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An original story of revenge

Family drama in a family with two twin sisters, as different from one another as it is possible to be.

This story is being cowritten by Darinost. I urge you to check him out. If you like my work, you will probably like his.

Last updated 7-1-19

One – These violent delights
Two – Have violent ends

Alicja Becomes a Pornstar

For Alicja… you worthless cumdump. Rape, forced prostitution, blackmail, unwilling pornography

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 and Epilogue

One Shots

The Wedding – Original short story
Commission for Alicja (Nolongerinnocent)

Lacey Sturm – Celebrity short story
Commission for JoeSchmoe

Original Fantasy Stories

The Vacant Throne
An original high fantasy trilogy

A tale of a dark god and his church, and the empire of rape and slavery they created their wake… and the heroine who means to stop him.

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An original super-hero story

They needed a hero… so that was what they became.

Unlike my other stories, this one will not be updated as chapters are completed, but rather as whole arcs are.

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The Naughty List

When Allison and her twin returned home for Christmas this year, they couldn’t have imagined what the consequences would be for being on the Naughty List…

Tags: Rape, slavery, training, mindbreak, watersports, fae, supernatural, Krampus, Christmas

All in the Mind

An original high fantasy story
This story was written as a commission for Kimbra Ailis

A Drow priestess, fulfilling a task she considers behind her, gets in over her head when her patrol is attacked by a powerful Mind Flayer – but he has more in mind than a simple meal…

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
-The End-

Dig Two Graves

An original fantasy story.

In a world where every elf has been reduced to a slave for hundreds of years, one plots for her freedom… and revenge.

This story has been referred to as “Oops, all theme!” by a reader, and I thought it was appropriate.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 – Bad End – Death Warning
Chapter 6 – Good End

Point of No Return

An original science fiction story

A colony ship crossing the void of space gets attacked by an unknown race of predatory aliens along the way. Some of the crew manages to escape, but they might have gotten themselves into more trouble than they dreamed.

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Rhyme of the Mermaid Mariners

Commission for B

A family of fishermen rape, breed, and sell mermaids for a living. Expect a heavy emphasis on incest and pregnancy.


Ballad of the Menagerie Trappers

Commission for B

The family of mermaid fishermen embark on a quest to save their business with the rest of their extended family after political pressure is brought against them. Expect emphasis on incest and pregnancy.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Arid Affections
Egyptian, rape, futa, incest, pregnancy, animal hybrids
Commission for B

Primal Business
Furry, rape, futa, animal hybrids, pregnancy
Commission for B

The End of Elves

A Story of rape, slavery, and Genocide in a Forgotten Realms inspired world

When a Drow Priestess of the Goddess of Vengeance rises to power, she will repay every slight she was ever offered, one thousand fold. Drow society will be reshaped in her image, but it’s the elves who banished them below the Earth who will suffer the worst.

This is a story of Genocide. Rape, Torture, and Snuff abound. Probably the most extreme project I’ve ever been a part of.

Chapter 1: The Birth of Empire
Chapter 2: The First Contact
Chapter 3: The Rescue
Chapter 4: The Infiltration
Chapter 5: The High Temple
Chapter 6: The Sack of Soleila
Chapter 7: The Fall
Chapter 8: The Refugees
Chapter 9: The Culling
Chapter 10: The Chattel
Chapter 11: The Goddess
Chapter 12: The Last
Epilogue: The Reward
-The End-

An Angel’s Fall

An original story of modern-day religious mythology

Warning: This story contain snuff in chapters 1 and 2
Their deaths doesn’t remove them from the story, though, so it might not count to some people.

Savos has been planning for years to achieve the ultimate dark art, forsaking this rotting human form and gaining a new, demonic body to call his own… but the other demons only take one thing as payment… the death of one of their unfallen brothers or sisters. It’s a price he is happy to pay.

Title Page
Chapter 1: Virgin Bait
Chapter 2: Death of an Angel
Chapter 3: The Welcome Wagon
Chapter 4: Her New God
Chapter 5: Angel’s Ascent
-The End-

One Shots

The Wild Hunt: Crimson Hunt – Original Short Story
Commission for Kimbra Ailis

The Dragon’s Harem – Original Short Story
Commission for Kimbra Ailis

The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Hammered Down – Original Short Story
Commission for Alicja (Nolongerinnocent)

Assignments, Presents, and Gift

The stories here were written for me as gifts or as payment, usually by one of my submissives. Also included are details of their assignments and punishments, because I like humiliating them by showing that off. I’ll be posting them here as they are given to me.


A girl’s sight-seeing tour through Eastern Europe goes wrong when she fails to realize that there might be more to local legends than she thought…

Part of Alicja (Dorota, Nolongerinnocent)’s slow seduction to the world of writing fantasy for me.



A captive elf princess has spent generations as a slave to the human empire that captured her, several human lifetimes ago… and now the new king is being crowned, and its time to see what her new torture will be…

Part of Alicja (Dorota, Nolongerinnocent)’s slow seduction to the world of writing fantasy for me.


Have you Ever?

From one sister to another…

Originally written by Alicja (Dorota, Nolongerinnocent). Adapted for Audio by me. Recorded by Nightfawn.


For Darinost

(Audio) Make her Scream, Part 1
(Audio) Make her Scream, Part 2
Recorded by Nightfawn and Fromyourmouth.
Part 1 was originally written by Darinost, adapted for audio by myself.