NSC – Be As Gods 3 – The Garden

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“Isn’t it beautiful?” Adam asked, a smile on his face.

It certainly was, thought Eve as she licked her way along his cock, her tongue bathing every inch of her master. The rotating habitat going around their ship gave sufficient “gravity” for her to be comfortable kneeling in her place, his hand tangled in her hair as he casually guided her against him. There was something lazy and familiar about the ritual… he didn’t need to put any effort into dominating her. Eve knew her place, she knew where God wanted her to be, so she devoted herself to worship in the proper fashion. Still, he had spoken to her… it was permitted, and in fact proper, for her to respond.

“Yes Adam,” she agreed, and she couldn’t help but feel a thrill of excitement from the words. There weren’t many windows on a spaceship… they were a bad use of space, but on this one ring, in this one spot, they had some, and out those windows she could see the beautiful world hanging before them in the night sky. Blue and green and covered in the telltale white of water vapor, the Garden of Eden that they were promised was there for taking in God’s name. As they approached the world, their ship had completed its turn and began its weeks-long deceleration, slowly slipping into an orbit around Eden just the way they were meant to, burning off their vast speed down to a slow orbit. “Trust in him,” she said.

“Trust in him,” Adam agreed, a hint of a moan in his voice that proved she was doing a good job of fulfilling her godly role. Outside the windows retro rockets were firing, gently beginning the process of hanging them down into the atmosphere. Their ship was largely being controlled by automation at this point, trusting the machines and God’s will to see them safely through the procedure as they prepared for an atmospheric test. They would swoop into the atmosphere on a sharp angle, just skipping off it but diving deep enough int to take on gases and use them to fill up their garden deck with the natural air of the planet before firing their way back into orbit. It was a delicate, difficult maneuver, but after their environmental systems finished creating appropriate density they would be able to see how the atmosphere affected their crops and plants in a real environment.

Eve felt him as he shuddered on her tongue, her skilled efforts driving him onward to cumming. It was only with reluctance that she let him pull out, but Eve knew better than to protest or question him. “Put this on,” Adam told her, reaching over and handing her a collar. The metal thing seemed heavy, and she had never seen one of them before… it had blinking lights on it.

“I… What?” Eve asked stupidly, staring at it. “I… What is that? Why do-” She shut her mouth so quickly that her teeth clicked together. That was her whore mother talking. Why was she questioning? Why was she so fucking stupid?

He probably ought to slap her stupid, but her Adam, her glorious, kind, merciful Adam, only raised the collar again. “Put it on. Trust in Father Elias,” he ordered.

“Trust in him…” she said uncertainly as she put on the collar. She heard the click as it snapped together, locking into place around her neck and she felt a small buzz as it shocked her. “Ah!” she cried out. “What is this?” Then she cried out again as she was shocked again, harder. “That hurts! Wha-” It shocked her again, harder still, and Eve screamed, trembling as she fell to the ground.

“A reminder,” Adam said, standing up and putting a foot on her. “Something your grandfather gave me for you… to remind you of your place. Something we’re going to work on.”

Eve looked up at her master. “What do you mean-”


The collar shocked her again, making the dark skinned girl collapse back down again, writhing as her collar shocked her. “It’s going to do that every time you speak out of turn,” Adam warned her, smiling as he put his heel on her cheek and pushed her down against the deck more firmly. “You aren’t supposed to speak unless spoken to,” he reminded her as he moved his bare foot down, pushing his toes into her mouth where Eve, despite the aftershocks of the pain, instinctively licked and sucked at her better. “So every time you do, it’s going to shut you up.”

He let the Hispanic Eve suck on his feet for a few minutes before he reached down, grabbed a handful of her hair, and pulled her up. Eve was silent as he forced her onto hands and knees. Tears began to well in her eyes as she looked out the window at the planet that dominated most of the view as he settled in behind her. “We are simply doing as the True One would have us,” explained Adam as he wiped his saliva-slick dick up and down the length of her slit, letting its wetness coat the head of his cock.

Eve squirmed in discomfort as he forced himself into her, unable to protest or beg with the collar around her neck as Adam fucked her, staring off at the beautiful sights as he nailed her again and again. The only change was after he came, pulling out, and had her suck his cock clean again, licking him hard before he returned to his place to put the silent girl to hard use. He didn’t hit her… he didn’t have to. They both knew that he owned her, and he took her like a piece of property until her pussy was raw from his rough use and drooling his leavings as he repeatedly dumped loads in her.

