Metroid Chapter 1 – A Hunter Falls

Flakes of ash rose into the air with each step Samus’s heavy boots made as she surveyed what was left of the base around her. The illuminators had failed, leaving her only the internal scanners and the night vision of her helmet. But even with only that, the destruction was obvious. Whoever had attacked the base had blasted through here like a firestorm, leaving nothing but death in their wake.

The ash that rose each time she stepped down…the mere thought of its origins made the bounty hunter set her jaw, her right hand clenching inside the cannon-glove. Seeing this, knowing that so many decent, hard-working men had been reduced to mere cinders, it made her long for something to blast into oblivion. But so far, her search had been fruitless.

A skull rolled away from her foot as she walked on, forcing her to suppress a shudder. Sure, when she had delivered the baby Metroid here, she had made sure to get away as soon as she’d gotten her payment, the crowds of scientists and soldiers not really to her liking. But seeing this, knowing them all to be dead…the feeling was still awful. Not that it would make her ignore the mission at hand. Samus was made of sterner stuff than that.

While she walked, the inbuilt scanner within her suit constantly picked up DNA traces, energy signatures and blast marks. By the sign of things, the base’s attackers had been armed with high-energy blasters of a model that was not commonly used amidst human military.

Which left precious few beings or groups who could wreak this much devastation. If she thought about what was being held and studied here…it left only one group. The Pirates. And that thought filled her with both dread and anger. Not to mention the burning desire to get one of those humanoids into her sights.

Her wish was soon to be granted, although the one specimen she saw was already dead, its plated skull cracked by the butt of a lasrifle, the wielder of which lay dead right next to the creature, speared through the heart by a claw. And that was the only Pirate around. The others had apparently left once they’d gotten what they wanted.

The blonde cursed under her breath, hurrying her steps. Yes, it was foolish – if the Pirates had already left, they probably had the Metroid safely tucked away somewhere in their vessel. But a vague feeling of importance spurred her onwards.

Never one to waste time while she ran, she used that time to check her armor. The blaster cannon came up alright, the armor was still sealed, the scanner was doing its duty – though it needed recalibration once she was done here – and the flat-space generators inside her pauldrons also ran within acceptable parameters. Which was a good thing. These were always a bitch to repair and Samus had little desire to be crushed into pulp next time she morphed into ball form.

In front of her, a red forcefield barred her way to the central research facility, no doubt running on emergency power. With a quick flick of her right wrist, she switched her cannon-arm to missile use and fired five shots in rapid succession. Her timing was perfect, the explosions making the forcefield flicker just as she had reached it, allowing her to pass through into the main lab…

Just as a massive, armored tail slammed into her from the side, knocking her over.

Samus flew across the space, impacting with crushing force against the lab walls. She immediately tried to come to her feet, but found her movements sluggish, as though moving through syrup. The dark sharp was rushing towards her, jaws open wide — there was no time for hobbled motions. Samus kicked the boosters in her suit into activation and fire erupted from beneath her boots as the jets kicked it, launching her upwards just as the enormous armored form of Ridley crashed into the wall below her.

Ridley, the commander of the Space Pirate Armadas. Ridley, the murderer of her parents and countless others, the piece of filth that simply would not die. Behind the visor her blue eyes narrowed to slits even as diagnostic information began to scroll across her vision.

WARNING: Gravity Suit Malfunction — Offline. Jettison? Y/N

“Affirmative!” she called, and with a jolt several dark fragments of metal were blasted away from the core of her suit, having been crunched into shrapnel by the savage impact of the dragon monster’s tail or her later impact with the wall. Without the extra emissions of the gravity projectors, the low gravity of the asteroid was crippling to her movement — she had to make sure to always stay near a wall or the floor to kick off of it, or she would only be able to move in lazy, slow bounds that would make her an easy target for Ridley. The dragon, large enough to grasp onto multiple walls at once, had no such problem… and even as her suit reported its status to her, she knew she had to find a way to offset the mobility problem or he would crush her to scraps of steel and paste.

Gravity Suit Offline. Separation Complete — No Hull Breech.
Beam Systems Report — Ready
Missile Systems Report — Ready
Morph Ball Systems Report — Ready
Boost Systems Report — Ready
Energy Shield at 91%
All Systems Report Nominal.

