Event Horizon – Chapter 15 – The Shell Game

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As far as Thomas Shale was concerned, this was how the emperors of old had lived. They had existed in golden palaces, living in a life of luxury far beyond what the mere mortals beneath them could have asked for. Like Gods, they were worshiped, and like a favored pet they had every single need seen to. It was glorious.

The bald-headed criminal lay recumbent on his sumptuous bed, sprawled out and comfortable. It wasn’t the one that had been here when he started – a few months ago, he had demanded a much better one, and his Lealing pet had delivered. As he reclined, he was chewing on some unusually spicy fruit-and-meat stew that Tikanii had brought the ingredient for and he had his slave serve him. This, like most Lealing food he had tried, was different… but good. The fruit was sweet, the meat was as rich as fatty cuts of cattle, and the spices were a delight. He couldn’t imagine that these spices were abundant on a ship, but it didn’t matter – when he requested, the stupid Lealings gave him anything he wanted these days. Lying ass naked, he cradled the large bowl with one arm while greedily feeding himself using a thick spoon. His chin was stained with brownish glop, but it wasn’t like he cared… if it was enough of a mess, he could have one of his fucktoys clean it later.

It had been months since he had begun to… expand… his ambitions here. The former false ensign of the Midgar-6 still had to be polite in the company of some of the guards… but he no longer felt any compulsion to uphold the illusion of being a gracious guest. These bat-brained were too god damn stupid to realize when they had a wolf in the midst… that wasn’t his problem.

Now, this slut on the other hand… her incompetence was his problem.

“Faster!” he spat, some sloppy dollops of sauce spilling out over his chin as he yelled. The brute used his spoon to swat at Tikanii’s pert little ass where the grey-skinned alien was currently busy bouncing it onto his towering erection, leaving a speck of brownish stew behind on her clenched muscles. The stupid young bat-creature that was playing at being a real person with thoughts and feeling, a diplomat and ambassador instead of a fucktoy, yelped at the hit. “Me sorry Master Shale!” she squeaked. Then she leveraged her obviously-tired muscles to rebound even harder upon his cock.

Shale narrowed his eyes. It was not a considerable increase in effort. Based on the way her limbs were shaking, the alien was clearly almost ready to collapse from the fatigue… he had had her serving him for hours now, he supposed. “Bah!” he snarled while watching her bob, the alien and him only separated by Shale’s now hairy pot-belly. Instead of striking her ass again for motivation, Thomas brought the spoon home, reached over to his dresser, and grabbed one of the flower petals he had plucked from his worthless whore’s scalp. Irked that he had to do actual work to get his cock pleased, the Terran man put the petal in the basin of the spoon before he held out that utensil towards Tikanii’s head, rapping it against the side of her face. “Here! Suit yourself, you crazy bat bitch!” he spat.

The winged extraterrestrial snapped her face over to it, displaying more eagerness in that second than she had the entire time she had been riding his cock with her asshole. She briefly paused in fucking him to stuff the drugged petal into her mouth. Even though Thomas couldn’t see her expression, he knew what it was… he had seen it enough times. The way her eyes dilated, her expression going lax even as her muscles quivered as she spaced out in her most recent fix. The bat-creature’s luscious figure started swaying upon his crotch, wallowing around lightly as if about to topple over. “I didn’t give you that petal to get lazy, bitch!” he angrily barked and started spanking Tikanii’s ass with the spoon, electing to yank at her lengthy tail for emphasis. “Squeeze, and bounce!”

Tikanii screeched with agony and was snapped from her drug-addled state. “Yes Master Shale! I’m sorry Master Shale!” she hollered and resumed her service, bouncing at a newly-energized speed, slamming her asshole up and down upon his hard-on.

Thomas Shale leaned back against his pillow, chewing even while glaring daggers at the worthless Lealing whore. He dipped his spoon back into the stew and then reloaded his gluttonous mouth. Even among all the women he had met, Tikanii was an idiot. The big-eared alien bitch made even the living fuck-toy shrooms look intelligent in comparison. He had thought, right from the beginning, that he was brilliant to think use the dumb swampy’s flowers to enslave the girl, but even he hadn’t realized just how susceptible to them these alien bitches would be – keeping the young Lealing perpetually hooked on drugs and complaisant was even easier than it had been with any of the human girls back on Earth. The high from these petals wasn’t much for Human, but for these idiots the pollen acted like it was laced with high-quality cocaine… and it was at least as addictive.

After that, it had been easy. If Tikanii wanted her fix, she would have to fuck for it. It only took a few suggestions about a “culture exchange” to get her to buy into the idea, and just a day or two without dosing her to get her eager enough to do anything he asked – to get him a better room, more comfortable clothing, better food. Anything he wanted. With that leverage, it had been even easier to turn the winged cunt into his sex slave than it had been for the shroom. She hadn’t even been a hard target to groom, either – The stupid bitch was so dumb that she scarcely even realized that she was being made into a used condom!

Shale was proud of himself… he figured this must have been what it felt like to be Caeser. He had made first contact with some worthless barbarians, and already one of them spent all her time worshiping his beefy cock! This was real diplomacy. If the HEF was run by real men like him instead of those weak, hormonal bitches, Humanity would have probably been strong enough to take on the Kthid before they got out of their cradles!

Shale had been paying attention… in between doing what he said, Tikanii had been bringing him news. Their ship was here on some kind of operation, now that a construction project on the engines had been completed. Soon they were going to be underway again… and it was by then that he needed to be operational. He had a plan… he had already settled upon getting the rest of the crew addicted to the narcotic petals as well.

