Leliana’s Lament 4

“What are you waiting for, you dumb whore? Get! To! It!” Each word was punctuated by a hard slap to her abused tits, tearing another teary whimper from her throat. Slowly, Leliana began to move her body, pushing back and forth on his cock, each motion sending waves of pain through her lower body as she began to ride his member.

“Ugh…” a small whimper escaped Leliana’s mouth, then another. Each time she pushed herself on his rigid cock she felt pain piercing her sore cunt. “Ugh… Mmm…” she moaned she her body moved up and down, up and down as if willingly participating in her own abuse.

“Yes… you whore…” Raleigh leaned forward and sunk his teeth into Leliana’s tender, abused breasts, biting on the nipple and causing the girl to cry loud. He responded just by laughing out loud and continuing to bite it, chewing it between his teeth.

“No…” Leliana’s pleas were reduced to barely audible whispers as her spirit was almost broken. “Please…” she whispered as Raleigh bit her nipple again, before finally releasing it and laying back. Soon his hands were again all over her, wandering over her luscious body, grabbing and squeezing her tits, caressing her shapely thighs and legs.

“A little faster, whore… not by much, a little.” He ordered dryly and moaned in pleasure as Leliana obeyed. “Sway a little more, yes… up and down…” he continued to humiliate her by giving her instructions, watching with pleasure as tears were rolling down her face.

Leliana’s lower lip was all inflamed and swollen from her biting on it, all the time as she continued to fuck him according to his wishes. The horrible feeling that she is participating in her own rape, was worse than almost anything she has endured before. At least up to now she was forced, raped and now… she could stop it, she could… but she feared the whip even more.

“Yes… very well… very well…” Raleigh sighed as he felt the soft warmth of her pussy enveloping his hard cock. “And now… tell me how you love it.” He grinned.

“No…” Leliana’s sobs became even more intense, but the man mercilessly grabbed her hand and rested them by his chest, making her lean forward, her tits above his head.

“Say it!” he hissed continuing to abuse her sore breasts.

“I… oh, Maker… love it.” She finally whispered, her face red with shame.

“Tell me you are a whore who deserves being fucked raw!”

“I am… please… oh, please… NO!” she shouted as he twisted her nipple “I… am… a whore… who… oh, Maker… Maker help… who deserves… to be… fu… fucked… fucked raw…” she wailed as she continued to pump her rapist’s cock.

Raleigh smiled widely. The disgust in her eyes, her shame and suffering aroused him almost as much as the warm, pleasant sensation of her unwilling cunt. Gasping loud he began reaching climax, squeezing Leliana’s breasts hard.

“Keep saying it!”

“I am… .a whore… oh… oh Maker… who… deserves… to be f-fucked… hnngh… raw,” she whimpered softly, much to her rapist’s delight, her words interrupted by pained sobs and grunts as she rode him to his climax while the entire act brought only pain and misery to her.

“One more time! Like you mean it!” Raleigh commanded her, punctuating his words with a series of brutal slaps to her perfect tits, each strike making her wail once more.

“I I am… a whore… who deserves… to be fucked raw!” Leliana exclaimed, her voice trembling, choked on her own sobs, loud with all the pain and despair she felt.

Hearing that, hearing her voice sound like this and for once doing what he wanted, was enough to send Raleigh over the edge. Grunting loudly, he grabbed her tits and squeezed them so tightly Leliana howled, her breasts afire with an inferno of pain even while his cock shot load after load into her tight fuckhole. “Ah, yes… you’ve made me cum, you Orlesian whore… do you like that? This was your work alone… you fucked my cock until I came…” he said, gleefully hammering home the fact that he had forced her to participate in her own rape, acting as if she was his lover, not his victim.

Leliana simply looked down, the sound of her sobs filling the small cell. At least, she thought with some relief, he was getting softer inside her. She could feel his cock shrink inside her sore cunt. Maybe it was over for now… and she would get a few hours of rest before the other guards came back… and raped her all over again. The thought alone made her cry out again in blackest despair.

