Galactic Encyclopedia of Lifeforms – The Void Tracers

Void Tracers

The Void Tracers, prior to the encountering of the Kthid, were arguably the most horrifying race humanity had discovered among the stars. Once upon a time, humanity would have consider life actually evolving in the interstellar void laughably unlikely… but as it turns out it was not only possible but fairly common, and the apex predator of this void ecology appears to be the Void Tracers. They are like intersteller locusts… traveling through the vacuum of space in hibernation, riding the solar winds in swarms until they hit someplace with a sufficient food source. Once there, they wake up, and quickly prove themselves highly evolved and intelligent predators – they aren’t sentient, but they are quite cunning and capable of rudimentary strategy and planning as group predators. They have wings and two prehensile tails, hands with opposable thumbs, and seem to live only to reproduce and to eat.

As far as humanity can tell, they are asexual creatures… they reproduce by laying pre-fertilized eggs into a vessel. Usually, this leads scientists to conclude they are female, but no male Void Tracer has ever been discovered. Their usual operation is to capture prey, and use it to lure other prey to them when possible. Then use their bodies and wombs to hold eggs… until they hatch. They will repeat this cycle until there is nothing left to eat or breed… then they will go into hibernation and wait for the cycle to begin again.

One of the most horrifying parts of the Void Tracers is the aura of terror that accompanies them… they release a hormones that caused nearly every mammal nearby to go into terrified overdrive, kicking their fight or flight reflexes into hyperdrive and either encouraging reckless, stupid aggression or panicked flight, leaving allies to be captured and consumed.

Stereotypes: Certain religious sects in the Federation think of them as demons. The Kthids think of them much the same way humans think of wolves – a dangerous competitor, and once tamed, a worthy ally.

Derogatory Terms: Hammerheads, Hard Heads, Raptors, Incubi, Sharks