See, these bat-sluts weren’t the ones calling the shots here. They obeyed alien masters of their own. Shale had met one of them, a few times over the last couple of years… creepy bug people. The Captain of this ship and all of its officers were Lealings but it was the other aliens, these “advisors,” that seemed to actually call the shots… whatever they suggested, the bat-aliens did. They were already used to obeying a master… teaching them to obey him the way they obeyed them would be easy enough. He had had Tikanii starting to slip petals into the food of several other important men and – mostly – women. He hadn’t started teaching them the facts of life yet, but he would soon… once enough of the crew was addicted, he could begin to make his way through them quickly. The Faliran bugs, unfortunately, weren’t as susceptible… if they were, he would have already taken over the place. The bats were plenty dumb, but they got way dumber the longer they were on these drugs. Soon enough, enough of them would be incapacitated… the ship really didn’t have all that many aliens on it. Once he took care of them, he would probably need to kill their insect masters and then he would be the new master of the ship… and he would start his own empire.

All that stood in his way was a lack of flowers.

He kicked Ki’an’i in annoyance, making her grunt, her head shaking back and forth. Her hair wasn’t nearly as colorful as it once had been… not since he’d had her rip all the flowers out of her hair for him. He’d been taking a bit of time to stockpile them… it was one of the reasons he hadn’t begun enslaving the other Lealings earlier. He had been gathering them from her for the last few months but they didn’t grow back fast enough for his taste. It figured that he’d finally found a single thing that one of those dumb shrooms was good for, and she wasn’t even any good at that. Too bad he hadn’t had the foresight to bring along more swampy bitches to provide him with a narcotic garden… but it was too late for that now. All he had was that damnable former Security Officer… at least until he put a kid in her belly. The thought made him smirk… he was less breeding her than he was farming the mushroom bitch.

“You enjoying your meal back there, fuck-plant?” he mocked. 

The wet slurping sounds stopped for a second. “Yes, Master!” Ki’an’i whispered pathetically. 

Shale was laying on his back in a Y-like position, resting with both legs splayed out to the sides. As Tikanii bounced vigorously upon his stolid cock, the green-skinned whore lay on her belly in front of him and buried her pretty face into his taint. That way, Thomas was getting to penetrate the bat-woman’s pussy even while Ki’an’i lapped at his ballsack and perineum. He loved feeling that sodden muscle stroke against his most sensitive areas mid-fuck, and the fact that he knew she hated it – no matter what that lovely collar forced her to think – made it all the better for the stowaway criminal. This was the proper position for one of the Sethis, and yet another way he was living like a king. “You enjoy the taste, you Stupi-”  Shale stopped, enjoying the way she had tensed up as if he was going to, without thinking, say the phrase that would get her killed. In truth, he had long since broken the habit of reaching for his favorite name for her automatically… but he still enjoyed it when he didn’t think he had. “I mean… silly shroom?”  

“Yes master,” the Sethis choked out in between licks. “I love the taste of my master’s sweat and musk. I live to make him happy.” The lies came effortlessly to the bitch after years of wearing the collar… or maybe she wasn’t even lying anymore and really had internalized her new reality. It didn’t much matter, really. Ki’an’i was now more like his side-squeeze now… he’d been fucking that whore for years, and there was no bitch in the galaxy, no matter how fine, worthy of that much attention from Shale – He had grown tired of fucking that plant. Tikanii had been his main jizzmop for months now, and he definitely preferred the snugness of bat-pussy to what the Sethis could do for him. The ditzy slut might have been royally reamed out, but she was still very trainable… it had only taken him a few weeks to teach her how to squeeze her ass on him to make herself even tighter than she had been before. Unlike the worthless green bitch.

Before the discovery of the scalp petals having a real use, he had been idly playing with the idea of finally putting the dumb whore out of her misery every day, just to watch the light in her eyes go out… just to be rid of her. Not because he saw the ex-Security Officer of the Midgar-6 as a potential threat, of course. Thomas Shale held no fear for the athletic security officer who had once been known as Ki’an’i, not with the prisoner collar around her throat. All he had to do was say her real name, and the shroom would be a corpse… the same was true if she even considered the idea of injuring him. No, it was just because of the idea of her really, truly seeing, at that moment that she died, how worthless he considered her.

But he needed her flowers. For now.

Avaricious like some ogre, Thomas Shale filled his spoon with another mouthful. He had grown quite lazy lately… His property was more fucking him than he was fucking them. It was understandable… why should he move when he had slaves to tend to his every desire? All the luxurious foodstuff the Lealings were serving him probably wasn’t helping. They must have incredible metabolisms – It was how they could eat all the fucking fruit all the time, and now their delicious shit was making him fat. Well, fuck it… the Emperor could have a belly if he damn well chose. Who would tell him otherwise? It wasn’t like he needed to impress some slut to get her to spread her legs. “So, tell me more about this mission you’re on!” the bald-headed criminal barked, wiping his chin with a forearm. 

Panting heavily, the Lealing found it difficult to respond. Once she had been taciturn regarding the nature of the ship’s mission, but her controlling drug addiction’s intoxicating effects had loosened her tongue over time just as thoroughly as Thomas’s cock had loosened her pussy. This ship was on no normal patrol or navigational quest but something far grander. In truth, Thomas didn’t care all that much – regardless of what it was they wouldn’t be doing it once he finished taking over – but more information was always good, and the years onboard this spacecraft didn’t give him much to do. Living in isolation, even the quests of these ditzy bat creatures seemed like points of interest. 

