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All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet
Christmas story for 2021, featuring the girls of discord! Working retail slavery is a rough job around the holidays, but John is up to the challenge!
Tags: Rape, Light Fantasy, Slavery, Slave Training, Christmas, Real People. Lots and lots of other tags, but usually contained to only a single chapter.

Angel of Peace
A warrior angel finally ends a war that’s lasted for generations. A gift for Darinost.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, War, Angel, Breeding

A Turn of the Wheel
Arianda and her twin brother have always jointly been the Gods of Fortune… but when a calamity strikes, her brother takes advantage of the moment to become the only God of Fate and Fortune, and Ariadna is cast down from the heavens. As her church falls around her, it is all the former goddess can do to save those who had faith in her…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Goddess, War, Torture, Mindbreak

Alicja Becomes a Pornstar
An officeworker gets blackmailed by her boss and turned into the biggest whore in her city
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Blackmail, Forced Witness, Incest, Watersports, Scat, Forced Orgasm

All in the Mind
A Drow priestess, fulfilling a task she considers behind her, gets in over her head when her patrol is attacked by a powerful Mind Flayer – but he has more in mind than a simple meal…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Elf, Drow, Mind Flayer, Psychic, Incest, Dark

Angel’s Fall
Savos has been planning for years to achieve the ultimate dark art, forsaking this rotting human form and gaining a new, demonic body to call his own… but the other demons only take one thing as payment… the death of an angel. It’s a price he is happy to pay.
Tags: Fantasy, Modern Day, Rape, Angel, Demons, Torture, Snuff

Arid Affections
Queen Cleopatra and her daughters use their kingdom as a sexual playground…
Tags: Fantasy, Historical, Rape, Futa, Pregnancy, Incest

Ashes to Ashes
The Ashen One has returned when the bell tolled… but some were made lords not for virtue, but for might. As an unfortunate Amelia, Fire Keeper of Firelink Shrine, is about to find out. A Dark Souls 3 story.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Torture, Dark Souls, Slavery

The needed a hero, so that is what they became. A story of the birth of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen
Tags: Modern Day, Science Fiction, Superhero, Rape, Slavery, Costume
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Cowritten with Darinost

A captive elf princess has spent generations as a slave to the human empire that captured her, several human lifetimes ago… and now the new king is being crowned, and its time to see what her new torture will be…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Elf, Incest
Cowritten with NoLongerInnocentAlicja

Dark Ascension
The scion of a slain dark god seeks to gain his birthright, and ascend to the heavens as the new god of rape. A retelling of a very evil party’s playthrough of… mostly… Baldur’s Gate 2. Unfinished, and unlikely ever to be.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Baldur’s Gate, Violence, Torture
Cowritten with Eridan and Dhemius

Dark Disney

Beware the Frozen Heart
Elsa receives a very worrying letter… and her life changes considerably.
Tags: Fantasy, Disney, Rape, Blackmail, Incest, Mindbreak, Revenge

Dark Star Trilogy
Detailed Index

Point of No Return
A colony ship crossing the void of space gets attacked by an unknown race of predatory aliens along the way. Some of the crew manages to escape, but they might have gotten themselves into more trouble than they dreamed.
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Rape, Pregnancy, Torture

Event Horizon
The Kthid prepare for the invasion of the Human Federation… but the HEF is not caught unprepared. In both empires, and in the vastness of space, the gears of war begin to grind, and if care is not taken it might grind our heroes to paste between them.
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Rape, Pregnancy, Torture, War

Noctis Sector Chronicles

Be As Gods
Before she was a living legend, before she was the greatest scientist humanity had ever produced, Dr Maria Keye was less than a nobody…
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Rape, AI, Religion and Blasphemy

Do Not Go Gentle
Selara remembered the feeling that had gripped them all in those early days. Watching the alien ships in the broadcast footage had provoked a small amount of apprehension, but primarily awe.  Then the invasion began…
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Plot Heavy, Action Heavy, Sad, Rape

Found Family

The Endless Night
The interstellar empire of the Kthid survives by the conquest and rape of other species. In every ship, thousands upon thousands of women suffer at the hands of the invaders. And every one of them has a story.
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Plot Heavy, Rape, Torture, Breeding

The Last Hunt
On the surface of a primative world, a race of predatory, dominant women have what will be their last hunt…
Tags: Science Fiction, Aliens, Femdom, Rape

