NSC – The Endless Night – Chapter 10 – For Every Last Drop

Thank you for reading! This is an NSC written by Aia and InBrightestDay, written with my approval and reference. Discussion for this story will be primarily located on discord! Come on in and let us know what you thought, we don’t bite.

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Anisa woke at the sound of a soft beep from her collar. Her body slowly changed from a blob-like form unfamiliar to most as her mesophylls, her bones, began to fill with fluid. She took on the form that her fellow slaves might have recognized by the time she emerged from her cramped aquarium. Anisa pulled herself out of the dark pool, guided by the light of her body, and crawled out through the hole in the wall.

Master Grakrash preferred to keep his various faculties, including Anisa herself, out of the way unless they were needed. Anisa picked up the towels from the edge of her aquarium and wiped down her body. She moved from the mat the moment she was dry enough to not drip water all over the floor.

The apartment was heavily decorated, though it was otherwise relatively sparse. War trophies hung from the walls, flanked by unlit lanterns. The spots on Anisa’s skin emanated a soft blue glow, just bright enough to illuminate the furniture around her. She had no desire to force her master to punish her for her clumsiness, especially on a day like this.

Anisa moved out of the recreational room and out into the corridor, walking past an ornate spear on display alongside various painted shells and carved objects. She couldn’t help but slow down to stare, her heart aching. She quickly forced herself to keep moving, gliding down the hallway and pushing her way into the bedroom.

Master Grakrash was still asleep. Anisa breathed out a sigh of relief, shuffling over the edge of his bed and climbing up onto the mattress. Her tentacles struggled to cling to the mattress, making her movements awkward and clumsy. That wasn’t the mattress’s fault, of course. It was her fault that her body was so poorly suited to serve her master. It was only Master Grakrash’s mercy that allowed her to survive this long at all.

Anisa laid her body down between Master Grakrash’s legs and planted a kiss at the base of his cock. The kiss turned into suckling as she pressed her face against the shaft, suffocating her nostrils with her master’s kthid musk. The scaly cock filled with blood, rising up to a stand as Anisa’s worshipful kisses rounded the base of the phallus and drifted down towards his balls.

Master Grakrash’s cock throbbed as Anisa’s cranial tentacles wrapped around his shaft, stroking up and down its length as her tongue slid from between her lips. Anisa ran her tongue upwards, painting a line from the base of the cock to the tip of the shaft. Her metal collar brushed against her master’s cock as she leaned in, rubbing her chest and her skin against the cock as she spread the hole at the top open with the tip of her tongue.

Anisa couldn’t remember anything from before she was shown her rightful place as a cumdump, but the first few months of her slavery were still stark in her memories. He would punish her for every tiny failure. He would tell her how beautiful she was as he spent hours on end raping her. He kept calling her those hurtful and degrading words and he kept making her cry, but he never stopped reminding her that she was wanted and prized and desired. So many of Master’s friends did as well, from the voracious way they swarmed her. Anisa remembered hating that.

But she was wanted back then. A lowly animal like her was useful and worthwhile. The highest virtue a lowly cephalian like her could aspire to was to be a pleasurable cunt for the kthid. There was nothing Anisa could think of that would frighten her more than the thought that one day, she may be worthless,

Anisa wrapped her lips around the swell of the cock, feeding it deep into her throat. The head squeed past her pharynx and slipped into her esophagus in a single motion, stretching Anisa’s narrow hole. She could feel her master’s arousal through the twitches and trembles of the cock. She could feel his pulse through the veiny shaft as Anisa began to rock her upper body back and forth over the shaft.

Anisa had tried getting closer to Master Grakrash in those early days. She actually thought it might have been working for a while. He even rewarded her for being obedient, like the clit ring that he personally installed. Anisa had screamed and cried back then, forcing Master Grakrash to pushish her again. She hated that she kept making him hurt her.

A scaled paw descended on Anisa’s crown, pushing her face down onto the cock. Anisa obeyed the silent command, opening her throat. The squelch reverberated through her ear as her master pushed his cock deep into her body, the head coming to rest almost against her collarbone.

Anisa moved with her master’s commanding hand, feeling the cock glide back and forth through her tightened throat. Anisa’s hands continued to gently fondle her master’s ball even as the cock continued to savage her throat. Master Grakrash glared at her silently as his scales continued to scrape over her palette, not saying a single word as he used her face for his pleasure.

Back when he thought that she could be a better heitera, they talked a lot more. It was usually about how Master Grakrash was going to put children in her wombs and how he was going to make use of her next. Anisa desperately missed those days. That was before he discovered her for the irredeemable failure that she was.

Anisa teared up. She wished she could go back to those days. She was still hurt, but the pain meant something. Back in the days when she was wanted. Back in the day when Master Grakrash looked at her the same way – the same way that Lord Krathan did now.

Today was the day when Anisa was going to be sold.

One of Anisa’s hands drifted away from Master Grakrash’s balls and gently touched the band of metal encircling her neck. She’ll belong to Lord Krathan now. He won’t be Lord Krathan anymore either. He would be Master Krathan to her. Her master.

Anis’s loins warmed. Master Grakrash continued to use her roughly, dragging her lips over his entire length with each long stroke. Anisa’s eyes fluttered as her master swiftly increased the pace. Her lips were pulled tight around the cock, scraping out droplets of saliva and precum that ran down to her chin.

Would Lord Krathan also want her lips around his cock every morning as he woke up? Anisa found herself hoping that he would. She hoped he would let her go see Nareen as well, even if it was just to tell Nareen that Anisa was in a better place now. Should Anisa serve well, Lord Krathan might even permit her to share some of her food with Miss Nareen. It hurt Anisa so much to hear that Miss Nareen was forced to chew on those tasteless tablets. The fact that Anisa would be Master Krathan’s only heitera did have her somewhat worried. Would she have enough time between her duties to go see Miss Nareen again?

Anisa was sure of one thing, however. She would not disappoint Master Krathan. Even if she had to forget absolutely everything else and dedicate herself to becoming nothing but the most pleasurable holes that could physically exist, she would not disappoint Master Krathan. She couldn’t. She can’t survive that. Not again. She couldn’t bear to be thrown away again.

Anisa’s finger thrusts moved to a fevered pitch to match the movement of her heads and the hips that were fucking her throat. Her other hand was still firmly around the balls, gently fondling and massaging them to add to her master’s pleasure.

Every morning from now on, if Master Krathan permitted it of course, it would be his cock down her throat. It would be his girth stretching her lips wide and it would be his length plunging in and plugging her deep. It would be his cum filling her mouth or pouring down her stomach or dripping from her features as he marked her. Anisa added a second finger to her nether lips, and then a third. The fingers moved with a frantic pace, squelching and stabbing into her depths and drawing forth a throaty moan that buzzed through the cock she was serving like the hum of the ship’s engines.

Master Grakrash came without warning, his seed surging down her esophagus in a surge. The gunky semen sprayed over her insides. The cum kept coming, shoved down her throat in waves. Anisa drank it all down, sucking down the stream of the fluid like her throat was just a continuation of Master Grakrash’s ejaculative shaft. She locked her lips around the base of the cock, holding on firmly as the cum vented straight into her stomach.