Raleigh rested for a moment, simply enjoying her crying and the feeling of her hot cunt around his cock, then suddenly grabbed her and threw her off him hard enough to make her hit the floor with a yelp of pain. Standing up, he sighed, looking down upon her. “You look so good I could fuck you again, right now… but I need to get hard first. Get on your knees and suck my cock! Make me hard again so I can tickle some more screams from your pretty mouth!”

Tearfully, Leliana looked up at him, unable to hold her outburst any longer. “You just came! Why… why can’t it be enough for once?” she half sobbed, half yelled in his direction. “Look at me! I can’t take anymore… please, just leave me alooone…” She began to wail again, burying her face in her hands, her shoulders shuddering with her sobs. Sadly, Raleigh remained unfazed.

“I’m disappointed. Not in you, mind you — I don’t expect much from whores like you — but in Donn. He said you’d be obedient now, that you would stop trying to fight it and do as I tell you. Seems I need to tell him he’s not through with you yet…” With a sigh, Raleigh began put his pants back on and move towards the door. “Someone get that big idiot from the torture chamber. The redhead wants another go!”

Leliana froze as she heard the malicious laughter from the guard outside. “No… please… not Donn and… Gary again…” she whispered, reaching out in a futile gesture, as if to pull Raleigh away from the door.

The commander turned around, looking at her. “Hold it” he said to the guard outside, then turned his gaze fully to Leliana. “It’s your last chance. Will you do as I tell you? No matter what I tell you to do?” Leliana, seeing a chance to escape the punishment Donn would undoubtedly visit upon her, nodded slowly, her fighting spirit already draining out of her, overwhelmed by fear.

“Good” he said, stepping towards her again, pulling his cock out once more. “Then get it into your mouth and start sucking like the whore you are!”

She slowly took a step towards Raleigh. “Not like that!” he barked. “On your knees, whore! Crawl!”

Leliana choked down on another sob as she sank to her knees. Slowly, on all fours she crawled toward the soldier. She leaned forth, over his cock and opened her mouth. She gasped as Raleigh grabbed her hair, yanking her head upwards.

“This time you do all the work, understood? Suck me with this whore’s tongue as you used to do it. And. Do. It. Good!” he hissed, twisting the hand in her hair before releasing it.

Leliana pulled out her lovely pink tongue and ran it against the soldier’s shaft, once, twice, thrice. She took the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking on it, slurping. When Raleigh gestured her head, she started to lick on his hairy balls, almost gagging at the horrible taste. “Yes, play with them…” Raleigh moaned in pleasure, feeling the redhead’s tongue caressing his balls. “You know how long ago it was I last had my balls sucked by an Orlesian whore? It was during the war.” He smiled to his memories “Suck my dick.”

Obediently the girl opened her mouth again, taking his cock into her mouth, her dexterous tongue caressing Raleigh’s shaft while she sucked on it. “Look at you… what an obedient little whore.” He smiled “Sucking me like a bitch in heat, attending to all my whims… the one during the war was similar… Don’t even remember her name but hey, why should I? She was just a whore to be fucked and tortured. But it was quite a cute black-haired whore. She was a daughter of some chevalier… aaah,” he moaned heavily as Leliana took his cock deeper into her warm, wet mouth. “All Orlesians are similar… arrogant at the beginning but after few rounds with her she begged for mercy… when she wasn’t choking on cocks or our cum, of course.”

Working her way up and down her shaft again, Leliana felt his cock twitch in arousal. She didn’t know what caused it – her sucking or his memories but it sure worked. She hated not only being forced to suck on his dick as if she loved it but also the very thought of preparing him for another vicious fuck sickened her.

“I remember when I ordered her to fuck me once, or I’d give her to my men.” Raleigh continued, leaning forward and playing with Leliana’s breasts, squeezing her nipples. “How she rode me, with her ass squeezing my cock… and how she wailed when I gave her to them anyway.” The soldier laughed as he grabbed Leliana’s head and forced it to his crotch, almost burying her face in his pubic her and slapping her chin with his balls.

