Sacred – Chapter 3

Garginion blazed like a lake of fire. Everywhere the men-at-arms serving Syllana and her dark patron slaughtered and raped the inhabitants freely. Kida burned to do something to help, to try to save them… but her duty was clear. She had to get Marissa to safety. Her blonde ward screamed as Kida sprinted and dodged and leaped to prevent the soldiers from intercepting her. As she ran up the ramparts of the fieldstone wall and skipped over its parapet, an explosion raged in the background. Loose rumble showered them. Kida avoided the downpour, yet the blonde’s head was struck by a stone.

Intensely worried, the fox-girl sat her down against a tree and hurriedly inspected the injury. The blow had left an ugly bruise and had knocked her unconscious. But she was still breathing and showed no signs of internal bleeding. Still, Kida wished that she knew more about using foxfire to restore an injury… but there were those at the clan-home who were far more skilled. Another reason to get there as quickly as possible. Re-hauling Marissa onto her shoulder, Kida broke into a sprint into the woods.

She ran for hours… and she wasn’t used to this kind of exertion in her human form, but her fox form wasn’t fully grown and would be too small to carry Marissa. She fought through her exhaustion and fear and confusion and just kept running. Most of that run she didn’t remember… Kida arrived in a state beyond exhaustion. She had pumped her legs so frantically that they ached as if about to fall off. The scorching of the town was visible from their abode so everyone was out and alert. She ran straight into the twins. Sophitia and Cassandra sprung to their aid.

“Fomorian… Sorceress… Kitina!” the youth blurted out in between desperate pants, perspiration streaking down her visage like a waterfall.

Recognizing the Descendant of Amarissa instantly, Sophitia took care of her and brought the unconscious blonde into the clan-home. Cassandra likewise lifted Kida and carried her underground. After giving a hastily-worded, madcap explanation of what happened, the blue-haired kitsune bid her rest.

Despite her prodigious fatigue, Kida was unable to take her respite. Trauma and concern for her elder sister kept the kitsune awake. She was determined to stay up until the Guardian returned. She had said she would be right behind her, after all… Kitina was invincible. Cassandra brought a drink of water laced with the fluids of sleep-inducing plants. Quaffing it in one enormous gulp, Kida barely had enough time to bring the cup back down before collapsing into deep hibernation.

Syllana trod through the semi-ruined abbey, eyes scanning the floor. She smiled upon finding what she had been looking for. Squatting, the witch retrieved a long strand of hair originating from a fox’s tail.

Moving over to a small, boiling cauldron, she dropped the strand into its container. It was the last ingredient necessary. The froth soon intensified to such prodigious levels that billowing smoke emerged above it. “As above,” she whispered conspiratorially, “so below.” A spirit materialized within those thick vapors. It had the contours and outlines of Kida.

“Perfect,” she chuckled.

As her body remained sleeping, Kida’s consciousness was abducted from Oneiros and pulled across the aether. To her perception, her reemergence within the church-hall possessed the tangibility of a life-like nightmare. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t act at all. She could only remain within the confines of that cauldron.

“Your sister isn’t coming home, little girl,” a cold voice said.

Her vision muddled, she was greeted by the noises before the sights. Harsh flung leather snapping into humanoid flesh, the resulting hellish scream greatly muffled by some sort of gag. The vicious crackle resounded repeatedly, buffeting over and over so that the victim’s denuded outcries pitched at higher pitches of desperation.

Layers of fog clearing, the Kida was allowed to behold the stage assembled before her. Darkness still obscured any further reaches of the abbey. The shock to her spirit was so great that her resting body jolted in its far-away location. Kitina had been captured!

The brunette had been hung from a low-hanging beam in the ceiling via her tallest tail, a mockery of the way she dodged Syllana’s killblow. She was also hogtied, each limb tugging rearward and bound with one tail each. Another tail likewise knotted-together with her hair, craning her skull perpetually backwards so that it dug into her shoulder-blades.

Strung up like a cow ready for slaughter, Kitina was helpless to do anything but wait in horrified anticipation as Syllana circled around her, torturing her with a ghastly-looking bullwhip. Each inhumane connection between that instrument and the kitsune’s unguarded flesh left a blazing-red welt and caused her to spasm so badly that her whole figure shook, but her torment didn’t end there. An instant following a stroke was followed by three strikes to the same location by those black-furred tails, lashing the same brutalized bit of skin and striking with the same level of force. Kitina’s visage was twisted into a mask of pain, and the dark fox showed no inclination to stop striking her. It seemed to Kida like the Guardian was being pressed way passed her point of sanity.

