Ashes to Ashes – Chapter 2

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“The world has grown soft while I’ve been away,” Kerris said regretfully as he kicked the body away from his, carefully wiping the sludge off his armored boots onto the dead man’s chest. He was beginning to wonder if this was a mistake to come here to this “Temple of the Deep…” just a waste of time. He had been trying to seek out more like him… but he had been disappointed at every turn by the killers who came after him, seeking his soul… and his tongue. At least the most recent assassin downstairs, a woman who had called herself “Yellowfinger,” had at least had a body worth playing with before he had ended her, but that diversion hadn’t lasted long… he was eager to find the source of these phantoms that hunted him. At the far end of the corridor, Kerris could see the twisting candlelight and the gloomy bed… A shrouded figure sat upon it caressing the heavy grub that leaned against her body.

This was supposed to be Rosaria? This was the Mother of Rebirth? In the cathedral he had already seen the weakness of her servants, Leonhard, Yellowfinger, Creighton, and dealt with them all heavy-handedly. He had expected to find… something… here. Was this truly to be another disappointment?

Kerris approached at a slow pace, the rustling movement of his armor echoing along the stone walls. Even as he came to the dais that led up to the bed, Rosaria said nothing. Leonhard had said that he should bow before the Mother of Rebirth; but Kerris held his head high and glanced down at the slender fingers stroking the grub. “Will you not speak?” Kerris asked her with disdain. “You are approached by one of the greatest of lords and a future king. Can you not comprehend the honor bestowed upon you?”

Rosaria’s mouth opened but all that came out was a breathy gasp. The grub writhed against her. Disgusted, Kerris unsheathed his blade and buried half an inch of the tip into the white mass. “What is this filthy thing?”

The grub tried to shift itself away weakly. Rosaria grabbed the blade with her hand and moved it away. “You would dare?” Kerris growled darkly. “Speak, whore! Speak, or I will cut this thing to pieces.”

From behind him, he could hear heavy footfalls running towards him. “You filthy cur!” Leonhard screeched. “Lady Rosaria shall have your tongue for your insolence.” Kerris waited. He listened carefully for Leonhard’s movements and turned in the final moment before he could strike, parrying Rosaria’s servant with so much force that he staggered backwards, trying to find his footing. Leonhard gripped his crescent blade with renewed vigor. “You would be wise to leave this place, filth.”

Kerris laughed. “From having my tongue to begging me to leave? You would call yourself a worthy opponent?”

Leonhard lifted his sword for another blow. Kerris lifted his blade horizontally and the blow his enemy delivered never even made him flinch. Such weakness. “Who and what are you?” Leonhard asked, eyes wide.

Kerris took a step closer and Leonhard took a step back. “I am one that would call himself your lord, were you anything but a weakling.”

The two clashed blades again. Kerris could see Leonhard trembling from the pressure placed upon him and sniggered once more, darkly amused at the crumbling nature of the world. To think that such a man that would not have once been seen as a match for a child thought of himself as some great warrior.

Kerris kicked him and broke his guard, then delivered a blow that sent Leonhard’s weapon flying out of hand. The strong hand gripped Leonhard by the neck before he could move and lifted him into the air. “Wait…” he croaked.

Kerris brought him over to Rosaria’s bed and dropped him to his knees. “Do not harm her,” Leonhard begged. “The Fingers have not achieved the glory Lady Rosaria deserves; but you will not invade her home and speak in this manner!”

Kerris put his boot on top of Leonhard’s head and forced his face into the carpet. “Who are you to speak? Your words were so confident before; but they ring hollow now. You are nothing but a kneeler that should hold his tongue. You said your lady desired tongues, did she not?”

A spasm passed through Leonhard and he instantly sought to get up. Kerris readied his blade and plunged it through his chest the moment he raised himself, impaling the Finger deep into the wall. In total panic, Leonhard struggled to get the blade out but even the little strength he had had left him.

“Do not worry,” said Kerris. “I will not have your tongue. Not yet. I wish to tend to your beloved lady, and I wish to hear what you have to say of her afterward.”

As Kerris turned towards Rosaria and the bed, Leonhard cried again. “Wait! Wait, what are you doing?! You must kneel before her!”

Kerris made his way up the steps till his eyes were leveled with Rosaria’s. “Speak.” He waited, then slapped her face. “I asked you to speak.”

“She cannot speak, you damned fool!” Leonhard cried in exasperation. “She… She cannot…”

Rosaria gently lifted her head. Kerris grabbed her by the neck and pulled her head closer, then stuck one finger into her mouth and opened it wide. He could see the missing tongue. “

“No wonder you do not speak,” said Kerris. “Another much stronger than you already deemed you unworthy of it. But are you capable of anything else?” His eyes trailed from the noble features of her face down to pale breasts sticking out of her gown. “Perhaps you may yet have some use.”

