Event Horizon – Chapter 19 – The Experiment

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Ri’she’a heard crazed alien snarling from the moment that she entered the observation room.

Despite the presence of many uniformed officers and white-coated scientists, the petal-haired Sethis woman froze on the spot from hearing that bestial snarl of rage. It was loud, furious, and threatening… it called back to ancient instincts of fearing predators, and more recent ones too. It threw her mind back to the Midgar-6’s spacious corridors where those berserk Space Demons had chased after them like hounds after a fox, and despite herself, she stood there, momentarily frozen as if the predatory snarls were chilling her legs to nothing.

As she stood by that doorway, however, Evangeline noticed her. The blonde engineer promptly scurried up to the helmswoman, clasping her upon the shoulder. “Where have you been?” she asked, her voice somewhat… intense. Her eyes were really focused even since she got back from assisting the soldiers in repelling the Kthid boarding… something about it was obviously vexing her. “You’re barely in time. Doctor Nyckel is about to run some tests for us on the captive.”

“This is the one?” Ri’she’a asked, looking through the window. The large palatial window facing the laboratory was swarmed with people, forcing the duo to elbow themselves into the crowd to try and get a good vantage point.

“Yeah… the only one we managed to capture when he invaded the ship. From what I gather, she is very eager to examine him and study their biology.” The engineer practically muscled Ri’she’a forward and towards the seat. “Sit down, you’re making me nervous.”  

The room they sat in was dark and covered in shadows, cast in stark relief by how absolutely saturated with extreme glaring brightness the laboratory was, the crowd of observers blocking the bright lights. Only one woman stood by the window, seemingly unbothered by the bright light shining right into her face. Admiral Chanda Sakar peered through the observation window with arms folded and her expression stern. “Was it really necessary to show us the sedation process too, doctor?” the Admiral asked her counterpart on the other side of that glass, the intercom buzzing.

“Not everyone onboard has seen the Kthid when they are in their murder frenzy,” Frida answered from the other side of the glass while carefully stocking a syringe with liquid, drawing that sedative substance from a glass bottle lined with numerous warning symbols. “Especially not in the flesh. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s quite a sight to behold.”

“And you are certain this is the right chemical compound?” the Admiral asked.

“Near as,” she said. It was a testament to the Doctor’s nerves that she didn’t jump nor flinch while positioned so close to that maniacal, hard-lurching predator. “We ran blood tests, their blood is remarkably similar to ours, and every mammal on Earth reacts much the same way to the same sedatives. The chemical receptors of these Kthid are practically identical.” The very angry specimen she was speaking about laid slantwise upon a reclined metal chair, steel manacles encircling his body parts at a dozen different places. Despite the unbreakability of this bondage he nevertheless struggled against his restraints with madcap fanaticism and strength. Throughout it all the rapacious alien’s deep-crimson eyes seemed to almost glow, insane with omnicidal madness — every snarl he uttered exposed rows of stalactite-sharp teeth.

Immobilizing the terror lizard’s tail had proved especially difficult. It currently lay crushed underneath his hindquarters and was then allowed to jut sidewards, allowing its end to protrude out from his bulk and flop around freely. This rendered access to that side of his body inaccessible to Frida and her two assistants, the two medical aids present in the room with her. Were they to approach him from that angle, the beast’s bludgeoning appendage would swat at them and likely leave at least one major bone broken.

“GGAAAARRGG!!!” the subject thundered his rage, a draconic roar of such stentorian ferocity that it had not been heard on Earth since the time of the dinosaurs. There were a lot of concerned faces on Ri’she’a’s side of the observation window, mouths slightly open and eyes wide. It was especially true of those that weren’t from a combat-military background, administrators, and logicians. Ri’she’a was very sympathetic to their fright – she shared it. The very existence of these gigantic malachite aliens was simply too ferocious to be believed — let alone that so many billions of them were coming to kill and enslave them all.

“I was told that these Kthid were able to speak,” admiral Chanda remarked, her voice seemingly untouched by the primal savagery before her. “Even the casteless, savage ones. Yet this one doesn’t speak… Only snarl. Why is that, Doctor?”

“Oh they speak well enough, Admiral,” Frida responded, the white-garbed Doctor somehow appearing even more unflappable than the Admiral was. “Our translation software is close enough in accuracy, I assure you. My patient here said some very unflattering and lewd words to me as I was strapping him in. I believe that his current condition is merely the result of rage and kamikaze kill frenzy around alien races… especially women. The behavior seems partly biological and partly conditioned, I think. After all, if every Kthid proved this thoughtlessly mad then the species would still reside in the iron age.”

The Space-Dragon roared while stiffening all of his thews, and the speaker a second later answered – “CUNT!” they bellowed, translating the fury into words. The curse was an island of comprehension amidst an ocean of savagery. It hardly seemed different than the rest of the snarling, but it was articulated words in there somewhere.

“Ah! See! He can speak!” Frida reported, having now loaded her syringe to the proper amount. “Prepare the subject.”