“Grllg” Leliana gagged around the huge member, her constricting throat massaging his dick. He pushed his dick twice, even further in her mouth then shoved her to the ground. With one motion he grabbed her shoulder and forcibly turned her on her belly. The redhead could only cry as he grabbed her hips and she felt his cock touch her sore ass. She wanted to beg him not to do it, to take her pussy again instead of her ass but she knew it would be pointless. She could not expect mercy from this monster… So, she simply sobbed in absolute misery while Raleigh, laughing at her plight, rubbed his fat cockhead against her sore opening, still hurting from the brutal invasion by Gary.

He pulled her up so that she had to get onto her knees, supporting herself with her hands to keep her tits from scraping on the rough stone floor. Kneeling behind her, Raleigh slowly began to push his cock into her asshole, leaning over her as she whimpered at the new and painful intrusion. “This time I… want you to… fuck me back… while I rape your tight whore’s ass… make me believe… you want to make me… cum with your asshole…”

Keeping a firm grip on her hips, he started to push deeper into her clenching anus, every inch all too keenly felt inside her sore opening, making the Orlesian bard cringe and cry whenever he went deeper. Steadily, he built up a fast, brutal rhythm that rocked her body back and forth, her tits swaying underneath her while Leliana screamed and howled in agony, her asshole stretched so wide yet again. For a while, this was all she did, allowing him to ride her… until he smacked the back of her head hard, hissing, “What did I tell you? Fuck… me… back!”

Whimpering, her tears a steady river that glistened on her cheeks, Leliana slowly began to move back, pushing against his thrusts, screaming with renewed pain, the participation in her own rape that much more painful than the brutal assfucking alone. Her fingers clawed against the stone floor, her knuckles white and her face red with shame and pain, she thrust backwards, meeting each of his thrusts with a feeble attempt of her own. She knew well that, no matter how horrible this might be, the price for disobedience would be so much worse.

“Just… like that… yes… squeeze your ass around my cock…”Raleigh grunted, taking immense pleasure not just from the sensation of her tight ass around his cock but also her obvious discomfort and shame at actually assisting in her own rape, behaving like a lover, not a victim, knowing that she hated every second of it.

“Hmm…” Raleigh said, grunting in pleasure. Leliana could feel his cock throbbing inside her poor, abused ass. “I knew… a whore once… sweet girl… took cocks up her ass… every day… though she hated it… she always had tears in her eyes when I fucked… her ass… but she… always fucked back… just like you…” He reached out to grab a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back brutally while his balls slapped against her flesh, his cock brutally punishing her tight hole. “You… hn… got a whore’s… hole… say it! What am I fucking?”

“ W-what?” Leliana asked, her voice choked with tears, only to be rewarded by another smack to the back of her head.

“You… hnng… heard me, you whore! What… am… I… fucking?!”

“M-my… ass…” Leliana whimpered, only to scream out moments later when he pinched her nipple and slapped her face from behind.

“How… dumb… can you be? What kind of hole… am I fucking?” Raleigh hissed, “And… don’t you dare… give the wrong… hnngh… answer again!”

“A… whore’s hole…”Leliana whispered, finally understanding what he was aiming at. Sweat glistened on her skin and she was panting heavily, her voice hoarse from the constant screams he ripped from her mouth with his brutal thrusts and his orders to push back against him.

“That’s better… now say it like… you mean it!” Again, a hard slap to the back of her head, hard enough to make her dizzy for a moment.

“A whore’s hole!” she screamed, hoping that he’d finally leave her be and stop this incessant humiliation. She felt like she was all out of screams and tears… now, she just wanted it to be over…

And, thank the Maker, it suddenly was. Without any words, he suddenly pulled out of her sore asshole, pushing her to the floor again, brutally turning her around. Through teary eyes, Leliana looked up to see Raleigh kneel over her, rapidly jerking his cock.

“Now tell me… are you hungry for my cum?”

Leliana looked at him with blank expression on her beautiful face. Tears were streaming down her face, already red with shame. “I am… hungry… for… your cum.” She said, her voice almost hoarse from her sobbing.