Plasma began to well up between Ridley’s spread jaws and she kicked herself to the side as a jet of plasma filled the space she had been in a moment earlier. Power surged through the suit and her visor darkened microscopically as her cannon charged for a blast, a growing sphere of freezing cold that built up just inside the cannot before it flashed outward and struck the dragon in the side of the face, causing him to let out a high pitched shriek in the thin atmosphere. Immediately Samus switched herself over to missile systems and get fly, the rotating cylinders within the suit firing of one overcharged Baridium missile after the other into the dragon’s mass.

His tail lashed out at her again and she called on her boosters, propelling her up to what she thought of as the ceiling and sticking there in the minimal gravity of the crippled research station. To her perspective Ridley was now above her rather than below, and upside down with all of his weapons out of position to attack her. She switched to a more powerful missile as he screamed at her in rage, and the explosive packed thing hit him between the spread jaws and blew him backwards, black blood and mechanical lubricants flying from the cybernetic monster. Samus smiled as she switched back to the ice beam, planning to freeze him solid and shatter him to a thousand tiny pieces so that, this time, the pirates would not be able to reconstruct him.

Then an energy blast took her from behind, three burst of glowing green fire smashing her back and sending her adrift for a moment until her legs found a piece of debris and she kicked off of it. Behind her a dozen Space Pirates had entered the room, their carbines blazing with light as they stalked towards her, peppering the area with blasts that desperately sought to avoid.

WARNING: Morph Ball Munitions Resupply Malfunction. Terminating Process.
Energy Shield at 74%
All Other Systems Report Nominal.

“Report on current supply!” she yelled into her helmet as she send spiraling waves of energy towards the ambushing pirates. They were too well covered for her to have any real chance of hitting any of them, but she preferred them ducking and wary of return fire to taking their time and aiming.

Three Bombs Stored and Ready for Deployment. One Power Bomb Stored and Ready for Deployment.

“Initiate self repair cycle,” the young woman ordered, and the suit acknowledged, the Chozo construction beginning the slow but miraculous process of self repair and reconstruction. Samus kicked her boosters into full power even as she turned her wrist in a circle, causing the flat-space generators in her pauldrons to flare up and begin to compress reality around her, the blonde’s flexable body curling into a ball even as the suit did the same. The boosters kept operational as the metal sphere flashed towards the Space Pirates, their aim abysmal as they sought to track the rapid moving small target. In a single burst of speed Samus was now behind them, and lay all three normal bombs at the door even as she rolled away in the weak gravity, trusting the jets of her suit to keep her moving the way she wanted to go. With a muffled thump the door bent under the impact of the explosions, rending it useless… and then Samus dropped the real attack.

Instantly the pirates began to frantically flee as the pulsing, beeping sphere dropped to the ground, even as Samus came out of the Morph Ball and threw all of her discretionary power into speed, the suit’s boosters. Her movements blurred as the she accelerated, moving faster and faster as the kinetic power built up in the armor, desperate to put as much distance as she could between herself and the bomb before…

The power bomb detonated with a blinding flash of light and for an instant her visor blacked out completely to protect her eyes… and when vision was restored there was a gaping hole blown in the outter walls of the station where she had been, and the vacuum of space was ripping all of the oxygen and loose objects out through the gap. In a flash all of the space pirates, unable to find a shelter, were torn from the room and out into hard vacuum… and Samus was going to be next if she didn’t hurry.

The tug of the suction pulled at her savagely as her suits boosters fought it, the gained momentum of her speed draining off quickly as the breech in hull integrity tore at her, trying to tug her back and out of the station. Just before the last of her momentum bled off she at last reached within grabbing distance of the sturdy rail by the viewport, and grasped it firmly, her body raising off the floor as her feet were tugged with the escaping atmophere…

And then Ridley hit her, the dragon’s bulk and power all but unaffected by the air whipping by him. Grasped firmly in his taloned claw, the Space Pirate General crashed through a nearby wall with Samus outstretched before him, and then another and then a third. Shrapnel and outstretched wrecked pulled painfully at her armor as she was blasted through bulkheads one after the other, banging the blonde woman around savagely inside the suit.

