Chapter Eight: Mortal

Alissandra’s hand rang with numbness as the sword flew from her hand, spinning off into the smoke. The man who had blown it from her hand, one of her own incubi, leered at her through the thick bank of choking fumes, his own sword raised as he stepped towards her, measured, pacing.

She took a rapid step backward. In a thousand years, she had never doubted her skill with the blade… but it had never occurred to how how different it would be to fight without her power. She was so much slower, so much weaker, and she had no magic to back it up. She had compared her strength, her skill against her pet demons a thousand times before… somehow, it had never occurred to her that she could be found wanting, that she could have lost enough to fall to the point where she was vulnerable to such a pathetic being…

She backed up into something solid, something which wrapped around her. “What do we have here?” a human voice said with a playful smirk in his tone, and his arms wrapped around her, pinning her arms against her sides. “What is a pretty thing like you doing out here? Didn’t you see there is a war going on?”

The incubus took several steps closer. “She’s no soldier… probably a retainer of the elf to the south. No skill with the blade at all.”

Behind her, the man gave a harsh laugh. “How unlucky for her that she didn’t stick with the bitch… and how lucky for us that we found her first…”

One thousand years ago

The white spires of Elysium stretched on forever outside the windows, but Alexandra didn’t look, didn’t pay any attention. Her eyes, and focus, was entirely on the woman on the bed before her. Leilah, the seraph of the night, rested uneasily on the bed, her eyes open but unseeing, staring up at the ceiling listlessly. Her wings were more red than white now, rested wrapped in bandages to either side of her body.

She was more than a friend to Alexandra. She was a mentor, practically a mother. She had given the younger angel her first sword, had taught her to fly, had been the one to crown her an arbiter when she had been given the honor by Caer… and now she flinched from her touch, as though it were a foul thing, something out of a nightmare.

She was not alone in her vigil over the injured angel. There were nearly a dozen others here, and each had as much reason as she to care for Leilah, reasons that went far beyond simple camaraderie. Leilah was much loved, one of the most adored seraphs in the entire realm short of Caer himself, and each loved her as a sister or a parent at the very least.

She had gone missing in Acherus the previous week, and all of Elysium had mourned her loss. In an eternal battlefield, missing almost inevitably meant that you had been slain where you hadn’t been seen, where your body had not been recovered… and that’s what everyone had assumed had happened to her.

It would have been more merciful.

She had been found, bleeding and left for dead in the mud, just last night by a patrol. The details had been hidden as well as possible to protect her, but among her fellow soldiers, that meant that everyone know. She’d been raped, repeatedly and violently, likely every without much pause since she went missing. No one demon could have done it… there had to be several, several of the foul monsters to hold her down while the rest…

Alexandra shook her head, unwilling to think about it, unwilling to visualize the beloved Leilah helpless and pure beneath those monsters, being despoiled and destroyed by their evil, but the thought would not leave her, would not flee. The demons had slashed her wings, practically hacked them to pieces. They would likely never heal — Leilah would never be able to fly again. Worse, she might be made mortal, losing her divinity entirely with her wings.

It made her, made all of them, furious. Furious enough to do something stupid. Furious enough that when Kardas offered to turn over the demons responsible to them, they accepted, and they never thought twice.

“I disarmed her,” the incubus said, undoing the bindings on his armor. “I claim first right.”

“You’re welcome to it,” the human agreed, his fingers digging hard enough into Alissandra’s skin that her flesh turned a pale white.

“Unhand me! How dare you do this! How dare you touch me!” Alissandra was infuriated, and terrified, and doing her best to ignore the latter. “Do you have any idea who I am!” she screamed angrily, the sound all but lost to the sounds of battle as she squirmed in the soldier’s grasp. She felt so weak, so weak…

The incubus walked up to her. “Of course I do, ‘Mistress.’ How could I possibly not recognize you… but you don’t command her anymore, you stupid cunt!” He rammed his fist into her gut, powerfully enough to drive her breath from her lungs momentarily. “You lost your power to our lord… and it’s his command that we use any rapable meat we come across… and you more than count, ‘Mistress…’

“Get off of me!” Alissandra’s voice thundered as she gave the demon the most threatening look she could. Once, any sane being would have fled in terror from a look like that… and she would have had the power to pursue him and make him beg for mercy.