Anisa waited for the flow of the semen to slow before slowly pulling her head off of Master’s penis, her saliva and throat mucus clinging to the green skin of his massive cock. She lingered at the tip of the cock for just a moment, sucking on the tip of the cock until she had emptied the tip of the penis of the very last dregs of cum. 

Pulling her fingers out from between her folds, Anisa quickly licked her digits clean. She would have felt a bit squeamish doing something like that in the past, but now she had been far too well trained for something this trivial to bother her. She continued to lick all her digits until the faintly sweet lubricant had transferred to her mouth. Anisa bowed her head as she finished, awaiting her master’s instructions.

Master Grakrash sat up. He didn’t get off the bed and head to do his duties, however. He just sat on his bed quietly, not saying a single word. Anisa bit her lip. What was wrong? Did she displease him?


Anisa perked up, “Y – yes Master Grakrash, what would you have of me?” Anisa whispered.

Master Grakrash turned away, “Make sure to give my brother a blowjob this good every morning.” He said, standing up.

Anisa had to fight against a sigh of relief. She bowed, “Of course, Master Grakrash.”

“You know where to find your orders.” Master Grakrash said, rising, “Don’t be late.”

After having made Master Grakrash’s bed and woken Metzili, Anisa found her instructions on the front of Master Grakrash’s tablet. She had found a room number without any instruction beyond an order to appear there punctually.

Anisa shuffled out of the servant’s tunnel, letting her veil fall away from her body, and took a moment to absorb the location she found herself in. Whilst the tiny tunnels leading to her destination were as narrow and unassuming as it was anywhere else around the vessel, the hallway before her was anything but.

Massive stone statues flanked the wide, and yet strangely empty, corridor. Large stone statues flanked both sides of the halls, depicting the familiar sight of slaves in bondage and pain. Anisa shuffled forwards beneath their stony gazes. Anisa quickly crossed the wide passage as quickly as the awkward shuffling of her tentacles could carry her, arriving at the edge of the door.

A large keypad was installed at the edge of the wide double-doors. Anisa quickly tapped in the code, breathing out a sigh of relief as the door hissed and began to slide open. She quickly glanced behind her before shuffling into the room and looking around.

The ceiling was high, held up by arches and decorated with ornate glass chandeliers. The room was painted with opulent golds and regal purples, the more common colors worked around murals that depicted the breaking of a faliran port world. The image was filled with equal parts kthid martial prowess and sexual domination. The artwork was so vivid that Anisa could almost hear those screams ringing in her ears.

A large cube-shaped frame stood at the center of the room, constructed out of intersecting bars lined with metal rings. A rack of torment, designed in such a way that it could be used to restrain a slave of just about any species in any pose the masters wanted them in. It was a torture device she was intimately familiar with.

The door hissed behind Anisa. She spun, her eyes went wide, and she instantly dropped down to the floor and prostate herself as kthid entered the chamber. Slaves followed in after them: one pale-skinned umbral and the swishing orange tail of a llorian.

“Oh. This one does seem like quite the eager little whore. To think that she would prove so punctual despite knowing what awaits her.” A deep voice chuckling. “My commendations, warrior. It appears that you have been very diligent and effective in the training of your heitera. A well-trained slave speaks well of a warrior’s character.”

“Thank you, Lord Thron. I told her to come here immediately.” Master Grakrask said.

“It pleases me that you are taking this seriously, warrior. Far too few appreciate how badly one’s reputation could be wounded by idle slovenliness.” Lord Thron rumbled. Anisa could feel the highlord’s crushing gaze settle onto her back, “Raise your head, slave.”

Of course, my lord.” Anisa whispered, moving to obey.

Lord Thron’s nostrils flared as his eyes fell upon her. The master’s cock stiffened beneath his elaborate gold-thread embroidered loincloth. Anisa shrank away, but a warning glare from Master Grakrash quickly reminded her of her place. 

Anisa leaned forwards and jutted out her chest, presenting her mounds and the various piercings that adorned them. She moved her hand down over her belly to guide the eye of the kthid highlord, pointing towards the piercings that went through her clit and that lined her labia. The shifting motion made the large ring piercing that went through her palm move, tugging unpleasantly on her muscles as Anisa did her best to present herself like food on a plate.

Lord Thron chuckled, “Delicate features, expressive eyes, a petite and yet sensuous body, and a plenitude of adornments. An exquisite specimen, to be sure.” Lord Thron said. “She shall serve as a wonderful little centerpiece to this event. That said, I do believe you have some less than entertaining business to take care of before we can officially move on to the main event of the day.”

“Of course, Lord Thron. We’ll deal with it right away.” Master Grakrash said, nodding towards an unfamiliar kthid by his side. The kthid strode up to Anisa without a word, setting an engineer’s case down onto the ground. Master Grakrash walked up to Anisa as well, reaching into a pouch hanging off his belt and pulling out a familiar injection gun.

Anisa couldn’t help but draw in a sharp breath, white flashing across her skin as her master roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. The faint jab of the needle entering her abdomen was followed by a gnashing pain as the cold nanites were pumped straight into Anisa’s stomach muscle. Anisa couldn’t help her terror trembles, her skin flickering with dark blues and whites as fear numbed her body like an ice bath.

The engineer next to Master Grakrash came up with a tool in his paws. He roughly grabbed hold of Anisa’s collar and yanked her towards him by her neck. The vibration from the tool reverberated through Anisa’s head as the tool detached the rivets from the collar from her neck. The band of metal separated into two halves a moment later. The engineer put his tools and the removed collar into his case.

“The collar has been disabled.” The engineer said, “Once the new master’s collar has been placed on her throat, you will be taken off the system as this slave’s owner.”

Master Grakrash nodded. “Thanks.” He muttered. His grip suddenly turned painfully tight around Anisa’s arm. He pulled her towards him harshly, whispering right into her ear. “This is the most important thing I’ve ever had you do. Do not embarrass me.” Master Grakrash hissed, “Do you understand?”

Anisa nodded, hot tears running down her cheek. She could already feel her stomach freezing up, the muscles hardening beneath her skin. “Yes master.”

The engineer had already turned to leave. Master Grakrash rose, walking in the same direction towards the looming figure of the kthid highlord.

“Is the preamble over with, then?” Lord Thron asked.

Master Grakrash nodded, “Of course, my lord! Sorry for keeping you.” Master Grakrash said quickly, turning towards Anisa. 

There was silence. A long, painful silence where Anisa met her master’s eyes across the room. There was something in those eyes. Some desire. Some demand. Something her master almost seemed to be waiting on.

There was a time when understanding her master’s wants had been simple. When all he wanted was to see if she could make him cum fifty times with her throat before she passed out, or hear all the types of screams different whips would squeeze from her throat, or see what she’d look like with her body riddled with piercings. Simpler times. It has been over a decade since that simpler time.

And yet it seemed like Anisa still couldn’t give her master what she wanted at all.

