A Turn of the Wheel Duology

A (mostly) low fantasy duology in progressRape, torture, slavery, incest (kind of), low fantasy, heavy plot, anal, oral NiraAriadnaKayaAmelissanLeila Descent Book One of Turn of the WheelArianda and her twin brother have always jointly been the Gods of Fortuneā€¦ but when a calamity strikes, her brother takes advantage of the moment to become the only…

End of Elves 2 – The First Contact

The drow turn their attention to the surface, starting with a small village on the edge of Elven territory. WARNING: This is a snuff story. Not everyone is going to make it, and their deaths won't be dignified. Rape, m/f, f/f, group sex, snuff, gynophagia, fantasy, elf, drow, slavery