The scientist had two white-clad nurses along to assist her, research assistants. One was Tatiana Contreras, a resident of Mars. The other was her counterpart, Mi’li’la of Set III, the verdant jewel just beneath the fleet and homeworld of her species. To Ri’she’a’s eyes, neither of them looked qualified to be there, and it wasn’t just due to their apparent youth and inexperience. Instead of shaking like most of the others, they appeared absolutely petrified with apprehension at standing this close to that hyper-vigorous green behemoth. Both sported eyes that were rounded wells of bottomless terror, their expressions rendered all the more pronounced and emphasized due to the face masks shielding the bottom of their faces. Tatiana’s skin was dark with luscious black hair, while Mi’li’la’s flowers were mostly white and red atop her verdant skin. Their hair was tied back beneath tight, almost cute-looking caps cresting their crowns, and they both looked… surprisingly… fetching in their outfits, the medical outfits surprisingly tight when compared to Dr. Nyckel’s loose coat. They looked like eye candy compared to the serious-looking doctor… it struck Ri’she’a as odd. They certainly hadn’t been selected for their nerves.  

“Miss Contreras, please proceed,” Frida stated, handing the Martian woman the syringe without even looking in her direction.

Tatiana gazed at the long-needled syringe, then over at the mad-thrashing reptile, and then back at the syringe. She visibly gawked underneath that mask at what she was being called on to do. Frida Nyckel did not take the hint, however… she simply held that syringe before her until Tatiana felt pressured by the circumstances to have it accepted. Sheepishly, she stalked over to that metal seating, avoiding the one side where his swooshing tail would have smashed into her. Arriving beside him, she stood there holding the syringe as if not knowing what to do next. “This specimen is a young one, I think,” Frida remarked while re-snapping her doctor’s gloves. “I don’t have much of a baseline, but based on bone sizing and rippling he isn’t finished growing yet. Their metabolism is incredible… based on what I’ve seen so far, it’s likely this one was born sometime after the attack of the Midgar-6 even. They grow up fast.”

Chanda’s eyes remained bullet-hard behind the armored glass, observing the scientist instead of the creature as she turned to face him. “Is that a problem?”

“It’s good! Provides us with a full assortment of their hormones to study,” Nyckel enthusiastically assessed. “The vigor of youth always brings with it the biggest treasure trove of chemistry. Best for understanding them. Pierce him by the jugular, wouldn’t you dear? That’s one of the few spots where his natural scales and ridges are thinnest, you’ll have the easiest time getting into his bloodstream.”

A still awestruck Tatiana Contreras gazed towards his throat as if only now realizing that it was there. She turned that needle tip towards him, aiming for that bit of fleshiness. Seeing the sharpened device, the mad-eyed Space Dragon chopped and chewed with his humongous fangs towards her, futilely trying to bite the white-clad Latina. Due to the arrangement of the encircling manacles, however, he did not possess the mobility to make the angle.

Frida smirked impishly and glanced towards her audience in a rare display of non-stoicism. “Ahh, when young hearts meet for the first time. They’re always so tense with the emotions and the brush of new love that the young lovebirds never know where to put it.”

“I did not come here for a comedy routine, doctor,” Chanda Sakar retorted as that syringe penetrated the Kthid’s jugular.

“Of course not,” Frida said with an exhaled huff as that sedative entered the Kthid’s bloodstream. “Just a bit of levity.”

Everybody watched with baited breaths as the syringe emptied. Frida had prepared quite a concoction for the furious youth. Before Tatiana had even withdrawn that needle a weakened hiss escaped his maws, sounding like the dying gasps of some humongous reptile. His bulging herculean musculature slackened as if deflated from within. Soon, it was not a mad-thrashing monster seated within that chair, but a barely-breathing monster imposing only due to his humongous bulk and baleful green scales. Pumping lungs bobbed his broad ribcage a little, but otherwise he was still. The drug was as effective as he had promised, it seemed.

“It won’t keep him down very long,” Frida remarked, the tall doctor approaching with fists buried in her pockets. “Their metabolism burns too fast for them. We’ll need to be quick. Now, let’s examine him, shall we?” She moved closer, her hands moving over him, squeezing in a few places, looking at monitors at other times.

Her voice took on a decidedly different tone… she was no longer talking to the audience but to the cameras, recording a scientific log of her findings. “Subject is a male, if you can call a supposed mono-sex creature like this a male. Better, perhaps, to say that they are the genetic donors of any offspring, if rumors are to be taken as fact. This one, based on age, might have actually been born of a human mother if they are. Some of the bloodwork supports this hypothesis – he has antibodies that are decidedly terrestrial in origin. It is possible he could have been exposed to human illness at some point, that it could have made the species jump, and his immune system could have developed a similar pattern… but it would seem a remarkable coincidence. More likely, he inherited the antibodies through a parent. A mother.”

Frida tapped the IV that was going into the subject. “Beyond antibodies, however, what we’ve been able to analyze of his genetics through the bloodwork shows me very little of human-specific genetic material… if anything is there, it’s buried deep. Alright then. Continuing. Leaving aside the obvious, the impressive claws and teeth and muscles that you can see before you… They are warm-blooded. Not surprising, given their level of activity. Carbon-based. Their genetics use levo-amino chirality just like us… again, unsurprising, knowing what we know of the sidereal spread of the base material of life. They have all the organs we have… nothing that initial scans can’t identify, similar as it is to some form of heart or lungs or what have you from terrestrial life. You could summarize by saying that they are remarkably similar to us, in fact… at least based on all the basic biological building blocks that truly matter. Almost… too like us, in fact. The Sethis are even closer, of course, but they copied the genome of our first explorers. We should expect that. However, with these Kthid, we really would have expected a greater degree of randomization in how the building blocks of life emerged. Yet it appears to have formed… quite similar, really. Most peculiar. One would almost think that we all evolved on the same planet… nothing in their organs would cause much of a stir if you put one of the dissection tables of old academia back during the early modern age, when people still expected that dragons lurked in the edges of the map. Certainly, they don’t look like they wouldn’t belong on Earth.”