At this point Leonhard’s words were frenzied. “Get away from her! Step away, bastard! I will wring every limb from your body!”

Even the grub was wriggling violently and Kerris had become tired by the sight of it. He pushed Rosaria away, then hurled the grub out of bed. The Mother of Rebirth made a pained sound and went after it, but did not dare move past Kerris. As he looked at her through the visor of his helm, she fell backwards into the sheets.

The helpless grub attempted to crawl towards Leonhard, but Kerris kicked it away from the chamber with all his strength. “What is this thing,” he growled. The filthy thing was so weak and soft that merely being kicked seemed to be enough to wound it, and all it took was a few more hard kicks until it lay there lifelessly, already dead. Kerris rolled the lifeless form away.

“What have you done?…” Leonhard gasped. “What have you done?! That was… that was Yellowfinger!”

Kerris could hear the weakling almost sniveling. “Then I think I preferred her when I took her earlier,” he said smartly. “She was worthless after that, anyway.” He snatched the hat from Leonhard’s head, then tore off the mask. The burned face was so disfigured that he recoiled. “To think that your weakness made me suspect you were some effeminate beauty. Instead, you are a monstrosity no different than that thing. Is this truly what passes for a Darkwraith in this era?” Leonhard opened his mouth to speak, but Kerris had no interest in his words any longer… he slammed his gauntleted fist into his face several times over, an instinctive reaction upon seeing such a thing. “I will put you out of your misery soon enough. But until then, do not speak: observe.”

Taking off his helmet, Kerris returned to bed and looked towards the grieving Rosaria. “Now, I think it is time I see what good you can do.” He methodically took off the rest of his armor as she watched and Leonhard pointlessly struggled to set himself free and stop what was happening. Kerris climbed into the bed and tugged down on Rosaria’s gown to reveal one of her big and plump breasts. “Perhaps this body is not entirely without its uses. Novelty will make it worth playing with at least for one time.”

“Get away from her!” Leonhard shrieked. “Get away!”

Kerris looked at him and rolled Rosaria’s nipples between his fingers. “Calm down, burned one. You had your chance. You were here long before I ever stepped foot in this place. You could’ve had her all to yourself. But instead of taking this body as it warrants, you knelt before it as a slave. Now you will see how a real man acts.”

Kerris stretched Rosaria’s nipples and her hoarse groan was the only response. Without a tongue, he could not make her scream as he was so fond of doing with others. But that itself was an interesting change. He wondered what he could get out of her considering her unique situation.

His hands came up from her chest and wrapped around her neck. Her own fingers scratched at his as she began to choke, but she was far too weak to do anything about it. “You better use that stub of a tongue to do wonders with it. Or else I will make another hole in your pretty body to use apart.” His thumb moved up her face and moved the hair out of her eyes. “I bet this socket is tight. Isn’t it?”

Kerris sniggered as she shuddered and released her. He got in a comfortable position on the pillows and slapped his towering and veiny dick. “Get to work, whore. What are you waiting for?”

“My lady!” Leonhard wept. “Don’t do it, Lady Rosaria. I will g-get to you… I will…” His hands had attempted to pull the blade out so many times that the gloves were born and the blade had cut into his fingers. Slick blood flowed as he tried to get it out. “I will get to you,” he said quietly to himself as consolation. “I’m almost there.”

Rosaria watched him and her entire body shivered, the massive chest of the Mother rising under the gown. Kerris slapped her face as if she were nothing but a common whore. “Did you not hear what I said to you? Pleasure me. This will be your greatest deed in your worthless life.”

Rosaria lifted her head to look at him but did nothing. Tired of her misbehavior, Kerris choked her again and slapped her face repeatedly. “Do you not hear me, whore? No one will come to your rescue. Not a soul. Soon, you will live in a new world that will belong to me. If only you were of any value, you could be of some use. But you are not. You are without worth and without so much as a tongue. Your vile curves are all that you have to offer.”

Kerris opened her mouth by force and thrust his big cock inside of it. Though the bitch was missing a tongue, her mouth was wet and soft, and her throat was so silky and tender that he threw his head back joyously as he entered it. Contrary to the resistance he expected, she was like clay in his hands, doing whatever he directed her to despite refusing to follow his orders. What a pitiful amount of dignity to save, Kerris thought. A lady of true noble lineage would have stolen his blade to plunge it in her own chest before allowing herself to be defiled. But contrary to the promises of Leonhard, this woman was no lady, and certainly no person of note.

Leonhard had stopped trying to remove the blade and watched what was happening. The burned face was turned towards the bed, the tearful eyes staring as the wet sounds of the Mother of Rebirth’s throat were the only ones to echo out into the cathedral.

