Seventeen – Punishment for Intruding

Therion smirked to himself, pleased to know that he had been correct in his guesses. It was comforting to the newborn god that the world was a small place to him, so small that it seemed everything nearby him twisted according to what he did… that everything could be shaped by his well. The realms were a vast place, but now that he was so much more than just a mortal, they seemed small… too small for coincidence. A pair of halflings sneaked into his domain… then another one sneaked in.

Faerun had no shortage of halfling scum to thieve and sneak, and in these troubled times there were even more about, and the Coronet clearly had wealth, so it wasn’t unbelievable that two parties of thieves would attempt to rob him independently… but where others would see a reasonable coincidence, Therion was sure of providence. They had come to this of all places because he was here, and warped the world with his presence… just as his followers grew stronger in his wake, just as the clientel of this place became more cruel and violent with every passing day. When he had come here, the matron had whipped one of the whores… Violet had been her name, he thought, one of his brother’s favorites… for daring to say that she was a slave and not a whore to a client. Nowadays, telling any of the men here that they had been kidnapped and repeatedly raped would just guarantee the man’s arousal and contempt rather than sympathy or rescue.

The world was changing, and he was changing it… and as he did, he destroyed what had been there before. Therion smiled at the thought. It was time to destroy another piece.

“Oh, so you do know each other. I suppose I don’t need to ask what you came her for then. Sweet of you to come after this pair of talented cocksuckers,” he said as he gave Alora a contemptuous slap to the face, “But I don’t think you understand your situation… or theirs.” He looked to the Yaun-ti who had brought him the slave girls, as he had asked, staring into her eyes still glowing with sullen hatred behind the fear. “Ssastha, how much would the cheapest slut in this place cost for a tumble? How much would be the cheapest ticket into the back of my brothel?”

Ssastha’s eyes narrowed a bit as she thought, unsure if this was a test. That was good… she was unwilling to even contemplate answering a question of his flippantly any longer after he insisted she was to know all of the Coronet’s information on demand for him. Still, he witheld any sign that this pleased him… she hadn’t earned even that small favor from him. “To take them down here, at least five silver my Lord. Most much more.”

“So,” Therion said, holding Nephele’s chin, “Your daughters stole from me. They trespassed, and didn’t pay their way back here, you understand? So I needed to make them pay me back what was owed… so they work for me until they do. Ssastha… how much do one of my girls earn each time they get fucked?”

He could see this appealing to the sadistic Yaun-ti despite herself. After all, this had originally been her scheme even if it had never been nearly as grand under her as it was now for him. “Why, nothing my Lord. Not a copper.”

“So you see,” he told Nephele, a grin on his face. “It will take them quite a while to pay their way free. And now you,” he said as he put his hand on what was left of her armor and tore upward with strength far beyond human. The halfling girl actually shrieked as the armor pulled and pinched at her in every place it bent, Therion lifting her off to the floor for a half second before the seems gave way and the front part of the already tattered armor ripped free, her breasts now covered only by a ripped undershirt. “You have committed the same crime. Maybe you can pay off your debt to me faster than your daughters could… or maybe you’ll just have to spend the rest of your life here. Either works for me, of course.”

Another tug, and her undershirt came free, while behind him Saravok turned his attention to the daughters, working them down to the floor with his lash until they knelt obediently before Therion and his new captive. That was when Therion caught sight of the glint of silver around her neck. “What is this?” he said with a chuckle, lifting it before his eyes. “Ah, Yondala,” he said, admiring the holy symbol. “She is supposed to be famed for her kindness and mercy… do you think she means to offer some to you?”

The demigod yanked her hair suddenly, tilting her head upward as he grabbed hard onto her beast, twisting hard on her nipple as he stared down at her. Then he dramatically stopped, cocking his head as though waiting to be struck down by the impotent halfling deity. “Nope, I guess not. Perhaps your daughters then? Brother, is Yondalla protecting those two whores from you?”

“Not in the slightest,” he said as he rained down the lash on their naked bodies, already whip marked from the cruel uses of the customers here. Therion had not given them merciful duties in this brothel, of course… they were being punished for intruding, so they were frequently subject to some of the most painful torments a customer wished.