“Is that why they can supposedly mate with us?” one of the viewers, a woman Ri’she’a did not know thoughtlessly asked. Her plummy voice carried through the silence. “Because we are so similar?”

Frida glared askance at the other woman like some orthodox parishioner encountering a heresy in the church. The woman clearly was some kind of administrator and had forgotten both her rank and station by voicing these thoughts out loud, but it seemed that Frida was more peeved with the girl’s perceived stupidity than her breach of conduct.

“No!” she snapped like the stinging of a wasp. “Unless you expect to successfully mate with a cow! Have you?” She paused to glare a moment longer before continuing. “A great deal of genetic likeness is required for reproduction to take place. That’s the entire gist of speciation to begin with, remember – a pool of potential mating partners. No, the Kthid’s much-rumored ability to breed with other species is something quite different. Something more similar to the Mimic Fungus than it is to sexual reproduction. I would go as far as calling it a marvel of nature. Speaking of which…” she added, glancing towards her two underlings. “Tatiana. Mi’li’la. With the specimen sedated, you may begin retrieving our sample.”

“Sample?” Evangeline whispered in the Sethis woman’s ear, confused.

Many others seemed equally bewildered. A low susurration broke out across the spectators. Tatiana and Mi’li’la remained bug-eyed as if still disbelieving what they were called on to do, both of them re-checking their thin latex gloves so to make sure that not an inch of skin showed. Meanwhile, the sedated Kthid maintained its deep hollow breathing, respiring nasally like a beached whale.

“This is the flaw with human civilization,” Frida sourly grumbled, eyes darting around as if surrounded by enemies. “No respect for the pursuit of knowledge. “

“Before we get to their reproductive peculiarities, what else can you tell us about the Kthid?” Chanda interrupted.

“Well…” Nyckel continued as she lifted one of the beast’s gums. She spoke quickly. “To nobody’s surprise they are omnivorous… grinding teeth and ripping ones. From testing their cells divide at remarkable speeds… leading to quick healing and their very fast maturation cycle as well. However, this ability should also result in a shorter lifespan. This could have potentially been the origins of their caste system – with only a few years available they can’t waste effort, so they hyper-specialize in one skill. The Kthid appear to have already conquered this crippling flaw, though. From what we’ve seen, however, this doesn’t appear to be the case… likely, they are compensating with technology, better than we do. From the blood sample, I’ve been able to conclude that there is some foreign matter… protein chains are present that do not match the composition of the rest of their blood, but are ignored by their immune system. These nanomachines appear to be working on repairing cellular damage, including working on telomeres. Not just slow the rate of aging… they seem to repair damage entirely. I could find no samples with any shortening.

Chanda Sakar cocked one eyebrow. “Technological immortality? You couldn’t have led with that piece of information, Doctor?”

The scientist shrugged her shoulders. “We all find different things more pertinent at the moment. After all, they are here because of the marvel of their reproduction, are they not? Let us address that…”

“Ri’she’a… what are they doing?” Evangeline whispered to the helmswoman as those two gloved nurses assembled before the caiman’s groin.

“She said they needed a… sample,” the Sethiss gulped.

“Just a few drops is all we need, dears. Just a mere scantling,” Nyckel instructed.

Said sample apparently needed to be withdrawn from his ballsac the old-fashioned way. Very gingerly, the two sylphlike nurses wrapped their delicate hands around his heavyset dong and hefted it into an upright position. Even with four handholds available and that manhood being flaccid, there was still more of that malachite serpent available to clasp onto.

“Oh god I can almost feel my lunch coming back out,” Evangeline whispered, covering her mouth. Ri’she’a and much other personnel had similar reactions. They were giving that monster a handjob! If this had to be done couldn’t it be done technologically?

Very slowly and deliberately the duo began stroking. Both Tatiana and Mi’li’la grimaced with aversion underneath their masks, handling that scaly-tough shaft as if it was made out of radioactive material. Their anxious eyes oftentimes cast worried glances up at the slumbering beast, fearing his resuscitation. Just like previously, Admiral Chanda remained a statue of cool within the room. “Was it really wise to sedate him if this sample needed extraction?” she wondered aloud. “It appears you could have pacified an elephant with that dose.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” Frida said with a small grin, her eyes focused on the lewd display. Shortly thereafter, the Doctor’s methods were proved correct. Spectators gasped and shuddered as that hanging green manhood went from being floppy as an orca’s fin to towering upwards like an erect flagpost. Despite his drug-induced malady, blood still pulsed to that organ frantically with every feminine stroke. This also unveiled how gargantuan the Kthid’s members were, and not a single person in the room didn’t have their mind wander to the pain it would cause for a human woman. The two massaging nurses observed his bulging veins and knobby green cockhead with eyes every bit as wide as those in the observation room, looking like they did not even know where to grip this colossal shaft anymore. Behind her, Ri’she’a heard the door opening and closing as repulsed onlookers exited the observation room. 

“See, Admiral?” Nyckel remarked with a hint of triumphant gloating. “These Kthid do not let anything thwart their reproductive fires from burning. Their bodies know their physiological priorities very well. At the top of their hierarchy is the possibility of reproduction. I bet you could impale a sword into this young warrior’s skull and his body would still be prepared to impart his genes into a harem full of females before expiring,” she said with a slight leer, hand still in her pockets. “Remarkable I must say, simply remarkable.”

