Chosen – Chapter 17 – Exiled

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Nagoro, Japan
Two Years Later

Most smiths used only one hammer to do their work. That was smart… it could be far more precisely controlled, and they would tire far faster using two, making attempts to tame the metal far weaker. Most smiths, however, didn’t have nearly two centuries of practice, or kitsune regeneration, or years of resentment and anger to fuel their hits. The kitsune smith smashed down against the metal with both hands while her assistant Hiro held it in place for her with the tongs, warping the hot metal in a constant shower of sparks. Methodically, but with great precision, she brought out the shape of the new plow out of the metal. Few smiths could handle two hammers at a time, but then few could match her skill. Certainly not that drunken human. She almost laughed at the thought… that idiot man Kuro could barely crawl his way out of bed in the morning, and he would struggle to shape a horseshoe. Certainly he could never have done anything like this.

She set down the hammers and nodded to her assistant. Using a pair of heavy tongs, the young man whipped the metal back into the forge and then worked the bellows. She nodded in approval as the air was forced through the glowing coals, and at the same time she fed foxfire into the mix, shaping the flames, building its intensity right. Hiro grinned up at her, sweat running down his grimy face. She gave his hair a fond tousle and then turned her attention back to the iron.

Once upon a time it wouldn’t have been unusual for one of the kitsune to dwell among humans, but these weren’t usual times… not anymore, not in Nagoro. Just a few miles south of where the inferno had blazed a few short years ago and the home of most of the surviving refugees from the area around the forest, it was on the border of populated human lands to the south and uninhabited wilderness to the north.

When Yuki had left the nogitsune, she had found herself here mostly by chance. It was the only real town in the area, after all, so just by following the roads she was inevitably led here. The town had turned her people away, had not wanted the kitsune to make their home there. It had been afraid of them… but apparently, it needed a quality smith more than it needed to keep the peace by keeping her out. The moment she had set up shop, she’d understood why all too well – Kuro was the only resident smith here. The man had apprenticed – he would have no doubt said “worked” – with her in the warcamp for several months, and he was a certifiable idiot. The drunken lout spent most of his days imbibing powerful spirits and dead to the world. As the only blacksmith of any note in Nagoro, however, he had been able to charge what he wanted for second rate work and made enough to keep himself in spirits whenever the mood to actually do any work came upon him. The facts that his creations were substandard, his ability to deliver on time non-existent, and that he had the personality of a wild boar during mating season, were simply something that those who used his services had been forced to tolerate.

Yuki had ended all of that just by arriving.

It was a natural opening, really. Needing money and a home for the first time in her life, unable to return to Hanei or to the nogitsune, Yuki had taken the opportunity. She had needed to start out small, salvaging her small forge from back in the warcamp before it started to rot and working in the castle forge for the first few months. However, once her skill was recognized, her reputation spread, and she was soon able to set herself up in a proper smithy, complete with all the tools she needed to really do her work.

That was how she had met her assistant.

In the wake of the burning of the forest and the end of the long war against the nogitsune, there were plenty of refugees in town still… those who had lost homes or family but been unable to get further away than the next closest town. That’s where he was from. She had “acquired” Hiro near the village market when the young man, a ragged teenager, had attempted to filch her purse. He had learned to his surprise that the kitsune had reflexes much, much quicker than his usual victims. She was able to attack him with her tails and subdue him before he could rob her, dominating the thief with effortless ease as she pinned him up against the nearest building’s wall. Instead of turning him over to the authorities to have his hands cut off or something equally cruel, however, Yuki had relented. Instead, she had taken him back to her smithy and put him to work, hiring him to do the chores an apprentice would.

It had worked out surprisingly well. He’d been with her about 18 months now, and had proved to be a willing and able worker.

Yuki removed the incandescent iron from the forge and held it up, studying the color of the glowing blade. She nodded in satisfaction. The nascent plow was almost finished. Efforts to reclaim the farmland that had been devastated by the nogitsune was a long, arduous process, and even taking small steps towards completing it helped Yuki feel normal again. Forged with her skills and with swirls of foxfire baked into it by long effort, this would repel water and soot alike… serve the new fields strong and flexible. It was a masterwork of metallurgy, forged at the behest of a farmer who had been granted land and resources by the town lord and now needed the equipment to tame it, and she would be paid well for its completion, but still… after years of forging blades and armor, this simple work felt too simple, too easy, beneath her.

Then again, unlike her work in the war, this work got no one hurt. It helped people live, and that was fulfilling in its own way. She could be satisfied with that.

The blade was ready… it required just one final step to be completed. Taking the tongs from her apprentice, she carried the tool to a large trough filled with oil. Yuki plunged the smoldering plow beneath the surface, ignoring the hissing and bubbling and listening intently to her own heartbeat instead, using the rhythm of her heart to set the time. The stench of burning oil assailed her nostrils, but she held the plow blade in until the time was right and then withdrew the shaped metal, letting it drip. Quenched, it was covered in the residue of burned liquid and carbon. Yuki wiped her brow and carefully set the almost completed tool in a metal holder on one of her worktables. It was still hot, and it would need to be allowed to cool completely before she set it in its frame. Tomorrow she would sharpen the blade, polish it to a mirror finish, and fit it into the wooden plow the farmer had provided, but nothing more could be done today.

Exhausted, Yuki took stock of her remaining work and found that she was mostly done with the current order… and more to the point, her foxfire was nearly done as well. During the last days of the war Yuki had, for the first time in her life, gotten a taste of the seemingly limitless collection of foxfire Akari had always enjoyed. To her dismay, however, witchfire had almost immediately abandoned her. She could still summon the fire, but the sensation of power was absent from it, and she tired as quickly as ever once again. It was even more frustrating than having lacked it her whole life, to have it and lose it again. No matter… she had made the only choice she could. She had made the only choice she could have. What mattered was that she was dry, so for today she was finished… and in need of a well-earned bath and break.

“We’re done for the day,” she said, untying her hair from behind her head. Flexing her muscles, she reached down and lifted up a large, heavy copper vessel onto the flat metal plate attached for her forge before she nodded to Hiro. The boy grinned and scampered toward the door, picking up two large wooden buckets on the way. He returned a few hundred heartbeats later and handed the buckets, filled from the town well, to Yuki. Smiling, she transferred the water to the copper vessel. Then she worked the bellows herself as he went back and brought two more buckets, using the remaining coals and what foxfire she had left to heat the water. What had once heated metal to the melting point for forging would now be cool enough to heat her bath.

Yuki nodded to Hiro. “Off you go. Just bring in another bucket of charcoal before you leave, and when you’re at the Ryokan be sure to keep your hands out of other people’s pockets.” She tossed him a small metal disk, a piece of the local currency, and her apprentice smiled his appreciation.

“Thank you, Lady Yuki,” the boy said, and gave her a quick wave before darting toward the door.

“And don’t drink too much!” she shouted after him as Hiro skipped out the door. “I want the forge fired before I wake tomorrow… I want to get this order finished!” He was back in a few heartbeats with a full basket of charcoal. He stopped and gave her a small bow before darting outside.

“Cheeky brat,” she muttered, and then smiled. Since taking him on, she had discovered that the former thief was not as alone as she had originally thought… he had a mother and sister, also refugees, who depended on him for support. She knew that most of that coin would go to them… but it seemed polite not to acknowledge that.

She turned back to her bath water. It was already beginning to steam gently and she crossed to a cupboard and took out a clay bottle containing wine. She was entitled to a drink after the day’s work. She never drank while working the metal – even with her regeneration and tolerance, red hot iron and alcohol were not a good combination – but now she could relax a little before her bath.

She pulled up a chair and put her feet on the crude wooden table that was one of the few pieces of furniture in the smithy, looking around appraisingly. It sure wasn’t Hanei. Here, her place of work was also her home – the small building lacked plenty of amenities. Like, for example, walls. The inside was really just one large room with curtains and furs doing most of the work to try to make it resemble a living place. Her simple bed and several cupboards and chests holding her few possessions cluttered it up, pressing inward on her workshop, making it smaller than it should be.