Shale spanked her rear thrice with the spoon so to quicken her tongue. “Get on it with!” he spat.

“We… finished installing the new engine yesterday,” she panted while bouncing her sexy body atop his hard-on. “N-Namo gave us instructions. Took him… took h-him nearly two years to finish drawing the whole thing out, and another year to build it here in space.”

Shale made a face. “Namo is one of the freaky bug bastards, right?” he said slowly, pretty sure he was right. The Lealing’s ass could be awfully distracting when she was actually trying properly.

“Y-yes!” she spat out. “They’re doing tests on it now… see if it really is going to let us go through the wormholes.”

“A Lilis drive?” Shale spat, mocking, incredulous laughter spilled out of his lips. “You mean to tell me one of you alien idiots thinks you made a Lilis drive in just a few years? It’s lucky for you I’m taking over… otherwise you stupid fucks are liable to blow us all to hell.” He scoffed, slapping her ass with the spoon again. “Why did you want one, anyway?”

“There are… there is… big battle. We are… we are heading there!” Tikanii choked out.

“Huge battle?” Thomas said while dragging his spoon against the bottom of the bowl so to scoop up some chunky pieces. “Why would you big-ears want to go there?”   

“O-One of our people is among them. W-We were asked to help. The mission is secret, secret! Nobody is supposed to know! Especially not the enemy!” the Lealing admitted, her visage an exhausted rictus, her petite mouth exhaling hard. 

“Enemy? A war?” Thomas said with his mouth full. “Seems like an excellent reason to head in the opposite direction to me. Bah! Don’t give a shit,” he snapped. The tingling growing within his balls meant that the criminal was suddenly more interested in his cock than the stupid plans of some ditzy sluts. Shale’s dick was getting ready to explode, and as far as he was concerned the hard-bouncing bat-girl had earned her fix of the other most important drug in her life… a gallon of Human nut cream. 

Refilling his mouth one last time, Thomas Shale slackened all of the muscles of his body so to allow the pleasure to consume him. In a state of blissful languor, he allowed his barely-sentient fleshlight to bring him to orgasm, satisfying his lusty libido just as he had done his bottomless belly. Tikanii’s twat slotted itself on top of his thick, swollen club while Ki’an’i’s tongue diligently scooped against the underside of his balls, and Shale found himself deep in purely masculine heaven among the stars. No wonder those Kthid scoured the galaxy in search of pristine cunt… there was nothing like being the stud that all the bitches had to worship!

Tikanii voiced her cry of overwhelmed defeat as Thomas climaxed inside her – her lengthy tail flopping around as it happened and her wings flapping in an involuntary spasm. His virile Terran seed spurted his DNA into her feminine chalice and sullied that warm, pulsing slot while she moaned, feeling every spurt deep inside of her. There really was quite nothing like cumming inside a clasping asshole. Human, Sethis, Lealing… they all made the same sounds when getting humiliatingly creampied. For Shale, it was proof that he was in the right to abuse them all – they were all, one and all, the same, mere targets for his masculine desires.  

As his balls churned and pumped his seed, Ki’an’i’s tongue stroked against those bloated and hairy testicles. Her tongue rubbed against their fatness so snugly that the Shroom could practically feel the individual gobs coming as they propelled through his seminal tubes just beneath the skin. It intensified his paroxysm to something far greater than a normal orgasm. Thomas Shale felt inordinately exalted, far more so than any of the supposedly-heroic bitches the Federation wanted to worship. It was as if his blood was on fire… At this moment, he felt more like a god than a man.

For really, what was the difference in this galaxy?

“Uuuggh!” he groaned vigorously, twisting and jerking upon the bed. In his spasms, the stew partly spilled out of the bouncing bowl and onto his arm. Sweaty, face stained with food, and more than a little disgusting after not having bothered to bathe in weeks, Shale was now a male that no woman would voluntarily go to bed with… but that didn’t matter. Who asked a bitch what they wanted? After all, Shale had boarded the Midgar-6 as a hunted criminal, and now he was on top of the world and well on the way to being the warlord of his own starship!

When Thomas had, at last, finished emptying his nuts inside the pretty alien bitch above him, his still-rigid dick popped out of the Lealing’s ruined, enflamed asshole. Immediately, Ki’an’i began sucking on that meaty prong – the whorish behavior well ingrained into her will by now, her degradation complete. However, right now, Thomas Shale desired something else. “Nah! Lick your cunt-friend instead! Drugs aren’t the only thing she should be getting from you… I want proper tonguing! Clean up her jizzed up asshole until it’s stainless for me… eat up all of the spunk I dumped in there! Jizz is just the sort of thing you shrooms need to eat!” the crude brute sternly ordered.

Promptly, the degraded Sethis Templar shifted her target from cock to ass. Her cock-sucking lips attached over that sloppy, raped hole and commenced tonguing and sucking the snug, muscular pit that had just brought him so much pleasure. Ki’an’i had sensed that gunky jizz flowing out from Thomas through her tongue on his balls, and now she was getting the opportunity to eat it up as well. She did without protest, of course… she did everything without protest. It amused Shale to think about. The hard-ass little bitch had caused him so much trouble once on the ship as she investigated him, but now the silly little slut couldn’t think about doing anything that would displease him. Slovenly gulping sounds filled the room as she swallowed the invading spunk found within her ass, the drugged-out Lealing whimpering at the odd sensation of having her recently-filled pit emptied into the mouth of her guest. 