“Y-You,” he stammered. “You…”

Kerris held both hands on Rosaria’s head as he pushed against her throat. “You should feel how good it is,” he teased Leonhard. “I swear, I think they must’ve cut her tongue because it makes it better.” He thrust into her deep enough that Rosaria shuddered. Kerris threw his head back as he felt the cut base of the tongue caress the pulsing surface of his dick. “You see? It’s up her whole throat, but she does not choke, does not gag. This whore was bred to be fucked.”

Leonhard closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. “No,” he said solemnly. “No, no, no…”

“Don’t deny it, burned one. You have not felt this sweet throat as I am right now. Have you ever seen her body? I bet you haven’t…”

Leonhard opened his eyes. “No.”

Kerris pinched the gown between two fingers and tugged at it as it began to leave her body. “Look away. You would not want to see her in this naked fashion, would you?”

But he did not look away. Kerris lifted the gown until it left the undersides of her breasts out, then ripped the rest of the fabric off and threw the torn pieces to the floor. There was nothing to protect of her dignity. A whore like this had no dignity to begin with.

Rosaria’s body stood gloriously revealed in all its pale beauty, the breasts resting on the bed as her warm ass wiggled high in the air. Kerris spanked each cheek hard and heard Leonhard gasp. Then he lifted her face from his dick and looked into her eyes. “Do you like it, whore? Do you enjoy being used?”

There was no answer in the deadlike eyes. Kerris spit into her face and she recoiled, trembling so hard that her breasts bounced. “You are not used to being treated roughly, are you? You’re used to nice beds. To worshippers. Now you’ll get used to something else.”

He pushed her face down into the bed then got on top of her and straddled her body. His fingers plunged into the soft asscheeks and spread them wide. Leonhard saw what he wanted to do and he suddenly lost it. He was not trying to pull the blade out so much as trying to push himself from the wall and reach the bed in spite of it, the burned face twisted by rage.

“CEASE!” he boomed. “CEASE THIS!”

Kerris laughed and spanked her ass. “I will not. Though you are free to stop me, if you are able. If you love your lady as much as you say, surely you can save her from this ignoble fate.”

He brought the tip of his dickhead against her pussy and heard her cry out in pain for the first time. Kerris lifted her head and saw the flowing tears. “You’re sad? You are not a lady to feel sadness. You are scum. A whore. Shame is all that you should feel.” He wiped the tears from her face and brought them down to her pussy. “Your tears are completely wasted.”

Kerris slammed into her with all the power of his body. Rosaria turned and hit him, reacting so violently that it shocked him to see that she had it in her. But to take control of her weak body was effortless for him, so he twisted her arm, slapped her face back down into the bed, and trapped her wrists at the back as he positioned himself in a good position to piston her pussy raw.

That was all it took to get the great Mother of Rebirth to fall in line. Perhaps she enjoys this more than she’s showing, eh? She wouldn’t be the first whore to die without having admitted her true essence. All whores were, at their core, deceitful sinners that deserved only punishment and torment.

No real man could have ever been inside of her, because she began to mewl instantly. Kerris looked to Leonhard. “What do you think hurts more? Being impaled by my cock, or my sword? I swear, she’s making me think this is a worse fate.”

He began to fuck her at a steady pace, thrilled with the broken way she wept. Leonhard’s threats turned to desperate cries and then to purposeless shrieking as he witnessed his blessed and beloved mother being taken right before his eyes. She was right there, almost within arm’s reach, but he could do nothing to save her beautiful body from the suffering that was being unleashed upon.

“Mother!…” he cried out, tears going down his burned face. “I am sorry…”

Kerris lifted her up and put an arm around her neck, leaving her front facing Leonhard so he could see her soft tits trembling, bouncing, and slapping against her chest with every push of his cock. The two were forced to look at one another, and the pain he knew he was causing them made the tight silken pussy feel that much sweeter and welcoming. There were many satisfying ways to kill a man, but none compared to killing him while living by taking away what he loved most.

“Oh, Leonhard,” said Kerris with a crazed laugh. “I can’t tell you how tight the bitch is. This is heavenly pussy. Perhaps I was wrong? Perhaps she is a lady after all… she might have the body of a whore, but her priceless pussy is as tight and prim as a virgin noblewoman, and I would know.” With every push, he could feel her gentle pussy stretching around his powerful dick. He let it throb inside of her, making her shiver all over, forcing her body to understand that its duty was to serve him now.

