Solari Eclipse 3

The Elder’s smile was sinister in the torchlight. “A promise is a promise…” he said. He signaled to Tattoo and Beard, who cycled in to take the place of the two spent guards. Diana watched Leona get unhooked and placed on the floor, and the muscular girl gave a small gasp mixed between lingering pain and relief as her abused pussy lips were finally freed of the wooden horse.

“…Mercy!” The Elder exclaimed.

Diana felt that same mixture of pain and relief as she too was unhooked and lifted off of the barbaric instrument of sexual torture that had been intimately connected with her for the past few minutes, and her own weights were thrown into a pile to join Leona’s. The relief, however, proved to be unmercifully short-lived – almost immediately, the bound, white haired girl found herself placed back on the wooden horse, but this time spun around so she faced the other direction. The wooden edge dug into her painfully as she sank back downward and found herself looking down the length of the beam, past the small bloodied stain where Leona had previously sat, and straight below into the Solari warrior’s eyes.

“Blessed relief for our glorious commander,” The Elder proclaimed, grinning widely. “But none for our dear little heretic slut over there. Once again, the superiority of the sun over the traitorous moon has been demonstrated!”

“Aye, she sucks a good cock, that one,” added Garlic.

Before Diana could respond she found herself pushed forward, mashing her clit roughly against the wooden edge once more. She cried out… the scream growing shriller when Tattoo placed his prick against the pucker of her ass. “No!” she screamed out. “Not there!”

The Ra’Horka soldier laughed, rubbing his cock up and down against her back door. The dark star of her rear was clenched in pain, but that didn’t bother him the slightest… As far as he was concerned, it was nothing a little saliva couldn’t fix. Diana felt his wet spit spray on her, and then he pressed his cockhead against her impossibly tight little ring. Without pomp or ceremony, Tattoo buried himself inside of her.

“Aaaaagh!” Diana screamed in pain, unable to help herself as she was forcefully spread wide by his incoming cock. Her world exploded in pain she couldn’t have imagined even a few minutes ago. Mercifully, he was using a hole which hadn’t been tortured and abused for the rest of the day… but it was a very, very small mercy. Her virgin ass was broken open, and each shove against the stubborn, unyielding hold smashed her clit down against the wooden horse in a new, separate burst of agony.

A similar cry, but wetter and more muffled bloomed from somewhere in front of Diana, and as she looked up from the beam, she found Leona wincing through straining tears as Beard started raping her ass as well. “You’re off the horse,” Beard grunted out as he grabbed onto the athletic warrior’s hips and pulled them over and over back against him as he shoved forward. “That’s as much mercy as you get.”

Diana had been put through the ringer as far as sex went recently, but her week of experience did nothing to help the burning sensation that gripped her backdoor as precum trickled down it… even without the added element of the horse sawing back and forth across her sex. From what Thumbs had said earlier it seemed like Leona was getting her first taste of sex… a brutal introduction to the hell that Diana had been stuck in for a week by the rutting beast behind her. Beard grunted in mixed pleasure and pain, the friction of her unused ass squeezing him so tight that each inch of ground gained required savage thrusts.

“So damn tight,” Beard hissed as he kept thrust forward. “Loosen up for your man, will you?” Despite herself, Diana felt a flash of competitive shame at that her own rear apparently was so much easier to break in. She didn’t want to feel like that… but at the same time she didn’t need to feel more worthless either.

When a soft clap announced that he had finally managed to bury himself to the root, Leona was bumped forward a bit and arched her back with a cry of distress. Her golden tresses flipped through the air and tumbled down around her face as Beard grabbed her by the shoulders and began to pleasure himself with her tight ring, fucking her with savage thrusts while Diana got the same on top of the horse. Leona was no longer staring at the ground, wrapped in the pain of insertion. Instead she was staring straight ahead with an expression of barely repressed agony.

Diana found her silvery eyes meeting Leona golden ones even as they grew wet with tears. Those same teary eyes that Diana had seen when she had stolen that sappy romance novel from the library and read it together with a younger Leona. Their giggles at the more lascivious scenes just barely muffled by the same sheet they held over their heads to dampen the leaking candlelight had turned to sniffles as they had reached the climax of the book. The best friend she had had in this place. The friend that had named her a heretic. The eyes of the friend that had tried to kill her. She hated looking into those eyes.

And Leona just.




