Event Horizon – Chapter 9 – The Innocent

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Cursa Eridani A, Far Orbit

Somehow, despite herself, Ki’an’i was still alive.

Shale’s strenuous grunting filled the room as he hilted himself balls-deep in Ki’an’i’s ass for what felt like the millionth time, the supine and bedbound Sethis making an easy target for his lusts. She certainly didn’t resist as his hips rocked back and both in a frenzied rhythm, grinding his steel-hard manhood against that snugly enclosing sphincter. “It’s days like this that I’m grateful I didn’t blow your brains out,” he lazily drawled while pummeling her. “Screwing your shroom holes is just about the only thing worth doing in this shithole… I’d have killed myself from boredom if it weren’t for you. It’s a good thing us men have our dicks… With them and some bitch around it’s not so hard to keep ourselves entertained.”

The burly stowaway readjusted his grip, seizing Ki’an’i by the nape of her neck. He completely ignored the fact that it was still encircled by the thick prisoner collar which constantly jeopardized her existence with so much as a stray through. Ki’an’i, however, certainly noticed… Her heart nearly leaped into her throat at the touch. Any attempt to removal that collar would trigger a lethal discharge, and Ki’an’i wasn’t sure what the collar would decide was just adjustment and what formed an attempt to remove it. It was as if he had forgotten what it was there for… not for the first time the Sethis wondered if he was going to kill her by accident.

“M-M-Mast-” Ki’an’i stuttered out the word in a way which was totally unlike her previous stoic and dignified persona as the Midgar-6’s security officer. She hated the way she sounded… she felt pathetic, weak, and every bit the stupid and worthless fuckdoll Shale insisted that she was. “I-I-If-” she said, attempting to warn him, yet Thomas Shale proceeded headlong with his rear-door reaming. He was like a pig in mid-rut – not only obscene and thumping but also impossible to communicate with, utterly uncaring of the concerns of her life.

It had been two long years since their lifeboat had been picked up by the curious creatures known as the Lealings. Two more years of being Shale’s personal fleshlight. Two more years of misery and degradation where she felt what was left of her dignity and self-worth being sandblasted away. By now, it was hard to imagine life before these carnal sessions – when she thought about what a normal daily routine was, the idea of eating normal meals or choosing her clothing or brushing her teeth were harder to remember than her rapes, and the thought of her abuse kept slipping into normal memories of her and her husband when she thought of him at all. The two citizens of the Federation were housed in a set of uninhabited cabins aboard the ship, seemingly given almost total privacy. Shale had scanned the room inch-by-inch several times over in the early days of being here in search for anything which could resemble a surveillance bug – he had never found a thing. The moment he was sure that they were not being spied upon, he had resumed raping her as an everyday occurrence. Today as everyday Shale continued thrusting into her without a care in the world, his engorged dick being all the relief he needed.

In a way, Ki’an’i could understand. It wasn’t like he could do much. They had no control over their destiny, no way to escape, no way to leave and get home. It wasn’t like he was doing this instead of something something else. Thomas had a criminal’s predilections and so assumed that daggers awaited him in every shadow, yet with time even he had dropped his guard from how uneventful their stay within this vessel was, approaching it a bit more like the afterlife where he would get rewarded with all the brutal sex he desired. The novelty and tension of encountering a previously unknown alien civilization had completely dissipated. In the beginning, merely rounding a corner or entering a room was enough to make their nerves go taut, but now… it was almost as if they were back on that cramped lifeboat.

This mindset was all predicated upon their hosts remarkable – though somewhat aloof – sense of hospitality. Whenever they desired something, the Lealings were almost obsequious in how forthcoming they were with it – anything Shale requested was given to them practically out of hand. A lot of the early days, when Shale was still paranoid about surveillance, had been spent inside their quarters eating the big, bulbous alien fruits provided to them as meals. They were incredibly juicy and tough to the teeth, almost more resembling dried-beef jerky in texture then their earthen counterparts, but despite that they were incredible sweet and as big as grapefruits. Thomas had satisfied his palate on these and considerably fattened his belly, and while Ki’an’i ate the food she never stopped being revolted at seeing that yellow-tinted juice oozing from his mouth in a gluttonous flood. Clothing, cleansers, and other necessities were always provided as they needed them… not that Ki’an’i got to wear much these days.

