Galactic Encyclopedia of Lifeforms – The Alicians


The Alicians are one of the highly advanced races that the Kthids have conquered so far, and the one they conquered first. The Alicians were a peaceful race that valued art and science most of all, and while they were spacefaring they had yet to colonize another world, only creating habitats around their own world, moons, and asteroid belts. When the Kthid came, most of their race wasn’t equipped or trained to fight against them in large part… so they selected the greatest warriors of their number and cloned them, copying her memories and skillset. Greatest of all of them was a woman named Nicia, whom was cloned perhaps as many as a hundred million times. These clone warriors, called the Shadow Sisters, differentiated themselves with numbered names and different facial tattoos to give them a slightly different look, but all copies coming from the same cloned memories were all very, very similar in personality, coming from a copied set of the same memories and experiences and not having much time to differentiate themselves.

Despite this effort, however, the Kthid harvest fleet washed over them like a flood. When their race was defeated, every surviving member was taken into captivity… including, by sheer numbers, mostly surviving clones. These days, about two hundred years later, a few hundred clones of Nicia are all that is left of their race – everyone else is dead.

Alicians have snake lower bodies, and from the top of their head to the tip of their tail they are around 24 feet long… in fact, Nicia, and therefore her clones, was precisely 24 feet 4 inches. Despite their reptilian appearance and their superficial resemblance of reptiles, Alicians are warm blooded and have two hearts.

Medical Science: The greatest advancements in science that this race has made was in their medical technology, where they have advanced significantly beyond humans or Kthid in practice. Alicians were functionally ageless when their civilization fell, and had mastered cloning technology as well as memory uploading. Their computer technology, however, has lagged behind… in large part to the abnormally strong calculating capabilities of their minds and strong memories, disincentivizing their development. 21st century computer technology is advanced a bit beyond where there’s was when they fell. The Kthid have stolen most of the medical technology, but they have little interest in cloning and consider it an abomination. However, most scholars believe that it was from the Alicians that the Kthid grew beyond their short lifespans to their current, long lives.

Stereotypes: Alicians are very calculating and considering, skilled at running numbers in their mind. This process, however, does leave them prone to deeper thought and distracted, leading those that don’t know them to see them as distant and disinterested.

Derogatory Terms: Shadow Sisters, Ground-huggers, Mirrors, Tails, Snakes