“Anisa, I renounce you as heitera.” Master Grakrash declared.

Anisa felt her stomach sink. She will be with a new master soon. A master that wanted her. Yet those words still hurt all the same. She was no longer wanted. She was being abandoned. Master Grakrash, now simply Lord Grakrash, turned away.

More kthid were filing into the room. A few were lightly dressed, though many were already naked. Some stopped around the prominent llorian slave or the umbral woman, but most had their eyes on Anisa. She couldn’t help but shrink. Anisa had never been called to entertain a crowd of this size before. Anisa’s eyes flickered furtively at the masters all around her, many of them already stroking their cocks to a stand.

Heavy footsteps drew closer. Anisa’s gaze flickered back just in time for her to see Lord Thron striding forwards at a leisurely pace. The kthid was a giant, with a wide wall of scales and muscles for a chest. He carried a long spear with him, an ornamental thing decorated with ribbons and with a head covered in backwards-facing hooks not unlike what Anisa had seen during harvest honors ceremonies. Anisa winced as he hammered down the butt of the spear right between her front thighs.

“What are you still doing here?” Lord Thron asked, bemused, “Is there not something else you should be doing?”

“I – I don’t think I understand, my lord.”

“Do you not? A pity.” The kthid said, leaning over.

The slap struck Anisa’s face so fast and hard that it felt like a kick. The other paw lashed for her before she could go tumbling, grabbing her by her torso. The piercings dug into Anisa as the kthid squeezed. Only a choked squeal of terror and panic managed to escape from Anisa’s mouth as the piercings dug into her torso like glass shards. Lord Thron kept squeezing, like he intended to wring out her organs through her orifices.

Anisa’s tentacles writhed uncontrollably, trying desperately to drag her body away from the source of the pain. It was futile, however. The kthid’s grip was ironclad. With a single paw, the kthid lifted Anisa’s body off the ground. Anisa’s eyes looked pleadingly into the highlord’s voracious gaze.

“I shall explain this to you exactly once, slave. Do you understand?” Anisa nodded her head frantically, desperate tears in her eyes. Lord Thron’s scaly lips pulled back, revealing rows of dagger-like fangs.  “There is no tradition, in my eminent bloodline, that is as celebrated as the hunt.”

Anisa’s tentacles curled and coiled below her. Some were still attached to the ground and trying to pull her closer. Others twisted around beneath her, trying to pry away at the unyielding hand around her waist. Anisa tried to gasp words through her mouth, but her lungs just wouldn’t open far enough to permit a voice.

Lord Thron chuckled, “Do you still not understand, slave? Well let me make this simple for you then.”

Weightlessness took hold of Anisa for an instant before she struck ground. Anisa yelped, air flooding back into her lungs. She quickly scampered off the ground, quickly moving towards a bow before she was petrified as her eyes looked up towards the highlord to see him leveling his spear.

“Run.” Lord Thron growled.

Anisa’s body reacted before her mind could, wrenching her body around and pulling her away. Anisa threw herself in after her body’s motions, the veil of darkness quickly wrapping back around her as she scampered away as quickly as she possibly could.

Stuck on land, Anisa couldn’t move quickly. She still forced the speed from her body, driving her limbs to claw and scramble for as much momentum as she could squeeze out of them to get her as far away from the kthid highlord as possible. She didn’t know if the room had another exit. She didn’t know if she was about to barrel into a crowd of kthid. All she knew was that she needed to run.

Her lungs and body burned from being forced to move so quickly so suddenly, but Anisa had no other choice! She needed to run or she was going to die! Oh great pnu she was going to die!

The spear came out of nowhere, striking Anisa’s side. Anisa howled as the pain blasted a hole through her body. She was sent rolling, her tentacles flailing frantically around her. Another blow came before Anisa’s tentacles could find any purchase, this time striking her across her back. Anisa was thrown across the ground again, her entire body burning with bruises.

Excited mutterings and laughter came from far-off. The thundering of footfalls chased her as Anisa tried to scamper away. She heard the whooshing an instant before the spear struck her on her back, sending her crashing to the ground. Anisa’s head rang as her skull struck stone with a sickening crunch.

The spear’s butt came down on her spine before she could move, tearing another agonized scream from Anisa’s lips. She tried to scamper away, but the spear butt tore her tentacles out from underneath her. She tried to curl up into a protective ball, but that only changed what part of her body was being brutalized.

“Please stop, my lord! Please stop!” Anisa wailed, the blows burning across her body, “I shall do whatever you wish, just please stop! You’re killing me!”

Anisa’s body burned with pain. She could already feel the welts forming beneath her skin as the blows pummeled her, each hit as debilitating as a stun bullet. She tried to keep begging for the kthid to stop, but the squeaks of pain from her mouth couldn’t possibly be construed as words. All she could do was just curl up with her sensitive tentacles exposed and hope that at least that would be enough to spare her life.

Anisa’s body was trembling by the time the beatings stopped. She didn’t know how long she had been brutalized for and neither did she have any way to tell. It felt like she had been wrung dry of everything she had.

The sentiment was quickly proven wrong as a bolt of raw, sharp, excruciating pain pierced through Anisa. Mortal panic flooded through her body, forcing her eyes open for just long enough to see that the tip of the spear had been buried deep into one of her caudal tentacles.

Anisa was hyperventilating, her colors pulsing even quicker than her racing heartbeat. The kthid highlord looked down at her from above, his eyes hungry.

“Well, I would hardly call that the most exhilarating of hunts.” Lord Thron said, twisting the spear. Anisa screamed, the wound bleeding even more of her blood, “Their natural camouflage does prove to be rather fascinating, however. I think that a pack of them could make for good sport, perhaps if given a more permissive hunting ground.”

Anisa stared at her wound in open-mouth horror, watching as the blood flowed out from her leg and pooled into a puddle on the ground below. Lord Thron gave the spears a few good, excruciating, twists before yanking the spear out of her body. Anisa’s scream was so loud that it felt like it might destroy her throat entirely.

Scaled hands were on her an instant later, grabbing at her bruised flesh and forcing her entwined tentacles to unfurl. Anisa couldn’t fight the highlord’s strength even if she wanted to, her only reactions reduced to sobbing and the gasp of confusion and pain as Lord Thron ran his tongue over her open wounds. The kthid leaned back, licking the blue blood from his maw.

“Delicious.” Lord Thron said, pressing the button on his loincloth. The fabric shimmered with light and then fell open, allowing the massive cock to pop out. “Easy and short, but very amusing and whimsical. Appropriate for such exotic prey.”

Lord Thron grabbed Anisa’s tentacles and wrenched her thighs apart. Anisa’s scream continued unabated as he stabbed his cock into her quim without even a moment of warning. The paralyzed muscles of her groin resisted the penetration, but it took only a buck of the highlord’s hips to wrench her quim apart. 

It felt like a blade sliding into her. Her clenched muscles were forcefully stretched and then torn, distorting around the scaled cock. Lord Thron could probably have elected to rape the spearwound and the pain couldn’t be all too different from what Anisa was experiencing.

