Leliana’s Lament 7

Only her face was still subject to her own will, but no muscle obeyed her commands anymore. Fear gripped her heart with an icy claw as she recalled the dreadful tales of blood magic and why it was called an abomination by those following the way of the Maker. The tales said a blood mage could command the very lifeblood of a person, thereby robbing them of control over their own bodies… and such a despicable thing was happening to her at this very moment!

“No! Don’t do this… please… you can’t!” Leliana shrieked in abject terror, the full weight of her helplessness now becoming obvious. From her neck downward, she could not move anything… and she was certain that her head was free only because Marjolaine wanted to see the terror on her face and hear her scream.

“I can and I shall,” the mage stated coldly. He made a tiny gesture with his left index finger and Leliana’s body jerked backwards, into a sitting position, her legs in front of her. “Let us see a bit more of this wonderful body of yours, shall we?” Another tiny gesture… and Leliana spread her legs.

“Oh Maker, please… don’t…”she wailed, unable to cope with the very thought of her body betraying her like this. Now, her snatch was exposed and her legs would not close, no matter how much she wished it.

“Marjolaine has told me that there are still… discipline problems with you. Now, I am a firm believer in letting the disobedient take care of their own punishment,” Mirentor said, reaching into his robes to produce a small cat o’ nine-tails which he tossed to Leliana, who, against her will, grabbed the whip and lifted it, taking aim at her exposed cunt.

“No… no… don’t… don’t do it…” Leliana kept whispering as her hand finally stopped moving for a moment… only to suddenly land a lightning fast blow, the whip landing on her exposed cunt. “Aaaaaa!” Leliana’s shrieked in a tormented voice, her face contorted with pain being the only indication of the suffering she felt. “Don’t do it…”

“But I am not doing anything. You are.” The mage smiled as Leliana began crying even more, seeing as despite the burning pain she was feeling, her body wasn’t even writhing and her hand was steadily rising again.

“No, no, nonono… not there, please not theeeeereeeee!” the redhead’s pleas turning into a long pierced wail as the whip fell again.

“What a wonderful sight… indeed most marvelous.” Marjolaine complemented, rising her glass of wine in salute – to both Mirentor and Leliana.

“Yes… I think about leaving her to continue this for an hour or so.” The mage said with a faint smile. “You’d be surprised how humble they become after time spent like that.”

“Quite an appealing thought. Though I first think we may…” the noblewoman couldn’t finish her sentence as she was interrupted by an agonized scream out of Leliana’s mouth, when another blow landed.

“Do you want me to silence her?” the wizard asked, mildly annoyed.

“No… I enjoy her singing so much.” Marjolaine mused, sipping wine and observing as her former lover raised her hand again, held it a moment in the air and than landed another blow – not missing her already reddened, swollen pussy.

“Aaaaaieeee! Not there… not there… don’t make me… please… please…” Leliana’s stopped screaming for a moment, gasping and breathing heavily.

“You want to say something?” the wizard moved his finger a bit and Leliana spread her shapely legs even further, completely and indecently showing her cunt off. The wizard approached slowly, leaned forward and put one finger into her pulsating cunt.

“Please… I beg you… you whip me… whip… whip my… pussy…” Leliana whispered in a barely audible voice.

“Am I hearing right?” Marjolaine laughed out loud “You are begging us to whip you?”

“Please… whip me… I don’t want… like… like this…” Leliana sobbed, tears running down her pretty face.

“Unfortunately, for you of course, it is so much entertaining when you are doing it.” Mirentor removed the finger from her cunt and used it to wipe Leliana’s tears and then, when Leliana obediently opened her mouth, he made her suck it. “Continue.” He ordered, standing up and sitting next to Marjolaine.

“No, no, no, oh Maker… nononono!” Leliana cried as the whip fell once again. When she raised her hand again she mustered all her strength and willpower to wrestle the control over her body from the blood mage… and for a moment she succeeded, stopping her hand. But just as she was sighing in relief, every inch of her body exploded with unbelievable pain. She cried and bucked her body, feeling as if her own blood was suddenly put on fire. This didn’t allow any concentration and soon she relinquished control over her body and watched in horror as she raised the whip again. “No… please… don’t…” she pleaded, looking with sad, tearful eyes.