Admiral Chanda pursed her lips in a rare sign of physical displeasure, her very gut offended. “I suppose it makes sense. Considering breeding to them is intricately linked to their troop numbers—”

“Oh no the evolutionary rationale goes far deeper than mere military matters,” Frida injected, interrupting her superior officer without a second thought in the world. “Passing on your genes is the ultimate purpose of all biological existence, of course? These Kthid life forms are simply optimized to do it at a level we’ve never seen anything match… They ensure the dominance of their gene pool by subsuming that of others.”

“If the rumors are true,” Chanda said.

“If the rumors are true,” the doctor allowed. “We’ll know soon enough.

Ri’she’a felt hot acrid gall simmer upon her tongue. Research necessity this all might be but she was quickly realizing she did not like this aloof, unscrupulous Doctor. Frida Nyckel’s whole cadence spoke to her excitement of what she was studying, and despite the necessity of the scientific work she might be doing it was clear to Ri’she’a that she wasn’t exactly unpleased with the more morally turpetous elements of discovery. “Put some effort into it, girls,” the blonde xenobiologist instructed, sounding somewhat testy. “This Kthid specimen is used to much rougher ministrations than that.”

There had been a spidery gentleness to the Doctor’s words as if she had been instructing them in how to handle a bucksome boyfriend instead of a dangerous specimen of extraterrestrial nativity. The cheeks of both Tatiana and Mi’li’la glowed hot with chagrin as they commenced masturbating their captive even harder. Their slim, clutching fingers trailed up and down the alien’s unlubricated cock from the base by that bloated green nutsack to the cresting, swollen purple knob. Each movement caused the scaly skin over his shaft to flex, and revealed a dimly glowing underskin beneath it, pulsing the slow beat of the creature’s sedated heart.

“It almost sounds like you admire these creatures, Doctor?” admiral Chanda prodded.

“I am a xenobiologist, Admiral. Of course I do. I’m no moral philosopher… I want to study the marvel of their evolution. I can scarcely imagine the kind of evolutionary pressure that could have resulted in something so fascinating,” Nyckel nonchalantly countered while not even taking her eyes off of that sedated Kthid.

Angered mutterings reverberated through the onlookers. Individuals who just recently had lost comrades and associates to this alien menace were not amicable towards hearing such a “scientific” assessment of their enemy. Admiral Chanda Sakar, however, did not stop it, and eventually, the whispers quieted.

The slovenly handjob continued unabated and without comment. Mi’li’la and Tatiana went from grimacing with revulsion to grimacing with physical effort. Sweat buds even emerged on the Martian’s forehead. One could practically see that rod pulsing hot within their hands yet their efforts did not bear fruit. It was not the kind of examination that Ri’she’a had anticipated.

Frida Nyckel pursed lips as if thinking of some cunning scheme or evaluating what she had observed. While others kept their eyes on the hulking Kthid, she clasped a simple cotton swab from her table of supplies. The distinguished xenobiologist approached her two assistant nurses from behind, drawing near to them without being noticed. Momentarily, she swiped the cotton-studded end of the stick against Tatiana’s temple, scooping up a whole load of moisturizing perspiration. The Hispanic woman gasped with surprise, both she and Mi’li’la stopping their stroking.

With that Q-tip now loaded with female pheromones, Nyckel brought it up towards the Kthid’s snout. She held it right underneath his flexing nostrils, making them twitch as they caught the scent. Then something Ri’she’a didn’t expect happened… the thoroughly sedated alien menace exploded into wakefulness and tried to lurch right against Tatiana Contrares with psychopathic energy, the manacles giving a small squeal of protest as they held him down. The Martian woman looked so scared that she jolted backward and then stumbled toward the ground.

“CUNT!” he repeated with insane, burning eyes. The Kthid glared down at that aghast human female with the sort of madcap energy that might very well have popped a blood vessel inside his skull. This surge of emotions also caused his stiffened penis to throb, jerking like a vibrator and spilling out pre-cum. While Mi’li’la stood paralyzed as if about to be slain Frida Nyckel collected this “sample” using another one of her Q-tips as casually as if scooping up a spoonful of sauce for dinner. She stored this sizable dollop within a vial and then triumphantly strolled off.

“Excellent! Just the amount that I desired!” she exclaimed. Behind her, the specimen’s wrathful outburst abated as swiftly as it had arisen. He seemed compelled to return to some deep stupor. Yet even as his body went into hibernation, the green shaft remained painfully rigid and enlarged. The surge of energy that had momentarily awakened him had not lasted. “With this sample, I should have the enigmas of the Kthid reproduction abilities cracked in say… oh… a few days,” Frida Nyckel spoke before glancing over at the Admiral through the windows. “So please do not let this battleship get destroyed, Admiral. We’d lose invaluable reserch.”

The chipper way in which Nyckel delivered this news didn’t cheer Admiral Sakar up one bit. “I do hope you’ll also be working on the other things we discussed. Chemical vulnerabilities… sleep cycle… psychological workups. Not just writing your paper on the Kthid menace.”

“Of course of course,” Frida said with a distant expression. “I suspect it’s all related. My current standing hypothesis is that they initially evolved to prey on one specific species for sex. However, through the process of natural selection, this method proved adaptable enough that it worked on other life with similar cell structures. There are quite understandably still many blank spots in our understanding of this evolutionary process. Such as why the form of life on different planets has some many similarities. Hopefully, another data point studying the Kthid will let us hash that out in the process of research.