Kerris prepared himself to switch his attention to the Mother of Rebirth and mock her for her sorry state, but the echoing sound of footfalls reached his ears. Another? he wondered. He knew that there were more Fingers than those he had already dispatched. The only thing he could hope for was that the others were worth fucking like their beloved lady instead. He pulled his cock out of Rosaria and pushed her aside with the regard one might have for a dirty rag and stood up. He watched the entrance, bracing himself for a potential enemy, wondering if it was time to withdraw the blade that penetrated Leonhard and put the burned monstrosity out of its misery.

The door pushed open… and Kerris was treated to a lovely sight. A man in spiked armor knelt on the ground, clutching at a nearly invisible black sword that had been pushed through his throat, sagging more and resisting less with every passing second. Above him stood a tall and slender figure… and each struggling blow from the man was blocked by a shimmering disk of crimson light in her other hand, even as it seemed to suck the life right out of him. Dressed wholly in black with a silver mask obscuring her face, white hair streaming down her shoulder as she looked up. “Apologies for the disturbance, my lord,” she said, pulling her sword from the dead warrior with a bloody spray. “I did not mean to interrupt. You are the one that calls himself Kerris.”

Kerris smiled. “And who are you? Another little Finger for me to break?” He didn’t think so… he recognized that glowing power contained in her arm… lifedrain. It appeared he had, at long last, found one of his kind after all.

The feminine apparition strolled his way at a brisk pace. Kerris gripped the handle of the sword, ready to pull it out and strike her should she draw her one blade, but this darkwraith was unarmed, having left her sword by the fallen knight. That wouldn’t stop him from slaying her… she would not be the first woman he had killed when they posed no threat. Besides, no one, man or woman, could ever pose a threat to a knight such as he.

Instead, though, as she approached him, the woman dropped to her knees. “Lord, you are the one Yoel has spoken of with such delight. I am Yuria, of Londor, a close friend of his. He has spoken at length of your quest, honorable lord. That you are looking for potent souls that may stand at thy side. I wish to aid you in this task, should you deem my skills of any worth. And I wish to express gratitude on behalf of Yoel… on behalf of our mutual Lord Kaathe.” She looked up at him. “And I, of course, am also thine.”

Leonhard trembled and snapped at her like a leashed dog. “Honorable? This fiend? Look upon what he has done to the wondrous Rosaria of noble blood! Release me, woman. Strike him down and assist us while there is time.” His screech was so panicked that it almost sounded like crying. Seeing his beloved mother taken in that way must have broken something inside of him.

Yuria remained kneeling, awaiting Kerris judgment. Behind him, the Ashen One could hear Rosaria’s weak sobs and soulful way she wept in preparation for what was to come made his powerful dick throb to and grow to its fullest extent. This was what he loved most. Kerris put a hand down under Yuria’s chin and lifted her face. “Let me look upon you, Yuria of Londor.”

Yuria breathed in deeply and removed her helmet. Kerris was so pleasantly surprised by the beautiful face underneath that he smiled and trailed the back of his fingers along her supple white cheek. “Your beauty is great. Regardless of your skills, that combined with your willingness to serve shall make you a welcome addition to my retinue.”

Yuria smiled shyly. “Thank you, lord.”

“You are truly a servant of the Darkstalker, I can see it in you. Rise, servant; allow me to see the rest of you.” Kerris undid her armor with care and placed it aside, leaving her entirely naked. Leonhard eyed the lord’s hands as he touched her with vicarious lust. Though Yuria closed her eyes coyly, Kerris was happy to see that her curves were exquisite despite her slender form. He groped her pert ass ass and Yuria finally smiled beatifically and opened her eyes.

“Yuria… I find you are worthy. Shall we put your skills to the test? You see, I have journeyed to this cathedral in hopes of finding Rosaria and her Fingers, the darkwraiths of this new age. Alas, what I’ve found is deeply unsatisfactory. There is no goddess here, no strength, no promise for the future. Only weakness and filth. We will purge it before we go. But first, we must punish them for their insolence for pretending at our legacy.”

Yuria bowed. “I am in full agreement, honorable lord. The Fingers are little more than thugs. They and Rosaria bring dishonor to those that they trace their blood back to.”

“You know nothing of us!” Leonhard screamed. “Nothing.”

Yuria’s gaze opened on Kerris. “May I, lord?”

“You may.”

As he lay there impaled, Leonhard suddenly became silent. He could see Yuria approaching him with a determined look, her small and gentle breasts swaying with every step. Though he burned with rage, there were still tears in his eyes, and a great amount of desire. “You are nothing but another cur to be punished. I will personally see t-”

Yuria struck the opening of his mouth with the dagger and pushed the entire thing in with the palm of her hand until it filled Leonhard’s mouth and silenced him. Bleeding and eyes gaping in despair, he could no longer speak, but only struggled weakly.

