Freljord Diplomacy Chapter 2

As the men started crowding more enthusiastically around her, Ashe asked herself what the hell she thought she was doing. She didn’t want to be doing this… this was a terrible idea. She had never done anything like this before… she had never really done anything with men at all. This has been a discussion, diplomacy… how had it gotten so out of hand? And why had she agreed to it?

This was that boar-slut’s fault… she was sure of that. She knew that her tribe had no leg to stand on politically… the League naturally favored peacemakers, and her population was greater, her allies more numerous. The only asset the Winter Claw had, apparently, was that the woman was a shameless whore.

Well, she wasn’t going to get away with it. Ashe was going to bury the woman. She talked a good game, but while she was no coward on the battlefield, Ashe knew she lacked the courage to take hard steps. The Avarosan leader, on the other hand, did not… even if those steps were humiliating. She just needed to make sure Sejuani was even more humiliated.

Men were holding her breasts now… it was further than she wanted to go… but she had already gone this far. What was just a little bit more in pursuit of victory? She took her hands and briefly covered the hands of those molesting her as if to stop them. “The Winter’s Claw,” she said, “cares nothing for the beauty of this world. They just take and take. I’m sure among such a barbaric people, she might think her breasts are nice…”

The Avarosan Queen then wrapped the tips of her fingers over the edge of her corset and pulled down. Her breasts, quite large, were more than happy to take any excuse to burst free of the confinement they had been placed in – they popped out of the holding cups immediately, spilling out into the air.

Immediately the men around her took advantage, murmuring complements as they put their hands onto her soft skin. “The Queen is right,” one of them said with a smile. “These are the finest breasts I’ve ever seen.”

“This is what a woman looks like,” another agreed.

Ashe blushed, but she also felt a strange sense of pride. No one was saying that about her rival. That bitch was an ugly as her boar.

On the other side of the room, Sejuani barely noticed what Ashe was up to… she was distracted enough by the hands and fingers on her body. To say that she was unused to such a treatment would be overstating it, as she had taken lovers before and it had been something like this… them worshiping her body, caressing her and serving her as a goddess. That had been something like this, men showing their appreciation of her body, making her feel beautiful… but it felt different, and Sejuani wasn’t sure quite how.

The fingers tracing up and down the outline of her panties made her shudder slightly each time it brushed over her clit. She hadn’t given permission for his hand to be there… but she hadn’t stopped him, either. This hadn’t been supposed to go so far, Ashe should have ran screaming long before it did, but little miss perfect was still over there was apparently a bigger whore than Sejuani had suspected. No matter what, she couldn’t let Ashe get the better of her. No matter what, she needed to win.

She turned her head and smiled at the man stroking over her panties. “You’re a brave man, aren’t you? I admire men like that… you have the look of a warrior to you. Strength, bravery… those are the true marks of the Freljord. You have the look of a man who knows how to make a woman happy… but don’t you think that flimsy scrap of clothing is just getting in your way?”

The summoner didn’t hesitate – he took the hint immediately. Sejuani expected him to just stick his hand inside of her panties. Instead, he grabbed the top of them and pulled them entirely to the side, hard enough that she felt the start of a rip. It made Sejuani blink. He was strong… she could feel the strength in his hand as he lay it over her cunt, slowly rubbing through the soft folds of her pussy. It wasn’t just him, either… they were all surprisingly strong… enough chests and arms were on her that she could feel their muscles against her body… a bunch of men who spent most of their time working with magic shouldn’t have the build of warriors. Of course, she didn’t know just occupying the mind of a champion worked the muscles as they shared a body and a mind during the time of a summoning.

Then she noticed the tents forming in the fabric of their robes and she smirked. Far from worrying her, seeing the proof of their arousal made her feel in control, made her feel like a goddess being worshipped. Still, the size of some of those bulges. She glanced over at Ashe, where the slut had her eyes closed, blushing as two men pawed at her tits. She was being kissed by one of the summoners… she hadn’t noticed yet. Sejuani chuckled richly. “My… those are some weapons you have there,” she said with amusement. “Are those for me?”

