Sex Kitten – Chapter 1

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Summer hit Runeterra like a train. Months rolled on and the season came and ended, champions and summoners spreading across the world and back to their nations as the weather got better but also hotter. In the interregnum, only a select few high ranked summoners were on duty, along with a few champions. Hot weather, humidity, and beating sun drove person after person indoors, away from the heat… or the beach. Thousands of women wearing very little flooded the water and the sands nearby, comforting themselves from the heat by swimming and baring a lot of skin, laughing and playing and enjoying themselves.

It was the perfect environment for Eli and his group of friends.

Getting out of duties during the break at their ranks wasn’t the easiest thing, but most of them managed… because this was the ideal time to hunt. Plenty of women were available prey with their bodies on display for the summoners to pick between, and most were too distracted to pay much attention… it was like visiting a buffet of pussy, and they were hungry. Most of the summoners and champions who were available had spread across Runeterra, so the group did the same… by general agreement without the group all together no new champion was to be targeted, but there were plenty of vulnerable women around to be taken advantage of and dozens of victims already established to be hunted down when no one was expecting them to attend to any special duties. As far as their people in the Freljord was concerned, their Queens were stuck in the League. They didn’t know that the trio of Iceborn instead found themselves staked down on hot sand while the twins and Cyn led a group that was delighted to provide them shade and sunscreen by covering them with their bodies and coating their skin with cum. Rogim, on the other hand, had found the time to make another of his potions and he and a pair of friends were taking the opportunity to teach Orianna all about the kinds of fun games that could be played in the water, including lessons in the fine points of sucking cock underwater. A dozen others were spread around, tracking down a few summoners they had broken in or seeking new prey, but Kenlam and seven of his friends had their own plans.

Unfortunately, Poppy and Shyvana were nowhere to be found. Halfway through the season, they had suddenly excused themselves and departed… and it hadn’t been hard to determine why. The official reason was affairs of state. The unofficial reason, as Eli found out, was that they were pregnant. Kenlam and his friends had drank well that night, celebrating. It meant that they weren’t going to be available for another surprise visit from him and his friends during the break, though, so they needed to find other prey. He and a few others decided to track down Sona and pay her and her big tits a friendly visit, but when they arrived at the beach she was supposed to be, she was nowhere to be found.

It left them more than a little bit frustrated. Kenlam and six other men started hunting around for anyone else that appealed, arguing with themselves about what hot piece of ass in a bikini caught their eyes the most, when Kenlam noticed something… or rather someone.

Eli laid on a lawnchair, unmoving and unconcerned, sunning himself. That was… slightly suspicious. Eli was a workaholic, and a Kenlam knew that a summoner of his rank would have needed to specifically work and make promises and favors to get this time off. He wouldn’t have done it idly… but he didn’t appear to be hunting anyone, nor was he after one of the girls that Kenlam knew about currently… he seemed to just be simply relaxing and waiting. It didn’t make sense.

Or rather, it didn’t make sense until the summoner noticed Her.

The redhead was absolutely gorgeous as she emerged from the water, the liquid staining her hair darker red than blood as it streamed down her body. The bikini barely covered anything, and it certainly didn’t cover the spiraling black tattoo that stood sharp like a thousand blades against her skin. She was beautiful, and she would have been regardless of anything else… but the haughty sneer on her face by itself made her at least twice as attractive… and all of that was before considering that he knew this woman.

The Noxian assassin stepped out of the surf and over to a towel, wrapping it around her even as she slipped her feet into sandals, pulling down sunglasses over her piercing green eyes. The others hadn’t noticed yet, but Kenlam couldn’t take his eyes off her. For the summoner, hatred and disgust for a woman was nearly as attractive as genuine desire, and he had both for this gorgeous piece of ass… as a Demacian man, his sneering disdain for a woman who carried water for Noxus couldn’t be overstated. He would have wanted her even if he hadn’t known her secret. That she was the first woman their little club had raped.

Of course, he hadn’t been among them then… but he had heard the stories and dreamed. Ever since then, the woman hadn’t been touched as far as he knew… but as he watched her Kenlam began to wonder if it was time for that to change. He shouldn’t make a move on a champion alone, of course, but soon he could…

He noticed it when she looked over at Eli and froze.

The summoner was looking right at her, and Kenlam saw the way she stared at him, slowly beginning to tremble with anger as Eli met her shaded gaze and smiled. Then he pointed over at the sauna building imperiously and waited. And, to Kenlam’s surprise, a few seconds later she went. Kenlam stared with amazement, realization slowly dawning as Eli began to gather himself up to follow.

Kenlam sat down on the chair besides the veteran summoner. He looked over at Katarina. He looked back at Eli. And he smiled.

Katarina sat on a polished wooden bench in the hot sauna, her hands in her lap and clenched into fists. Due to the warmth of the air, her body felt great… the heat relaxing her muscles, sinking to the bone. It coated her body with a thin sheen of sweat, her skin releasing tiny little drops of liquid to cover and make her soft skin over toned muscles almost seem to shine in the dim light as she luxuriated in the heat. It should have been pleasant. It wasn’t.

She was only here because Eli had ordered her to be.

Katarina clenched her fists until it felt like her nails were going to draw blood from her palm. Ever since the coup in Noxus, her family position had been… precarious. It had lead to her being perhaps a little bit more tense and more prickly than usual, which is how she had drawn Eli’s attention in the first place… but the sad fact was that her situation and managed to become both more and less dangerous, more and less stable, all at once. When Eli had approached her after she had been raped, her first impulse had been to drive a knife into his neck… but when he had pointed out how badly she would be slashing her own throat in the process, she had, trembling with rage, stayed her hand. He was right. The kind of treatment she got from the summoners was downright gentle compared to what she could expect if her family fell… she’d probably be put through worse, and she would be unlikely to survive it. He was capable of protecting her and the Du Couteau family.

And all it cost her was most of her remaining dignity, pride, and self-worth as she had to turn herself into a whore.

She leaned on to her back and tried to take comfort in the little things… how good her limber, well-trained body felt after a swim and baking in the sun and then the sauna… how good it had felt to have a little bit of control for once as people stared longingly at her in a tiny swimsuit which revealed her body almost completely. It didn’t really help. All it made her thing of was how she was waiting to be a willing whore to her rapist again, and her breasts were practically on display for him, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Suddenly she heard someone by the door. Katarina closed her eyes, trying to show no reaction as the door opened and Eli entered. She had to be here. She had to do this. She didn’t need to give him an ounce more satisfaction that he made her. Katarina took a deep breath, opened her eyes… and look at Eli. The elite summoner was tall, muscular, and fit, dressed only in a swimsuit and a mocking smile, combined with a strange expression that Katarina didn’t quite know what to make of. “Let’s get this over with,” she said through clenched teeth.

