Chosen – Chapter 11 – Collapse

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Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan


Yuki knelt before Inari’s flame as Akemi burned.

Flames licked across her body as they rose from the coals, consuming her form bit by bit. There was no smoke, no smell… where the fire consumed, it left nothing behind. The white-furred fox tried not to cry as she watched the body burn. This wasn’t her sister anymore, she reminded herself. This was just an empty shell… no more her sister than a shed skin was the snake. Akemi was already gone.

She cried anyway.

Yuki and Akari had spent the last day cleansing the body of its demonic defilement, purifying and removing the filth from her body in preparation for the kind of funeral her sister deserved, an honor for the brave and good… but despite that, despite the holy traditions and love and beauty, Yuki’s lips quivered as her mind failed to banish the horrible final images of her sister from her head. Akemi’s form squirming with life but not her own, shifting inside the webbing. Beside her Akari, along with Seijun and Mai, watched in silence… giving Yuki her time to mourn even as they took their turns to do the same.

Yuki, however, was not mourning.

How could she? What right did she have? Maybe if they had worked with Syllana, she could have taught her sister what she would need to overcome those monsters… or at least fought alongside her. That hadn’t happened, though… because Yuki had convinced her otherwise. She might as well have cut her throat herself. The white fox just looked on, staring in distant thoughts, her mind refusing to give in to the idea that her sister had passed on.

After some time, Seijun approached Yuki and caressed her shoulder gently. “We should go,” she said. “We have to find those other kitsune.”

“I know,” said Yuki with a heavy sigh. She stood finally from kneeling over Akemi’s final resting place and bowed graciously. “Thank you for everything, dear sister,” she whispered, throat tight. “I… I’ll end this for you. I promise.” With that, she turned to join Seijun and Mai with a discontented look on her face. She gave a weak smile to Mai as they took each other’s hand and followed Akari out of the shrine on the hill and down into Hanei.

The village was still bustling and full of life. Almost every kitsune that could fight was somewhere along the front, helping to defend Hanei and the human lands, but that still left hundreds too young to fight, or too weak, or who served the village in other ways that were too important to be set aside, war or no war.

In normal times, the sight of her people moving and talking and working together despite the danger and the hardship would have lifted Yuki’s spirits. Today, however, it had the opposite effect. These were the people they were fighting for, the ones that Akemi had been protecting every time she’d gone out on the battlefield. How could they all just… go on? She was dead.

Yuki knew that was unfair to put on them, but there was more to her dismal mood than her grief. Akemi was gone… and that meant that it was on someone else to take on her responsibilities. It was on Yuki now to keep these people safe, and responsibility for each and every one of them weigh heavily on her shoulders. It was all up to her now.

She had to succeed.

Mai took Yuki by the arm and smiled at her sweetly. “It will be okay, my love,” she whispered to her. “You can do this.”

Yuki let out a heavy sigh and nodded as she squeezed onto Mai’s arm and looked at her. “Do you think that those kitsune really waited?” she asked. “Would they still meet with us? Tonight? Back in the abandoned village?”

Mai nodded. “They were… they were adamant they wanted to speak to you, mistress. I have a strong feeling that if they said they’d be waiting for you, they’ll be waiting for you to return,” she said. She hesitated a second longer. “I am afraid I would be of little use to you if I went, Yuki… I’d only slow you down. You won’t be mad at me if I stay in the village, right?”

Yuki nodded, relieved that she’d suggested it. “That would be best,” she said, kissing Mai’s head before letting her go. “Stay safe for me… I’ll be back soon.”

Akari approached her sister and took her hand. She and Akari didn’t always see eye to eye, and their conversations frequently ended in arguments these days, but the only thing she was getting from the proper kitsune right now was dead-serious solemnity… and intensity. “Seijun told me that there is something you might have learned that can help us put an end to this once and for all?” she questioned Yuki. “Are you sure whatever it is you’re planning, that it is safe?” The blonde fox swallowed. “I can’t think about losing another sister.”

Words failed Yuki in that moment. Instead, she leaned forward and embraced Akari, wrapping her arms around her as they stood there together for a long moment in comforting silence. “You have nothing to fear,” Yuki reassured her sister. “Come, we can all head that way together. Hopefully she will be waiting for us.” The white fox shook her head in shamed dismissal. “I was foolish enough to wait until after I lost my sister to realize my mistake in earnest. We should hurry before nightfall.”

Yuki led her sister and Seijun out of Hanei, the three of them taking on fox form as they ran at a pace that would have rivaled the best horses in Japan. The other two foxes followed Yuki as she led them down the winding road that took them every closer to Shiyomi, the abandoned village growing nearer with each bend. The day had already been hanging high in the sky for hours, and it had started to drop before they reached the village… The evening sky was a deep red and the sun was disappearing by the second behind the great sakura trees along its northern edge.

Yuki approached them and looked up into their branches, hoping that the mysterious kitsune remained. “I’ve come back!” she cried out. “Syllana! I want to reconsider what you offer!”

There was a prolonged silence as the wind picked up and all the women looked about, concern on their faces as it kept getting darker. “Syllana!” Yuki shouted. “Syllana! Syllana!

They all felt it when a wave of magic seemed to make the air tingle. Seijun raised a brow as she sensed the shudder of powerful magic… it felt like sitting on a cushion when all of a sudden someone stepped on the other side, displacing it, seeming to shift reality beneath you. Akari’s ear twitched nervously. “Something feels off,” she muttered out loud.

“I’m so glad you have returned,” Syllana’s voice came from behind them. As they turned, she emerged out of full invisiblity, her form still wreathed in the darkening air as though it obeyed her. Her beautiful black fur bristled against the night as her twin bodyguards emerged from behind their own illusion as well. Syllana’s tails fluttered in the wind as she stood, confident and tall, before the three kitsune with a smile on her face. “And just in time, too. I was starting to be afraid we’d have to resort to drastic measures and try to go after the monsters ourselves.”

“Such a task would be unsuitable for the mistress to do alone,” spoke one of the twins, with exactly the tone one uses when avoiding a conversation… as non-committal and emotionless as possible.

“Most unsuitable,” confirmed the other.

“So, young one,” she said, looking at Yuki. “You have returned to me. And your teacher, as well… I presume this must be Seijun. I have heard so much about you… and this one must be your sister,” she said, looking at Akari. “I was dismayed to learn of Akemi’s death… you have my condolences.”

“Thank you,” Yuki growled. “You can teach us to do what you do? To use our magic to burn them, and destroy the Jorogumo once and for all?”

“Burn them!?” gasped Akari. “Yuki!” She pulled on her sister’s arm. “This is what you’ve been on about, Yuki!? Do you know how dangerous this is? It’s forbidden!”

“Forbidden…” Syllana said, her lips twisted in a sneer. “Forbidden by whom? The Goddess Inari? I wasn’t aware she was fighting against this threat by your side. If she asks you to fight her battles for her, then it seems like she doesn’t get to complain on how you win them.”

“Seijun, you’re okay with this?” Akari said, eyes wide. “Using forbidden magic? Dark magic?”

Syllana chuckled. “The path of destruction is often considered darkness by those of little vision. Personally, I see the darkness as necessary, if we’re to ever find the light once more.”

Seijun nodded. “I agree,” she said, looking at Akari. “The manner in which one uses the art defines its purpose. That the magic is destructive matters less than what it destroys… Destruction can be used for good when it vanquishes pure evil, and saves lives.”

Akari looked at Seijun then Yuki. “Have you both lost your minds? I can’t believe you two can accept this,” she protested. “As the goddess herself has proclaimed, such magic is evil in nature. It can not be used for good, no matter the nobility in purpose.” She hissed. “It is anathma to life.”

“Sounds like outdated scripture,” muttered Yuki, narrowing her eyes angrily. “I do not want to subject anyone to another battle of suffering and failure and death when the Jorogumo regroup. Just think of Akemi!”