“Do not kill him yet,” said Kerris. “He must first bear witness. This will be his one and greatest task.”

Kerris yanked Rosaria by the hair back to him and presented her lewd body to Yuria. “Do you like her, Yuria?”

Yuria’s slender white fingers stroked Rosaria’s trembling fingers. “Oh, very much…”

“Come then, you will show me how you treat one such as this. And you will learn from what I do.”

Kerris got on top of Rosaria again. This time his shaft was pulsating with such desperation that he knew there was only one hole that could truly give him what he needed. He spread the slutty asscheeks and put his dickhead against her tiny asshole and began his attempt to penetrate.

The tongueless Rosaria writhed and struggled to get away; Yuria grabbed her hands. “Do not struggle. You only bring dishonor to yourself. Accept your fate such as it is and meet it with dignity.”

Kerris nodded and grinned at the same time. There would be no dignity for Rosaria and her devoted servants. Looking over at Leonhard, he could not imagine any worse form of humiliation. Losing to an enemy, then being impaled and forced to watch the woman he loved being taken by force, now silenced by Yuria into nothing more than a slowly expiring corpse.

Kerris slapped Rosaria’s fat ass to get her to sit still. “Do not make me punish in worse ways, Mother of Rebirth. Surrender your body to me. That is the least you can do after revealing yourself as such a disappointment.”

The moment half his head forced open her flexing little asshole, he could hear a guttural sound coming from Rosaria. He had never imagined just how significant losing a tongue would be, especially in a moment of such despair. No doubt Rosaria would be screaming for help or trying to appease him otherwise. But without her tongue to speak, she was nothing but a plump sow to be fucked at Kerris’ leisure however he pleased.

“Take it, you damnable whore!” Kerris whopped joyfully as he slammed into her virgin butt. “Take it and thank me for bestowing such an honor on you!”

Rosaria wept in such a broken way that Yuria thought it necessary to silence her. At first the white hands wrapped around Rosaria’s neck till she croaked hoarsely. But sensing that Kerris did not find that all that interesting, she instead turned around and sat down on the crying Rosaria’s head.

“That’s more like it,” said Kerris with a grin. “Put those tears to use.”

Yuria forced Rosaria’s head into a good position, then moved back and forth over her face with her cunt, riding the poor Mother of Rebirth and humiliating her as Kerris raped her ass hard. Leonhard saw it all, blood bubbling from his mouth and nostrils.

“She feels so wonderful!” said Yuria as grinded her pussy into Rosaria’s nose. “I only wish she had a tongue to use.”

Kerris smacked Rosaria’s reddened ass again and sniggered. “Then she may have been worth keeping. Unfortunately, she is truly nothing more than a sow to be used once and disposed of. The body itself is damaged and apart from that she’s all rot.”

His fingers buried themselves in Rosaria’s waist as he ravaged her ass. His shaft had stretched the vulnerable asshole till he had managed to get over half of his cock in, but even that was not enough. Despite the intense way it flexed and gripped around his dick trying to expel him and spare itself further pain, Kerris was determined to make her ass his in every way.

He raised her ass all the way up and arched the back enough that he could hear a few popping sounds from her defeated body. Indifferent to her agony, Kerris got on top of her and delivered his throbbing shaft straight down into her hurting ass. From the very first thrust it already went far deeper than before, and he laughed with satisfaction to hear her muffled screams.

Yuria laughed with him as her pussy slick with Rosaria’s tears slid back and forth over the howling mouth. “My lord, you are breaking her in such a beautiful way.”

It was certainly a wonder to witness. But Yuria was wrong about her being broken in. Kerris had no use of a weak and pathetic creature such as Rosaria. He was not breaking her in to use her later. He was simply breaking her for his amusement. It’s the least she can do for me.

With his next thrust Kerris could feel something break in Rosaria. Her entire body began to shake and the grip of her ass loosened just enough to make fucking her relaxing. He had claimed it and won over it and now plunged in and out at his leisure, relishing the tight tug while sending the shaft all the way down till her asscheeks kissed his balls.

To see her rendered so helpless was an exquisite sight and each time he slammed into her he knew that Rosaria would be feeling that pain down into every part of her body. To use his cock in such a way was indeed worse than simply killing her off from the start, and he could only imagine how that tight little asshole must have hurt to stretch so painfully around his mighty cock as he grinded her down raw.

He was enjoying himself enough that he was ready to come and did not want to waste it on her ass. He rose quickly and moved Yuria aside, then brought his cock that tasted of ass right into Rosaria’s mouth and deepthroat it from the very first thrust until the entire shaft was showing through her throat.