“Repeat!” he ordered, stroking his cock rapidly.

“I am hungry for… your cum…” she continued whispering with an barely audible voice, her spirit broken. “I am hungry for your cum… I am hungry for your cum…”

The sight of this cute redhead, once so haughty and defiant, now red with shame, trembling in terror and begging for his cum made Raleigh go over the edge. He splurted jism all over Leliana’s face and continued cumming on her neck, tits and shoulders.

“Open your eyes! And mouth!” he ordered and as the woman complied a dose of cum landed on her full lips, making her gag on the horrible stench. Raleigh kept cumming as if though he hadn’t just cum in her cunt, endless doses of jism landing on the redhead’s abused body. Finally he stopped, without saying a word approached Leliana, took her hair in his hand and wiped his cock in it. He kept doing it until it was clean. Then he slapped the back of her head, making her fall on the dirty floor. He stood up, looking down at the wreck of her body, still hurting from all the bruises  and torture she endured, all of her holes sore from the countless rapes she received, white jism spilling from them.

“Nice…” Raleigh said, admiring the sight. “Now that you know how to behave like a good little whore, you can be sure I’ll be sending for you often. And you will learn to do everything or it will be even more painful. Bitch.” He hissed, before he turned his back and walked away, not even bothering to chain her.

And he was right in thinking there was no reason to. Leliana didn’t have strength even to think about possible escape, let alone perform any such feat. She crawled on the heap, curled into a ball and despite the cold and a lone rat sniffing her feet, she fell asleep.

And once again she woke up in hell, when a bucket of icy water was emptied on her.

The soldier who was among those who arrested her, Fenn was there. So was sergeant Mirath and… Brennya.

“Please…” she started to beg but it was soon interrupted as Brennya twisted her body, landing her feet on Leliana’s belly. “Aaa!” she cried.

“You whore… you told the guards my story… you’ve told them!” she hissed.

“She sure did,” Mirath laughed “The whole garrison knows how you were… fucked, Brennya.”

The female soldier turned to him, her face blazing with fury, but she didn’t challenge the senior soldier. She turned to Leliana, grabbing her hair and yanking her head. “I’ll make you pay…” she hissed.

“And we came along for the… ride” Fenn smiled.

“Then let’s get started” Mirath said from behind, “Brennya, why don’t you hop out of your clothes… you won’t be needing them for the rest of the night…” he snickered, just as Fenn did, a cruel glint in their eyes and Leliana, distraught though she may be, noticed that Brennya was shuddering as if remembering a bad taste.

The two male guards lowered their pants as well, their cocks already hard and excited, much to Leliana’s dismay. Brennya released her grip on the redhead’s hair, although not before spitting into Leliana’s crying face, and began to undress herself. Her fit, attractive body was no longer unmarked. There were big bruises on her tits as well as her sides and the insides of her thighs.

“Are you happy, you dumb whore?” Brennya snarled, reaching for Leliana’s hair again, yanking her head back so she could deliver a couple of brutal backhanded slaps to the redhead’s face, leaving Leliana’s cheeks red and stinging.

“I… I’m s-sorry…” was all Leliana could whimper before another slap sent her sprawling to the floor again.

“We thought it would be nice to give Brennya some of her… fondest memories back,” Mirath says, laughing, thoroughly enjoying himself at the moment. His hand lightly stroked his cock while he watched the two naked women. “At first, we merely mocked her a bit but when she got more and more furious… we decided to up the ante a bit…”

Again, Brennya glared at him but dared not speak to him. Instead, she turned back to the Leliana. “They raped me, you stupid Orlesian slut!” Brennya spat at her, dragging the helpless bard to her knees to slap her some more, reaching down to squeeze her tits painfully enough to make Leliana howl in pain. “They fucked me for hours!”

“In all her dirty holes” Fenn laughed, slapping Brennya’s ass, making her yelp in sudden pain – he’d obviously hit a sore spot. “Now, stop assing around here,” Mirath remarked, “get to it, Brennya… you know what you have to do!”