Laughing at her weakness, the pair of men pinned her down to the stone, tearing at her clothing, ripping it from her body as they undid their own. “You can’t do this to me!” she screamed, lifting her upper body off the ground as she heaved, trying to force them away from her, pumping her legs in an effort to gain leverage to force the incubus away from her, to protect herself even as he started to force himself into her dry hole, the walls of pussy clinging to him and making entering her difficult and painful for them both.

For all her efforts, her struggles could accomplish little more than for her to thrash beneath him, raising up just inches before she was forced back down. To her rapist, Alissandra’s cunt was like a clamp, squeezing him like a fist, almost unbelievably tight. Even after the hundreds, the thousands that this woman had lain with, she as still perfect, still a perfect little fuck. She was by far the best victim the incubus could imagine, tighter and hotter than even the best of his past conquests… and he’d barely even started with her.

Alissandra screamed in helpless rage and horror as he pressed forward, intending to impale the powerless mortal woman on him completely, squeezing her hips hard enough that his dirty knuckles went as white as her own skin, and slammed himself as deeply into her tight hole as he could manage. She may have been raped before, but not as a human… to her horror, in a mortal body the pain was even worse, and she was completely unprepared for such savagery, and she felt herself tearing inside beneath his power like something was breaking. She screamed, not of anger this time but of agony. Her mouth stayed open in surprised horror with no other sound coming out as her mind struggled against the rush of pain.

The terrible pain arching her back, driving her attacker deeper yet and causing herself more pain, but she couldn’t do otherwise. She wished that they had just stabbed her with their swords, killed her, rather than show her just how weak and pathetic she had become, how far she had fallen.

One thousand years ago

Not one of the fools understood.

Alexandra sat in frustration at Leilah’s bedside, telling her how she had been avenged, what they had done to the demons who had defiled her. Everyone else had kept the ten of them at arms length since they had returned from Kardas’ domain, had spoken to them with unease and, in some cases, disgust. Not one of them had the courage to face what needed to be done, to go to the necessary length to see justice done. She figured if anyone could understand, it would be Leilah herself.

After all, ensuring justice came to those who deserved it… that was a job of Arbiters, right? Arbiters like the pair of them.

Leilah didn’t speak as Alexandra told her the tale of blood of vengeance, didn’t seem even aware of it. She still hadn’t spoken, not in the two weeks since she she was returned to Elysium, and Alexandra wasn’t alone in fearing that she never would again… it seemed like the angel’s mind was elsewhere, having been lost somewhere along the way. She had hoped that this, if nothing else, would get a reaction from the woman…

Alexandra sighed as she finished. In truth, the room smelled terrible. The wings were infected, probably fatally so. It likely wouldn’t be long before they had to be cut from her body to save the rest of her, sacrificing her existence as an angel to preserve what little fragment of life she had left.

She sighed again. This had been a waste of time. She rose from her seat a turned…

A hand grabbed her wrists.

“Please…” Leilah whispered, voice hoarse. Her blue eyes scanned the room, searching, seeking, and finding it empty, the pair of them alone.

“Please… I don’t… I can’t… don’t let them take my wings. I don’t want to be human, please… I’ll die first… please…”

Alexandra looked down at her on the bed, swallowed, and slowly nodded. Then she picked up one of the pillows and put it down on her mentor’s, her best friend’s, face. And no matter how bad the thrashing got, she never moved it.

“Stop! Take it out of me!” she cried out she found herself impaled. It felt nothing like any of her previous times having sex. It didn’t feel like sex at all. Her previous rapes, by comparison, had been nothing. Even forced, she had at some level enjoyed at least the sex… it had been in her nature. Mortal frailty, however, made everything a thousand times worth for the former demoness. Alissandra screamed at the incubus that was once her servant, disgusted, enraged, in pain from her violation.

The demon, as merciless as she ever was, didn’t even pause in his cruel thrusting as he drove his length into her wounded body, helpless and open before him while the other soldier laughed, mocking, cold as Queen Kardas herself. “Flip the cunt over,” he said, and she could hear the cruelty in his voice. “May as well take my turn while she’s as tight as she’ll get.”