“I have not stopped thinking of Akemi,” said Akari as she shook her head. “What would she say to this foolishness?” The golden fox tried one final protest. “I know it hurts, Yuki… I hate it, but do you really think Akemi would want her family throwing away the goddess’ teachings like this?”

“If I hadn’t stopped her,” Yuki said with a sigh, “then Akemi would have already studied this…” And maybe, she left unsaid, she would still be alive.

Akari looked between the two of them one last time. “The goddess teaches us wisdom, Yuki… I can’t believe you would forget this. Using foxfire to end life… I am sorry, sister, but I cannot be a part of anything to do with this darkness. We must leave.”

Yuki tried to hide her disappoint. “Fine,” she growled. “If you won’t join us, then go. Take care of the camp… keep everyone alive. We’ll do what’s necessary to save us all.”

“Yes,” Syllana said, her own eyes narrow. “Go. Pray to your goddess. Perhaps she will save you. In the meantime, while you pray, we will see to your people’s salvation.”

Akari opened her mouth, then closed it again. She tried several more times to find something to say. Then her form melted back into that of a fox and she turned on her heels, leaving the village as quickly as they had come. She never once looked back.

“Shame,” said Syllana with a shrug. “Two daughters of Yui denied… but at least the greatest of them has chosen to see reason.”

Yuki tore her gaze from her sister and back to Syllana, her eyes wide. “You… you know my mother?”

“Oh yes,” Syllana said, smiling. “Me and her were the best of friends. You know she wasn’t born in Hanei, right?”

“How?!” Yuki begged. “Where?!”

Syllana gave a purring laugh. “Oh, the two of us used to get up to all kinds of trouble when we were younger,” she said. “I’ll have many stories to share… but right now, we’re in a hurry, my darlings… we have a lot of work to do and not much time to do it. Between the two of you, we have more than enough material to work with… I am eager to see what kind of raw power we can summon from two such beautiful white-furred kitsune. We will go together like yin and yang, my sisters.” She giggled like an excited, amused teenager as she turned and began striding back and deeper into the village. “Come… come my new apprentices… Follow me!”

Yuki looked at Seijun, her eyes burning with need and curiosity and excitement, all tangled up into a single, squirming ball. They both nodded to one another as they turned into their fox selves and followed Syllana and her twins as they scurried off deeper into the sprawling, empty village.

The morning sun was still inching towards its zenith when Akiko drew closer to home. Kozue had been right: it had felt good to spend a little time outside, wandering aimlessly through Hanei, instead of remaining cooped up in the shelter all day. The air was fresh and bright, and there were pleasant scents coming from the forest. Not that the fox had ventured anywhere near the forest, no. Even the thought of stepping beneath those tall trees made her step falter and beads of sweat appear on her forehead.

She put a hand to her chest, feeling her racing heartbeat. They’d all told her that she would recover, and she believed them. She was recovering. She still had the nightmares, but they didn’t make her wake up screaming anymore. She still shuddered at the sight of a spider, but it was no longer a struggle not to throw up. And the memories of her vicious rape at the hands of the jorogumo were slowly growing indistinct, where once they had been sharp and merciless in their detail, as though each and every horrible moment had been burned indelibly into her brain. She was getting better, day by day.

But recovering and recovered were still two very different things. That was why Akiko was still staying in the shelter, even though her home was nearby. Everyone in the shelter had gone through the same experience, more or less. Some had been a captive of the spiders for mere hours, like her, others for more than a month, but all of them bore mental scars from their ordeal. They didn’t have to be alone, or surrounded by people whose intentions were good but who just didn’t understand what they’d been through. Everyone there knew each other’s pain.

The chestnut furred fox’s dress swished between her legs as she walked up the steps to the shelter’s entrance. It didn’t look like anything special from the outside; it had only been Kozue’s home, after all, before the woman had generously offered it for use. Akiko took in a deep breath before she walked in, savoring the crisp air. Yes, this had definitely been a good idea on Kozue’s part. The woman was probably busy preparing lunch right now, and Akiko decided that there would be no better way to show her gratitude than by giving the woman a ha-

“Another egg sac,” said the spider. “Perfect.”

Akiko froze.

The inside of the shelter was covered in webbing, splattered all over the walls and floor and furniture until nothing could be seen but its sticky white lines. There were grotesque lumps here and there: cocooned women who had been rendered blind and paralyzed and helpless, their insides so swollen with eggs that their silhouettes looked utterly inhuman. It was all the stuff of nightmares, but the brown haired fox barely noticed any of it. All of her attention was captured by the dark haired, dark skinned spider woman who even now was humping one of the cocoons, pumping a fresh load of eggs into whichever hole had caught her fancy.

Instinct and terror were in full agreement, and Akiko immediately spun around, trying to bolt through the door she had just come in from. But Akume was already moving towards her, and before the kitsune had managed a single step she felt the familiar sting of the spider’s fangs sinking into her neck, and suddenly everything was too bright, too loud, too real. Every strand of webbing seemed to hum and buzz and burn as it was plastered to her skin.

No, no, no… this couldn’t be happening! It had to be another nightmare. Akiko couldn’t go back to that silent, suffocating darkness. It was supposed to be over! She’d been rescued!

“I know you,” hissed Akume as she wrapped the helpless and sobbing kitsune up after tearing her clothes off, binding arms and legs and tails together until only Akiko’s head and neck were free. “Yes, you were one of mine, weren’t you? Until they came for you, stole my rightful property.” She turned the woman around to face her, and Akiko screamed as the spider drove one of her sharp, stiff legs straight into her abdomen, impaling her on the spindly limb. “The last time I saw you, egg sac, you had hundreds of my babies inside you. What did you do with them?” She twisted her leg, causing blood to spurt out around it and stain the white webbing as Akiko howled further. “What did you do to my precious children?!” Akume barked.

Akiko didn’t even know what had happened to the eggs she had been carrying when she was rescued. She had lost consciousness almost from the very moment she was safe, and by the time she’d woken up, they were gone. She’d tried her hardest not to even think about them, let alone find out what had become of them.

But that wasn’t the sort of answer that the spider woman wanted as she ripped her leg out of Akiko and thrust it back in, ripping a second hole in the fox’s stomach. “Are they still in here?” Akume growled as her leg continued to scrape and gouge at Akiko’s insides. “Are they, egg sac? If you won’t answer, I’ll just have to keep looking!”

“They’re gone!” Akiko wailed. “I… they were all removed!”

“Murdered, you mean!” Akume said harshly, her impaling leg not stopping for a moment. “Hundreds of innocent babes, murdered by the thing whose only purpose in life was to protect them!”

“I’m sorry!” Akiko wailed. “I… I didn’t mean to!”

“I’m not going to waste my time on a defective egg sac,” spat Akume, and her fangs sank into Akiko’s throat again, pumping more venom directly into her bloodstream. The fox woman was dizzy and nauseous and the entire world seemed to be screaming. “If you can’t even do that much, you worthless lump of furry flesh, I’d rather just leave you like this.”

She let go off Akiko’s body, and the fox collapsed face first onto the ground, the impact sending mindshattering jolts of sensation through her body that were too intense to even be called pain. Akume’s voice seemed to fill her mind, thundering in her ears as though it might split her head open. “I won’t let you die, defect. Can you feel the venom eating away at your brain? Too little and you furry cockroaches survive, too much and you die; but there’s a sweet spot in between where you never get any better and you never get any worse.”

Akume lifted one leg and brought it sharply down, stabbing Akiko for a third time and making fireworks explode behind the woman’s eyes. She was trying to scream, but nothing would come out. Her mouth gaped, vocal cords straining uselessly to try and voice her agony. “Enjoy the rest of your miserable life.” The spider’s head lowered, her teeth seeking the fox’s neck once more.

Akiko couldn’t imagine anything more horrible than this bright, deafening madness. “I’m sorry!” she howled as the spider’s fangs grew near, finally finding her voice. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I-I-I’m sorry I was a bad egg sac!”