Diana too found herself unable to break eye contact as her brows twitched with rage. Leona had forsaken her when she had spoken the truth to the elders, after all of those years, as if their friendship had meant nothing. She hated those eyes. She hated it. She hated it! A deep dark seed took root in Diana’s heart. They had tried to kill each other when their weapons had clashed on the very same day that she had made contact with the moon. In the end, she wasn’t even sure if Leona had survived by chance or if she had spared her former friend. Every doubt she had ever had about the Solari, even qualm that Leona had brushed aside, had come home to roost now… and worse.

If she was going to suffer down here, she was going to make damn sure that the traitorous Solari bitch who just wouldn’t fucking look away would suffer too.

Diana’s weights had been removed, which should have been a glorious relief, but the pain they offered was more than made up for by the grinding motions that her anal penetration was currently putting her through. Her clit felt rubbed raw, and each tortured scream of pain was the only declaration of defiance that she could muster as Tattoo seemed to be doing his best to saw her in half down the middle with his vicious thrusting. Over and over, back and forth while he yanked on her long hair and she screamed. The two men continued to expand their dominion over the Lunari and the Solari that had once been sisters-in-arms – They rutted like mindless animals as they conquered both prisoners and forced their bodies to submit as if they were nothing more than cheap whores.

Tattoo wasn’t as long Thumbs, but he was at least as thick, and Diana could feel him rock hard inside of her guts, holding her tightly by her hips and her tresses as he flexed, working himself even deeper. At no point did any other sensation approach the pain being inflicted on her, as sweat begins to cover his and her bodies in a thin sheen as they gasped and panted. Lust drove him onward, causing Tattoo to push her down until her stomach almost touched the beam and her tits swayed against it as she was rocked back and forth, exposing her sensitive pearl to the full, horrifying force of the dark wood sawing its way across her abused slit, doubling her agony with each stroke.

Leona didn’t seem to be fairing any better; Diana would know too. Even as she had been unwillingly giving the tight, warm passage of her ass to the guard behind her, she’d been watching every wince, every tear, and every dilation of Leona’s pupils as Beard continued to take his fill of her. Their silent eye contact still didn’t break as Tattoo’s groanings reached a peak that drowned out the cacophony of slapping flesh reverberating throughout the room. Leona was treated to a view of Diana’s mouth flopping open mutely like a fish as Tattoo collapsed on top of her, burying himself as deeply as he could even as his teeth found the back of her shoulder, his weight joining hers in pushing her down on the horse until all thought and all other sensation vanished beneath the pain in her clit… she didn’t even feel it as the first blasts of rape-seed splashed into her violated ass.

“Tewwible,” Leona muttered through her swollen lips and tongue. “Thtop…”

“You don’t have time to be worrying about others, commander,” Beard said as he grabbed her hips and drove himself in fully with one long piston.

Diana could feel it now, the sensation breaking through the back of her mind. Hot, thick seed spouted like a geyser inside of the Lunari girl, jetting up past her insides with such force that it almost felt like it was going straight into her stomach.

“Prwease…” Leona forced out.

Her entreaties were interrupted by something only she could feel but was evident to everyone watching. Beard’s whole body was straining, and Diana could practically see the steam rising from his mouth as he panted like a winded horse. “Take it all, commander,” he wheezed, shaking all the while. Leona couldn’t resist even if she had wanted to, her arms failing to hold her up due to them being thoroughly tied behind her back as her cheek met the dust. A glazed look of defeat entered her eyes. Beard had her ass pressed up into his pelvis as far as possible, and Diana stared at where they are connected, as if she could see his cock sleeved inside her, painting her bowels white and sending his gelatinous mix of swimmers up into her guts. The act of building up an ample supply of semen in her tight hole resulted in an absurdly drawn out orgasm for Beard, whose tongue hung limply from his mouth while he continued to shoot rope after rope inside of the anal virgin he managed to get his hands on.

Diana sat on the wooden horse in a daze, drooling. Her bound legs straddling the device were the only thing keeping her from tumbling to the ground. The Elder suddenly grabbed a fistful of her hair and wrenched her head to the side. She felt his hot breath in her ear as he whispered to her.

“It was terribly unfortunate, how Leona managed to put you down, but then succumbed to her wounds,” The Elder pontificated. “What a tragic tale.” Diana stiffened. Her tired mind tried to grasp what he was saying, what betrayals were at work then and there.