At last he threw her and she smashed hard into what was probably once a dormitory wall, a pair of bunks being crushed beneath her as she landed heavily, feeling the tug on her begin to diminish as the wreckage and flotsam began to clog the hole out into space, jury-rigging a seal of the breach. She tried to push herself to her knees, but she felt weak, like the armor’s servos were no longer functioning in unison like they should, and her visor glowed red with status text, rapidly flashing as it scrolled across her view.

WARNING: Hull Integrity Breach Detected!
WARNING: Beam Systems Malfunction!
WARNING: Missile Systems Malfunction!

“No shit,” Samus muttered. She could see her bare right hand, no longer encased in the arm cannon, pressed against the floor as she hauled herself to her feet.

Boost Systems Report — Damaged. 12% Strength Available.
WARNING: Grapple System Malfunction!
Morph Ball Systems Report — Ready
Morph Ball Weapons System Report — Ammunition Depleted
Energy Shield at 7%
Initiating Self Repairs.

Ridley was not waiting for her to get back to her feet, Samus saw. His mouth was already glowing orange with gathering plasma, and she spun to put her armored side against the coming blast, shielding her bare arm as fire washed over her and blew her prone once more.

WARN$%^G: EN$%GY SH54#D Malf$%^$%$…

And her visor went dark.

Her first feeling upon rising from the darkness of unconsciousness was that she actually woke up again. Why had Ridley not killed her? Unlike her, he was equipped to survive in the void of space…which brought her to her next question: why was she not floating amidst the stars? That last blast should have thrown her outside easily. Unless Ridley had aimed for it not to…in any case, Samus needed more data. Guesswork had never helped her survive.

She groaned loudly, forcing her eyes to open. The first thing she noticed was that she was, indeed, still inside, her eyes staring at the metallic ceiling of one of the labs. The second thing she noticed was that she did not stare at the ceiling through the lenses of her visor. There was no draft of air, proving that this room was sealed off from the leak their fight had torn into the station. There was, however, an awful smell she had almost forgotten.

It was a rancid stench, kind of like heated milk left to curdle. The last time Samus had smelled anything like it was when she had been to Zebes for the first time, when she’d had to sneak aboard the Space Pirates’ ship without her armor. It was the body odour of the Pirates themselves, the alien enzymes their bodies produced creating a truly odious scent. Now, without the air filtration systems of her armor, her nose was assaulted by it directly.

Which led her to the next not unimportant little detail: she was out of her armor! Blinking rapidly to clear her vision, she looked around. And what she was was…disheartening, to say the least. Her armor was practically shredded. It lay in a heap in the corner of the lab, discarded after it had been removed from her body. Samus’s fit body was now only encased within her Zero Suit, which offered some environmental protection and heat insulation, but that was it. And the heat insulation only worked if the suit was intact…which it no longer was, in her case.

A long strip had come loose, apparently during the fight, exposing her left breast, which she covered reflexively the moment she noticed it. The motion was commented by a series of harsh, grating sounds that came from behind. Grunting, every muscle in her body aching from the fight, she forced her body around…and stared up at the massive armored form of Ridley.

The alien cyborg was flanked by four Space Pirates, who, while keeping their distance, had their weapons trained upon her. Ridley continued making the strange sounds she had heard and Samus slowly realized they were what passed for laughter. “The hunter is awake,” the creature finally spoke, its voice metallic and grating, carrying with it a shrill undertone that set her teeth on edge. It cocked its head, studying her. “ So little without her armor…”

Any human would be small compared to the sauroid alien. Compared to any other creature, Samus was not small by any means, standing close to six feet tall, with a fit, strong body that was partially the result of constant training and exertion and the strands of Chozo DNA she had been gifted with and to which she had owed her life on more than one occasion.

Just like now, she thought, doing a quick mental check of her own body. There was pain, yes, but it was a throbbing, constant ache, without the spikes of agony associated with broken bones or the dull, strength-sapping torment that came with internal injuries. Her tougher inner structure and her suit had protected her. That was good, for it might just give her the edge to escape this less-than-optimal situation.