“See! The dirty shroom loves eating human jizz!” Shale told the drugged-out and impressionable bat-slut. “All of them are as whorish as her!”

“Y-Yes, Master Shale,” the confused bat alien responded while glaring down at the frenzied cum-slurping happening to her, not even sure what she was saying, nor why it was so important that the Sethis woman licked at her. “I understand, Master Shale.”

“I very much doubt that,” Shale said with a smirk. “Seeing as you’re an empty-headed cunt. But don’t worry… that’s the highest virtue for a Human woman. You fit right in. Aren’t you glad?”

“Yes, Master Shale,” Tikanii repeated dully.

Shale laughed. He thought about playing with her empty head some more but seeing Ki’an’i devour his hot creamy jizz like Thomas was devouring his stew refired the lust in his brawny loins. It was a sexy sight, telling women to do things they would never do except for the command of their owner. He was under no illusions that Ki’an’i was enjoying the taste. In fact, that disgust made the scene all the sexier. Enjoying both this lewdness and his food made Thomas’s rigid cock twitch, and he decided he would rather play with one of her empty holes, instead.   

Ki’an’i quickly finished her task. She cleaned out Tikanii’s latest load from her ass before turning her attention to Lealing pussy, chasing after some of the semen that had come before… licking it so thoroughly that her labia seemed even cleaner and glistening than it had before Shale had ever gotten started with her. As soon as she was done, Thomas Shale was on the move. Fighting his blissful, pleasant fatigue, he rose up onto his knees atop that mattress so that his body was positioned behind the Tikanii, his thick, swollen flesh rod jutting towards her toned, athletic ass. It only took him a minute to decide which hole to use… while the alien’s pussy was pleasant enough there really was no substitute for the ditzy girl’s tiny asshole. The Terran criminal seized her tail and yanked it sidewards so that it would not block his access, and as soon as his rigid dick poked against Tikanii’s rear with its bulbous hardness, the young alien elicited some petulant whine and wished to scamper away. “No…” she protested weakly, her voice a squeak. “Not in there… It hurts too much…”

Shale grinned. He always loved it when he decided it was time to pound her at his pace. It was always fun because, for a few minutes of pain, that sensation even broke through her addiction and she would want him out of her body even more than she wanted her next fix. It always took her mind back before he finished, of course… the little crack-whore of an alien slut was nothing if not consistent. “Ah but don’t you see!?” he crudely blurted while pawing with his fists, in search of some handhold over her slender body. “Whenever I fuck you, you get more of the shroom’s flowers… and you love those, don’t you?” He snickered, slapping her ass once and making her jump. “And because you love them you want more of them? So sex is good, don’t you see? It gives more delicious petals!”

Despite how transparently sleazy that explanation was, it seemed Shale’s words proved convincing enough to mollify Tikanii’s active resistance. She couldn’t possibly be so dumb as still not realize that this wasn’t normal, but the time that she could have done anything about it was past… she needed her next fix now more than she needed air or food. Tikanii yielded to the criminal – though not verbally acquiescing, she ceased trying to scamper away, in the process allowing Shale to seize hold of her. They ended up in the familiar doggy position, with the bat-girl down on all fours and Shale in position to master her rear from behind. As always and ever, Thomas Shale ended up winning and getting what he desired. 

And he shoved.

“IIAAHHH!” Tikanii sharply cried as his cock forced itself into her asshole, feeling immense pain as her already-swollen sphincter was distorted to unnatural dimensions by the human’s thick cock. Only his bulbous head peaked in, having muscled itself past the newly cleaned ring of her shitter, but she was reacting as though he had rammed his whole fist up there. Instead of gripping her hips as usual or having her bounce, the big-bodied criminal had elected to use her leathery wings for handholds. He reached down, grabbed them, and pulled on them for leverage, straining the area where they connected to her shoulder blades, threatening the outgrowths like mere reins. For a moment it looked like they were about to tear off like parchment, causing Tikanii an immense amount of pain. “Giiaah! No! Stop! Please, Master Shale!” the alien whined in her high-pitched voice. 

“Didn’t you listen to what I just said!?” Shale waspishly snapped. “Pain leads to petals, didn’t you hear!? Pain is good, you see? The harder I fuck you, the more pleasure you will get to experience!” He slammed his dick further forward, making her cry out again. “That is what you want, isn’t it? That’s what you’ve been wanting this whole time!”

Once again, instead of agreeing or disagreeing, Tikanii resolved to simply surrender to the authority of what he had said. Because of it, her face ended up grimacing horrifically with pain as tears ran down the dumb addict’s face, and he used his newly-established anal beachhead for a further and more violent invasion. Ki’an’i’s slutty tongue had lapped up more of what made her slick down here and barely replaced it with a spit polish, making her as tight as ever, and Shale needed to push aggressively to bury all of his shaft alongside that knobby tip inside her cramped ass. The way he gripped her wings as if happened made it look like he was holding onto the handlebars of a motorcycle, more than raping some stupid slut. “Yes! You want to be sodomized, you vapid bat-slut! You want to take my thick man-meat up your shitter!” He shook his head, his lips curling in a snarl. “All of you treacherous, lying, stupid women want that! White, black, green, or fucking grey… All of you know, deep down, it’s all you’re good for! You trade cock teasing for whatever you want, be it petals, protection, money, anything, and get surprised when we just fucking take it!” the big-bodied crook thundered as he began ramming his hard-on into Tikanii’s rear, punishing that dainty ass with ferocious, walloping strokes. 