“Ah, we did everything we could, but the clashing of our brave hero again a murderous assassin…” he lamented loudly. “Such a short time for such brilliance to shine upon Mount Targon, but everything save the Sun is fleeting.”

The Elder, with the tiniest shove, slowly tipped her over until she began to slide off the wooden horse. She was still bound, and utterly unable to stop her descent as she toppled hard off of the wooden construct, leaving a dark stain of blood and cum where she had sat. Only by twisting at the last second and landing hard on her shoulder did she managed to keep her head from cracking like an egg on the stone floor. The Elder left her then, taking Leona and the other guards with him and laughing all the way before locking the door behind him. Diana was left in the room, still bound in the tortoise-shell pattern by the thick hemp rope. Tears streamed from her eyes, pooling on the ground, as she tried very, very desperately to get those golden eyes out of her head.

Compared to Diana’s suffering, a chill of the mountain fog she ran through couldn’t hope to trouble her. Even that oppressive cloak of cold, chill as the winter moon was to the two cormorants held within its luminescent eye, felt blissful on her skin. The patter of icy rain splashed like heavenly tears rolled off of pine boughs, woven as taught as any animal hide cover in their abundance. It wasn’t a forest that she had ever seen before… it wasn’t a run she had ever made before, but as she ran through it her footsteps felt as familiar as any path she had ever walked. She heaved in a breath of fresh air, caught under the moon’s celestial gaze. Every muscle felt limber and ready for a hunt, and she hefted her blade, raising it as she sprinted through the night. Diana moved low to the ground, and with the moist earth under her feet and each faint breath taking in fresh air imbued with a lovely lunar luminescence, she felt invincible in her hunt. She would find them and make them all pay. The moon was on her side.

And suddenly every muscle screamed, either wound tight like a bowstring or straining in some futile hope of relief, as she was dragged violently back into the waking world by a rattle on the iron bars of her cell door. The taste of dew and the feeling of moonlight on her skin vanished in an instant as she drew in a breath thick with the musk of decay and her own filth. Everything, every single thing, hurt… but nothing hurt as badly as it should. Her earlier torments should have left her barely able to move… but since she had seen the moon on Targon’s peak strange memory dreams of things she had never done hadn’t been the only thing Diana had gained. She recovered quickly… far more quickly that she should have been able to . Despite the numerous aches all over her body, between her legs felt much better than it should have by all accounts. As she raised herself into a sitting position on the dirty pile of straw that was the best she had for a bed, Diana realized that during her fits of unconsciousness – what she might have called sleep back in real life – her wounds had healed completely. She couldn’t bring herself to be too excited about that, however… it just meant that they could hurt her worse. After all, who would want to fuck something filled with scabs and sores? The fact that they considered what was between her legs primary asset made her blood simmer.

She didn’t have the stamina for boiling anymore.

“Good after-night-morning, princess,” Garlic called to her from outside her cell. Thankfully he wasn’t close enough to breath on her as he did so. “You poor little moon-starved harlot. I bet you don’t even know how long you’ve been down here, or what time it is now, do you?” He was right. She couldn’t even recall seeing a window besides the one in the large chamber where she had first been drowned and raped. Each day was blending together into a cacophony of pain and degradation, made notable only by the most creative tortures that The Elder could cook up.

“Good morning,” she said simply. It didn’t pay to rile up the guards when she was behind bars, and especially when he seemed to be carrying her next meal. He looked surprised, and Diana realized that she had gotten the time of day correct. It had been a complete guess.

“Seems we’ve got our very own clairvoyant here,” he said as he opened up a small slot built into the door. He chucked a crude wooden bowl at her, splattering gruel all over her and the floor as it cartwheeled over to her before thankfully coming to rest right side up. A few measly dried out carrots followed after it before he upturned a pitcher of water onto the floor of her cell. She looked at him in disgust. “I’m just looking after your figure,” he said with a laugh. “After all, the moment you stop being so pleasant to fuck we won’t have any use for you anymore.” Garlic chuckled. “I heard the elder has a feast in store for you today, so I figured I’d do my part. Try not to overeat, love.” With that he closed the slot and strolled away whistling.