“And here I thought you’d be happy to see me,” Eli said without changing his smile. “Next time, maybe you will be.”

As soon as Eli finished speaking, Katarina heard several heavy footsteps… and the door opened again and a bunch of muscular men entered after him. Katarina watched them enter the sauna, eyes widening. Eight muscular men were wearing nothing but swimsuits and towels stood in front of her… she didn’t recognize them, but context made it perfectly that she was looking at other summoners. Their faces were blank, but all the sixteen eyes were stuck in Katarina’s body.

After the eight men entered, Eli locked the door behind them and Katarina’s face changed. “What the hell is going on here!” Katarina yelled, looking at Eli as he turned back to face her. “This isn’t the agreement, you can’t jus-”

Eli walked towards Katarina and abruptly grabbed her red hair in his fist, pulling her to the side while she trembled with rage. She could murder him. She could murder everyone in this god damned room! But…

“Oh my Lady Katarina Du Couteau, isn’t it obvious? Don’t you know what we want from you? Just the usual… to take you. Use you. Rape you. Abuse you. You belong to us… its time you remember that,” Eli whispered in Katarina’s ear. “If you want your family to keep their privileged position, you should work your hardest to be a good lover to your new friends, understand?” He smiled at her. “It’s simple enough that even you can understand it, little Lady. You have nothing else to do but to submit to every order we give you. Easy, right? Neither I nor these men care in the least about your protests so just quit complaining and do it.”

Katarina narrowed her eyes, but she frowned and ceased struggling. She realized that it was pointless, that Eli was right… that she was just as powerless as ever. She understood that she will have to obey them and do whatever they ask her to do, and she was helpless before the men… she had to cooperate with these foul summoners. Kat nodded her head as if she understood what Eli said, a single curt nod.

“Good,” he said before raising his voice. “Gentlemen, I would be pleased to introduce you in person to your Ladyship Katarina Du Couteau. She’s a noblewoman, you know… and you have to treat her like the Lady she is. Show her a good time… she’s all yours.” Eli chuckled as the other seven summoners walked towards Katarina. “Have fun, Kenlam.”

The men nodded as if to approve and accept Eli’s words, chuckling as they approached. By this time, their bodies were starting to shine with sweat as well… and Kat idly wondered if she actually could fight her way free… their arms and legs looked so strong and muscular. Unfortunately, judging by the tents in their shorts, their dicks seemed to match, equally huge as they hardened. She sighed. She was helpless. She had to do whatever she was asked to do… longing to resist as she once had, but her options were severely limited at this point.

Two summoners walked towards her her, the others following behind. One, presumably the one named Kenlam, put his hands on her waist as her lips were just inches from his. “Let’s see what you taste like my Lady,” he said in a whisper, so he could feel her breath on his mouth. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Kat was breathing a little hard. She wanted to struggle, to tell him to go fuck himself… but she couldn’t keep that up. Her situation was too precarious, the men were too strong. “No…” she lied at last. “I don’t.”

“Even though we’re Demacians, my Lady?” he asked, leaning in close enough that she could feel his breath on her.

Kat shivered in disgust. Demacians. They were all filthy fucking Demacians, that was who Eli was making her serve. She wanted to scream. Instead, she forced an insincere smile onto her face as she felt their bulbous, hard dicks poke her body through the swimsuit as they grew stiffer and larger. “Of course not,” she said, saying the words that she knew Eli demanded. “Please kiss this whore.”

Kenlam laughed in her face. “Oh that’s rich, my Lady,” he said. Then, the next second, he kissed her lips feverishly, pressing against them with bruising force. It didn’t take long for him to start sucking them… a wet, sloppy kiss that made wet, disgusting sounds come from their lips. As if exploring and defiling her lips with his wasn’t enough, Kat shivered as she felt the summoner stroke his tongue past them and into her mouth. The Noxian assassin felt like she was going to vomit, but she couldn’t protest it. His tongue was clearly enjoying the warmth of the inside of her mouth, dancing around as he kissed her passionately.

Then someone grabbed her ass from behind. Then more than one someone.

The strong rough hands of three or more men slid up and down her pale back, fingers tracing over her sides, her shoulders, her tattoo, and occasionally one of them popped down to squeeze her ass through the thin swimsuit covering it, or occasionally slipping a finger or two beneath it. She didn’t even know which one of them was molesting her, but it wasn’t like it mattered… she wanted to kill every last one of the bastards. She felt disgusted to have their hands on her, touching her, teasing her, being molested by men that that she didn’t know and would rather kill out of hand, but she had no choice but to submit to their wild desires.

The man on her lips was still sucking them feverishly… His tongue made swirls inside her mouth, against her tongue. Katarina felt him stroking the wet muscle back and forth along her cheeks, the back of her teeth, thrusting forward almost like it was a dick trying to fuck her face. Katarina could feel more hands stretching and pulling the top of her swimming suit, yanking on it and her breasts with it until she was afraid the knot would come undone and it would just fall off. It didn’t though… instead, the summoners just got to keep moving it wherever they wanted, using it like a leash to drag her body around between them as their hands explored her body. Katarina felt it as their rough fingers dragged upon the smooth, soft skin of her breasts, the flesh supple beneath their questing paws. The men were teasing her whole body, exploring it, using her like a plaything. The red-haired assassin felt herself getting gooseflesh, shuddering, quivering bumps rising all across her skin as she shook in disgust and helpless anger.

“She loves it,” one of the men said with a rough voice. “Don’t you like us on you, my Lady? You’ve been craving Demacian love, haven’t you?”

Katarina said no words… any answer that came out of her mouth right now was going to be a bad idea. In the absence of words, however, one of the summoners inched one of her nipples through the swimsuit and a light whimper escaped out her lips instead. The men laughed wickedly. “Didn’t I tell you, the Lady is enjoying all of us!” A man yelled in a cheerful voice. Katarina felt someone’s lips on her neck, and his body pressed against her so that she could feel his erection against her ass cheek. The man’s hard dick was really pressing into her now. Katarina tried to move, to get her skin away from his dick even if she was already more than sure she wouldn’t be escaping without getting to feel it much better than this… even a delay was worthy of celebration. Her attempt at evasion worked, it got the dick out from the crack of her butt at least… but he didn’t even seem to notice, continuing to grind his length against her as he licked and sucked at her exposed neck, leaving tiny red suction marks up and down it as he scraped teeth and lip and tongue over her vulnerable flesh… his sloppy noises joining those of Kenlam as he molested her. The bruised his “kisses” left swelled up beet red against her pale skin.