“Very well, Doctor,” Chanda said stonefaced and with arms folded across her chest. “Carry on then… quickly,” she added and then turned her back to the Armada’s top doctor. Other spectators parted as she headed for the door. Everyone seemed surprised to see the Admiral leave so soon. Weren’t there more tests to be done? Frida Nyckel, though, paid her exit no mind. Instead, the blonde-haired researcher turned towards her two nurses and issued further instructions: “Tatiana. Mi’li’la. Prepare another dose of the sedative. This one will be wearing off soon.” 

The two white-clad beauties stood staring at the tranquilized Kthid. His thick-thewed, green-scaled bulk had enslaved utterly enslaved both of their attentions. It was as if they were looking at a lifeform more horrifying and impressive than anything either of them could have ever imagined. This reverie made them completely miss their superior’s order. Frida Nyckel cleared her throat loudly. 

Their four eyes darted from the captured berserker and landed on Nyckel’s white-coated figure. “Prepare another dose of the sedative and have it administered like the first,” she ordered.

“Another dose, Doctor?” Mi’li’la blurted.

“Yes!” she ordered, exasperated. “Knock him out stone cold for the next few days until not even the scent of a woman would be strong enough to wake him. Otherwise, he’ll be roaring and snarling while I’m doing my work and I simply cannot suffer such a headache at this hour. So get to work. Another dose. Just like the first.” 

Spectators had already started streaming out from the observation room after the Admiral. Scientists and officers discussed the events among themselves. Some theorized that the Kthid had to have been uplifted by another species… How else could such ferocious brutes achieve scientific breakthroughs even more marvelous than their own, and have evolved such unlikely genetics? Others mentioned human applications for nanotech medicine repairing the Kthid’s cells. Still others just babbled about what a brilliant scientist Dr. Frida Nyckel was and how they were fortunate to have her. As Ri’she’a stood there, she watched the two nervous nurses restock another syringe.

“I guess there is nothing more to see here,” Evangeline concluded.

“Guess not,” Ri’she’a answered slowly.

The two were among the last to leave. There had been some revelations and some answers but nothing which the Sethis helmswoman thought critical to the enigma of how they were going to survive the Kthid invasion. At least now they had a timespan for when more answers would arrive. However, as she passed through that door, Ri’she’a felt like there rested a big weighty stone inside her stomach. Something felt wrong.

She just couldn’t tell what it was.

Dim, nocturnal lighting illuminated the interiors of the Azteca’s laboratories dimly, bathing the rooms and passages of the medical chambers in a bluish, silvery glow. Such fain luminosity would make anyone feel like a thief sneaking through the moonlight while moving through its corridors. Even so, two did. They re-entered the examination room proper using their keycards, and Tatiana and Mi’li’la slipped inside with the swiftness of people worried about being caught doing something illicit. Both were still dressed in their piquant nurses’ uniform, thinking that it would help them explain away what they were doing in case they had been caught.

“We really should not be here…” the Sethis woman pushed out in hushed tones.

The dark-skinned Martian did not respond. Her eyes were transfixed by the shadowy outlines of that great Kthid monstrosity slumbering in the distance. The specimen still resided within his manacled chair. The double dose of sedatives appeared to make him sleep so deeply that they could not even hear the gasping of his lungs. “I don’t care,” she whispered. “I’m fascinated. I have to know. Been wondering all day as the boss had us doing test after test…”

Like a moth to the flame, Tatiana headed towards the bound alien. Mi’li’la proved a bit more fidgety about it yet eventually perused the same decision. The two svelte, attractive, nubile nurses assembled before the foreign idol of masculinity within the darkness of the research room. The air between them was tense like that of women about to commit some forbidden ritual as they stared at him, tense and terrified… and intrigued. His enormous bulk, however, stirred not even a trifle. Not even the dangling tail flopped. 

“Last chance to turn around…” Mi’li’la whimpered.

Though she offered the avenue for escape, both of their nervous eyes were peering toward the sedated alien. “Oh god…” Tatiana whispered. “His dick. It’s still hard.”

That green manhood had proved unbeatable even to the sedative. Its massive girth still jutted upwards like some sort of posted column. Coagulate pre-cum glazed the tip of that bulbous cockhead. Both women remembered how it had stirred and pulsated within their hands. The raw virility was unlike anything they had ever encountered. It eclipsed the greatest sexual potency of any man they had ever seen in their eyes like the sun eclipsed the moon, and both, sharing their interests, had been utterly unable to get it out of their minds. Thoughts of it had thrummed within their thoughts all day and practically entranced them, turning their lewd imagination into a net to throw over them.

They would not be turning around.

Instead, Tatiana Contrares and Mi’li’la gingerly descended onto their knees before his groin. Trembling, white-gloved hands reached toward his penis. In unison, they parted mouths like wanderers in the desert at last discovering water.

Everyone had misidentified the emotions on their faces during their examination… or at least, not fully grasped them. They had been filled with awe and terror, sure, but more than that… also wonderstruck lust. For Tatiana and Mi’li’la, such emotions were practically kindred spirits… the element of danger, the appeal of a monster, the sort of things that normally could only be found in virtual or augmented reality sims… now it was before them in this restrained captive. They longed for the delight of worshipping the most foreign, aggressive, dangerous man they had ever met… and the opportunity to give him an exhibitionist handjob had enflamed their libidos past the point where they could ever turn back.