“It hurts them so much when they resist,” the wizard explained to the noblewoman with a smile and then turned his eyes again on the girl. “In truth, watching it makes me think that I might indulge in the pleasures of the flesh myself after all. Control of an unwilling body provides such wonderful opportunities, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Oh yes, indeed!” Marjolaine said, breathing heavily, looking at the crying, hurting Orlesian before her. Her cheeks were flushed with arousal and she licked her lips in anticipation of what else the mage might come up with.

“Good, good…”, the mage muttered, directing Leliana to strike herself one final time with the whip. While she cried, he loosened his robes, allowing his cock to spring free.

Leliana’s eyes were drawn to the tool presented to her. Even though it was not nearly as big as Raleigh’s, it was still impressive… and it would hurt terrible if he fucked her with it, especially now that her cunt was sore and swollen from the whip strokes. At least that part seemed to be over now, her fingers opening to let the whip fall to the floor. Mirentor sat down close to her, then leaned back. “This will be quite enjoyable, what do you think?” he said, chuckling, his eyes fixed on Leliana who, to her horror, found herself getting onto all fours and crawling towards him like a good, obedient dog.

“No… please… .” she whispered hoarsely but neither of her tormentors listened to her.

“Now, I guess you are pretty dry down there… and I see no reason to change that.” Mirentor mused, looking her up and down, his eyes devouring her naked form as she crawled, her shapely tits jiggling as she moved. “However, I think a little bit of lubrication would be good… so, forgive me, my dear Marjolaine, if I take control of her entire body for a moment…”

And all of a sudden, Leliana found her area of control diminished to her eyes alone. Horrified, she looked on as she began to position herself over him, her head moving down, her lips parting – burning as she tried to keep them from moving – and allowing the throbbing, soft head of his cock into her warm, unwilling yet compliant mouth. He sighed softly, feeling her tongue caress him against her will, directing her motions with just a little thought here and a little thought there. He looked over at Marjolaine and winked. “I can… hmmm… feel it…” he said, dark humor in his voice, “she hates every second of it…”

‘Hate’ was a mild word to describe it. Leliana was not even sure what it was she felt. Horrified beyond belief, she was shut into her own body without having any chance to control herself. She could not even scream or plead… even when Donn and Gary had had her on the rack, at least she had been able to struggle and scream… but this was so much worse… her own body was an accomplice and she no longer had any say in what it did. Her eyes wandered over to Marjolaine, pleading silently even as her head began to bob up and down, her tongue slathering the cock between her lips with her saliva, but Marjolaine barely noticed her look, being too busy watching her degrade herself and playing with her own pussy… How she wished that along with the control of her body he would also take away her taste, so that she wouldn’t have to taste his cock, filling her mouth, as her head worked up and down, sucking and slurping on the tool as if it was the sweetest thing possible. Her mouth took it in, deep, forcing her unwilling throat to constrict around it and gag, her tongue making the entire shaft wet and hard, ready to penetrate it.

“Like a sweet puppet… doing everything you wish when you pull the strings.” Marjolaine commented coldly, her fingers disappearing her wet glistening pussy as she watched the girl continue degrading herself.

Leliana suddenly felt her hands begin to rise as she lifted them and started stroking and massaging the mage’s balls. At the same time she pulled her head off a bit and started working on the head, sucking on the sensitive skin, teasing it with her nimble tongue.

Finally she released the penis from her mouth and began stroking it with her hands, her long fingers tracing along the entire shaft or touching the very tip of it. Meanwhile she lowered her head again and started moving her tongue in circular fashion around Mirentor’s balls, covering them almost entirely in spit, slurping on them. To become a wizard, Mirentor had to have iron will and it wasn’t difficult for him to control his lust and arousal.

After allowing himself to be subjected to Leliana’s tender touch for some time, he finally decided to move things further, sending another telepathic command which the redhead’s poor body obeyed.

