Galactic Encyclopedia of Lifeforms – The Arane


Very little is know about the Arane… and most of the mysteries are things they themselves do not know any longer. Almost nothing remains of this races’s history or culture, save that the Kthid conquered them sometime before the Arane. Despite the hundreds of years of captivity, their race is by far the conquest of the Kthid that has survived the longest in slavery… in fact, they are still among the very most common slaves in the Kthid Empire.

This is because of the way they reproduce thousands at at time from eggs – An Arane woman who’s reproductive function is hijacked by the Kthids will generally not be fully taken over, and at least a few dozen Arane eggs will be produced along with a larger egg containing a newborn Kthid. It appears they are able to self-fertilize their own eggs in a male-less environment, and this combination of factors has lead the species to technically survive so long – new members are still being born in captivity. However, the last conquered member died without getting to teach their daughters anything of their language, their culture, or their history… as far as the Arane know they have always been slaves, they have no language, they have no culture, and they have no history.

It is possible some record of part of their history remains, somewhere… but it isn’t being taught to them. Those who know the habits of the Kthid assume they must have been a strong race, since the Kthid did not actively work to prevent them from breeding… they probably put up a fight. No living member of the race remembers it, however. They don’t even have any real idea what their natural lifespan is, as no member of their race has reached it for centuries.

Arane are dark-skinned humanoids with 8 limbs and hands very similar to human ones with 4 fingers and opposable thumbs. They mature quite quickly for an large-brained intelligent mammal – an Arane is considered an adult mentally and physically at 9 years old, and they reach the level of a human 6 or 7 year old after just one month.

The Kthid, however, also consider their eggs a delicacy.

Stereotypes: None, save that the Kthid consider them utterly replaceable.

Derogatory Terms: Snacks, 8-legs