“Maybe she just isn’t aware of your troubles?” Therion mocked. “You are short, as no doubt is she. Perhaps she simply can’t see you over the others in the room. Understandable. Maybe this will help?” He asked as he stuck his hand down what was left of her pants, touching the halfling’s cunt with his dark, corrupting touch for the first time. He loved the way she jerked away from it… how sensitive she was to his power would be fun to play with. He wondered if perhaps Elara had been equally sensitive, and that had contributed to the whore’s breakdown… and remembering the escaped paladin enraged him all over again, infuriating him at Mazzy as if it has just happened. He intended to make this mother pay for the warrior’s sins just as he had made her daughters pay before.

Cruelly, he pushed a pair of fingers up into her pussy, then shoved the pointed holy symbol in after them, pushing it deep into Nephele’s cunt. “Maybe she can sense your troubles now, whore?”

Nephele let out a pained cry, writhing, trying to get out of his grip, but compared to his strength, she was nothing. Gleefully, he pushed the symbol in a bit deeper, grinning down at the whimpering halfling cleric. “You should thank me, whore…you have never been so close to your slut of a goddess.”

Casually, he removed his fingers from her small and tight cunt, leaving the holy symbol inside, then ripped her pants apart with but a flick of his hand, exposing her completely, with only the silver chain of the pendant dangling from her cunt. “One day, my little halfling, I will have my way with your goddess, too. She will scream her lungs out when my cock pushes deep into her asshole…I’m sure she will feel divine!” He laughed, a sound of such dark mirth it made Nephele nauseous.

“ Blasphemer!” she could only gasp, one hand reaching down to pull the symbol from her aching cunt, but he quickly grasped her wrist.

“ If you do that, I’ll shove it up Alora’s asshole instead. Do you want that?”

He glared into Nephele’s eyes, a dark promise in his gaze. The halfling was not as tough as Mazzy, not by far, so easily intimidated… just as her daughters had been. Slowly, Nephele withdrew her hand from between her legs, leaving the holy symbol still inside her tight cunt.

Sarevok, meanwhile, had stopped whipping the two younger halfling girls, leaving both to kneel and whimper on the ground, looking at their mother with shame and despair, knowing that now there would be no escape. Nephele had failed, she would not rescue them. No one would.

Therion drank in that delightful cocktail of dread and absolute misery, feeling it invigorate every cell in his body. Yes, this was his essence…he could drink from their suffering daily…but maybe…there would be a more refined dish available here. That of a mother breaking herself for her girls…and vice versa…the total degradation born from familiar affection…love broken and twisted.

Therion felt his cock stir at the thought. Yes, what a wonderful idea.

He sat back in his throne, watching the three naked halflings, rubbing his chin in a thoughtful expression. “ You have come here to save your daughters, of course…but now, it seems as if all hope is lost, right? Your slut of a goddess will not help you and you are about to end up as just one more whore in my stable. Quite a horrid fate…but one you might all yet escape from.”

He could barely keep from laughing as he saw the glimmer of hope appearing in their cute faces. It was so easy to manipulate them… “You can still save them, priestess. If you agree to my conditions, you can all walk out of here in two days. Wouldn’t you like that?” He could see the halflings nod, the two younger ones much more quickly and eagerly than their mother, who still did not trust him. Neither did her daughters, but they had been abused so much, they would take any chance, no matter how small, to escape further violations. “ My conditions are as follows…you will all three serve me for this night. You will suffer under my cock and my lash. You will listen to your daughters beg for mercy when I rape their sweet asses and they will lick cum from your face after I have fucked your tiny throat. Then, tomorrow, you will perform in the arena, being raped by beasts for the audience’s pleasure. When you have done this, you will be free and I will not come after you again.” He grinned broadly, watching their expressions of horror while he spoke. “ Do you agree to these conditions?”

Nephele looked at him, utterly horrified. “ Why would anyone agree to this?!” she asked, her voice trembling.

“ Because the other alternative is a life of constant rape and degradation as whores of my brothel…and you, of course, will be forced to part from your goddess and become a priestess-whore of my faith. Every night you will fall asleep to the cries and whimpers of your daughters and there will not be a day when you will not serve me or others with all your holes. So, which will it be?” He asked, already knowing what she would pick…

For a moment, everything was silent, as if the entire world waited to hear Nephele’s response, but, of course, it was merely an illusion created by Therion’s presence, his shadow darkening the room as he took in the pain of the three poor halfling women in the room. Alora and Lina stared at their mother through teary eyes and Therion could taste their struggle. They wanted her to take the offer, to get them out of here…but they also knew what it would mean to submit to him… If she did this, if she agreed to his terms…they would never forget it. That memory would forever haunt them. Therion would make sure of it.