A prize. Diana’s heart hammered in her chest as she scraped the gruel off of the floor with her thumb and brought it to her mouth. The Elder had said that her and Leona would be “playing” together from then on. Diana almost felt like vomiting at the thought of seeing Leona again. Maybe that was just the unpleasant taste of the grit that found its way into each mouthful of porridge she was scavenging from the floor, though. She crawled over to the floor to slurp up the water where it was pulling in the subtly sloped middle of the room as she thought of the Aspect of the Sun.

She didn’t have to wait long before Thumbs and Tattoo came and fetched her. They didn’t even bother to wear armor or bring weapons anymore. It wasn’t like Diana could overpower them even if her only binding was a chained collar around her neck. Although they hadn’t put her in the rune-etched shackles that had magically sapped her energy those first few nights, the constant abuse and scant diet hadn’t allowed her to regain her strength either. She knew she couldn’t take the two warriors, whose elite training she knew included bare-fist martial arts. But it didn’t bother her one bit if they became more and more complacent.

After a quick stop over some grates where they splashed her with a few buckets of cold water to clean her off, Diana was led dripping into some other empty space for indeterminate use. Leona was already standing in the room waiting for her, completely alone with the Elder who held the chain leading to around her neck. The Solari Aspect didn’t look any better than she had when Diana had last seen her; in fact, she looked much worse.

It was true that Diana had been beyond surprised to see Leona and had wondered why she was there at all. But she hadn’t really had the time, between being savagely fucked and being unconscious, to really think about how the Solari commander had ended up in a prison seemingly run by her own faith. They were both thrown onto the ground as the guards once again began to hogtie them in a similar manner to their last ‘playtime,’ and as they were Diana found herself staring into Leona’s glassy eyes just a few inches away as they both laid there with their cheeks against the cold floor.

“Leona,” Diana hissed, her teeth grinding audibly.

To her surprise Leona lifted her head and scooted forward a bit to place her mouth by Diana’s ear as she craned her neck forward. “I- I’ve b- been… chasing y-y-you,” Leona muttered into her ear. With her lips still swollen, her words were hard to understand, but she managed to make herself understood by speaking slowly. “Ever s-since… you kn-…ow, I w-w-wanted t-to-“

Diana yelped in pain as she felt a switch whip the back of her neck. She had no place to flee to but into the crook of Leona’s neck.

“Bad, bad, bad!” The Elder yelled. “That won’t do at all! Twittering like a couple of acolytes. You have work to do.” He kicked Leona in the shoulder, causing her to roll away. Diana found that her bindings were even more intricate this time.

“That’s some fine knot-work, friend,” Tattoo complimented Thumbs.

“It’s so we can do this,” Thumbs replied, as he picked up Leona. The breath was knocked out of Diana as he dropped Leona on top of her. The two women were of mostly similar height similar height, so when they were stacked on top of each other they lined up, but Leona’s muscular form pressed down on Diana more than she would have expected… the woman was not light. Leona’s cunt hung just above her face, and she knew that Leona was looking down into hers the same way. Diana was on her back, her wrists bound to her ankles so that her open thighs framed Leona’s head, who was face-down. Leona was just a smidge taller, so her head protruded out from on top of Diana’s groin and between where her ankles touched the ground.

“Our dear commander was the victor of our last match,” The Elder said as he looked down at Diana. “So I’m afraid she gets to be on top for this. I hope she’s not too heavy.” Leona was a warrior through and through, and her muscular build did indeed carry with it considerable weight. Diana had a slimmer build despite being lithe and muscular as well, and the bulk of Leona’s weight at her core pressed down on Diana’s ribcage and made each breath that much harder to take in.

Diana’s mind raced as she thought about what Leona had just said. There was no chance that she was going to be able to ask her about it, especially with the Elder standing by and her face practically buried in Leona’s ass. Certainly the Solari had been hunting her for vengeance after what had happened at the Temple of the Solstice, when her power and erupted and she had killed the elders of the Solari. The only thing that made sense to Diana was that her death was what Leona had come in search of… she had certainly been prepared to try at the time. The Elder had implied as much in the narrative he planned to spread. The only question was how the – as far as she knew – loyal Solari commander had ended up locked in the same dungeon with her. The devilish bitch had been the one who was prepared to execute judgment on Leona for her heresy in the first place after all. She probably hadn’t considered that this would be the ultimate result, unless she were some kind of ultimate masochist. But as far Diana could tell, Leona wasn’t here of her free will either.

