Galactic Encyclopedia of Lifeforms – The Nys


The Nys are the most recent race the Kthid have enslaved… they were found in the same system that Miranda’s ill-fated exploration ended in, Verdis Eridani. Natives of a water world that has no name, one already plundered of all useful resources and intelligent life, the Nys are an amphibious, primitive sentient life, a culture of star-worshiping humanoids. They lived on land for safety from the large ocean predators in the depths, but went into the water to hunt, to farm, to breed, etc. They are roughly as intelligent as humans, but about 6000 years behind in development to the lack of any need to discover fire. Their world also had scant available resources on land even if there was fire available… left to their own devices, this race would probably have never made it off of their world.

When the Kthid came, the Nys believed them to be gods and attempted to worship them. They were enslaved and conquered in weeks with barely a struggle, their entire race transported offworld. There aren’t many of them… every living member of their race is aboard the Death of Hope, the ship that discovered and conquered their world. Despite their brutal treatment, many of them still consider the Kthid as gods to be worshiped and appeased… for what else can they do?

Stereotypes: Their race is considered submissive, stupid, and pathetic by the Kthid. This isn’t entirely true – they were young and primitive and thought the Kthids gods, so they gave in without a fight. Some people still consider them gods, trying to get some meager mercy from them.

Derogatory Terms: Fish, Sushi (translated into human language).