“Notice how she drools around her gag whenever I lash her? It amuses me greatly. Your sister makes an excellent whipping-post,” the disembodied voice said.

That was not the only indignity that her sister was been subjected to, either. Kida’s attention was drawn to Kitina’s earthward-jutting belly as it bloated out like that of a toad. To Kida’s eyes, it looked as if she was about eight months pregnant. The sadist loved to strike at that area in particular and decorate the bulge with many impact-born stripes. The mound would cave in slightly whenever flogged, rippling and showing that the insides were made of some liquid.

“Ah, does that arouse you pleasure slave?” the voice asked into her mind. “It’s one of my favorite tricks. She has been given an enema with an acid. Currently, it feels like her belly is burning asunder from the inside… because it is, the acid eating her away from the inside. Of course, with your amazing regenerative powers, it will never be taken that far… she’s being restored at almost exactly the same rate she is destroyed. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Memories that Kida did not possess flashed before her the kitsune’s eyes. She saw Syllana wielding a enormous wineskin of unknown origin and spearing the sharp opening into Kitina’s upraised posterior. The protruding muzzle was penetrating through the anus as the cruel sorceress squeezed it, pumping the liquid into the Guardian’s bowels, filling her up quickly enough that the swelling growth of her stomach was perceptible in real-time. Kitina never ceased screaming or wiggling her tail-bound body as it happened. As the device was emptied, her exploited butthole was quickly closed using a broad-headed wooden plug shaped like a masculine rod so that the corrosive liquids couldn’t be expunged.

“Exciting, isn’t it? How pleasure is so interlinked with domination and hurtfulness. Those tails of ours come to such use.”

Flames of anger and sadness rose within Kida. Possessing no vocalization with which to offer words, she beamed the emotions to the sky as her sisters kept being mercilessly whipped, reminding the black-furred kitsune that Kitina had beaten her. The magical potency precluded Kida from closing her eyes or focusing on anything else.

The ether-bound voice merely laughed. “Yes… it was a worthy trick that little lemure pulled. One I will remember… and I will make her wish she had just lain down and died instead of performing it. Then add pain sevenfold merely for fun.”

The real-life Syllana furled-up her whip and stepped forth towards Kitina. Confronting her headlong, she reached out and started molesting the beauty’s defenseless breasts, all while the warrior panted and shivered from her predicament as if experiencing a virulent fever.

“What a dullard you are,” she mocked, fingertips assailing the protruding nipples. “Your sister had such a much more libidinous body. She caved to my attentions so readily. I had her right at the point of orgasm when you arrived. Did I mention that we captured her trying to escape the walls? The Descendant as well of course? We shall play with you for a day or two before bringing them in… until I’m bored with you.”

At these lies, Kitina erupted into a violent fit, screaming and shaking her violently head. Kida likewise exploded at the base manipulations, although she couldn’t move in this world, her body thrashed weakly in its bed. Neither did nothing to bother Syllana. The black-furred kitsune kept groping those ample tits until she thought of a better idea. “You know, you did interrupt me right as I was about to give your sister’s clit a gift. That slut seemed like she was going to enjoy it. You probably won’t… but since I have you here and she’s busy entertaining my men, I suppose it’s only fair you feel it instead anyway.” Her voice was filled with cruel venom.

Both observer and victim exploded with panic as the mysterious vulpine circled around to her rear. Hogtied, there was no possibility for the kitsune to close her legs, however… she could do nothing as Syllana’s lightning glowing finger extended again, pointing up against that erogenous epicentre.

Syllana grinned.

A miniature lightning-bolt struck against the clitoris. Kitina buckled and spasmed like a speared animal. She sprawled so wildly in mid-air that Kida feared that her tail-knotted hair would be torn from her scalp. The insane-toss around was accompanied by a scream which sounded like that of an animal dying, her vocal-cords exploding with pain. During this furore, the clogging phallus that had kept Kitina’s ass shut popped free from her rectum. Discharged like a projectile, the Protector torturous enema performed an undignified exodus from her body, blasting the invasive fluids out of her bowls. Syllana skillfully side-stepped the barrage, watching as the strung-up kitsune wallowed in ignominy. The bloated belly quickly receded in size as the fluids exited her. The witch’s concoction was allowed to pool upon the ground far away from them.