She didn’t understand it. Too many variables were still unknown… and someone, Diana doubted they were going to give her a chance to discover much.

“These fine soldiers have plenty of stress built up,” The Elder said as he put hands on the shoulders of Tattoo and Thumbs, who both grinned. “It is your solemn duty today to help them relieve it! There will be two,” The Elder crouched beside the tied-up pair and ran two fingers down the small of Leona’s back. “Count ‘em—two—shots. Two rounds!” The last remark was capped by a snap of the Elder’s two fingers on Leona’s rear right in front of Diana’s face.

“The first to get their man to cum inside of the other shall take home an impressive prize indeed: a veritable feast, sure to sate your hunger,” he announced. The two men wasted no time in mounting up their respective partners. Thumbs loomed over Diana as he penetrated the slit hovering just a few inches above her face, and she gasped straight into his swinging sack as she felt Tattoo shove himself in with equal force. Thumbs began to swing his hips wildly from the get-go, wasting no time in deriving whatever pleasures he desired from the esteemed Solari Aspect. She cried out softly as her own pussy was split open by Tattoo.

Diana swore she could almost hear his seed sloshing around in his full balls as they slapped repeatedly against Leona’s ass. She wrinkled her nose in disgust at the sheer musk that was emanating from his taint and the faint drips of various fluids that began to drip on her face, but she was determined to avoid the loser’s fate this time. Diana obediently puckered her lips and laid a few kisses on the bottom of his thrusting shaft. Almost cross-eyed, she helped to warm up the pipes that would, if she had anything to say about it, be pumping their load straight into Leona. There was really nothing else that Diana could do.

“Mmm, love that part right there,” Thumbs muttered. “Give the boys a lick right down the middle, too. Ah, yeaaahhh…” Diana’s tongue failed to lift his heavy balls as she complied, instead tracing lightly around them and in between in a figure-eight. Even the smooth skin of her cheeks became nothing more than a testicular mop as she continued to bathe them in saliva and warm puffs of air.

“Damn! This is too good!” The man’s testicles swaddled her face in a sweltering blanket of shifting flesh, providing a much-needed distraction from the lancing pain that continued to assault her nethers. Tattoo had been going to town that whole time. Unlike the man currently under Diana’s ministrations, he had no words of praise for Leona, and she herself wasn’t throwing out any dirty talk either. If anything, Leona seemed to be paying a little too much attention to Diana. She felt the Solari Aspect’s hot breath on her folds, and occasionally the soft, small tip of a tongue would dart out and trace her labia or even moisten the folds hiding her clit. It was almost like she was trying to Diana herself wet, and the thought of that bitch trying to get her to moan like a whore, happy to be raped, enraged the Lunari woman. That bitch wasn’t even trying to work Tattoo’s shaft or anything; that was becoming apparent. It was clear to Diana that she wasn’t intent on winning; she just wanted Diana’s rape to drag on and inflict as much pain as possible and maybe heap the shame of sexual arousal on her. Leona hadn’t been down here in hell for as long as her, but the effects of the spartan diet that they had put Diana herself on were obviously already showing their effects. If Leona was going to sacrifice her chance at winning to inflict extra suffering on Diana, then that was her loss. Diana would get that meal at any cost.

“Your balls are so full,” Diana mumbled as she planted a kiss on each dangling testicle. “I bet it hurts really, really bad. Poor darling.” She began to lap at the exposed flesh of his shaft every time he withdrew from Leona’s cunt, adding her own saliva to what she considered a profound lack of lube available for the man.

“It’s so unhealthy to keep it all pent up like that. Go ahead and let it out inside of this nice warm hole. Knock this slutty bitch up!” Diana felt his nuts tighten at that statement. She felt a surge of excitement. Thumbs must have been into impregnation. That was her ticket in. She continued to urge him on around each mouthful of his heavy orbs. “Go ahead and make your revered champion a mother. Her defenseless womb is just waiting for you to pour all of these little,” Diana paused to swirl her tongue around one of his balls as she took it into her wet mouth. “-swimmers deep inside.” She almost laughed out loud in triumph at the tightening of his balls if she wasn’t so busy worshipping them. Thumbs moaned and ground his hips against her face even more, almost suffocating her in the musky valley that appeared between his two hanging orbs. Her ministrations continued even as she continued to gasp around the pain that the cock jammed between her legs was giving her, and the attempted pleasure Leona was plying her with to get her to drop her mental guard.