However, that would change with the completion of this order. After the last few, it should get her enough coin that she could expand her simple home… get a part of it that was sealed off against the coming winter, add some proper furniture. Even get a separate place for Hiro to sleep rather than send him across town each day when the work was finished.

It sure wasn’t Hanei… but maybe, just maybe, she could make a real home here.

She sipped her wine and then frowned at it. Its taste seemed a little off. Probably it was a bit older than the maker who had sold it to her had claimed, and it was turning sour rather than aging. With a shrug, she downed the rest of the clay jar anyway. It was good enough, and with her most recent commision she would soon be able to afford better. She got up to check her bathwater and found it only lukewarm. She tossed a few more pieces of charcoal into the forge and, rather than work the bellows again, coaxed the flames to life with foxfire again, running herself all but completely dry. The fire glowed red and the water began to grow warmer.

Nodding in satisfaction, Yuki began to strip off her clothing. She removed her heavy leather apron first, hanging it on a peg by the copper tub. That would be another thing she would buy, Yuki promised herself. It would be nice to relax in a full-sized tub rather than the small hip tub which left most of her body out of the water. Next she took off her boots and then her deerskin shirt and pants. Everything she wore these days was of leather, a material well suited to working near the anvil and forge. Each item was carefully placed on a peg to air. Lastly, her fox skin came off, the white pelt laid down on the bed like a cloth shirt for her to slip back into and curl up in her fox form against the cold after she had bathed.

It was dark in the smithy by the time she finished pouring water into her bath and climbing in, but she didn’t care. She was dog tired and badly looking forward to removing the sweat and grime from her body. The light of the forge provided a dim, almost romantic glow and she settled as deeply into the water as she could, enjoying the relaxing warmth. For some reason she seemed particularly tired tonight… perhaps it was just acknowledging that her work was nearly done. Sighing, she closed her eyes and sank down as far into the water as its limited size and her tails would allow her. Soon enough the water would cool too much, and it would be time to towel off and head for her bed. In the meantime, she would enjoy her bath for as long as it lasted.

Kuro grunted irritably and shifted his position. He had been watching that bitch’s smithy since before sundown and had carelessly chosen a patch of thistle to lay down in, having not paid enough attention to where he hid, and he itched furiously now. Just one more thing to pay her back for. He wondered how long it would be before the fumes did their work. Kuro didn’t dare actually let that arrogant bitch catch him snooping around her place, but he had other options. First, he had had the local distiller put considerably more booze into that fox’s drink to get her off guard, but that had just been to keep her off guard and make sure she didn’t notice anything else amiss. The real brilliance of his plan, and the part that had cost the drunken smith so dearly, were the opium poppy leaves he had ground up and left in her coals.

The apprentice had come out and taken them just a few minutes before sundown, and just before leaving for the night… and smoke still rose from the chimney, showing him that the forged burned still. The boy, for his part, had headed toward the center of town, where he would be staying for the rest of the night, leaving Kuro to do his work. He had the bitch alone… the only problem was that he had no way of knowing what was happening inside the building. He had been surprised by how late the damned fox slut worked. No wonder the bitch was putting him out of work. Any respectable smith would have been off work long before sundown and making with the good life.

It was dark in the smithy now, and quiet. The only sign of life was a trace of smoke drifting from the chimney over the forge. Kuro had a pretty good idea of the layout of the smithy, more or less. Shortly after his old coworker had set up shop, he had paid a visit under the pretense of offering his good wishes to his former friend and now competitor. He had mostly been looking to see how long she might be staying… but the smith had been dismayed to see how well the kitsune’s workshop was set up. It was well built and designed for maximum efficiency. He had known that his business was doomed from that moment.

Until now that is. Provided the damned drug worked. He had seen the boy take a basket of the contaminated charcoal into the smithy, but he had no way of telling if the kitsune had truly bothered to use it or was simply stockpiling it for the next day. And even if she had used it, was there enough of the drug mixed in with the charcoal to have any effect? There weren’t a lot of options… he was just going to have to get closer and find out.

He raised his wineskin and took another long swallow. The volatile liquid burned all the way down, filling his body with warmth and, hopefully, courage. Kuro got unsteadily to his feet and edged out from his hiding place. As it was early spring the shutters on the windows were closed for the night and that gave him the confidence to move closer. In spite of his alcohol reinforced daring he was very mindful of the fact that Yuki was not only bigger and stronger than he was – she also knew how to use those swords she forged.

“Oh I will get you, bitch,” he muttered as he moved closer. “I’ll give you a new type of sword to play with. I’ll ream your tight little cunt until you’re so sore you won’t be able to piss without squealing.”

There was not the faintest sound from the smithy as he approached. Fortunately, the kitsune’s forge was small, inexpensive, and on the very outskirts of town so there were no nosy neighbors for him to deal with, no one who could be watching out for her. Just in case though, he circled around to the side and crept, attempting as best as he was able in his semi-drunken state to avoid stumbling in the twilight. Reaching the side of the smithy, he took out his knife and inserted it into the small gap between the shutters, finding the catch, lifting it. Kuro then eased the shutters open, breathing a sigh of relief when they opened silently. Relieved as he was that they made no sound, he couldn’t help feeling a twinge of annoyance at this further proof of the fox’s fine craftsmanship.

“Ahh I’ll give her ‘craftsmanship.’ Give it right up her quivering backside…” he muttered. He peered into the darkened interior, but could detect only the faint glow of the forge. If Yuki was in there, she was mighty quiet… and that was probably a good sign. However, he was not going to give the fox any chance to demonstrate her skills with a blade. Stooping, he picked up a small pebble and tossed it toward the forge, ducking down as the stone left his hand.

There was a loud “plink” from inside the smithy, but nothing else. Kuro got slowly to his feet, his heart racing. It was the moment of truth. Either the drug had worked or he was about to wake up a very angry, very angry fox demon who had burned down a forest. Taking one more long swallow of his spirits, he lurched toward the front door of the smithy and wrenched it open.

Kuro could hardly believe his eyes or his good fortune. The dim glow of the forge barely illuminated the interior of the smithy, but there was enough light for him to see that his intended victim was not only comatose, but completely nude. She was sitting seductively in her hip bath; her feminine but powerfully built body arched backward, displaying her beautiful breasts to perfection. Her glamorous nine tails were floating on the bathwater, their tips draped over the edge of the tub.

It was perfect.

In his excitement, Kuro almost rushed into the room before he remembered the poppy leaves. Ducking back outside he took a deep breath, then reentered the smithy. Moving quickly he threw open the shutters, clearing the room of the drugged smoke from the forge. His lungs were bursting by the time he was finished, and he was sweating from the unaccustomed exertion. He was also in a little bit of a panic. He had no idea of how long the intoxicating effects of the smoke would last on a kitsune, and he wanted to make sure his victim did not regain consciousness before she was properly secured.

He had a hard time not ripping off his clothing and taking her immediately, but he controlled his base urges, and prepared to make sure she did not escape. Fortunately, he was a smith when he chose to work, and had plenty of available material. Those who heard the ringing of his forge the last two days would no doubt have been glad he was working. They didn’t know he was forging manacles and chains, a combination that should be more than sufficient to hold the bitch’s limbs and tails both. He just needed to get them on her.

Kuro kept his eyes on the kitsune, watching for any sign that she might be likely to waken. The fox smith, however, slept like a baby… her body draped provocatively over the edge of the hip bath. He took a last swig from his skin to settle himself and tossed the empty skin aside. Then he took hold of the unconscious Yuki and lifted her from the bath. She was surprisingly heavy for so shapely a woman, but his powerful physique was up to the task. Tossing her over his shoulder, he carried the limp fox to the anvil and hammered the first manacle closed around her left wrist. Then he did the same with her right wrist. She was now shackled securely, but he was aware that her tails could do quite some damage to him. So he smirked and hammered manacles around her tails, all nine of them. Carrying her over to the main support pillar of the smithy, he took out a heavy iron nail and hammered it through the exact center of the chain. He drove it right through to the other side of the wooden post and then bent the protruding end over.