“Your sister pissed herself for me. You defecate acid… What a worthless family you are!” she acrimoniously remarked as she kicked at Kitina’s stomach, making sure she had beaten the last the acid out of her.

For some reason, when Syllana so much as glanced upwards at the tail knotted around the beam the knot loosened, and Kitina dropped her like a sack of turnips onto the floor. Rolling onto her side, the brunette’s visor of agony didn’t lessen one iota, her chest bobbing from her frantic breaths. Her lowermost nipple was pointed directly against the ground. Smiling wickedly, the she-wizard positioned her boot directly above it and pushed down.

Kida’s elder sister wailed into her gag, that erogenous teat utterly crushed. There seemed to be no end to the excruciation they were putting her through. The dreamer screamed the words “Stop! Stop! Stop!” repeatedly yet her voice was powerless within this occult art.

“Enough,” a masculine voice boomed, the sound of his voice quenching all other sound within the room.

Syllana relented immediately. She placed hand on her bosom and bowed in a feminine manner towards its direction, fading away back from the scene like a dismissed shade.

Kida’s vision expanded. That enveloping darkness which limited her eyesight receded outward until she was allowed to behold the entire church. In the distance, where the cross and altar had once declared Christian sanctity, the paraphernalia of the Christ had been used to form a makeshift throne… and sitting atop it, the Fomorian slowly rose to his feet. Narghai was simply enormous, his arms bulging with muscles, his face twisted into a rictus of hate as demonic-seeming horns curled from his forehead. Every single one of his teeth was sharp and pointed, and he wore nothing at all, a cock as mighty as one of his arms on casual display as he strode forward. Narghai’s naked soles made loud thudding sounds as he traveled across the abbey. The demon towered over Kitina’s fallen figure. Kida experienced only one emotion – terror.

Grasping her hair, the demon lifted the Guardian to her knees. The woman’s face was now level with his groin. The heavy-hanging rod looked like a mace when jutting next to her face. “It’s been nearly two thousand years since I last fucked a k,” he said, clasping his dick by its top and patting the fat glans against Kitina’s cheek. “You will be the first of many. Violating the Guardian of my prison herself upon my awakening will be a fitting beginning to desecrating your entire species. Let me hear you scream like your ancestors did, youngling… Their wails were among my favorite amusements. Now, suck!” he commanded, placing that organ against Kitina’s trembling lips.

Despite their distance, Kida could see the face of her sister twist, horrified at that oversized man-piece as well as the no doubt repulsive smell emanating from it. “I said suck my cock, you worthless kitsune whore!” the Fomorian ordered, clasping both of her sensitive fox-ears with one hand and forcing her forward.

The nine-tailer saw the willpower of her sister wane… but not break. She just averted her eyes and turned her face to the side wordlessly.

Narghai grinned. “We’ll have it your way,” he said as he closed one massive hand over her jaw on either side of her face and began to squeeze. Kitina’s jaw popped open as she screamed, but the Fomorian didn’t stop… he kept squeezing as Kida heard crack after crack after crack, until her jaw hung open and limp and helpless, mangled beneath the skin while the brunette kitsune wept. “Are you going to suck now?” he demanded, “Or am I going to stop being so kind to you. And to Kida’s horror, Kitina’s face slid forward. This was the first time that Kida had seen her give in to any weakness whatsoever. She showed no resistance… merely refusing to aid him originally and suffering for it seemed to take all the strength she had left. She had always been an indomitable hero, yet now she was busy fitting her healing mouth around the head of a grey-skinned monster cock. It was nearly beyond her ability to stretch her jaw that wide but at last she managed. The Guardian was giving a blowjob to the Archfoe. Soon, that semi-solid slab rose and grew rigid, possessing the size and thickness of a large man’s forearm. The Warrior was really only affixed to its bulbous tip, lips hugging onto that mushroom-shaped glans as if suckling on a teat.

“All the way down, you weakling,” he roared, utilizing immense muscle-power so to force Kitina down against her shaft. Those bulging biceps strained as the kitsune’s mouth was impaled upon his rod. Physical discomfort instantly distorted her beautiful visage, gags and choking sounds resounding as he tried to bury that massive prick into her throat. It was like someone was trying to force a limb down that tiny hole, the blunt end bumping against the throat. After an particularly pathetic groan, quick running and ugly tears flooded down Kitina’s cheeks, bleary weeping beaming with acute fright and sadness.