Soon, even without the use of her hands, Diana had Thumbs quivering with the need for release. She could feel it in the tautness of his balls, and with a careful lick over his protruding cumvein, she knew that she had won. His balls lifted off of her face as they fully retracted, and the powerful flexing of his shaft announced the winner of the contest.

“Get pregnant,” Thumbs groaned as he ejaculated deep inside of Leona, whose only response was a loud gasp. He pushed in as far as he could, buried to the root, and Diana considered the fact that he might actually be able to accomplish what he wished.

“Oh, feeling competitive now, are we?” Diana heard Tattoo ask. “Second place doesn’t get you anything you know. But I’m not complaining.” Apparently, Leona had actually started trying, but Diana couldn’t really see from where she was, still trapped at the bottom of them all.

“Oh, shit!” Tattoo groaned. “You’re pretty damn good. Don’t know where the hell you learned to do that. Too bad for you, though. You don’t get this load.” With that she felt the unpleasant warmth of his cumshot rushing from his fiercely throbbing cock invade her senses. She shuddered as he pulsed, and she prayed that his seed wouldn’t take. Even stronger than the disgust she felt at being bred by the rapist was the fact that Leona had seemingly been holding back and was just now milking her guy dry in a fraction of the time Diana had taken. She couldn’t do anything as he spread her knees wide apart and hammered his jism as deeply as he could, all while Leona licked the place where they were connected.

“What a disappointment,” The Elder sighed. “It seems our glorious commander has lost this round.” Diana watched the Elder unwrap a bundle of linen to reveal a heel of fine white bread. It was far from the “feast” that was promised, but Diana was more excited than she would have cared to admit at the sight of bread that wasn’t moldy or rock-hard crusts. As Diana sighed in relief at the prospect of finally getting out from under Leona and getting some good food, Tattoo finally pulled his cock free. She also realized that Thumbs had left himself buried in Leona’s cunt to go soft this whole time. Just when the guard’s seed began to drip disgustingly between the cheeks of her ass, she felt The Elder jam something between her thighs.

“I’ll have to apologize in advance,” he said as he wiped the fist-sized piece of bread roughly up across her pussy lips. “We baked this just this morning, but we’ve run out of butter! This will have to do.” Diana realized that he was using the soft bread to soak up all of the reproductive excess that was oozing from her abused cunt. With a laugh, he rolled it across Leona’s back, causing her to shudder as it left a trail of oozing semen. Thumbs grabbed it with a gloved hand, and in that moment he revealed why he had yet to pull out of Leona. Her prized meal soon formed a plate, ready to catch everything, as his softened cock slipped free.

Diana watched with disgust as the crust of bread, already soaking in the milky gravy of her own drippings, caught the torrent of semen that ran down from Leona’s quivering pussy even as the woman in question lay on top of her gasping for breath. Stray strands of the more watery portions dripped onto her chin as it failed to soak into the bread. Thumbs wiped the tip of his dick clean with one of the few scant inches of surface area that was unmarred as he sighed in relief. Maybe Leona knew what the prize would be, and that’s why she had refused to win. Diana seriously doubted that she would be allowed to refuse her meal.

She was proven right when pressed the sopping mess against her lips and cooed, “Open up, winner.” It was warm and wet now, and appeared more as frosted pastry than a slice of bread. Or it could have been a roll covered in some light gravy. That was it. If she just thought of it as extra food, she was really the one getting it over on them. She was going to swallow as much of their cum as she could, and then she would use that extra energy to finally break out of her chains and cut all of their heads off! Definitely. She had to eat the whole thing hands free, all while lying on her back. It wasn’t a clean affair by any stretch of the imagination, but she did it, and she tried to convince herself that she was happy to have it. Each mouthful of the pure white bread was diluted with a mix of fetid, reeking, bitter jizz, but even that disappeared down her gullet as she fought the urge to vomit, thinking all the while only of quenching her ever-present hunger.

When someone undid a few crucial knots and rolled Leona off of her, Diana belly growled loudly, her stomach already rumbling with all of the cum and other miscellaneous dirty fluids she had been forced to consume trapped down here.