An unintentional moan suddenly flew from her lips as the man hit one of the pleasure points in her neck. “Aww, getting turned on, my Lady?” The summoner said.

“Fuck you,” she snapped, struggling against their hands, unable to stop herself. “Stop this, you fuckers… I’m going to kill every last one of you! You all are going to pay for this you bastards!” Katarina yelled.

The men laughed looking at each other, and that just made the assassin struggle against their hands harder. They did not let Katarina go… but they didn’t stop teasing her either. Kept using her and teasing her until they had ripped another humiliating moan from her slender throat. “That’s no way for a Lady to talk,” Kenlam said before pressing his lips against hers again.

Another of the summoners grabbed the fabric covering her breasts and slowly pulled of the cup down, letting her breast pop free. Katarina growled into the man’s lips, she couldn’t do anything about it. She had always hated her breasts… they just got in the way, made moving harder, were extra heavy weight on her chest… and they were always the first thing anyone noticed about her. The summoner spat on them and rubbed the spit all over the orb. Then he made her gasp as he slapped it, but before anything but the barest hint of a growl could come of her throat he bent over enough to take her nipple into his mouth and begin to suck on it.

Katarina twisted her mouth away from Kenlam. “I’m going to get you for this, Eli,” she spat as another summoner pulled down the other cup of her top and begin pulling that nipple into his mouth as well.

“You aren’t going to do a thing, my Lady,” Eli said. He wasn’t participating yet… instead, he just sat on the bench, leaning back and relaxing with his cock hard in his shorts as he watched. “Except for take it like a good girl. Aren’t you?”

“Gods I hate you,” she managed before the summoner covered her mouth again. That was when she felt the first bare cock on her skin… not through the swim trunks but freed of them and rubbing against her. One of the summoners standing behind her stroked his hardened dick in between her thighs and started stroking it back and forth. It felt slick between sweat and his precum, and just the sensation of it against her, rubbing against her muscular legs disgusting her.

“Mmmmm, that’s feels so good,” he groaned as he lightly slapped her ass a few times. Katarina jumped, twitching against the slap as they came without a warning. It felt like her hot, overly sensitive skin was starting to burn, sensation racing down her body. The summoner on the right nipple pulled it away, spat on it again, and then circled his finger around her nipple making her cherry bud hard and stiff against him, chills growing around her areola despite what Kat wanted. She wished that she could control her body, that she could stop it from turning on her and betraying her and getting aroused from the damned summoners’ teasing… but try as she might, she failed. Each and every movement of the men teased her even more and more. Months and months of being used like by Eli had slowly conditioned her, and despite her will her body was ready to be fucked… and it didn’t matter how much or how little her mind liked that idea.

“You all are gonna pay for this!” she hissed. Then men laughed wickedly, and none of them louder than Kenlam as he bit her lip. Then, a second later, Kat felt another few slaps rain down onto her ass cheeks. Katarina jumped, hissing out a furious growl.

“I don’t think so, my Lady!” the man said as he placed more hard slaps on her ass. “If we paid for it, it would make you nothing but a whore. Instead, you’re a noblewoman and you would never… ever… stoop so low as to… sell your body… to a bunch of men you don’t even know the names of…” By the times his words finished, her ass was covered with the marks of his palm… Just like he had marked his territory, her put crimson handprints all over her rear. He kept slapping her ass continuously as the other men kept teasing her, another of the men sliding over to kiss Katarina and suck on her lips as the summoners traded off who was getting to suck on her embarrassingly full breasts. This one, however, was rougher… he took control of the nipple between two fingers, rolling it between them as his other hand squeezed her breasts, almost like he was folding it as he kissed it… once… twice… five times, before he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Katarina’s focus was on the new kiss, the way he was molesting her tongue deep enough that she wanted to gag. That ended when the new man at her breasts decided we wasn’t satisfied and put the nippled between his teeth and pulled his face away, dragging her nipple with it. Katarina forced the kiss away and yelled in pain. “Son of a bitch! Don’t you da-” The man looked into her eyes and bit harder, pulling away more strongly as he smiled at her and her nippled stretched out. Katarina winced. “You bas-” The man on her left nipple did the same, biting that nipple as well and pulling it away from her. “Fucking stop it!”

The two men continued tugging the nipple as they were in competition with each other while the other summoners held her in place… Trying to find who makes her scream the most. After long minutes of torturing her nipples, they broke the tug and Katarina looked down, finding her nipples sore and swollen and almost as red as her hair. “I hate you…” she moaned as they came back down to lick across her inflamed, sensitive nipples again, giving them a tongue bath and forcing another small moan out of her at the overwhelming sensation on her sensitive skin.

A cock pressed itself into her palm, and despite herself Katarina didn’t resist as the summoner helped close her fingers around it. “I know you do, my Lady. Now stroke my Demacian cock.” A second man put his bulbous dick against the insides of her thighs and started stroking it. As he moved back and forth, his balls bumped against her legs as the whole group pleasured themselves using the helpless woman. Hating herself, the redhead began to stroke the pick softly, her dexterous finger curled around the cock she wanted little more than to rip off the bastard. Instead, she closed her other hand’s fingers around another dick. Katarina had no other option or choice but to please them… There was no escape, no ending for the painful teasing, no way out of the trap she had found herself in as they took turns and continued using her and abusing her whole body to please their desires. They wanted her to be turned on so much that she could take and please their bulging cocks in just the way they wanted her to… to use every part of her body for their sick pleasure.

The teasing molestation continued. Katarina wasn’t sure how long her bare breasts and hands and exposed skin was used to please them as they continued to kiss and lick and bite and feel up her body, but it felt like hours. There were only seven men around her, but she felt far more than fourteen hands and seven cocks… it felt like hundreds. Then, abruptly, the hands on her were gripping and lifting her up, a startled cry escaping the overwhelmed assassin’s lips as she was carried over to one of the wooden benched and laid down on it.

