Technical Entry – Uniforms of the Federation

The primary uniform of the HEF is a plain, off-white jumpsuit of farmed spider-silk, woven into the same mesh used by Kevlar in earlier centuries. The fabric is obscenely tough against being punctured, and in many cased bones have been broken in a navy crewmen being stabbed before a blade made it through the fabric. Despite that, it is smooth as the term silk infers, and quite comfortable.

The suit is woven through by the necessary machinery to power the Aegis field, along with kinetic motion generations to recycle the movements of the person wearing it to power the batteries. It generally isn’t enough to make up for extensive use, but it can increase the longevity of the uniform in a crisis by several hours. The suit is also capable of scrubbing CO2 out of the air contained inside its field, using membranes on the arms and legs to filter out the carbon and return breathing oxygen. This is generally enough for two or three hours… after that, masks with additional scrubbers would be necessary to keep recycling air.

The color of the uniform changes depending on assignment. Other colors exist but generally speaking…

Gold: Command team. Bridge crew.
Blue: Medical Team. Corpsmen, medical officers, and doctors.
Red: Engineering Team. Science officers and mechanics.
Green: Security Team. Marines and weapon-officers.
Teal: Special Assignment. Generally for unique positions.

For most cases, this uniform is sufficient… but when it is known that battle is imminent, there are more advanced versions, like the Enforcement Suit below. Designed for extended combat, it has a far more long-lived life support system, a more powerful Aegis field, and is capable of detecting injuries and administering drugs and compression to minimize their effects.