Hunter’s Fall – Good End

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However, as she lay there being raped, something was beginning to happen. She could move her legs again! She could move her arms again! The nanites were abruptly working at their maximum speed inside her, and it was mere minutes before she was completely whole and healed again, until her body was just as it was before he had started to rape her. However, that just meant her body was ready to be broken again. As he took the tip of her pinky finger between his claws once more, she had to resist weeping. This was his torment… to restore her and then break her, over and over again. To make her give up.

Her only hope was that she’d find a way to escape before it worked.

Then he snapped the finger, and the agony began all over again.

Samus lay there, unmoving, as she healed. Hours had passed – hours of torture, hours of use, hours of Ridley trying to teach her her place. The Space Pirate general stepped forward, his cock dragging its way out of her asshole as he stomped on her body, pinning her down against the floor as he put enough weight on her to make her bones creak. Ridley rested one taloned claw on her head. “Who do you belong to?” he growled at her.

Samus spat blood out of her mouth, and despite the weight tried to push herself enough up on hands and knees that she wasn’t crawling on the ground like a worm. “Fuck… you…” she growled right back.

A frustrated snarl filled Ridley’s throat as he increased the weight on her, crushing her tits flat to the floor beneath his bulk. “You little whore,” he snapped. “I’ll show you. I’ll-”


Samus, dazed as she was, was confused for a moment about how she had found the strength to speak words like that. To be so firm, so unyielding, when she felt she would never be that strong again. It was only when she looked up and saw the glowing red light of the security drone that she realized it had been Mother Brain’s voice, coming from her clone’s throat.

“She won’t break,” Mother Brain said. She made a snorting sound. “Too stubborn to live, this one. Just end it, general. I grow tired of this display.”

Ridley sneered down at her. He increased his weight, like he wanted to crush her, one more time… then he stepped off of her, leaving her to groan as she rolled on the ground, curled up in an instinctual and useless attempt to prevent more pain. “Fine,” he said, frustration warring with regret and lust in his voice. “Minimal function,” he commanded again, ordering her nanites to stop healing her. Immediately, Samus felt her body stop repairing itself, leaving her last bruises and scrapes intact as cum leaked from her raw asshole. “Any last words, slut?” His wings flapped, buffeting her with cold air as he rose up off the ground. Light began to gather in his maw as he glared down at her.

“Go… to hell…” Samus forced out.

“Die like you lived,” Ridley said back. “Worthless.” Then his jaws screeched, he roared, and he unleashed an enormous plasma fireball down at Samus. And because he did, because of the bright glare of the plasma, he lost sight of her for one second… and in that second, Samus moved.

There was no chance of escaping, not at this range, so she didn’t even try. Instead, she reached out, grabbed the strap of her backpack, and lifted it. Immediately, Mother Brain’s drone shot her, of course. High velocity slugs ripped through her body in a dozen places, making her cough up blood. Those would no doubt be lethal injuries in a second, but then she was about to die anyway… what difference did it make? Putting everything she had left, all of her defiance, all of her hatred, all of her self into it, she hurled the backpack full of munition directly at Ridley. Directly into the plasma blast.

Samus closed her eyes, but the white flash of the explosion seared the afterimage into her eyeballs anyway… letting her see the silhouettes of her hands as she held them up in a useless defense against the coming wash of energy. That blast should be big enough to destroy the room. It might even destroy Ridley once and for all. Samus, unarmed, unarmored, would die… but at least she would die having taken her parent’s murderer with her. Then the explosion washed over her, pinning her to the ground with the sheer power of it.

It hurt. It hurt. It HURT… and it shouldn’t have.

That kind of destructive energy, the detonation of a dozen powerbombs, of hundreds of missiles, should have all but disintegrated her instantly… but instead, it hurt. That seemed almost like a cruel joke to Samus, a last laugh of the universe at her as she died. It drove her down against the steel, crushing her against it. Samus curled into a fetal position, too exhausted and pained to even scream.

And then, as she lay there, blinded by the flash, deafened by the roar, helpless and alone, something miraculous happened.

When the Chozo, her family, had found her in the wake of the space pirate attack on her colony, Samus had been half dead from burns and exposure. They had taken her to the best doctors, but it was only with extreme measures that her life was saved… and because they had had no human blood and tissue to save her with, they had used their own. Samus had always known she had been blended with Chozo genetics… it made her faster and stronger than a normal human her size even as it made her grow taller and more full of body as well, but that was the least of what it did for her – it also let her interact with Chozo technology, like her suit, as if she were one of them.