Immediately one of the summoners climbed on her and started kissing her. Katarina’s lips were already swollen due to the brutal kissing and biting, making sure she felt even single motion, every single press of them against her. After long minutes of kissing, he brought his lips into her neck and sucked on her skin instead, adding his own marks to the men on her before he spat onto her nipples and slapped her breasts, one after the other just to make the restrained redhead cry out. While the man continued teasing the nipples, Katarina felt her legs being pushed apart.

She tried to close them back, but she wasn’t allowed to… the multiple hands on her legs easily overpowering even her strong, athletic legs as they held her by thigh and calf and ankle, holding her so tightly that Kat could hardly even think of moving them as a man crawled between her splayed thighs and leaned right up to her pussy. The bikini thong that covered her sex was already wet due to all the teasing. “Oh, look at this… the Lady really has been enjoying all of this.” The man teased, leading to the other summoners looked over at her pussy for themselves and laughing. “You are enjoying this are you, my Ladyship?” he said as he ran his fingers towards the waistband of the thong. “Is this how Noxian courtships go? Or is it more like… this?”

The summoner grabbed onto the sides of her thong, grabbing it and yanking, pulling up. Katarina cried out into the mouth pressed against her lips as the fabric which covered and protected her pussy from the bastards instead began to press into it, sharply indenting inward under the pressure. The man pulled it further and further up, tormenting Katarina with a hard, cruel equivalent of a wedgie. The process made the slim covering on her quim hide almost nothing as Kat screamed in pain. The fabric made her pussy sting… it felt like one of her damned daggers cutting into her! Then the man on her breasts closed her mouth with his hands, silencing her as she stared down into her wide, pained green eyes with a voracious, lustful expression. No word escaped that gag… no screams either. Instead, the very first tear of the night came against her win, rolling down her cheek as the pain and frustration and struggle overwhelmed her in her completely helplessly. Katarina tried to struggle against the hands holding her and the weight of the summoners but she was completely unable to… struggling only made the burn in her pussy increase as her squirmed her hips side to side.

Finally, the man let go of the waistband. Katarina sighed of relief as the hand came off her mouth at the same time… so relieved that at first she barely noticed when the man who had been tormenting her moved the soaked fabric away to get a good view of her pussy. As her pussy became fully visible to everyone they cheered in excitement. “So this is the pussy cat’s little pussy,” one of them said with a chuckle.

“You all are going to suffer for this, Demacian dogs!” Katarina cursed in pain. Not one of the summoners seemed to give a shit about her anger or protests however, save for them to turn them on further.

The man between her legs casually leaned into her pussy, licking her thigh as he took a breath, smelling the aroma of her womanly juices. “Mmmmmmmm…. You smell so delicious my Lady,” he said. “Turned on Noxian noblewoman is a delight… for such a dirty country, you certainly produce some top-notch pussy.” He leaned again and blew on her unwillingly wet cunt, and the teasing caress of the wind on her hot sex made Katarina squirm.

“Bastard…” she hissed. She couldn’t enjoy this. “Fuck you. Fuck y-Agh!” With no warning, the summoner pushed his tongue into her pussy, stroking at her insides and tasting her fresh cunt.

At first, a few licks were all that the man gave. From Katarina’s gasping reaction to the first touch of his sloppy tongue to her soaking pussy lips, the man knew it wouldn’t take more than a few moments of concentrated effort on the assassin’s clit to get the helpless woman screaming for him. Soon, however, the summoner began to do just that, and though Katarina did cry out and buck and thrash about, she didn’t cum… in the next few seconds, Katarina set out a loud shrill marking that she was close. The man continued the licks more vigorously and faster while the other summoners laughed at her as they molested her, squeezing her skin and breasts, pulling down their swimsuits to drag exposed cocks over her muscles and soft skin until Kat felt like she was going insane.

Then the summoner with his tongue inside her attacked viciously with his loud tongue, aggressively licking and slurping as he pulled her clit into his sucking mouth with vigor. Every inch of Katarina’s bald helpless slit was explored, gently at first but progressively harder and harder with each passing second. Katarina screamed and howled, but never snapped into oblivion. Finally, the summoner, smirking, gave in and just started eating Katarina’s tight little cunt out just so feverishly and senselessly. Katarina screamed, trying desperately to control her body but knowing that she was failing, her body falling towards an unwilling orgasm that she was unable to stop… the sucking and teasing in her pussy was unbearable pleasurable and humiliating. She didn’t want this, not at all, but her body wasn’t listening to what she wanted or didn’t… the Noxian noblewoman was screaming in her desperate attempt not to cum, but her attempts quickly melted towards being in vain as another of the summoners began licking at her right nipple again, running his tongue around her areola before sucking the whole sensitive thing into his mouth… and then Katarina could no longer resist all of the painful, maddening, overwhelming teasing.

She was there.

“Fuuuck youu- uuu- uuuuu- uu- u…” Katarina cried out helplessly. Her body started trembling marking that she was at the edge. The man eating her pussy saw her squirming and sped the suction, throbbing his tongue in and out her pussy exploring the farther edges and hitting every sensitive spot she had until she couldn’t resist anymore, only driving the redhead further insane. The man reached under the squirming woman and grabbed a big ass cheek in each hand and squeezed, pulling Katarina harder against his face. He lapped senselessly at her cunt and clit, making Katarina unwilling moan as she raised her abdomen. The other summoners continued to use her whole body as a masturbation device to play with and rub their cocks against, and Katarina wanted nothing in the world less, but the last shred of her self control was gone… she couldn’t stop herself anymore. A loud, shrill shriek came out her throat as she came on the damned summoner’s tongue, streams of her warm cunt juices dripped down her pussy hole, soaking her further, completely unmissable for any of the men.

“Knew she was the type to like it,” the summoner said, drawing back and grinning as he wiped his chin with one forearm. The others cheered their fellow on at his accomplishment. He backed off after taking a last few licks. “Anyone else want a taste?” he asked. Practically before he tongue left her, Katarina felt another man’s mouth on her pussy, breathing in her sweet musk and lapping up her soaked slit.

“You… fuckers… I will get you back for all of this…” Katarina swore in fury. “I swear, someday…”

In the next second, Eli was in front of her. Grabbing onto her cheeks with one hand and squeezing, he leaned his face right up against her. “You know, I’m getting quite tired of your mouth, Lady Du Couteau,” he said evenly. “If you aren’t going to talk like a proper Lady, then you’re going to talk like the whore you are.” He squeezed her jaw harder. “Repeat after me. ‘I am nothing but a whore for men!’” His other hand reached down to slap one of her tits. “Say it!” Katarina screamed, and Eli slapped her other breast, then back to the first one. “Say it!” he commanded, squeezing tighter until it felt like her jaw was going to top, reaching up to slap her across the face instead.