Yuria reacted and put her hands around Rosaria’s neck and choked it hard. The tightness of the throat combined with the grip of the slender fingers was all that Kerris needed and so allowed himself to come, spilling everything into the writhing Rosaria’s body. He glanced over at Leonhard as he came and smiled victoriously, knowing the Finger had lived until now just to see this precious moment.

Rosaria began to choke but he was still coming so he held his dick in place. Yuria straddled Rosaria and played with her breasts, kissing his dick through the soft tender flesh of the other’s neck. “I wish I could taste that as well, lord…” she said quietly.

“You shall in times to come. Patience.”

The mad writhing of Rosaria’s body subsided till Kerris worried he may have killed her far too early. He pulled out and heard nothing. But then he placed his ear along her mouth and could make out the faint croak of her breath.

“Oh, you filth…” He sniggered and slapped her. There was so much force behind the blow that it nearly made Yuria fly off of her.

Annoyed with the pathetic display, he brought the still-hard shaft back to Rosaria’s throat and this time pistoned it wildly. He fucked it hard and watched the large breasts sway violently over her the frail chest, wondering what the bitch must have felt and thought in these final moments. After a life of kneelers, to meet a real man must have been eye-opening.

He ravaged her for that way while Yuria watched in awe, honored to participate in such a fitting punishment. Kerris, though, found her beauty so intoxicating that he could not help but want to get a little piece of her as well. He grabbed her by the throat as he raped Rosaria’s mouth and choked Yuria until he saw tears from the white-haired beauty.

“Do you like serving your lord, Yuria?”

Unlike the panicked Rosaria, there was only gratitude in Yuria’s eyes. “I… am… thine…” she choked out, voice barely a whisper. It did not matter that she was being denied breath. All that mattered to her was that she was pleasing her new master and lord in any way he saw fit. Kerris found her loyalty worthy enough that he released her and brought her in for a kiss. Yuria giggled and smiled as she put her fingers over Rosaria’s nose and held it. They both made out as as the poor Mother struggled to get air to live.

Though he had planned to just get Rosaria out of the way he was starting to feel like there was more to do now that Yuria was here with him. So he gave up on her mouth and got back on top of her. The dead eyes said nothing to him now. “Are you not taking pleasure in this?”

Yuria sucked on Rosaria’s nipples in turn and bit them, then crawled back and kissed Kerris’ balls as he went back into the tight pussy. “You were supposed to be worthy!” he yelled at Rosaria as he slammed into her. “You and your Fingers. And what are you? An utter waste of my time. You do not deserve this magnificent cock.” He raised his gaze to Leonhard. “And you do not deserve to watch. But consider this a lord’s gift to you before you are dispatched into oblivion.”

He slapped Rosaria’s tits and face and hit the tender spots of her pussy until she howled without control. Yuria was so enchanted by his balls that she could not move away and just cradled them in her mouth as he ended Rosaria, a true worshipper that had finally found the master she sought for years and years…

Kerris was about to come and put his hands around Rosaria’s fragile neck, ready to crush it. As his thumb pressed down her windbag and saw the life drain from her face, Yuria kissed up his muscular back and was suddenly whispering in his ear. “Do not take her yet, lord. She may yet have uses for you.”

“In what?” asked Kerris unrelentingly.

“She has a way with these fools, these Fingers… Allow her to create more for you that you may use them. Let her prove her loyalty to you.”

As she spoke, his eyes went once more to Leonhard.

And then Kerris smiled.

He thrust suddenly inside of Rosaria and removed his hands so she could croak gutturally as he came inside of her. “Do you hear what the lovely Yuria has said, Mother of Rebirth? She is asking that you live on your behalf. So why don’t you show me how useful you are. I suppose” – he stretched one of her nipples – “you aren’t all bad. But your Fingers are a waste. There is no excuse. Take a look at this one.”

Kerris grabbed her face and forced her to look at Leonhard. “Did you think this burned monster would be worthy of you? Of anyone? You disgrace yourself with him. And now that you will become my slave, I want you to act better. Do away with this thing, and I may spare you, and the remainder of your filthy grubs. Go on. Let his death absolve you of your sins.”

Kerris kicked the tormented Rosaria out of her bed. She rolled over to where the dead body of the grub lay and wept as her arms went around it. “Enough!” he boomed, taking Yuria’s slender body in his arms. “Show your loyalty!”

Struggling, Rosaria pulled herself up and crawled over to Leonhard. The finger’s eyes were gaping wide as he looked at the rising Rosaria, unable to speak. “Now you will get your reward for following a woman, lad,” said Kerris grimly. “See what your worship amounted to.”

Rosaria took the dagger from his mouth and moved it up with a trembling hand and penetrated the insides of his skull. Kerris savored the exact moment as Leonhard realized his beloved mother that had now been taken by another and owned was now killing him as little more than an insect.