Lord Thron wasn’t in a hurry. He held Anisa pinned to the ground, relishing every passing moment as he slowly pushed deeper into her. Anisa could do nothing against the pain. She couldn’t try to relax or distract her body or even brace herself. She could do nothing but scream as the even harder scales pushed into her, scraping against the soft walls of her already-strained innards.

By the time that Lord Thron bottomed out inside of Anisa, just about all the air had been driven out from Anisa’s lungs. Lord Thron simply stopped and stared silently, like he was admiring a piece of artwork, before his paw suddenly grabbed Anisa by her head. Pushing her skull into the ground and holding her torso with his other paw, he tore his cock out of her.

Anisa felt like she was being turned inside-out. Before she could even process the pain, the highlord plowed his cock back into her body again. His earlier slow, torturous advance became a series of vicious thrusts as Lord Thron tore into her.

Pain exploded across Anisa’s insides like crackling lightning. It felt like the sharp points exposed wires had been crammed into her before the wires were imbued with electricity, cooking her from the insides. Her mind swam in blind pain, her eyes blurred by tears as the tips of the talons dug into her neck. The pain of her wound refused to subside, continuing to torment her even as the kthid continued with her use.

Anisa drowned in the pain. There was no escape from it. There was nothing she could do about it. Anisa could only scream, hoping vainly that the highlord would show her some mercy. That something out there might show her some mercy.

Her salvation didn’t come from the kindness of the highlord, but was instead signaled by a throbbing inside her savaged hole. Lord Thron hilted deep inside of her, slamming into her brutalized pussy with the force of a closed-fist punch. The searing cum lit up her injured innards like hot wax, her chromatophores flashing frantically like they were trying to relay her pain. Like the faint groan that escaped from her lips, they seemed direly inadequate to express what she was experiencing.

Anisa slumped as Lord Thron tore his softening cock from her, wiping himself down with a solvent towel another kthid handed him. Anisa shouldn’t be just lying there on her back. She should be kneeling at Lord Thron’s feet, cleaning him up with her mouth. She should be thanking him for raping her and offering him her other holes if his lusts were not yet sated.

She couldn’t do any of that. Between the beating, her lost blood, and her exhaustion, she was just too worn-out. She could only lay back, tears falling from the edges of her eyes, as she saw the scaled forms of more of the masters gathering around her.

Lord Thron gave Grakrash a nod and a smile, shaking Grakrash out of his stupor. Grakrash quickly gathered himself and scrambled up to the Kaarvaak, trying his best to keep his eyes off of the bloodied spear that Lord Thron still had leaning against his shoulder.

“Warrior! I was just about to call for you.” Lord Thron smiled, plucking a goblet from the hands of an arane attendant and taking a sip. Parts of his mouth were still blue with Anisa’s blood. “I must once again commend you. An exotic little creature can certainly be enjoyable, but a well-trained one is truly a treat.”

“Oh, I’m very glad you think so, sir! I – ” Grakrash looked towards the crowd gathering around his former heitera. “Lord Thron, Ani – the slave is quite injured. Are you sure we should be continuing right away?”

The Kaarvaak waved his paw dismissively. “Oh warrior, you really must learn to put your faith in experience. My lineage has been learning about ways to extract the most exquisite of pleasures from slaves for centuries!” Lord Thron chuckled, nodding towards the swarming crowd. “You do not believe that one of the most seasoned warships of Maldoror couldn’t keep one slave alive?”

“Oh, not at all my lord! Of course you would!” Grakrash said quickly, his eyes flickering back towards the ring. “I just wanted to be sure.”

Lord Thron rumbled with laughter, clasping his paw over Grakrash’s shoulder. “Do not worry yourself, warrior. I would not be so callous as to call all of your party guests out there, show them the prize slave, and then have her expire before they had a chance to fully enjoy themselves.” 

Oh. Oh – I see! Of course, my lord!” Grakrash said quickly.

Lord Thron arched his brow, “What worries you? Surely you haven’t grown tired of the party already.”

“No, no my lord! Of course not! It’s just – well, this is a little embarrassing.” Grakrash muttered, turning towards the crowd. Through the shifting bodies, he caught sight of a vet bending over Anisa with injection guns full of restorative nanites and blood substitutes. “I just haven’t really trained her to deal with situations like these.”

“Oh?” Lord Thron asked, “But from my reckoning, you have trained her excellently.”

“I – oh, thank you so much sir, I’m glad you like it so much!” Grakrash said excitedly, the sense of elation rushing through his body. He gritted his teeth, trying to focus, “But I’m really not sure we should be pushing her this hard, sir. That was significantly beyond what she is used to dealing with. We are probably better off if we just make her do the usual tricks. Hurt her for sure, but nothing dangerous.”

Lord Thron stared straight at Grakrash, running his manicured talon over his chin. He leaned close. “Warrior. The little hunt just now didn’t, perchance, make you squeamish, did it?”

Grakrash jumped back, holding up his hands defensively, “Of course not!”

“So no harm done then.” Lord Thron smiled. “Come then, warrior. Walk with me. There is much I wish to show you.”

Anisa just wanted to lie down, close her eyes, and fall unconscious. She couldn’t though. Though it felt like she had been at this for hours, service was still demanded from her. Her holes were utterly drenched with cum, though at least the penetrations weren’t agony anymore. Anisa had been used by ten or so of the masters before having a tight, but ultimately still crippled, slave was boring. The solution to reverse the paralysis had been administered to restore her motor control.

That control was being put to use now as Anisa rode the heated metal rod, feeling its ribs slide against the walls of her tender quim. The metal rod inside her was even hotter than kthid cum, not quite injurious but still painful. Six masters surrounded Anisa, their standing cocks slavishly serviced by Anisa’s hands, mouth, and the tips of her tentacles.

Anisa’s mouth moved between the cocks, licking, kissing, and sucking at them as she tried to push her fatigued body to service all six of the masters at once. Anisa’s clit piercing had been removed and replaced with a thick needle.  The needle jutted out far enough on either side of her clit that she needed to move carefully lest she stab the needle into the insides of her thighs.

A sizable device stood in front of the dildo Anisa was riding, one metal contact near the base of the shaft and another near the very tip. Anisa rode the dildo up and down the entire length with every stroke, making sure that the needles always touched the device’s pronged contacts.

Whilst she was just a dumb animal, Anisa had at least learned about what it meant to complete a circuit. The moment she touched the needles to the contacts, the electricity zapped through the metal needle and stung at her tender quim. Other wires trailed from the devices, terminating in the little buttons that all of the masters around her held in their paws.

The masters spoke, but none of them addressed her. She was just here as a sex toy. A utility to entertain them. Anisa hilted the dildo inside her, wincing as she felt the sting of the electric zap.

Without warning, an agonizing blast of electricity exploded from the metal dildo. Anisa screamed, losing her balance and sliding down the bent rod. Her pussy burned. The dildo she slid down was dry: the combined work of the heat of the metal and some kind of sound vibration technology that sped up evaporation. Even moving at her own pace, her natural lubrication barely kept up. 

