Point of No Return

A human colony ship on route to a new planet is a prestigious, but unthreatening, assignment. All of that goes horribly wrong when the Midgar-6 makes first contact with a hostile alien race. Now, Captain Amara Black and her crew have one chance to save the million colonists in suspended animation… but they might have even bigger problems…

Chapter 1 – The Midgar-6
Chapter 2 – The Ship Graveyard
Chapter 3 – The Rape of a Heroine
Chapter 4 – The Eternal Torment
Chapter 5 – The Confrontation
Chapter 6 – The Mistrunner
Chapter 7 – The Demons
Chapter 8 – The Dark Star
Chapter 9 – The Inferno
Chapter 10 – The Nightmare
Chapter 11 – The Reckoning
Chapter 12 – The Failure
Epilogue – The Sacrifice

Crew of the Midgar-6 in Order of Appearance

Captain Amara Black

Exalted Atalanta

Commander Ki’an’i

Commander Anna Constantos

Lieutenant Commander Ri’she’a

Lieutenant Evy Reynolds
Lieutenant Commander Leila Evangline

Crew of the Death of Hope, in order of Appearance

Huntmaster Sarcand

Captain Miranda Black

World Building Material and Tech