Adam left her sobbing on the ground as he walked away after cumming, but he came back only a few minutes later with a small bowl of food. He placed the bland paste that barely tasted like anything in front of her. “Lunchtime,” he said, smiling at her. When Eve moaned softly, he chuckled. “Shhh…” he reassured his wife. “Hush now. I’m sorry you needed a reminder of your place, but I promise you will remember it soon.” Then, while she lowered her head into the food, he fucked her again.

Days passed like this. Eve began to adjust to her new routine, her new enforced silence. She could speak, but only when he asked her to, only when her husband permitted it. Every morning she rose from her bed to exercise, take her medicine and food. Then it was right to service, to being fucked for most of the day. Adam would wash her and brush her hair like a prized mare every afternoon before lunch, fucking her periodically throughout the day. Most days he gave her a pregnancy test… despite the risks, he seemed eager to have his wife filled with his child.

Day after day, their ship made its swooping orbits, filling up more and more. By the fifth week of this, Eve’s test was positive. “Praise be to God!” Adam said excitedly. He smiled dazzlingly at his well-used wife. “We are prepared, Eve… we will give rise to the Lord’s children on his new world!”

Eve’s heart sank as she stared at her future. She had been promised that she would fulfill a great purpose and lead new life into the farthest reaches of the galaxy. She had jumped at the thought that she might be able to be separated from the group of men, to serve only one, kind husband. To serve God with him… but it seemed that her fate was more to be a brood mare for their new world. “Aren’t you grateful?” he asked, stroking her hair. “You should be grateful.”

“…Yes sir,” Eve whispered. Her throat felt hoarse as she spoke… it seemed like she hadn’t said ten sentences in the last five weeks.

“Excellent,” he said as he lead to her bed. “You are blessed.”

“I am blessed,” Eve responded. He sounded so kind like this… a few tears of joy welled up in her eyes. In their bedchamber he bathed her,clothed her in soft robes,fed her, and laid her down in his bed.

Adam motioned for her, and obediently the collared Eve crawled up to him. “You didn’t think your bed was free, did you?” he asked as he undid his belt.

“….No sir. Of course not…” said Eve as Adam held his hardening cock in front of her face. Submissively, she opened her mouth and took his cock between her lips, tonguing the head and sucking gently.

“That’s good…” he said as he enjoyed her tongue. “Very good.” He grabbed the edge of her robe and pulled it up over her, leaving her ass bare. “Now turn around.”

Eve only hesitated for a moment in silence as she crawled into a circle, raising her hips to him again. “The word of Father Eli is that I should respect your vaginal sanctity after you reached a certain point… but I still crave your body, my wife.” Eve jumped as he teased her asshole with the head of his cock.

The dark skinned girl moaned. “Please don’t d-” She cut off abruptly as the collar buzzed… she had been so silent for so long that the shock was tiny, barely a warning, but she jumped anyway.

“Be silent, slut,” Adam growled as his index finger slid inside her, preparing her for his inevitable entry. The digit seemed soaked with his spit as he pushed in further and further. “Are you not honored that I still desire you?” he asked, sounding almost offended. “That I picked you to spread God’s seed with me?”

“I am honored, sir… I just… mercy please…” She begged.

“The first tenant dictates that Eve will do whatever she can to ease Adam’s burdens,” Adam insisted. “That she derives joy from such actions. You want this,” he assured her. “If only to ease my concern for the safety of my child. You are my vessel. Together, we will bring greatness to this troubled, godless galaxy.” He sounded irritated. “You should be overjoyed at the opportunity to bring me pleasure.”

“I… I am… But…” she stammered.

“Then stop your whining!” he snapped. “You dishonor me and God both with your mewling. You are weak. This is your place.”

Eve took a deep breath. He was right. She was weak. This was her place. She couldn’t stop him, and that meant he had the right, the divine right, to do whatever he wanted with her. “You are right, sir. I am sorry. Please forgive my petulance… I am ashamed…” she said.