He was sweating even harder by the time he was finished. His clothing was soaked through with perspiration and he had worked up a powerful thirst. Unfortunately, there was nothing to drink in the smithy except a small amount of wine and large amounts of water. He swallowed the wine in a single gulp and returned to his task. The white furred exotic woman was now securely shackled to the support pillar. It was time to wake her up and take his revenge. But first there was one more thing he needed to do.

He walked back out, closing the shutters behind him before turning to the hill and grabbing the barrel of spirits, taking it back with him into the forge. He had picked it up earlier today… the one thing that Kuro always made sure was paid up was his tab at the pub, even if it meant not eating as well as he would have liked. As the man hefted the keg to his shoulder he considered the fact that in a short time he would be a lot better off. His competition was going to mysteriously leave town, leaving the field open to him. People would be forced to come to him no matter how shoddy his work was, and the coin would come rolling in again. It was a pleasant thought and he hummed a little tune as he headed back toward Yuki’s smithy and something he was going to find even more pleasant.

Yuki groaned. She felt as if someone had placed her head on her anvil and was pounding it mercilessly with a hammer. It hurt even to open her eyes, but she forced her eyelids apart and looked about her. Not surprisingly it was quite dark in the smithy, the only light being a single candle and the dimly glowing forge. What was surprising was that she was lying on the floor of the smithy. She groaned again. What had she drunk… and how much? It had been a few months since she had tried to lose herself in her cups last… it seemed like she had broken her streak. She recalled that she had been taking a bath, but she couldn’t remember a thing after that. It did at least explain the fact that she was completely nude.

Ignoring the pain in her head she tried to push herself into a sitting position. Something clanked, and for the first time she realized that her wrists were encased in iron. What in the name of all the gods? She tried to move her tails, but each of them were bounded separately. Instantly, she felt a surge of panic. Immobile like this, her tails spread, made her think of the spiderwebs, making her shudder in abject disgust. She scrambled, kicking blindly as she forced herself to sit up. She had to fight back the urge to be sick, and her guts clenched in fear.

It wasn’t spiderwebs. It wasn’t spiderwebs. The jorogumo were dead. She swallowed, forcing the panic down. No spiders here… but her real problems were considerable as well. Someone had shackled her and then for some unexplained reason left her to awaken in the dark. She staggered to her feet and discovered that she was shackled and chained, heavy links leading from each of the irons on her wrists to somewhere behind her. “Oh Yuki, you’re in trouble,” she muttered, glaring around the darkness and finding no one. What was going on? Who could have done this to her?

She turned, her chains clanking. She had already determined that the irons on her wrists were too strong to break, as were the chains connected to them, but perhaps she could pull the chain free and find someone to help her. In the dim light, she followed the chain back to where it was secured to the smithy’s main support pillar. A heavy nail had been driven through the links of the chain and then right through the post. The end had then been bent over, wedging it tightly in place and making it almost impossible to remove, but she had to try. Someone had done this to her and then left. She had no idea why, but she didn’t doubt that they would return… and she didn’t want to still be chained when they did.

Bracing one foot against the post she strained her muscles, putting every ounce of her one hundred and sixty pounds into the effort in an attempt to wrench the spike free. Not surprisingly, it didn’t move, but she didn’t give up. Instead she pulled even harder, jerking on the chain, trying to snap it loose. Constantly present in her mind was the fact that she was trapped and nearly helpless… and spiders or no spiders, just the thought brought back horrible memories of that forest, of the cocoons they had pulled out of it. The thought of being caught chained and helpless when whoever bound her returned sent a cold chill down her spine. She had to get free. She tried to move her tails, tugging with them as well. Useless. She could maybe have managed to pull the shackles if all her tails were bound together, but no… each was shackled separately, the mental squeezing her tails painfully.

Desperately she jerked on the chain again, her efforts becoming more and more frantic. Sweat from both her exertions and her fear was soon running down her body, running down her muscles as she pulled. Gone was her headache, the pain between her head pushed away by her efforts. No matter how she struggled, however, Yuki made not the slightest gain on the spike holding her chains to the post… she might as well have been trying to open a mountain. Finally she stood panting, too tired to do anything more than rest. But she didn’t rest long. She couldn’t. In her imagination she could hear footsteps outside the door of the smithy. Sooner or later someone was going to return and if she was still a captive when they did….

She shuddered and forced the thoughts from her mind. Once more she yanked at the chains hoping that somehow her desperate actions would result in some sort of miracle. But nothing happened. The chains and her shackles held firm in spite of the fact that she had yanked at them until her wrists were scraped raw. There were bloody trickles down her arms now from where they’d healed before being rubbed bloody again. Her breath came in harsh gasps, her futile efforts becoming increasingly frantic until she was jerking madly at the chains in an almost mindless frenzy.

“You stupid bitch. You can’t escape my work.”

Yuki whirled. She knew that voice and suddenly she realized who had shackled her. Fear vanished, replaced with burning rage. “You?” she gasped in outraged disbelief. “You would dare do this? You?” She hadn’t felt the urge to summon witchfire since the first days after arriving her, but right now she could feel herself instinctively reaching for it. “Release me at once!”

“Why would I do that? I think you look awfully pretty chained, don’t you?” Kuro replied. “Especially when your tits quiver like that.” The stinking smith laughed. “Listen bitch, you’re at my mercy now… and you will stay that way until I’m through with you.”

Yuki stood shaking with rage, her fists clenched and her eyes blazing. If she could have gotten at the man she would have torn him apart, but she was completely bound. If she could have summoned her fire she wouldn’t have hesitated to burn him to a cinder, oath to protect humanity or not, but she was dry. “Let me go you bastard, or I’ll rip your guts out!” She looked longingly as her skin, barely visible on her bed just a dozen feet out of her reach. You can’t get away with such an outrage!”

The man chuckled and swaggered closer, just out of range of her chains. “I’ve already gotten away with it, you arrogant shit. You’re mine… completely at my mercy now. I can do what I want with you… and I intend to do all of it.”

For the first time, Yuki acknowledged the fear inside of her. She almost had to laugh… it was ridiculous. To survive the nightmares in the forest, the darkness of ancient history and avoid violation at their hands to face… this? She was naked and helpless, chained so that she could not defend herself or get at her captor. As the man had said, he could do anything he wanted with her. A lowly, drunken idiot had all the power over her. She swallowed, despite herself. “What do you want? You want the money? I have only a little. You are wasting your time…”

Kuro laughed. “What I want? You can’t be that stupid. It’s you, bitch. You are going to humble yourself for me, little vixen. You are gonna go on your knees before me and give me all the pleasure I can stand, and then I’m going to fuck your tight quim and ream your tight ass until you scream for mercy.”

Yuki drew herself up. It was a difficult action in front of the drooling human, especially without her clothing. “I will never submit to you,” she hissed. “I will die first.”

The man snorted. “Now you’re just being dramatic,” Kuro sneered. “You are completely at my mercy and you’ll do exactly what I want.”

Yuki considered screaming for help, but she doubted that anyone would hear her through the thick shuttered walls of the smithy. Not only that, but she could not face the degradation of having to call for help like some frightened child. However, even the warrior fox had to admit her situation was dire. Handicapped by her shackles, she could not hope to deal with the man if he decided to have his way with her. In spite of her martial skills, Kuro had all the advantages here… he probably could overpower her. He might be an incompetent smith but he was still built like one, powerful and muscled, larger than her in fact. She had no doubt that unbound, or even with her tails free, she could make short work of the buffoon… but so immobilized, it turned any struggle into an awkward wrestling match. Exactly the kind of fight she couldn’t win against him. With her tails and wrists chained, she could be taken down by even this pathetic man.

“Enough thinking bitch,” Kuro glared. “It’s time for me to take what’s mine. Get on your knees.”