The dry insertion was nothing compared to the pain of electrocution. Anisa bit down a scream as her muscles thrashed and spasmed, the electricity crackling deep inside her body like wounding explosions. Anisa forced her body to keep moving again before the machine inflicted a punitive shock, her eyes quickly going to the device’s display.

The screen hosted a mostly yellow hexagon with one flashing red light on the left. The screen indicated which of the masters had initiated the punishment. Anisa turned her head to her left, looking up towards the kthid.

“My lord?” Anisa asked, trying her best to keep the pain out of her voice.

“Stroke me faster.”

“Right away, my lord!” Anisa whispered tearfully, picking up her pace.

The sting of the electricity, administered directly into her clit, kept attacking her. It was a tiny thing compared to an actual electric punishment, however, so Anisa kept up her pace. Anisa slid down over the dildo, the metal pole hot and dry against her sensitive pussy. Zap. She needed to keep alternating between the metal contacts to make sure that she keeps resetting the timer. Zap. If the timer runs down, then the dildo is programmed to electrocute her as well.

Anisa continued to lavish all the cocks around her with her dedication. She could taste the bitter and the salt through the suckers of her tentacles just as clearly as she could her own tongue. She might have been pleasuring six masters at once, but Anisa knew that she would be offered no leniency if her service lapsed for even one of them.

A cock on her second left tentacle started throbbing. Anisa twisted her head around, continuing to bounce on the hot dildo even as she reached out to fondle the kthid’s balls with her hands and kiss and lick at the head with her lips and tongue. The kthid groaned as his shaft sprayed jets of cum all over Anisa’s face and head, the hot dollops of seed sliding down her skin.

The kthid that just finished turned, handing the switch to the person behind him before shambling away. “Thank you for making use of me, my lord!” Anisa called after him, turning the cum-covered tentacle around and opening her mouth.

Anisa had no gag reflex left, but it still hurt as she forced her tentacle down her throat. Anisa twisted her limb around the inside of her esophagus, forcing her gullet to swell to extremes that even kthid cocks couldn’t. She deepthroat-rinsed the limb for a good half a minute or so before wrapping her now slimy limb around the cock of the next kthid.

“Welcome, my lord. How would you like to be serviced by me today?” Anisa asked.

Time passed in a blur for Anisa, and it only got worse with time. Masters came and went, and her body grew weaker both from exhaustion and the pain of each electric torment. Anisa bit down the scream with each punishment, quickly turning towards the displeased kthid.

“Yes, my lord! How may I improve my service?” Anisa said, forcing her voice to be cheerful.

“Your strokes are too short! Use your tentacle properly!”

“Yes my lord! Right away!” Anisa responded.

Up and down on the dildo. She’s counted time by her heartbeats and by the electronic clocks of the masters before. Now, she just counted the zaps of lightning against her clit. Another blast of punitive electrocution hit, forcing another scream to Anisa’s lips.

“Yes my lord! How can I improve my service?”

“Squeeze my cock properly, bitch, and make me feel like you want my cum!”

“Right away, my lord!”

Anisa went back to bouncing up and down the metal dildo. Another electrocution.

“Yes my lord, how can I improve?”

“Tease my cumhole properly, whore! Do I need to whip you?”

The orders blended together into an incomprehensible slurry, lingering in her mind just long enough for her to build a pace she could keep. Her throat grew sore from cleaning her tentacles, and her pussy grew sore from the electricity. Her loins felt like it had been reduced to shredded flesh with Lord Thron. Now, it felt like jelly.

“Squeeze harder!”

“Stroke my cock properly!”

“Don’t forget about my balls, you dumb whore!”

“Look me in the eye when you serve me, slut!”

“Open your mouth!”

“W – what?” Anisa whispered softly, trying to bink the glob of stinging cum away from her left eye.

“I said open your mouth, whore!” The electricity hit Anisa’s languid body harder than Lord Thron’s spear did, the electricity burning through Anisa like boiling water through her veins. She was too exhausted to stop the horrified scream, the voice dying to a squeak in her throat.

“I told you to open your mouth!” The kthid snarled.

“Yes my lord! Right away!” Anisa gasped, still trembling.

Anisa had expected the kthid to cum in her mouth. She wasn’t so lucky. The kthid grabbed her by the skull and fed his cock down her throat. The kthid’s foot came down on the base of her tentacles, painfully crushing them and pinning her to the ground. The cockhead was forced past her collarbone. The kthid didn’t cum then, however. With his hand still on her skull, he began to fuck her face.

And then the agony began.

The machine beeped angrily as the timer expired. Electricity burned through her body, driving her limbs to flail and thrash like a doll. Her colors went haywire like a malfunctioning screen as the electricity raked through her body like barbed wire. Unlike the punishment buttons, the electricity wasn’t on a timer. On the one hand, it meant that all she needed to do to get the pain to stop was to touch the corresponding electric contacts. On the other hand, as long as she can’t touch the contacts with the needle through her pussy lips then the torment would never end. Anisa screamed futilely into the hammering cock as it thrusted down from above, the weight of the kthid pressing down on her body and stopping her groin from moving, and just desperately prayed that the pain would end already.

Grakrash’s head swam. So many names. So many faces. Just the simple act of walking with the Kaarvaak seemed to transform his experience. Just about everyone he met seemed to want a conversation. It was like a portion of Lord Thron’s charisma and majesty was rubbing off onto him.

“Warrior,” Lord Thron said, breaking Grakrash out of his reverie.


“A feast such as this is hardly a time to be lost in thought.” Lord Thron chuckled, his eyes sweeping the hall, “It is a wonderful party. You achieved this. I suggest that you take this to heart. Great things can be achieved if you set your mind to it.”

“Yes sir!” Grakrash beamed.

Not in a millennia would Grakrash think that Lord Thron, the Night’s most powerful man, would deign to speak to him. Now not only was he spending time with him and not only was he at his party, but Lord Thron was walking beside Grakrash like the two of them were friends!

It was almost enough for Grakrash to ignore the gnawing at the back of his mind. He glanced towards the center of the room. “That’s a lot of people.” Grakrash muttered, “I didn’t think that Anisa could attract so many people.”

Grakrash jumped, spinning towards the Kaarvaak. “Not to say that you didn’t, my lord!” Grakrash laughed, “Probably far more than my silly little heitera did. I wouldn’t ever discount your influence.”

“Oh yes. My influence.” Lord Thron mulled, swirling his drink. “I suppose that may play a part. Less than you would imagine though.” Lord Thron said, smiling cryptically.

Grakrash chuckled, “Lord Thron, if I may be a little direct. You clearly want to say something.”

“Do I?” Lord Thron asked, rumbling with low laughter. He turned away, a smile touching the edges of his mouth. “I suppose I do have something I need to admit to.” Lord Thron said, stopping and turning to face Grakrash. Grakrash did the same, “And I do hope that you will overlook this old man’s — measure of indiscretion.”

“Lord Thron, I do not think there’s anything which someone like you would be indiscreet about!”

Lord Thron smiled, “Very well. Follow me, warrior.” He said, striding forwards.