“Nnn…” a small moan somehow managed to escape Leliana’s lips, but even such marginal sign of resistance was rewarded with a brief agony of blazing pain that traveled throughout her body. Looking in her eyes, Mirentor could see the panic that overcame her when she realized what her body was doing – but not until she got up and climbed on wizard’s lap, spreading her legs as a ordinary whore.

“Good” Mirentor said with a satisfied grin, which was rewarded by a small chuckle from Marjolaine… and quickly followed by a moan of pleasure as she buried more of her hand in her cunt. Leliana for a moment just kept like this, kneeling over Mirentor’s legs, her tits thrust towards him, allowing the wizard’s hands to touch them. Her swollen, sore, whipped pussy teasingly kept touching the mage’s hard cock. Finally, the redhead’s perfect body began lowering itself, impaling her abused pussy on the dick beneath her.

“Mmmm” Leliana sighed with pain, as she felt the long, thick dick slowly fill her cunt. The pain she felt was unbearable, with her pussy having been savagely whipped – by her own hands! – while the insides were still all sore from a week of repeated rapes. Nevertheless, her body, still obeying the mage’s commands began moving up and down, impaling her, making her fuck her captor. Each time the cock filled her, burning pain spread towards her body but she could not stop and kept raping herself. Mirentor’s hands were wondering all around her body, especially touching her breasts, playing with her nipples, squeezing them hard. Suddenly he leaned forward and sunk his teeth into the tender flesh of her tits and begin biting and gnawing on her pink nipple, bringing even more pain to the poor girl’s abused body.

The magister leaned back and grinned in pleasure, his hips not moving an inch while his mind forced Leliana to do all the work, making her move up and down on his erect cock, occasionally making her remain fully impaled on him while her hips made little circular motions that brought tears to her eyes but immense pleasure to him as he felt his cock shift inside her abused cunt. If he wanted to, he could have forced her body to experience pleasure doing this but that was something he had long grown out of. These days, he enjoyed it much more if his slavegirls suffered… indeed, it was one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs he knew.

He took the time to look over at Marjolaine, who was completely lost in her own pleasure, three fingers rapidly pumping in and out of her cunt, glistening with her juices. She well and truly enjoyed the suffering of her former lover – a sadist with a truly black heart. That he could appreciate. Not that, given the opportunity, he wouldn’t bend her to his will as well. But he would not get out of here alive if he did… and besides, she had offered him the opportunity to have his way with this young, red-headed beauty. And for that, he was immensely grateful.

Leaning forward and biting her nipples again, he then busied himself with slapping her tits back and forth, listening to her muffled means and watching the tears of pain slide down her cheeks, trickling down her chin and onto his chest. Taking her voice away, robbing her of the chance to cry, to scream, to give voice to her pain, it amplified her misery a hundredfold. It was perfect. And unlike those of a less refined mindset, he did not need to hear her voice to know how much she suffered. One look into her eyes, the only thing he had not taken control of, was more than enough.

“You want to scream, don’t you?” he teased her, slapping her tits again a few times, all the time forcing her to ride his cock faster and faster. Slowly but steadily, he felt like cumming but was, of course, still unwilling, to take any action other than controlling the Orlesian bard. “You want to beg me to stop… to allow you to get up… maybe even get back to your cell, right? But most of all, you want to scream… you want to let it all out… all the pain, all the sadness, all the horror we put you through…”

“But… I am not going… to let you…” he grunted, directing her to move up until his cock slipped out of her cunt completely… then forced her to move down with all her strength, immediately impaling herself fully. He could see her tensing up, her eyes speaking of the intense pain this forced motion caused. That, of course, only spurred him on to continue, making her move up, letting the cock slip out fully, then impale herself again, faster and faster and faster.

It was actually Marjolaine who climaxed first, shuddering in the throes of yet another intense orgasm while she drank in the suffering of Leliana. Screaming in pleasure, she had to steady herself against the table, her legs weak from the rush. “Hmm… she suffers so sweetly…” the noblewoman moaned, panting in the aftermath.