Holding onto his dick by the shaft for stability, they enclosed their plush lips around the casteless alien’s bulbous knob from opposite sides. These were squishy, wet, worshipping kisses that resounded slightly through the emptied darkened room. From the get-go, they were absolutely slovenly and subservient in how they orally caressed that hard-on. The insane, forbidden nature of this only turned them on more. Not only were they not supposed to be here, and not only was this no consenting partner, but this was the enemy of their entire species, here to condemn them to an existence of slavery until extinction… and they had just snuck into his prison to give his unconscious form a fawnish cocksucking! 

“He isn’t reacting,” Mi’li’la noted. “Doctor Nyckel’s assessment was correct.” 

“His dick is,” Tatiana remarked with an amused whisper, her lips brushing his length with each word.

This outflow of pre-cum fluids caused both females to reverently suck on his slit and ingest the slimy lubrication. Their tongues danced across the facade of that furrowed slit, stroking it in a way that usually only happened in the most sordid of male fantasies. They adored this Kthid’s manhood, not in spite of what it represented but because of it, and treated it accordingly… They glorified its thickness and extolled its unyielding stiffness. It wasn’t to say that either girl would ever consider setting him free, of course… neither had any desire to turn themselves or any of their fellows into slaves. For them, this was just their darkest, fondest fantasy, played out in unbelievable reality… hero-worship of the most sexual kind if not in any emotion. Soon, Tatiana feebly attempted to swallow that entire cockhead while Mi’li’la scooped her tongue up and down the entire length of the shaft. Before them, they had an alien of such savagery that he would have gladly raped and impregnated every female of their species and both of the nurses lionized him for it.

“Oh god it’s so thick,” Tatiana gasped upon uncorking her mouth from that herculean cockhead. “I can barely swallow the head.  How can anyone take something like this?”

Her Sethis counterpart took this as an opportunity to attempt the feat for herself. Both of her soft green cheeks puffed outwards as the swollen head of his shaft was ingested. The nurse frowned and grimaced and struggled as she fought to conquer his girth, bobbing her neck as if hoping that this would pop in eventually. Meanwhile, the Latina’s tongue compensated by lauding his hairless nuts as they dangled below. “Oh gods… I can practically feel the sperm boil inside his sack,” she spoke with great impatience. “I wonder what it’ll taste like.” The Martian promptly popped one of his balls into her mouth and gave it an eager scrubbing with her tongue.

The two debauched nurses’ fellatio had become all the less furtive as arousal overtook their thoughts. They now gulped and sucked loudly, completely oblivious to the darkness surrounding them. Fingers were even strummed against their clitorises as they doted on the caiman’s prodigious club, slipping below their uniforms to pleasure themselves. They were both well-practiced in oral sex and now had a superhuman tool with which to work them, no longer concerned about what it was they did or getting caught.

And from the other side of the observation window, standing motionless in complete and utter darkness, Frida chuckled softly.

It was not a loud sound. Certainly not loud enough to disturb those two vixens continuing their wet, loud tongue worship. Neither was in any way aware of her… nor as how thoroughly pleased she was with how easy it had been to execute this little game of her. Wordless, she continued to watch, eyes peering into the dim light as she waited in the shadow.

Naturally, Tatiana and Mi’li’la assignments as her personal assistants had been no mere happenstance. The pair had, in fact, been handpicked by her personally. Certainly, they were competent enough research assistants, but there were millions of those… it hadn’t been why she picked these two insufferable sluts. She had picked them specifically because of their debauched preferences… the comments they made on boards, the porn they watched, the lovers they took, and the sexual acts each had done that would have made professional pornstars blush. She knew exactly what sort of people her assistants were… and after being confronted with a Kthid face-to-face Frida had hoped that they wouldn’t be able to contain their lusts within their panties. She snorted. “Sample Extraction” indeed.

Yes… Tatiana and Mi’li’la were the kinds of lust-driven young women that had always amused her. These two were very much like the Kthid, in a way… their thoughts and priorities were so thoroughly possessed by impulses and instincts set only for debauched sensory gratifications. Some young graduate student could write an entire Ph.D. dissertation just on detailing all of their various sexual diagnoses. Unfortunately, Frida had a much more pressing need for them than to allow such a student such an easy way into academia… they were sorely needed right here.

After all… what was the use of running a test without test subjects?

Frida triggered the switch that swapped the IV, and immediately began administrating specially-formulated Naloxone to the unconscious alien… and then, watching through the observation window, she coolly beheld as the Kthid reawakened with a start and the same detonation of activity that he had displayed previously that day. Both the Martian and the Sethis woman jumped back like they had been electrocuted… They dashed and stumbled backward halfway across the room as the specimen snarled and screamed with all the vigor of his lungs. Nyckel’s laboratory was, of course, soundproof, so with the intercom turned off there were no risks of them being attracting the attention of outside observers. Good thing too, because as hard as he roared he could have woken the dead… he snapped his jaws over and over, jagged fangs snapping as he struggled to get out of his bonds.

Both the nurses pressed their bodies against the far wall in sudden terror, wondering how this could have happened, and Doctor Nyckel took that opportune moment to switch on the lights within the examination room. This time the two jumpy women looked almost as panicky and startled as they were before. Caught red-handed, the pair twisted towards her and stared at the white-cloaked Doctor through that observational window. It was enough to make the doctor chuckle… she had rarely seen mouths and eyes so round, faces so absolutely transfigured with shock.

“D-D-DOCTOR?” Tatiana blurted in shared astonishment.