The crowd parted in front of Lord Thron. Even people busy with fucking quickly dragged themselves and the slaves out of the Kaarvaak’s path. Grakrash walked beside him, unable to stop himself from puffing out his chest. The sea of people kept parting until, at last, the scaled figures stepped aside to reveal a clearing. At the very center was a large metal pyramid. People crowded around with drinks in their taloned paws, quietly watching.

At the very center of the circle was an exquisite llorian slave. Smoothly toned muscles ran over the arms that had been twisted and tied behind her back, and both of her legs bound up with thick rope. She hung from the pyramid frame from just her tail: the limb entwined with bondage rope. The llorian still had a tail full of spines. Though their tips had been capped with plastic, nothing seems to have been done to remove or disable the poison glands at their base.

A pair of people were busy fucking her. One was just behind her and raping her up her ass whilst the other had his digits in her long hair and his cock down her throat. The llorian’s purple eyes glimmered like gemstones, saliva and tears smearing her face.

“That’s Slayer, isn’t it?” Grakrash asked, breathless, “The Huntmaster’s heitera?”

“Indeed she is.” Lord Thron smiled, sipping his meat cocktail, “Warrior. Shall we give her a try?”

Grakrash’s eyes widened as he turned towards the Kaarvaak, “Excuse me, sir?”

Lord Thron turned towards Grakrash, a knowing smile on his face, “There is no need to overcomplicate matters, warrior, it is exactly as I asked. Do you want to try raping our ship’s most renowned heitera?”

The jets of freezing water struck Anisa like whips. The hosing came at her from all sides, raking across her skin like the stiff bristles of old brooms. Anisa tried to curl up, her feeble efforts doing little to defend her body against the harsh cleaning.

Blunt hooks grabbed Anisa by her limbs, her neck, and her body, forcefully twisting her body about as the spraying continued. She was clean now, wasn’t she? It felt like it had been days since she was thrown into the cleaning box.

The water cut off as quickly as it began. The hooks grabbed Anisa’s body an instant later, pulling her across the grated metal floor like a harpooned beast being dragged aboard a rowboat. Anisa tried to keep up with the demanding reels, but that only ended up with her being dragged across the ground like a wet rag. Arane hands were quickly on her, wiping her body dry.

“Stand her up.” A kthid’s harsh, commanding voice barked.

Dozens of hands were on Anisa before she could react, grabbing her by her arms, shoulders, head tentacles, and puppeteering her up. Others grabbed her lower tentacles and pried them apart as the masters closed in. One in particular stepped forwards, leveling a massive toy in his hand.

Anisa winced as the blunt tip of the metal toy was shoved in between her pussy lips, bleating in pain as the kthid rammed the object deep into her pussy in one long stroke. The toy stretched her stomach around it, crushing her womb against her other organs. The kthid held the toy in place, making it difficult for Anisa to even breathe properly.

Anisa blinked tears and water out of her eyes, looking down between her legs. The sex toy, whatever this one happened to do, was connected to a large machine sitting close by. “I’m ready!” The kthid barked, “Start up the pump!”

A pang of panic rushed through Anisa as the machine began to hiss and whirl. The toy inside of her rapidly expanded. The rod swelled and grew inside of her. Within a matter of seconds, the object got far too large for even Anisa’s thoroughly-used pussy to stretch around. Her belly swelled past the latest stages of a pregnancy.

A kthid approached with a chain in hand, attaching the length to a ring at the base of the sex toy. The kthid who originally rammed the toy inside of her sealed up the balloon dildo and tossed aside the air hose. Other kthid grabbed Anisa’s tentacles and wound them around the chain whilst yet others taped her tentacles together around the linked length like they were packaging up her flesh.

Blood rushed to Anisa’s head as the kthid turned her upside down. They turned her body around and hooked the chain up to a standing rack, allowing Anisa to hang from the suspension like a pendulum. Her body swayed back and forth, her pelvis aching so terribly as almost her entire body weight was held up by her loins.

The punch struck Anisa in the gut. There was no warning. One of the kthid just suddenly spun and buried his fist in her stomach. Anisa gagged, the hot pain flashing through her chest. Her diaphragm was spasming. Was she bleeding? What was happening?

The kthid in front of her hopped between one foot and then the other, both his hands raised. His jabs came hard and fast, hammering into her chest like giant steel balls. Anisa’s hearts rushed blood to her bones to pump them full of blood. Her soft skeleton was poorly-equipped to deal with the strength of even a kthid that was just toying with her. He tore into her, and Anisa crumbled.

Pain erupted inside her like fireworks, a lightshow of agony that felt like her innards were being liquefied. The kthid pummeled her like a punching bag. Anisa could taste blood in her mouth and feel the points where her veins were ruptured, and yet the master kept going.

Anisa felt like she was drowning in a storm. The pain swirled and crashed around her like waves of needles, each crashing blow tearing hundreds of holes in her. Her chest, her gut, her torso, her arms all took turns taking blows from the kthid.

Why? Why, why, why? What did Anisa do wrong? Why was she being punished? What had she done to earn the ire of the masters and required her torture? Anisa tried to wrack her mind to come up with an explanation, but the blows came too quickly and too painfully to form any coherent thoughts. 

A scream tore itself out from Anisa’s lungs as the blow struck her right in her center, the pain erupting out over her entire body. Instantly, she knew that the kthid had torn her ribcage. The spongy organ had been ripped, allowing her blood to flood out like from a ruptured artery. The beatings continued, however. The next blow struck her undefended chest, striking straight into the vulnerable insides of her chest.

The blow struck like a foot stomping down on a sausage, splattering its contents everywhere. Anisa could feel herself bleeding into her own chest, the blood like molten metal as it washed over her insides. If not for the stimulants Anisa had been injected with, her hearts probably would have stopped beating right then.

“She’ll make a good punching back at the training grounds!” The master laughed, turning around, “Hey, where’s her owner? I want to ask how much she’s going for! Getting sick of punching the squawkers.”

“This one’s already been sold, apparently.” One of the other masters said, clasping him on the shoulder, “But we could hang up one of the skinnies.”

“Yeah? And where do you think we’ll get one of those?”

The conversation drifted off. Anisa tried desperately to fight off the unconsciousness. If she fell unconscious now, she was certain that there would be punishment.

Pain ripped across Anisa’s back, forcing another scream out of her. Master Grakrash was very annoyed when she screamed, but Anisa no longer had the energy to hold herself back. She screamed even louder as another lash of pain tore across her side. Her body spun around just in time for her to see a kthid flicking a whip forwards.

Anisa’s jaw snapped open, raw agony flooding out of her throat like a mouthful of jagged rock. The kthid’s eyes shone with excited delight as he watched her suffer, his blows coming even faster than before. Anisa’s scream kept coming as his whip struck her breasts, her face, her dangling arms, and her writhing tentacles.

“Keep screaming, whore!” The kthid laughed, “Nice and loud! Make sure the entire room hears you!”

“Yes my lord I’ll – aiiiGHHH!” Anisa screamed as the whip came crashing down on her quim. The pain felt like her most fragile tissues were being shredded, the tails of the whip slicing a smattering of wounds all over her pussy.