Yuki took one step backward, settling her weight on her back feet. “You can go blow a shinigami, and go wherever it takes you,” she cursed at the bastard. “Before you can rape me, you have to come in here and get me.”

“All the better,” the man grinned, grinding his fist into his palm. “Taking you down is going to make shoving my cock into your holes all the better for me.” He moved toward her, circling to her right. Yuki moved with him… she had little choice as she couldn’t let the big man get behind her. Her actions created a new problem for herself, however – As she moved, the chains attached to her wrist shackles wound about the post, shortening with each turn. With each step, she had less room to work with. She realized that she was in trouble after the third rotation as he restricted her more and more, but she couldn’t think of what else she could have done. Instead, as he stepped right, she dashed back left. Yuki hoped to circle around to the other side of the post before he could do anything, but she felt the painful shove as he grabbed onto her bundle of tails, squeezing them in a fist and yanking back. Yuki cried out in surprise and pain as the large man jerked hard, bringing her to a complete halt and almost pulling her off her feet altogether. Still more than a little dazed from the drug that had knocked her out, Yuki didn’t respond in time as Kuro, moving with surprising speed and agility for such a sloppy, large man, moved behind her and caught hold of the chains. She kicked him hard in the gut, but even that wasn’t as hard as she was used to… the white-furred fox felt pathetically weak and off balanced. Circling behind the post, Kuro pulled again, yanking her flat against it, forcing her arms behind her. It too him only a few heartbeats to adjust the chains so that her arms were pinned behind her back, rendering her completely helpless.

Yuki tugged at them, making the chains jingle furiously as she cursed and screamed in frustration. Kuro swaggered in front of her, the blacksmith’s hands stuck in his apron. “You know, maybe I was wrong about you. I thought you were a fighter, but maybe your reputation was exaggerated. That was just too easy.”

“Take off the chains and you’ll see how easy I am,” Yuki snarled. She was so angry and humiliated that her entire body was trembling with rage, something that Kuro no doubt found quite titillating.

He sneered at her. “Before I’m through with you, the word ‘easy’ is gonna take on a few new meanings for you, fox.” He grabbed his crotch as he spoke, leaving no doubt as to his intentions.

Yuki froze for just an instant, her mind recoiling back to images of silk-wrapped bodies with bulging bellies. Then she spat directly at his face, her spittle just barely missing his eye. “You’re scum,” she fumed. “You’re a disgrace to all humans everywhere!”

Kuro’s eyes narrowed in anger. “You’ll pay for that,” he said, wiping away the spittle. “You’ll pay for it with the only currency a bitch like you has to offer a real man.” He stepped closer to her as he began to slowly strip off his apron. “It’s time, vixen. Time to take what’s mine.” He unlaced his pants, and jerked out his manhood.

Yuki had perhaps not been nearly as indiscriminate in her partners as Akemi had been, but she had taken plenty of lovers to her bed… man and woman both. In all her days, though she had never seen a cock looking so threatening as when she hung there helpless watching a man with the intent to rape her strip. Yuki’s eyes widened in fear. His member was probably fairly normal, if large, but to her it resembled the gnarled root of a large tree more than human flesh, and looked as thick as her wrist. Kuro grinned, stroking his thickening cock as he moved toward her.

As he passed the forge he picked up the pair of tongs and then stopped just in front of her. Yuki looked at him wide-eyed, wondering what he was going to do. She could hardly tear her eyes away from the dick swinging between his legs. “Get the fuck away from me!” she snarled, kicking out only for him to step easily to the side and away from the restrained kitsune. She couldn’t take that thing. She couldn’t let him win.

Kuro laughed, noting her obvious fear. “That’s right you mouthy, arrogant fox bitch. You are about to be treated to a mile or two of cock, and you’re going to take every little bit of it!” He moved suddenly, clamping his powerful fingers on her jaw and forcing her mouth open. She tried to break free, but he pushed her head against the post, maintaining his leverage, and before she realized what was happening he forced the tongs into her mouth, clamping her tongue in its steel grip.

“Aawwkk!” She managed a strangled cry as Kuro pulled her tongue out of her mouth. For an instant she thought he intended to tear it out, but he stopped just short of the brutal act.

He stared into her eyes. “The way I hear it,” he said coldly, “you vixens can heal from any tiny injury, so I’m not playing around with you. I’m taking my cock and shoving it down your throat, slut. You even think of biting and I’ll take these tongs and rip your tongue out by the roots, and we’ll see if you can heal from that. You understand me, you furry little whore?” He emphasized his question by stretching her tongue even further.

Yuki could barely nod, but she rolled her eyes indicating she understood. Kuro grinned before burping loudly, enveloping her face in a cloud of disgusting, tainted breath as he locked the tongs in place, letting the heavy things go so that they fell until her tongue could go no further, jerking to a sudden stop. Yuki reeled as her tongue was yanked down, painfully pulling to a stop stretched by the weight, almost overcome by the pain of it. She cried out, and Kuro wasted no more time… reaching out and grabbing onto one of her ears, he twisted, turning her head to the side and tilting it back as he kicked her legs out from under her, sending her toppling down to her knees. While she fought to control her rising gorge, he forced the head of his thick manhood between her lips.

Kuro immediately wedged himself further in as the blacksmith dragged his cock against her tongue, butting the tip of his cock against the back of her throat as he shoved in deeper. “That’s nice, cunt,” he said happily. “That’s real nice.” Yuki yelped as he slapped her across the right cheek as hard as he could, making her ears ring and her thoughts go woozy. “But not nice enough. No effort… move that tongue.”

Yuki stared up at him in disbelief. Her tongue was already stretched out, hanging out like a dog’s… how was she supposed to move it? She didn’t have much time to wonder before he slapped her again, tilting her head a bit farther back. Then he grabbed onto the tongs and pulled again. The kitsune screamed, vibrating his dick pleasantly as he forcibly bathed his meat with her tongue. “I can do this instead if you’re going to be a lazy slut,” Kuro warned. Yuki, furious, wished that she could just snap his cock off at the base, but with her own tongue in the way she had no hope of that, and with the anguish of his punishment still fresh in her mind she didn’t dare to protest again, either. Instead when he let go of the tongs she grunted and forced her tongue to move. It wasn’t much… It wasn’t like her dexterous muscle could encircle the head of the man’s cock like she had done in the past or tease over the top, but she could close her top lips around him and move her tongue back and forth at least a little.

In response, his disgusting throbbing warmth seemed to swell in her mouth, and Kuro groaned in pleasure. “That’s it, bitch. You are mine now.” Just the thought of making him feel good made Yuki’s skin want to crawl off her body, but he paid no mind to that. Instead, the worthless lump of a blacksmith eased a little farther into her and then began to slide his thick staff slowly in and out of her mouth, increasing the depth with each thrust as he worked to wedge the tip of his cock into the back of her throat. Her throat resisted at first, the force against it building, and then something gave with a miserable moan of pain and he pressed into her neck. Yuki’s throat gurgled as the thick head of his cock corked the opening of her throat and slowly pushed deeper and deeper. Kuro’s cock forced its way ever further inside, his balls dragging against her stretched-out tongue as Yuki’s face flushed redder and redder as she struggled to breathe, unable to pull away, unable to fight, unable to push him away… his dick was throttling her, feeling like a tree buried down her neck. She twitched against the post, feeling as helpless as she had felt when watching the spiders drag her sister away. It seemed like he could kill her like this and there was not a thing that the kitsune could do to protect herself from him.

Given that, it was almost a relief – albeit a sickening one – when he began to thrust, pumping his way in and out of her throat. Yuki struggled to breathe, managing to grab a bare lungful of air between each thrust as he hammered his way in and out of her, the back of her head banging against the central post. It was difficult not to gag with the stench of this dirty man strong in her nostrils – He stank of sweat and the strong drink he consumed as well as a general lack of hygiene, and it was all Yuki could do not to vomit as he invaded her gullet again and again. As it was, it was a good thing that her stomach was empty and she’d taken her bath before eating.