Akume’s fangs brushed her slender throat, but they didn’t pierce the skin. “Swear to be a better one!” she whispered harshly. “Swear you will do your best to be a warm, soft, and delicious cradle for my children from now until eternity. Convince me that you understand you are lower and filthier than every last child I will ever bless your insides with, and that there is no greater honor for a furry sack of garbage like you than to help bring more of my noble offspring into this world.”

“I swear!” Akiko sobbed. “I do! I, I’ll be a good egg sac!”

“Show me!” Akume hissed, and kicked the fox in the side hard enough to crack her ribs. The confused and terrified woman had no idea what the spider meant until her head was lifted by the hair and roughly jerked to the side. “There’s eggs that need tending!” Akume snarled.

They’d been camouflaged by the webbing, but Akiko saw them now: several dozen slime covered spider eggs littered the floor. Her overtaxed brain recalled how Akume had been ejaculating into one of the women when she’d first come in. She imagined the spider woman’s fat, rigid cock aimlessly spurting its load as she’d chased after her prey. Akiko shuddered in disgust, but it only took one more kick to the side to get her to start awkwardly crawling forward, wriggling her webbed body across the floor until she reached the nearest egg.

The chestnut furred fox had been filled with them before, but she’d never had to really look at one. They were a misshapen, dirty grey, and looked slightly softer than she’d expected, designed to be compressed rather than crushed when stuffed into an incubating vessel. “If you let a single one break,” came the spider’s warning, “you will spend the rest of your long life regretting it.”

Fear made the fox tremble, but it also spurred her to lower her head and close her lips with exaggerated care over the slimy egg. It was warm on her tongue, and she could feel the tiny, minute movements of the thing inside it as she forced herself to swallow and felt it slide down her throat. And then it was in her stomach. Akiko whimpered. The egg was in her stomach and it wasn’t going to come out until it hatched, and this time there would be no last minute rescue. She really was going to be an egg sac. Oh Goddess…

Akume’s hand seized the back of her head and slammed her face into the floor, grinding it into the puddle of cum that the egg had been sitting in. “Don’t keep your betters waiting, defect!” growled the spider. Akiko wasn’t too far gone to understand that she was talking about the eggs, not herself. The fox continued her slow, wormlike journey across the floor, lapping up egg after egg, each one a warm and heavy weight in her stomach.

She didn’t realize she’d gotten them all until Akiko lifted her up by the hair again, this time to rub her face against the spider’s massive cock. “Now show your respect, defect! Welcome my children home.”

The fox knew what was expected of her this time. Her tongue flicked out to stroke the spider’s shaft and taste the venom that coated it. Akume groaned in pleasure, her cock twitching happily as Akiko worshiped it with her mouth. This was the thing that would penetrate her and fill her to bursting with more eggs, just like the silent and miserable women all around them. The fox used her lips and tongue to slavishly please the instrument that would soon violate and defile her once more.

As she debased herself, she could feel her insides throb, and she flushed with shame when she realized that she had begun humping the jorogumo’s leg. She knew it was the venom talking, but that didn’t stop the humiliation. Some part of her wanted this. It was eager to be stuffed full of this long, fat, rock hard cock. Even the idea of it pumping her full of spider eggs brought a hint of anticipation along with the terror and nausea. Would she cum when she felt them stretching out her womb, hot and heavy and buzzing with life? Part of her couldn’t imagine anything more wretched. Part of her couldn’t wait to find out.

“Yes,” said Akume with satisfaction. “This is what you foxes were born for. Your bodies are wet and tight for our shafts, soft and tasty for our eggs, and you all love every minute of it. There’s no use denying it, defect. The jorogumo are apex predators, and the kitsune are juicy, wonderful prey.”

The spider grabbed hold of Akiko’s ears, and the brown furred fox had only half a second of warning before the ovipositor was thrust into her mouth and down her throat, almost smashing her teeth on the way in. She felt her jaw hang unnaturally down, dislocated by the rough entry. The venom made her feel every ridge and bump so acutely as the spider stroked it in and out of her gullet, forcing the tight tunnel to submit to her will.

Even when the jorogumo pulled back, she left more than enough of her shaft inside the bound fox’s mouth to cut off her air. Akiko squirmed weakly at first, and Akume’s only response was to dig her nails into the soft fur of her ears, making the kitsune scream against her cock in new agony. The fox quickly gave in, settling for looking up at her rapist with a pitiful expression and tear-filled eyes, praying for her mercy even as a primal part of her wanted the spider to shove her cock in so deep that it would come out the other end.

Akume met Akiko’s wordless begging with scorn. “You breathe when I decide it, not you. If it pleases me to watch you pass out on my shaft, the only reaction I should see from you is gratitude; it is not every egg sac that can amuse her owner. And yes, defect, you will die on my cock one day, just like this, but not until you have birthed millions of my children.”

The idea of spending centuries in an endless cycle of birth and incubation made bile rise up in the fox’s throat, prevented from spewing out only by the thick cock plugging her closed. It made her silently beg Inari to grant her a quick death. But most of all, it made her cum. In her sensitive state, the orgasm hit her like a physical blow, wiping out all conscious thought and reducing her to a shivering, drooling mess.

By the time her awareness returned, Akume was in the middle of fucking Akiko’s throat. She’d foolishly thought that that was already what was happening, but that had just been the spider loosening up the passage for use. Now the fox’s head was being viciously yanked back and forth along Akume’s shaft, swallowing and regurgitating the entire length over and over. Blood coated her lips and chin thanks to her nose being broken when her face was carelessly slapped against the spider woman’s groin. Every thrust hit just as hard, and she could feel her cheekbones fracturing and splintering under the constant brutal abuse.

Akiko passed out three more times before she felt the first wet thump inside her belly. The spider woman kept her face jammed against her crotch as her massive cock spat egg after egg into Akiko’s stomach, each one promising a nightmarish future. “Now that is a proper look for a kitsune,” said Akume, sounding pleased for once. “Swollen up with precious babes.”

The jorogumo finally pulled out, cum and venom still dripping off her cock and splattering across the fox’s face, and then laid the woman down on the floor with surprising gentleness. Akiko felt a fleeting and twisted sense of gratitude for the eggs inside of her; they were the reason for the kinder treatment. An egg sac was far more valuable and precious than an empty useless fox.

When the tip of one of the spider’s legs slashed across Akiko’s front, her first thought was that Akume had decided that she didn’t deserve the eggs after all. That she was going to disembowel the kitsune and rip her children out of Akiko’s corpse to find a better incubator. When she realized the spider’s true intention a moment later, she wished that she had been right the first time.

She tried to mumble a plea for mercy, but between her broken jaw and her cum clogged throat, all that she produced was a soft and miserable moan. “You have no one to blame but yourself, defect,” Akume said dismissively as her cock rubbed against the fox’s slit where she’d just parted the webbing. “Because of your negligence, hundreds of my children are dead. We’ll have to make up for lost time.”

The spider woman’s ovipositor was as hard and thick as ever as it tunneled between Akiko’s bound legs. When Akume had raped her pussy back in the forest, it had been a hellish experience, but having an entire clutch of eggs inside her belly made it a thousand times worse. Their weight made her tighter than she’d ever been, tight enough to make Akume groan in pleasure and begin fucking her hard. Nausea and agony fought for her attention as her stuffed digestive system was bounced and shaken with every crushing thrust.

As terrible as her present discomfort was, it was no match for Akiko’s terror at what was to come. The eggs in her stomach already made her her feel like an overripe fruit, ready to burst at a touch. To be filled with a second batch, and in her womb no less… the only reason the kitsune wasn’t certain that it would literally rip her apart was the knowledge that Akume had no intention of letting her newest egg sac die that quickly.

The windows were as plastered with webbing as everything else in the shelter, but there remained a faint strip that was covered lightly enough that the rising sun behind it made it glow. Akiko stared unblinking at that glow even though her eyes burned and watered, even as the jorogumo did her best to hollow her out. Her attention remained fixed on it while Akume growled in pleasure and began to cum in her again, while her womb was stuffed and expanded and turned into a grotesque mockery of its true purpose.