The way she said it, there was only one right answer. One of the men laughed. “Of course they are,” he said as he brushed at his robe, readjusting it. “A natural reaction to such beauty on display.” Then, before she could say anything, he reached out towards her neckline. Sejuani felt her eyes go wide for a second at the surprising boldness, then he had unclasped the back of her dress, letting it slip forward and down over her bra-covered breasts.

The air felt suddenly cold, even to someone accustomed to the Freljord. She smiled at him. “My… you are bold, aren’t you?” she purred, brushing his hand away from his robe… and brushing his hardness through the cloth. “Such bravery… such loyalty… demands a reward, don’t you think?” She was so focused on finding a second cock to grope through the summoner robes that she missed it as her summoners shared a smirk among themselves at how well this was going.

Across the way, Ashe was actually shuddering a little bit, and not with the cold… this was so much more than she had intended when she came here… why had she agreed to this? A summoner’s tongue in her mouth, questing fingers on her breasts, and handing touching almost every other inch of her… she had never been touched like this before. Too much, too fast… but she didn’t want to protest. Her pride was on the line. Even if this was too much.

More hands were on her, tugging down the corset further, exposing her breasts the rest of the way and much of her belly while they were at it. She couldn’t protest even if she wanted to, not with the invasive kiss pushed to her lips. She felt her cheeks growing redder and redder as more and more men gathered around her, touching her, caressing her, molesting her body.

She lost track of them as she was gently pushed between them, her head tilted to meet one set of lips after the other. She could hear Sejuani being the slut she was, but the words didn’t mean anything to her, not in her current situation. Too many hands on her sensitive breasts, too many mouths and teeth and tongues on her. Then someone grabbed her gloved hand, and she felt a hard cock.

Ashe opened her eyes wide in shock, breaking the kiss to look down. It wasn’t through his clothing… she was holding a cock in her white glove. The shaft looked huge… while she had some appreciation for what the male form looked like beneath their clothing, had even seen a few, but she had never actually touched one.

This was so far beyond what she had come here planning for that for a second she was frozen, stunned completely, unsure of what to do or what to say. Her initial instinct was to pull away, flinch back, pull her wrist out of the summoner’s loose grip and let go of the shaft her fingers were wrapped around… but then she glanced over at Sejuani. The Winter Claw was surrounded by men with their penises out, and she was running her hands over them. Already some of the men around her had started making their way over. She was speaking to them, speaking softly, huskily… drawing them on.

Ashe could remove her hand, but if she did… they would just go over there.

She couldn’t bring herself to bait them on… but wordlessly, she began to rub her fingers up and down the length in her palm that way she saw Sejuani doing. She hated everything about this idea. Why had she agreed to this? Surely she should have been able to direct them contest in a different direction? Somehow that slut had outmaneuvered her… she needed to fight hard to keep up and best her, move the contest to a different arena.

Sejuani was growing frustrated. She liked the men crowding around her, liked how there were more of them than Ashe had, but she had to admit that the woman’s gloves looked sexy against the more tanned skin of the summoner in her hand. She wished she had her own gloves to match. The contrast that she had for visual appeal was her sleeves, but as she kept stroking up and down the length of men around her it was becoming clear to her that it wasn’t working… the sleeves were getting in the way, getting caught on other men or tangled around her own wrists. She looked up at one of the summoners who was taking his robe off and gave him a sultry smile. “You… you want to be next?” she whispered, low and hungry. “Take these sleeves off your Queen.”

He didn’t need much encouragement. He had barely dropped his robe to the floor before he took her right sleeve in one hand and began sliding it down her arm. She needed to take her hand off the length she was stroking to let him get it off, and used the opportunity to reach for another man. The strategy here, as she saw it, was that she didn’t need to satisfy many of them… she just needed to keep them all interested in her and not Ashe. If they were over here, they weren’t at risk of helping Ashe achieve victory.