“I’d love to…” the guard muttered, trembling with anger as she gave Leliana a brutal shove that made her fall backwards onto the dirty, cold stone floor. “Stay there or I swear by the Maker, you’ll regret it!”

Leliana was far too afraid to do anything besides sob silently. These men were monsters… they had heard of a weakness in Brennya’s past and immediately began tormenting her with it… and now she was trapped in here with them… what had she done to deserve this? Sure, she had some blood on her hands but nobody should deserve this torment! Through a veil of tears, she watched Brennya put on the strap-on she’d used last night before the other woman descended upon her.

“Spread your fucking legs or I’ll make you!” Brennya snarled, punctuating her words with another backhand slap to Leliana’s face. Crying openly, the bard did as she was told. There was nothing she could do but try to survive through this again. Only seconds after she had exposed herself, she felt the tip of the wooden dildo at the entrance to her sore cunt… and then it was rammed inside hard enough to rock her entire body backwards, ripping a tormented scream from her mouth.

“Take it… I hope it hurts even more than last night!” Brennya growled, pumping the dildo into the crying Orlesian with all her might while the two men watched… but they were not be content to watch for long.

“Brennya… you know what we spoke about…” Mirath said, almost casually.

Once more, a shudder went through the female guard, though she never stopped brutally fucking Leliana. “Then do it already, you bastard!” she exclaimed, her voice laden with anger and pain, “get it over with!”

“Oh, I’ll take my time,” Mirath said instead as he went onto his knees behind Brennya, spreading her asscheeks.

“You bastard… aaa!” Brennya gasped in pain and her body arched as Mirath pushed his cock deep into her ass.

As Leliana saw the female guard bite her lower lip in pain she felt sorry for her for a moment, but it soon vanished as Brennya began to fuck her again. This time though it wasn’t her who was giving the rhythm. Mirath, grinning with lust, grabbed her hips as he began pounding her tight asshole with strong, merciless thrusts. Each time he pushed in, burying his dick between Brennya’s firm bowels, the guard gave a short moan of pain and pushed her strap-on into Leliana’s sore pussy. The wooden dildo stretched her cunt uncomfortable, hurting every inch of her tender flesh. As Mirath was fucking Brennya’s ass, she kept pumping the redhead’s tight but already thoroughly abused snatch, only adding to the force of Mirath blows.

“You know how stuck up she was?” Mirath gasped, as he kept pounding the guards tight ass. “Too good to sleep with just a sergeant, let alone other soldiers!”

“Damn right!” Fenn said, stroking his cock as he watched the show in front of him.

“And now what?” Mirath laughed, as he grabbed Brennya’s tit and squeezed it hard “How many of us have fucked you now, sweetie?” he asked, licking the guards neck.

“You bastard…” Brennya gasped and suddenly moaned in pain as the soldier twisted her nipple.

“How many, bitch?” he asked, licking her earlobe and suddenly biting it.

“Ugh… nine!” Brennya finally said and glared at Leliana with renewed hatred. “And it’s all your fault!”

“I didn’t want to- aaa!” Leliana gasped as Brennya slapped her hard then backhanded her. She began to pump the crying redhead even more mercilessly, for a second surprising even Mirath with her ferocity. She kept pushing her huge wooden strap-on into Leliana’s snatch, gaining some dose of satisfaction from each desperate plea and each tormented cry the Orlesian made, as the wooden phallus was pounding her raped cunt.

“Yes, nine…” Mirath smiled as he kept pushing his dick into Brennya’s ass. “And that’s in one day… and you’ll have to visit our beds whenever we want… ugh… and do… whatever we want…” he barked as his thrusts were becoming stronger and stronger “You will be our little garrison whore… or we will tell your little happy story to all the other shifts! So you better be a good fuck toy, like that redheaded bitch over there!” he laughed as he grabbed both Brennya’s tits and squeezing them he increased the strength of his thrusts even further.

