Hunter’s Fall – Bad End

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She was completely helpless… weak and useless. She was nothing but a piece of meat, nothing but a fuckdoll. She wasn’t a person… she really was a fuckable piece of meat, meant to serve her abuser in whatever way he desired. Ridley’s mocking words had sunk into her mind and repeated there. Every burst of booming laughter repeated those words in her mind as she suffered. Her already fragile sanity snapped a bit further. She was on the brink of cracking completely, and all it would take was a little more.

However, something else was happening. She could move her legs again. She could move her arms again! The nanites were abruptly working at their maximum speed inside her, and it was mere minutes before she was completely whole and healed again, until her body was just as it was before he had started to rape her. However, that just meant her body was ready to be broken again. As he took the tip of her pinky finger between his claws once more, she had never cried harder in her life… not even when he actually snapped it, and the agony began all over again.


How many cycles had she been through? How many moments of agony? A dozen? A thousand? A billion? She didn’t know that only a few hours had passed, but her mind was broken. The sadism of Ridley had worked its way into her mind, tearing away all reason with pillars of agony until they were the only things left in there. Her brain slowly reprogrammed itself to fit her new reality, even as Ridley came and pissed and came and pissed and came, again and again. As the hours dragged on, not only was the bowl filled with a slurry of piss and jizz – which, combined, might as well have been wet cement for how thick it was – but the deck all around them was covered in it as well. Her body was equally filled with the filth, her holes and belly stuffed with it.

By the time Ridley pulled her free of the trough, Samus was no longer a person but a trophy. A defeated bitch to be pinned to the wall and taken down whenever her owner wanted. She didn’t have any defiance left to use to speak. Instead, her eyes moved only slowly… the lag of multiple concussions and healings clear as she looked up at the fearful space pirate general. She barely even noticed how cold her body was as Ridley lifted her up into the air, flapping his wings as he dragged her up and up and up and up.

The corners of her mouth twitched as she tried to speak. “I-”

Whatever she was about to say, however, was cut short as Ridley suddenly dove, taking her head in his hand… and smashing it down against the deck. Her body dented the floor, but her flesh suffered worse… Her jaw and nose shattered practically to pulp and blood sprayed to splatter the ground… but even from this, Samus could heal. She didn’t, however, manage to finish healing before Ridley had finished lifting her up once again and smashing her back down against the deck a second time. Her body thrashed in pain, floating through long moments of forced life as her concussed brain was momentarily too far gone to be considered alive before it was repaired, returning her from the afterlife of her death. A blissful instant of no further pain before she was brought back into fresh agony, made all the worse for the brief instant of respite. Her body twitched, spasmed, and bled as the blonde fuckmeat suffered again and again. Her sobs were even more desperate than they had been before, during the short moments she had the ability to cry. Despite how broken she had already been, he still managed to push further. It was not good enough to Ridley for him to break the bounty hunter that had killed him just once, not after the trouble she had caused – he had to break her broken state. To grind her down not until she was shattered, but until those shattered pieces of her were naught but dust.

Before long, Samus had left a permanent mark on Tourian… a dent that gradually took the shape of a blonde whore. One where, of course, her breasts were mashed against her body so they weren’t seen, but her ass could be. Samus only felt agony as he fucked her again. Her head was buried in the floor, practically wedged down in the hole he had used her healing skull to bend the metal into… or had it been shattered into paste and spread across the ground? The agonized fucktoy couldn’t tell – Perhaps it was both. Either way, she was being fucked so hard that her pelvis shattered with each thrust, the bones around her spine breaking. Her pelvis was shoved up almost like a battering ram through her organs as ribs cracked one by one. Samus was being destroyed even further now – her shattered body and soul shattered further.

With each thrust, she became more and more one with the floor, shoved down into it until the only thing sticking out of the hole in the end was her rapeable ass and her long, flexible legs… the legs spread and broken, the ass gaping and leaking. With her body plugging the hole, the indent that surrounded it was filled with her blood and his jizz as she was used again and again. Other fluids were added to the mix eventually though. Urine flooded into her as Ridley pissed up her ass, pumping her insides so full of it that she ended up puking it out along with half the cum he had forced into her guts. Some of it flowed out of her from the ass, some from the opposite end of her body. Either way, the piss started to electrocute her all over again. After he finished that time, he somehow dumped all the disgusting fluids from the other hole into this one. “Cleaning” the room by bringing all the refuse into one place… a definition of trash which included her.