“Why is he doing this? Why does not the Goddesses stop this?” Kida thought, having learned that her voice carried no power in this realm.

As the antemundane demon achieved penetration, he started sawing her head back-and-forth, deep-throating that fox-girl’s constrictive gullet. Even so, her lips only traveled half-way up his shaft, stopping along the ridge of a bulging vein before being hauled backwards again. Callously, he performed speedy strokes, the voluminous tussles of Kitina’s mane bobbing lightly during the oral violation. The champion’s arms lay limp by her side as she swallowed that gargantuan erection, not even putting up a token resistance any longer. The young kitsune could never even have imagined her sister as being this helpless, tortured and beaten to the point of acquiescing to being face-raped. All her strength and dignity was gone. The Fomorian used her as just an item with which to pleasure his cock.

“Enchanting, isn’t it?” the she-wizard’s voice whispered, suddenly appearing straight behind her. “Raw power in action. Watch how mercilessly he plows your sibling’s esophagus. There were a lot of women who shared her fate back in the olden days. If there is one thing you can count on from all the powerful males in Creation, it’s that they’re always quite interested in building up quite a Harem. Your precious sister will fit in quite nicely amongst this troupe.”

Kida flailed her face from left-to-right in her bed, as if trying to deny it kinetically. The deep-throating before her was turning more vicious and savage with every stroke. All of Kitina’s gallantry and prowess has resulted in her being just more viciously orally raped. Why did she run away and leave Kitina alone with this monster? Why hadn’t she stayed? Why hadn’t she been powerful enough to stop this?

After a particularly ferocious stroke where Kitina’s head ventured so far that her nostril poked against his abdomen, the Beast unleashed her head. Her skull flung off him, mouth coughing and heaving for air, a whole deluge of nasty spittle and throat-slime spilling out as well. Kitina’s chiseled visage became glazed in the fluids, big ropes of the Enemy’s gooey pre-cum befouling her as well. It was simply unbearable to see her sister in such distress. She looked like she had been on the precipice of passing out.

“Suck on my balls,” he growled.

Kitina did so, leaning in so to slobber on that large and pendulous sack. The compliance with this command chilled Kida’s backside despite her ethereal condition. Her jaw had already healed, but Kitina wasn’t trying to fight back. Even a woman as powerful and bull-headed as her submitted to sucking on those masculine sacks. Kida had spied humans having sex before. Even acts such as fellatio. Yet she had never beheld it with this type of savagery and prepotency. Her sister was merely a plaything that he used to manipulate and entertain his cock. The sight of the Protector taking wide, speedy, upwards-stroking laps at that hanging ballsac so that they dangled and glistened with saliva made her beg for this to end.

“Did you know what she yelled before the Master bested her?” Syllana quizzed. “Brighid will strike you down!” she answered with faux theatrical affect. “Ahahaha! What a pathetic fool! Your Clan’s mission to protect the Descendant is the quest of thick-headed imbeciles. All of you have no idea about enervatedness of your own Gods! You know nothing of how the Universe truly works… Where power lies and at what foes it needs to be directed. Neither Brighid nor Inari will ever save you. Brighid doesn’t even live any longer, I think,” she said with a cold laugh. “Although… I get the impression that you are more realistic on that front that your sister is,” she spoke, spreading her poison with cruel words.

Kida felt the stain on her soul. Something deep within her rebelled against the words of this woman, but she sensed truth in them. And… the sorceress’ assessment had not been wrong in one way. Unlike her Clan-mates, Kida did not believe the Goddesses would save them from this. They had to deal with the Fomorian themselves. And that prospect seemed as terrifying as it seemed impossible. Having used her sister’s face like a crotch-rag, rubbing her so vigorously that the fox grew dizzy, he pulled the Protector’s face backwards and gave her an open-handed slap to the face. This was dominance without clemency. The Fomorian did what he wanted with her.

Syllana giggled. “Time to see how our well our reputed regeneration hold up. I’ve always been curious to see what transpires when a Fomorian takes a fox-bitch vaginally.”

Lifting her like a leaf, Narghai gripped the kitsune by the hip, turning her around in mid-air so that their groins aligned. Kitina was vastly fear-faced, terrified of what was incoming. Kida screamed a prodigious “NO!” …yet it was like screaming underwater.

