs so she would not have to look at her master’s face as she came… and it was now or never. Syllana felt Mai’s hold over her spell weaken as she was momentarily distracted, and she forced her arm against the witchfire… and into it.

Hanging in this room for gods alone knew how long in the darkness had been agonizing… but it had finally given Syllana some time to put a spell together, practicing the art of gathering the flame out of her soul and channeling them into a knife she could thrust into the heart of her captors. The power was pathetically weak, and she could never have gathered nearly enough to use any kind of useful, destructive magic… but then, she didn’t need to, did she? Mai had brought the flame for her.

Syllana unleashed the spell she had been gathering, reaching out for the flame, grabbing for it with her magic at the same time she reached out for it with a gesture, pushing her will along with it. The flames didn’t take well to her moving, licking at her skin, burning her and it ached worse than anything she had ever felt. She gritted her teeth and forced herself forward, shoving her weight against Mai and toppling her as she vied for control of the flames. Mai realized what was happening and attempted to claim ownership over her flames once more and smother her master in them… but Syllana had knowledge and skill far beyond her apprentice and her willpower was like a bar of iron as it pierced the chaotic, panicked mess of Mai’s thoughts. Syllana persevered through the pain and raised her arm, the fire now gathering in her palm. Syllana knew these flames still, she knew how to manipulate them, and she flung them at Mai.

The alarms went off in her ear, loud enough that her brain felt like it was rattling in her skull, and more pain that she had ever, ever felt raced through her envenomed body, but the flames wrapped around Mai, imprisoning her in the same way that Syllana herself had just been moments ago. It had not been without cost… she had needed to push through bonds of witchfire to escape them and unleash her will. The right side of her body… her arm, her breast and half of her face had been seared by the fire, scars that kitsune healing would never touch… like the moon-shaped scar on the side of her apprentice’s neck, only far larger and far, far more painful.

Suddenly furious, Syllana hurled a torrent of Mai’s captive flame at her student, striking her in the back and carrying her across the room and against a wall. “You BITCH!” Syllana yelled, able to move for the first time in ages. “You worthless traitor!” She turned and walked for the door, already dreading what she thought she was going to find. Indeed, it was locked… locked down when the alarm went off. Mordred, evidently, was not as cavalier about the possibility of her escape as Mai had hoped. She was still trapped in her until she could burn her way out, and she didn’t have the fire for that. The only thing she could accomplish by trying was to let Mordred know that she was capable of more than he suspected. She was going to need to get out using the backup plan.

Growling with disgust, she spun, glaring at the traitor who was the reason she was here. “Pathetic,” she snarled. “This is really the best you’re capable of, Mai? Everything I taught you, the places I made for you, and this was the most you could do?” She loomed over the nogitsune who was looking up at her in stark terror. Her eyes kept finding the burns as she trembled. “Just because you would never sacrifice anything in your life doesn’t mean anyone else would, my very foolish apprentice. Here, let me show you once again…”

Syllana raised one hand and drove down with her will, and Mai screamed as the flames obeyed… covered in flames, she was forced down. With her traitorous student so bound, Syllana leaned over you. “You can push your way through, Mai,” the nogitsune matriarch said softly. “It’s just pain. It’s just scars. It’s just will. Don’t you have the stretch to push through? To do what’s necessary regardless of what it costs you?” Her apprentice tried… Syllana felt sure she did, but she couldn’t. She kept flinching away from the fire, her body’s need for self-preservation too strong to let her break through the pain. Syllana sighed and regarded her own body. “Coward,” she whispered as she took in what had become of her. The once glorious nogitsune queen, a legendary beauty, was no more. What was left was a feral animal. She had grown thinner, her skin indented with the marks of Reimi’s silks and stained with dried bodily fluids. Burn scars covered her right side, stealing any hope for the kind of perfect beauty she had once enjoyed. She grimaced at the sight of her arm and chest, then winced as she touched her cheek and neck.

It was objectively a small price to pay for revenge. She only wished it was for freedom instead, but her might was spent. Her escape could wait until she had dealt with the betrayer. “What is wrong, Mai?” she asked as she loomed over her student. Mai’s eyes were full of fear, just like their first meeting. Syllana straddled the kitsune. “Now, how was it you put this? ‘Lick me, or the flames lick you’?” She laughed, a bitter, furious sound lacking any amusement whatsoever. “Show me I taught you at least one thing you filthy whore. Eat me out while I consider what to do with you… and you’re going to want to make a convincing argument I should leave you alive.”

One of her warriors would have resisted. Ari, or Hinata, they would have fought. Yuki would have defied her. Mai didn’t have that kind of strength to spit in the face of the reaper… when she stared death in the face, she could bring herself to do naught but submit. Syllana felt her student diligently lap at her abused cunt, staring at her with her big eyes, seeking approval like she had done so many times. Syllana’s sex had obviously been stuffed full of seed over and over but Mai could not complain despite how intensely repulsive she doubtless found it.

“Hmm,” Syllana cooed, swaying her hips and grinding her pussy against Mai’s lips. “I wonder if I can find a way to make this flame wriggle inside you like some spiders,” she whispered huskily. Syllana saw Mai’s eyes fill with panic at the idea of that and squirm, and she merely wagged a flame-covered finger. “Ah, ah, ah. You do not want to go up in flames, now do you? Stay put.” Syllana’s nine tails slithered around, the flames moving aside so as to not graze them. The matriarch’s mastery was in full display, deftly manipulating the fire in ways Mai never could have. She curled her black fluffy tails around Mai’s legs and waist, a gentle embrace that seemed too good for a traitor like her. Then, she stuffed the last of them into Mai’s pussy, making sure to painfully tear her hymen in the process.