Three people were gathered behind her, handling her breasts. They tried to cup them, but she was too big for their hands… it made her smirk to see them try. She was more than they could handle… it seemed an appropriate take on the situation, even if the hand still playing over her pussy lips made her squirm. The men were tugging at her as she stroked, pulling at the bra as more and more of them tried to get their hands on her.

“Oops,” one of them said.

“Idiot,” another said, laughing.

Others chuckled as well. Sejuani wasn’t sure what they were talking about until enough hands came off her bra that she could feel it was looser, just hanging on her body now rather than tied tightly in place. It slipped a little more with every hand that squeezed at her tits. She thought about protesting… but what was the point? She already had a pair of the men in her hands, stroking along the lengths of their cocks. As the second sleeve came free, she decided it didn’t matter. She didn’t even flinch as the bra eventually came free and slid down her chest, her dress just resting on the curve of her hips to hold it up now.

With her breasts exposed, the men seemed even more excited to play with her, and Sejuani relaxed more into the couch to let them. She could feel cocks rubbing against her when she wasn’t stroking them… brushing her arms, her shoulders, her hair. The man fingering her slit was kissing his way up one of her legs, while meanwhile a second man was sliding his cock over her stocking, down between her heel and her foot and slowly rubbing over it. It was all overwhelming and… and wonderful. Sejuani’s sexual experience was more involved that Ashe’s, but it was mostly like this… albeit in smaller numbers. Being worshiped by a man. Their hands and mouths and members dedicated entirely to bringing her pleasure. It made her feel powerful and beautiful… made her feel invincible against that dumb bitch across the room, still struggling to stroke more than a shaft or two.

Then the summoner between her legs brushed her clit with his tongue, and the shock was electric. Sejuani gave out a gasp, and she growled. “More of that,” she demanded, jerking her hips closer to him, so she pressed herself against his lips, spreading her legs wider. He didn’t need to be encouraged, and soon he was actively licking, running his tongue over her slit and her button both.

Sejuani felt… proud… of herself. Sure, this was a little humiliating, but battles could be fought in more arenas than just with weapons, and the goal of a battle was victory… and she was going to win. Waves of pleasure crashed over her, euphoria that was half physical and half emotional from her victory as she lay back, her legs shuddering as she let the tongue make her pleasure crest and drive her over the edge. She tilted her head back, moaning softly in pleasure as she relaxed back, her hair spilling down the back of the couch. At that moment, she wasn’t in a crowded room – she could barely even hear the talking, laughing, shouting of the summoners around her. She wasn’t even stroking, just holding onto the warm meat in her hands. She was back home in her war camp, having dragged an impressive warrior back to her tent after a battle to get him to worship her body for a bit.

Then she opened her eyes and found a cock right in front of them, leveled at her mouth. “Wha-” she opened her lips to say, but all the sound of the room rushed back over her, and she could barely hear her own protest. Then, her mouth conveniently open, the man pushed past her lips and into her mouth.

Sejuani’s eyes went wide, not that any of the men could see them beneath the summoner’s prick. She never had… How… how dare they? Sure, she had agreed to make them happy, prove herself more of a woman than that frost-skank, but this? Still, no one seemed to think anything wrong about it, no one tried to get him out of her. This was… She could do this. This wasn’t so bad. She let her tongue fall down onto the cock in her hanging mouth, and she felt it shudder on her tongue, and it instantly made her feel better. She had that power over him… could make him feel that easily. This was going to be hers.

Sejuani had never had a man in her mouth before, and she had no idea what she was doing. In truth, it wasn’t a great job of licking on his knob, and she was getting lipstick all over him, but the Rogim didn’t care – he had his cock in Sejuani’s mouth, and he was going to enjoy it. The other men, however, were less than happy – Sejuani had stopped stroking them in her distraction. Two of them grabbed onto her wrists and brought her back their lengths, jerking her up and down on them until the distracted warrior continued doing it herself. Meanwhile, the man stroking him between her stocking and shoe grew more excited, grabbing onto her ankle as he moved her more vigorously against his length and groaning in pleasure.