“That she does…” Mirentor commented, feeling his own climax approach. Forcing her down again, he made Leliana rock her hips back and forth, her tortured inner walls massaging his cock until he finally spurted all his cum into her sore opening, forcing yet another pained grunt from between her lips which he still prevented from opening for more than that. “Yesss… that was wonderful… your … lover is a great slave…”

Marjolaine nodded, collecting herself, though the greedy glimmer in her eyes had not dissipated in the slightest. “Now, let’s do that other thing we agreed upon…”

Mirentor chuckled, making Leliana move away and assume a position on all fours. “You certainly are insatiable… alright, someone bring the mabari!”

“The mabari?!” These words for a moment snapped Leliana out of the enchantment, which of course cost her a great deal of pain, when the spell punished every inch of her body with burning agony. She instantly recalled that some guards were speaking as tossing one of the disobedient slavegirls to the dogs. “No… please…” she whimpered and Mirentor, his interest caught lifted the spell for a moment.

“What do you want to say, my dear?” he asked.

“Don’t… have… me killed… I am… I am… obedient… I am your good… slave… fuckslave…” the redhead whispered, hating herself for it. There were times in this dungeon she really wished she was dead, but when confronted with the possibility to be thrown to be eaten alive by the dogs, she couldn’t stop but beg and plead for her life.

“Kill you?” Mirentor laughed heartily, as if he heard the best joke ever, his stern appearance brightening for the slightest moment.

“Don’t worry my dear” Marjolaine also chuckled and patted Leliana’s head, reassuring her “We won’t kill you, the dog won’t kill you. In fact, the opposite. He is going to show you his appreciation. Those Fereldens love their mabaris… and as I recall you love animals as well?” she asked.

“No… you can’t…” Leliana gasped, as the realization of what Marjolaine said finally came upon her. “You can’t mean…” her words were immediately cut short, when Mirentor took over her mouth once again.

“We can’t? And you were just trying to convince us what an obedient little slave you are.” The mage said “In fact, as you already are a fuckslave, why not become a fuckpet?” he asked mockingly.

Leliana tried to shout, protest, plead and beg, but she only could do it in her own mind, betrayed by her body again, locked inside it like in the worst prison. She could only see when a soldier opened the door and let in a huge mabari hound. The beast was bigger than any dog Leliana had seen before, massively built, weighting enough to knock a man in armor off his feet. Its face was covered in battle scars and tattoos. It slowly approaching, growling threateningly. They said mabari were the most intelligent dogs that there were, their development influenced by the magi. This one surely had a keen instinct or was simply trained well, as he shot one glanced at Mirentor, a longer stare at the Orlesian noblewoman and quickly started circling Leliana, spit gathering in his half-open mouth.

“Mmmm…” a small whimper involuntarily escaped Leliana’s throat as she felt her body switch positions, sit down on the cold floor, facing the dog. Then she spread her legs, spread them wide, exposing her cunt, her pussylips still swollen and reddened from the abuse she sustained. What was worse she felt her hands move, one grabbing the aching flesh of her breast, while other began to rub her cunt, spreading its lips enticingly before the mabari.

The beast approach, began sniffing, its nose almost buried in her crotch, but Leliana would not dare to move even if she could. Suddenly the beast barked, showing its teeth, and Leliana’s mind froze at the thought it would bit her… there. The animal however just pulled its hard tongue and began licking her cunt, the unpleasant sensation brining small whimpers from the terrified redhead. Even with her body “enticing” the dog, how did it know? Did it mean…

“Oh yes,” Marjolaine said, guessing her thoughts immediately “We had it trained. Mostly on lowly whores and elves, but I’m sure he won’t mind. Now show him what a bitch in heat you are” she said.

Mirentor made just one gesture, and Leliana began to turn going on all fours again, presenting her shapely ass and cunt to the sniffing animal.

“Pity Raleigh will miss the show” Marjolaine stated flatly, but then a small smile appeared on her lips. “Well, he will have a lot of chances to see it again. I feel we will be doing this often.”

Leliana barely heard her. Every single fiber of her body was shivering with panic. She had expected a lot of things to happen to her now… but she never ever thought they would force her to debase herself like this. This was truly the most degrading act they could force upon her… and she could not even beg them to stop, Mirentor’s control of her body having become absolute once more.