Nephele was at war with herself. Every instinct within her screamed not to take this offer, though the rational part of her mind knew it would be best to agree to his terms. She trembled, feeling a chill run down her spine each time he looked at her through these dark, soulless eyes. He would make them suffer…he would make her daughters suffer…he would violate all of them and she…she would have to let him.

But did she really have much of a choice right now? Here, in the presence of a living demigod, Yondalla’s presence was far, far away. She still felt the discomfort of her holy symbol inside her cunt. Her patron had not acted against this blasphemy…which meant that she either did not know about her cleric’s plight or that she was prevented from acting against this monster. Which meant that he had allies…

And suddenly, she knew what she had to do. Before she’d come here, she had only heard vague rumours about his presence…but now, she knew what kind of evil he represented…an evil that was spreading like a cancer, infesting the minds of honest men and turning them into rapists…and apparently, he already had powerful allies preventing the gods of good to just strike him down. A mortal crusade would be the only thing that might help now…the good and righteous people rising up to cast him down before he fully transcended his mortal coil.

She had to warn others…she had to warn the people of any good church…but to do that, she had to get out. Quickly. Nephele swallowed. She knew her daughters would suffer and she would suffer alongside them during this night. But it was a price she would pay if it gave them any chance of maybe excising this evil before it grew too strong.

Slowly, Nephele nodded, looking up at Therion with as steady a gaze as she could manage. “ I will agree to your conditions. One night of servitude and tomorrow, the arena…and then you will let the three of us go.” It took all her strength, but she managed to keep meeting his gaze and her voice steady.

Therion smirked. She had strength of spirit…he wondered if he would manage to break it in one night. “ Yes. Tomorrow night, if you have served as we agreed, you will leave this place with your daughters. Now, get down on your hands and knees. You will not stand up unless told to. If I tell you to go somewhere, you will crawl.” He held out his hand towards Ssatha. “The chain.” As Nephele, cringing inwardly at this first debasement, leaned down and assumed the desired position, she saw the Yuan-ti step forward and hold out the end of the chain that attached to her daughters’ collars.

Therion nodded. “ I am not to be disturbed during the night. You, Ssatha, go over to the…former priestess of Shar and take the shadowstone out of her ass, she has earned that. Has any of the girls been especially unruly today?”

Again, Ssatha was quick to answer, eager to get out of his sight and eager to show how well-informed she was about the goings-on around here. “ Lydia…the new elven girl, the redhead…she tried to bite when a customer made her suck his cock.”

Therion narrowed his eyes, an ember of fury igniting behind them. “ I hope he is not wounded?” he growled and with a shiver Nephele realized that his concern for the rapist was genuine. Ssatha shook her head. “ It was taken care of. I had Lydia whipped but I am not certain she has learned her lesson yet…”

“ Then have her spend the night with the shadowstone up her ass, maybe this will help break her”, the dark lord growled, then made a dismissive motion. “ Get going. And when you are done with that…report to Kyon. Help him with anything he might…require.” He smirked as he saw the disgust and anger in Ssatha’s face before the Yuan-ti hurried out of the room.

“ Good…now that this is taken care of…follow me, whores”, he growled, turning around and walking towards the door to the left. With a malicious grin, he yanked on the chain, causing both halfling girls to nearly fall to the floor before they managed to hurry after him, on hands and knees. Nephele’s heart wept as she saw her dear daughters so degraded, but the thought of gaining them their freedom gave her strength. Quickly, she hurried after them, crawling on the floor like a base animal.

They left the room and turned down a corridor lit only by a few torches. On their way, two guards passed them, who bowed before Therion but kept on casting lustful gazes at the three halflings. Nephele noticed that Lina and Alora cringed and looked away as they saw the guards. She did not want to imagine the horrors Therion had these men visit upon her beloved daughters…

From all around them, the sounds of cries and grunts, of sobs and barked commands were carried on the air, testament to the vile purpose this place served. It was a temple to dark lusts and violence in all but name. Suddenly, another voice cut through the din. “ Lord Therion! Wait, please!” It was a female voice…but unlike that of the Yuan-ti it was not tinged with anger or fear. She heard Therion sigh and saw him turn around, prompting her to look back as well.

A young woman, tall, well-built and almost completely naked save for a leather thong, rushed down the corridor. Her blue eyes beamed and she had a wide and eerily cheerful smile on her face. When she arrived before Therion, she fell to her knees in deference, looking up at him with a mixture of awe, submissiveness and joy.