Without protest, the incubus flipped her over, keeping himself impaled on her but now beneath her. Immediately she began to struggle as the pin went away, but he laughed at her weakness, grabbing her hands and rendering her helpless again effortlessly as the other soldier knelt behind her and rested his cock against the tiny opening to her ass. “A perfect little assfuck for a perfectly worthless cunt,” he laughed, filling Alissandra with dread, and he slowly pushed in, fighting against her reflexive resistance. He was a bigger man than the incubus was, and his cock fit his stature… one of the largest she had ever taken. If she were still an Erinyes, she would have had fun with this one. Now however, the intrusion stretching her wide, painfully so.

The anguish was fierce, worse than ever before… she wasn’t sure whether she could credit her lose of immortality with that particular crime, or if the double penetration was more to blame. One way or the other, it was enough to make Alissandra howl, squirming in a desperate effort to get away, or even to make the entrance more difficult… anything to make him slip out of her, even for a second. All that she managed to do was jerked up and down on her rapist’s cock, much to the incubus’s delight as the unwilling girl rode him.

Allisandra was in hell. Her cunt and ass were sorely overstretched by unlubed, thick cocks pumping and and out. She was crying openly now, any pretense of dignity abandoned as she sobbed. The thrusts of the man behind her as he forced his way deep into her vulnerable ass rocked her back and forth on the other cock even as he drilled her himself, forcing his way into her despite any resistance she could muster.

In a way, she wished they had bound her. Then, at least, she would feel like she was made helpless. Instead, they just took her, shrugging aside anything she could do to stop them, reveling in just how weak she was, how meaningless her protests against their lust and desire. Beneath her, the incubus was deep inside her as he stared victoriously into her eyes. “Get off of me!” she managed to choke out, but the sobs made it sound weak, more of a plea than a demand.

Meanwhile, behind her, her tight ring of muscle was no barrier to the cruel soldier as he forced his way as deep into her tight back hole as he could go, fucking her ass with shallow, hard thrusts while she bucked beneath him, fighting him to her own exhaustion and to his pleasure, unable to bear the tearing, burning pain he forced on her with each movement of his cock inside her while she cried and cried and cried…

Until a sword point emerged from his bare chest, showering her in blood.

Five hundred years ago, Maithum Falls

Alissandra flicked drops of blood off of her long, pale arm, annoyed that some of the crimson liquid had spread to her. “Watch it,” she snarled, fangs flashing. “Blood sprays. Be careful about that.”

The man dropped the knife he’d used to cut the sacrifices throat, falling to his knees and bowing his head low to the ground. “I’m sorry mistress… please forgive me…”

The man was practically coating himself in blood as he knelt, the crimson stream spraying from the bound and dying man on the table, but he never twitched. That was admirable. She could use more cultists like him. His magical talent left something to be desired, sadly, but one follower never had everything. It was so difficult to find enough mortal talent to bring her brothers and sisters inside the Veil, as she had been summoned long ago… After all, only mortals could bring demons into the Veil of their own free will.

She had to resist laughing. Free will, mortals. There was no such thing… the wretches were so easily manipulated.

Her skin was tingling with the energy released by the sacrifice, energy she needed to feed on. It was nothing compared to sex, not for her own sustenance, but it was far more useful to fuel the summonings… and it wasn’t like she was lacking for food on her own.

In fact…

“You are forgiven,” she said, a grin spreading on her face as she put a hand beneath the chin of the bloodied cultist, raising him back up as the sacrifice died. “Come over here now… I have better uses for you to than to kneel on the floor…” she whispered, running her hand over his crotch, enjoying as he grew hard beneath her fingers…

Liriel had already pulled the blade from the dying soldier before a sound had escaped his throat. The man was already dead, even if it took him a few seconds to realize it. He was no longer a threat, nothing she needed to worry about… the druid turned her attention entirely on the second rapist, the incubus.

