Galactic Encyclopedia of Lifeforms: the Llorians

The Llorians:

The llorian species is unique amongst the Noctis Sector in a few ways, most notably their ectothermic nature and their history of being invaded by the kthid not once, but twice. Additional points of interest are their venom, their poor acclimation to high-gravity environments, their highly social behavior, and their impressive ability to regrow their own tails.

The unique features of the llorians are attributable to their equally unique home. Instead of hailing from a planet, they instead hailed from a moon orbiting a Hot Jupiter. Between the direct heating from the bright white glow of the massive orb in their sky and the indirect tidal forces on the moon, the surface stays consistently warm, and creates many geothermal springs that serve as social hubs for the species.

This moon is smaller than most species’ homeworlds, leading to a tall, slender build, and an easier time reaching space and beginning the process of colonizing other worlds. A blessing that became a curse when they encountered the kthid for the first time. Hopelessly outmatched, the llorians took the dramatic action of using a Shkadov Thruster to move the entire planetary system out into deep space.

Unfortunately, this solution was not fast enough, and a great number of lives were lost in cryostasis before the kthid caught up anyways. In kthid enslavement they face higher gravity and lower temperatures then they are used to, as well as the usual tortures of those captured. Among the kthid they’re known for two things, the danger of their venom and the deliciousness of their tails.

A final disgrace to a once-proud species, their own unique ability to regrow their tails has been used against them, with the kthid chopping off and cooking the meaty appendage regularly. Still, it only takes one mistake around their venomous spikes to cause great harm or even death to their captors, leading to a reputation as feisty slaves.

Common kthid slurs include: Meat-Maker, Spike-Sluts, Frigid Bitches, Icicles, Snacks, Urchins (translated).w