A willing slavegirl? Nephele could not believe such a thing, no one would willingly sacrifice their dignity for someone like this…

“ Shandra…what is it? I am busy…”, he said and there was a hint of exasperation in his voice. Alora and Lina shifted uncomfortably, trying to move away from the other woman, eyeing her with as much fear as they had the guards. Nephele felt a rush of nausea at the idea that someone could turn traitor to their own sex…

“ My Lord, I just heard that you had a new…guest…and what a cutie she is!” The woman turned to look at Nephele, reaching down to place one hand underneath her chin, forcing the halfling priestess to look up at her. “ Hmm…so sweet…now, we have four halflings here…this will do wonders for our income. People love how they squeal when they get fucked…”

“ They are not staying. I am releasing them after a night of service and a show in the arena tomorrow.” Therion glared at the other woman, who, upon hearing this news, frowned and stepped back, disappointment evident in her face.

“ Why, my Lord? It would be like casting a perfectly fine weapon into the forge again…” There was a definite pouting undertone in her voice.

“ Because I deemed it fitting. And my word is still law around here”, he said matter-of-factly. “ Now, leave me to my business. I will not have my decisions second-guessed by you.”

“ My Lord…may I at least…come with you tonight? Share these three whores with your majesty?” With disgust, Nephele noticed the eagerness in her voice. She was like a child begging their parents for candy. This woman was clearly insane…and, given the way her daughters looked at her, clearly not an innocent victim…

“ Hmm…yes, why not?”, Therion mused, scratching his chin. The woman nearly jumped with excitement, grinning brightly. “ Thank you, Lord Therion. I will make sure you won’t regret it.”

“ I know”, he merely said and then, without any word of warning, yanked the chain so hard Alora and Lina fell forward as he moved again. This time, he did not wait for them to regain their posture and practically dragged them across the floor.

“ Please…let them…”, Nephele began, but did not manage to finish her sentence.

In one fluid motion, Shandra had turned around, knelt down and backhanded her across the face. “ Everything Lord Therion does is divine. You and other whores like you do not get to protest…unless he wants you to. Now shut up and move!”

The last words had been spoken without any of the cheerfulness and awe she had reserved for Therion. Her face had turned into a visage every bit as cold and cruel as Therion’s. Yes, she truly was insane.

After a few more steps, they finally reached a large wooden door where two guards stood. “ My Lord”, they both said, bowing to him. Therion opened his door, turning back to dismiss his guards. “ I will not need you anymore tonight. Go and enjoy yourselves.”

The guards – rough, brutal-looking men, eagerly hurried off and Therion closed the door behind him. Nephele looked around the room, seeing the chains on the wall, the nightstand covered in all manner of brutal-looking sex toys, the lavish, large bed…and the naked, pretty tiefling woman kneeling at the foot of it, chained to the bedpost. When they entered the room, she looked up and the expression of fear that appeared on her face made Nephele’s heart bleed in sympathy.

“ Don’t make a sound, Holes”, Therion snarled at her, “ or you will be punished. I want to fuck these three in peace.”

The tiefling nodded almost imperceptibly and remained silent. There was practically no will left in her eyes, no spirit, not even one last shred of dignity. It was a pitiful sight. Shandra noticed Nephele’s glance and grinned. “ I trained her. Trust me, she hates everything we do to her…but she would not even think about resisting.”

Therion ignored the tiefling and sat down on the bed, yanking on the chain until Alora and Lina were kneeling at the foot of the bed before him. “ Chain their mother up, I want her to watch while I show her what whores we’ve made of her daughters.”

Before Nephele could protest, she was dragged towards the wall by the stronger woman, manacles closing around her wrists. “ We’ll stay here for now and have a good look at the Lord…and we can use this opportunity to get to know one another better…” Shandra knelt down, next to Nephele. Grabbing the halfling’s chin in one hand, she forced her to look towards the bed while the other hand began to roam over her victim’s body, exploring it, long, slender fingers wandering over her tits, thereby removing the last bits of clothing Nephele still wore.

Nephele barely noticed the unwanted touch. With a mixture of dread and shame she watched as Therion grabbed her daughters and lifted them onto the bed, then grabbed them by their hair and forced their faces towards his crotch, where his massive cock already stood erect.