“No time to digest, I’m afraid,” the Elder announced as he looked down at the pair. “We need to move on. Training to do, prayers to be said, you both know the drill.” Both Diana and Leona were tipped up onto their knees as the Elder continued. “Before these esteemed warriors move on to those glorious asses that you two have no doubt put plenty of work into firming up, I’m going to let you both experience my boundless kindness.” Diana scoffed, and Leona tried to spit, but just ended up drooling on herself. The Elder continued on, unfazed, “I will allow, as an exception, the use of lubrication for your poor little puckers.” The Elder chuckled. “You get to choose: either your very own tears, or whatever wetness the other woman may deign to impart with their mouth’s spit. Decide at once, on the count of three.”

Diana’s mind raced even as The Elder stated out loud the first count. The only lube she would get for the bestial rod that would be penetrating her sensitive rear end would be either her own tears, or Leona’s spit. The second count came. That meant that one of the options put the woman herself in control, and the other left her counting on the good-will of another. As The Elder’s lips moved to give the third count, she made up her mind.

“Tears,” Diana said.

“-Spit,” Leona stated at the same time. Diana looked at Leona with an expression of sheer disbelieving perplexion. Leona refused to meet her eye and just stared at the floor with her head hung.

“Thus,” The Elder announced. “They spoke! Our dear Lunari harlot shall get her lubricant last, seeing as she was, unfortunately, the victor in our last contest.” Thumbs stepped up to Diana, presenting his already stirring cock at eye-level. It was time for her to get to work in providing Leona’s lube. Diana had gotten a good amount of practice recently in a certain technique, and she was about to use it to devilish effect.

Approaching from below and voluntarily laying his rapidly expanding cock across her face, she leaned in close and made a show of taking a deep breath, nostrils flaring as she nuzzled his sack.

“They smell nice and full still,” she purred. “It’s no wonder that such a strong man would be so… productive.” Unfurling her tongue, she traced its small pink tip up his thigh. Every inch she planted a small nip, teasing sensitive skin as she snaked upward to his sack. Her tongue snaked out to its full length as she drew closer and closer, planting wet licks and kisses tantalizingly close to his quivering sack.

She paused to look up at him, finding his eyes narrowed with lust as he gazed back. She gave a small gasp of faked surprise and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be making you wait, should I? They must be so cold!” With that she opened wide, parting her lips to accept a good portion of his sperm tanks inside. She felt sick at her simpering tone and the obviously outrageous show she was putting on for everyone, but it would all be worth it if she could get back at that traitorous bitch for just one moment. Inside of her mouth, she rolled her tongue up one side of his nuts, gradually worked across the front, and then slid down to the other side.

Thumbs was positively quivering as he moaned and groaned on the receiving end of the careful tongue bath… but not once, during that entire time, did Diana let a single drop of spittle touch his shaft. Even as she spun her tongue around his heavy balls in lazy circuits, peppered them with kisses, and nuzzled his groin with her cheek, she purposely avoided that one specific area. When she was done, the only lubricant above the patch of skin where his nuts joined his shaft was a small bead of precum glistening on the tip.

“All done,” Diana said breathily, favoring Thumbs with a soft, gooey smile. “Please give it to her hard.”

“A wonderful performance, I will begrudgingly admit,” the Elder said, as Tattoo temporarily undid the restraints around Leona’s arms and legs. “But it’s our little warrior princess’ time to shine now.” He pulled a wooden paddle out from the folds of his robes and thrust it into Leona’s hands, who just looked at it with subdued curiosity. It was about a foot and a half long and about a fourth as wide, with numerous holes placed in regular intervals along the sturdy wood.

“We need to get some tears, don’t we?” the Elder said as he steered the mute Leona over to stand in front of Diana. “So beat her hard for us. On the breasts, if you will.” Leona looked back at him with wide eyes, only to be met with a placid smile. She looked down at the paddle in her hands for a moment, then back up.

Diana saw it.

Maybe the others missed it, but she saw the slight flicker in Leona’s eyes — an assessment of the room and its occupants that lasted a millisecond, but which internally stretched over a minute’s worth of potential scenarios. Diana knew what she was thinking… she wondered it too: how many people could she kill with that paddle, and how quickly? It wasn’t a real weapon, sure, but it was sturdy enough to cause pain. The result must not have bee to her liking, or she was looking more forward to hurting Diana because after that split millisecond, Leona’s eyes rested only on Diana. Her eyelids drooped a little, covering the top portion of those golden irises. Diana couldn’t tell what that look was meant to convey. Was she angry? Was she sizing her up? But she knew when Leona drew her arm back that she had come to a decision.