Rosaria turned away from him and crawled back towards the bed, back towards Kerris. For once, he patted her on the head. “Yes, this is only part of your punishment. There will be more to come once I’ve taken what is mine. You will live to witness a new king take control of these lands. And your place in them will be fitting. That of a whore.”

He spit into her face and kicked her out of the bed again. “You will not get back in here. This is my bed now, I shall use it whenever I come to this cathedral. But you may live.”

Yuria gasped happily. “You are so generous, lord.”

Kerris kissed her neck and slid a finger into her pussy. “I am glad that Yoel sent you my way. I think there is much for us to do together, servant.”

“Yes,” she said lovingly. “I live to serve you, lord.”

They rose together from the bed and got dressed as Rosaria lay on the floor, dripping with cum and with every hole broken. Kerris put on his boots and then put one before her. No words were needed. She instinctively lowered her head and kissed it.

“Good,” he said with a smile, then pressed the sole down into your face. “I shall see you again, Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth. By then, collect pretty Fingers for me, ones fit to entertain a king.”

Leaving her there cradling her dead grub and dead son and weeping, Kerris departed with Yuria of Londor following slavishly behind him.

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11 thoughts on “Ashes to Ashes – Chapter 2

  1. I wish my DS3 characters were as durable as Leonard.
    Seriously, he’s like 99 Vigor here.
    Mine usually go down if you sneeze in their general vicinity.
    (Pyromancy woes;
    Big flame, extinguished easily.)

    In this story, is Rosaria supposed to be the same size as she is in the game, or about the size of a player character?

    Kerris would basically be Yhorm reincarnated if the former.
    Practically able to ride the Ancient Wyvern…
    And now I’ve got a new character to make a run with.

    Just for fun, if Kerris was a DS3 character, what stats/build/gear would he have?
    I’m kinda wanting to RP this guy now.

    Are we exclusively seeing DS3 girls here?
    Or are people like Quelaag, The Fair Lady, or Shanalotte, and the Desert Sorceresses making appearances?
    Maybe stand-ins for those annoying player invaders between the Pontiff bonfire and Aldrich?

    Time is convoluted in these games, with heroes and villains of old appearing together…
    Queelag might fit in as a companion to Kerris, but the sex would be awkward.
    The only stories I’ve seen with her/The Fair Lady usually just go with blowjobs and titfucks.

    If Kerris is like Yhorm, then the Dancer’s on the table as a victm.
    Or just have her un-monstered if not.

    Either way, I’m interested in seeing how things go.
    It’s rare to find quality Souls stories that reflect the darkness of that world.
    I’m enjoying this.


  2. wish my DS3 characters were as durable as Leonard.
    Seriously, he’s like 99 Vigor here.
    Mine usually go down if you sneeze in their general vicinity.
    (Pyromancy woes;
    Big flame, extinguished easily.)

    In fairness, I think most baddies in DS3 hit you harder than this 😀

    In this story, is Rosaria supposed to be the same size as she is in the game, or about the size of a player character?

    About the size of the player character. As a Vaati stan, I’m going with his theory that the increased size of some NPCs is basically just for gameplay and graphics purposes, to help them stand out, and doesn’t really have much in the way of lore implications. So here, Rosaria is human sized.

    Just for fun, if Kerris was a DS3 character, what stats/build/gear would he have?
    I’m kinda wanting to RP this guy now.

    In DS3…

    I would start him Knight, but he would have The Dark Hand and a broadsword. I would build him from there into dark pyromancy and infuse his weapon dark. That is probably the best way to start him out.

    Are we exclusively seeing DS3 girls here?
    Or are people like Quelaag, The Fair Lady, or Shanalotte, and the Desert Sorceresses making appearances?
    Maybe stand-ins for those annoying player invaders between the Pontiff bonfire and Aldrich?
    Time is convoluted in these games, with heroes and villains of old appearing together…
    Queelag might fit in as a companion to Kerris, but the sex would be awkward.
    The only stories I’ve seen with her/The Fair Lady usually just go with blowjobs and titfucks.
    If Kerris is like Yhorm, then the Dancer’s on the table as a victm.
    Or just have her un-monstered if not.

    In this one, this will be exclusively DS3. If it isn’t obvious, in the past, he was one of the people Kaathe tried to get to become the Dark Lord, so you could fit him into a DS1 playthrough easily enough… and maybe I shall write that story someday.

    I could someday do something fun with DS1 and 2. Lots of sexy girls in both needing attention.

    Dancer, either pre-monster or unmonstered, could be a lot of fun – her backstory with the Pontiff is already really rapey anyway – but unfortunately she didn’t fit the plot of this story… will need to do her another time.