Deciding to string them along a little longer, the scientist glared at them before retorting in harsh stentorian tones, “And exactly what are you two young ladies doing in my laboratory at this hour, hmm!?” This accusing tone hounded their terrors to even higher extremes. Either of them looked about ready to drop dead from a heart attack at any second. They gazed from the still-struggling Kthid back to the xenobiologist and then back to the captive once again. Needless to say, neither of the perverted women could explain, let alone excuse, the depraved and insentient act they had just performed. Both were reduced to their animal brains in terror… everything felt like a headlong plunge into a sensory nightmare.   

Of course, it wouldn’t be lasting very much longer.

“LET. GO. OF ME!” the slobbering, mad-eyed Kthid shouted, his words translated over the speakers. With their saliva still dripping from his malachite prong, he was in a way in an even greater sensual frenzy than before.

“So then… what was it precisely you were doing with the sex doll?” the blonde Scientist stated with a wicked smirk. She raised an apparatus in her hand, holding it outwards so that both nurses could spot it. This device controlled remotely all the functions within that examination room. Through the push of one of its buttons, she had alighted its powerful lamps. But it sported many more such buttons, ones that controlled many other functions. She pushed one that locked the doors, even to their keycards. Then she placed her thumb over another one and stared them right in the eyes. 

“Well then, might as well get your money’s worth,” she giggled towards the two nurses, smiling evilly.

The two nurses realized, too late, what she was talking about. Both reached their hands upwards towards the window and yelled for her to stop… but that didn’t prevent her thumb from gently pressing down the next button with a click of finality. A loud metal springing noise resounded through the laboratory as the locks snapped open, and the Kthid captive was released from his restraining metal bands.

That green demon didn’t hesitate. He rushed up with a roar, gathering himself momentarily on all fours before launching himself into a quick leap that put him up on a counter. The next leap ate up all the rest of the intervening difference that kept him from the pair of cockteasing nurses. His tremendous bulk moved far faster than his size would suggest… he all but flew there in one swift motion blur of activity. Neither of them had enough time to even scream. Pouncing, a furious scramble began within the chamber, a madcap calamity of violent activity that Frida did nothing but watch. Calm as could be she observed the animal having its revenge… it’s diminutive reptilian tail swished around like an excited club as he commenced wrestling his targets to the ground.

As Frida had hoped, the kamikaze fighter was looking to breed, not kill. This exigency boiled inside his brain like an all-consuming need, soul deep. No Kthid was used to having inferior species tease and deny the needs of his manhood… let alone twice in one day. Certainly not a young, furious, and hormonal one. As such Frida hoped that his sexual frenzy was extreme even by Kthid casteless standards.  Tatiana Contreras was the first pinned underneath his bulk. Frida wondered if that might be him remembering the scene of him from the earlier exposure to her sweat and pheromones. The screaming Martian practically disappeared underneath his blanketing scaly-green figure. The nurse’s distraught face and flopping arms were the only things sticking out as Frida observed him claiming the classical man-on-top position. In a fury of scratches that tantalizing white nurse’s outfit was wholesale ripped from her delectable body.

The xenobiologist could tell that he had managed to align his cock to her quim when Tatiana’s piquant face twisted in a horrified expression of agony. “NOOOOOO!” she bellowed so loud that it almost rivaled the caiman’s own imprisoned screaming.

“What’s the matter?” Frida mockingly questioned. “Is the specimen suddenly too bucksome for your appetite? Not as much to your liking as you thought it would be? You really should have thought about that before, Miss Contreras…”

Mi’li’la had been knocked to the floor, but she wasn’t being pinned. The Sethis woman had been caught with one foot underneath the enormous alien’s bulk. That sexy green woman yanked and pulled on her leg, trying to get out. Her desperation finally bore fruit when the berserk breeder at last managed to plunge crotch-deep into his victim’s tight cunt and hilt himself within her in revenge for all that she had done.

“HIIYYYAAAHHHH!” the penetrated Martian painfully exclaimed as she tried to scramble away on her ass to absolutely no avail.

With a neutral expression, Frida watched the titanic beast begin the process of raping his victim. Mechanically, the process was fairly orthodox by Earth standards. It was only the size and savagery and aggression with which he did every single part of it that made the difference. Tatiana’s tight pussy might have been wet with arousal but no amount of wetness could have made this kind of savage and violent usage anything but agonizing as she was raided by a manhood bigger and more virile than anything she could ever have found in HEF space. In that way, the debauched and insatiable slut had finally discovered the sort of man she had been searching for all along… and despite all of that, she was wailing and complaining, trying to escape away from her youthful lover even as he zestfully pounded into her love-hole.

Mi’li’la ran, smashing straight into the window. She flattened her entire figure against its surface and then began pounding fanatically against its glass. The sheer terror of experiment subject number two did not presently concern Frida… Her attention was currently ensnared by the mating spectacle before her. “Help us!” the insistently panicked Sethis woman yelled, but Frida paid no attention… she was of no concern. The observation glass was so thoroughly reinforced that she would have better fortune breaking down the walls. 

“Oh Fuck! Oh God! Oh Fuck! Oh God!” the Martian alternated between yelling and screaming and crying. Being pummeled by this young alien menace no doubt felt like being skewered by some kind of weapon, and this one was only a low-quality specimen – a casteless fighter sentenced to die by his superiors. Frida’s intellectual curiosity stirred wondering what a real Warrior of the species could do.