Their Lealing hosts, however, still definitively had their furtive sides… not entirely unconcerned with security. They did not guard certain segments of their ship with sentries or cameras, yet instead many doors were simply left inexplicably locked and uncommented upon. They had been guided through the ship several times yet never been allowed inside critical facilities like the cockpit or the bridge. But even this secrecy was not something which could raise Thomas’s sense of alarm. Those bat-winged aliens simply seemed too absentminded and inattentive to him for him to fear them. Ki’an’i, however, had her doubts.

The templar held some vague idea of what they were hiding. When they had first boarded this vessel, she had seen the shadowy outline of some other lifeforms observing them from the distance. These were equally strange, appearing tall and ungainly. The Templar had been given plenty of time to ponder on if what she had seen was simply a trick of her mind, a Lealing’s shape distorted by stealth, or some other unknown apparition. But no… over the years she had caught a few glimpses of the other alien species aboard this ship, their skin covered by hard carapace beneath and around their clothing. certain of what she had seen. These bat-like creatures answered to some other lifeforms which seemed to be directing them from the shadows. They were very obviously in charge… and despite this, not one of them had come to speak to them.

Her present situation as a slave might be biasing her concerns… but Ki’an’i couldn’t fully dismiss them, either. Especially when the Lealings seems so innocent and trusting.

“Uhhgh! Uuggh! You are- Hhuhh! Fuuhh! So… Uwwhh! Tight still!” the thug grunted while pumping his hips into her presented posterior, his eyes narrowed in pleasure like some sort of heady-minded junkie experiencing a fix. The sweating man groaned as he fucked her as hard as he could. His broadened belly had not done wonders for the crook’s carnal cardiology. Fighting the weariness of his limbs, the bald-headed man wrapped his hands around Ki’an’i’s prisoner-collar. The Sethis responded by practically yelping in fright, and he laughed at her. “What’s the matter, little slut? Scared to die? What the hell does a whore like you have to live for anyway?” Still, laughing, he unhanded the encircling device. “But I guess I don’t want to blow my own hand off…”

Ki’an’i savagely fought down the feeling of anger and resentment the words tried to bring up… she couldn’t allow them. The collar was able to scan brain impulses, heart rate, hormones and adrenaline… its configurations practically allowed it to read Ki’an’i’s mind. Whenever some murderous impulse ran through its wearer, the device was designed to incapacitate the prisoner. The modifications made by her captor, however, meant that any mistake she made would be far more instantly lethal. Thomas Shale could sodomize the Sethis woman as much as he wanted, and to this day it was up to her to take it without anger or complaint.

Really, after so many times of being ravaged, that had become the worst part. Remaining mentally placid and cooperative while getting brutally buggered, orally raped, or vaginally violated day in and day out was a truly strange and vexing form of torture. Ki’an’i desperately wanted to loathe this treacherous rapist, but she was not even able to do that with this collar donning her neck.

There was no warning when the door to their guest chambers slid open and a creature stepped in… a familiar face. Shale, for his part, was unconcerned. He didn’t even stop fucking his slut, just as he hadn’t the last twelve times this had occurred. The aliens, apparently, saw nothing wrong with this behavior. They had asked for some details before, and Shale had promised that this was Earth custom and behavior, and they didn’t seem to question this untoward idea. The Sethis tried not to hate them for that… it wasn’t their fault that they didn’t know otherwise. Not only was Ki’an’i completely unable to hate her rapist, she was not even allowed to communicate her woe to the Lealings… they saw an enthusiastic, cooperative lover in her, not a broken rape victim with a gun to her head.

The slightly gray-skinned creature looked around, sniffing heavily as ever as soon as she entered and repressing a small shudder before she locked gaze onto the two Earthlings. “Kianii! Toomas!” Tikanii chirped as she stepped into the room, her bat-like wings hanging relaxed behind her. “Feel good… today?” she added. While her grammar and pronunciation were off and she was still struggling to translate the English tongue in her head, the woman was perfectly understandable as she spoke.

