Contact And Commissions

Any comments or feedback? Please feel free to get in touch!

Want a story written? A certain character you want to see taken down a peg? I am for hire!


Price: 4 cents per word, rounded to the nearest full dollar. Apologies for the increase, but I once again have too many commissions to work on them.

For the price, you get a story written to your specifications… written, edited, and delivered. I will need some kind of vague outline as to what you expect, and I only write stories within the general purview of my normal published work. Unless specifically requested otherwise, the story will be posted here, and I reserve all publishing rights.

I am obviously better able to write a story for a fandom I am familiar with, but I am happy to research to write the best story I can. If you are interested enough in a writing commission to come here at all, I assume you already know I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, so those are most of the fandoms I am most familiar with.

Turn around time varies from the length of the story, but a commissioned story goes on top of my priority list. If it’s multiple chapters, I will go in the rotation of multi-chapter stories I am actively writing… check the Story Index for an idea of how many that currently is.