Narghai and Kitina were positioned so that they faced Kida’s vapor-bound apparition. Holding her aerial, the Fomorian activated his magic. He grew additional arms, becoming as multi-handed as a legendary Hecatoncheires, altering his shape as if it meant nothing. These he used to assert superior leverage, grasping onto her forearms so to pull them backwards, as well as tangling her hair like a rein, the last hand holding onto her tails. This way, Kitina was upraised as if affixed with a harness.

“I raped your ancestors,” the archaic evil spoke with stentorian tenors. “Now, you will know the suffering they felt.”

Pushed towards him, the demon’s massive penis started wedging itself between the tight pussy-folds of the Protector’s womanhood. A fist-sized dickhead was now pushing into her quim. Kida beheld her sister’s eyebrows knot in disbelief of how much this hurt. Despite looking straight at her, the beleaguered fox-girl seemed utterly unable to recognize her sibling’s visage amid the mist.

“AAAHHHWG! GOUDDGGIIAAA! PLEASE, NO STOP! IIAAAHHH! I CAN’T TAKE IT-NIIAAAHHH!” Kitina screamed as her petite sex was forcefully pried open by that intruding shaft. It was clear that this was a nightmare for her. If taking the Fomorian’s manhood orally was a challenge, then this seemed an impossibility.

“You didn’t expect to hear her begging for her life, did you?” Syllana derisively whispered. “He hasn’t even penetrated yet and already she’s crying out like a virgin despoiled… which, in fairness, she is in some ways.” The dark fox chuckled. “But don’t be too disappointed in her lack of valor. I am a far-traveled woman. I can tell you that a lot of these gallant female fighters make pleas towards their rapists when they’re defeated and down in the mud. It’s quite erotic, really.”

The Protector’s visage deformed into deeper and deeper expressions of agony, taking on miens that Kida had not even thought possible from her sister. Narghai stoutly kept the pressure going, giving credence to the legends of his brutality. He was going to skewer Kitina even if it meant breaking her in twain. Humping harder, he finally achieved the impossible. That enormous shaft slammed into the kitsune’s taut orifice, brutishly outstretching her folds to make the fit happen. Upon insertion, Kitina’s eyes bulged heinously like she were being strangled, her tongue lolling outward as she emoted the extremely wretched countenance.

“And now the fun begins,” Syllana chuckled.

His entrance established into her, Narghai began an arduous and brutal fuck, bobbing the kitsune’s raised body against his pelvis. It sent shakes running through the athletic warrior’s flesh, breasts wobbling and pupils quivering every time he slammed in. From the front, the drastic reaction suggested that she was being driven forward by strikes from a club, yet in reality he was simply fucking her. No earth-born creature was created with intentions of mating with such a primordial Beast. Kitina completely lost it.

“NOOO! YOU’RE KILLING MEEEE! IIIEEEEE! NOOO PLEASE NO! AAHHHH! IT’S SO DEEP!” she screamed, the gelid residues of the oral rape drooling off her lips with each thrust of the hectic pounding.

Kida begged for this to stop. Not with her voice, but with her heart, the composition of her soul beaming out this ardent message for mercy.

“I’M DYING! GIIIAAAHHH! YOU’RE SPLITTING ME IN TWO! I CAN’T-IIIAAAHHHH!” the once perfect Guardian continued to shriek, her head liable to bounce around as vigorously as her freely swaying tits were it not for Narghai holding onto her hair. The antediluvian evil himself grinned at her discomfort, revealing teeth which gleamed like drawn daggers. Were it not for the kitsune’s superhuman constitution then she would have no ability to survive this. But since their Goddess had blessed them with marvelous regenerative powers, he could slam-fuck as savagely as he wanted.

“Keep begging, bitch!” he snarled. “Beg louder! Beseech me like your ancestors did! The last kitsune I fucked before being imprisoned was Kitra. My servant has informed me that she is your direct ancestor, and I can promise you, you have inherited her sleekness of cunt! Both of you were destined to be my sex-slaves! I will finish what I started thousands of years ago!”

While Kitina’s countenance was wrecked with shock and terror, Kida felt an ache in her heart. Kitra was the one who founded their quest to protect the Descendant of Amarissa. Ancient evils had returned upon the earth and was wrecking his vengeance. The black-furred witch known as Syllana knew all about their history and lore, it seemed.

