Hope Prologue: The Day Hope Died

Commission for Darinost, with my thanks. Part of the Lights in the Void shared universe. Esperiel, the Archangel of Hope, had lead humanity in a desperate battle against the forces of Chaos and Darkness, and now victory is within her grasp... but it is going to cost more than she expected. no sex, angel, fantasy, demon, violence

Runeterra Rape Squad

This story is a commission for M Gangbang, rape, anal, oral, light plot, dubcon What Makes Women Tick Story 1 of Runterra Rape SquadA Story of the League of LegendsThis story is a commission by MGangbang, semi-consenting, over-the-topThe gang is meeting up, trying to pick another victim, but they never considered that Orianna might be…

End of Elves 2 – First Contact

The drow turn their attention to the surface, starting with a small village on the edge of Elven territory. WARNING: This is a snuff story. Not everyone is going to make it, and their deaths won't be dignified. Rape, m/f, f/f, group sex, snuff, gynophagia, fantasy, elf, drow, slavery