Tikanii, the Lealing whom had first guided them to their shelter here, had apparently been appointed to look after them. She was more than just a guide or a jailer, though… she spent a good part of each day talking with them, determined to learn to communicate. She had been a quick study, too. Ki’an’i was hardly the best teacher in her state, but Tikanii had been able to learn quickly. Speaking to someone other than her owner and rapist was a pleasure she had never expected to have again, the joy of which was only stifled a little by the fact that the first thing she had been commanded to transmit was the lie that Ki’an’i was enjoying her defilement… that this kind of treatment was simply the thing that humans and Sethis did to have fun. Her suffering was explained away as pleasure. She was even compelled by Shale to say that she loved it.

Thomas Shale smirked and spat out the flower petal he had been chewing, discarding the spent thing he had plucked from his victim’s hair. He was having a blast pummeling his slave’s asshole, amused as ever and unable to hide his mirth at how foolish and gullible their alien hosts were. The way he saw it, if the innocent Lealing girl was ditzy enough to believe their lies it just proved his superiority over them. “Merry as thieves!” Thomas hollered while stabbing his cock into the Security Officer’s asshole. “Merry as fucking thieves!”

“Thieves?” Tikanii said, cocking her head in a sidewards direction, not having understood the word. “What is, thieves?”

With a bestial grunt, Thomas Shale hilted himself inside Ki’an’i’s butt and orgasmed. Sloppy seed was ejaculating into her at a point-blank range. They remained locked ass to hips while the criminal emptied his ball sacks inside of her with a completely oblivious Tikanii watching and waiting for the paroxysm to pass. Though she had grown used to the filthy sliminess of these anal creampies, Ki’an’i still had not grown used to the accompanying chagrin.

“Ooohh fuck!” Thomas cursed, sliding off Ki’an’i’s assaulted backside upon having finished delivering his seed like some kind of exhausted sealion, graceless on land as he dismounting her. The Sethis girl’s gaping anus oozed out the semen he had left inside of her. Even though the green-skinned woman shuddered at the sensation the watching Lealing still did not comprehend that this was pain she was witnessing, or at least considered it normal. Wishing to recover, Thomas Shale spread himself out across the bed, essentially pushing the exhausted templar off the mattress. The Sethis woman fell off onto the floor below, collapsing into a kneeling position with her back against the bedframe like discarded. Ki’an’i was dead-tired, spiritually destroyed, and in a great deal of anal agony. She did not know for how much longer she could end up surviving these ordeals. She didn’t even know how long she could want to.

Tikanii walked over, kneeling down by the Sethis woman’s side.

“Kiani is well?” the bat-alien chirped.

Ki’an’i almost disbelieved that a living being could be this oblivious. Was she just an particularly loopy member of her species, or where all Lealings like this? The Security Officer hadn’t gotten to know any other of these prodigiously-eared bats to figure out. A stupid species couldn’t possibly have master space flight… could they really be this naive? Then again, human cultures had routinely misunderstood the culture of other peoples on their own planets for centuries. As much as Ki’an’i hated to admit it, the lie had been repeated enough by the Sethis woman as well that even if she had doubts they would largely be satisfied by now. “I… am well…” she choked out.

“English lesson now?” she asked, cheerfully. “What is, ‘thief’?”

The pale-skinned alien had her eyes peeled at her, her gaze full, enraptured and practically bulging. Despite the manner that appears initially empty-headed, there was a strange enthusiasm and curiosity about the girl. It was like she was extremely keen on the lives of her guests. At first, Ki’an’i had assumed that this was mere professional devotion. Tikanii had after all presumably been ordered to take care of them, after all. But, the more time she spent with her, the more Ki’an’i came to think of it as something else, something more akin to a personal ardor. And it wasn’t just her… most of them were like that.

Especially around Ki’an’i. And she knew why she fascinated her so.

The young bat-Alien shuffled her hips closer. “English lesson now?” she repeated, her eyes large, her lips widely parted. The Lealings nostrils puffed a little again, as if catching some scent, and her eyes widened slightly more… an expression that made her appear to be positively giddy. A few seconds passed, and now the alien struggled not to titter, her merry mood on a constant rise. The Lealing, Ki’an’i noticed, wasn’t meeting her eyes… she was gazing at the flowers that made up her hair.

Tikanii kept smiling happily, distractedly looking at the Sethis’ verdant mane of petal-hair. It was as if Ki’an’i’s mere presence was infectious to the bat-like aliens… an effect that usually diminished after a few minutes of being in the room but always captivated her at first contact. 