“As you should be, but I forgive you, my dear,” Adam said as he continued to finger her asshole. She winced and gritted her teeth, allowing herself to be violated by her husband and supposed guardian. “Good girl…” he said softly, stroking her hair with his free hand. “You like this…” he cooed as she sniffled back tears and nodded in agreement she didn’t especially feel. “How does that feel?” he asked, spreading her slightly with two fingers.

“It’s h-hurts, sir…” she stammered. He was silent again, so she rushed to continue. “B-but… but I am so happy to endure this if it may lessen your burden and allow me to atone for my ill behavior,” she added.

He laughed softly. “I know you are. You are such a good girl, Eve. Your grandfather will be so proud of you when he learns how hard you worked in God’s name, how well you did your role to help to bring order to this lawless universe.” He paused for a moment as he pulled his fingers out of her. “Now, take a deep breath…” he said.

Eve closed her eyes so tightly she thought she would damage her own eyeballs. Breathing rapidly as she stood on all fours, holding up her heavy breasts as Adams throat-slick cock started to make its way inside her tight, seldom-used asshole. “Mmmm,” he purred with pleasure as he sank deeper, her flesh spasming and clenching on his meat. “You are a wonder, Eve. Your ass is wonderful enough that if we didn’t have a responsibility to God to populate the universe I might never bother with your cunt ever again,” he said with a little laugh. “Is it as good for you as it is for me, little brown slut?”

Eve blushed, gritting her teeth. “I want it… I want it…” she panted, trying to focus on something besides the pain. Trying to convince herself it was true, even with the feeling of his huge dick churning apart her asshole.

“Good girl!” he said excitedly as he started to move in and out of her with slow, rhythmic thrusts. “I knew that was what you were. It’s why I asked for you… a common, unclean whore who takes it in the ass when asked… someone who needs redemption, someone who needs to be tamed. Isn’t that right!? Are you a nasty whore, Eve?”

“No sir…” she moaned in pain. “I’m… I’m a good girl… I… I know my place…”

“That’s right,” he said, slapping her ass hard enough to leave a darkening handprint of her dark skin. “You know your purpose in God’s world… to ease the burdens of your Adam. You should be honored to receive me in any and all forms. A very good Daughter of the Temple… whose loyalty will be repaid by the divine right of immortalization, should you perform in a way that would satisfy God and his prophet.”

“I will, sir…” she promised, gripping the bed sheets and holding firm as he fucked her hard, slamming into her ass and making her cheeks ripple with each impact of his hips against her rear. His hand gripped her hair, pulling back, dragging her head up and forcing her to look into the full length mirror against the wall of their chambers. Yanking on her hair, he continued the violation of her asshole while Eve stared at herself in the mirror. Tear tracks ran down her cheeks in departure from her puffy, bloodshot eyes. Her breasts, heavy and hanging, swung in time with his movements as he fucked her.

“How do I look?” asked Adam, staring at himself in the mirror as he raped her. “Am I worthy of leading a new people to greatness? What do you think?”

Trying to get her words together through the pain, Eve nodded. “Y… yes… sir… We should be… so honored… to have suh-such a… handsome, strong leader, sir…”

“Well said,” Adam panted as his cock plunged balls deep into her asshole over and over. “Take your joy in the fact that I desire you. That you are fulfilling your purpose, out among the stars.”

“Yes!” she sobbed. “Sir, I love it. Please keep fucking my ass!” Eve pleaded loudly, wincing as he continued to slam into her.

“Yeah… keep at that!” he commanded her. “Tell me you love it. Tell me how lucky you are to be filled by me. To carry my child.”

“I.. Thank you sir…” she groaned. “You feel so good inside me. I’m so… so fortunate… that I was picked to be bred by your strong, fertile seed. I can’t wait to birth you a child-”

“A son,” he corrected, still thrusting.

“A son,” she said, agreeing with him.

“We’ll raise him every bit as much your master as I am,” he said, his tempo increasing. “Before we give him sisters. Keep going,” Adam ordered, making eye contact in the mirror.

“It’s so big sir…” Eve forced out. “I am so… h… honored to feel that big, h-hard c-cock in my asssssssss. Please fuck me m-more… sir…” And as she spoke, he came, shooting his load into her ass. She felt it churning in her guts, a repeating jet of warmth splashing deep inside of her and spreading, stinging against her raw innards while she gasped and whimpered and tried not to scream, fearing that it would make her husband angry.