“You bastard… you bastard…” Brennya moaned, probably thinking about both Mirath and Leliana. There was one bright thing in this whole situation… she would visit Leliana’s cell often, after each… each fuck session. She would make the Orlesian to pay for her abuse, she would have her suffer it a thousand times stronger.

Through a veil of tears, Leliana saw Brennya’s face, her teeth grit together as she delivered a brutal fucking to her sore cunt while in turn being anally abused herself. There was no mercy in those eyes… only pain and rage… rage directed at her for her own forced actions. At the moment, raping her cunt was the only way for Brennya to vent her own pain while Mirath violated the guard’s tight ass hole with his cock, his hips slamming against Brennya’s shapely asscheeks again and again, his greedy hands twisting and groping her tits.

Each time his cock slammd into her especially deep, Brennya would moan in pain, and then follow up by slapping Leliana’s face  and delighting in the bard’s cries of pain. Each time she spat onto her miserable features. “You… hnnngh… dumb Orlesian whore! You worthless… bitch… .” Brennya hissed, then yelped in pain as Mirath twisted her nipples just for fun, his cock throbbing deep inside her asshole. It wasn’t been her first assrape of the day but that did not make it any less painful or degrading… and the thought that it would not be her last only stoked her fury. Maybe she could visit the exact same torment upon this whore crying underneath her later… oh yes, she would make the redhead shriek her lungs out while she pounded that worthless ass… once Mirath had finished with her own anus, of course.

Mirath was groaning louder, his balls churning and he knew he would cum soon… he just hadn’t decided where to cum… maybe in Brennya’s ass again, like earlier that day… or over her ass and back… or… grinning, he came to a decision. After giving her a few more hard thrusts just to feel her ass squeeze him while she in turn thrust into Leliana’s cunt, he finally pulled out, chuckling at the sigh of relief from the degraded guard. “Keep on fucking her” he hissed into Brennya’s ear but he didn’t have to tell her. She had no intention of stopping the brutal rape anytime soon, the sight of the desperate, teary expression on the bard’s face too much of a distraction from her own torments to stop now.

Now, the only sounds filling the room were the slapping of Brennya’s hips on Leliana’s flesh and the crying coming from the abused, helpless bard. Leliana was well and truly broken and they loved seeing her shattered. Hurriedly, Mirath stepped next to Brennya’s head, stroking his cock rapidly. “Open your mouth, Brennya… I’ve heard you acquired a taste for cum…” he said, grinning, knowing that the opposite was true. She’d hated every drop of cum that they’d force-fed her over the day.

“I’ll… kill you for this…” Brennya hissed though it wasn’t certain whom she meant as she turned her head and opened her mouth. At the same time, she used one of her free hands to backhand Leliana’s face four times in rapid succession, making the bard whimper delightfully. Mirath was moaning loudly now, stroking his cock rapidly while resting the head, already leaking precum, on Brennya’s lower lip, smirking as she glared up at him hatefully.

“Unnngh… yes… take it… drink my cum like the dumb whore you are… ” Mirath said, sweat glistening on his brow as he jerked his cock, his hand a blur until finally his cockhead sprayed a thick flood of sticky white sperm into Brennya’s open mouth. Leliana heard her tormentor gag at the taste, though she kept pounding her poor, ravaged pussy even as she was forced to take Mirath’s load into her mouth.

It took him some time until the flood stopped, Brennya’s mouth almost overflowing with his seed. “And now swallow like a good girl…” he said, patting Brennya’s head… but the abused guard had no inkling to do so… instead, she turned her head, looking down at Leliana… then opened her mouth again and spat a long, thick line of cum all over the crying bard’s face.

“He told you to swallow!” Fenn barked and moved forward, still stroking his cock.

“Leave her… that was even hotter” Mirath just waved his hand, watching as a line of cum is spilling from Brennyas mouth, covering Leliana’s lovely face. “She’s yours,” Mirath said to Fenn.