Shale did a gator roll upon the mattress, turning himself over to their side. The bedbound hoodlum looked down at the two women, his eyes beady. He had likewise noticed the undue attention that Tikanii displayed towards his Sethis captive. The lounging criminal rubbed at his now flaccid crotch, scratching his balls and adjusting his sticky cock. “Ditzy girl looks like an opium eater,” he remarked, a knowing smirk on his face.

“O-o-opi-yum?” Tikanii uttered, struggling to pronounce the new word.

Ki’an’i, on her knees, sighed. That was exactly what it was. Sethis spore were permeated with a fairly mild hallucinogenic and narcotic, an evolutionary holdover from earlier times in the Mimic Fungus’ evolution. For humans, the effect was barely existent… the dose was too small, and the scent was nearly impossible to notice unless someone pointed it out. Master Shale had, from time to time, taken some of them for himself… they weren’t much, but they were more entertainment than he could usually get without them. For Tikanii and the other Lealings, however, the effect seemed like the lure of some flickering light within a darkened room. It left them momentarily spellbound in her presence. The noses of her species must simply be much more sensitive to elements like pollen than either the Humans or the Sethis were.

Tikanii’s nostrils puffed at inhaling the scent and her cheeks appeared to grow red, and she shook her head as if trying to shake off the effect. Thomas Shale, watching, smirked an evil grin at how befuddled she was. “You like the way that the shroom smells?” he bluntly asked, the grin not dissipating.

“Um-yes! Very much!” Tikanii promptly answered.

“It’s her flower-hair thing, isn’t it? All that jungle shit?” he added.

“Uh-yes. Kianii’s hair smells very good!” the oblivious Lealing responded, her eyes slightly glazed.

“How would you like to taste one of those petals, bat girl?” Thomas Shale said. “Do you think that would be good!?”

“Oh-YES!” she erupted. “Tikanii would like that very much!”

Senses of danger and alarm wrought the former Security Officer. This was sudden… but he was showing no doubt whatsoever. He hadn’t said anything to her, but why would he? It clearly wasn’t something spur of the moment, and Thomas Shale wasn’t doing this as a mere idle experimentation. The black-hearted rogue had something vile planned.

His big fist reached over to the Templar’s head and then plucked one of those flower-like petals from the vines that made up her hair. Unlike humans she had some nerves there… not many, but enough that it stung and Ki’an’i grunted softly. For better or worse she was accustomed to much harsher pains at this point. The bald-headed man handed that flower petal over to Tikanii whose bat-like wings fluttered momentarily in excitement from being so near the narcotic-infused petal. “Here, try it!” he said.

“T-” Ki’an’i began to say as some sort of intended warning to the girl, but when given the opportunity, Tikanii simply devoured that entire petal hole. It wasn’t halfhearted, or hesitant… she immediately put it in her mouth and began to suck on it with all the enthusiasm she would have expected from a Terran Toad. The effect was immediately apparent – The Lealing’s eyes abruptly went wide, her pupils dilating until there was almost nothing visible but black. It looked like she had just injected heroin into her veins to Ki’an’i… the Lealing woman let out a gasping sigh and shuddered slightly.

“That’s some good shit, right?” Shale said, smiling wickedly “Wish it were half as much as fun for me… I’d have had something worthwhile to pass the time with.

“M-Master, she might die from this,” Ki’an’i said, immediately fearful of an overdose. Who knew the consequences the ingestion of a foreign substance might have? The difference between poison and medicine was narrow… For all they knew the Sethis narcotic petal might be as lethal to Lealings as cyanide was to a human. 

“Nah, she’ll be alright,” he responded, dismissing her out of hand. His gaze, however, stayed on her… his focus intent.

Immediately, the Lealing whole posture turned loopy. Seated upon her knees, the girl’s head started swaying at a circular circumference, like a planet orbiting its star. The eyes which had previously been peering headlong at Ki’an’i became glassed over and unfocused. She was hit hard by the narcotic, that much was certain. But if the girl fully understood this was another question.

“Oooohh…” Tikanii voiced in a longwinded groan. “…Wow…”

Terror rising within her, the Security Officer felt the urge to scream out and call for help. It would certainly kill her… but Tikanii may be in need of immediate assistance and Shale would not be providing that. On the contrary, the hardened criminal seemed amused by her entire predicament. Only her uncertainty that she needed the assistance, and her self-doubt that she would even manage to get out a warning before the prisoner collar killed her stayed her voice. “Master,” she said quietly instead, trying to keep her thoughts neutral. “What are you trying to accomplish?”