Descent into Madness
An anthropologist accidentally witnesses something far, far beyond her understanding… and is thrown headfirst into a world of madness and alien lust that swallows her whole. That story would be sad enough, but it turns out society has a use for people like that…
This story is unfinished, and unlikely to ever be.
Tags: Historical, Rape, Cthulhu Mythos, Insanity
Cowritten with Eridan and Dhemius

Dig Two Graves
In a world where every elf has been reduced to a slave for hundreds of years, one plots for her freedom… and revenge.
Tags: Fantasy, Elf, Drow, Rape, Slavery, Mindbreak, Violent, Torture, Snuff, Oops All Theme

Dirty Rotten Whore
On a blood-red battlefield, two demigods meet in battle. Both fall.
Tags: Elden Ring, Rape, Fantasy, Malenia, Amputee, Guro-adjacent

Dragon Age: Leliana’s Lament
When Leliana was betrayed in Ferelden, she was sent to a prison managed by a man who had been assigned there as punishment for the amount of rape he had inflicted on captive Orlesian forces in the last war. This is a story of how that really should have ended for her.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Dragon Age, Torture, Slavery
Cowritten with Dhemius and Eridan

Dragon Age: Morrigan’s Body
When Morrigan couldn’t get anyone to help her in killing her mother and setting herself free of Flemeth’s dark intent, she decided to do it herself. It doesn’t end well for her.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Dragon Age, Torture, Mindbreak
Cowriten with Eridan

Embracing Agony
For years, Evelynn has been preying on the world. Turnabout is fair play.
Tags: Rape, breaking, role reversal, Karma is a bitch, gangbang. Evelynn x Vayne

End of Elves
When a Drow Priestess of the Goddess of Vengeance rises to power, she will repay every slight she was ever offered, one thousand fold. Drow society will be reshaped in her image, but it’s the elves who banished them below the Earth who will suffer the worst.
Tags: Fantasy, Elf, Drow, Monster, Rape, Snuff, Genocide, Dark
No, seriously, this one is dark.

Evelynn’s Ambition
What’s a girl gotta do to start another Rune War? Evelynn means to find out, and eat well once again
Tags: Fantasy, League of Legends, Rape, Extreme violence, Death, Snuff, Psychological torture, Physical torture

Fall of the Dragon Rider
Pyra, a dragon-rider knight of the Order of Eldross, has never known defeat or considered it possible… until now. This story is rather extreme.
Tags: Rape, watersports, breath control, violence, injury, snuff.

Frozen: Cold Day in Hell
Anna and Elsa thought that they had made it through their troubles together… but it turns out that stopping all trade with influential kingdoms has consequences beyond what they were expecting. And when the devil comes for his due, they will both have to pay for what was done.
Tags: Fantasy, Frozen, Disney, Rape, Snuff

Game of Thrones: A Feast of Roses
Some very bad men are paid to make the new Queen of Westeros disappear when Margaery makes her usual walk through Fleabottom…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Game of Thrones

Getting Away with Murder
When a serial killer gets away with it, Detective Isabella Santiago is willing to do just about anything to bring him to justice once again… so when he walks into the police station and agrees to confess to other crimes, she doesn’t hesitate to take him up on it…
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Police, Story-in-a-Story, Snuff

Good Times and Bad (Audio Story)
A woman randomly runs into an old friend at a bar, and they have a friendly conversation. Except it isn’t random… he’s been planning it. And it isn’t a friendly conversation, but a biting, contentious one. And he isn’t a friend… he’s the man who kept her as a slave for several years.
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Slavery, Dialogue Driven

Have You Ever? (Audio Story)
An introduction into a life of slavery, from one sister to another.
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Incest

When an Archon is betrayed, she finds herself locked in a prison with nobody but millions of vengeful demons for company. It goes about the way you think it does.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Angel, Demon, Torture, Mindbreak, Extreme

K/DA Saga

The hottest band to hit the scene in decades is all the rage, touring across the country… but they should have paid closer attention to who was transporting them. Who sold them out?
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Racism, Gangbang, Slavery, Betrayal, Twists and Turns. Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’sa, Akali

K/DA: All Fucked Out
Two years later, the band is stuck in slavery after the events of POP/STARS. Things showed no signs of ever getting better until a certain fan of the band comes to prominence with a plan to find them, and everything changes all at once…
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Gangbang, Slavery, Betrayal, Twists and Turns. Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’sa, Akali, Seraphine

Lacey Sturm Kidnapped
A young, pregnant Christian Rock singer is kidnapped while on tour…
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Predicament Bondage, Forced Orgasm, Bondage, Celebrity