“I could flay you, I know just the spell for it…” Syllana mused as she slowly fucked her tail in and out of the licking kitsune. “That would pose the question if I should let you die afterward or put your skin back. Maybe I will put it on backward, that should teach you a lesson.” Mai lapped much more enthusiastically, daunted by Syllana’s threats. She found it both adorable and pathetic at the same time. “Then again, you had me raped by all these vermin. Perhaps I should prop you up in the middle of this disgusting human city and cast an arousal spell in the area,” Syllana suggested, knowing fully well how much Mai hated both humans and cocks.

Mai’s face turned to desperation, tears welling up in her eyes as she licked as enthusiastically as she could. It definitely had an effect on Syllana who was rocking a wonderful high enhanced by the lingering venom in her bloodstream. She was approaching her climax. Much unlike Mai, she did not shut her thighs, at least not in front of Mai’s head; instead doing so around it. Syllana squeezed Mai’s head between her thighs harder and harder as her orgasm washed over her, the first decent one she had had since this whole mess started. “Not bad, apprentice,” she muttered as her head throbbed to the round of the wailing alarm. The vampires would be coming… and soon.

Slowly, she lowered her face down as far as she could, and whispered, “but not nearly good enough.”

While Mai processed that, Syllana scooted briefly backward, flexed her fingers… and then closed them around her apprentice’s throat. The look on Mai’s face as she realized what was happening was priceless. Her body bucked and thrashed, but each time she touched the bondage of flames she flinched in the opposite direction, making the nogitsune look like she was having a spasm as her air was violently cut off. She tried to beg but Syllana squeezed harder, transforming her final words into muffled nonsense. Any bravery she had ever had vanished into horror as she realized her death truly was approaching. Syllana squeezed down, and she felt it when one of the small bones of her neck broke with a tiny, sharp pop.

Syllana watched the pain and fear in her foolish apprentice’s wide eyes as she slowly choked the life out of her, her mouth opening and closing in a useless attempt to breathe. Her long, pale legs kicked and her stomach revolted, attempting to spew vomit but finding it impossible with Syllana squeezing shut the way out. Her face reddened as Mai found drawing oxygen into her lungs just as impossible, and Syllana met her gaze evenly. The looming threat of nonexistence managed to force a renewed strength into the coward’s body, and she made a renewed attempt to force her way through the witchfire… but Syllana was prepared, and stronger, and her fists just beat weakly at her arms and legs, her bound breasts squirming beneath the nogitsune mistress’s ass as she struggled. Her bulging eyes kept trying to roll back, a distant gurgle creeping from her open mouth.

Syllana barely felt Mai’s struggles. Compared to the glorious pleasure of her revenge, of punishing this treacherous whore for her impudence, they were little more than gentle kisses of wind across her sweaty, hot skin.  She did, however, notice when they started to end. Mai went from hitting desperately at her arms to almost stroking her as her life dwindled. She looked up at Syllana, pleading in her eyes. If Syllana were to let her go, she would swear to serve again. She would swear to be a loyal apprentice. She would claim she would help Syllana escape. When death loomed, she was willing to submit to cling to life… nothing but a mewling bitch.

It was a lie. A snake was always a snake… and Syllana didn’t need her help. She could feel them, in fits and spurts with her remnant of magic… the twins. They were still out there… still under her control. They would be her escape, her salvation. Mai wasn’t necessary… and the desperation in her eyes as she realized that she had nothing to offer Syllana to spare her life was fine wine to the suffering fox.

Mai went still, her eyes rolling back in her head. The first sound came at the door as someone began to force their way into the locked room. Mai’s heart felt still beneath her body… she could let go now.

She didn’t. Syllana squeezed harder.

By the time two vampires had failed to break down the secure vault door and Mordred had needed to turn into mist and come pouring into the room after her, Mai was long gone, and Syllana knelt in meditation at her side… her eyes a furious mask as she looked up at her ‘master’ where he came back into solidity in front of her. The vampire’s eyes flicked over the dead nogitsune beside her, a tiny flicker of regret crossing his face… and then a small smile. “She was going to be useful to me,” he said firmly.

“Then it pleases me,” Syllana hissed back, “that I was able to take her away from you.”

“Defiant little bitch,” he said, pleased, as his eyes raked over her scars, her burns, taking in everything about her. He stood over her and openly grinned. “I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve missed the challenge.”

“A challenge can be overcome,” Syllana said back, her voice as firm as stone. “I am not a challenge. I am a chasm, the likes of which you will never ford.”

The vampire could only smile. “We will see about that…”

Syllana resisted the urge to spit. She was not going to be beaten. It might take her months, or years, or decades, but she would be free again. She would recover her magic. And when she did, she would take her revenge. As Mordred dragged her to the ground and forced her neck into an exposed position, and his fangs sank into her, she visualized the look on his face as he burned… and she smiled to herself.

2 thoughts on “Licking Flame – Chapter 3

  1. Hi! I’m absolutely loving this story, I was about to ask if you were planning a scene where Mai is put in her place by Mordred, teaching her she’s no better than Syllana, but i guess there’s no chance for that anymore😔


    1. I’m glad you liked it!

      Mordred, for all of his negative traits, isn’t actually much of a traitor. Anastasia (eventually) became a loyal servant that is useful, so she doesn’t exist in chains. Mai would be pretty similar, if she lived.


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