“Your mouth is mine,” Kuro crowed as he thrust deep, “and I’ll soon be taking your cunt too you uppity slut!” The large man drove in and out of Yuki until she feared her jaw would break, sinking his shaft so far down her throat that she was choking almost constantly. Somehow, though, she managed to endure the ordeal until the man finally climaxed. “Here it comes cunt. I’m gonna fill your stomach!” Puffing like a bellows, he released into her. The man’s cock convulsed, shooting a thick load of his seed into her mouth and throat. She swallowed to keep from choking even as the white spume of his orgasm dibbled from her lips, filling her senses with the taste. Never in her life had Yuki found a taste more disgusting than her rapist’s sperm in her mouth, and her stomach heaved again.

The man stepped back, his thick member now slightly more limp but still impressive even when not angry. Sticky strands of spit and cum strung between her lips and his shaft. “Not a bad start… but that’s all that is,” Kuro growled. “Your cunt is next, fox bitch… And then your ass. I’m gonna fuck them both until you can’t stand, and then I’m going to turn you over to the slavers. I’ve already struck a deal that should bring me enough gold to keep me in luxury for years.” He grabbed the wine bottle and drank, making a face at the sour taste. “Pathetic,” he said, burping loudly as he slapped the bottle down. “You couldn’t bother to have anything decent to drink?” he cursed, striding back over to Yuki. “You finish this shit.”

He pressed the lip of the bottle to her mouth, squeezing her jaw as he held it there. “Fuck you,” she growled through clenched lips, turning her head away.

He gave her a vicious slap, narrowing his eyes. “If I drink, everyone else drinks too.” He squeezed her jaw harder until she felt like he was going to break it, forcing her mouth open as he tilted her head back. Ramming the bottle past her lips, he forced the fox to drink. Yuki coughed violently as the sour liquid burned its way down her throat. Coming on top of the load of semen, it was almost a miracle that she was not violently ill. Had it not been for the chains binding her, she would have collapsed.

“Just like a fucking cunt,” Kuro sneered. “Can’t hold your liquor?” He moved across the smithy and dragged one of Yuki’s heavy sawhorse across the floor that she used to lay metal on. “Alright then. Time to get you ready for some quality fucking.”

Still awash in her disgust, Yuki looked on helplessly as he moved the sawhorse close to her and then fetched a hammer and several long spikes from her workbench. She shook her head, trying to clear it of the effects of the mind-numbing spirits poured down her throat, her oxygen deprivation, and her rebelling stomach, trying to think. In spite of her swimming head, Yuki realized that this was her chance to take advantage of the fact that the man was no longer right on top of her. She strained at the chains hoping to at least break the ties the man had placed on them. If she could just get enough slack she had a desperate plan that might just work…

Completely focused on his task, the man ignored Yuki as she strained at her bonds. Her powerful muscles flexed, standing out like cords as she struggled to break free. She wrenched her tails, trying to pull off the shackles. Dizzy and overwhelmed, she yanked with everything she had… and made absolutely no headway, her bonds resisting every effort while Kuro attended to his carpentry. He drove the heavy spikes through the legs of the sawhorse and into the floor, anchoring it solidly about eight feet away and then he turned his attention to her. “Time for a damned good fucking, cunt. From what I hear, all you fox bitches are as tight as a koi’s asshole, so that ought to make this a real experience for you. It’s not every day a frigid bitch like you has the honor of being taken by a proper human cock.”

As he spoke, Kuro was removing his clothing. Yuki watched in growing apprehension as he stripped down to his skin, revealing his powerfully built body. The smith was a disgusting man, but he was built for the task of working steel. Strongly built with massive arms and shoulders, he was an incredibly hairy huge man. The thick stump between his legs continued to draw Yuki’s attention through. The fearsome weapon was glistening with her spit in the low light, and it was a horrific thought that he would soon try to force it into her. He had nearly broken her jaw when he had taken her orally and she was sweating in fear at the idea of what it would do to her pussy. “I will kill you for this…” she growled out as Kuro approached her, that cock swaying back and forth.

“Shut your trap. I’m just going to make you a little more comfortable before I ream out your tight cunt.” He moved behind her and released the ties that shortened her chains, staring to move the white-furred fox into position.

It was the moment she had been waiting for.

Immediately Yuki struck out, using her metal chains as a weapon. The heavy links of iron smashed into the man’s face, knocking him back and staggering him. Before he could recover, Yuki had looped one of the links about his thick neck. She yanked hard on the chain while at the same time attempting to wrap her tails around his waist to give her leverage. The chain tugged around his throat, throat cutting off his breath. “How do you like it?” Yuki growled as she throttled Kuro and made his face turn bright red. For a few heartbeats she thought she had won, but the man surprised her. He gripped the strangling links and proved himself no weakling. After a few moments of tugging, the exhausted and dazed Yuki bent beneath the pressure, her muscles yielding enough to let him pull the chains away from his throat just enough to gasp in a breath. Regaining his strength, he hurled himself backward, slamming Yuki’s body against the post. The impact drove the breath from her lungs and she let go of the chain, dropping like a sack of flour.

Immediately the man was free. Wrenching the chain from his neck he staggered away from her and stood gasping for air. “You fucking cocksucker,” he snarled, eyes practically glowing with fury. “You’re going to pay for that, bitch. I’ll gonna give you a fucking that will leave you barely able to walk for weeks.”

Dazed and gasping for breath, Yuki kicked feebly at the man as he returned. He bent suddenly and seized her ankles, jerking her off her tentative balance and dragging the chained fox across the floor. He didn’t stop until he had dragged her across the sawhorse, and it was only then that she discovered what it was for. Centering her body across the wooden frame, he tied first one ankle and then the other to the legs of the horse. It left her body arched across it, her arms pulled tightly over her head by the chains still attached to them and her legs spread wide. Her tails, still bound separately, had their chain thrown over the one attached to her wrists and cinched tight until her her back bowed painfully, her tails stretched and taut.

She was wide open for what the man intend to do to her… but he was not quite finished humiliating her yet. He stood beside her, watching the rise and fall of her breasts as she panted from exertion and the painful position of her body, and she was helpless to prevent him from running his fingers over her quivering flesh. He started at her shoulders, caressing them while Yuki shuddered in disgust at his touch. “Get the fuck off me…” she growled, but he didn’t listen.

Instead, he moved his hands slowly down her body to her collarbone and then her breasts. He circled each breast with his fingers, moving them in smaller and smaller circles until he reached her nipples. “You got skin like silk and tits like melons; firm and ripe. Wish they were bigger… a fucktoy like you should have huge whore tits, but these are big enough… they’ll do.”

“You bastard,” Yuki gasped as he pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts. “I’ll make you regret this if it takes me the rest of my life.”

“You’re gonna be too busy having your cunt and ass plowed by your new masters to come after me,” Kuro replied with a laugh. “You should thank me… I’m doing you a mercy by getting you ready for them.” He traced his fingers down her body, across the tight washboard of her stomach, until he reached the white triangle of fur that marked her sex. He grinned, and pulled a knife from his belt. Without using any soap, or water, or even particularly any care he dry-shaved her, removing the patch of hair surrounding her vulva. Fortunately the knife was sharp, otherwise it would have been a most painful experience. As it was, she gasped in pain as he nicked her over and over again, the small cuts closing quickly… but not before he took what was left of the spirits and splashed them over her cunt.

It felt like he had tossed burning oil over her skin… the alcohol seared, agonizingly sharp, and Yuki barely kept herself from screaming… but she soon had much more than that to worry about. Kuro’s thick cock had once again swollen to an immense erection. “Time for your fucking, cunt. It’s gonna be long and hard and more painful than you would believe.”

Yuki’s did scream them. “Fuck you, you bastard!” she howled. After everything she had done… she had saved these fucking humans, and this asshole would dare? “You put that thing in me and I’ll rip you to shreds!”