Make her Scream (Audio Story)
When your daughter comes home from college today, you’re going to show her a very special time.
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Incest, Watersports, Violence, Vomit, Bondage, Audio

Memento Mori
Trapped on Earth by a madman, Passage gains an entirely new perspective on mankind and mortality.
Tags: Modern Day, Fantasy, Rape, Goddess, Torture, Mindbreak, Psychological, Drowning

Metroid – Hunter’s Fall
Samus answers a Federation distress signal… but it’s a trap by an old enemy that just won’t stay dead. Now she’s is trapped in a nightmare she’ll have to fight harder to escape than any threat she has ever faced.
Tags: Science Fiction, Rape, Metroid, Slavery, Mind Break

One Act of Defiance
An exchange student coming into the Runeterran Academy causes a disruption to the social order… and the Queen is going to make sure everyone knows she’s still on top.
Tags: “Modern Day,” Fantasy, League of Legends, Rape, Lesbian, Futa, Torture, Mental breaking, Betrayal

One Light in the Darkness
A story about Lux from Runeterra. A story of the Legend of Legends. What kind of story, you’ll have to read to find out.
Tags: Fantasy, League of Legends, Rape, Mindbreak, Torture, Twists and turns

Outfoxed – Sacred
In the Alps, a small clan of kitsune watch over an ancient threat, waiting for the day it might reawaken…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Torture, Mindbreak, Gods and Monsters, Kitsune, Lesbian

Outfoxed – Garnet and the Fox
A young woman meets a gumiho on her way through the woods…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Snuff, Kitsune, Gods and Monsters, Little Red Riding Hood

Outfoxed – Fox Hunt
A single kitsune runs from her pursuers in an endless chase through an endless forest… even if she is having trouble remembering why she bothers to run at all.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Kitsune, Mindbreak, Revenge, Psychological Torment

Outfoxed – Lone Fox
A Gumiho, Seo-yun, is hunted down and trained by a mercenary company for a wealthy buyer.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Kitsune, Mindbreak, Twists and Turns, Watersports

Outfoxed – Lone Fox 2: The Paradisium Games
A fallen Gumiho who used to be named Seo-yun, kept as a pet by cruel owners, is taken to be part of a crueler game…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Kitsune, Mindbreak, Competition, Twists and Turns

Outfoxed – Finding Avalon
A Selkie named Merielle is captured by a slave trader, and sold to an exotic brothel and its masters… but not everyone there is so helpless, and more than one seeks an escape as she meets a woman named Yuki…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Kitsune, Brothel, Forced Prostitution, Selkie, Slave Training
An Alternate Ending – Lost in the Mist
The escape comes to a very bad end…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Kitsune, Snuff, Emotional

Outfoxed – Black Fur, Black Heart
Yuki’s body might have escaped captivity… but her mind was broken long before she ever met Mordred. Can someone ever truly find redemption? Even with Merielle’s help?
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Lesbian, Kitsune, Domestic Abuse, Psychological

Outfoxed – Rabbit in the Fox’s Den
A canonical fanstory by PrinceCai, about an afternoon spent in Yuki’s loving care…
Tags: Fdom, Fantasy, Consenting, BDSM

Outfoxed – Lone Fox 3: Scarlet and Silver
Growing up can be hard in the shadow of one of the most terrifying creatures ever to come from your village… but a young kitsune named Hanabi is about to learn just how much harder it can get.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Kitsune, Slavery, Breeding, Twists and Turns

Outfoxed – Chosen
As Yuki and Merielle work to put things right once more, Yuki tells a story. A story of three sisters, a war, and of the day that everything went wrong…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Kitsune, Slavery, Breeding, Monster, Spiders, Story within a Story

Outfoxed – To Fan a Fox’s Flame
Shura had no idea just how demanding her new teacher could be…
Tags: Fantasy, BDSM, Kitsune, Denial/Edging, Consenting, Lesbian

Pandoris Family Tales

Rhyme of the Mermaid Mariners
A family of fishermen rape, breed, and sell mermaids for a living.
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Incest, Breeding, Futa, Mermaids

Ballad of the Menagerie Trappers
The family of mermaid fishermen embark on a quest to save their business with the rest of their extended family after political pressure is brought against them.
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Incest, Breeding, Futa, Animal Girls

Pokemon – The Very Best
A Pokémon trainer is defeated by her rival and she, and her team, gets raped
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Pokemon, Bestiality, Mind Control