He was the first to cum. He had been looking forward to this for weeks as they tried to decide who the next target was going to be and now that she was in front of them, it was unbelievably exciting. Unable to hold it any longer, he pulled back, aiming for the bottom of her foot as he blasted her, grunting as his cock jerked and soaked her stocking with shot after shot of his seed. He closed his eyes in pleasure, softly jerked his own dick as Sejuani’s body was crowded around, exciting summoners using her soft skin for their pleasure as her hands and mouth were occupied.

When he finally opened his eyes, he saw that the black stocking had grown almost sheer from the amount of cum he had shot onto it… it was dripping down into her shoe and staining her foot up to the ankle. Snickering, he pulled the shoe off her, tossing it to the side to get a better look at her cum-stained foot and noticing that he was the first to get off. “First blood for Sejuani,” he snickered.

“Won’t be lonely for long,” Rogim groaned, holding Sejuani’s hair as in his hands as he slowly rocked back and forth in her mouth. Each time he did she gagged a little, even though he was being gentle… it wouldn’t have surprised him to learn that she had never sucked a cock before. Arrogant bitch. She was trying to suck him off, at least, even if she was incompetent at it.

That didn’t worry Rogim much… she’d be a pro at it by the end of the night. For now he just helped out a little, slowly sliding himself back and forth over her lips and tongue, growing stiffer each time as he looked down at her face and smiling as he slowly dragged her spit back over it.

Sejuani didn’t know what was coming, didn’t know the signs, but she certainly felt it when Rogim began cumming in her mouth. She gagged as the unexpected shot hit the back of her throat, narrowing her eyes in outrage. What kind of whore did he think she was? As soon as he pulled out, she let him cum drool out of the side of her mouth, not knowing how sexy and ridiculous she looked like that.

“Hey!” Rogim protested. “All over my floor? Really?”

All around men laughed. “Serves you right,” Eli said with a deep laugh. “Suffer.”

Sejuani flushed with shame. The summoners… they were more concerned with the mess she had made than with what they had just done to her. What the hell was going on here? For the first time, she truly began to have doubts that directing the challenge in this direction was a good idea, that beating Ashe was worth it… but when she looked over at the Avarosan Sejuani couldn’t believe what she saw.

Ashe had gently pushed between kisses, her hands kept on a pair of cocks at all times, but while she had been blushing furiously, she hadn’t managed to get any of them off yet, or seen any indication she was even close. Across the room, Sejuani was really letting them use her… while she watched four men from her side of the room moved over to wait in line for the Winter’s Claw. She was… Ashe blushed even harder to see Sejuani taking one of the men in her mouth. The whore had no dignity at all… how could Ashe hope to beat her without sacrificing a bit of her own?

Without being prompted by any of the men, Ashe sank down to her knees. All around her, laughing summoners cheered, stripping off more of their robes, surrounded the Frost Archer with muscular bodies and stiff cocks. It somehow seemed… more dignified… to do it this way. Sejuani went bent over a lounge like a common whore. At least Ashe had the opportunity to bring a man to her own mouth, and the ability to see something other than his swinging balls while she did it.

If she thought hard enough about that, she could almost forget that she had never once taken a man in her mouth.

That 19-year unbroken streak was taken away in a second at the first enthusiastic summoner moved towards her, and she guided his cock into her mouth. It tasted like sweat, an earthy taste, and it was fine at first… but there was just so much of him. From this viewpoint, she could, unfortunately, see just how much of his dick was left outside of her mouth, and it just kept pushing in…

“Don’t forget to keep stroking,” someone reminded. Ashe was quick to continue running her gloved hands over their shafts, eager to keep them hard and ready and not lose the hard work that she had built up already. Off to the side, she could hear the men talking about the loads Sejuani had already taken… she knew she was playing catchup. More than Freljord was on the line here now… her pride was caught up in this. She couldn’t lose to her.