“Fuck… that was good…” Adam said as he pulled out. She felt the disgusting mix of fluids dribbling down her thighs but she couldn’t even ask him to let her wipe it away… he hadn’t spoken to her and she didn’t want her collar to shock her again. Instead, Eve fell silent and did as she was told, climbing into bed with him as he pulled his naked wife in with him. He fell asleep quickly, but she stayed awake. Lying on her side and staring at the wall. Trying to think about anything besides the way her asshole burned and why God had cursed her with a life of such weakness where she was destined only to suffer.

Finally, she cried herself to sleep.

It took almost 2 months of swooping orbits to finish with enough atmosphere to make a legitimate sample… filling their garden ring with the atmosphere of the planet. Adam had been fairly itching for six weeks to get in there, but the computer had locked the airlocks, preventing anyone from going in until it was good and ready. Finally, though, today was the day.

“Where are my clothes?” Adam laughed as he dug through the lockers and piles of discarded clothing, looking for the appropriate garments. He had spent so much of the last few weeks fucking her that he had barely bothered to get fully dressed, and Eve had worn even less. Still, she knew where hers were, and his as well.

“Grey box, sir,” she said. Her voice was quiet now… after two months of barely being able to speak, words were feeling increasingly unfamiliar to her… just the way that he no doubt intended for it to feel.

“What would I do without you?” he said as he pulled on a pair of pants, the light, porous fabric clinging to his body as Adam rose, rushing for the main shaft of the ship to make his way to the garden ring. “Come on, Eve. Let’s go see the start of our new home!” He walked off, leaving behind the spacesuits and the helmets with their oxygen tanks hanging close by.

Eve hurried into her own clothing, since he hadn’t forbidden her. They were as humiliatingly tight and sexy as ever, but clothing was clothing. She was about to run off after him when her eyes fell on the helmet and the oxygen tank again. Eve hesitated. She wanted to call after him… surely he would have brought them if he wanted them, right? But he hadn’t asked her. She couldn’t speak without his blessing, so… in a way… it was up to her. Up to her instincts.

It felt good.

Eve smiled softly to herself, trying to hide her uncertainty. Then she picked up the helmet, attached the oxygen to it, and dashed towards the door after her husband, racing towards the ladder and then up the shaft as gravity grew weaker and weaker until it vanished entirely, letting her float down the central shaft away from the rotation.

Adam had already made it through the corridor of zero G to the first door. He turned back to see her racing after him, but he didn’t wait for her. His feet disappeared down the next shaft as he shoved himself, and she followed as he began to climb down towards the pressure chamber. The door jammed shut ahead of her as he closed it behind him, and Eve understood. It was her place to come after the man, no matter how excited she felt about the discovery they were about to make outside. That was how it was. The pressure chamber would lock up the moment Adam entered, and open only when her husband left. From the other side, she watched him press the combination to open the main door of the ship. He jumped down and the door pulled shut as he dropped out into the garden ring. She quickly punched in the key combination to the pressure chamber and ran inside. From the window of the main door, she watched Adam. She could only come out at his request. He was the man, the one God had put in charge of her on this voyage, and she would not step outside of her place and get herself punished more because she was an idiot.

It seemed, however, that Adam had forgotten his Eve. He was looking around. With his arms spread out wide, he took in a deep breath. She watched him walk between the trees, his hand on his chest until, suddenly, he screamed. “Ah!” Adam shouted, clutching at his chest hard enough to drag the shirt with it. Her wits returned from her reverie as he watched Adam scratch at his chest and his neck. At first, he kept standing… she thought he could handle it. He was Adam after all, God’s chosen to her, but it was not so. He did not overcome whatever invisible force was squeezing his neck and lungs. Instead Adam went down on his knees. From behind the glass window, she could see his face turning pale, the veins on his neck growing bigger, becoming more visible on his paper-pale skin.

Panicked, Eve barely paused to put her mask on over her mouth before she quickly punched in the combination of the lock, pushed it open and dashed outside. By now Adam had fallen to the ground, still clutching at his neck. She grabbed him around the waist and dragged the much larger man across the grass towards the door, awkwardly leaning him against her as she punched in the password. All the while Adam was struggling to breathe. From the pressure chamber, she dragged him through to the main ship, falling to her knees, praying to God for his survival.