Primal Business
A Gazelle, headed home from a night out, catches the eyes of a pack of predators.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Breeding, Animal Girl, Futa, Furry

Runeterra Rape Squad
A rogue gang of Summoners makes a habit of cornering and abusing the beautiful women they come into contact with. Girls that find themselves the victims of the gang find themselves utterly used up in a single night.
Tags: Fantasy, League of Legends, Rape, Over the Top, Gokkun, Mindbreak
Features Orianna, Ashe, Sejuani, Lissandra, Shyvana, Poppy, Katarina

A girl’s sight-seeing tour through Eastern Europe goes wrong when she fails to realize that there might be more to local legends than she thought…
Tags: Modern Day, Fantasy, Fae, Corruption, Rape
Cowritten and Prompted with NoLongerInnocentAlicja

Slavecraft: Ghost
Confederate Ghosts aren’t born. They are made… violently. Kerrigan knows that as well as any. Who could blame her for what she has become?
Tags: Science Fiction, Rape, Starcraft, Slavery, Torture, Mindbreak

Solari Eclipse
Diana tries to finish what she started and wipe out the last of the Solari Elders. It doesn’t go well.
Tags: Fantasy, League of Legends, Rape, Torture, Religion, Betrayal, Emotion, Catharsis. Diana x Leona

A man falls in love with a woman and marries, her, or something like that.
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Revenge, Pregnancy, Watersports, Breathplay, Torture, Twists and Turns
Cowriten with Darinost

The Auction
In an unknown location between realities, some of the hottest pieces of ass are sold to those with power and will beyond imagining. Heroes, villains, goddesses, and saints… if they have holes that can be fucked, they can be purchased here. Unlikely to ever be finished.
Tags: Superhero, Marvel, DC, Rape, Slavery

The Black Flag
One pirate quests to be the ruler of all the seas. One navy captains seeks to stop him. And one captive is caught in between the two of them.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Torture, Mindbreak, Lesbian, Monsters, Pirates

The Dragon’s Harem
A Dragon Hunter falls prey to the monster she was hunting… and pays the price.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Breeding, Monster, Dragon

The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Hammered Down
A young, independent woman seeks to avoid an arranged marriage, only to find out that independence might not be all it’s cracked up to be…
Tags: Historical, Rape, Revenge, Mindbreak

The Naughty List
When Allison and her twin returned home for Christmas this year, they couldn’t have imagined what the consequences would be for being on the naughty list…
Tags: Modern Day, Fantasy, Rape, Slavery, Training, Mindbreak, Watersports, Fae, Krampus, Christmas

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors
An alternate take on Game of Thrones, written well before the disastrous last season of the show and taking more from the books. A twisted romance of how it might work out if Jorah Mormont turns out to be Azor Ahai, featuring a self-insert of the commissioner as Quithe of the Shadow.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Game of Thrones, Slavery, Snuff

The Silence
A pirate made a decision to steal from the rest of the crew… and is given ample reason to regret her choice, and never make it ever again.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Game of Thrones, Mind Break

The Sum of Her Scars
The cult of the dark, cruel Goddess of Rape preys on a city, and an Aasimar Paladin arrives to save the day. When it goes wrong, it goes very, very wrong. A birthday present for Mallory.
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Paladin, Dark, Permanent Injury, Death, Multiple Endings

The Twilight Hunt
Max, known Internationally as the Ghost, might just be the premiere slave trainer in the world. When he gets a new client, though, he finds out the world is quite a bit larger than he knew, and the greatest hunt of his life begins.
Tags: Modern Fantasy, Rape, Slave Training

The Vacant Throne Trilogy
Tags: Fantasy, Rape, Revenge, Watersports, Torture, Elves, Death, Magic, Monsters

The Wedding
Layla Storm’s wedding day goes horribly, horribly wrong…
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Blackmail, Domestic Abuse

The Wedding Party
Tomorrow is supposed to be the start of Amber’s new life. After a party gone wrong, however, that new life became a nightmare.
Tags: Modern Day, Rape, Slavery, Domestic Abuse, Lesbian Hate

The Whore
A Halloween curse for a rape-addicted whore. A parody of the Raven, for Halloween 2021.
Tags: Rape, Poetry, Supernatural

The Wild Hunt: Crimson Hunt
A Kitsune is hunted by a fae lord, or something like that…
Tags: Fantasy, Rape Fantasy, CNC, Fae, Kitsune