She didn’t even look away when the spider’s ovipositor slid back into her again to begin the process of egging her a third time, though a sob escaped her throat and her vision grew blurred with tears. And even after the sun had passed, and the glow faded, Akiko continued staring where it had been, trying to hold in her mind the sun’s shape, its color, its warmth, even the way its brightness would stab at her eyes.

She already knew that she would never see it again.

Akume held her many silk leashes in one hand as she walked through Hanei, dragging all of her new egg sacs across the ground behind her. Some of them were still weakly struggling, but jorogumo silk was far stronger than whatever mangy, half dead kitsune could muster. Not all of them were literal egg sacs yet; it would have taken her days to egg so many, perhaps even weeks. They stretched out behind her like a parade, dozens and dozens and dozens of kitsune. Some of the foxes had been smart enough to flee from the village when they discovered their invader, and others had sought the safety of the shrine at the village’s center – she could feel their eyes on her even now as they watched from their last remaining sanctuary – but every other kitsune she could find, every single one, was either destined to feed her children or already dead.

As she strode down the simple dirt path, she took in her surroundings, the home of their sworn enemies. Hanei was a serene place, full of warm sunshine and open spaces, and exuded an aura of welcome, safety, and comfort. Akume loathed everything about it. It made her so furious that her blood pounded in her ears and she could barely see straight. This was how the foxes lived, cradled and protected and loved. She could have screamed at the injustice of it.

As jorogumo, she had had to fight for her survival. Every second of her continued existence had been a hard won battle. Even now, a single moment of weakness would be her last. Her sisters would turn on her in an instant if they thought it would be to their advantage, and she would have no choice but do the same were she in their position. Only the strongest, the smartest, the toughest, the most cunning and ruthless could earn themselves the right to live. Akume had just been one more in a clutch of millions. No one had cared for her. No one had protected her or offered love or kindness. And if she had fallen, there was no one who would have mourned her. No one who would have even remembered that she’d ever existed.

But Akume had not fallen. She had survived everything, clawing her way to the top so that she could enjoy all these things that the other races took for granted. She had earned her life, earned their father’s love. And that made her so much better than these frail, soft things that were given everything they did not deserve.

She wasn’t like her dead sisters, those weak or stupid or cowardly things, but she wasn’t much like her surviving sisters, either. Nyami and Kumiko cared only about themselves and their own desires. If Father had not directed them, they would have happily remained in the dark, playing with their pets and their food while the world went on without them. But not Akume. This war was her cause as much as their father’s. She was going to carve out a place in the world for the jorogumo. She would win her people the right to exist, just as she had done for herself so very, very long ago when she had fought and won the right to be the strongest through cleverness, brutality, and sheer determination. The others couldn’t visualize a world where their children could be allowed to survive… but Akume had vision. She would build a better world for her children the same way she had built herself… one victory at a time.

And the foxes and humans and all the other spoiled creatures, beloved of the gods? They could have a place in her world too: beneath them. She could imagine no better fate for them, each and every one of them, than to become silent, helpless egg sacs. All that weak, warm, coddled flesh of theirs would cradle and protect her beloved children, the way that no one had ever done for her.

So many dead.

She had been forced to sacrifice tens of thousands of them to get through the foxfire wards that protected the village, more than the kitsune had ever killed in combat. By themselves, even if they managed to set aside their differences and work together, the three true jorogumo would have been unable to pass through the wards. But even the intricate and powerful foxfire workings had their limits, and the sheer number of jorogumo had been too much.

It had all played out just as Father had predicted when he’d cloaked them and sent them here, slipping right through their enemy’s front lines to strike at their heart. “The foxes still think they’re fighting a war,” he’d told her. “Teach them that they’ve never been anything more than prey animals.”

There had been a cost to pay, of course. So many of Akume’s children had been driven mad by the wards, and many more crushed to death by their own brethren as those unaffected by the confusion in the back pushed those ahead of them forward with by weight of numbers… but for every thousand that died, the rest had advanced one step closer, until finally she – and she alone, her children but a field of corpses behind her – had penetrated the supposedly invincible bastion.

There had been guards to deal with after that, but they had barely slowed her down. Three of the foxes who’d tried to stop her were now egged and cocooned behind her, and the rest torn apart. There had been human guards with them as well, but most of them had fled when they’d seen how ineffective the kitsune were. Of the few that had dared to remain, only one had seemed suitable as an egg sac, and even that had been an overestimation; her bloody webbed body hadn’t so much as twitched for quite some time. It was a shame that some of her children would have to make do with a cold corpse as their first meal, but it could not be helped.

The spider glared up at the temple on the hill again. She itched to tear it down along with this entire village, taking as many prizes as she could carry and slaughtering the rest. But she resisted. The shrine was humming with Inari’s power, and stepping foot in there would be dangerously foolish. Besides, the Crimson Hurricane was dead and her companions would soon follow. Hanei wasn’t a village anymore, it was a breeding pit.

The six kitsune who chose that moment to attack gave no warning. Invisible blades cut into Akume from all sides, aiming to kill or cripple her before she could see through the foxfire illusions: four swords slicing across her legs to sever them, a spear into her throat to decapitate her, and a second spear straight into her torso, pointed directly at her heart.

If she had not been one of the true jorogumo, Akume would have been reduced to pieces before she even knew what was happening. Instead, the weapons merely bit painfully into her armor-like skin.

Foxfire illusions that could fool Akume for even a moment were rare; these defenders must have numbered among Hanei’s best. But they weren’t good enough, not once she was on her guard. She spat a wad of silk in a direction that almost looked completely empty, and was rewarded by an anguished and muffled scream as the webbing struck an invisible fox in the chest and sent them sprawling.

Other foxes were still hacking away at her legs, leaving bloody furrows up and down them as they tried to cut through. If she’d held still and let them keep striking the exact same spot repeatedly, they might have managed the feat after nine or ten blows, assuming they were using high quality steel.

If Akume’s hide was like armor, a kitsune’s was tissue paper. The spider demon barely felt any resistance as she bisected one defender and disemboweled another. The three remaining foxes were smart enough to realize that being within arms reach of her was a death sentence, and leapt back to gain some distance.

The illusions on them fell away as the fighters stopped concentrating on them, revealing two females and one male. Akume was less interested in men; they could perform as egg sacs just as well as women, but there was something that felt so right about filling a fox’s womb with her eggs, denying that intimate place its purpose and forcing it to help produce a superior species instead.

That was why she went after him first, launching herself at him with all the speed her powerful legs allowed. His reflexes were sharp, and he managed to bring his spear up in time to meet her dead on, hoping she would impale herself on it, but the haft cracked and shattered when the spear tip impacted her torso, causing only a minor scratch.

Akume repaid the injury by sinking her fangs into his neck. Normally she had to be careful not to inject too much venom, but not this time. He went down screaming and thrashing and frothing at the mouth, his eyes wild. If he was lucky, his heart would give out soon and spare him any further suffering, but the spider woman couldn’t care less if that happened. By the same token, she could see that the fox she’d hit with webbing was being suffocated by it, her mouth and nose too clogged with silk to breathe. Her hands were weakly clawing at the white mask covering her face, trying without success to pull it away. Akume hadn’t intended to kill the woman, and it would take only a moment to part the silk and save her life, but why should she, when she had two other foxes to enjoy?

Those last two already looked already half mad with terror, but they stood their ground against her. It was a noble sentiment, sacrificing their own lives to try and stop her from leaving the village and taking their brethren with her, and it filled Akume with anger. These two wouldn’t have survived a single night as jorogumo. Even among her own children, not a single one had voluntarily chosen to sacrifice themselves to get her into Hanei. They had done so only because she had forced them to. None of her offspring cared about her any more than her sisters did, and if she didn’t have to worry about them turning on her, it was only because they lacked the power, not the will.

It would have been far more sensible for these defenders to flee for their lives like the humans and many of the other foxes had, seeking the safety that only distance could provide. With their skilled illusions they might have even managed it, especially if they chose opposite directions and forced her to choose one to hunt first. Instead, they were staying, and their foolishness would do nothing but gift Akume with two more egg sacs.