Slowly, his breathing gradually normalized. His eyes were bloodshot, vessels broken, and his gaze was filled with fear as he wheezed, trying to force as much oxygen as he could into his lungs. Only eventually did his breathing slow down, looking around, locking eyes with Eve. She was still looking down at him, worried, when his eyes fell on her face, and Eve saw it when the instant transformation took place. From relief… to gratitude… to anger, and then to rage. “You!” he all but screamed at her.

She was taken aback. The surprise showed on her face. “You miserable bitch. You’re waiting for me to thank you, aren’t you? You think you saved my life, don’t you?” he asked.

Eve blinked a few times, only a long habit of keeping herself silent prevented her from speaking in sheer shock. She shook her head slowly.

“Liar!” he snapped, holding one hand up. She had pulled off her helmet once she got through the second door to have a closer look at Adam, and now she wished she hadn’t because the slap that stung her cheek was unexpectedly heavy. She felt like her neck was going to fly off her body as the force of the slap pushed her to the right and away from Adam. She staggered on all fours before she regained her balance. Her hand quickly moved to her smarting cheek.

“You heathenous whore!” he cursed. “Your faithlessness nearly killed me! This was God’s punishment!”

She did not understand, but she thought she must have been wrong for Adam to take this hard stand against her. She must have done something.

“Why?” he snarled. “Why did you bring the oxygen? The masks? Did I tell you to, you faithless slut?” His eyes were narrow slits.

Eve started to cry, mostly in fear of the punishment that was to come, but he had spoken to her. She could answer. “It was not safe outside…” she began.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Adam screamed. He descended upon her, pouring a barrage of slaps on her person. Most of them hit home. She finally crashed to the floor, her ears ringing. “You don’t have faith! Father Elias calls this place the Garden of Eden. Do you think the garden of our Lord would be contaminated?”

“No,” she said slowly, but she was still puzzled. She had just saved his life, and all he was concerned about was her lack of faith? She felt like an idiot… like it was something so obvious that even a child could understand but a stupid bitch like her couldn’t even see it. What had she done? Whatever it was, she could not keep making these costly mistakes… He had almost died for her error.

“God is punishing me,” Adam grumbled as he climbed up the ladder away from her, mumbling beneath his breath. “Punishing me for your lack of faith, not even believing in his gifts.” He disappeared up the ladder, going out of sight. Only after he was gone did she pick herself up from the hatch, leaning heavily against the wall and letting herself cry. The excitement that came from reaching their destination, of having a new world all for themselves, had completely disappeared by now. In place of it, she felt emptiness and confusion. She wanted to go after Adam and beg for his forgiveness, but she was not sure he would want to see her now.

The more she thought about what had just happened, the more puzzled she got. If there was no chance a planet might not be habitable, if it wasn’t possible their world might be contaminated, then why were oxygen tanks placed inside their ark? Why did they need to perform the long, laborious swoops to get atmosphere for testing on the garden ring? Her education gave her answers but she resolutely forced them out of her mind… that was knowledge imparted by a demon, and it could only do her harm. What had really happened to Adam out there? She didn’t know, and reaching for answers only brought heretical thoughts to mind, thoughts she banished through long effort and education under her better. Their lack, however, placed the answers all out of reach. She was feeling guilty about her thoughts and actions. It would be a shame if she ended up like her disgusting, atheist whore of a mother.

Father Elias had told her all about the godless ways of that slut. She had been led astray by Lilith, the demoness raising women above men in the world. Most countries had sworn their allegiance to this demon, or so she had been told. When Eve had learned about this, had learned about her mother’s study in science and her arrogance in assuming herself the equal of those stronger than her, it made her ashamed of her own education beneath her parents… she wished she could purge all that heretical knowledge from her mind so that she wouldn’t join the other heretics when, one night, they would all be burned in the lake of fire. That must have been why they were sent out to refill the earth… the great disaster was on its way.

Eve swallowed. She had disappointed her husband. She didn’t want to be punished by him – or by God – for her weakness, the weakness her mother had bred into her. Forcing herself to her feet, she began to climb the ladder.

One thought on “NSC – Be As Gods 3 – The Garden

  1. Ok, last one before I catch up!

    Remember how Adam hadn’t seemed…that bad by the standards of male abusers in these stories?