“ You know what to do”, he growled and much to Nephele’s horror, they did. With tears in their eyes and expressions of disgust, they began to lick and kiss his cock, tongues and lips moving up and down its length…

Like usual when he was raping a woman, the rest of the world faded into the background. He could still feel the others, of course… Nephele’s fear, terror, and hated shone for him like beacons, their light shining on him like the sun warming his skin. He could feel Shandra, her excitement and lust for destruction, tinged strangely with the submission that seemed as much a part of the extremely strange torturer as her sadism. He could even feel his brother, his own growing lust an odd sensation and not one that fed him in the same way as the suffering of the girls, but still strong, still feeding him power through Saravok’s desire to rape a woman. So it wasn’t like he lost the rest of the world… but it ceased to matter.

All gods needed followers… it was why turning as many men as he could into cruel rapists was so much to his delight. This was the only true worship he desired, however, and when he was receiving it it was so easy to forget the rest of the world. All that mattered was the humiliation of the women he was using, the way their disgust and unwilling service to him fed him like a fine wine. While he wanted Nephele to see her daughters humiliated as they were used like cheap whores, in this second that mattered less to him than the pleasure he could rip from their bodies.

Alora and Lina both hated him, hated what he did to them, but he knew that they hated themselves almost as much for their inability to resist him, for how they were too afraid to refuse to do what he wanted. Empty headed whores were easy to train like that… no matter how degrading what he wanted from them, all he had to make them learn was that the penalty for refusing was more painful and more degrading both than simply submitting. The last time he had instructed these whores to suck him off, docile, stupid Alora had dashed to obey and avoid further pain, but Lina had been even more the fool. Her refusal had gotten the both of them whipped for an hour before they were put together on the coronet floor, sucking off every customer in the place under the tables for free. A party favor, Therion had called it… and the sight of her sister suffering beside her for her own stupidity had penetrated even fiery halflings thick skull.

Now, they both had long since learned to obey. Alora didn’t need to be told what to do in the slightest… she was almost eager to please, terrified that even hesitation would lead to suffering great enough to stagger the small girl. Her tongue all but flew over him as though she were a cock-crazed slut eager for a taste, which Therion knew couldn’t be further from the truth… but the shame that he could feel from her mother made it even more worthwhile.

Of the two, Lina was the first to begin to swallow him. The protective older sister was no doubt thinking that she could make this easier for her sister if she did the lion’s share of the work. The fact that it never worked out, and he would rape her sister even harder to spite her efforts, never seemed to stop the dumb cunt from trying… not that Therion minded in the least. Her throat was every bit as tight as her pussy was, one of the best parts about raping a halfling, and the fact that she made herself gag on his length was the best of many good parts. It made her throat swell shut and clamp on him, milking him almost like a fist in a handjob, but she still didn’t retreat, still tried to swallow him deeper… after all, she might have been gagging on the cock hilted deep in his throat, but he wasn’t even halfway inside yet.

It only took a slight pull on Alora’s hair to remind the empty-headed halfling that she wasn’t off the hook just because her sister was trying to protect her. Reluctantly, the girl stuck her tongue out and began to lash at the parts of the huge cock that Lina hadn’t managed to swallow yet, dipping down to lick at his balls before dancing back across his cockflesh. It was only a matter of time before he began to fuck her sister’s face, after all… and she had learned her painful lesson before now that she had better be sucking at his balls when he did.

Nephele watched all of this with growing disgust and horror. To see her beloved daughters debase themselves by obediently pleasuring this monster… it brought tears to her eyes, her stomach churning with revulsion. She could hear Lina gag on the hard cock in her throat, saw the bulge where his member stretched her… saw Alora’s lips sucking on his balls, her tongue licking up and down the engorged, massive shaft.

It was too much to bear and when Shandra loosened her grip on her chin, she looked down, unable to watch any longer, her entire naked body trembling with silent sobs as tears ran down her cheeks.

Unfortunately for her, Shandra would have none of it. “I said watch!” she hissed, slapping Nephele’s cute face hard. But Nephele just could not bring herself to watch again. Just hearing the gargling sounds from Lina as she feebly attempted to swallow more of Therion’s cock and the soft slurping noises that came from Alora teasing his balls with her tongue were too much for her to bear.

“I said…watch!” This time, Nephele could feel the power behind the word as the priestess used the power of her goddess to dominate her will. Normally, she, being an experienced cleric herself, would not submit so easily to the mental control of another…but Therion’s mere presence sapped her will and disturbed the connection between her and her goddess.

Against her will, Nephele found herself looking up again, staring at the scene on the bed, unable to close her eyes save to blink.