Gritting her teeth, she rolled to the side, grabbing a length of pipe that had come lose. Before the roll was done with, she flung it at Ridley, hitting the cyborg under its beak-like maw with enough force to make him stagger backwards. Immediately, the Pirates darted forward…but they did not shoot! Samus was already rolling over to the nearest cover when she noticed the lack of impacts around her. Pirates were notoriously bad shots but even now, they should have fired…

She pressed her back against the crate, the thin blue fabric of her bodysuit sticky against the metal box. Her hands flexed as the pip creaked beneath her grip, clutching it like a sword in two hands while her head darted around, taking in the room. There we no doors on her side of it — the only exit she had seen was on the other side of the pirates… so she would have to go through them.

Moving quick, alert for the sounds of the pirate’s heavy boots on the grated floor, Samus quickly tightened the tie on her hair, insuring that the long mane would not get in her way. It did not look like the micro-boosters attached to her boots were damaged, which would be helpful… but she hadn’t had time to fuel them before she had lost consciousness, so they probably only had enough juice for a several second burn. Her plasma whip was, of course, gone… they hadn’t been foolish enough to leave her with such an obvious weapon even if it was non-lethal… but at least she wasn’t entirely unarmed. She hefted the pipe once more, considering its weight, how fast she could swing it. It would do — she’d been in worse situations.


The footsteps were close now. She closed her eyes, relying on her ears to try to place the Space Pirates as they approached her hiding place. Three of them, which meant one left to guard the door. And Ridley, wherever that murderous bastard had gone. It wasn’t ideal, but it was as close as she would get. Curling and swinging her leg around, she put her entire tall body’s strength into a kick at the crate, activating the boost at the last instant to give it a slightly increased speed. Space Pirates were, as thieves usually are, overly concerned with being stolen from, so their crates were very secure and very armored. The thick steel box crashed directly into one of the pirate’s face, the hard edge of the cube cracking his exosuit as it drove him to the floor, knocked senseless by the heavy impact.

Samus, however, did not wait to see if the box hit — she was already sure she had aimed correctly. Instead she was already sprinting toward the closest of the three pirates, blue eyes narrowed in deadly focus. His multi-faceted eyes followed the crate as it flew, saw it hit his fellow, and only then did he turn back and see the approaching bounty hunter. His weapon came up, but she was already too close now — she brought the pip down with crushing force on the gun and sent a satisfying crunch that told her something had broken inside the assembly. The pirate knew it too, because he threw himself forward at her, already dropping the gun and activating the plasma-scythe built into his exosuit… but he was as predictable as every other member of his militaristic race. She dropped down into a roll that took her beneath the killing swipe and between his legs, coming back to her feet running on the other side.

The pirate she had passed now was right between her and his third companion, so for a few moments no one could fire at her — she put them to good use, activating the burners fully and hearing the low fuel warning scream as she launched herself as quickly as she could at the pirate by the door, his weapon just beginning to rise up. Samus pumped her arm and threw the pipe at him, hoping that the incoming object would cause him to flinch…

And then a colossal claw wrapped around the blonde girl’s waist and bodily slammed her into the nearby wall. A normal woman would have had her bones crushed to dust by such an impact, but Samus didn’t even have the air knocked out of her. She immediately began to squirm — not the panicked motions of a prey animal in a predator’s clutches, but the purposeful motions of a slithering snake, with each twist of her body moving her closer to wriggling free of Ridley’s talon. The dragon, however, did not want to hold her. He pulled her back from the wall and immediately slammed her against it again and again until at last the dazed woman stopped struggling, going limp in his grip.

Then he released her, letting her fall gasping to the floor, clutching her sides reflexively in pain with her bare breast free as she trembled, trying to regain control of her body. Enormous dragonic fingers of chitin and cybernetics wrapped around her arms and legs, pulling them together and forcing Samus to stand, her arms stretched high over her head while she tried to make her swimming vision focus.

Ridley held her up before the four Space Pirates, standing in a loose arc around her taut form. The one she had hit with the box had taken off his destroyed faceplate, revealing his three part jaw and insectoid face. Black blood seeped from between his mandibles, and the blonde bounty hunter took pride is seeing his injury… he’d be feeling that tomorrow, even if she died here.