Her sister’s stretched cunt kept taking brutal jabs and savage plunges as she was feed every inch of his rigid hard-on, slammed from base to root with every stroke. The Formorian was obviously enjoying putting his equipment to use after so long in hibernation. That fang-filled mouth smirked and his musclebound chest heaved with every lurch. He appeared to have the vigor to rut for hours, and Kitina already appeared destroyed and dispirited from how much she had to shriek, pant and absorb punishment during their brutally coupling.

Naghai laughed, the merriment like the cackle of hell. “I can’t wait to see if your precious Descendant has a cunt as good as this! She has been in my thoughts for so many aeons! I will need to enchant her with magic just to make her able to survive, but it will be worth it. Oh, don’t worry, your sister will get it too! Maybe next time I’ll rape you side by side just to see whom I can make scream the loudest!”

“AAAAHHHUUU! GODDESS… NOO!” the Protector yelled, her voice beaten to the level of despair.

Kida felt utterly powerless. It was like there was nothing they could do to impediment this. His demonic clangor was a constant voice of augers and prophecies.

“I’ve already decided that you will be the one to reverse the spell!” he informed the vulpine woman. “You will kneel before me as the Descendant is brought into the chamber and speak the words of power. You will then be able to witness the destruction of her chastity first-hand! I will take out all my anger on that impudent blonde! Brighid’s prophetic bloodline will become my whore!”

“NOOOOO!” she screamed, yet it sounded more like a cry of woe than repudiation. Kida’s indomitable sister had suffered an implosion of courage. Her anguish was her only trait of character. That forearm-sized erection inside her ravaged pussy had wilted away her valor.

During the horrendous impalement, Kida saw ropes and dollops of thick creamy white splatter in the area where their reproductive-organs conjoined. He was orgasming yet not slowing down his thrusting one bit. Kitina was being filled up with superheated jizz, ravaged like the most anguished of sex-slave, but even as he came he continued raping her, already working his way up to the next time.

“She will keep satisfying his urges until the Master is content,” Syllana whispered in her ear, utterly serpentine. “Afterward, I intend to throw her to my troops. More revenge for the ignominy she has caused me. They are cultists, really. My loyal fanatics. All of them turn into beasts when getting the chance to gang-bang a kitsune.”

Kida was single minded in her need to see this heartbreak end. Her spirit beamed the need like a lighthouse in the night.

“Bring the Descendant to me,” Syllana spoke softly. “And I will allow your sister to be set free.”

Kida’s soul chilled as if waft by arctic winds.

“That’s all you have to do. Just bring her here. Her life for your sisters. That is not too much to ask, is it? Look at how much your precious Guardian suffers. It’s going to become a lot worse before it gets better. Can you really allow her to suffer so?” she kept conspiring, sinking in her spider-venom. “She’s just a human. What is she to you? You’ve already lived more years than she ever will, even if all the gods and goddesses descended together to stand against us. Her freedom for that of your sister.”

Syllana suddenly held up a dress… but no ordinary dress. From the intricate whorls and age lines filling it, it was the clothing that Kitina’s fox-skin had transformed into when she changed to a human form it. “Of course… if you don’t hurry, there might not be much of your sister left to set free.” She held the skin over the fire beneath the cauldron and laughed.

Kida’s blood froze. Without that skin… Kitina would be trapped in her human form forever. Never be allowed to return to her true form. Her foxfire would wither and slowly die. She’d be reduced to barely more than a human. “You wouldn’t!”

Syllana chuckled. “And why wouldn’t I? After all, I burned my own…”

Kida felt her presence start to fade within the church. Her sight quickly darkened. The ether was summoning her spirit back to its body. Soon, she would be sleeping within the Clan-home again. As the thaumaturgic transition transpired, her eyes remained locked on the vision of her sister’s defilement, beholding less and less of it for every second. The Fomorian kept rutting into her with unmitigated fury, hammering that fox-body to such an extent that only their regenerative powers saved her. He could probably keep doing so for days. Kitina’s suffering would be unimaginable, just as his lust for rape was unquenchable. The grey-skinned behemoth looked so unbelievably voracious when contrasted to Kitina’s feminine, violated body.

The last thing she beheld was the tortured outlines of her sister’s shadow-enshrouded face, those wrinkled grimaces of anguish somehow staying on her retina even as her body awoke from its slumber.

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