Some invisible signal drove both foxes to charge at her at the same time. They’d witnessed her speed and how easily she’d slaughtered their companions, and knew that their only hope was to go on the offensive and kill her before she could kill them. That was slightly more respectable behavior, but still useless. Akume caught both of their katanas in her hands and crushed the blades as easily as if they’d been made of paper, then held onto the struggling kitsune as she almost delicately bit them. They collapsed, transformed into squirming, gasping messes.

Now that she could take her time, Akume examined her two newest catches. Both were tall and gray furred, with tresses of dark black and a lean warrior’s physique. As Akume stripped them, she arranged both them and herself so that those watching from the shrine would have a good view. Let them see just what fate was in store for all those she was taking with her.

“Please, let Nene go,” one of the foxes mumbled. “You can… do what you want with me…”

“No, sister,” begged the other. “I could never… leave you here… please, jorogumo, I will swear eternal obedience if… if you let her go…”

Akume spat in disgust. The familial resemblance between them was obvious now that she knew to look. She tried to picture Kumiko or Nyami saying things like that about her, caring about her enough to give up their lives, and even in her imagination it seemed utterly impossible. She felt rage and… something else. Something that drove her to say something that surprised her at least as much as it did them. “Prove it.”

She had already bound their legs in webbing to prevent any attempts to escape, but they were otherwise free, and they both struggled to their knees with little difficulty. She gave no further order, but her cock was standing tall and firm just inches from their faces. The second fox who had spoken hesitated only a moment before closing her mouth around its head and beginning to frantically suck. The other fox glanced between the two of them, and then determination flickered across a face still twisted with the agony of jorogumo venom, and she bent her head to begin lapping at the rest of Akume’s shaft with as much enthusiasm as her sister.

Akume had conceived thousands of clutches in her lifetime, but this experience was a first for her. She’d seen Nyami’s pets act this way towards her mistress, but that was different. Those women had been so drugged with venom that it was doubtful that they even knew what they were doing, let alone with who or why. These two foxes weren’t like them; though her poison burned in their veins, their minds were still fully their own. No one would ever consider what they were doing to be consensual, but it was the closest that Akume had ever come to it.

And it felt good.

The two sisters worked in reluctant tandem to please their new owner as she towered over them, their tongues running over every ridge and groove of her stiff ovipositor. Slowly the mess of blood and cum that coated the appendage shrank, lapped up by the pretty dark haired foxes until the shaft shone bright with their spit. “You would willingly spend the rest of your lives serving me?” Akume demanded. “Enduring centuries with the taste of my cock in your mouth and my children growing fat in your womb, just to save your sister?” Both women nodded and redoubled their efforts to satisfy her.

It was a ridiculous notion – spiders didn’t make deals with egg sacs – but Akume found herself unable to dismiss it. Not because of the physical pleasure, though her cock was already twitching happily thanks to their ministrations. It was something else, something buried, that made her feel oddly reluctant about just ignoring their pleas. What if she did let one of them go? It wouldn’t be the only fox to escape today, and there would be no shortage of egg sacs. Mercy was a foreign concept among the jorogumo, a luxury they had never been able to spare… until now.

For just a moment, Akume allowed herself to consider the idea. All of Japan would be theirs soon. The jorogumo would finally be able to live out in the open, under the sun, instead of hiding in the dark places. Once they did, would it be truly necessary to keep seeing the other races as nothing but pets or toys or food or egg sacs? If her people were ever to change, if there were any lessons that could be taught, what better time than now? Perhaps someday there would exist two jorogumo who cared for each other the way these two foxes did. Perhaps there could even be someone, someday, that she could care about…


She grabbed both foxes’ heads and pushed them into the dirt face first, grinding them against the ground hard enough to make the sisters cry out in pain. “Liars,” she hissed as blood seeped out around them. The idea of being able to love and be loved was a tempting fantasy, but that was all it was. Just a lot of performative nonsense, another way for the foxes and humans and all the other weak races to coddle each other and ignore the harsh realities of the world. The jorogumo’s way of life might be savage and bitter, but at least it was honest.

“I will spare one of you,” Akume decided out loud, and lifted them both up until they dangled by their hair, their faces a mask of bloody mud. “Whichever one of you asks first. The other I will stuff full of so many eggs, the babes will still be hungry after they’ve eaten every scrap of flesh on her bones. So which one of you wants to live?’

Neither woman spoke up, which only infuriated the jorogumo even more. She would prove that they were lying to her, and to themselves. She would make them admit that deep down, they were as selfish as anyone else.

Akume began by laying the two women down on top of one another, so that each fox’s mouth was pressed against her sister’s pussy while they embraced. Neither of them offered any kind of resistance as she positioned them like dolls, either because they were hoping that obedience would lead to lenience, or simply from realizing that she was strong enough to easily force them even if they fought. She pulled their legs apart until they were doing splits, their feet touching, and then used webbing to bind them that way. She found a use for their tails as well, looping them tightly around necks and thighs until their lips were all but glued to each other’s slits. Finally, she wrapped them up in silk, layering it over their torsos and limbs until their crotches and heads were the only flesh visible.

Once they were in position, she picked them up in one hand as easily as she would a twig. “I don’t think I’ll allow your children to eat all of you,” she confessed to one of them. “Did you know we consider kitsune eyes a delicacy? Yours look so soft and juicy, it would be a waste to lose them to a hatchling’s undeveloped palate.” She peeled the fox’s eyelid back with one finger and slowly ran her tongue over the woman’s eyeball, savoring the sweet smoothness of it. Then she easily turned them upside down so that she could taste the other woman’s eye and confirm it would be just as delicious.

Akume let the tip of her ovipositor trace lines across one cheek of firm kitsune ass. “The most clutches I’ve ever seen a fox’s guts take at the same time was eleven,” the jorogumo said. “Most humans will rip right open after two, but kitsune are far sturdier egg sacs. She didn’t even look like a person by the end, just a lumpy, bulging mass of flesh that wept and begged for death. When the first broodlings began to hatch and chew through her, she actually thanked them. Do you think one of you two can manage that many? Perhaps you’ll even break the record.”

Her cock was itching for relief, and the spider woman didn’t keep it waiting any longer. A human would have had great difficulty trying to fit such a thick rod into such a tight and dry asshole, and even the most sadistic among them would have needed to spend time preparing the hole for penetration. Akume’s ovipositor, harder than steel and as thick as a man’s forearm, needed no such foreplay. She just drove it in like a spear, smashing through bone and muscle and sweeping aside internal organs in order to get every last inch crammed into that tiny starfish.

The woman whose ass she was destroying screamed into her sister’s pussy while Akume reared back, her shaft reappearing covered in blood and filth, and then rammed it all the way back in. Then again. That first scream was still echoing when the jorogumo flipped the two foxes over and impaled the other woman’s asshole just as brutally. Fresh blood was raked out every time she pulled back, spattering the ground in dark red. Another few strokes and then flipped over again.

Akume continued alternating like that, savoring the minute differences between the two sisters’ assholes. Both were pleasantly hot and tighter on her shaft than any glove, but they had their own shape and texture, rubbed her prick in different places. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip. “For one of you,” she growled, “this is going to be the rest of your life.” Both foxes let out a sob at that.

After already being stimulated by their blowjob, it didn’t take long for her ovipositor to reach the tipping point. Akume hilted in the ass she was currently fucking and sighed happily as semen and eggs began gushing out of her to fill up her fucktoy’s guts. The fucktoy herself was howling in agony, and her sister seemed nearly as miserable: between one belly swelling up and the nearly invincible jorogumo silk that resisted being stretched out, her torso was now being crushed by the mass of spider of eggs in her sister.

Once the last egg was out, Akume flipped the pair over and started again, her cock as stiff as ever. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip. The eggs made the two women even tighter, and changed their contours in subtle ways; they felt like two brand new assholes. If the jorogumo shafted them slightly more gently than before, it was only to avoid hurting her children, and from the way the sisters continued to moan and wail, she wasn’t certain they’d even noticed.