“Aaaaah!” Tikanni cried out again once the agony became too overwhelming. “P-please! You’re hurting me Master Shale! Please! Please make it stop!” Thomas, however, was through with arguing with the braindead whore. He sawed his girthy dick into that tiny orifices like a devil-possessed brute, whole body lurching back and forth as he humped her like a rabid dog.

Shale was riding high on the pleasure and the exhilaration. This had to be the… the 8th or 9th time today he’d fucked the whore, and his cock was still hard as a rock and excited, his heart still racing with excitement and pleasure. It was like a furor had broken out inside his blood. It seemed like the more he fucked her the hornier he got, his dick painfully rigid, so swollen with enraged blood that he was shocked he didn’t black out. It didn’t bother him to be like this, of course… It made his flesh rod all the better of a weapon, like a truncheon or a baton. All he fundamentally cared about was using it to plug and unplug the petite girl’s rectum and how amazing it felt to do so. Adrenaline was running wild, his heart going a thousand beats a minute, and he was pretty sure that he had never felt this dominant during sex before.

Perhaps it was some aphrodisiac in the food? These fruits were spicy… it was possible they were affecting him more than their other foods had. It was possible. Or, as he considered while violently thumping his dick into Tikanii’s rear, maybe his biology and mind were just readjusting to being a king with a harem that would be getting all the cunt he could ever want? Yeah… that was it. The most powerful human men had always had access to as much pussy as they could ever have wanted and acted accordingly, and Thomas was now the most powerful man in the galaxy… This was just his time to shine! From now on he would be a goddamn sex machine if he wanted to be… He would fuck these bitches however he wanted, whenever he wanted, and he would take no goddamn lip from any of them. The urge to do so was screaming inside his head, thumping like a drum, and the entire Galaxy of fuckable meat was his for the taking

In an outburst of rage, Shale unhanded one of Tikanni’s wings and instead seized her by the ear. He yanked on it, almost like a parent disciplining an unruly child, and the Lealing’s head strained backward as far her neck would allow and the drugged-up girl’s mouth transformed into a chasm of shrieks. “EEEYYYYAAAHHH IT HURTS!”

“DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME GIRL!” he snarled. “I’ve fucked plenty of drugged-out whores back on Earth! You all say the same shit! That they can’t take it… that it hurts too much! But I ain’t fucked one of you whores to death yet, and I’ve tried. They bitch and moan and whine and cry and then they start whoring for junk and they’ll do anything for it. Just like you!” the hard-thrusting stowaway bellowed, veins popping upon his biceps and forehead while his bulging eyes filled with rage. The man’s whole body was in a state of absolute physical tension, the cords on his neck standing out as well. Hot sweat likewise poured down his physique. It was as if he existed within some sort of whirlwind of fury. 

Memories started glimmering across his feverish mind as he acted out his hatred for all womankind. He saw his previous victims as they suffered before him while being sawed into, tossing and writhing underneath his lurching bulk. The whores he ran, the women had abused. Experiencing the tight clasp of Tikanii’s asshole furthered his hypnotic throwback, reminding his body what it had been like to fuck them as well. Faces melted into faces, women replaced by women, Sethis lineaments interspersed among humans. They had all been disposable. None of them had any value. Thomas flashbacks went all the way back to the very first woman he had fucked, when his ‘brothers’ and ‘cousins’ had guided him into how to violate a woman while they were in the orphanage, wrestling her down on the outskirts of the city and then going to town on her one by one. He had almost forgotten that that had happened… It had been buried under so many other events in his life. All those memories seemed so far gone. 

Tikanii screamed as he punted his weight against her ass so hard that her bones rattled. If their chamber wasn’t soundproof, Shale wondered if her screeching wouldn’t have woken the whole ship by now. Ki’an’i knelt beside the bed, timidly watching the violent anal rape occur in front of her with big, glassy, downcast eyes, dismayed but doing absolutely nothing to stop it – almost looking frozen like a statue, just the way Thomas Shale wanted a woman to be. Maybe he should rape her next… she might be learning to expect to be ignored. It would be good to surprise her. He could do it, too… his surging adrenaline seemed never-ending.

Conscious of the fact that he was fucking a dirty, worthless alien bitch, Shale took the opportunity to yank and pull at every outgrowth he could clasp. He sunk claw-like fingers into those leathery wings and virtually tried to snap them off he tugged so hard. Her ears he pulled on like handles until it seemed like Tikanii’s head might pop off like that of a doll. He was as adept at hurting extraterrestrials as he was Human women. He used his closed fists to wail on the Lealing’s ass even while straddling her. Nowhere was his attention gentle. “It hurts! It hurts! Master Shale, why… why are you doing this to me?” Tikanni repeated in her drug-addled confusion, burying her head in the mattress. 

“Because it’s supposed to hurt, you dumb bat!” Shale laughed. “That’s what it means to be a split-tail. Uuughh… this is the best sex I can remember!” Shale groaned in pleasure while swinging his pelvis against her upraised rear. “Fwwuughhhh! You going to be getting a lot of petals after this! Daddy Shale will keep you drugged and happy, you tight little bat-brained slut! I’ll breed a dozen more of that shroom if I need to to keep your people in supply! He was screaming now, his whole bald head having reddened like a tomato and perspiration cascading down his rutting body like some tumultuous waterfall. 

What better feeling than to destroy a woman with sex? To batter her asshole until that whole thing was mangled and worthless? To use a hard-on that mattered more to the galaxy than her whole damn species was to bludgeon all their feminine mystique and grandeur out of them and leave them nothing but a hollow fleshlight… now that was true virility! Fuck them and hurt them at once, making them fulfill both of their womanly purposes in one stroke! In Thomas Shale’s adrenaline-drunk mind, these thoughts seemed like the greatest of epiphanies… He had stumbled into all a man needed to know in life.