Once again, Thomas Shale scratched his cock, still grinning. “You know, I’ve been all over the galaxy now,” he narrated. “I’ve tried out human pussy and I’ve tried out shroom pussy… But it sure turns out it looks like there are a lot of other things worth fucking out there, aren’t there? And there’s some fresh pussy right here.”

Ki’an’i gasped at what he was implying. This… they were on the alien ship! He couldn’t… couldn’t possibly mean to…

“Get her ready to fuck, shroom,” Thomas ordered, his voice grave and evil. “A man gets tired of having nothing but vegetables all day every day… he wants some real meat. I want to stick my dick in something worth more than you. I want to feel what it’s like sticking my dick in something else for a change.”

“W-whu?” Tikanii voiced. Even taking into account her poor English skills, the girl was completely out of it. The hard narcotics had knocked back her cognition several steps down… She barely even comprehended what was happening.

A dark chilling shadow fell over the Templar’s visage. Thomas… he wanted to victimize her as well? This was… something new. Something awful. As broken as she had been she had never needed to do anything like that. Even with the threat of immediate death hanging over her, that was something she felt resistant to do. It wasn’t even that if the truth of this assault was discovered – and Ki’an’i couldn’t see how it wouldn’t be – they would surely be killed. That was bad, but… somehow, helping ensure that someone else suffered seemed worse than anything Shale had done to her.

Thomas seemed to notice this conflict within her. His eyes narrowed in baleful menace. “Remember what you said about obeying my every word, slave?” he questioned.

Ki’an’i gulped.

There was no way out of this that didn’t end in death.

“Listen, dumb slut. I do all the thinking around here,” Shale said with a cruel smile. “I have a plan. You just shut up and do it. It’s time for a cultural exchange.”

Ki’an’i hated herself… but she leaned forward. “Tikanii,” she said, grasping onto the Lealing’s shoulders so to keep her swaying torso steady. “Do you kno–Tikanii! Listen to me. Look at me,” the Sethi injected when it became clear that the extraterrestrial was not at her mental wherewithal.

The young creature’s glassy eyes focused upon her, both pupils which had been looking in different directions rearranging so as to look Ki’an’i head-on. She was listening… sort of. “Do you remember how I’ve told you about how much I love getting fucked by Master Shale?” she asked. “How much fun it is?” Her monster of a master’s grin widened until it became broad and toothy, almost like that of a shark.

Still discombobulated, Tikanii nodded, her noggin seeming to sit strangely loosely atop her neck. “Y-Yes. You said it very good. Your favorite thing…”

“Yes Tikanii,” Ki’an’i added. “It is. Would you… like to try it? Would you like to try Master Shale’s dick?” She wanted to vomit. “It’s very fun I promise. You will like it very much. If you do it, then you might get more petals to taste in the future!”

“M-more? O-Ok!” the bat-winged Alien responded. “I… I’m willing to try anything…”

The moment she agreed to the deed, Ki’an’i felt a splash of self-loathing in the very pit of her stomach. What had she done? She had tricked a poor innocent creature into sharing her fate. Not that her master cared. “Alright!” Thomas chirped, suddenly invigorated at the prospect of getting to screw another female. The criminal grasped the big-eared alien by her slender arm and then practically yanked her onto the bed. She gave a soft yelp of surprise as her body was manhandled, and tossed down to lie upon the mattress. If Tikanii experienced any discomfort at this, then she was too far gone mentally to announce so. Thomas Shale’s dick was swollen once again, hard and ready for action. 

“Am I… sex… yet?” the confused bat-creature asked, eyes still loopy and dilated.

The criminal, for his part, was too pumped-up to respond. A slovenly, lustful expression had overtaken his visage. “I’ve been thinking about this for years,” he admitted eagerly. “Watching how it affected them. They’re obsessed with it… and it’s addictive, I bet. They keep coming back around you… and I wager they’ll do anything to keep their fixes…” Grasping onto his own manhood, he took off Tikari’s outfit with his other hand, the fabric sliding from her body easily. Her anatomy beneath it was shockingly close to human to Ki’an’i’s eyes, and he stroked the bulbous head of his cock against a vulva that looked almost exactly like a human woman’s. She gasped – It didn’t take a lot of rubbing before her femininity started drooling lubricating nectar over the tip of his dangerous cock. Soon, she was waterier than a seaside cave when the tide is rising… The stimulation caused her arms and legs to move in a fidgety manner. She barely reacted – it seemed like the woozy, high bat girl was too doped to properly understand what was happening to her.