The kthid with the whip chuffed, looking towards the one to his side with a smirk. The other kthid snorted, snatching the whip from his hand and walking up towards Anisa with a purpose. His eyes scanned over Anisa’s body as he readied the whip in his hand.

“Master Grakrash, Master Krathan, please.” Anisa sobbed, her entire body trembling, “It hurts. It hurts so much. Please! I’m sorry! Just protect me, please! I can’t do this anymore! I can’t!”

Even with Lord Thron there with him, Grakrash had to wait a long time before he finally got his turn with the huntmaster’s llorian enforcer. The woman was extremely popular. By the time the line finally cleared and he stepped forwards, Grakrash was absolutely sure that he was having the best day of his life.

Grakrash’s cock tingled with pleasure and meaty thumps rang in his ears as he sodomized the huntmaster’s llorian slave. Her round ass jiggled with every thrust. A plenitude of noises came from both Slayer’s body and her mouth. It was hard to tell whether or not the slave was moaning in pleasure or gagging in pain. Her mouth, after all, was occupied by Lord Thron’s hardened cock.

Waves of heat surged through him as he kept pounding the llorian’s hole, loving the sensation of her sphincter strumming over his cock scales. The hole convulsed and undulated around his shaft with every thrust. Grakrash held the heitera by her hips, keeping her in place as he slammed his body into hers. Slayer’s piercings jangled like bells as she was spitroasted, her decorative chains swinging around erratically.

Grakrash hilted fully as he finished, his cock flooding the llorian’s sphincter with cum. He didn’t so much as paint her insides as drowned absolutely everything in spunk. Grakrash groaned and gritted his teeth, giving a few more firm thrusts that squeezed even more cum out of his cock. Lord Thron smiled approvingly in Grakrash’s direction before roughly thrusting into the woman’s face, her groan signaling that he was filling her with cum. Lord Thron didn’t bother with any real ceremony, cleaning his cock on her hair like it was the most normal thing ever to get to fuck the huntmaster’s own heitera.

“Do tell me, warrior.” Lord Thron smiled, “Was everything to your satisfaction?”

“Very much so, sir. It was amazing.” Grakrash beamed, glancing over at Slayer again, “I must say though, sir. You are very brave, to fuck her in her mouth like that.”

Lord Thron raised his brow, “Oh? What makes you say so?”

“Well you know about Slayer. She killed thirteen warriors when she was captured, didn’t she?” Grakrash asked, “And you know how bitey llorians are.”

Lord Thron gently stroked Slayer’s hair with something that almost resembled affection. Grakrash squirmed. Should he not have mentioned that? Without warning, the highlord smashed his palm across Slayer’s face. The llorian reeled, her mouth running with droplets of blood.

Lord Thron brought his hand around and began to stroke the woman’s face once again. Slayer’s shock melted from her face as she turned her eyes to the floor, her face a mask of submission.

“She was once a cantankerous creature, certainly, but one that has been tamed.” Lord Thron said, beaconing Grakrash forwards, “Come, allow me to demonstrate.”

Grakrash found himself swallowing nervously as he stepped forwards, his cock hard. The llorian lolled out her tongue for him, opening her mouth wide to receive his cock. Under Lord Thron’s stern gaze, Grakrash pushed his shaft into the spotted slave’s mouth.

A throaty moan escaped Grakrash’s mouth as he sank deep into the warm, tight, fleshy tunnel. He half-expected to feel the sharp stab of teeth snapping down on his cock. What he instead felt was an unobstructed tunnel of flesh. It felt like the throat of arane toilet girls, their teeth removed to better serve their role. Her tongue traced around his shaft and her throat closed around his cockhead. Grakrash groaned. This really was the best day ever. Grakrash smiled as he began to skullfuck the huntmaster’s heitera.

Anisa didn’t have in her to scream. She could only weep. Anisa hung midair, the entire weight of her body was on her piercings. Metal wires trailed from her piercings, attaching her to the countless points on the universal torture rack. Her arm was twisted behind her back, her palm-wrist piercings bundled together by coils of metal wires.

The piercings stretched her body, tugging agonizingly at her skin. Each movement Anisa moved, down to breathing, caused waves of pain to lash across her nerves. The thing that hurt most was almost certainly her clit: a dangling weight hung from it, sending needles of pain up her nerves with each swing.

The entirety of her remembered life had been marked with a haze of dreary misery. Anisa has had a few precious happy moments, but that wouldn’t have been enough for her to keep going. No. She kept going because she had a hope. If she could be a good enough slave and serve loyally enough, then perhaps she could escape into a better life.

Had that been futile? Anisa hoped that, although she may have been worthless, she might prove to be good enough. She spent her entire life hanging over a pit that threatened to consume her. A constant darkness that lurked at the edge of her mind. Oblivion where something should have been. A place that constantly threatened to pull her into nothingness.

That nothingness. It was where she would never have to feel anything ever again. She won’t have to live with her mistakes, she wouldn’t have to live with being a failure. She could just forget everything that made her hurt, everything that made her cry, and just disappear once and for all.

Why was she here? She remembered she was being punished, but what for? She knew she was useless, but hasn’t she been good enough? Wasn’t that what was promised? If she was good enough then all this could end?

Wasn’t that how it worked?

Anisa’s skin was white all over, with not a single blot of blue to be seen over her entire body. The masters were all around Anisa, their cocks hard. The kthid ahead of her grabbed her head as another one took her by the hips. They wasted no time, slamming their cocks straight into her.

Anisa’s hearts all raced. Her pulses blended together into a single continuous note of mortal terror. The kthid savaged her with their cocks.  There was no grace or mercy about it. Agony wracked her, but neither kthid paid it any mind. They had no time for the feelings of a worthless little slave.

Her entire body rippled as she was sawed back and forth, causing the piercings to tear at her skin like meathooks. Anisa’s body felt like old fabric that had been worn thin, rubbed all the thinner between two rocks. How much longer could she last?

Her entire body was forced to stretch and compress again and again and again, her holes penetrated and then distended by the scaled shafts. Were the masters even enjoying themselves anymore, or did they simply want to cause her pain? If not for her natural resilience, Anisa would have likely been torn apart long ago.

That resilience seemed more like a curse than a boon right now.

The throbbing could barely be felt as the rutting of the masters finally reached their climax. The two scaled bodies ruthlessly slammed into her frail feminine form, crushing her body between their torsos and yanking the metal cables more taut than ever. Anisa’s agony managed only to cobble together the most pathetic wheezes of pain as they slammed into her and once again flooded her insides with cum.

The pit was below, still beckoning her down. And still, Anisa clung on for a reason she can’t even fully remember anymore. It would end her pain. Why was she still fighting? Anisa didn’t know why she was still fighting. She could only hang, like a wet towel thrown over a master’s seat, as the latest pair of tormentors stepped forwards.

The pit was always there. Waiting. Where she would have peace.

