Lights in the Void – Index

Lights in the void is the name of the shared universe many of my fantasy stories take places in, over time telling a large story about the universe. Stories in this universe require no, or almost no, information about other stories to enjoy, but if you see recurring characters in different worlds, this is probably why.

Currently planned stories in this series include:

Hope – Completed

Turn of the Wheel – Completed

The Black Flag – In Progress

Memento Mori – In Progress

Beyond Life and Death – In Planning

A Plague Upon your House – In Progress

Darkest Before Midnight – In Progress

Tantric – In Progress

Heart of the Void – In Planning


These were the four original “Gods” that created the universe. No one has seen them since before the birth of humanity, and the 6 Eternals do not answer questions about what happened to them.



Humanity is all sapient life if the universe, spread out over many thousands of worlds, scattered by the shattering of the Originators. They are composed equally of all four Originators.


The Eternals were the first beings to come into existence at the dawn of the universe, when the 4 Originators put their power together to create everything. Each is created by a union of the power of two of the Originators.


Chosen Name: Raven, Jackal
Aspect: Twinborn
One of the 6 Eternals, composed of Existence and Void
The Grim Reaper
A Psychopomp, she takes souls from life to the afterlife when they die.


Chosen Name: Originally, Oppal. Now, each shard has taken its own name.
Aspect: Twinborn
One of the 6 Eternals, composed of Creation and Destruction
God of Fate
Something has happened to Oppal, shattering him into a thousand pieces in opposite, opposed pairs.
Father of the Fae


Chosen Name: Locleos
Aspect: Male
One of the 6 Eternals, composed of Creation and Void
God of Preservation
Father of all Angels


Chosen Name: Neora
Aspect: Female
One of the 6 Eternals, composed of Existence and Creation
Goddess of Life
Mother of all Nymphs
Fertility creates every new soul


Chosen Name: Allolyre
Aspect: Female
One of the 6 Eternals, composed of Destruction and Void
Goddess of Death
Mother of all Geists
Death is the Guardian of the Dead, and creator of the Afterlife


Chosen Name: Akaris
Aspect: Male
One of the 6 Eternals, composed of Existence and Destruction
God of Change
Father of all Demons
Opposed to the other 5 Aspects.

The Black Flag
An original fantasy trilogy of the age of sail in an ocean world

One pirate quests to be the ruler of all the seas. One navy captains seeks to stop him. And one captive is caught in between the two of them.

Last update – 5-2-19

Story Homepage

A Turn of the Wheel
An original fantasy story of a war between the Gods

Arianda and her twin brother have always jointly been the Gods of Fortune… but when a calamity strikes, her brother takes advantage of the moment to become the only God of Fate and Fortune, and Ariadna is cast down from the heavens. As her church falls around her, it is all the former goddess can do to save those who had faith in her…

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The Archon of Hope has a bad eternity.
For Darinost

When an Archon is betrayed, she finds herself locked in a prison with nobody but millions of vengeful demons for company. It goes about the way you think it does.

1 – The Day Hope Died
2 – Hope for Victory
3 – Hope for Escape
4 – Hope to Endure
4.5 – First Interlude
5 – Doubt for Mercy
5.5 – Second Interlude
6 – Doubt to Survive
6.5 – Third Interlude
7 – Despair to Live
8 – Despair of Salvation
Epilogue – Hope for the Future

Memento Mori

An original story of Raven, the Goddess of Passage

Trapped on Earth by a madman, Passage gains an entirely new perspective on mankind and mortality.

1 – You get what everyone gets…
2 – A Mortal Day
3 – Who Wants to Live Forever
4 – Captive Souls
5 – The Cult of Passage
6 – Vessel