As Ashe worked the bring the men to completion, Sejuani stared at her. From where she lay it looked like the white-haired strumpet was behaving like a wanton whore on her knees… she really did think she was going to win this. Sejuani burned to yell at the man who had just cum in her mouth, who had treated her that way, but… that wouldn’t help her win. And if she took the time, Ashe would get ahead of her.

As the first man in her hand came onto her dress, laughing at the stain he made on it, she opened her mouth wide again and said, “Next?”

The men who had cum were pushed out of the way and replaced. Her soft feet were used further, as was her mouth. One man even pushed his dick between her large breasts, though the position was bad enough he couldn’t do much more than himself a little with them. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Ashe was busy choking down her first load. The man her right hand was stroking wasn’t having as good of a time of it – the callouses on her archer’s hand were going to make her less comfortable to him until she learned how to avoid them – but the man in her left was about to cum. Gripping onto her loose corset, he pulled it away from her body enough that when he came, his cum splashed on her tits and ran down her body, pooling between her clothing and her skin.

Ashe shuddered at the sensation, but she didn’t stop… she couldn’t tell which of them had more men around them, but it needed to be here. If Sejuani was going to be the bigger whore, she would need to be the better one – after all, which man wouldn’t want to lay with a Queen? She had heard the men making fun of Sejuani for what she had done, and as much as the idea disgusted her…

She looked up at the man who’s dick she had been sucking on, meeting his eyes with her deep blue ones, blinking slowly with her mouth open. Then she swallowed all the cum he had shot into her mouth before opening her mouth and showing it empty. The cheers of those surrounding her actually made her feel warm enough that for a second she could forget her shame, and the way Sejuani’s face jerked around to try and see what she had done filled her with a sense of triumph.

“Thank you, summoner,” she said softly, “for considering my point of view.” Then she picked another of the cocks that surrounded her and pushed her mouth down onto it.

Across the way, a few more men came for Sejuani… another in her mouth, another on her other foot. One came in her hair, laughing as he protested that he was aiming for her mouth. Six, she thought to herself as more men replaced them. Six.

On the other side, Ashe had finished sucking off her second man. She was bad at this… she could tell they didn’t especially enjoy her efforts. Thankfully, they seemed to enjoy looking at her pretty face and enjoyed the soft words from her lips. The man she had been stroking forever finally came. Another man had pulled from her left hand, peeling back one of her stockings before cumming down it, enough that Ashe wished she could just kick it off. Six, she thought to herself as she swallowed the next load of seed and looked up at the summoner before swallowing. “Thank you summoner,” she whispered before looking around for another dick. Six.

The room was growing more eager. More hungry. After the next group finished… eight each… Eli stepped into the middle, and the girls were finally left alone enough to see him. “Girls, girls,” the head summoner said, shaking his head sadly. “I’m afraid this is getting us nowhere. You’re quite evenly matched, I’m sorry to say. This isn’t going to get us a winner.”

“What!” Sejuani protested. “Then lets-”

Annoyed at being interrupted by a slut and with the girls isolated and surrounded by thirty of his finest friends, Eli was in no mood to put up with interrupts. He lifted his hand abruptly and glared at the warrior. She really didn’t look nearly as intimidating as she had before, not after having been flipped upside down and having spit dragged over her face from sucking on cocks. With her lipstick smeared and her eyeshadow blurring, she looked more like the whore she was than the warrior she thought she could be.

“So,” he continued, “We are going to have your dates for the night judge.”

Sephis and Revis hadn’t had a chance to have their fun with the girls yet… they had been waiting for precisely this. Eagerly the two twins sat down in two chairs side by side… naked, it was almost impossible to tell them apart save for their hair.