The soldier quickly approached Brennya, grabbed her head and rammed his cock down her throat. Not waiting for a heartbeat, he began to forcefully fuck her face, his deep thrusts causing her to gag on the invading organ, her throat constricting around it and massaging it. After watching the rape, Fenn was so horny that it didn’t take him long to shoot his load into Brennya’s warm mouth. “Keep it in your fucking mouth!” he barked, as his dick shot final waves of jism.

“Grllg!” Brennya gargled as her she felt the terrible taste fill her mouth again. As much as she didn’t want it, she couldn’t prevent herself from swallowing some of the juice. As Fenn withdrew his cock, a small line of cum drizzled out of the female guard’s mouth and began dripping on Leliana.

“Now kiss her! And I want some tongue action!” Fenn ordered as he stepped back.

Brennya hesistated only for a heartbeat and then leaned forward. Leliana tried to avoid her mouth, but as the guard squeezed her tits hard and pushed her strap-on deep into her cunt she had to wail in pain. Brennya used the opportunity to kiss her inflamed hot lips, pushing her cum covered tongue into Leliana’s mouth. The guard flinched unhappily as her face touched cum covering the bard’s visage but nevertheless continued to kiss her, deeply and almost hungrily, pushing Fenn’s cum into the girl’s unwilling mouth. As the redhead began to writhe even more, she kept pounding her snatch, hearing Leliana moan with Brennya’s tongue in her mouth.

“You blew your load too quickly,” Mirath said, looking at Fenn.

“Couldn’t keep long… but they will make us hot in no time. And we can have fun with them for a long time…” he grinned.

“Exactly,” the sergeant agreed. “Stop the lesbo action! And take the strap-on out.” He ordered. The female soldier obeyed, as she stepped away, cum was still hanging from her mouth, dripping on the bards body.  “Fuck her ass now,“ he told Brennya and for the first time, the female guard smiled.

“With pleasure,” she said, grabbing Leliana’s shoulders and turning her on her belly. Leliana managed only to whimper in terror as Brennya rammed her strap-on up her ass. She began to fuck it, thrusting deep and hard, venting her pain and rage on the defenseless girl,taking pleasure from her pitiful cries and sobs, watching the redhead’s body tremble, writhe and waver with pain, tensing each time she buried dildo in her asshole.

Suddenly Brennya felt a stinging pain all over her already sore ass. Instinctively her body arched forward, driving the strap-on even deeper, forcing Leliana to cry out loud, her wail so loud that it silenced the cries of the other prisoners that sometimes could be heard in the background. Brennya shot a glance and saw that it was Mirath who slashed her ass with his whip. Fenn also had a whip and he brought in on Leliana’s back, adding even more red stripes.

As the guard kept pounding her prisoner, the two soldiers continued whipping both girls, concentrating on one then on the other, covering their beautiful bodies with aching red stripes and bruises.

Soon the were both hard again and this time Fenn was taking Brennya’s ass, while Mirath approached Leliana and rammed his cock down her throat, forcing her to gag on it…

The rape went on for hours. A double ended dildo gag was rammed down Leliana’s throat and Brennya was forced to ride the one end, fucking it, her pussy almost on Leliana’s face as she lowered herself on the wooden dick. While she was raping herself with the huge organ, Fenn whipped her tits and Mirath was working between Leliana’s legs, pounding her sore snatch, watching Brennya ride the cock and the bard’s face, as the Orlesian whimpered pitifully around the gag in her mouth. Then Fenn blew his load all over Brennya’s tits and Leliana’s face and the two women were forced to lick the cum of each other, kissing each other like lovers.

After this Mirath gave Leliana a choice – she would be raped in the ass again, or she would put on a strap-on and rape Brennya’s cunt. Leliana hesitated only for a heartbeat – she simply couldn’t take any more cock up her sore ass, and some part of her wanted to make Brennya pay for what she’s done. Although the guard was cursing and threatening her, she rammed the strap-on into Brennya’s snatch and began fucking it. Of course she was a fool to expect Mirath to keep his word — as he’d done earlier with Brennya, now he was raping Leliana’s ass as she was fucking the female soldier.