And still she was being choked. Samus was filled with the whip in her throat reaching halfway down to her ass through her intestines, and both it and the one taut around her neck were sparking and discharging again and again as fluids splashed against them. Samus was in the middle of being drowned, electrocuted, shattered, and raped to death, all at once… but it still wasn’t the coup de grace for Ridley. That came when he plucked the final plasma whip from her belt.

This time, as he jizzed up her asshole and pulled out, he had a new gift for her. Just as her mouth had been fucked by one of the things, now Ridley shoved this plasma whip deep into her ass. Samus barely had time to process the new danger before he had deployed and activated it. This one spread into her tightening, healing ass and forced its way further it… plunging through her delicate tissues, crackling inside her. Arcs of electricity stabbed at her insides, making it feel as though a dildo of a thousand knives was fucking its way inside her. Fucking into her, and joining with the one fucking her from her lips as their tips met, tangled around one another.

Then, like that, he began to take her cunt for the first time. Battering through her cervix. Treating her womb like the trash dump it was for cum and piss. Pulling out when he was done and leaving her to drain as he held onto the makeshift dildo wedged up her asshole.

What happened after that, Samus would never forget. It was the final thing that destroyed her, the thing that made sure that she could never recover. No amount of therapy or healing would ever bring her defiant self back to life after he grabbed onto the coiled plasma whips and began to pull.

As he yanked on it, it pulled back and grew taut… and the one in her mouth, the one wedged against her teeth, was pulled with it. “One…” Ridley purred. “Two…” Then he pulled, hard. Her teeth were ripped out of her mouth as the plasma whip disappeared down her throat, forcing its way deeper inside of her. Ripping her jaw open and bulging her neck, only to disappear deeper into her as he pulled and pulled and pulled, the whip being yanked from her mouth to her throat to her stomach to her digestive tract, unstoppable, turning her into a single fuckable tunnel until, at last, Ridley yanked the other side out of her asshole.

Samus lay there, unmoving, as she healed. Hours had passed, hours of torture, hours of use, hours of reminding the bitch of its place. The savage pulling had finally pulled the broken whore free of her hole, but there was no fight left in her. No spunk. No defiance. Barely any personality left. There was nothing but mewling subservience remaining… no resistance, only servitude and terror.

Ridley rested one taloned claw on her head. “Who do you belong to?” he growled at her.

Samus wept. She trembled. She wanted to scream. Instead, she spoke. “You… master Ridley.”

A chuckle from the space pirate. “And what is your place?”

Samus didn’t know what to say… so she just unleashed what was in her heart. What he had taught her… what he had shown her. “I am your property. Your livestock. I am worthless, and yet you allow me to serve you. I am your pathetic bitch and yet you let me stay around you. Thank you… thank you so much for giving my life a purpose. Thank you so much for letting me be your toy to rape and hurt, master.”

“Good.” Ridley laughed as he pressed down harder. “I’m proud of you, fuckdoll… you’ve come a long way. There’s only one problem, though.” He leaned down to her ear. “I don’t believe you.” The words made Samus’ blood run cold as he continued. “You’ve tricked me before, hunter-whore… so this time, we’re going to make sure. Let’s start over again, from the beginning… shall we?”

 “No!” The terror came through in that moment. The fear which underpinned everything. “Please! I will be a good bitch, a good whore. I will do anything you want, I will suck anything you want, I will fu-” Her words were cut off. The whip was back in her mouth. This time it was deployed out of her lips, the tip of it still coiled around the other. He wrapped both lengths around her neck until they’d formed a double helix that crushed her throat even as it sent more electricity through her body. He held the other handle in his grip, and a single tug elicited a pitiful gurgle as the blonde’s head nearly popped from her shoulders. Satisfied with the reins he’d mounted on his pet bitch, Ridley yanked hard on the whip to lift her into the air once more. He raised her squirming, choking body up high, then slammed it back down to the floor.

The impact left a fresh new mark on the floor, one that Ridley looked forward to slowly pounding into another Samus-shaped dent. Then he’d make a third, and a fourth, and so on until the cow couldn’t even remember being anything more than his obedient jizz-soaked fuckmeat.

And after that? When her training was finished? Then he’d have some real fun with her.

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