The pair screamed in roughly equal distress when Akume began to cum a second time, choosing the unegged hole to fill. The eggs wanted to expand out, the silk refused, and their flesh, weakest of the three, was caught in the middle. The sisters groaned unintelligibly as their insides were pulverized in order to fit more spider eggs into them.

There was a groan of utter miserable hopelessness when Akume started in on round three. She knew then that she’d won, but that had been a foregone conclusion. This was the sort of battle that required her to rub her opponents’ noses in it. “Has one of you changed your mind about being my egg sac?” she asked.

One of the sisters – she didn’t know which one, and didn’t care anyway – made a muffled sound of agreement. “I can’t understand you with your mouth full,” Akume lied. “If you’re trying to ask me to spare you, say it by making your sister cum.”

The jorogumo couldn’t tell if both women began moving immediately, or if there was only one at first and the other joined in after realizing the betrayal, but within seconds the two sisters were noisily eating each other out. Akume had no intention of stopping while they worked out who should be spared, so she kept right on going. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip.

Her third load of cum soaked eggs produced inhuman noises from both women, and Akume was certain that if they weren’t kitsune they would have already been crushed to pulp. She was also certain that she didn’t care. Neither sister bothered trying to beg for mercy when she began raping their asses for a fourth time, but they began to slobber and slurp over each other’s twats even more frantically. Stroke, stroke, stroke, flip.

There was a gasp and a moan that had nothing to do with anything Akume was doing, and she knew that one of them had finally succeeded. Now that the egg sac had been decided, she flipped them around a final time, lined her cock up with the woman’s gaping and destroyed anus, and… stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke, strokestrokestrokestrokestrokestroke… the sisters gurgled helplessly as the jorogumo’s fourth and final load of eggs was crammed into them.

Akume released the two women when she was done, letting them fall to the ground. “You’ll make a fine egg sac indeed,” she said. “But I’ve lingered here long enough. By the time what’s left of your little army comes wandering back home, I’d like to be long gone and busy turning your asshole inside out again.” She picked up a strand of silk to use as their leash.

Her egg sac’s sister moaned something desperate and more than a little angry. Akume couldn’t make out a word of it, but she didn’t need to. “I promised to spare you,” she said archly. “And I will.” She spat a fresh wad of silk on the woman’s asshole to seal it shut, and plastered her face with a second. “I said nothing about letting you go. Neither I nor my children will lay a hand on you. You can relax in there with your sister while I fill her up again and again.” The woman moaned again, pleading. “Don’t worry, fox, you won’t be in there long. Like I said, your sister’s babes are going to be very hungry even after they’re done with her. You’re going to make an excellent second course… ”

Both women were still sobbing as Akume marched them and the rest of her prizes straight out of the village’s main entrance. The wards did absolutely nothing to hinder her exit, concerned only with keeping intruders out, not in, but before she passed them, Akume hesitated. She peered back at the village one last time before looking down at the lying, false foxes in her cocoon, and she allowed herself a moment to dream. To dream of a nation for her people, one where food like these foxes were grown in endless fields of webbed bondage. A place where her children wouldn’t have to fight and die against the servants of the damnable gods… or each other. A kingdom where, finally, there might actually be enough.

It was probably too big a dream to be possible… but then, once she would have thought that of taking this world from the false gods. Father always dreamed big… why not Akume?

She turned, pushed through the wards as easily as a cotton curtain, and vanished into the forest.

And took nearly three out of every four of Hanei’s villagers with her.

Ichika shuddered, her flesh burningly sensitive from the venom coating her skin and pounding through her veins as she felt her exhausted body be pulled from the webbing. It was over… at least, this time was. She let out a heavy sigh of relief. She refused to look down at her belly… just seeing what it had looked like in her mind’s eye would give her nightmares for years. She could feel their legs… their teeth… on her… inside of her… she shivered. Ichika had just given birth to hundreds of broodlings, emptying herself completely of every child as her body purged itself, the monsters escaping from her body by any means necessary. Nyami, for her part, looked clearly delighted as she lifted her plaything out of the webbings, smirking at her with joy. “You have recovered nicely…” she said, running her fingers over the smooth skin of the tall fox’s smooth belly and making her shudder again. “And in such a short time, too… You have a true warrior’s spirit, my dear. I admire that.”

Nyami’s tongue had met her nipples and in no time at all they had grown hard and sensitive. Ichika knew that she was her current favorite… she said so all the time. Ichika was the most precious of all the wombs in her larder… of them all, she admired the tall, slim kitsune warrior the most of all. Nyami’s tongue glided over one nipple and back to the other. Ichika could feel the spider-woman squeezing on her breasts as her lips moved to form a suction around her left areola and she began to suck. Arching her back, the blonde fox let slip a soft moan.

Beneath her, the form of another kitsune worked… the warrior called Hinata, her belly fat and swollen with eggs deep inside of her, yet to hatch. Red hair with almost black tips, the other captive had been kept drunk on venom almost since she arrived her… Nyami rarely bothered to bind her unless she was leaving her web anymore. Instead, she just wore webbing wrapped around her face like a blindfold, just leaving her mouth and nose exposed as, like a brainwashed puppet, she reached out and began to squeeze tightly on Nyami’s extended hard cock, running her tongue along it as she got her ready to rape Ichika again.

Some days, Ichika wished she could be like that. It was the only reason that she was Nyami’s favorite, she knew… that she wasn’t as far gone as the rest of them, hadn’t become as lost in the venom’s intoxicating embrace. It would be easier if she would. Half of the time, Hinata didn’t even seem to realize she was a slave anymore. Half the time, when she screamed in pain, she seemed to forget what had caused it. Half the time, she seemed genuinely devoted to the dark-skinned monster that owned them and knew nothing else anymore, with her dead eyes only reacting to the sensations. Ichika wouldn’t be the favorite anymore… she would just be one more doll. One more egg sac for her collection.

And all it would cost was any chance of escape.

Ichika held on.

With each moan and groan escaping her lips, Nyami played with her hands, gently guiding the fox’s legs apart as she hung in the loose webbing like a puppet in its strings. Nyami noticed this and couldn’t help but chuckle. With one hand she reached down as she took a single finger and ran it lengthwise down her slit. Ichika jumped, gasping loudly and trembling harder. The stimulation of her touch felt even greater this time than it had before… her body unbelievably sensitive, the poison waking up every single nerve and making them feel like she was being kissed by lightning.

Ichika leaned back as far as the webbing would hold her as she felt Nyami’s fingers caressing her clit. Beneath them, Hinata kept slurping noisily on the jorogumo’s shaft, her hand caressing her mistress, using what energy she had to give back to the spider. Nyami’s lips moved to meet Ichika’s nipples once more, each moment of pleasure causing her body to quake. She could tell Nyami was enjoying herself too, as she was taking the time to please her body without question. The pleasure was so intense that her knees began to buckle as she slid down slightly in the web netting. With a helping hand, Nyami guided her nearly ragdoll-limp body to turn around on the webbing, putting her down on her knees alongside her other slave.

Ichika made a confused face, lost and dazed as she tried to remember what she was doing, why she was resisting. It was so hard, sometimes… it was so much easier if she just did what Nyami wanted to her, obeying like a good plaything would. Certainly, Hinata knew nothing else other than a sheer, overwhelming desire to please the spider demon… Ichika watched on with excitement, and confusion, grasping at the tree branch and webbing tightly as the jorogumo moved around her.

She let out an exasperated gasp as Nyami’s tongue emerged to meet her clit. Her eyes opened wider as she leaned forward, grasping at Nyami’s waist where it met her thorax. She could hear her chuckling again as her entire body tensed up. Nyami’s tongue began to examine her in ways Ichika had only dreamed about being touched before, lost the drugged pleasure as Nyami’s tongue glided effortlessly through her slit, grazing over her clit, back and forth, finding its way down to the entrance of her pussy before moving upwards again. “You taste delicious, Golden One,” Nyami purred as she enjoyed the taste. “I don’t have have the time to really enjoy my meals or my pleasures, the way I used to… this little break is a paradise is it not? I never get enough time to really get my teeth into a stubborn one like you and break you into a pet… I’m delighted to have the opportunity.”