She just hadn’t ever considered what that meant for the nanites the space pirates had injected into her.

They were Chozo technology too, of course… like most of the more impressive technologies that the space pirates had stolen over the years. When the pirates had given them to her, they had worked so much better than expected. Since that was what the scientists and her rapists both had wanted, no one questioned it too much… but the healing and reconstruction nanomachines worked far more efficiently in Samus than they ever had in their own soldiers. The pirates had done tests, of course… but in truth, many of those tests had been unscientific as best, excuses to hurt her and monitor how quickly she healed rapidly became focused far more on finding fun ways to make her suffer and less about monitoring her recovery, so they never realized it was because of how they reacted with the Hatchling’s genetics.

And as Samus roasted in the flames of the largest detonation of chaotic energy she had ever encountered, the nanites absorbed that power and went to work.

It was called a Crystal Flash. Absorbing the energies of dozens of power bombs, using them as a makeshift nuclear fusion reaction, the nanites sucked that energy right out of the air, absorbed it before it could do more than glancing damage to the woman in the cocoon of powerful energy, and redirected it as it began to build. With so much spare power, fixing Samus’ body was trivial… a Crystal Flash was for so much more than that. One string of armored, crystallized construction at a time, her pores leaked matter upward, again and again and again and again. It happened slowly by comparison to the explosion but fast by any realistic metric, shielding Samus in a cocoon of destructive force as it built.

The hungry nanomachines drew in every bit of energy they could find. Enough that even Ridley was spared, only singed by the massive explosion. He shrieked in confusion and rage as a glowing white dome expanded on the floor where Samus had been, spiraling outward, showing only the vague silhouette of the curled up woman within before even that was lost to the brightness.

Then it faded… and Samus stood in full armor.

Beneath the helmet, beneath the armor, the bullet holes had vanished… the forgotten slugs disintegrated on the ground after the nanites had ejected them from her body. Samus no longer felt any pain… and yet, tears leaked down her face freely as her HUD flashed before her eyes. They had never abandoned her… and she hadn’t been alone. Her family, the Chozo… they had left one last surprise for her after all. One final secret to show that they considered her worthy of the greatest art.

Samus was never going to be separated from them, not until the day she died.

Varia Suit MK 4 – Online

Systems Report:

Beam Systems Report — Ready

Missile Systems Report — Ready

Morph Ball Systems Report — Ready

Boost Systems Report — Ready

Energy Shield at 100%

All Systems Report Nominal.

In front of her, in glowing green letters, her HUD displayed her readiness… and her name. Hatchling. Through that writing, she could see the terrified face of Ridley.

An alarm started going off next to her, and Samus spun, already shooting… her cannon moving with the reflex of long familiarity she’d feared she had lost, her body reacting as smoothly as ever as she blew Mother Brain’s screaming drone out of the air. Above her, Ridley was fleeing, and Samus growled as she leaped into the air, kicking off one of the walls as she activated her boost. “Oh no you fucking don’t,” she spat.

Super Missile Construction System Online

Munitions Systems Report – Ready

“This is for my parents,” Samus spat… and then she began to shoot. Not at him, but at the ceiling.

The room had taken a beating already. Their earlier fight, the amount Ridley had stomped and thrashed around had largely wrecked it. Her rape had only added to the general destruction, and the detonation of dozens of powerbombs had been the last straw. The entire section of Tourian was holding on by a thread… and without any effort, her scan visor told her where all the stress points were as she picked them off with pinpoint accuracy.

And the lab gave up the ghost.

Ridley screamed as the ceiling collapsed on him, part of the wall spearing him through the chest as it drove him to the ground… but he didn’t stop there. Samus was already running, clearing the collapse zone as dozens more pieces continued to fall, collapsing on him, slamming down on him like multi-ton hammers until the ground fell away and he plummeted down, down, down into Norfair. A few seconds later, hundreds of tons of collapsing steel chased after him, a metallic tomb to crush him to paste against the crust of the planet far below.

She had done it.

Wishing that she could wipe away her tears, Samus shook her head and looked for the drone that she had shot down. It was easy to find… the red glow still shone from its video eye as the camera tracked her. Samus stood over it, looking down at it, biting her tongue. “I’m coming for you, mother,she said at last. Then she stepped on it and crushed the device, and the light went out.

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