Technical Entry – Exalted Android Bodies

The Kthid have shown that they are capable of another technology that humanity has never mastered yet – the creation of a purely artificial body.

Most of the technologies that the Kthid use, humanity has also developed… artificial nerves, artificial musculature and skeletal systems, and self-repairing nanomachines that replicate the effects of cellular regeneration. The HEF has been using these methods to make prosthetics and powered armor for more than a century now. However, the primary problem stopping the Terran Federation from making these has been the power supply issue… we have never miniaturized fusion to the point that have an internal reactor made much sense, and most means of beaming power were too inefficient to be worth considering for the limit uses that humanity had for the bodies.

The Kthid appear to have solve this issue with the blue “blood” they put into their android bodies. It appears they use this for some unknown form of power generation based on the Casimir effect… further study is required.

Artificial bodies do not have a brain… they rely entirely on intelligence transmitted to them remotely by digital signal, making them perfectly suited for a construct like the Exalted. They give all forms of feedback a human body would… touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing all processed by organs that function similar enough to that of human equivalents. They are not capable of digesting anything taken into them, but they do have waste disposal to incinerate it and expel the ash. In almost every meaningful way, this is a human body but significantly tougher, with skin made primarily of soft, warmed silicon.