Outfoxed is a shared universe containing stories written by Darinost and myself. Expect to see recurring characters, heavy degradation, heroics, redemption, and happy endings. Some stories were primarily written by Darinost, somewhere primarily written by me, both of us had a hand in all of them and neither of us are interested in sorting out who did what.

This story takes place in the modern day, in a world that could be ours, and focus heavily on kitsune.

Cast of Characters

Stories listed in chronological order

Prequel Stories
Before Modern Day


France, 1019

In the Alps, a small clan of kitsune watch over an ancient threat, waiting for the day it might reawaken…

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Garnet and the Fox

Germany, 1654

A young woman meets a gumiho on her way through the woods…

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Fox Hunt

Elsewhere, Time Unknown

A single kitsune runs from her pursuers in an endless chase through an endless forest… even if she is having trouble remembering why she bothers to run at all.


Main Storyline Starts Here

Lone Fox

Seo-Yun Book 1
Korea, 2014

A Gumiho is hunted down and trained by a mercenary company for a wealthy buyer.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Lone Fox 2

Seo-Yun Book 2
England and Mongolia, 2015

A fallen Gumiho, kept as a pet by cruel owners, is taken to be part of a crueler game…

Chapter 1 – Life in England
Chapter 2 – The Vulpan
Chapter 3 – The Paradisium
Chapter 4 – The Game Begins
Chapter 5 – Trapped
Chapter 6 – Fun and Games
Chapter 7 – Gumiho
Chapter 8 – Dinner Party
Chapter 9 – Ashes
Chapter 10 – The Auction
Chapter 11 – Matthew Levinson
Chapter 12 – A Tangled Web
Chapter 13 – Spider Dance
Chapter 14 – Wanted
Chapter 15 – The Final Day
Chapter 16 – The Point of No Return
Chapter 17 – Game Over
Chapter 18 – Meow

Black Fur, Black Heart

Yuki Book 2
Japan, 2017

Yuki’s body might have escaped captivity… but her mind was broken long before she ever met Mordred. Can someone ever truly find redemption?

Prologue and
Chapter 1 –
Love and Trust
Chapter 2 – Sudden Departure
Chapter 3 – Nogitsune
Chapter 4 – Her Flower
Chapter 5 – Progress
Chapter 6 – True Love
Chapter 7 – Scars
Chapter 8 – Sundered
Chapter 9 – Lost and Found
Chapter 10 – Sacrifice
Chapter 11 – Battlefield
Chapter 12 – Peace

Lone Fox 3

Seo-Yun Book 3
Japan, Mongolia, 2018

Growing up can be hard in the shadow of one of the most terrifying creatures ever to come from your village… but Hanabi is about to learn just how much harder it can get.

Chapter 1 – Inari’s Flame
Chapter 2 – Devil’s Bargain
Chapter 3 – Lessons Learned
Chapter 4 – Decisions Made
Chapter 5 – Aftermath
Chapter 6 – The Fall of Hanei
Chapter 7 – Faith
Chapter 8 – Rescued
Chapter 9 – Extermination
Chapter 10 – Reunion
Chapter 11 – Welcome Back
Chapter 12 – Crossing the Threshold
Chapter 13 – All the Reasons Why
Chapter 14 – Redirected
Chapter 15 – Teatime
Chapter 16 – Reckoning
Chapter 17 – New Purpose
Chapter 18 – Squirming
Chapter 19 – Bargains
Chapter 20 – The Riddle of the Sphinx
Chapter 21 – Oaths and Promises
Chapter 22 – Never Alone
Chapter 23 – The Trickster of Shirakami Sanchi
Chapter 24 – The 11th Hour
Chapter 25 – Out of Time
Chapter 26 – Sunrise
Chapter 27 – A Brand New Future
Epilogue – Elsewhere


Yuki Book 3
Japan, 2018, and Japan, 1287

As Yuki and Merielle work to put things right once more, Yuki tells a story. A story of three sisters, and a war, and of the day that everything went wrong…

Coming Soon


Reverie Book 1
Arizona, 2020

Reverie was a happy girl… now she’s just waiting to die. She was about to get her wish, too… until something extraordinary happened.

Coming Soon

Hunting Ground

Reverie Book 2
Arizona, 2020

Coming Soon

Bonus Stories, Alternate Histories, and Gifts

Lost in the Mist

Alternate ending of Finding Avalon, commissioned by Mew28. Bad End.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

The Dryad’s Dance

In the Mists of Avalon, a lone dryad entertains some guests. A gift from Lea.


Ayako’s Rough Night

Ayako is a young and care-free kitsune having the time of her life travelling the world. But sometimes even foxes should be a bit more cautious. A gift from Mallory.