Katarina had no choice. “I’m… just a w- whore… for m… men,” she said in a panting voice.

Eli slapped her another few times across her face, making her cry out. It felt like her skin, already overly sensitive and inflamed, was on fire and she could feel his hands for long seconds after they left her “Yes, you are… Lady Du Couteau,” Eli said before he moved back away from her face.

Katarina was left panting and stewing in her humiliation as cocks dragged over her body and the summoner between her legs licked while thumbing her clit. Then, with no warning, he abruptly pushed two fingers into her pussy. If it hadn’t been so sudden, she might have been prepared… instead, she moaned like the whore they made her say she was. The man kept rubbing her clit vigorously, even as he thrust the two fingers in and out of her pussy… Katerina was already dripping, so even her snug little pussy put up no real resistance as he pushed another fingers inside her, provoking another, smaller moan.

He wasn’t even close to satisfied yet, though… she was wet enough for him to really put to use. As he began to work a fourth finger into her, he was too busy to pay proper attention to the assassin’s clit so one of the other summoners took over, rubbing and kissing it even as Kat felt a dick rubbing against her right foot, forcing her toes to curl around it… thrusting against her skin, using it like a sheath for his prick. Katarina, to his disgust, felt another orgasm growing. She tried to control herself as the men continued to painfully, maddeningly, unstopplably teased her body… but then the plans on the man between her legs became clear as he began working his thumb into her sex as well. “That… that’s- Ah! Th- That isn’t going to fit!” she protested. “What are you idiots doi- ah! Doing!”

“You need more faith my Lady,” one of the summoners said with a snicker. “We’ll make it fit, don’t you worry.” Inch by painful inch, his hand began to force her tight, helpless pussy further and further open, making her gasp uncontrollably as she spat out incoherent babbling… and all the while cocks left a trail of slime over her muscles, her breasts and nipples and clit and neck never stopped being molested, and her hands were forced to close once against around a pair of large, Demacian dicks.

It was painful… but as he slowly clenched his hand into a fist inside of her, Katarina had to face the fact that it was also going to make her cum. Her body was just feeling too much, too many confusing, conflicting sensations that she couldn’t even tell them apart anymore, couldn’t be sure what hurt and what felt good. The fist was enlarging her insides, pressing against the muscles of her snug cunt as those same muscles squeezed on the fist like it was trying to crush it. The summoner’s hand was exploring the deepest corners of her helpless twat, making her feel more fun than she had ever felt in her life and leaving her moaning and screaming as she fought not to cum. Cumming for these men, this group of Demacian rapists, was the last thing Katarina wanted, the very, very, very last thing… but once again her body was betraying her. Then men kept teasing her more and more, and she was reacting just like the whore she had been forced to say she was.

Then, abruptly, Katarina gagged. With her eyes squeezed shut as she tried not to cum, she hadn’t realized what was happening at first… As the fist tortured her pussy, as a dozen hands and half as many dicks rubbed her body, the first cock entered into her mouth with no warning. “It’s all yours, Lady Du Couteau. The favorite treat of Noxian noblewomen. Suck it, my Lady!” the summoner hissed as he pushed his prick deeper into her mouth. As much as Katarina wished she could insult his size, she had to admin that the man was simply huge. Katarina tried to push the man away, but she felt so weak… pinned by too many men, her wrists unable to be taken away from the pricks she was stroking. The men held her helpless as he thrust his dick further into her, the already sizable shaft lengthening and swelling further as he hardened against her lips and tongue. Her face flushed and her pupils were large and dark as she stared, upside down, at his swinging balls as he shove himself in and out of her. Katarina had no choice but to please the man by sucking his monstrous dick. The pain inside her pussy was unbearable, but the moans and screams and whimpers it inspired were stifled by the dick in her mouth now, and if anything it just seemed to make his dick twitch with pleasure as it made her vibrate around him.

The summoner between her legs stroked his fist harder and deeper into her, like he was trying to punch her womb, and the man fingering and sucking on her clit wasn’t to be left out, using more and more teeth on her like he was determined to destroy her. As the two of them worked to abuse her poor pussy, the man who was slamming his dick into her mouth had finally wedged the head of his fat prick against the back of her throat. “Worship my cock, Lady Du Couteau. Suck it like you mean it… my Lady.” he said. It wasn’t easy for her to do what he asked with it wedged so deep inside her, never mind the distracting not-entirely-pain radiating from her ravaged pussy, but she still gurgled as she licked at him, choking on his prick. One of the men finally let go of her wrists, and she retreated from the prick she was holding. After a momentarily hesitation where what she really wanted to do was try to shield her abused cunt, she instead reached up and grabbed the ass of the summoner making her blow him, pushing him forward, and his cock slid into her open throat as she took him deep down to his balls. Her lips wrapped around the base of his shaft and she felt him sight with pleasure even as she choked again, his balls resting on her nose and in her eyes.

Slowly, she retreated her head, then back forward… sliding along his veiny shaft in an attempt to please the damned thing. She could feel every inch of it as her tongue slid along it, tasting the salty sweat and precum that coated the thick cock that was already pulsing with pleasure. Resigned to getting this over with, Katarina moved her hand to grab the base of his manhood and began to stroke every inch of him that her lips weren’t covering at that second, her mouth and hand working together to pleasure all of him as she sucked and jerked simultaneously. Very quickly, Katarina realized she had been wrong about how hard he was… he was growing thicker and longer still, his cock enormous in her mouth until it felt like she needed to stretch her lips to fit her mouth around him and like her throat was simply clogged full. She stroked and sucked and licked his cock while the fucking summoner just leaned back motionless, allowing her to do all the work for him while he watched her pussy be abused, her breasts swaying to the rhythm of it while hands and dicks and mouths made her body their plaything.

