Upcoming Works

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All works contain non-consensual content.

Do not read if you have trouble understanding the difference between Fantasy and Reality.

None of these stories exist to promote actual violence again real, not literary women.

Green text signifies a story that is being actively written. Expect these stories to be updated no less often than once every two weeks.

Blue text signifies a story that is actively being edited, and will be updated soon.

Red text signifies a story that is currently on hold, but likely to be resumed at some point. If you have interest in one of these stories, let me know, and when I am picking the next story to go to Active, I will take interest into consideration.

Violet text signifies that this is an upcoming story, mostly in the planning stage. If you have interest in one of these stories, let me know, and when I am picking the next story to go to Active, I will take interest into consideration.

Lone Fox 2
An original fantasy story
Part of Outfoxed
Written and Produced by Darinost

Seo-Yun, a beautiful, three-hundred-year-old gumiho, has been sold to a wealthy family in England… but they had plans for her. She will have to compete in a deadly game, where more than her life might be at stake.

A Turn of the Wheel Book 2 – Ascent
An original fantasy story of a war between the Gods
Part of Lights in the Void

Ariadna has been cast down from the heavens, but her attempts to free her former followers have not gone unnoticed. She has been captured by the Church of her brother, being taken to be a sex slave to the High Priest… but its possible the women she helped free might have a thing or two to say about that.

An original super-heroine story

An original story of super-heroes, super-villains, rape, misogyny, and all of that good stuff. Expect some heavy plot and misery porn. If you like the Marvel movies, you will probably like this.

This story is being cowritten by Darinost. I urge you to check him out.

An original story of Revenge

Family Drama in a family with two twin sisters, as different from one another as it is possible to be.

This story is being cowritten by me and Darinost. I urge you to check him out.

Ballad of the Menagerie Trappers
An original story of animal girls

Continuing from Rhyme of the Mermaid Mariners, the Pandoris family has their income threatened as a mermaid right’s group has begun lobbying to have them shut down. To destroy their argument, they seek to find dozens of other species of animal girls, and prove they are nothing uncommon in the slightest… but they aren’t the only predators in this forest.

Momento Mori
An original story of a Death Goddess
Part of Lights in the Void

Passage, the Goddess who ferries souls between the realm of the living and the dead, spends one day every five years as a mortal to appreciate the cost of death… until she becomes trapped there by a madman intent of living forever.

One Act of Defiance
An story of the League of Legends… Sort of
Academy Skin Line

Ahri and her friends run the school like queens… until an exchange student named Riven stands up to her. Ahri means to make an example of them that no one will ever forget.

The cast is expansive, but Riven, Vi, Poppy, and Lux are the primary victims, and Ahri, Evelynn, Nidalee, Katarina, and Qiyana the primary abusers.

Metroid: Hunter’s Fall
A Metroid story

Samus answers a federation distress signal… but it’s a trap by an old enemy that just won’t stay dead. Now she’s is trapped in a nightmare she’ll have to fight harder to escape than any she has ever faced.

This story is back to life with a new commissioner!

The Black Flag Book 1 – A Pirate’s Life
An original fantasy story of the age of sail in an ocean world
Part of Lights in the Void

One pirate quests to be the ruler of all the seas. One navy captains seeks to stop him. And one captive is caught in between the two of them.

This is the story is currently on hold

Dark Ascension
A Baldur’s Gate story

The scion of a slain dark god seeks to gain his birthright, and ascend to the heavens as the new god of rape.

Chapter 20 of this story is up.

Point of No Return
An original space adventure story

A colony ship crossing the void of space gets attacked by an unknown race of predatory aliens along the way. Some of the crew manages to escape, but they might have gotten themselves into more trouble that they dreamed.

Slavecraft: Ghost
A Starcraft story

Confederate Ghosts aren’t born. They are made… violently. Kerrigan knows that as well as any. Who could blame her for what she has become?

One Soul to Go Around
A Warmachine and Hordes story

Deneghra sets a trap to capture her twin sister and steal back the portion of her soul that she feels was stolen from her at birth. When the plan goes wrong, it doesn’t end well for anybody.

The Paleblood Hunt
A Bloodborne story

The red moon hangs low, and beasts rule the streets. Are we left no other choice, than to burn it all to cinders?

Beyond Life and Death
An original fantasy story of evil… and redemption.

A gifted young necromancer has been playing with powers beyond her understanding… and pays for it with her life when an ancient Necromancer adds her to his collection. That isn’t the end of her story, however… that is just the beginning. For a necromancer of her talents, life and death is a somewhat fluid state, after all…

Dreams of Madness
A story of the Inception universe

Once people figured out how to get into someone else’s dreams, Extraction and Inception were only two of the possibilities. When a whistleblower is on the way to turn in evidence, the company she works for whats her to renounce her position… but when they only have a few hours to convince her, there’s no time for conventional torture.

But pain… pain is in the mind, isn’t it?

Hell on Earth
A story of the Lucifer show universe

Lucifer and Chloe work well together as partners, even if they are terrible about admitting their feelings for one another. Lucifer’s long absence from Hell, however, has some unforeseen consequences, as the most ancient demon had taken over in his absence – And her ambitions extend well past the gates of Hell.

Mad Queen Daenerys
A story of Westeros

When a Targaeryn is born, fate flips a coin.
All Daenerys ever wanted was the Iron Throne… but in the process of getting it, it seems her dragons have developed an appetite for certain pleasures. And what kind of mother could deny her children anything?

I was Born to be King
A story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

When the events of Thor: Ragnarok go very differently, Loki is going to have an opportunity to live up to the birthright. All he needs is a queen or two… or ten.

The Final Hunt
A story of the League of Legends

Shauna Vayne has long hunted after monsters in the quest to avenge her parents, but killing monster after monster never salved her lust for revenge, nor her growing madness. However, no matter how long she hunted, she never managed to find the monster that had killed her parents, and if only she could just… find… her… maybe it would all be well again…