“A fair competition,” Eli offered. “Twins. As close to the exact same situation as you could possibly ask for. And just to make sure there is no favoritism, you’ll be judged by the one who didn’t bring you.”

Sephis sat on Ashe’s side of the room now, and Revis on Sejuani’s. Both men looked self-satisfied as they sat their, their cocks hard and ready.

“Winner is the one who makes their man cum first,” Eli announced with pleasure. “Good luck, girls.”

Sejuani looked over at Ashe. Then she began to crawl across the floor to Revis, her soaked stockings making a mess on the floor. Rogim groaned, and Eli laughed at him. Ashe seemed more reluctant to head forward, but she was unwilling to be left behind.

The two women glared at one another as they reached their respective twin. Sejuani’s face was filled with disdain, especially when she saw how uncomfortable Ashe looked. “Aww, is the little slut in over her head?” Sejuani mocked as she took hold of Revis’ cock, stroking it up and down as she looked at Ashe. “Go home, little girl. Go home and know you aren’t half as special as you think you are. No matter how much of a whore you act like, no one wants you as much as they do me.”

Ashe just kept meeting her gaze, her own eyes firming as her gloved hand worked over Sephis. “Don’t take too much pride in the fact your fleas haven’t started biting yet, dear,” Ashe hissed.

Wordlessly both girls turned to the cocks presented them and began to push them in.

Sejuani was not about to be bested. This was going to be humiliating, but she knew what she had to do. In her previous position, several of the men had bumped their dicks against the entrance to her throat. They had liked that… and it wasn’t hard to imagine that her throat could grip the head of that shaft so much better than her mouth could. In her more “dignified” position, Ashe certainly hadn’t noticed that. This was her advantage.

Sejuani’s technique was sloppy, but she made up for it with effort at the moment, forcing herself down on her twin’s shaft as far as she could, trying to swallow. She could remember things that others had said in the war camp, about how she needed to open her throat… she tried to swallow, swallow a cock like it was a meal. Her lips smeared what little was left of her lipstick over Revis’ dick, and she was messy and making a lot of noise.

On the other side, Ashe struggled to match the enthusiasm… but she was too dignified to behave like the kind of whore Sejuani was. She mostly just worked her tongue far harder, trying to curl it around Sephis’ shaft, but there was still an awful lot of dick outside of her mouth. She watched with horror as she saw Sejuani abruptly manage to slide down another inch on the man’s cock, and while she gagged and squinted her eyes, she did give a victorious squeal. Just like a pig, she thought.

Steeling herself, she began to push. She was going to need to lose that dignity if she wanted to win. She needed to push, needed to push, needed to push… she needed to get that cock all the way in if it killed her. Instead, as she pushed harder, she just gagged harder and harder until she needed to pull back coughing.

Sejuani laughed around the shaft in her mouth. She couldn’t do it. The worthless whore couldn’t do it. She had won! It wasn’t how she had visualized her victory, but she had won! Sejuani pulled back a little, letting the cock out of her throat as she tongued around the head. She looked up at Revis with self-satisfied eyes, noticing the horny summoner squirming. Her tongue placed across the slit in his head, slobbering on it as she poked at it with her warm, wet muscle.

In the background, men were laughing, joking, betting with each other about who was going to win. What they were saying made Ashe shiver. “Yeah, what a fuckable face,” one man said, looking at Ashe.

“Look at how Sejuani’s tits shake as she blows him,” another said with a grin.

“Better get it down your throat,” one advised Ashe as if she didn’t know.

To Sejuani, this wasn’t a competition anymore… it was a victory lap. While she occasionally forced her head further down, taking the dick in her throat, she wasn’t really trying much anymore. Now she was just rubbing it in Ashe’s face.