In this state of euphoric bliss, Thomas Shale felt himself approaching orgasm. Initially, the mouthing fission within his dick was almost indistinguishable as that weapon blazed so red-hot that it had almost grown numb. However, stroking into Tikanii’s asshole, the magical moment was definitively oncoming. Just a few more thumbs and he would feel the pleasure of the superior sex, stolen from her tight body. Thrusting even harder, he ran towards a triumphant climax.

And then an intense pain hit him in the chest like a club.

A stinging pain that made him clutch at his chest like he could grab the pain beneath the surface and rip it out, pulsed inside him. It quickly radiated outward into his left arm. It felt to Shale as if a giant fist had seized hold of his heart and clutched. Being so perilously close to orgasm, Thomas Shale existed in a headlong race towards making his dick squeeze out the coming jizz, and his body refused to pull out of Tikanii’s clenching, pained asshole even as the agony gripped him… but as much as it hurt, it grew worse by the second until it was paralyzingly intense. His hard-laboring thews gassed out and became as if petrified, reacting only to jolts of hurt that swarmed through his nerves. Shale attempted to scream but only a waft of air escaped his lungs. He attempted to move but his body would not let him. 

Instead of moving, he fell over sideways while stiff as a statue, dick still painfully erect as he collapsed. The big-bodied criminal rolled against the mattress and then tumbled off its side, landing in a vaguely supine position while staring up at the ceiling. His mouth was open and his tongue was swollen like a person being garroted. The stew fell down after him, said bowl upending and spilling its brownish contents all over the floor. 

What had happened? 

He had just felt so powerful… Now, all that he felt was the agony within his ribcage and the warmness of the spilled stew touching his flesh. 

“Master needs help,” Ki’an’i said, her voice robotically calm, emotionless save for the urgency. Yes, yes he did… bless that whore, and bless that collar and whoever had made it. If he ever made it back to earth with his harem, he swore he would find the inventor and show him just how useful it could be. She would-

The Shroom promptly knelt down beside him and locked their lips together, breathing in as she began to perform CPR on him. That daft bitch… didn’t she realize that he needed assistance from someone who knew what they were doing? Didn’t this ship have doctors? Thomas felt her gushing oxygen swelling up his lungs and then they deflated upon reset. During all this, his mind existed within a state of slow-addled bewilderment. It was as if his sluggish thoughts were aloof from his body and hanging in the air. Confusing his thoughts, even more, was the heady pleasure emanating from his still rage-stiff erection. His cataleptic state hadn’t softened that meat club even a bit. What had happened? How could this have happened? 

The shroom came down for a second deep breath into his lungs. Once again, his chest swelled. 

He had seen this condition numerous times before. For all of his surprise at this physical collapse, it was not a bodily reaction that Thomas Shale was unfamiliar with. It was a… heart attack? He had seen them many times, usually with an overdose on stimulants, see it happen to junkies who died on the streets. His heart was hammering in his chest, each thud feeling like he was being stabbed.

Ki’an’i performed the life-saving maneuver a third time. 

Now with hindsight, he could identify all the warning signs. His initial malady-like fatigue. His blood ran hotter than it had ever done before. His tumultuous rage and sweating. All signs of drugs messing with his physiological coherency. But how could…

He had taken no drugs…

Thomas Shale’s eyes fixed on Ki’an’i’s hair… the mostly plain hair with almost no petals left… and he realized what had happened. His dying flesh filled with the coldness of acute shock. He had, for weeks, been frustrated that her petals weren’t growing back quick enough for him. That her body wasn’t producing fast enough. He had ever let her have some real food and sleep but it had barely helped, and he had just damned her for being useless at literally everything… and yet the truth had been in front of him this whole time! How could he not have noticed!?

His eyes flicked toward the fallen stew. The stew she had prepared for him. The stew had eaten to practically the last drop.

Sethis stimulants weren’t that strong to humans. He liked how they felt, but they barely provided a high. Mostly they just made him a little hornier, a little more awake. Just one or two would have had practically no effect… but many of them combined with the kind of strenuous activity of fucking…

The cold shock was replaced with the madness of murderous rage. He was not going to get taken by that dumb slut’s ruse.

Summoning all of his fury, Thomas Shale’s lips moved, the man breathing out as he spoke. “Stu-”

He had barely begun to speak the words before Ki’an’i locked lips with him again, breathing into him in an attempt to save his life… and her own. With the tag of her lips, every attempt to articulate the killing word of her prison collar came out in muffled grunts and moans. Shale struggled and groaned as he tried to speak her death and all that came out were mumbled sounds and interrupted phrases. She wasn’t giving CPR to try and save him. She just wanted to be there to block his vocal cords in case she needed to. He tried anyway. “’Thupd thuum!” he growled. He raised his hands and tried to push at her but he felt so weak, so powerless… Their mutual body weight held him down. He kept trying to push her off and scream the words, uncaring that the effort almost choked him as his tongue swelled up. “’Thupid Sh- AGH!”

That whore had bit his tongue! 

His tongue burned and bled between her teeth as she held it stationary, and despite his attempts, he couldn’t manage to force out the words to end her. How was she doing this? How was the stupid fucking bitch doing this?! Darkness began to throng around the edges of Shale’s vision, creeping towards the center of her view like some infesting disease. Only too late did he realize that this was the numb embrace of death crawling up his skin.