Like Alissandra, the white haired elf had become separated in the chaos, with the smoke blocking sight and the roaring of the battle and siege machines ruining any chance of hearing where her companions had made it off to. Unlike the others, however, she didn’t have the skill to make a menace of herself in the war away from her mentor. She didn’t have Alassiel’s power, or Liam’s experience in battle. She didn’t have Alissandra overconfidence in her own abilities, or anything to prove.

Unlike the others, she had gone to ground. Using the smoke to hide her movements, she had slipped through the lines, looking for Alassiel or the others. It had been easier than she had figured it would be… their entrance had badly disrupted the battle lines, and already the dwarves were launching a desperate counterattack. All of the attacker’s attentions were focused forward, and no one found a small and stealthy elf worth paying attention to.

The first person she had found, however, had not been her mentor or the goddess’s lover. Instead, it had been Alissandra… and it had taken only a second to see the fate that had befallen her. It had taken her half that long to grow furious enough to abandon her stealth, her own experiences not making in easier in the slightest to watch the former demoness suffer through the same fate she had.

Beneath Alissandra, the incubus attempted to move to defend himself, but now Alissandra hindered him. Her struggling, so irrelevant just seconds ago, were now a lethal distraction, and her weight was pinning him rather than being a pleasant sensation for his cock. His sword was just out of reach for his grasping hands, and there it stayed until he collapsed into ash, Liriel’s blade passing through his neck in an enraged downward chop.

Three years ago, wilderness east of Daggerport

“The rest of you can enjoy the others… but the virgin is mine.” Alissandra said, licking her lips as she grabbed the hair of the young teenager, one of the their most recent captives. The men around her grinned fiercely, animals all of them… both vicious and stupid. Still, they were useful. There were enough travelers moving around in the wake of the end of the War of Ascension that they could make a steady living pillaging them while they traveled, and the women especially sold well… the brothels Sanguinare’s disciples were starting all over the place ensured that.

The woman sobbed as she heard the cries of her mother and older sister while the men started in on them. She was just as naked as they were, of course… they had inspected her first thing, after the first time they had raped a virgin by accident. They were too valuable to the brothels to waste, and Alissandra would tolerate no more mistakes. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t going to spare her, and once she arrived in Daggerport it would probably make things harder for her, but that wasn’t the Erinyes’s problem.

She sat on the edge of the wagon, smiling a sickly sweet grin down at the woman. “Aw, quit crying sweetie. It’s not like your tears are gunna bring your daddy back.” She tugged on the woman’s hair. “Now get that cute face of yours between my thighs and start licking…”

The red haired teenager gasped out a sob. “No, please… you can’t do this…”

Alissandra made a tsk-ing sound. “It’s ok, I guess you’ve never pleased a woman before, and your worried about doing it properly. I understand. You just need some encouragement…” She let her voice trail off, then called out “Dorvan! Come over here!”

A man walked up behind the woman, and she reached into the wagon behind her and picked up a whip, tossing it to Dorvan. He laughed, flicking the lash through the air over the woman’s naked flesh. “You heard her,” he said, smiling cruelly. “Get to it!” he snarled, giving the crying redhead a hard kick from behind that pushed her towards the Erinyes. Alissandra reclined back on the wood of the wagon, spreading her legs and revealing she wore nothing below her slight skirt, exposing her glistening pussy for the young girl.

Alissandra placed one hand on her blouse, lifting it up and exposing one perfect breast. She cupped in in her hand for a moment before she slid her fingertips down, over her flat belly and between her legs to part her outer lips. “Come here, little girl, and show me you can be useful… otherwise, I’ll have to find other uses for you.”

Her eyes glistening with tears, the young woman crawled forward on the rough ground, sobbing hard enough that her body shook, stopping only when she was practically kneeling between Alissandra’s thighs. The demoness sighed happily, nodding to Dorvan as she placed one hand on the nameless girl’s head, pushing her head down and forward to her eager crotch. Alissandra made a pleased noise as the girl parting her lips to allow her tongue to lap at her mistresses’s exposed, slick folds, shuddering at the touch of a girl’s unwilling tongue. It had been too long since she’d be able to take a woman for her own… this was the first travels with women since the freeze several months ago, and she’d needed to content herself with men. She wanted the supple flesh of another female beneath her, to feed on that…

Alissandra nodded to her servant and he whipped his hand forward, driving the lash across her unmarked bare back, making her give a muffled scream into the Erinyes’s cunt. She kept the poor girl’s head in place with one hand, grinding her hips against the trembling lips and desperately lapping tongue, and all the while, Dorvan kept lashing into her.