Katarina was keeping up her blowjob, despite her nearly constant whimpers from the fist inside her, when at no signal she could see her role changed. The summoners in her mouth removed her hand from his dick, grabbed onto her neck and the back of her head, and started facefucking her. Katarina gagged, wretched, and coughed, struggling to swallow as he shoved the entire length of his impossibly hard dick in and out of her throat, then again and again and again. The bastard thrust his length of Demacian meat back and forth, choking her with it with each cruel slam of his balls into her pert nose, blocking her breath with each new penetration. Katarina squirmed, struggling, shaking her whole body as she gagged. She felt like she was going to throw up, but with her throat so stuffed full it wouldn’t have done anything… instead, she had to remain as still as possible while the man used her neck like a cock sheath for untold minutes.

The assassin had no idea how long she choked for, besides “forever,” before it ended. After minutes for brutal thrusting and choking and savage defilement, it swelled against the walls of her throat, his balls pulsing where they rested against her face. Kat gagged as she felt hot liquid filling her neck as he dropped his seed deep inside her. She couldn’t even taste it, and usually she would have considered that a benefit but in context it was hard to consider this as anything but a degrading nightmare… he wasn’t using her like a woman, he wasn’t even using her like a whore… he was just using her neck to masturbate and when he had to cum he shoved his way in just like it was her pussy and just let go.

The summoner did not pull out his dick until his cock was still, his orgasm finished… all of his seed in her stomach. By then, Katarina was lightheaded, her head swimming from lack of air as she swallowed everything… she hated it, but her protests meant even less than nothing with a cock embedded down her throat. At the very moment his dick popped free of her gullet, after she had drank all of his cum, she tried to take a giant breath… and it was right then that the men playing with her pussy started increasing their pace… the fist and the mouth of the clit working together to tease and fuck her to oblivion and bring the breathless to girl to another shuddering orgasm despite her wishes. Kat wished she could stop herself, but she didn’t feel like she had even the slightest hint of control over her own body anymore. She screamed as she was pushed over the edge, her pussy juicing over the hand inside her, but even as she came the man fisting her didn’t stop slamming himself in and out, faster and faster. Kat could barely feel it… her entire body felt numb and on fire at once as she came. “Please…” she gasped, her dignity escaping despite herself. “Stop! Stop it!”

Instead, he pushed on, harder and faster still. “Cum again! Cum for me again, Lady Du Couteau!” the man grunted as he sped up. He hit the deepest edges of her helpless pussy. It felt, to the redhead, like he was destroying it… her lips were already dripping with her cunts juices, shed in unwilling pleasure and simple self defense. It was too much for Katarina… nothing in her training, nothing in her self discipline or preparation of hatred for Demacians could prepare her for this. Tears began to leak from her eyes, but he had no mind to stop. “One more, my Lady Du Couteau, one more,” he said as he shoved vigorously. The muscles inside her pussy were already stretched and felt like he might be ripping them, her skin so overstimulated from all the slapping and spanking and touching that it felt like it had been burned, and she could barely feel anything but the overwhelming pressure from her pussy from the senseless fist-rape. As the man fist fucked her, Katarina felt another orgasm coming, letting out a helpless whimper. “There it is, cum for me, cum for me my Lady!” the man hissed as he took over from the other summoner, grabbing onto her clit with his other hand and pinching it hard.

“AHHHH AHHHHH AHHHH…” Katarina screamed… and her body squirmed and she screamed as she exploded on the fist for a second time, cumming for a third time since they had started. She just couldn’t take it anymore… tears rolled down her eyes.

“That’s what we all wanted,” said the man as he pulled out his fist.

His entire hand to past his wrist was soaked in her cunt. Her clit was so swollen and painful that it seemed to throb with her heartbeat, and she softly wept in sheer humiliation and anger. “You bastards…” she hissed.

The man who had just been fist-fucking her pushed his hand up against her mouth. “You’re speaking out of turn again, my Lady,” he said. “Make your mouth useful and clean this.” Katarina had no other choice… reluctantly ,she opened her bruised lips, extended her tired tongue, and began to lap across his fist, cleaning her own pussy off of it even as she felt cum splash against her foot, the summoner who had been masturbating with it cumming on her calf and between her toes. She slowly sucked and licked all juices off of the hand that had been in her depths, even with the distraction as another of the summoners began lightly slapping her swollen pussy. Katarina moaned in pain.

“This going to be too lose?” Kenlam asked.

“Nah,” said the one between her. “She’s snug as a glove. If anything, she might have just swollen up tighter.”

“Excellent,” the summoner said with a smirk as another of the summoners covered her left hand and wrist in his cum, her stroking motions finally bearing fruit and earning herself another load. At last, one of the summoners ripped the thong of her bikini off entirely, leaving her in nothing but her swim top that was by now covering nothing at all but a thin band of skin beneath her too-large tits. “Time to take this to the next level. Get on your knees,” he command.

Katarina didn’t obey… she just laid on the bench, overwhelmed and furious, so she was taken completely off guard when Kenlam put his foot on her side and roughly pushed her off the bench, sending her tumbling down to the ground. She hit hard and rolled over… her normally athletic and lithe body feeling like it was made of clumsy lead at the moment. Immediately, one of the summoners strong arms was around her, dragging her up, bringing her to her knees on the hard wood floor. It was so hot… it felt like the air was burning her lungs as she tried to catch her breath and looked around at the 7 Demacians surrounding her along with Eli… looking at her like a pack of wolves looking at a deer. “Fuck off, you assholes, I’m doing it!” she yelled spitting at the men.

Kenlam stepped up, stroking his cock in his fist. “That’s really not the proper use for that mouth. You don’t seem to get it yet.” He slapped her across the cheek again. “Suck me, Noxian… show me how the great Lady Du Couteau worships a cock!” He leaned down and grabbed her cheeks, squeezing. “Listen to me, my Lady… you’re going to suck it like you mean it, and maybe I’ll forget that you’re an assassin. Show any unwillingness, do less than a perfect job, and I’ll punish you.” He smiled down at the helpless woman.

Katarina breathed in, swallowed the sharp remark she wanted to make – showing she had more self-restraint that most credited her with – and submitted, opening her mouth. The beautiful redhead held his swollen dick in both hands, stroking the huge thing a few times before she leaned forward and took him into her mouth, swallowing him deep. He was too large to breathe around… in this way, his cock was as deadly of a weapon as any of her knives. She pulled back a little to catch a breathe and covered it by putting her tongue to work, lapping across his pisshole and swallowing the precum leaking out of her. Kat swirled her tongue around his cock until a light grunt of approving came out from the summoners lips. When he pulled out and lifted his balls up to the kneeling girl, she didn’t protest or hesitate… She was already too sore and exhausted to want to be punished further. Instead, like the lowest kind of weak Noxian streetwalker, Katarina stretched out her tongue and began to lick at his balls.