The end came as a shocking surprise to Thomas Shale. Just like his unarticulated kill word, the criminal stowaway of the Midgar-6 did not have the strength to blare with all the anger of his soul at what this fucking Sethis whore had done to him.

He could not believe that he had been outsmarted by a stupid shro-

Sitting on her knees beside Shale’s barely living form, Ki’an’i stared into the criminal’s glassy eyes which peered lifeless and unfocused up at the ceiling, his body in the middle of a heart attack. Remaining calm was difficult, but she had to do it. Her master was counting on her.

Over on the bed, Tikanii lay face down against the bed. The poor girl seemed to have passed out, overwhelmed by pain and exhaustion the moment Shale stopped fucking her. She was such an innocent creature, unable to even comprehend the evil Thomas Shale had tricked her into. She shouldn’t need to. It wasn’t fair… but Ki’an’i hadn’t been able to protect her from it.

The Sethis walked over to the bed and softly rolled Tikanii over to her back. In unconsciousness, the tortured tension upon her face had slipped away, revealing soft and unwrinkled skin that was stained with tears… almost like a child that had cried herself to sleep. It was for her sake that Ki’an’i had risked her life… but she couldn’t do anything more for her now. Now, she had to save her master. Just like she was supposed to.

Slowly, she picked him up. She was supposed to take care of his needs. The infirmary on their life pod… it would have the medical equipment to save his life. He hadn’t said what he wanted, so it was up to her to best fulfill his needs, and her interpretation was clear that he would want her to get him the medical treatment that she knew would work, not merely possible treatment. Her master didn’t trust the Lealings, he wouldn’t trust their medicine. He thought that they were idiots, and he wouldn’t trust their doctors. He needed to get to their own ship. Opening the door, the naked Sethis girl walked down the hallways, ignoring the looks of surprise and confusion from some of the passing Lealings. She had to hurry.

It had been hard… not just the hardest thing she had ever done, but the hardest thing she could even imagine doing. The Security Officer of the Midgar-6 felt like she should be experiencing a heart attack of her own, every instinct she had trying to make adrenaline flow and terror make her heart race but instead she forced herself to remain calm. Ki’an’i was almost afraid to embrace the fact that her plan had really worked. Death had seemed like such a certainty, but instead she was still alive.

Her prison collar had not killed her… but she still wore it.

The collar had an inbuilt emotion monitor. It tracked her heart rate, her adrenaline, and her brain activity to make the best guesses about her thoughts and intention, and ever since the first day she wore it, it was still set to electrocute her to death if Ki’an’i ever considered murderous thoughts towards her captor… hell, she put herself at risk by even thinking about doing anything dangerous to him. That was why she had to help him, of course… why she only ever helped him.

Everything she had done was for his benefit.

She knew that he wanted more of her flowers… that was why she had plucked some of them and stored them away, drying them, saving them for when he needed them. Master would like that.

She knew that he wanted her to make his meals, making the sorts of foods that the human liked… not too exotic, but spicy. Master would like that.

She knew that he sometimes snacked on her petals, that he had remarked that it was his favorite part of her, how he wished he could get rid of the rest of her and keep only that. She knew that he liked spice. Master would like it if he added some of the crushed-up powder to his meal. It wasn’t deliberate that he had been fucking her ass at the time and she had been distracted and accidentally tipped the whole bottle in… that wasn’t her fault, and it certainly wasn’t meant to hurt him. She could have warned him, of course, but Master always wanted her to be seen and not heard, to only speak when spoken to. Master was wise like that… he knew how to keep a woman in her proper place.

It was a weak set of pretenses, and only her Templar training had enabled her to keep those lines of thought intact, keep her mind from wandering off and away from the solid facts of what he thought and wanted and away from the implications that would have set her heart to racing, her adrenaline to spiking, and her collar to “on.” Anyone else’s mind would have wandered… anyone else would have let their rage and hatred corrupt their perfect, malicious obedience… but a Templar always had to control her emotions. Fear killed rational thought and planning, so a Templar instead needed to kill fear. To do that, she had trained tirelessly to be able to kill all doubt, all rage, and all excitement and look at the situation with nothing but her logical mind. It was a mindset decades in the building… and it had availed her nothing as hundreds of Kthid had raped her for two straight days until she was so exhausted and weak that even a babe with a razor could have broken her. Tonight, though…

Tonight she had been ready. She had slipped into a combat trance, fully embracing the logical delusion, as one step at a time she had accidentally caused a tragic overdose.

The cognitive toll that this had taken on her was immense… Ki’an’i had started this plan several months ago, but it was only as she began to build up a critical mass of petals that it suddenly became real to her – the moment her concentration started to become a threat to her master was the moment the collar was always in danger of killing her if she lost control. After that point, she had spent the last month living under this mental strain, barely sleeping but barely awake during the day out of sheer exhaustion. Every pluck of a petal, every hidden leaf tucked into a book to dry, every one she had ground up into power and prepared for this day had been done under the shadow of potential death where her self-delusions to break apart. Even now she could not celebrate her master’s demise. Now, with every step, she only saw Tikanii.

It was for her sake that Ki’an’i had risked her life. She probably never would have found the strength if her hell remained only between her and Shale… but the security officer had joined the HEF, had learned to fight, and had become a Templar because she wanted to protect people. She could not allow that fat, ugly, cruel moooooaaaster hurt Tikanii too. Enslave the ship? Take it over as his own private fiefdom? She couldn’t let it happen. These people were innocent. They had taken them in, saved their lives, and gained nothing from it… Ki’an’i would not allow them to pay for that kindness. Ki’an’i had to help them – help kind, innocent Tikanii – even at the risk of her own existence.