“Oh, is your cunt that tight?” he mocked, deliberately misinterpreting her. “Well, I think I can find a way to make it fit.” Kuro stepped forward and leaned into her, allowing his stiff shaft to slide over her labia. Yuki shuddered involuntarily and then tensed her magnificent body against the restraints that bound her. “Don’t worry, you won’t be so tight the next time.” Desperately she tried to escape, arching her back, her breasts quivering and her muscles straining. Her body was slick with sweat, her eyes wide with fear and revulsion as she struggled… and Kuro laughed. “I’ve been waiting for this, vixen. Waiting ever since you moved your tight ass into my town and stole my business. Waiting since you looked down on me in camp like you were better than me, you stupid bitch. Now you’re gonna pay, and pay hard!”

“You’ll never get away with this!” Yuki protested. “I’ll kill you, and even if I don’t the town will hear all about it. You’ll be whipped and castrated before they’ll disembowel you, you miserable prick!”

“Such a pretty speech, Yuki-slut,” Kuro sneered. He slid his throbbing cock over her labia, parting the tender lips slightly and sliding a half inch into her. “But you’re wrong. Let me tell you how it’s really going to be.” His cock rubbed against her clitoris again and again, sending tiny spikes of sensation through her sensitive body. “I’ve already fucked your pretty mouth and now I’m gonna fill your quim so full of my cock you won’t be able to walk properly for a week. Then I’m gonna pound your tight ass until it bleeds and you’ll be shitting my cum for a month, and when I’m finished with that I’m gonna turn you over to the first slaver who makes a decent offer for you. You’re never gonna be seen again, and I’m going be the only smith in this town again, and all is going to be right with the world.”

Yuki howled, willing for someone to hear her on the outskirts of town, even willing to be found like this if it meant someone did stumble onto her. He might just get away with that plan. She redoubled her efforts to escape as the man leaned forward, pressing himself into her. If she simply disappeared then questions would be asked, sure, but no one was all that happy about one of the kitsune living here after what had happened in the forest… and no one would look all that hard even if they could connect her disappearance to Kuro. She gasped and bucked her body as she felt the smith start to force his way inside of her.

“That’s it, slut, struggle. You’re just making it that much more enjoyable.” The man pushed a little harder. “You can feel it, can’t you? Big isn’t it? Bigger than you ever could have imagined. I’m no puny fox wimp, cunt. I’ve got a real man’s dick, and it’s gonna split you like a dry log!”

“Stop!” Yuki screamed, hating herself for the weakness even as she said the words, but images of what had happened to the others in the forest kept running through her head, through her nightmares. “Don’t do this! We can work something out, we ca-“

“The only thing I’m gonna work out is my dick, fox-slut… And it starts… now!” He pushed forward, leaning into her and letting his weight part her labia and enter her pussy in earnest.

“Stop! No!” she screamed, but the man laughed again, his foul-scented breath wafting over her like the stench from a sewer. Toying with her, he pulled back as if complying and then entered her again, forcing his thick steaming cock into her tight orifice. The man’s cock wasn’t really that big, but never in her life had Yuki been less ready for sex than she was right now and he felt huge, frighteningly large and pulsing with a life of its own, the veins on the outside blue with blood and a glistening sphere of semen dripping from its tip. He thrust it forward and invaded Yuki’s sex.

There was an intense moment of sharp pain and she knew that her regrown hymen had broken, something that caused the man to laugh. “Well I don’t believe it,” he jeered. “A bitch and a tease. The way I saw you slutting around camp I was sure you’d taken a thousand rides. Not to worry, fox… Now you’re a woman at last!” Kuro slapped her ass mercilessly. “I hope you enjoyed the first two inches… there’s a lot more where that came from!”

“Aah! Aah!” Yuki gasped as the man leaned forward, palming her breasts where they hung beneath her restrained form and then thrusting even deeper into her. He took his time, obviously enjoying her distress and futile attempts to escape the pain and humiliation. Bit by bit, inch by inch, he worked his way into her. There was no desire in her, no arousal, no wetness, and the ordeal was so painful she could hardly believe that he was only halfway into her. Every thrust was sheer agony for her, and sheer pleasure for him, and it seemed to last forever.

By the time he penetrated her fully it felt like he’d been raping her for an hour, and that was just the beginning as he pulled back and slammed into her again. Kuro’s heavy balls slapped against her backside as he began to fuck her rhythmically, keeping up a steady pace that slowly increased in intensity. His hands on her breasts squeezed in an uneven rhythm, crushing them over and over again like he was trying to milk her and use her as body like a toy, ramming into her as hard as he could over and over again with no skill but sheer brutality. He sawed his way in and out of her again and again and again until Yuki’s voice was ragged from screaming, her back and ass and thighs were filled with wooden splinters, and she felt like he was fucking his way up into her lungs before, after what felt like halfway to morning he finally climaxed. Kuro exploded inside of her with a roar of pleasure, pulling out just in time to jerk the remainder of his orgasm over her breasts and belly.

Yuki left out a tiny half-sob, turning her head away. “I fucking hate you…” she hissed. “You miserable fucking bastard…”

“How was that?” Kuro asked sardonically. “Having fun yet? Was it as good for you as it was for me?” He slapped her ass again. “I’ll be raping your ass next… just as soon as I get my meat back.” He shook his flaccid cock at her, scattering a few more droplets of semen across her quivering breasts.

Yuki was completely spent. She was so sore between her legs that she doubted she could close them without crying. Her back arched across the sawhorse, she lay exhausted, wondering if her hideous ordeal would ever end. Finally she spoke. “Alright,” she gasped. “You’ve won. Let me go and I’ll leave town. I won’t tell anyone about this. You’ll have the smithing trade to yourself.”

“Heh,” the man replied. “After all your oaths to murder me? I’m not that stupid, fox slut. Besides, I still owe you for the shame you brought on me, even if I was about to trust a vixen bitch. Besides… I’m looking forward to the next few hours. I’ve still got a few things planned for you!”

The man made no effort to get dressed. Instead, he poured himself another cup of spirits and drank it down. No doubt he was so full of alcohol as to be proof against any cold, but Yuki’s regeneration had long since burned away what she had drank, and she shivered as the sweat dried on her body. She was exhausted and shackled in an impossibly painful position, her loins and jaw aching from her brutal ordeal.

And it was only about to get worse.

After fully draining his cup again, Kuro wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. Strolling to one of the workbenches he picked up a couple of pieces of scrap metal. “I reckon these will do,” he said. “Gold would be better, but brass is good enough. What do you think, cunt?”

Yuki looked up. The man was holding up two small brass blanks of the sort she used for decorating harnesses or covering rivets. She stared at him, uncomprehending. “I see you agree,” he laughed, moving toward her anvil. “Just wait for a minute.”

Yuki had no idea what he was talking about and guessed that she probably didn’t want to find out… But there was nothing she could do about it as he reached her anvil and began to pound something with one of her hammers. The idea of that bastard using her tools was incredibly galling, but she reckoned she almost deserved it, what with her craven pleading. She had completely degraded herself and to what end? She had simply given the man something else he could jeer at. She would not do it again; no matter what he did to her.

The pounding of metal went on for several minutes along with a certain amount of drunken grumbling from the smith. Once there was an exclamation of pain followed by considerable swearing as the man hit himself instead of the metal, but finally he finished whatever it was he was doing. Yuki winced as she heard one of her prized hammers hit the floor, carelessly thrown aside by the man as he finished. His feet thumped across the floor toward her and then he was looming over her, holding three slivers of gleaming brass so that she could see them. In his other hand he held a pair of pliers along with a tool for crimping metal. She knew at once from the grin on the man’s face that what he had planned was going to be both painful and humiliating.

“Thought I’d give you a bit of decoration while we waited for my cock to come back. I think these will look right nice.” He held one of the slender pieces of brass against her left nipple, giving no doubt as to what he intended to decorate.