Ichika’s moans and groans echoed through the treetops out over the canopy, getting louder with each movement of Nyami’s tongue against her. As she continued to lick, her tongue journeyed from her clitoris to her throbbing pussy lips. Ichika moaned in surprise, her heart thumping as she felt her tongue against her flesh. All she could do was wiggle on top of her as her tongue circled around her, licking her down deep inside of her. Nyami’s tongue was long and barbed like, and it hooked inside of Ichika, scraping her walls and releasing tension inside of them as she cleaned her insides for another unnatural impregnation. Ichika’s back arched again as she found herself leaning down into a position on all fours against the branch and webs, and in a moment of clarity considered trying to throw herself into a lethal fall down to the ground before her fangs sank into her again and a fresh wave of agonizing pleasure shot through her and obliterated the thought. Nyami’s throbbing cock bobbed right before her face now, slick with Hinata’s spit… one of the spider’s hands in her hair between her ears, pulling her inexorably forward. With a deep breath, she stopped resisting, feeling her knees tremble as she grasped one hand to the thorax of the demon woman and the other hand tightly against the base of Nyami’s cock.

She found the tip of her ovipositor’s bulbous head with her tongue first, lightly stroking against the top. All the way from one side to the other, and then around in a circle, she swapped Hinata’s spit with her own. Ichika could feel Nyami begin to shake just as she did, and wondered why pleasing her mistress wasn’t enough to put a smile on her face. The touch of Nyami’s fingers and tongue on her certainly was sending shivers down her body and spine, the tongue wavering lightly from her slit as she shook. In a second’s time, however, her tongue was back against her clit… swirling lightly and then pressing harder before moving once more to her asshole and flicking, causing her to arch her back again. This time as she arched her back, she bent forward, pushing her backside into the air and allowing the tip of Nyami’s cock to finally fully enter her mouth. She stayed there for a moment, just an inch of Nyami in her mouth, swirling her tongue around her and squeezing with her hand.

“Oh my pretty young fox, you are wonderful indeed,” Nyami chuckled as her massive spider body tensed up from the positive stimulation of Ichika’s semi-willing mouth. “It is good to see a pet so eager…” Hinata pressed her face almost against Ichika’s, trying to help lick along the length of Nyami’s shaft.

They both continued this for several long moments before Nyami’s tongue found its way further down her taint. Once again met with the entrance to her pussy, Nyami took a deep breath before sliding her tongue inside. Ichika gripped tighter as she felt Nyami enter her. Her entire body was shaking harder still as she felt the urge to push back against the Jorogumo’s tongue. As she pushed back, she lowered her head once again, this time gliding her tongue and the roof of her mouth further down against the length of her thick shaft. It took a moment for her lips to reach the edge of her hand, forcing her to release it to make more room for herself and Hinata to lick and suck. The sheer length and girth of Nyami’s inhuman cock was truly unlike anything she had ever seen, and she could hardly believe it had ever fit inside of her. Sealing her lips around it, Ichika forced herself to take a deep breath before pushing herself down further, feeling the hard cock pushing into the back of her throat. Nyami had now pulled her upwards off the branch and held her nearly upside down as they licked and sucked at one another on the spider’s whim.

Ichika jerked and spasmed with fear and pleasure mingled as Nyami grabbed hold of one of her ears and began to glide her head up and down, stroking it on her dick. Each time she was allowed to come up for air she could taste the sweet saltiness of her precum in her mouth. The seed of the jorogumo didn’t taste like a kitsune’s… it was rich and impossibly sweet, sickeningly so. The spider began to force her to go faster, bobbing her head up and down, and the kitsune twirled her tongue around Nyami even as Hinata helped, using all the effort the two of them could muster to ensure every inch of their mistress’s throbbing cock was being caressed by their tongues and mouths, and with each throb she felt mindlessly rewarded, reassured that they were doing everything just right for the spider.

Nyami wasn’t shy about letting them know when they were doing a good job, either. The jorogumo sighed with pleasure, licking all the more enthusiastically as she went. The holes her fangs made in Ichika vanished almost immediately, but there were still streaks of blood of her thighs and ass and groin from where more poison was being injected into her, keeping her on that narcotic high even as a small, screaming corner of Ichika’s mind clawed at the walls of her sanity to escape, the spider’s body shaking with delighted moans. “Such good little fox sluts,” she purred, letting Ichika up for air… and as she did, Nyami lifted her hand upwards and slowly forced two fingers into her pussy, spreading it open again. She had just finished giving birth to her brood and already her cunt was that of an untouched virgin again… Nyami sighed with delight again. “You pretty little playthings were just born for this, weren’t you?”

The sharpness of her fingers stung initially as they pushed through her restored hymen, but even that quickly melted away into pleasure… Ichika’s body jolting as the jorogumo’s fingers made contact with her g-spot. “You have been so very good,” Nyami said, voice teasing. “So I think you have earned a reward, my favorite. I shall prepare you to have an easier second brood.” She smiled at the lovely blonde fox, her voice a malicious purr. “You’re just the kind of precious thing I’d like to preserve.”

Ichika’s body was throbbing now from head to toe, just as hard and as often as Nyami’s cock in her mouth. Both of their bodies intertwined up in the trees, with Ichika fully upside down, gasping, moaning, groaning, and arching with each move of the spider’s tongue or thrust of the hand. Ichika pushed back against Nyami mindlessly, chasing the pleasure… her body was so sensitive now that not being touched felt almost like torture. In return, Nyami began to push deeper and faster, her fingers pumping in and out of her and could barely contain herself. As her body shook, Ichika felt Nyami’s tongue make contact with her clit again, and with that, the moans and groans grew louder and more forceful. The entire canopy was shaking under the jorogumo matriarch’s weight and Ichika could feel her juices dripping down Nyami’s fingers, allowing for her to easily glide in and out of her wet and quivering pussy.

Ichika continued to suck on Nyami, bobbing up and down even as Hinata warred for space on the shaft. While most of her was inside of the tall, blonde fox’s throat, the egg-stuffed redhead did her best to leg her tongue slide over every inch of Nyami that was still exposed. She licked rapidly, her tongue swirling the full width of the shaft and up and then down again, circling her completely, even more drunk on venom that Ichika was. For several long moments, she let her tongue flick and lick over the entirety of Nyami’s cock like a ravenous animal, the jorogumo just laughed with joy. “You two truly are the perfect slaves!” she cackled. “Beautiful, tight, sweet, delicious, and utterly, utterly pathetic. I can hardly imagine a better set of egg sacs.”

This continued on for several minutes before Ichika felt an orgasm beginning to build within her, the pleasure welling up furiously. Ichika fought against them, the shreds of her mind that were still capable of rational thought struggling against giving the spider what she wanted even as she felt the immense pleasure building and building and building. Her head was pushed further down again, allowing for Nyami’s length to fully enter her throat. Her hips began to shake rapidly as the pleasure started to reach its peak, and screaming inside her head Ichika began to cum hard enough that the edge of her vision began to go black. With a violent thrust back, Nyami felt Ichika’s pussy walls as they tightened around her fingers. Her moans turned into a soft scream as the orgasm came, making her throat vibrate on her mistress’s cock. Nyami didn’t stop, either… she continued to pump into her until the cumming fox was so tight from contracting that she could no longer move inside her. Her fingers stopped her from squirting all over the place, barely, but the juices still just poured out over her hand and onto the spider’s tongue, leading the jorogumo to lap it all up without question, enjoying the taste of her slave’s pleasure and submission.