She felt the animal’s warm breath on her outer cuntlips, follwed by its cold nose, but this time, it did not lick her again. Panting, it seemed to wait for something, a command… which was soon forthcoming from Marjolaine. The noblewoman, a frightening grin on her face, clapped her hands and nodded to the smart animal. “Go ahead, she’s yours!”

Suddenly, the beast almost jumped onto her, forcing a short gasp of terror and surprise from Leliana’s lungs. She felt its claws scrape over her back as it sought a comfortable position – comfortable for itself only, of course. They really had it trained well, she thought bitterly. Finally, his full weight came to rest upon her, putting more strain onto her already-exhausted arms. But she could not leave this position, her limbs heavy as lead.

As she finally felt the dog’s breath on her neck and something touch the entrance to her sore cunt, she tried one last time to cast a pleading glance to Marjolaine in the vain hope that she could move her former lover’s icy heart. But all she saw in the Orlesian’s eyes was lust and pure, sadistic glee. “Oh, this will be good…” she muttered breathlessly, her hand already moving back between her legs, her fingers playing with her own wet cunt once more. Leliana knew Marjolaine sometimes had truly boundless sexual energies, but she had never before thought this could be a bad thing for her own well-being. But now, she understood that only other important matters and maybe a busy schedule had kept the noblewoman from abusing her further on her last visit…

When finally, the dog thrust his cock into her sore, defenseless pussy, Mirentor saw it fit to give her her voice back, just to hear her ear-piercing scream. The dog was quite well-equipped, mabari penises looking much like those of humans, and immediately, it thrust forward, not caring about her resistance or the lack of lubrication from her dry, unwilling cunt. Not even her scream deterred the beast – in fact, that only seemed to spur it on to thrust harder, its hips moving to bury every inch of his cock into her snatch, agony filling her lower body. “Gyaaaarrrrrrgh!” she howled, tears shooting into her eyes, running down her face as the dog began to move its cock in and out of her with astonishing speed. Of course, they could teach him to rape a girl, even to enjoy her screams, but they could not teach the mabari the fine details of cruelty. It would not get slow just to prolong her torment, at least that was a relief… until Leliana remembered that mabari could last longer than human men…

“Ah, he really likes you!” Marjolaine exclaimed as the dog leaned down, resting its muzzle in her neck, its large, rough tongue licking Leliana’s sweaty, glistening skin while it kept raping her, pounding into her cunt all the force it could muster. Leliana looked at Marjolaine, who had buried three fingers in her snatch once more, her eyes fixed alternately on Leliana’s swaying tits and her pain-stricken face.

“Please… make it stop… I beg you… I’ll aaaaaaaargh! I’ll do anything but make it stop! PLEASE!”

“That would be a bad idea, my dear,” Mirentor cut in before Marjolaine could respond. “You see, every text on the care of mabari warns of one thing… never come between the mabari and his bitch. Which, at the moment – and at certain enjoyable times in the future – is you. So, even if we wanted to, we could not stop him. You will just have to bear it until it fills you with its seed.”

“And afterwards, you’ll lick up every drop that falls to the floor!” Marjolaine announced cheerfully.

“No… no… no…” Leliana kept grunting and moaning in pain in the rhythm of the dog’s fierce thrusts. “No… please… noooo!” her moans transformed into long wail of pain and despair. The beast was fucking her viciously, hard and brutally, pushing and pounding into her sore snatch. Each thrust made the cute redhead cry shortly in pain, her beautiful face transformed in an almost unrecognizable mask of agony.

“Yes… yes….” Marjolaine kept breathing heavily, her hand relentlessly working between her pussy lips, her long fingers moving in deep. Even Mirentor glanced for a moment on the noblewoman with hungry eyes, admiring her beautiful body trembling, her other hand touching her shapely breasts and hard nipples. Quickly however he turned his gaze back to Leliana, as the redhead’s lovely body, despite being still bound by the spell basically rocked back and forth as the dog was fucking her in a mating frenzy. The mabari was gasping heavily, its tongue licking the back of Leliana’s neck.