Mi’li’la kept pounding against the observation window. She glanced behind her and stole a terrified glance at that ferocious interspecies fucking. Then, even more frantic, she resumed slamming her fists against the security glass even harder, possibly even breaking her hand.

“Ugghh! Uaghagh!” the no-longer-captive howled while hauling his erect shaft in and out of his victim’s body. His muscles bulged like a steroid-fueled bodybuilder as Tatiana’s womanhood was abused.

“Oh gods, let me out of here!” Mi’li’la thundered, her colleague already too far gone mentally to enunciate words.

Smiling wryly, Frida finally glanced over at her. The sounds of a terrified woman were always something she had enjoyed. “I’m sorry, but I cannot do that, Miss Mi’li’la,” she stated with an eerie calm. “You see, your participation is essential for the experiment to be successful. Scientific study requires a control… I need at least two Kthid-fertilized embryos. To see if there is any difference in changes I make, you see?”

Nyckel’s sociopathic monologues scared the nurse down to such a profound level that it became impossible to encapsulate through human words. Her viridian body had become a house of fear, at the same moment her even more unfortunate colleague was being inseminated. That mad-thrusting Kthid didn’t even stop lurching as his dick orgasmed. Gooey-white gunk spurted out from his swollen shaft even as he sawed in and out of her stretched cunt. It resulted in a scattershot creampie where a lot of cloudy slime ended up outside of Tatiana’s quim, churned into a frothy mess by the energetic action… but even so, enough of his cream had been dumped into the Martian’s uterus to impregnate her ten times over. And even if it wasn’t Frida intended to give him additional opportunities. The Martian herself lurched and spasmed like an animal caught in its death throes as this seed was jettisoned inside her. Her teasing of the Kthid specimen had not gone over as smoothly as she had hoped.

A thin smile stretched across the Doctor’s lips. She had always found moments like these so romantic. Reproduction was the entire purpose of biological life anyhow. If they wanted it to come through consent rather than rape then they should have been tougher and smarter to avoid that fate. Since they clearly weren’t the dumb, horny girl should in fact feel privileged to be mated by such a superior lifeform. What greater purpose could an otherwise useless woman like her look forward to than to be a test subject for her research?

Having flooded the Martian with the first of his loads the savage rose onto his feet. He left Tatiana’s in a practically catatonic condition, fucked senseless with her cunt yawning open as jizz leaked from the open slit. That toothy-smiling behemoth turned towards Mi’li’la.

Sensing his attention redirected towards her, the aghast Sethis spun upon her heels. The moment she had managed to turn, however, he was already upon her. Another pouncing tackle brought the two extraterrestrials down onto the floor and caused a loud hollow “thud” to resound against the glass. As they were now fucking right against the wall, Frida had a perfect view of the frenzied action as she watched the Sethis slut getting raped like a dog from behind. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get a glimpse of the penetration itself from here… she would have to catch onto the security recording later.

Mi’li’la, for her part, screamed just like her predecessor as the overwhelming-strong Kthid burrowed the head of his cock up against her womb. Another pulse-pounding fuck commenced immediately. A lot of humping, thumping, and thrusting followed… His groin was buffeting against her loins with bone-breaking power. Instead of a crazed snarling, a more profound grunting of satisfaction had now entered the casteless alien’s voice. He had managed to avenge his manhood upon the two whores who had attempted to deny him and successfully reproduced his genes, something a casteless was usually forbidden to do. Frida, for her part, wasn’t overly concerned… she was already getting distracted by her own arousal. She would need to get that taken care of soon. 

Frida Nyckel looked down at the device she was holding. Her thumb circled over the final button… one that would unload a set of knockout gas into the room. It might work on the Kthid, or it might not… and if so she would need to think of something else. Either way, after the Space Dragon had finally unloaded his seed within the Sethis’s unwilling nexus it would all be over, and she would have no further need of him for now. Blissfully ignorant, the willful specimen kept on humping, Mi’li’la kept on shrieking, and in the background, a thoroughly ravaged Tatiana remained fertilized and unmoving. 

With a lot of guttural grunts of pleasure, the Kthid fatefully completed the deed. His well-pleased dick got to pollinate his second female within the hour. Puissant Kthid DNA filled into the girl’s femininity and conquered that Sethis chalice just like he had done with the human womb… better than he could have hoped for when he was captured aboard the Azteca that was for certain. Frida observed their intimacy a little while longer, watching DNA be exchanged until she was certain the deed was done. Then she pressed the last button before she turned and strode for the door. It would still be about five minutes before the gad reached sufficient concentration to knock out the prisoner and his two victims. If he hurried, it might be enough time for the ultra-virile Kthid to breed one of them a second time and make sure that he had properly penetrated Mi’li’la’s and Tatiana’s wombs.

She felt a bit bad about putting them to sleep for now and being unable to experiment further. They were, in the end, three excellent test subjects, and they had all played their parts perfectly. But doing it this way, however, simply eliminated a lot of the risks. After they were unconscious she would move them into storage where they would not be discovered and “rescued” from the results of her experimentation, and Frida could diligently study them as the battle raged on.

That single-minded bitch Admiral Chanda Sakar could, of course, prove troublesome… but she was an issue Frida was prepared for. By the time the good Admiral realized what was going on, and what she had planned, it would already be too late. 

She exited the observation room, unconcerned with watching the final few minutes of what the casteless did with his two conquered breeders. She needed to get somewhere private and recharge. Then… then she had a date with Atalanta, she believed. The young casteless really had put on quite a show…

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  1. A. Best chapter since the assassin.

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