And Samus had to admit it was looking fairly likely. She was unarmed and restrained in a room filled with murderers, who she had given far more cause to hate her than most of the millions their space armada had killed in the past century. Every plan they made, she had thwarted it… destroying their research stations, stopping their assaults, and assassinating their leaders, like Mother Brain and even the dragon behind her now… not all of his augmentations had been by his choice, she knew, but were rather vital to keeping his alive through injuries he had sustained at her hands. She had even driven them from their very homeplanet and lead it to occupation by the Galactic Federation… although she had to admit she might have technically been saving them from Phaaze by doing that, rather than attacking them.

Regardless, they probably didn’t see it that way.

They were talking about her even now, chattering to themselves in the series of clicks and whistles they called language. She could understand it, although speaking it would be beyond impossible for any human… being able to read her opponents communications had been useful on numerous occasions. [I told you this was a bad idea,] one of them said. [We should just kill the Hunter and have done with it. She is too dangerous to toy with.]

Another of the pirates make a hissing noise, and Samus realized that he was laughing. [Dangerous?] he said, [You are scared of an unarmed human woman, bound and helpless?]

[Take a look at Kyrzzk’s face,] the first one answered again, [and ask it how helpless she is.]

The bleeding alien gave a snarl that required no translation. [The Hunter deserves so much worse than death,] he hissed out, his voice distorted by whatever damage she had done to his mouth. [So much worse…]

The Space Pirate who had just talked raised his armored hand to Samus’s throat and she could not help herself but flinch away, as useless at it was in Ridley’s grasp. [And she will get it…] he said, activating his plasma scythe and cutting slowly down her body, slicing through the skintight thin fabric effortlessly as he dragged his hand downard. Her other breast popped out of the suit immediately and he kept cutting, down and down past her navel until it passed down to her crotch, where her tightly held legs prevented him from going any further.

The four pirates stared at the Hunter’s perfect body, now spilling out from inside the blue suit. The long ponytail of her blond hair draped around the large, tender breasts that hung firmly from her chest, bobbing with every deep breath Samus took. They gave alien expressions of appreciation as their eyes wandered further down, past her tight belly and her narrow waist to the very tip of her golden pubic hair, exposed at the southern reacher of the slash in her inner suit.

The bleeding alien spoke for all four. [Still think this is a bad idea?]

It was all too obvious what their intentions were and what would soon happen to Samus if she did not find a way out of her situation. But, in actuality, Samus was more surprised than terrified. She had never considered the Pirates to be similar to humans in that regard. Normally, they did not show any sexual characteristics at all…but then again, she had only met them in battle so far – which was all fine with her, when everything was said and done.

But this situation and their intent changed things immensely. And Samus was certainly not going to become a rape victim. These monsters had taken everything from her – her home, her family, her very future – but they would certainly not take her dignity! Carefully, she began to twist and wriggle her arms, her movements very slight, very subtle. Ridley’s claw was partially cybernetic and augmentics had a habit of ignoring very slight stimuli – if she remained careful enough, she might slide out her hand before he noticed. At the same time, she kept her breath controlled, concentrating to slow down her heartbeat. She had survived through a lot of dangerous situations, this one was no different.

The Pirates looked at Ridley in deference. [What are your plans now, General?] The draconid cyborg took his eyes from Samus’ struggling, half-naked form for a moment to regard his underlings. When he responded, it was not in their language, clearly meant for Samus to be understood.

“Each of you gets a chance to use the Hunter’s holes as he sees fit. Afterwords we proceed with phase 2 of our plan, just as laid out in my directives. Or… have you not read them?”

Somehow, despite the alienness of their features, the Pirate with the bleeding mouthpiece managed to look flustered. [Of course I have, General…I was nearly killed only a moment ago and your orders must have slipped my mind. Please, forgive me…]

If they had not just gotten the order to “use her holes”, Samus would have been amused by that scene. But, seeing that the moment of her rape at their hands and whatever might pass for sexual organs of these aliens came ever closer, she had to concentrate on freeing herself. The pirates were stripping now, taking off their weaponized exosuits… in the process of preparing to abuse her, they were kindly both being distracted and disarming themselves…

She would not get a better opportunity.