Then when both soldiers blew their loads again, they took Brennya’s clothes and left the room. “I expect you to be in my chambers in the afternoon,” Mirath flatly told to the female guard, as she was laying on the floor, sore and abused.

“But… you took my clothes. How can I leave the dungeon” she protested weakly.

“I guess you must make sure no one sees you as you are sneaking out,” the sergeant laughed. “You can have your way with her,” he told her as he was leaving.

“What! Don’t leave me with her!” Leliana looked at Mirath in terror, pleading with her wet eyes, but the man only laughed and the two soldiers closed the door.

“You fucked me bitch…” Brennya hissed raising and slowly approaching the crying Orlesian, who was trying to crawl to the corner of the room. “Now you are fucked… you are so fucked…” the soldier said, satisfaction heard even in her pain-filled voice.

Leliana’s screams echoed through the dungeon for a long time this night as Brennya took out all her frustration upon her, violating her brutally again and again, her anger fueling her stamina even after she should be completely exhausted. It was almost dawn when she finally stopped and slunk out of the cell, naked, leaving Leliana a shivering, crying wreck, covered with bruises, cowering in a corner, praying to the Maker that she could simply lay down and die. She was glad Brennya hadn’t left one of the terrible dildos in her holes but then again, they were already aching so much she doubted she’d even have noticed.

So, exhausted and utterly degraded, Leliana eventually fell asleep again, dreams of her abuses tormenting her even in her sleep. Fitfully, she tossed and turned on the bunk, her exhausted, restless motions keeping the vermin from her until the door opened again, much too early.

Leliana awoke with a start as yet again another bucket of cold water was emptied over her. Blinking rapidly, she immediately scurried into the corner by reflex, fear gripping her heart even before she could see who’d come to her. “Get up, whore!” It was Fenn who yelled at her, already standing in front of her. Reaching down, he grabbed Leliana’s arm hard enough to make her wince, dragging her to her feet. Without further words, he pushed her out of the cell, secure in his knowledge that she was way too weak to run. As she stumbled out of the cell, she felt his hand on her ass, slapping it hard, the brutal guard delighting in her yelp of pain.

Feeling her legs almost giving way underneath her, Leliana stumbled towards the wall on the other side, leaning against it as she turned around, staring at Fenn with large, fearful eyes. The guard had a broad, sadistic grin on his face – the only expression Leliana had seen on him so far. “Where… are you taking me?” she asked, her voice hoarse from her many screams last night. A part of her did not even want to know the answer but another needed to know… to prepare for whatever hellish ordeals might lie ahead.

“You’ll see soon enough, dumb bitch… someone wants to see you. And I’m not allowed to say who.” He responded, ending his statement with a slap to her face just for good measure. He was an animal, a brutal demon and he relished it. Already, Leliana felt new tears well up in her eyes and tried blinking them away. Why another new torment? Hadn’t her time with Donn been enough? Sadly, Fenn didn’t give her much time to think about it, as he grabbed her again and shoved her forward.“Get moving! Or do you want me to get the whip?” He leaned forward, whispering in her ear, “I’d certainly love whipping you all over the place… so if you want to stay slow, go ahead…”

Leliana grit her teeth as she made her way on wobbly legs towards whatever destination he had in mind. She did not want to feel the whip again and so she ignored the pain radiating from her abused holes and the many bruises and forged on. Every single guard they came across paused to slap her tits, face or ass just for fun, laughing at her tears of shame and pain. She was running the gauntlet, wishing she could just sink into the earth.

Sadly, the Maker was not so merciful today. But as she walked, she noticed that she was slowly forced to go upwards, out of the usual cell area, over stairs towards the keep itself. Eventually, Fenn stopped at a wooden door which ought to lead into one of the larger halls or maybe a “guest” room. “In here, bitch!” He opened the door and grabbed Leliana again, throwing her in.

Unable to stop, the bard stumbled forward and fell to the floor, whimpering in pain. But all sound stopped and her breath caught in her throat as she looked up… and saw Marjolaine.

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