Yuki swallowed, but tried to disguise her fear. She would not shame herself by begging for mercy that wasn’t coming. “Do what you want,” she said. “I expect no less from a coward such as you!”

“A coward, eh?” the man growled. “We’ll see how brave you are when I skewer you in other ways.” He reached down and gripped her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching the ultrasensitive flesh cruelly. Then, placing the end of the brass sliver against the base of her nipple, he forced it through. It was nowhere near sharp enough to make that easy, and it was an excruciating stab of agony as her nipple was pierced, but she gritted her teeth to keep from screaming, clenching her swollen jaw so much it hurt nearly as bad as her nipple did. She arched her back, but somehow held back her cry of pain… and continued to hold back her pain as Kuro took the pliers and bent the sliver into a ring which he closed using the crimping tool.

He leered down at her sweating face, and then slowly and painfully twisted the newly inserted ring until blood was dripping down her breasts and she cried out even through her clenched teeth. Only after he had forced that concession from the white fox did he fix her other nipple in the same way, this time forcing the sliver of brass through so roughly that she not even her best efforts could stop the kitsune from screaming. Kuro bent his head and suckled at both of her pierced nipples, his teeth on her wounded teats making her whimper in pain as he grunted in satisfaction. “You’re a tough one… or at least you pretend to be. No matter. I’ll have you screaming soon enough. There’s still your ass, and if there’s one thing I know it’s that if you were a virgin that tight in your cunt, your asshole going to be twice as tight. It’s going to be more pain than you can imagine. But there’s one more thing to add first.”

He held up the other ring. “Too bad ya don’t have three tits, fox. Guess I’ll have to put this somewhere else, then.” His fingers went to her sensitive clit. “How’d you like it here?”

Yuki jerked in fear. To have her clit pierced…. She couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain or the damage that would be done to her. But she knew that it didn’t matter what she said. The man was going to put it where he wanted regardless of her opinion. Even so, she opened her mouth, not even sure of what she was going to say, when her world exploded in agony. The sharp sliver of metal didn’t feel like a needle, or like a knife, or fire… it felt like someone had crafted a blade out of a glacier and driven it right through her soul. There was nothing else, not a single other sensation but the pain, and Yuki’s scream was echoing in her ears long before she realized she had opened her mouth.

Then it was done and the pain reduced to only a throbbing, sullen pain that ached like someone had attached a burning coal to her clit, and with every single heartbeat it spiked further. The experience of waiting for Kuro to bend it into an ugly ring was almost as agonizing, and Yuki cursed and swore and screamed the whole way through it until he closed the ring, leaving her a whimpering, tear-streaked mess. “So much prettier, wouldn’t you agree?” he asked with a laugh, flicking her new jewelry as Yuki looked down her body and saw the sharp metal decorations glistening on her toned form.

“Alright, that’s enough dawdling around. It’s time, slut,” Kuro said. She raised her head and saw to her horror that his cunt-stained dick was once again nearly horizontal as it jutted from his body. “Time to see what else your body has to offer me.”

He bent and removed the ropes from her ankles. As they came free she tried to kick him, but almost immediately the ring on her clit twisted and she almost screamed anew. Her body couldn’t heal properly while something was still in the wound but that didn’t stop it from trying, and right now even the barest movement of her legs was agonizing and weak. Kuro trivially caught the exhausted kitsune by her ankles and then twisted them, trying to turn her over so that he could take her from the other side. He laughed as she tried to break free while he twisted her legs. “Fight bitch, fight. It’s gonna be so much sweeter when I finally win.”

She did fight, drawing on her last reserves of strength as he tried to force her belly against the top of the sawhorse. The movement wrapped her tails partially around her waist, pulling them even tighter, but it was nothing compared to the pain of her rings as she fought with desperate strength in an effort to avoid this one last painful humiliation. Despite her ferocious fighting, however, all of the advantages were on Kuro’s side. He was just as strong as she was, nowhere near as exhausted and pained, and had the advantage of leverage. In spite of her best efforts, the vile blacksmith slowly twisted her over and then, as she kicked in final desperation, he once again lashed each of her ankles back to the sawhorse once more.

Yuki almost wept as she was lashed in place. She knew that the last session was going to be incredibly painful and degrading, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. She had already endured several hours of rape, torture, humiliation and was almost at the end of her strength.

Behind her she could hear Kuro filling his cups for what she hoped would be the last time. There was the usual guzzling sound followed by a room-shaking belch and then she heard him moving toward her. “You think I can get into your tight hole, vixen bitch?” he asked as her ran his hands over her trembling buttocks. “It’s sure gonna be fun trying, isn’t it?”

She braced herself for his assault, clenching her ass tight, but was caught off guard when he sank his shaft into her swollen cunt instead. He thrust deep, creating excruciating pain as he plowed her ravaged love canal. Yuki held back a scream, but arched her back as she was brutally penetrated. But Kuro soon changed his target. “Just getting a little lubrication,” he grunted as he made sure his cock was slick with the leavings of his last rape. He pulled out and thrust his now at least slightly lubed member against the tiny button of her anus.

Yuki tightened her sphincter. Can’t let him in. Can’t take any more. Can’t… let him win…

Kuro, however, was relentless. Again and again he probed her backside, his massive manhood seeking entrance to her tight rear. Yuki felt the thick, swollen head of his rape tool moving up and down between her firm, wiggling ass cheeks. Then, she felt it stab forward. “Ahh!” Yuki screamed, pain and rage warring with her as she vented her outrage. “Get… off of… me…” The moment he got any kind of headway, Kuro showed no mercy at all – he slammed into her like a battering ram. The smith used every bit of his immense strength, gripping her hips and driving into her until he broke through her defenses.

Yuki shouted in agony again as he thrust into her, his own throat growling a noise of triumphant pleasure. “Got you, bitch,” he grunted. “Now… now I’m going to let you feel the real power of this cock, fox!” Without another word he began to fuck her, and the new pain of feeling her asshole hollowed out was joined the chorus of misery from her makeshift piercings. Yuki was truly a virgin here, and after this kind of introduction to anal sex she couldn’t imagine ever wanting it… not after being torn open by that thick, awful cock.

She felt her ass expand and strain to fit the organ within her, struggling to keep her grunts and groans quiet. “Guuuh!” she grunted out between clenched teeth. “UUhhhhh! Yo- Y- You… fu- fuck- ing… ba- a- a- stard!” It hurt so much… and that was only physically. Mentally, the pain was just as bad, her mind on fire with the shame being violated this way, her disgust, her sheer helplessness and feeling of being so worthless. This is why your people don’t want you, the voiced said. This is all you are… a fuckup. Who else would find herself here?

Once Kuro had made it all the way in, he started raping her with full body thrusts, giving her every inch of him all at once, each and every time as she panted and sobbed. Yuki bit her lips to keep from screaming as she felt the new assault begin, her rapist thrusting in and out of her with one stab after another. He randomized his strokes, some fast, some slower, some long and deep and some shallower, just to keep her confused, right up until the point he reached down and wrapped his fists around Yuki’s dangling tits. Her inflamed, throbbing nipples seemed to burn as he manhandled her breasts and crushed them in his hands, gripping, pulling and pumping them while his weight crushed her down against the sawhorse again and again. “Bastard…” she moaned through her clenched teeth, between moans of despair. The sawhorse was far from smooth, and every thrust made her feel like she was being raped against sandpaper. No matter how she tried to resist, though, the cock kept sawing in and out of her ass as she squeezed on it, gripping her rapist’s tool tight as a drum. She could not help it – Her muscles were tensing and flexing automatically as she reflexively fought in pain, and her rapist was clearly loving it.

Her hurting tits felt like he was leaving bruises in the shape of his fingers, so hard did he squeeze her. Her nipples and clit throbbed with every motion of her body, every sway, every bump. Her ass was burning, raped raw by the blacksmith’s thick, thrusting cock. “Uuuuhh… hhuuuhhh… nuuuhhh…” she forced out. Exhausted, quieted moans escaped her lips as Yuki, head drooping from the sheer physical and emotional exhaustion of her ordeal, suffered on the horse while Kuro abused her tits, thrust his cock, and enjoyed Yuki’s clasping virgin ass and the trembling of her body as she suffered.