Meanwhile, Ashe was getting desperate. Sephis was visibly frustrated, and she could see that Revis seemed to be enjoying himself. She couldn’t lose, though… she just couldn’t… but she also couldn’t seem to swallow the dick. She was putting lipstick stains all over his dick, she was drooling and gagging, she was tonguing him, but she couldn’t get him in her throat.

She needed to stop being so dignified. She needed to…

Ashe pulled off the cock entirely and kissed its head softly. Then she grabbed both of his hands in her gloved hands and brought them up to her head. “Summoner, would it make you happy to…” What was it the other summoner had said? “…fuck my face?” Ashe had a pretty good idea what she was asking for but…

Sephis grinned, gripped onto her hair, and yanked her forward. Ashe wretched and gagged but her throat yielded, and his cock popped into her, and the small part of her that didn’t want to throw up crowed in triumph. Then, to her surprise, he kept going. Deeper and deeper until her lips brushed his balls, wrapped around the base of his cock. She felt so, so, full…

It made her sick to her stomach… but as he slowly pulled her back, she saw the look of horror on Senjuani’s face, and that made it all worth it.

Sejuani felt a flash of panic and tried shoved herself forward too, but she couldn’t get that deep… her virgin through was nowhere near ready for that, and asking for help isn’t something that would occur to the war leader. She pulled back and tried to push back down again, fucking her own face… but not as violently as the use that Ashe had volunteered for.

Sephis was enjoying himself… it was about time these two got used like the whores they were. Ashe deserved to be rewarded for starting them off… and he meant to see she got that reward. Shoving himself as deeply as he could, he pushed her jaw further open… and then pushed himself further forward, lifting his balls and dropping them into her mouth. Ashe wretched, but she didn’t throw up and didn’t try to pull back – she took it like a good little whore. “Tongue the balls,” he ordered her. Then he continued fucking the Avarosan Queen’s throat.

Ashe couldn’t breathe, but she had committed to this… she needed to succeed. She did everything in her power to help the man fuck her face, leaning into him, running her tongue over every inch of him inside of her. Sephis was trying to hold out, but he wasn’t going to be able to last long.

Sejuani had finally, finally, managed to make it to the base of her summoners cock, just noticing now how Ashe had swallowed his nuts as well. She tried to open up, working to squeeze them in…

Then Sephis yelled as he came.

On the verge of fainting, black spots dancing in her eyes, Ashe used the last of her consciousness to suck at his cock and was rewarded when she felt the head swell inside her throat, shooting warm jizz down her neck. For an instant, she feared no one would notice, the Sephis wasn’t shy about his pleasure. “The Queen wins!” he said with a grin, yanking himself out of her mouth.

Ashe desperately tried to breathe… at the same second, she coughed. Some of his cum came out her nose, spilling over her face as she sank further down on her knees, breathing hard and fast, black mascara tears slipping down her face. She had done it. She had done it.

Revis was close enough he wasn’t going to let a little thing like the competition being over end his satisfaction. Grabbed onto Sejuani’s hair, he began to fuck her throat just as roughly, sawing in and out for just about twenty seconds before he pulled out and spurted his own load over the slut’s face.

“What a mess,” he mocked, reaching into her hair and yanking the needle out, letting it spill down. He grabbed a handhold of it and wiped it over her face, cleaning her up at the same moment he made his own mess.

“Ashe wins…” Eli announced with a smile. “This round.”

The hard-breathing Sejuani was dragged back to the couch. She tried to resist, but short of breath, she wasn’t in the right state to fight back, and the summoners were strong and muscular. Sephis was there, his cock still out, still covered in Ashe’s crimson lipstick marks, the ones her throat hadn’t rubbed off. “I really did have high expectations for you,” he lamented, lying. “We gave you every chance. Now you get to be punished.”

He had something in his hand… a glittering collar, studded with softly glowing diamond gemstones. He put it around Sejuani’s throat, and when the two ends met, it sealed, the magic closing it without the need of a clasp. “Now we’ll see if you can behave better,” he said with a pleased growl.

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