“No, please great pnu no!” Anisa whispered desperately, “ Master Grakrash! Not yet, not now! Please! I can still please you, I vow it! Please don’t let me go!”

Scaled hands grabbed for Anisa, pain burned across her body as the piercings yanked on her skin, “I don’t want to go, please don’t make me go! Miss Selara! Nareen! Master Krathan! Please save me! Please!”

Grakrash continued through the crowds, a wide smile on his face. People were starting to greet him, rather than just someone who was with the Kaarvaak. Lord Thron had very generously informed everyone they talked to of his role in organizing the party and now he was hearing nothing but congratulations about how good the entertainment was. Grakrash has, more than once, thanked Lord Thron for his contributions towards the party’s entertainment. Not just Slayer, but also almost all of his heitera. Grakrash had gotten a chance to sample them all of course, including his experience with what one of the squawker’s throats feels like without the pesky beak to get in the way.

“Thank you again for everything, Lord Thron.” Grakrash beamed, turning towards the towering high officer, “This is the biggest party I think I’ve ever arranged.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Lord Thron laughed, “Oh that does sound like a truly tragic case of wasted potential.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that! It’s just that normally, I just arrange a little party with my friends, you know? Some folks from my platoon.” Grakrash said, taking another sip of the drink in his hand. “I couldn’t ever gather this many people in one place!”

Lord Thron chuckled, “This is but a taste of the power that you could one day wield, warrior. A sampling of what happens when you serve my elder brother well.” Lord Thron said, “I aided you this time, but in time you shall be able to do this all by yourself.”

“That’s awesome, sir!” Grakrash said excitedly.

There were so many happy faces as they ate and drank and feasted. Grakrash couldn’t keep the smile off his own face. It was like he was living through a fantasy. Grakrash caught the sight of another llorian, taller and more slender than Slayer, laid on the table with her arms bound. Guests slammed their cocks into her body from both sides.

“That would be Seeker, from my very own collection. A dear little thing, so agile and energetic even after I gave her some nice breast augmentations and exchanged her leg tendons for something more appropriate for kneeling than fighting.” Lord Thron smiled, “So what would you wish to do now, warrior? Do you wish to have a little tryst with my little toy, or is there another slave that you have your eyes on?”

Grakrash stopped, taking in a breath, “Not that your heitera isn’t beautiful sir, but can I go have another go in Slayer’s mouth?” Grakrash asked, “I really love the way she lowers her eyes when I fuck her face, and I would love to have some more stories to tell my division mates about skullfucking her!”

Lord Thron chuckled, “Ever vigilant about ways to improve your reputation. I suspect that you will go far yet.” Lord Thron said, clasping his paw on Grakrash’s shoulder and guiding him on.

Grakrash noticed something was off when he realized that there wasn’t a circle around the huntmaster’s heitera was. The metal frame was still there, but it no longer held the slave. The coils of rope were discarded on the ground, laying in something approximating a pile.

“Slayer’s  gone?” Grakrash asked, “That’s a shame.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” Lord Thron smiled, swirling the drink in his goblet. “Slayer was brought in for more than just as a simple pleasure slave, after all, though she does serve that role admirably.” Lord Thron raised his head, “I suspect that she is with your slave. Come with me, I’m certain that this will prove to be interesting for you.”

The smell of delicious food filled the air: the latest of which appeared to be cooking meat. Grakrash walked through the crowd with Lord Thron, the group once again parting in front of them. The sound of sex, gagging, and screams mingled with pleasant music, jovial conversation, and the sizzling of a grill. Grakrash could pick up Anisa’s scream from the other noises.

That was surprising. Anisa would usually be out of energy very early, only able to groan and beg whatever was done to her. Grakrash sipped the liquor. Those stimulants must have been very strong. The crowd parted and Grakrash froze. For a moment, it felt like his breath had been entirely knocked out of her body.

Anisa was on the ground, her eyes glassy. Blue blood smeared the floor like splattered paint. Practically all of Anisa’s remaining piercings were bleeding. Some seemed to have just been torn away, the skin gaping to reveal the white-blue flesh beneath.

Yet those wounds weren’t where most of the blood was coming from. No. Grakrash could see it now, so obvious though it had gone unnoticed because he didn’t fully believe what he was seeing. Anisa’s left lower tentacle, the second one on her left side, was completely missing.

The wound was messy, like her limb had been chewed off. Grakrash tasted bile. He pulled his eyes away, falling Slayer. The heitera stood over Anisa with a long serrated blade, the saw-toothed weapon dripping with blue blood. She didn’t have any of the submissive eyes or quiet acceptance of her position that he saw earlier. Her eyes were cold and hard. They practically burned.

A different llorian was tending to a grill. Anisa’s tentacles, cut off at about half a meter from her thigh, had been run through with a metal skewer and had been left on the metal grate. Blue blood still dripped from the sides, sizzling as the little droplets struck the heating element. Already Grakrash could see that the exterior of the tentacle was slowly turning yellow and brown as it cooked. Other clearer juices sizzled and dropped as well, hitting the heating element.

“Slave. Is enough meat here to feed the entire party?” A stocky man asked. The markings on his loincloth marked him as of the artist caste and a member of the cooking staff. “Or do we need more?”

“I – I’m not sure, sir.” The llorian whispered quickly.

“We better be safe then.” The artist caste cook said, turning towards Slayer and nodding. Slayer turned towards Anisa silently and hefted up her saw.

“Stop that immediately! Drop that saw!” Grakrash roared, leaping forwards. The cruel intensity vanished from Slayer’s eyes immediately and she dropped the weapon, stumbling back and cowering.

Grakrash’s heart was pounding a hundred beats a second. He grabbed and cradled Anisa, watching her mouth ooze with a thin trail of cum. Her skin wasn’t white or blue anymore: It was slowly turning ashen gray. Like Anisa was withering away.

Grakrash felt his heart clenching. No. No no no no! He looked around desperately. “Vet! We need a vet!” Grakrash shouted.

Anisa didn’t feel pain anymore. She just felt cold. She couldn’t see anything. It was dark all around her in every single direction. She slowly fell into that yawning pit. Even now, she wanted to resist falling in. She just didn’t know how anymore.

Selara. Sena. Nareen. Master Krathan. What did those words mean? It felt like she should remember. It felt like she should know. It felt like she should remember so many things and yet she couldn’t recall anything. Anisa felt like she was just sinking into a slow swamp. It was – pleasant. There was no pain here. There was only the soothing dark.

Her eyes couldn’t see. She could still feel the pit. She didn’t want to go, but she knew that she had to. She felt like her hold was slipping, like her suckers were coming undone and her body was being dragged down by her weight.

She perceived something else as well. A figure that glowed like the very sun itself, surrounded by a halo of iridescence. A rainbow halo, one that covered everything. No. She can’t fall into the void yet! She couldn’t die yet! There were words she was supposed to speak! She couldn’t go! Not right now! She – she was powerless here. The cold rose.

Father, I’m –

I’m so sorry.

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  1. Possibly the best chapter yet. I simultaneously feel bad for and want to rape & abuse Anisa.

    Anisa best (and tastiest) girl.


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