Taking a deep breath, she yanked her left hand down, her constant wriggling and the thin layer of sweat on her skin having created a slight opening. Any normal human would probably have damaged their wrists, but she was made from sterner stuff. Immediately after getting her hand free, she grasped Ridley’s claw that held her other hand and burrowed her thumb into one of the gaps between his thumb and index finger. Where, if her scans had been right, the failsafe mechanism was.

Her scans had been right. Without his doing, Ridley’s claw opened, freeing her hand, allowing her to slump down slightly, performing the same trick on his other claw, freeing her feet. Immediately, just as Ridley shrieked in frustration and fury, she jumped forward. That, however, cost her the remainder of her zero suit, as it got caught in Ridley’s grasping claw, leaving her mostly naked and utterly exposed. A small price for not getting raped by these fiends, she decided as she turned the jump into a roll, getting past the shocked Pirates.

The entire escape had taken the space of one heartbeat. And one second later Samus realized she had forgotten one thing.

Ridley’s tail. It was a rookie mistake, probably owed to the moment and the desperation that motivated her, but it nevertheless decided Samus’s fate. Just as she was about to spring towards her armor, the armored length of his tail-end caught her in the stomach full force.

Gasping, Samus jackknifed, the breath struck from her lungs. Still, she noticed that Ridley had held back. Even with her superhuman physiology, the blow should have turned her insides to mush. But it hadn’t. Ridley had meant to stop her, not to injure her. Which meant…

A clawed, chitinous hand grasped her ponytail and forced her head backwards, sharp claws grabbing her chin and digging into her cheeks to force her teeth apart. Her vision clearing, Samus saw that both claws belonged to the Pirate she had wounded. His expression was unreadable but on any being it would probably be triumphant. Not that Samus cared much about his face. From a chitinous sheath in front of his body, his cock sprung free, a long ridged thing, covered in chitinous plates along its entire length.

Beneath it hung three balls – maybe giving an indication as to why there were always Pirates ready to fight her, no matter how many she had already killed – and the tip was already oozing a thick, white substance. [Nice try, Hunter!] the Pirate chittered, [Now try this!]

And Samus, her mouth still held open, could only gargle pathetically as the thick fleshy pole was rammed into her mouth and right down her throat from above, her head still forced back, allowing for easy entry.

” Ghlllrrr…gllrrrph..” was all that escaped Samus’ mouth as the cock was rammed down her throat mercilessly. In a desperate attempt to defend herself, she bit down, ignoring the claw still digging into her cheeks. The plates held firm, giving the alien member structure as it slammed into her gagging throat, but beneath the flesh was yielding, like rubber. And with him holding her mouth open like that, her lips stretched tightly around his shaft, the rough plates rasping against her lips and tongue like sandpaper, she could not bite down with enough strength… she was helpless!

2 thoughts on “Metroid Chapter 1 – A Hunter Falls

  1. Well, I said that in the new year I’d start reviewing your stories, and it is officially the new year! To be honest I thought I’d start on the Lights in the Void series, but I guess I’ll get around to that later. For the moment, this seems to be updating fairly regularly, so it’s one chapter of this per week.

    The opening chapter sets things up well, placing the story into context and letting us know that this isn’t a new story, so to speak, but rather an alternate retelling of Super Metroid. I only noticed a few typos, which didn’t detract from the reading experience. Samus comes across like a total badass for the most part, and I like that you remembered that even outside of the Power Suit she’s far from helpless (well, I mean, she’s helpless by the end, but that’s like legally required for these stories), with heightened strength and all manner of enhanced physical abilities.

    You made Ridley seem pretty intimidating, with the little bit of dialogue with the other pirates serving to establish him as a somewhat more competent villain. I also noticed that you’ve begun giving the more normal pirates names, which suggests that they may become characters in their own right. Given what I know they’ll be putting Samus through for the next God-only-knows how many chapters, I’m betting the comeuppance, when it finally arrives, is going to be sweet.


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