“Much better”, Shandra whispered and Nephele felt the priestess’ hands roam her body again, kneading her tits before sliding lower. Now, she also realized why the other woman had released her grip on the halfling’s head for a moment, for now, Shandra’s fingers were topped by metal caps with a rough surface the tips of which were adorned by small talons. It made the renewed unwanted exploration of her body by the priestess of Loviatar even more uncomfortable than before.

“ You have a very lovely body…”, Shandra whispered silkily, her fingers reaching between Nephele’s legs to roughly rub along her slit, the touch of the rough metal caps making her wince in pain. “Hurting it will be so much fun…“ she added… and then pushed two fingers into the halfling’s tight cunt. Nephele cried out from the painful intrusion, her cry leading to Lina abandoning her task to cast a worrying glance over to her mother…

“Don’t concern yourself with her”, Therion barked, grabbing her hair again and forcing her back towards his crotch. With tears in her eyes, Lina continued to tease his shaft and balls with her tongue. Grunting in satisfaction, Therion reached out to grasp Alora’s head firmly in his hand. Knowing what was to come and hating every second of it, the redheaded halfling thief closed her eyes and tried to relax her throat as much as possible. For only a heartbeat later, he began to slam her face up and down his length, ramming his cock down her throat as far as it would go.

Immediately, Lina moved lower and began sucking on his balls, just as he’d taught her. Drool ran down Alora’s chin as the demigod raped her face with hard, merciless strokes, drinking in the sensations and her own discomfort like fine wine.

Nephele had no choice but to watch the appalling display, no matter how she longed to do anything else. The order that Shandra had given her was so much more than a suggestion, more than even a command. The words were infused with an energy as dark as Therion radiated with every breath, and they sank into her will like water sinking into cracks in the earth, weakening it. She wanted so badly to turn away, but she couldn’t even remember how to turn her head away, or how to close her eyes. She no longer had a choice but to watch the thick cock as it pummeled her eldest daughter’s throat like a whore’s pussy.

Not even the priestesses exploration of her body provided a distraction that she so badly longed for. Even with the metal fingertips she now wore, it was only uncomfortable and painful, hardly comparable to the emotional agony of helplessly watching the show before her. The fingertips, even inside her delicate flesh, were merely a promise of pain to come, and the priestess of Yondalla almost wished it would hurry up and get here.

“Look at how well behaved they are,” Saravok mocked as he stepped closer to them girls serving his demigod brother. “It’s amazing what supposedly unwilling girls can be taught to do with a little bit of effort. Now, neither of them would stop no matter happens, because each knows all to well the penalty if they do… don’t you sluts?” He reached out and stroked Lina’s hair for a moment in a mockery of affection that made the girl whimper. “Watch, I’ll show you how well behaved they can be.”

The whip uncoiled effortlessly, the sign of far, far too much practice at wielding the implement of pain, and in the same flick of his wrist Sarevok sent it sailing across the halfling girl’s back. She gave a cry out, but didn’t stop licking the demigod’s balls while he fucked her sister’s face. If anything, she threw herself into it harder, in the made, desperate hope that he would be pleased enough to stop her pain… as though expecting mercy from the dark lord of rape was even a hope worth clinging to even in the deepest desperation. She knew that her cruel owner wouldn’t allow Sarevok to kill her, but his protection extended not a hair-width beyond that point.

Laughing in amusement at the redoubled effort, Sarevok targeted Alora next, timing his stroke in time with the rhythmic gagging the halfling was forced into by the thick cock invading her face. Nausea overwhelmed Alora as her throat spasmed, trying desperately to scream with air she didn’t have to spare. Still, she didn’t fight to pull her head from Therion’s cock, knowing that even blacking out on the fuck-rod impaling her would be a kinder fate than what he would do to her if she refused the show he wanted.

As Sarevok continued his whipping, Shandra began to twist her fingers inside the girl’s mother, moving sharply enough to make Nephele gasp in pain as for that brief instant, the pain even surpassed the horror of watching Therion’s show. “Do you want them to stop, girl?” The grin was obvious in the girl’s voice. Perhaps it was her arrogance, but she was fairly sure she knew what Therion wanted from the mother and was more than willing to proceed to get it without needing his orders. In truth, if he punished her for it, so much the better. “You can stop this anytime you want, stop the whipping, stop your daughter from gagging on that thick cock. All you need to do is ask your daughters to eat each other out for us… you still know how to work your mouth, don’t you you dumb slut?” Shandra mocked as her other fingertips twisted the halflings nipple, the friction burning her badly enough to draw another cry from the woman.

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