    I mean, it wasn’t exactly a high bar, but still.


    “Put this on,” Adam told her, reaching over and handing her a collar. The metal thing seemed heavy, and she had never seen one of them before… it had blinking lights on it.

    He descended upon her, pouring a barrage of slaps on her person. Most of them hit home. She finally crashed to the floor, her ears ringing. “You don’t have faith! Father Elias calls this place the Garden of Eden. Do you think the garden of our Lord would be contaminated?”

    😐 …we’re done with that qualifier now.

    That collar is a seriously squirm-inducing thing, and the use on Maria was pretty unpleasant to read. It is both sad and, somehow, frustrating to read her blaming herself for this, or assuming that God is angry with her. There needs to be a theological equivalent to Hanlon’s Razor. “Never attribute to divine wrath that which is adequately explained by human dickery.”

    Or something to that effect.

    I did realize just this chapter, in a rather neat little moment, that “trust in him” doesn’t refer to God, but rather Father Elias. It’s not precisely a plot point or anything, but I thought it was kinda cool.

    On a minor note, I was kind of amused by the similarities between the Ark class and a colony ship I designed at one point (same propulsion drive and dual centrifuge design, with one for habitation and one for agriculture), though the Odysseus didn’t have any windows on the habitation ring…and it’d be borderline suicidal to try and skip it off the atmosphere like that.

    Of course, that brings me to the fun part of this review, where I try and figure out what was wrong with Eden’s air!

    Ok, so I think we can dismiss the idea that anything is missing from the planet’s atmosphere that humans need, since I don’t think even the crazy rape cult would be so hardcore as to not scan for oxygen in the air.

    This means that what we’re dealing with must be something extra in Eden’s atmosphere, something that isn’t in Earth’s. It has to be poisonous, present in high enough concentrations that symptoms of breathing it will manifest quickly and, if not odorless, then with an odor that doesn’t immediately make you alarmed.


    Methane is probably the least likely. On the one hand, it is odorless and while not poisonous itself, is an asphyxiant. However, I doubt it would survive long-term on the planet. Eden, once again, has an Earth-like nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, so something, like lightning or volcanic activity, would presumably ignite the atmospheric methane and burn it off into water and CO2 before it reached concentrations that would be suffocating for a human.

    In a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, oxides of nitrogen are also a possibility. Nitric oxide is flammable, so like methane it would likely have been burned off. Nitrogen dioxide isn’t flammable, and it is poisonous, but large concentrations of it would also have been visible from orbit (the planet would have had a distinct orange tint).

    sulfur dioxide is poisonous, and it is released by volcanic activity, so it could be present in dangerous concentrations. It’s invisible, and while it does have an odor, the “burnt matches” smell isn’t exactly an oh-crap-I-need-to-get-out-of-this-room-now kind of smell.

    Buuuuut sulfur dioxide disrupts photosynthesis. If the ship’s plants were exposed to a high concentration of SO2 for six weeks, they’d probably be pretty stunted and unhealthy-looking by now, and there was no indication of that.

    Final candidate is one that isn’t common on Earth now, but was in the distant past (about 3 billion years ago), and it has been detected in the atmospheres of some exoplanets. While usually present in oxygen poor atmospheres, it apparently can exist even in a relatively oxygen-rich environment. It is odorless and invisible. Most importantly, while CO is so deadly to humans I don’t even have to mention it, it noticeably isn’t to plants, as CO in close proximity to plants rapidly gets oxidized into CO2, which then gets used for photosynthesis.

    Of course that does bring a final point up. To produce the symptoms Adam displayed, and to do it that fast, the concentration of carbon monoxide would need to be extremely high. Allowing for a bit of temporal wiggle room in the description, we may be dealing with headache, dizziness and nausea within 5-10 minutes, which would suggest a CO concentration of around 3,200 ppm.

    If that air has been exposed to the plants for a month and a half, and the concentration is still that high, the concentration in the atmosphere on the planet could be insane, though this admittedly could be the result of them periodically “refreshing” the atmosphere in that agricultural ring, i.e. they’re bringing in fresh CO with each pass through the atmosphere, so the plants haven’t actually had time to render this batch safe.

    Alright! Tonight, on to the next chapter to find out what that was!


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