“Perfect,” Shale declared. “This bat-cunt is even juicer than those delicious fruits that they feed us.” He grabbed onto one of her tits and squeezed, finding it evidently as soft as he would have wanted… seemingly as enraptured by her sexy body as Tikanii was to Ki’an’i’s hair. “And here I’ve been having fucking mediocre shroom pussy all this time when I’ve could have been screwing this!” He smirked. “Well then… Time for humanity to colonize the fuck out of some aliens cunt!”

His steel-hard shaft ceased its foreplay, and instead he directed its dripping tip towards her entrance. He wedged it in there, establishing a beachhead by parting the vaginal folds just enough to let him in. The big crook’s muscles flexed with readiness to strike. Only one thing remained.

“You just going to sit there you dumb stupid swampie slut?” Shale cursed at her. “Get behind me and start worshiping your Master’s balls! If this bitch is as tight and wet as I think she’s gunna be then your going to have to start worrying about being replaced!”  

Heartbroken at what she had helped achieve, Ki’an’i mounted the bed and began to crawl over toward Thomas Shale’s backside. Being raped on a daily basis had made the Sethis Security Officer feel miserable and dead down to her very soul… but even that could not measure up to the misery she felt at the idea that she had helped doom someone else to the same fate. Still, with no other avenue to peruse and a kill-happy Master to please, she arranged her body in the shameful position he requested, crouched behind and beneath him, league to caress his dangling balls with her tongue like a supplicant make an offering to the gods.

Her new position meant that she had an unfortunately clear view when he pressed forward. “Uuggghh!” he grunted as he muscled his dick forward into Tikanii’s drugged-up quim. The alien girl was tiny compared to him, a foot and a half shorter and she must have been very tight. The dazed alien was stricken from her loopy condition with a sharp, surprised shriek. Thomas’s idea of penetration was no ordinary insertion but a full-on, muscled up stab of his cock with made her extremities stiffen and stick outwards like some injured animal. However, despite this, the diminutive alien was still so sodden in her own juices that her body still managed to swallow his cock whole, Thomas’s plunge not stopping until his hips impacted against her thighs.

“Hell yes… take some cock straight from Earth you dumb whore!” the rapist exclaimed in triumph, showing no qualms about using such vulgar language. She wouldn’t know what it meant… in fact, he would probably lie and tell her his crass insults were terms of affection.

“Ah!” Tikanii yelped. “H-hurts. So… much!” she whimpered.

“Reassure her, slut,” Shale ordered, and Ki’an’i pulled her lips away from his nuts, wishing she would wipe the taste of them from her tongue.

“It’s ok…” she lied to the alien who had been so kind to them. “It feels better. Give in a minute. It’s my favorite thing.”

With their reproduction organs fully interlocked, Shale ground his hips against her as if trying to figure out if his dick could dig even further, making their lower bodies practically flatten together atop that bed top. Once satisfied that he had fully explored the innocent victim’s womanhood, Thomas began a rutting motion, retracting his body until his dick was halfway out and then striking home again. The excitement of skewering a new woman after so much time violating only the green-skinned Templar made his muscles limber. Where she not so loopy from those senses-confusing narcotics, the Lealing would undoubtedly have been crying out, but as it was she was only gasping and whining.

The familiar sounds of unholy copulation filled the room. Shale grunted. Tikanii whimpered. The bedframe rattled and whined. Ki’an’i’s woe only intensified upon hearing these cries of discomfort escaping the big-eared girl’s throat. It was as if her failure onboard the Midgar-6 was repeating itself. Once again, women were being defiled within her presence and there was nothing she could do to stop it… in fact, it was her fault. Shamefully she leaned in, opened her mouth, and desperately lapped her extended tongue against her enslaver’s heavy-orbed balls, giving them thrill-inducing spit-shine even as he skewered the xeno girl.