Sweat had already covered the entire body of the cute redhead, glistening as she was being raped and degraded beyond what she thought was possible. The way in which the mabari fucked her, his thrusts getting quicker and quicker would suggest that it was nearing climax – if it was a human – as the dog seemed to be capable to go for ever. “Pleaseeee… I beg… I beg you…” Leliana knew how useless her pleading was, but she couldn’t help herself as it was simply too much for her, it would be too much for anyone to bear. “I will do everything, I will kiss your feet… lick… your cunt… suck you off.” Her gaze turned to Mirentor. “I will give you… my ass… you can fuck… rape it… while you hurt… hurt me… oh, please… make it stop!” she cried desperately but was silenced quickly as the mabari barked threateningly next to her ear.

“It is so gracious of you” Mirentor smirked. “Of course you will do everything. After this fuck you will gladly do everything either way. Hence, you have nothing to offer. And that will be an important lesson for you – learning that you are only a dog’s bitch. Less even, because for a real mabari bitch of fine race one must pay a substantial amount of money while you… you are just a fuck slave.”

“Oh yes… yesss… you are just a whore… oh have I love seeing you like this…” Marjolaine moaned. “My sweet lovely Leliana being fucked like a bitch in heat…”

Another tortured moaned escaped Leliana’s mouth, her face turning red with shame as well as exertion. She, who was a celebrated Orlesian bard, a elite spy… now, after being degraded, gang-raped, tortured, fucked in every way possible, she was being subjected to the worst ordeal ever, being raped by a filthy animal. “Noooo!”

“Oh yes… take her… rape her cunt raw… flood her with your dirty sticky jism…” she moaned as she was nearing climax.

It was unclear whether the dog somehow understood her, Mirentor transmitted the wish or simply aroused by the redhead’s trembling wavering body, her abused pussy gripping the huge dick, the mabari finally became to cum. Its thrusts became stronger and deeper and soon…

“Noooo!” Leliana gave a long piercing wail as she felt the hot, sticky, disgusting liquid fill the most intimate part of her body. Only now did she realize how wrong she was when she assumed that there was no way in which her pussy could be abused that wasn’t done to her before.

“Yes..!” Marjolaine cried loudly, her hips moving as she started cumming, her fingers wet from the juices flooding out of her hole. She kept cumming as Leliana was filled with mabari sperm, the dog shooting load after load of his liquid into the tortured, now completely broken redhead.

Of course, when he was finally done and pulled out of her, Mirentor made her lap up the cum that splattered onto the floor, the taste making her gag and retch, though the mage kept her body under control, even forcing her tongue to linger on the spots to “clean them thoroughly.” The sight of this humiliation was enough to grant Marjolaine another orgasm and she screamed out her release just as Leliana had finally finished her degrading task and Mirentor finally released her, allowing the redhead to curl up into a sobbing ball on the floor.

It was this moment that marked the final and irreversible end to her freedom. Marjolaine made certain that Leliana would never ever set foot outside the prison as a free woman again. Held without a trial, her body had become the plaything of the guards and her former lover, who visited regularly, if only to have the mabari rape her again. There was not a single quiet night for Leliana. Every hour was filled with dread, every meal was covered in sperm and every attention she received was brutal and merciless.

Even though Brennya now often shared leliana’s fate, being raped practically every day, she was nevertheless allowed to take out her frustrations on the Orlesian, brutally fucking her just as hard as the men did, maybe even harder. After a few weeks, however, the other guards finally decided to end the charade and stripped Brennya not only of her uniform but also of her freedom, chaining her up alongside Leliana during their rape sessions. Those who had to wait their turn to pound Leliana’s holes enjoyed Brennya in the meantime and when they finally left, the exhausted former guard raped Leliana to make herself forget the constant humiliation.

Leliana fought to cling to the last shreds of dignity she thought she possessed, only to lose them every single night to the hands and cocks of the ravenous guards and Brennya. There seemed to be no end in sight for her.

But one thing would change in time. After one year of constant degradation, Marjolaine finally decided to release her from prison. But all thoughts of freedom were quickly squashed when the noblewoman forced the redhead to submit to the mabari again and then proceeded to take her back to Orlais – as a slave, forever owned by the most cruel mistress the young bard could imagine…

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