Outfoxed is a shared universe containing stories written by Darinost and myself. Expect to see recurring characters, heavy degradation, heroics, redemption, and happy endings.

This story takes place in the modern day, in a world that could be ours, and focus heavily on Kitsune.

Currently planned stories in this shared universe include:

Finding Avalon (Merielle/Yuki) – Completed
Lone Fox Book 1 (Seo-Yun) – Completed
Lone Fox Book 2 (Seo-Yun) – Completed
Lone Fox Book 3 (Seo-Yun) – In Progress
Garnet (Rolf) – Completed
Sacred (Kida/Marissa) -Completed
Chosen One (Yuki/Akari) – In Progress
Black Fur, Black Heart (Merielle/Yuki) – In Progress
Alone (Reverie) – In Progress
Unnamed Huli-Jing Story (Meilei) – In progress
Fox Hunt (Tamano no Mae) – Completed
Untitled Akari Story – In Planning
Untitled Egyptian Gumiho Story – In planning
Untitled changeling story – In Planning
Untitled Unseelie fae story – In Planning


Appears in Lone Fox


Appears in Finding Avalon
Akari’s Sister


Appears in Finding Avalon


Zenko Kitsune
Appears in Finding Avalon
Yuki’s sister

Lone Fox

Book 1
By Darinost

A Gumiho is hunted down and trained by a mercenary company for a wealthy buyer

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9


by John Drake

A young woman meets a gumiho on her way through the woods…

Chapter 1
Chapter 2