Hope Prologue: The Day Hope Died

Commission for Darinost, with my thanks. Part of the Lights in the Void shared universe. Esperiel, the Archangel of Hope, had lead humanity in a desperate battle against the forces of Chaos and Darkness, and now victory is within her grasp... but it is going to cost more than she expected. no sex, angel, fantasy, demon, violence

Lea’s Punishment 5/20/19

For acting like a brat, you need to convince me you are sorry. You are going to write me a few paragraph explanation about why bad girls should have their throats raped until they deserve to have their cunts fucked again. Until this assignment is completed, I will not be doing any writing for you.…

End of Elves 3 – The Rescue

The Elven kingdom sends an army to rescue the captives, and walk right into the trap. WARNING: This is a snuff story. Not everyone is going to make it, and their deaths won't be dignified. Rape, m/f, group sex, snuff, torture, fantasy, elf, drow, slavery, army, soldier, monsters, bestiality.

Dorota’s Contract

Both of my other slave girls have a name that I gave them. Scarlett and Lea aren't their real names, but they are what I call them privately, to let them know a command is to be obeyed. Since you aren't signing your whole life away to me, just submitting for a trial period, you…