“UUgghh! Hell yeah! Two alien bitches servicing me at once!” Shale pronounced. “This is the real destiny of mankind among the stars… taking our rightful place at the top and being served by your dumb sluts. It’s like one of those pornos I used to watch back on Earth!” the bald-headed villain exclaimed, his dick pummeling its newest home with great speed and ferocity.

“Fu- Fu- Fu- Fu-!” Tikanii choked out, her bright-faced countenance contorted with both the high of the drug and the hard physical stimulation. The two sensations mixed incongruously within her. It didn’t render the barely conversable girl any more understandable.

“Yeah bitch!” Shale taunted her. “This right here, this is fucking! Hard, solid, honest-to-goodness Terran-on-Alien fucking! This is the most important thing you can do for me on this ship, and you’re doing it great, doll. Your bat-pussy won’t be so tight and tiny after I rearrange it with my cock, though, so I better enjoy it while it lasts!” Shale snickered. “And then, after you’re not tight enough to be worth the time anymore… well, there are more of you. This ship is mine now… you all are just too dumb to know it yet. I’ll get every one of you ditzy bats hooked on the shroom’s petals if I have to and fuck what little brain you have out of your skulls if I have to screw each of you to kingdom come!”

With one of the women completely overwhelmed with the drugs in her system and the other miserable enslaved, the racist human could fuck as hard and as long as he wanted. His dick was allowed to penetrate Tikanii from many different angles and positions. With her body practically powerless to stop him and light as a toy to his hands, Shale was free to shift her around at will, trying out doggy, spooning, and from a sideward angle while clasping onto her leg. He explored these various positions with much enthusiasm but no matter what manner he picked, that engorged fleshy prick kept slamming into her womanhood with savage intensity. The criminal was unremitting in his commitment to sadism and female defilement, leering down at Tikanii’s grimace visage.

All while this happened, Ki’an’i was ordered to shift between where she licked him. One moment she could be tongue-polishing his balls while he pummeled Tikanii missionary-style, her jade-colored face practically submerged in between Shale’s tensed legs, and then when he felt the urge he would swap to fucking her from behind and she would be forced to lap at his cock as it disappeared in and out of the alien girl like she was trying to keep it warm when unsheathed. Ki’an’i felt like an especially miserable and pathetic accomplice – Tikanii was the victim and Shale the perpetrator of this crime, yet by aiding in his pleasure her soul was not sinless just the same. Her guilt over this grew so great that Ki’an’i almost wished for her prison collar to explode.

“UUUGH! UUUGH! UUUGH!” Thomas grunted with every pussy-digging thrust, that mattress caving downwards every time he slammed in between her legs. “Get ready for your first human creampie, bitch! You’re going to become as fucked-out as this swampie cunt!”

Wrecked from her first sexual union, Tikanii could not even respond. It was almost as if he was fucking a cadaver, the swinging of her breasts and jerking of her arms and head merely a response to the force being thudded into her flesh. Her bat-like wings were folded up underneath her, barely responsive as well… only her constant yelps and moans betrayed the truth of her reaction. This was how Shale liked his women – Not as living, breathing beings, but as spiritless outlets for him to vent his masculine wraths onto. Fuckdolls. Fleshlights. Worthless trash.

Even as the climax came the former Templar was still feasting upon his balls. Having completely wrapped her lips around one of those orbs as he stroked himself to paroxysm, Ki’an’i could feel that pulsating warm cum sluice around as it flooded out from his testicles and into his shaft. The bat-girl took a dirty, undignified, messy load of human jizz straight inside of her with no protection, her womanly pit flooded with the vileness of Thomas’s body. 

“UUUUGGHH! Consider yourself colonized, bitch! I hereby claim all Lealing pussy in the name of Earth!” the criminal exclaimed during his moment of sexual glory, managing to utter the words in mid-ejaculation. By sucking so diligently on his testicles, Ki’an’i managed to prolong the orgasm, enabling him to squeeze out even more wads and dollops of cum into that poor innocent girl’s femininity. When she became clear-headed once again she would no doubt feel confused, ache all over, and be irreparably defiled.

Just like before when he had been violating Ki’an’i, finally orgasming seemed to mean almost a complete shut-off point for Thomas Shale’s body. The burly, fattened thug slid off her thighs like some corpulent walrus that had finished copulating with his harem, laying face-down upon the mattress. Tikanii’s own posture more seemed to resemble the way an insect would curl up on itself after death, a ghastly sigh.