And now… it was finally all over.

The escape pod was still right where they had left it, hooked up to the ship. Silently, Ki’an’i broke the seal on the pod and walked in, and gently, carefully laid her master down on the bed. His heart was still racing. There were medicines on the ship that could help him… overdosing on the Sethis lotus wasn’t common, but it had happened before, and counteracting it wasn’t all that hard. He would be able to get them from here. He would be able to help himself.

Master didn’t want her help… she was stupid and worthless, and good for nothing, he told her that several times a day. Just like he told her that he didn’t trust the Lealings, and didn’t want them looking after him. Speaking of… master would be very upset if Lealings were to find him here and see him vulnerable. Master hated being vulnerable… he always locked their room door. Ki’an’i would make sure he wouldn’t be disturbed.

As she left the pod, Ki’an’i took one last look at her master. His ugly face was caught in a nasty rictus of pain and rage. His extremities were twisted as if petrified mid-spasm. The only part of his body which still moved was the irritable twitching of his engorged manhood. The bulbous tip of that fleshy erection had grown so swollen and red that it looked ready to explode, as if all of his infuriated life essence remained only there. 

He was sick, injured, his body mostly still. He was still alive, though… he just needed medical attention. But that was ok. The escape pod had medical facilities. Even if it would be difficult for him to use them like this, he would still be far better at it than a dumb, worthless shroom like her. Someone as smart and capable as her master wouldn’t need any help from her. Ki’an’i turned, set the pod’s airlock to seal, then strode out and shut the door to the pod. The ship was locked down now… without someone from the inside opening, or an override password from the Captain or one of the Exalted, it wouldn’t open. No one would be going in after him now… master could recover in peace. No one would disturb him or threaten him while he recovered.

Master would like that.

So she stayed, waiting, looking through the airlock for her master to save himself. And because of that, she saw the moment that that swollen manhood stopped twitching. 

He was dying. She had to do something. He wasn’t acting to save himself. Surely he would want her to do something… so she tried to lever the locked door open again, trying to reach him, to save him… helplessly held back by the airlock as she watched Thomas Shale die.

Her master’s cock went flaccid like a withering flower, not just decreasing in size but almost seeming to rot away into some grayish husk. All the will to violate went out of it. His cock deflated, becoming as worthless as the rest of him. Thomas Shale had journeyed to parts of the universe no human had ever before visited and encountered aliens likewise never before seen… And all he had done there was spread his barbaric lusts. 

He would never hurt another soul ever again…  

The Templar remembered the words that Thomas Shale had burned into her thighs. “Property of Thomas Shale,” he had written. Only… that was no longer true, was it? After years adrift in space with him as his constant tormentor, Ki’an’i was finally free. She had avenged as much of the evil that he had done since boarding the Midgar-6 as she could.

It was finally over.

With that exhilarating thought, her entire mental facade threatened to crumble… and after weeks and weeks of living like this, Ki’an’i was not up for stopping it anymore. Given that, she did the only sensible thing she could. She stopped holding back the dark embrace of oblivion that had been threatening to swallow her for sleepless nights and trackless days, weeks and weeks on end. Her legs gave out and she fell, but before her knees hit the floor the exhausted Sethis Templar was fast asleep and drifting through a dreamless eternity.

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4 thoughts on “Event Horizon – Chapter 15 – The Shell Game

  1. You know, I didn’t really want to do another Shale chapter, so it took me a while to push through this.

    Speaking of which…

    *sigh* Let’s just…savor it, shall we?

    Returning to Shale after all the war chapters does rather remind me how much of a lesser villain he is, with none of the grandeur the Kthid villains have. Don’t get me wrong, he does presumably have some level of skill to pull off the criminal stuff he did back on Earth, but in comparison…to paraphrase a Death Battle summary, Sarcand and Voerash are warriors. Shale is a bully.

    Shale was proud of himself… he figured this must have been what it felt like to be Caeser.

    I’ll take “hilariously wrong” for $400, Alex. Oh look, the Daily Double.

    I also love the thought that this comparison was made specifically to outrage one member of your audience. 😀

    I am somewhat dubious of the feasibility of Shale’s plan. This may be a scientific vessel jury-rigged into a military one, but I don’t think he can exactly solo the Faliran crewmembers. Admittedly, I’d love to see him try and pick them off, one by one, only to discover the hive mind at an inconvenient moment.

    Of course, if we did that, then we wouldn’t have the glorious moment where he realizes that he should have thought more about how Ki’an’i’s flowers didn’t seem to be growing back the way he expected…

    The explanation of how Ki’an’i managed this is also just fantastic. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Celeste’s “pink elephants” thing in LF3, but there is a subtle difference. Celeste was preventing a mental circuit from completing until the moment was right. Ki’an’i must act on the very thing she’s trying not to think about, all while providing alternate explanations for why she’s doing what she’s doing, constantly breaking a circuit that’s trying to close.

    Tonight she had been ready. She had slipped into a combat trance, fully embracing the logical delusion, as one step at a time she had accidentally caused a tragic overdose.

    Finally, there is something deeply funny to me about the fact that Ki’an’i measures whether or not Shale’s still alive by the state of his dick. It really is the essence of who he is, isn’t it?

    Well, as good as that was, Ki’an’i unfortunately isn’t entirely out of the woods. The collar is still on her, and it may be a challenge to get it off.

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