He kept up the steady, deep stabbing motion of his cock in her ass for what felt like hours, until Yuki could barely move. He forced his way deeper and deeper into her, raping her until she was close to passing out from the pain. However, she was too strong to be granted that mercy and had to endure the pain and humiliation until Kuro was finally finished with her. The kitsune’s squirming was weak and she just barely clung to consciousness like a drowning woman holding onto a log as it rushed down the rapids. She didn’t even know how long it had been before she felt the thrusts in her ass become much more urgent and violent. The cock within her ass slammed in and out, driving up and down like a waterwheel’s piston as the hands on her tits gripped so tightly she thought they were going to pop, taking a vise like hold that made her entire body th rob with agony. “NAAAAHH! AAAHH! STOP YOU BASTARD! UMFF! UUHHPPHH UUUUHHHH!” Yuki screamed out one garbled curse after another as she felt the blacksmith’s cock plow into her, even harder than when he’d raped her pussy the first time.

Then, what felt like a century later, her rapist arched his back, sinking his cock in deeply as he mashed himself hard against Yuki’s ass cheeks. He moaned, a savage cry of pleasure as his throbbing cock emptied its load deeply into the captive kitsune’s burning asshole. Yuki gave an exhausted cry of sheer misery as she felt the thick, hot goo flood her violated ass. She was utterly overwhelmed by the helplessness and humiliation of her hard use, and bound as she was she could do nothing but wait for her attacker to finish getting his pleasure at the expense of her trauma. This miserable, worthless excuse for a human had captured her, and now he used her at will… and all Yuki could do was take it, and wallow in the shame and misery afterward.

“Good ass…” Kuro said, pleased with himself… but he didn’t pull out. He just kept squeezing her tits, playing with the agonizing piercings while he remained impaled inside her raw hole. Now that she didn’t have the thrusts to distract her, the agony of having her tits played with was going more intolerable by the second. Kuro waited until an involuntary whimper had escaped Yuki’s lips at a particularly savage squeeze, not caring that she had turned it into a threatening growl a second later. “You want me out, little fox?” he mocked, teasing her as he grabbed onto her nipple rings and tugged at them just to make her scream. “If you want me to do your worthless ass a favor, it’s going to have to do me one too.”

He slapped her ass again. “You’ve made quite a mess on my dick,” he told her, “and I want to make sure it all stays where it belongs. So if you want me to stop turning your tits into playthings, clench up your ass as tight as you can and squeeze it… scrape all your miserable filth off me as I pull out.” Her rapist said the command casually, but he didn’t stop playing with her tits, and it was that which humilated and infuriated Yuki the most… but what could she do? Fighting him was getting her nowhere. Reluctantly, she did as she was told and clenched her throbbing, exhausted anal muscles. It made her rear hurt so much worse she almost screamed “Ahhhh! Hhhrrrmmm… uuuuhhh!” Yuki made harsh, rough, savaged noises as she gripped the rape tool with her burning ass, and Kuro stared pulling out. The exiled kitsune felt every single inch of the prick as it slid out past her raw, inner flesh… she felt like she could have memorized every bump and ridge and hair from how they all made her ass throb. Then the blacksmith was out of her and Yuki sagged, finally free of his weight.

“Not bad, fox slut,” he groaned, panting in pleasure.

Kuro staggered away from his victim, the blacksmith breathing heavily. Even his endurance apparently had its limits, and the effort of raping his victim three times in a single night had clearly left him with very little left… but it was far more than his victim had. If he was weary, Yuki was almost unconscious with exhaustion by now. The white-furred fox had been exhausted even before he had arrived, out of fire and weak even before she had been drugged and made helpless. It had taken all of her strength to endure Kuro’s brutal punishment and now she could barely move.

While she lay helpless, brutalized, and humiliated, Kuro pulled on his clothes. Yuki hung her head, completely defeated, and waited to discover what other torments he had planned for her. “Just a few hours till morning, slut. Time to be on our way.” He crossed the room to the heavy post he had nailed the chain to. Using a pry bar he pulled out the heavy nail he had used to hold it in place.

Yuki’s was too exhausted to do anything more than lie where the man had left her. He gathered the chain and dragged her across to the anvil, where he forced her to her knees and then closed iron around her ankles. Then he picked up a hammer and a metal punch and placed her right leg against the anvil as he punched out the rivet connecting the chain to the iron bracelet.

If her hands were not still chained and if she had not been so exhausted and pained, then this would have been Yuki’s chance to escape, but she could do little more than watch helplessly as he took a cold chisel and shortened the chain. He then reattached the shortened chain to the shackles so that her feet were connected together by only a foot of chain. He then took some rope and began to bind the exhausted kitsune more thoroughly, winding ropes around her arms behind her back before he was willing to take the cuffs off. The ropes wound around her body as well, wrapping around her well muscled torso to circle her breasts and squeeze them. The whole set up afforded her almost no freedom of movement at all.

Having lost her chance to escape, she could do nothing as he forced her to her feet and then bent her forward so that her head rested on the anvil. With several blows that left her ears ringing, the man bent a heavy iron band around her throat and then connected the ends with a heavy rivet, leaving her wearing a heavy iron slave collar. He took the remainder of the chain and attached it to the collar so that she could be led like a dog. He added another rope around her tails as well, keeping them tied tightly together so that she could not attack him with them. “That’ll have to do,” Kuro mused, admiring his work. “The slavers can make their own arrangements after I turn you over to them.”

He reached down and grabbed her arm, dragging her upright. Yuki swayed on her feet, so beaten and exhausted that a single step would have caused her to collapse. “You’re not so cocky now, are you?” Kuro derided. “Miss high and mighty vixen, brought to her knees. You’re not worth much to anyone now. Just a fucked out bitch who can’t even stand on her own.”

Yuki considered that Kuro had succeeded too well in his punishment. If he was going to carry out his threat to sell her to the slavers he would have to her carry to wherever they were. ”I’m not walking,” she growled.

“You are,” Kuro said as he took up one of her smithy rags and forced the thing into her mouth. Yuki tried to resist, but if he could make her suck his cock he was more than capable of forcing her jaw open to fill it. A rope went over that too, and she was silenced. “You’ll walk or you’ll be dragged, I don’t give a shit… it’s up to you how much this hurts. Personally, I’d like you to feel every single bit of your ordeal. Now none of your kitsune tricks, bitch, or you won’t make it to the slavers… I’ll nail your hide to the wall of the smithy instead.” Kuro rolled his shoulders. “Alright. Time to leave, slut. Dawn’s not far off, and you’ve got people waiting.”

Yuki looked over at her clothing, staring at it longingly, and Kuro laughed. He jerked on the chain around her neck, forcing her to stagger forward. “You won’t need clothes where you’re going,” he growled. He pulled harder on the chain, dragging the helpless kitsune smith toward the door and into the night, and Yuki had no choice but to follow.

7 thoughts on “Chosen – Chapter 17 – Exiled

  1. Last we saw of Yuki before being captured by Mordred was her being seemingly free inside a tavern.

    That doesn’t bode well for Kuro’s plans.


  2. Mentioned here because it seems relevant, recently reported on Twitter:

    “The Sessho-seki, a famous rock in Nasu, Japan that was said to have imprisoned the evil nine-tailed fox demoness Tamamo-no-Mae, was found broken in half.
    After nearly 1,000 years, the demon vixen is presumably once again on the loose.”


          1. *Tamamo No Mae finally escapes*

            Tamamo: After 1000 years, I am free!

            Levi: *readies stud gun*

            Tamamo: Put me back in!

            Wasn’t there a story with Tamamo No Mae last year?
            Something about her being hunted endlessly, and bound by her tails after each capture, only for it to begin again the next morning?

            Fox Hunt, I think?


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