“Get her out of here,” he muffled, waving towards the Templar with one hand. “And make sure that she understands something. If she wants more of the drugs, she’s going to come back for them tomorrow… and she’s not going to say a word about this to anyone.”

The pure moral turpitude of that statement made the ex-Security Officer of the Midgar-6 seriously consider suicide. Had she really survived the Kthid, being adrift in space, and months alone as his sex slave only to doom others to share her fate? It was too horrid. It was impossible to tolerate. She couldn’t do it.

Spiritually crushed, Ki’an’i did it anyway.

The defeated Templar helped a still groggy Tikanii up onto her feet, wiping away any seminal fluids or other bodily emissions which may arise suspicion among her fellow Lealings, and helped slid her back into her clothing. It took a few minutes, but the drugged-out girl didn’t seem to mind much. With this done, she then helped Tikanii over towards the door from whence she had come. “You really must have liked it!” she lied, whispering the falsehood into her friend’s ear. “That was so lovely. I’m sure Master would agree you should get another petal tomorrow if you’re a good girl.” Dazed, Tikanii nodded along. Sentence by sentence she planted the ideas into the drugged girl’s brain that all of this had been just the way she desired, as Shale had ordered. Nods and grunts of reply were all that Tikanii could muster, communicating her response in the most primitive ways possible. Her first experience with drugs had not been a positive one, and Thomas Shale would undoubtedly see to it that things would only grow worse from here… which made her final words all the more venomous.

“Remember, Tikanii. Secret. Our secret,” she whispered, keeping her mind rigidly locked away from her self-hating thoughts and away from how she would rather grab any random object and bludgeon Shale to death with it.

“Yes, Kianii…” Tikanii whispered back, her voice dreamy and exhausted.

With those final words of encouragements, Ki’an’i opened the door and saw her out. Tikanii at least now managed to walk on her own power, clasping her forehead as she headed back towards her own quarters.

Ki’an’i wondered if these experiences had irreparably ruined the ditzy, oblivious girl’s innocence. Would she be defiled for all time? That was not something she wanted to live to witness. And, one by one, he was planning to use her and the bat girl to enslave the rest of the ship, one addicted and desperate sex slave at a time. She clutched her head in her hands, clenching her fingers into fists that painfully ripped out several flowers and a vine or two in her sheer self-loathing and frustration… this damned collar…

The flowers, the same flowered that had doomed her protector on this ship, fluttered down out of her hands like omens of death as she turned back to the room, and slowly moved to join her already-snoring master in bed, the Templar’s mind locked into the mask of obedience that was the only thing keeping her alive. Soon she would curl up beside him… but Master would be angry if the room was a mess. She had to clean it up first. That was important. Sore, humiliated, and hating herself, Ki’an’i began to clean…

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One thought on “Event Horizon – Chapter 9 – The Innocent

  1. Once again, Thomas Shale scratched his cock, still grinning. “You know, I’ve been all over the galaxy now,” he narrated.

    Space. The final frontier.

    “I’ve tried out human pussy and I’ve tried out shroom pussy…

    These are the voyages of the douchebag “Shale”. His ten year mission…

    But it sure turns out it looks like there are a lot of other things worth fucking out there, aren’t there?

    …to explore strange new bitches. To seek out new tits and new asses.

    And there’s some fresh pussy right here.”

    To boldly fuck…what no man has fucked before.

    Actually I should probably be grateful Shale has no apparent interest in breasts. Aside from further confirming that he is not a man of culture, if he were interested, that would result in entirely too much breast abuse in this story.

    Joking aside, this is a pretty unpleasant chapter, largely because of the intense naivete of the Lealings. That may not be the perfect word, since they (or their Faliran crewmates) do clearly know enough not to allow their visitors into critical areas of the ship, but it’s as close as I can get. Tikanii has an attitude that’s uncomfortably similar to a child’s in some ways, highly trusting and very open to new things. It’s no doubt made her adaptable to the sudden introduction of things like electrical technology and interstellar travel, but it really emphasizes shale as a sexual predator here.

    Of course, this is leading up to some epic payoff later, the benefit of the rereads. I won’t explain for anyone who’s reading this for the first time, but you see it when you look back.

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