There was a definite gap in between the pain and the moment it impacted that was wider than the whizzing of the paddle as it sped towards her chest and that same moment of impact. Getting hit by the aerodynamic paddle would have hurt under any circumstance, but the flesh of a woman’s bosom was particularly sensitive. Diana had always known this, but never in her life had she been more aware of this fact than she was as dense network of nerves there all voiced their sheer agony all at once. After the loud clap of Leona’s strike thundered off the walls, a strangled yelp that resolved into a hiss could be heard emanating from Diana.

Before her mind could recover or brace herself, Leona struck again. And again. And again. It wasn’t enough to knock her on her back, like Diana knew that Leona could have, but she definitely wasn’t pulling any punches too far either. Each strike drew a strangled cry from Diana, and a particularly well-aligned one forced her to cough violently, sending her spittle spattering onto the floor.

“Nope!” The Elder shouted above the thundering strikes. “No! We need to see tears. Tears!” Leona kept up the assault, but for all the pain that reverberated through her core, it only amounted to a slight dampness of her eyes. Not a single teardrop fell, even as her breasts grew red and burned with the fury of Leona’s relentless paddling. It looked like she wouldn’t be getting any lube after all. She’d had it dry… or mostly dry… yesterday, but it seemed especially galling to Diana that all she would have to show for her efforts was the intense pain torturing every nerve of her sensitive jugs as Leona seemingly took her vengeance for the petty performance Diana had put on for Thumbs. It had been a risk, doing that as the one going first, and it would result in suffering for both of them. It was a bitter pill, but she was ready to swallow it.

Until Leona spoke. To her. Again. At last.

“Diana,” Leona called, her voice barely heard over the smacks. “Diana!” She called again, louder. Thumbs moved in, seemingly to shut her up, but the Elder held up a hand to stop him. “Diana!” Leona practically screamed.

What!? Diana’s glare asked her in between each pummeling. What!?

“How could you?” Leona cried. How could she what? “How did it all come to this?”

That was a question that she had been left to ponder in agony, both before her imprisonment, and during as well.

“How dare you leave me behind?” Leona yelled at her. “I was your friend, wasn’t I?!”



For some reason, that stung worse than the paddle as it whipped her breasts, even as it whistled through the air with enough force to send a shockwave through her body when it struck. Friend. Whack. Friend. Whack. Pain.

Tears of sorrow, or rage, or hatred — she didn’t really know which — flowed freely at last. She didn’t even notice as Tattoo approached, the shape of his cock appearing as a vague mass through her teary eyes as she dropped one glistening bead on it after the other. She also barely registered Leona taking hold of his cock and wiping it all over her glistening cheeks and into the soaked corners of her eyes. The wooden paddle clattered to the ground, the knocking wood lost amid the Elder’s clapping and raucous laughter.

She felt numb as the two men redid all of their bindings and slid them back into the very same position that they had taken for the first round. While unpleasant before, contact with Leona’s skin seemed to burn her now. The world grew muted and dull, even as her rage simmered. The last few trickles of her tears began to dry on her cheeks. How dare she. How dare that treacherous BITCH call her a friend.

Both women suffered as the two Ra’Horak warriors shoved viciously into their asses, taking their fill of earthly pleasures. Some of those reasons were shared. Some were uniquely and deeply held, locked securely in a box in a case in a safe in cell in a fortress in their hearts. The cries of pain made their way from the inside out, down there amid the stench of sweat, blood, and unspeakable cruelties heaped on top of one another. Compared to the main in her soul, Diana barely felt it. Compared to the horrors that were lying in wait for her during the days ahead, though, even that would come to seem like a mere yordletale.

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2 thoughts on “Solari Eclipse 3

  1. Poor girls. Some great scenes here, though I increasingly want to grab Diana by the scruff of her neck and shake her. I feel like by the end of this, she’s going to be up to “Leona hugged me, kissed me, then sacrificed her life to save me… that BITCH! Trying to make me feel sorry about her death, and then leaving to go enjoy the afterlife first. How can she be so cruel???”


    1. Definitely a little bit of tsuedere there. In fairness to Diana, she DID trust Leona before… and Leona denounced her as a heretic and tried to kill her. Once bitten, twice shy.


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