Kenlam opened his legs wider for her, letting her lick every inch of his sweaty nuts before he turned around, spreading his cheeks. Katarina only hesitated a second, her pride warring with her despair before she leaned in and began to lick his asshole, forcing her tongue into his ass and kissing it like others had forced their tongues into her mouth. She hated it… she felt disgusted to lick this bastard’s asshole, but she had no choice. Licking his ass hole was way better than being beaten and tossed around and her pussy just couldn’t take any more punishment right now… it still felt like it was on fire.

Kenlam growled loudly in obvious arousal, wanting to cum. Katarina feared that the summoner was going to choke her and cum inside her throat again, and she didn’t want that, so she quickly moved to get back to work on his balls, sucking one of his nuts into her mouth and licking all over it. Kenlam, however, seemed to know what she was doing… he only let her get away with it for a moment before he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off, tightening a fist in her red mane and using it to draw her lips back to the head of his cock. She moaned softly in discomfort and he used the opportunity to grab onto his cock and shove all of it into her mouth and into her already speared throat, roughly pumping himself in and out of the disgraced assassin. The head of his fat prick felt like a mace as it scraped at the insides of her throat, but he didn’t let up… Kenlam controlled the pace now. He was moving his hips, fucking her, trying to grind his cock ever deeper down her gullet like he was trying to reach her stomach… and only once he was all the way in, with her nose pressed flat against his pubic hair, did he stretch down and slap her cheek. Katarina cried out, the sound muffled around the prick gagging her, and all the summoners laughed… except for Kenlam, who groaned in pleasure as he continued the process with her left cheek as well, then back to her right, then back to her left. Tears rolled down her eyes… she was helpless. Unless she was willing to bite him, and suffer the horrible consequences, she was completely unable to stop herself and her pain from being used like a fucktoy for this man as he slapped her over and over again, her pained sounds arousing to him as she felt his cock twitch with pleasure for each one she made.

Then he brought the slapping hand up to her hair as well and grabbed another fistful of her scarlet mane before using it to slam his dick into her throat as brutally as he could… and held her there. And held her there. And held her there and held her there until the air in her lungs grew stale and she felt like she was going to pass out and she gave a pathetic little whimper around his dick. Only then did he pull back, letting her get a single whisper of breath before he slammed his dick down her throat again, and again, and again, fucking her as roughly as any man every had, precum mixing with her spit as she struggled just to get enough air to keep alive.

Then he yanked his cock free and threw her to the ground.

Kat barely was able to get over the breathless daze of being choke-fucked and tossed away like garbage – he hadn’t even finished! – when another of the summoners grabbed onto her, dragging her back to her knees. She was so out of it she didn’t even open her mouth, so he squeezed her cheeks, popping her jaw open right before he slammed his swollen dick deep into her mouth, thrust back and forth inside of her immediately. He rammed himself into her, the head of his dick entering her throat in the first motion and making her choke, scraping the walls of her esophagus with each cruel movement, making her struggle to breathe before she had ever caught her breath. Only after doing that, after hilting himself inside of her, did the summoner release his tight grip on her head and order her to suck him.

Katarina could clearly feel the strength in the hand behind her head… she knew she was only seconds from being throat-fucked again, so if she wanted to take this at a pace that she could breathe she needed to act quickly. again felt the persistence of his hand behind her head. She moved her head on him as the quickest pace her dizzy head and burning lungs would permit, fucking her own face on his rod. Sloppy, wet sounds of suction and gagging escaped from her sounds, sounds that turned on the summoners and disgusted Katarina. From the outside, all the summoners could clearly see the shape of the man’s cock as it made its way keep down Katarina’s throat and his pelvis crashed again and again into her nose until her lips were wetting the base of his scrotum. As ordered, she sucked in earnest as she fucked her face for him… never mind that her jaws were getting sore, her lips were bruised, her lungs were burning and her tongue was exhausted… she just had to do it, to immerse herself completely in the wet, slimy sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her throat and over her tongue and lips, leaving slimy precum all over the place as it did until it was the only thing she could taste. His fingers interlaced behind her head and as he caressed her hair as he pulled her onto him. His moans were coming quickly… Her submissively fucking her face for him only served to fuel the man’s hunger. She allowed her teeth to lightly graze his cock occasionally… gently, teasingly. It didn’t hurt, but it made her feel a little bit better, than she wasn’t entirely helpless even if she wouldn’t dare use them for anything more, but the contrast in sensation drove him wild. The summoner practically pulled her ears off as he thrust into her and pulled her in the same thrust she felt wet heat on the back of her throat as he came.

Katarina felt like she was going to drown in the spunk as she swallowed as fast as she could, but it wasn’t cooperating… she pulled back, moving around as the spurt of hot seed sprayed like the hose against the roof of her mouth and dripped back down onto the back of her tongue… hot as burning coals. “Stop swallowing!” he commanded, slapping his cock against her tongue against and again as he groaned and came. “Hold onto it.”

Dismayed, Katarina obeyed… she swirled each succeeding burst on her tongue over her teeth between her teeth and gums, in every part of her mouth. She couldn’t taste anything but cum, and increasingly she found that she couldn’t remember what anything but cum even tasted like… the sensation dominated her mind as her tongue and lips and throat all grew slimy and gross with his jizz. As he pulled back, her lips got coated with his cum and little bit of ran down her chin.

He pushed the dick in and choked her, and suddenly pulled it out and laughed wickedly. “That’s perfect… Aren’t you a good Noxian cocksucker, my Lady?” He slapped her a few times with his slimy dick before he backed away from her. “Open your mouth wide.” Like a dog, Katarina let her tongue loll out as she opened her mouth, revealing the pool of creamy spunk… made larger and more disgusting still by all the spit she had added to it. “Now swallow it.”

Reluctantly, Kat obeyed… it took multiple swallows to get it all down… and the puddle sat like a lump of lava in her stomach, hot and foul. “Perfect!” he claimed, patting her on the head. “I knew a Lady of Noxus like yourself was up to the task.” After another degrading pat on her head, he walked away from her.