    Either way, I’m interested in seeing how things go.
    It’s rare to find quality Souls stories that reflect the darkness of that world.
    I’m enjoying this.

    I’m glad! I take it you read chapter 1 already?


  3. I have read the last chapter;
    I definitely enjoyed it too.

    About Kerris’s build;
    Wouldn’t the Onyx Blade work better? (Mid-game)
    Dark/Fire combo, and you can get it right after the Crystal Sage.

    If we’re going Dark Pyromancer, then the Onyx Blade is perfect.

    Plus you kill a simp, and get a shot at Yuria’s sister, Elfriede…
    Which seems to be right up Kerris’s alley.

    At least, that’s what I’m going to tell myself on my next run.

    The Rosaria size makes sense;
    I’m going to have to re-read this chapter later;
    I kept imagining her as her giant self;
    And it threw me off.
    Kerris kept looking like a doll in comparison, when she’d be able to chuck him like a softball.

    Definitely going to re-read that, despite how funny the image is.

    Fun question:
    Where do you stand on the identity of Gwynevere in DS3?

    Is she Rosaria, Rosaria’s mother, is she the Queen of Lothric, or is she reincarnated as Gertrude, like TDF thinks?

    Kinda disappointed that there won’t be any Dancer, but I can understand.
    Any hints about the next conquest?


    1. The onyx blade is indeed best, I didn’t suggest it because it was “later” game. Naturally, enfriede is a potential victim later on, if I get around to writing the good ending to this.

      I believe it’s pretty clear that Gwen is the queen of Lothric, given the flavor text of divine blessing. Which means Rosaria is most likely Gertrude, one of her daughters. Gwenyvere herself no doubt fled the kingdom when the going got tough, just like she did Anor Londo.

      Next up on our victim list… well, it is the beginnings of getting to Anor Londo… which means he needs a way to get rid of the Darkmoon Blades. I suspect it won’t be a Sunny occasion.


      1. I’m sure it will be a very Sunless Realm indeed, for her.

        Works for me;
        Little miss “Please save me.” who runs a Miracle build and wonders why she keeps getting thrashed.

        Seriously, who goes solo as a Miracle Build, unless they’re wanting a visit from Kerris?

        Even Yorshka won’t recognize her as a knight.
        At least she offers a good ring though.

        That’s only useful in the areas before you can get it.

        … I was trying to be vague about the name earlier, but seriously, fuck Sirris.

        Any estimates on when her/the next chapter is coming?

        And that’s a solid stance on Gwenevere;
        I always figured that Gertrude became the Dancer, personally.

        It’s hard to get enough information to pin down either candidate.
        That Mangrub in the archives right next to Gertrude’s Cage does point to Rosaria though.


        1. Ooo is never thought about the dancer. Yeah that could be possible…

          But yes, Serris, then Yorshka, are our next contestants 🙂

          I’m not sure… hope to have it up later this month but finishing up LF3 takes a buncha time.


  4. I really liked the story, always love the ones where a Master has an “assistant” by his side. I don’t know why, maybe because it shows that he is 𝘤𝘢𝘱𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦 of being kind and is only hurting the victim because they can! (Also because that’s my dream 😉 I love helping people, I’m just a kind hearted person I guess 😋) Only thing is, I’m pretty sure that you can scream without a tongue, aren’t they just used for enunciation? Maybe if it was freshly severed the vibrations of speech could be painful enough to purposely not make noise. Severed vocal chords would cause someone to be mute. Severing one would prevent loud noises and lots of speaking without pain. Sorry for the long comment! ❤️


    1. In the real world, you are correct. However, supposedly, she was “silenced” by removing her tongue. I’m happy to imagine that for her it was part of some ritual to keep her permanently mute.

      I agree, female accomplices are hot 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed, more to come.

      Thanks for your comment and don’t fear it being long – I treasure it


      1. I shall suspend my disbelief! It adds a fun element to the story and I’m here for it 🙂

        I’m a long time lurker first time commenter, can’t wait to live vicariously through these “female accomplices” 😈


  5. Sorry I can’t tell if my comment got posted, so apologies if there are two!!:

    I really liked the story, always love the ones where a Master has an “assistant” by his side. I don’t know why, maybe because it shows that he is 𝘤𝘢𝘱𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦 of being kind and is only hurting the victim because they can! (Also because that’s my dream 😉 I love helping people, I’m just a kind hearted person I guess 😋) Only thing is, I’m pretty sure that you can scream without a tongue, aren’t they just used for enunciation? Maybe if it was freshly severed the vibrations of speech could be painful enough to purposely not make noise. Severed vocal chords would cause someone to be mute. Severing one would prevent loud noises and lots of speaking without pain. Sorry for the long comment! ❤️


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