“Very good…” she whispered as she pulled Ichika back up, lifting her off her cock and up even as her body began to produce more webbing. Ichika panted as her mouth opened and closed, moaning softly in the aftershocks as her eyes kept track of the thick cock of her demonic mistress. Nyami smirked as she lifted her body up more into the air, wrapping her up more in web with her legs with no real effort even as she pushed her cock over to Hinata. “You can have a turn, since you licked so sweetly little nine tails,” Nyami chuckled.

Ichika looked on with madness and jealousy as Hinata licked and sucked down, rimming her tongue around the sensitive tip of the cockhead. While she was being sucked and repositioning her other plaything, another of the spider-demons approached. “Mistress…” the other said, bowing her head low.

For just a second, Nyami’s face was murderous. Then she schooled her face and turned. “What!?” she hissed.

The other spider bowed lower. “The Great One is pleased with the work we’ve done, dear mother.”

“As well he should be,” Nyami purred. “The Hurricane is dead.” She relaxed, more welcoming of the intrusion into her territory now that she knew she carried word from Father. Obeying him, preventing his anger, was more important than preserving her territory. “His commands?”

“To restore our numbers,” she echoed, face still so low as to be almost against the web. “He says that Akume will return soon with hundreds of fresh egg sacs, and we are to make full use of them immediately. After that, we will exterminate what’s left of their militia and push them off this rock so Akume can build the paradise she promises.”

Nyami’s smile stretched. “Look around you, daughter. Plentiful playthings, plentiful food… this is paradise. Still, you have brought excellent news.” One of her hands played with Ichika’s breasts as the venom-drunk Hinata choked herself almost to death with her eagerness to suck. “Did you hear all that, Golden One?” she purred. “You’ll be getting some sisters soon… and before long, you and your sisters will be all that remains of your precious kind.” She licked her lips. “You have done well, Reimi,” she said to the other spider. “You may share this one with me.”

Reimi chuckled as she crawled around Nyami’s nest of webbing and came up behind Ichika, who remained bound with strands of the powerful, venomous silk, hanging still and preciously coddled like she was a child. Her mind felt almost completely blank of anything other than the sensations she was being forced to endure… there was so much pain and so much pleasure that it all blurred together into just a viperous mess of sensation in general, her mind flirting with madness as she hung on by her fingertips. Reimi crawled up her body and extended her ovipositor as it pushed up against the kitsune’s ass cheeks. Ichika gasped as she clenched tightly… Her mistress had never done that. She stared up at the jorogumo, her sunken, empty eyes only pleading with her… although whether for mercy or for more not even she could say.

Nyami smirked as she lifted Ichika up in such a way her cock nestled against the kitsune’s wet, lovely pussy lips, rubbing up and down. Ichika bit her lip in anticipation as she then felt Reimi pushing her cock up against her ass. Nyami continued purring, teasing her, brushing her slit with the tip of her cock, poking it against her soaking wet cunt before backing off, leaving her lost in anticipation and fear. Ichika looked at Nyami as she whimpered, and Reimi chuckled devilishly. “You have this one quivering to you like a pet,” she said. “Even as you fill her belly with eggs.”

“But of course,” the dark skinned jorogumo said with a leer. “I’m not a simpleton.” She stroked one hand across Ichika’s cheek, brushing away tears. “Brace yourself, sweetheart,” warned Nyami as she traced her nails across her lips. “I only share you with my most dearest of children…”

Ichika closed her eyes as her whole body tensed, then Nyami pushed herself in. There was no amount of lubrication or foreplay that could have made her ready for its thick girth and hard ridges… Her thick cock spread open Ichika’s cunt as she forced herself all the way to the cervix. Ichika gasped with the pain… but just like everything else, it was hard to tell the pain of penetration and feeling such a massive cock skewering her from mad pleasure. At the same time, Reimi pushed forward. Her ovipositor was lubed with the slime coming out of it but it was nowhere near enough as she grabbed Ichika’s ass cheeks and spread them open. There was a sudden spark of pleasure… or was it pain?… as her cock popped inside her and she could feel the two appendages rub against each other inside of her. Ichika winced as she felt Reimi’s cock push further and further and further into her asshole, but she also moaned, gasping, whimpering with overwhelming sensation as she felt Reimi’s cock slowly enter her asshole as deep as it could have possibly gone. Her fingers clenched where they were bound in the web, her toes curling at the intense feeling.

Both of the spider women breathed heavily with excitement. They were both inside of the lovely little kitsune warrior and were able to share her insides as they started to fuck her in rhythmic motions. Ichika couldn’t hold in any more of her feelings of pleasure as she started to moan so loud, she practically screamed throughout the forest with joy. Hinata was laying in the web playing with herself, the blonde noticed… and the tears running down her face didn’t make any sense to her at this moment. They were lucky to be so loved by their mistress, weren’t they?

The jorogumo huffed and grunted at the intense tight feeling, with Reimi focused on the heavy amount of friction she felt from Ichika’s tight asshole, Nyami focused on the way her pet squeezed her. The two proceeded to fuck Ichika harder and harder as her body became more used to their invasion, pushing her back and forth between them. Ichika did her best to sway her hips and grind her body into their cocks with each thrust they made, but even she didn’t know if it was to minimize the pain or to help them fuck her harder. Their bodies clapped against hers as they fixated themselves within the canopy heights of the forest trees and Ichika came constantly… her thick, wet juices pouring over both of their cocks and down to their thoraxes as she orgasmed more times than she could have possibly counted.

After going at her for several more minutes, both of the demons glanced at each other and nodded, as they were in sync about what they wanted to do, Reimi following the jorogumo matriarch’s unspoken instructions. The younger spider’s cock throbbed the hardest as Nyami pulled away from Ichika. With more space now freed inside of the helpless warrior, Reimi spun her around in the webbing and held her ass high in the air so she could fuck her pussy now, harder than Nyami had been. Ichika cried in pleasure as Reimi felt herself on the verge to explode. She lifted Ichika up and held her close to her human shaped body. Nyami wrapped her arms around the kitsune’s pretty breasts and played with her nipples as she watched the other jorogumo fuck Ichika silly. Reimi slammed into her harder and harder until she howled with pleasure.

Ichika gasped for air as Nyami slipped her cock into her spread asshole, grabbing onto the fox, spreading her legs wide as she slammed herself in over and over again, using her overwhelming strength to control Ichika’s body. She forced her up and down and let their twin cocks slide in and out of Ichika’s pussy with ease. Ichika simply screamed once again as she gurgled and gagged on the thick seed that still filled her throat and stomach. Nyami continued to fuck her harder and harder until finally, her cock erupted deep inside Ichika’s asshole. At nearly the same moment, Reimi exploded in her pussy. Ichika moaned as she could feel her body being filled with the slime and eggs that had just finished hatching inside of her, filling her womb and guts and cunt and ass and soul… and as they poured into her, Nyami’s hands rubbed off her clit to drive the captive fox to one final orgasm.

Ichika could barely see, her vision mostly dark… but she still wept as Nyami laid her down in the webbings, spinning her around and around as she wrapped her effortlessly in a cocoon of silk once again.

“You do always have the most fun,” chuckled Reimi.

“That is because unlike the others I have a sense of taste,” chuckled Nyami. She looked around at the rest of the larder, mentally picking her favorites, and sighed. “Take her, her, her, her, and her,” she said, pointing at five of the cocoons. “Give them to your sisters. Make sure each is carrying a brood before the sun comes up.” She smiled. “The time to end this war we started so long ago in finally upon us… and we must be ready.”

4 thoughts on “Chosen – Chapter 11 – Collapse

  1. Things aren’t going too well for the Hanei villagers.

    Luckily Yuki / definitely not Yusika will save them all by seemngly burning down half of Japan, truly the saviour they need in times like this!

    Also a question, is Akemi who died in the war related to the Akemi we see pissing on Levi’s corpse? Or are they just two extremely dangerous fox-women who share the same name. Answering this honestly might be a spoiler though.


    1. In fiction, unlike in real life, names are rarely coincidental. Especially since since the human / Vulpan Akemi was also a master warrior who made everyone around her look foolish by comparison.


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