She wasn’t given even a second to sneer… Kenlam was in front of her again. She looked up at him, watching him as he intensely stared at the drool pouring over his cock. He had his lip between his teeth, a hand moving to grasp the base of his cock as he pulled her mouth lower, slapping his sticky tool against her cheek leaving a trail of precum to mingle with her salty tears. “Open wide, my Lady,” he commanded. Nervously, she hesitated… and that was a mistake. He frowned and grabbed onto the back of her head again, pulling her mouth down, smearing and pressing the head against her lips and forcing it to open. Within seconds, the thick head of his cock was pressing to the back of her throat, nearly ten thick inches of Demacian meat coated with the assassin’s drool. The salty, masculine taste of his skin coated her tongue and she gagged, a shiver of disgust and self-hatred raging through her as she closed her eyes.

“No, no, no,” Kenlam said, putting his thumbs painfully into her eyes and pulling her eyelids up. “Eyes open. Look up at me…” Katarina winced and did so… staring up at his leering face while she choked on his dick. “Very good, your Ladyship. You’re a natural at this… it’s just like you were born to be used like this. Now keep your eyes on me…” With his fingers tangled in her hair, he yanked her head back and forth brutally, just like he liked and wanted it. As he moved her, her cheeks sucked in to hollow out, and her tongue stroked the underside of his cock side to side. She could feel the thick vein of his shaft as her tongue slid over it, the way it pulsated with pleasure from the slow movements of her mouth, guided by his expert hand. As he pulled her up to the head, she let out a loud slurping sound, lavishing the head with tender licks, swirls of the tongue, and pressured slow sucks. Reaching up, she grasped his hand, pulling it off of her hair and she pulled fully off his cock. Thick trails of her saliva connected her lips to his cock head still.

To her surprise, however, he backed off again… once again without cumming. “W- why,” she choked out before coughing. “Wh- why… What are you doing?”

Kenlam laughed. “Don’t worry your pretty little head, Lady Du Couteau… every drop of my cum is going elsewhere. Worry about the rest of us,” he said as another man stepped up. Katarina looked up at him, took in his features, and imagined how much she would like to cut his throat. Then instead she lowered herself down once more and sucked the tip into her mouth. A rain of brutal slaps followed in between thrusts, not just to her face but to her shoulders, arms, and mostly her breasts until she started to fall. Only after a trio of laughing summoners held her in place was he able to continue fucking her face again, continuing to slap her body as he went. “Take it, Lady Assassin… suck my cock and please it!” the man hissed as he bounded forward. Katarina felt her whole body burning due to the intense slapping, tears rolled down from her eyes to coat her cheeks. “I said suck… my Lady,” he commanded her as he tugged his thumb and the second finger around one of her swollen nipples, pincing it brutally. Katarina moaned in pain. Her nipples burned, and it only hurt worse and worse as he stretched them out. Katarina screamed louder and louder as she tried to focus on sucking his dick even as he pounded her throat. Eventually, he released the nipple tug, although Katarina couldn’t have said what it was she finally did that pleased him enough to earn the reprieve… it didn’t matter. Sighing with relief, she just continued to suck his dick for him as he fucked her pretty, scarred face.

He looked down at her, beaming with pride at taming the bitchy assassin even as she looked up at him. Another of the men grabbed onto one of her hands and dragged it to his own throbbing cock… Katarina grasped it with one hand, wincing as her fingertips just barely touched each other on the other side… all these Demacian bastards were huge, more beast than men in her opinion. The sight of her barely big enough hands around his cock seemed to inflame the men, and they were all too happy to crowd around her, resting dicks on her shoulders, rubbing them on her arm while thick bouts of drool dripped from her lips as her stick throat was slammed by the one directly in front of her. Moving her hand up and down the length of one shaft while sucking on another, the summoners were pleased to give her a third, taking her open hand to the side and making her stroke a third dick, twisting her wrist slowly side to side, and up and down.

The cock in her mouth pulsed inside her from the touch of her lips and tongue, and her fingers squeezed just a little bit tighter on the other shafts. The cruel summoner she was sucking kept pushing her all the way against him, demanding more and more service, so she managed to dip her head to be a bit more between his thighs at the base… lowering her mouth so that she could push her tongue out past her lips and beneath his cock to bathe his dangling sacs in her spit. Using her tongue, she pulled one ball at a time into her mouth, gently suckling each one with tender adoration, running the width of her tongue over them. He was saltier here, but she had some much of the taste of cum in her mouth already Katarina barely noticed… nose pressed into him, all she could smell was the musk of his skin, the light layer of his sweat, and it wrapped around her head like a cloud, pulling her under as he abused her throat. Her hands swirled on the other pricks, jerking up and down, growing a little faster the dick she was sucking swelled, the summoner breathing harder and harder. The first of the men she was stroking came, his seed hot and sticky on her hand, but she focused on sucking… Her mouth switched between one of his nuts to the other, his balls filling her cheeks before she pulled back leaving them a dripping mess and never neglecting the cock he wanted her to suck, lest he start slapping her around again… he pushed her down until his head was once again at the back of her throat while one of the cocks she was stroking exploded over her arm and the floor, coating her skin and the wood both.

Once more the summoner’s hands found their way into her hair, pulling tighter than they had before until it felt like he was going to rip her mane out. Kat screamed around the gagging dick, but he didn’t pause… now that he had control of her head, he viciously forced it to bob up and down his length a dozen times in quick succession until he came, pushed over the edge.

Katarina hated this, she fucking hated this. These disgusting men leaving their disgusting seed inside her. She wanted to spit it out, but instead the man held onto her nose, pinching it shut as he covered her mouth with his dick until she couldn’t breathe at all. She was helpless to do anything but swallow his load too, and he didn’t release her nose until after she had gulped the last of it down, and his cock was spent.

Then Kenlam was there again, slamming his way into her open, dazed mouth before she could react. He throat fucked her viciously, not pausing in the slight… his repeated edging of himself meaning that he wasn’t close to cumming yet even though he had been fucking her face for close to twenty minutes between his three times so far. She wasn’t sure how long he raped her throat for before he pulled out, just as abruptly as he had entered her. “Good. Now clean up your mess,” he said, tossing her to the floor again. “Lick it clean.”

Katarina, dazed, took a moment to look around and realize what he was talking about… that in her reluctance to swallow earlier, combined with the men she had stroked off and the one who had cum on her toes, meant that there was a decent amount of cum soaking into the wood of the floor. She almost looked to Eli to look for mercy… and the moment she realized that thought had occurred to her she wanted to be sick. Instead of doing something so obviously pointless, she lowered her head to the floor, found a spot of cum, and started to suck on it.

Just like a whore would do.

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