“Oh yes!” Alissandra laughed out loud as the lash fell again and again, causing the cute redhead to scream in pain into her crotch. She cherished the girl’s warm breath caressing her, the feeding on the girl’s torment as she pleased her, crying and sobbing against her as she attempted to please the demoness in a vain effort to save herself from some pain. ” Yes… lick it you dumb whore, use that precious tongue of yours, push into my cunt!”

Alissandra’s body arched once more. The demoness was never difficult to satisfy, having lived, breathed, and worshiped sex for a thousand years, but still… this was a kind of release she hadn’t been able to find for months. The red head’s desperate efforts, her nimble tongue licking on her clit, the beautiful, pitiful sobs the slavegirl made… it was quickening the Erinyes’s breath. The brown haired woman moaned again and leaned backwards, almost pushing her cunt into the teenager’s slurping mouth, then moved one of her strong legs to rest on the back of her neck, pushing her hard enough into her cunt that she could barely breathe.

Laughter erupted from Alissandra as she watched the girl writhe, her neck trapped between her strong, lovely legs, struggling for air and only able to suck for breath by slurping on the pussy held against her. The demoness leaned even further and spread her legs wide, reached forward, grabbed the red mane before her, and pulled, burying her as deeply into her snatch as she could.

“Caer damn it, you expect me to just sit here and watch this?” Dorvan whined as he dropped the whip, rubbing at his cock through his pants.

“I don’t care, tear of a piece of her,” Alissandra encouraged him, her voice heavy as it trembled with hungry lust. “Just save her cunt… it’s too valuable to waste, understand?” The erinyes tightened her fingers on the girl’s hair, whispering to the sobbing teen. “Time for you to get fucked now, my darling… and don’t you even think about stopping on my beautiful pussy!” She shuddered as the girl was shaken by sobs, her tears wet against Alissandra’s thighs as Dorvan began to force his cock into her untouched ass…

Alissandra was sobbing.

On some level, she understood that her rape was over, that her abuse was over, but it took an eternity before she to bring herself to even move consciously. She was aware of Liriel moving her somewhere, half walking her there, half carrying her, but she payed no attention, lost in her own world.

Say what she would about what Lahk had taken from her… it had been nothing compared to what she had lost in the last half hour. More than anything else that had happened to her, could happen to her, she had been violently shown that she was not, could not be, who she had been before. Alissandra was gone. Murdered, left to die alone on a bloody battlefield, and no one would miss her — there was no one who cared enough to notice.

She hadn’t exactly made friends who would care what happened to her throughout her thousand year existence as a demon, after all.

By the time Alissandra had at last gotten her tears under control to the point she could breathe, Liriel was still with her, her body close to hers. The elf had wrapped her in the cloak she had worn, since her clothing was salvageable, and the mortal woman held onto it like it was a life raft and she was lost at sea.

“Why did you save me?”

Alissandra voice was ragged, and Liriel seemed to twitch next to her at the sound of the question. “I couldn’t leave you to them…” she let her voice trail off helplessly. “You would have done the same for me.”

A small scoffing laugh broke through the sobs before they re-intensified, leaving her unable to speak again for several seconds. “No, I wouldn’t have. You should have let them kill me. I wish they’d killed me…”

The brunette woman felt the elf’s slender arm around her, but she did nothing to stop the touch, even as the druid squeezed her, offering her some small measure to comfort, one woman to another. “I felt like that before. It gets better. Death is a very permanent solution to a temporary problem… There is more to you than your pain now.”

Far from comforted by the kind words, Alissandra broke into deeper, more wracking sobs. “I don’t… I don’t deserve your mercy.”

“That’s what makes it mercy,” Liriel said, offering the unseeing girl a small smile. “I decide who’s worth it, not you.”

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